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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking news. trouble deciding. the bill cosby jury cannot reach a consensus after two days of deliberations. oppressive heat, it interrupted the pomp and circumstance at a local
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graduation. avocado attack. anger over a food order erupts into a fruit free for all. hey, hey, hey! >> that's bill cosby tonight doing his signature fat albert impression as he walked out of court minutes ago. he left after the jury went home for the night when they could not reach a decision on day two of their deliberations. i'm jim rosenfield live at the courthouse in norristown where the country is waiting for a verdict in the sexual assault trial. the jury went home at 9:30 after deliberating for nearly 12 hours today. they will be back in court tomorrow morning to resume deliberations. he is accused of drugging and
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sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. let's bring in randy gyllenhaal who is live with me tonight. i know you tried to ask cosby some questions. >> we wanted to hear from cosby himself whether he believes this trial was fair and impartial. earlier today his spokesman said clearly it was not. meantime, cosby and the rest of the country will have to wait at least one more night to hear the verdict. >> reporter: bill cosby leaves court and gives no answer to our questions. >> do you think you got a fair trial? >> reporter: but nbc 10 cameras caught him saying his catch phrase from his cartoon show. >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: cosby's spokesman says that they believe the trial was unfair because they didn't
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allow another witness on the stand. >> her response was that it had not happened but she could say it happened and file charges. file a civil suit, get the money. >> reporter: but constand says she never met that woman. >> they presented six minutes of defense. >> reporter: and attorney gloria allred says the evidence is h e hearsay and the judge agreed. >> they are looking at the evidence. >> reporter: the jury has been deliberating for 16 hours and they asked three questions. one about cosby's deposition. two to define the words "without her knowledge" and three to once again hear the testimony from a police officer who took andrea constand's initial report. after two long days, no verdict and experts say that is a telling sign. >> the longer they are unable to come to a conclusion the more
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likely it will be a hung jury. >> reporter: if he is found guilty the prosecution will likely try to revoke cosby's bail. if he is freed he would be allowed to go back to his elkins park home and deliberations will continue tomorrow. people were waiting all day for a resolution but that will continue into tomorrow. >> continue it will, rand reque randy gyllenhaal, thanks. the district attorney's office says even if they don't reach a unanimous decision they could find him guilty or not guilty on one or two counts and deadlocked in a third but that wouldn't necessarily result in a mistrial. so there's the explanation on that. and our legal expert says the jury deserves praise tonight.
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we'll explain why in about ten minutes. for now let's go back to philadelphia and jacqueline london for all the other major stories tonight. >> jurors were engaged and curious. tonight, more than 3,000 graduates stood in the heat at drexel university's commencement ceremony. the ceremony took place at citizens bank park. it is the second year they held commencement there. in bucks county the heat interrupted central south graduation. ambulances were sent to the school at 5:30 this evening. seven people were treated for dehydration and heatstroke. hundredors were trying to stay hydrated today. about 50 museum ran the race as part of the south jersey athletic club's summer race series. more runners usually participate
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but the heat probably kept them at home. >> hopefully they have taken our advice. we told them through social media and they are smart enough to hydrate and run within themselves and it's a race but it's a fun race. >> this is the club's only 10 k race. it continues every other tuesday through the end of the summer. >>let bring in tammy souza. this heat set a report today. >> it did. a record high in several places including philadelphia. let's look outside right now. we have a lovely night. we're still in the 80s but we set a record at 96 degrees. the highest wind gust, 21 miles an hour out of the southwest pulling in the warmth. reading at 96. atlantic city at 95. cooler along the beaches. 93 in doylestown. 93 in quakertown. in cape may it was 87.
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millville at 94. mt. pocono, 87. a record in allentown at 95 and wayne at 95 degrees. hot for all of us. right now, 85 in philadelphia, 83 in wilmington. 68 in mt. pocono. showers are cooling some places off. the good news if you are sick of the heat here comes the cool air. we'll talk about when it arrives and how long it's going to stick around when i come back. we're following breaking news. a massive apartment building fire overseas. this is a live look in london where this 24-story building was evacuated as it became engulfed in flames. more than 200 firefighters are battling this fire. witnesses heard residents screaming for help from their windows. right now only people have been
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injured that we know of. an american college student is back at home after spending 17 months in a north korean prison but his parents say he is in a coma and has been since march of 2016. this is video of his airplane as it touched down in cincinnati tonight. north korean authorities detained him at the pyongyang airport in january and convicted hum him of trying to steal a propaganda banner. the search is back on for the gunman who shot a 6-year-old boy in new castle county. after the charges were dropped against the initial suspect. they have new evidence that shows that kelsey outlaw did not shoot the ball. banner was hit by a bullet while in a car in wilmington. he is still in critical condition. the husband of a murdered radio host is under arrest but not in connection with the
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killing. nbc 10 with this video of dr. james coffman being taken into custody outside his medical office. coffman pulled a gun on them. a hostage negotiator talked him into surrendering. the city of philadelphia won't collect as much money from the beverage tax as it had hoped. the tax has brought in $25 million and that falls short of the $46.2 million for the fiscal year. the city officials are presenting a five-year plan this month and are expected to lower projections. the tax adds an extra 1.5 cents per ounce tax to sugary drinks. parking in south philly is tough but a water department project is make it tougher for some homeowners. crews are replacing aged water
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mains. neighbors say the construction forced them to park in an aldi lot but the store is having the cars towed. >> every night i have to go around the block two or three times and see people double parked. >> i'll be glad when it's over but it has to be done. >> the water department expects to complete the project by october. up next, our bill cosby coverage continues live from the courthouse. jurors asking several questions today. plus avocado assault. a food order triggers a food fight and it's all caught on camera. retired wonder woman. a delaware county lady in a superhero get up finds a tiny piece of america's got talent
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fame. and bye-bye heat, hello, cooldown, i'll talk about this right after the break.
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welcome back. i'm jim rosenfield here in norristown. for the second straight night the jury has gone back to their hotel. no verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial tonight. the jury had three questions today including one about cosby's deposition testimony from a civil suit andrea constand filed in 2005. another sought a clearer definition related to the issue of consent. and the third question focused on testimony from a police officer who took constand's initial complaint in canada. we spoke with a retired superior court judge for insight on what the jury is thinking based on the questions that are coming
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back. >> questions suggest they are looking at all the testimony, which they should do, they are evaluating all the testimony and asked what are appropriate questions based on the evidence and the way the evidence came in in the case. they're doing what they're supposed to do. >> the jury will be back here for day three of deliberations tomorrow morning at around 9:00 a.m. nbc 10 will have live team coverage from the courthouse tomorrow morning and instant updates from this trial on air and on the nbc 10 app. for now let's go back to the studio. >> another active day tomorrow. we'll see you then, jim. two men in new york city are now wanted after an argument over a food order. police say the two men threw afrikka does and bananas at an employee during an argument. after the attack the two men took off.
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a serial dine and dasher is no longer welcome at many newark restaurants. we are blurring the man's face. several bars and restaurants on main street says he has been sneaking out on his checks for months. the man was found on surveillance footage. with the social media pressure mounting he went back and paid off all the money he owed. wonder woman is crushing the box office and the glass ceiling with her film right now. there is another wonder woman from delaware county on the america's got talent stage tonight. we introduce you to the retired superhero comedian. >> in her prime, wonder woman overed superstrength, speed and
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brains. today her looks have changed. >> you married. >> you have taken up smoking? >> i do, but the cigarette doesn't. meet retired wonder woman. when she is not on her scooter she uses a cane and fannie pack. >> i can't remember where i parked it. >> it wasn't there but another one has everyone talking. she found herself on america's got talent. >> i heard four buzzers. >> i got news for you, though, i was already buzzed. >> but i learned her super humor comes from a superhuman. her mother had a stroke and her father needed help. >> they were vulnerable. and i just didn't want anything to happen to them. >> she moved back to delaware county and on the side escapes into her character.
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>> what are you going to do with the fame? >> you and the questions, just leave. both of you. >> keith jones, nbc 10 news. turning to our first alert weather now, nearing the end of a heat wave. this is the scene at sunset tonight at ocean city, new jersey. back here in philadelphia it is feeling like fireworks season. this show lit up the sky along the delaware river. still warm for people out there this evening but we are in for a cooldown tomorrow. tammie souza is tracking how much temperatures will fall. >> you know we're going to knock 10 to 15 degrees off the top there and be where we should be in the low 80s tomorrow. a beautiful night. what got you was all the moisture in the air felt worse than it was and the winds out of
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the southwest to 9 miles an hour. the second heat wave is in the books. cooling down to 79 by 2:00 in the morning and waking up to the low 70s in some places. other places around 70 degrees. a much more refreshing air mass on the way. we do have a few returns out here toward the southern poconos and could see an isolated shower making its way through the area tonight. we have this frontal boundary and it's beginning to drop southward. as it drops through the area we'll see the winds turn more to the north and the east and we will get our relief. so we are going to be dropping out of the 80s. watch the winds. the red barbs are coming out of the north in the morning in the low 70s. then we could see a spotty shower as the front drops through. we may get sunshine tomorrow too. we could wind up in the lower
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80s. much cooler on the beaches. the ocean water is close to what the air temperature is going to be tomorrow in the mid-60s. it's not going to be warm at the beaches at all. thursday morning near 60 degrees, waking up very refreshing. upper 50s in the inland suburbs and thursday afternoon, temperatures only in the 70s with those east winds. on friday we're also going to be looking at the 70s with a better chance of scattered showers and then the rain will continue on and off through the weekend. let check out your neighborhood forecast tonight. we are going the see a spotty shower. 72 in philadelphia. of 68 in the lehigh valley. tomorrow your neighborhood is going to be much cooler. 82 in philadelphia. 82 in the suburbs. 82 in the lehigh valley. the jersey shore, only 70. some places only in the 60s. 82 tomorrow.
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79, thursday, 77 friday with a scattered shower. a chance of rain or thunderstorm on saturday. 84 there. back up to 90 on sunday. the heat comes back with a shower or thunderstorm. it will be wet on monday with showers and thunderstorms. and we get back to where we should be in the lower 80s to start next week. tonight, strong words from attorney general jeff sessions on the allegations that the trump campaign colluded with the russians. sessions served in the senate before becoming attorney general. tonight he was involved in a heated exchange over the questions he was asked about his recusal from the russia investigation. >> mr. comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me?
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they are known. there are none. i can tell you that for absolute certainty. this is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me. >> sessions' testimony came days after fbi director james comey spoke before the same committee. up next, separating twins. the move local surgeons pulled off to mr. these newborns joined at the head.
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built for business. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. this set of conjoined infant twin sisters is recovering after being successfully separated last week. they were previously joined at the top of their heads. a team of nearly 30 members took
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part in the 11-hour procedure. the girls are said to be doing well in the pediatric icu. remarkable what doctors can do. we saw lot of the eagles today. >> and a veteran wants his contract reworked. phillies in action tonight. and chooch is pitching tonight. we'll show you his incredible inning.
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i'm john clark from csn. the eagles started their man tear mini camp today. they had to switch their meetings over to the link. it was hot for practice. >> oh, man.
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it's super hot out here. >> brandon graham letting us know. jason peters is there. he says it's partly because of his contract. he has two years left on his deal and wants the eagles to rework his deal. he wants to retire as bird and also trying to stay fresh. >> i just resting my body. you know, 14 years and you know, just trying to go as long as i can, just resting my body a little bit. i go 70/30 type deal. i just want to rest a little bit this year and come back refreshed. >> the second round draft pick, sidney jones, he watched but he is out of his walking boot. marcus smith did not attend the voluntary workouts. he is trying to make the roster. the phillies will be without hernandez for six weeks with a strained oblique.
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howie kendrick is filling in for him. this is what baseball is all about. third inning, 2-0 red sox until a monster home run out of the stadium. we're tied up at 2. the rookie, ben lively goes seven innings again. we are tied right now, 3-3 in the 12th. this is the best video of the night. guess who made his major league pitching debut tonight. carlos ruiz comes in in a blowout. he gets a strikeout with the bases loaded and gets out of the inning. he gives up one run in his inning and had two walks and a strikeout. the sixers -- we're right back.
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a breath of fresh air tomorrow. >> yes. >> that's all for us tonight. "the tonight show" is next. have a good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg, heidi klum, musical guest lady antebellum,


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