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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> please, to the supporters, stay calm, do not argue with people. >> breaking news tonight, bill
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cosby urging calm from his supporters outside the courthouse tonight. he spoke in front of nbc 10 cameras minutes ago. >> impatience is growing for people waiting for a verdict outside the montgomery county courthouse. the jurors were released for a fifth straight night with no decision. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. the jurors will be back tomorrow morning for a special saturday session of deliberations. here's what we know at 11:00, the judge dismissed jurors around 9:30 after they reviewed more testimony from the trial. cosby says he is thankful for their work and cosby's lawyer asked for another mistrial tonight. that is his seventh request. he was denied. >> we're bringing you team coverage to the bill cosby verdict. watch live in norristown.
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let's begin with drew smith. the suspension just keeps building as the jury cannot make up its mind. >> that's right. and it is finally quiet outside the courthouse after another long day. bill cosby's defense attorney says there is now a weary jury back at its hotel and they should not have to return here in the morning but the judge has pushed back on the calls for a mistrial saying bill cosby's defense team has no authority to end the deliberations. bill cosby leaving court late tonight speaking publicly for the first time during this trial. >> i want to thank the jury for their long days, their honest work individually. >> the thank you comes after 52 hours of jury deliberation with no verdict. the panel of 12 asking to review a lot more testimony today, including that of the accuser,
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andrea constand's police officer brother-in-law who told her to go to police. the defense and judge clashed again. cosby's lawyer demanding a mistrial. but the judge saying he won't interfere with the deliberations. outside court the entertainer's spokesman eased off his demand for action from the judge but had this message about the jury. >> we know this is a process and it's in their hands. they're the ones that have the power. they have the power to come and say we're at a deadlock. and we're all patiently waiting. >> reporter: so we will see what a day six will bring. those jurors to report here at 9:00 in the morning. and in what is quickly becoming the longest running high-profile jury deliberations in recent
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history. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> the jury has been deliberating for longer than they spent listening to the prosecution and defense cases. this trial began two mondays ago. the deliberations started monday evening. they have gone on for 52 hours now over five days. and cosby himself has been vocal today. he posted four tweets thanking supporters in norristown and around the world. coming up in ten minutes we go inside the crowds outside the courthouse for two sides of the story and bill cosby's new message for fathers tonight. developing now, seven crew members are reportedly missing tonight and one hurt after a navy destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. you can see heavy damage to the right side of the "uss fitzgerald." >> two crew members and a
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captain were evacuated. the navy and the japan guard are work to stabilize that destroyer as seven american sailors are missing. a dramatic rescue one person air lifted from the "uss fitzgerald" after the ship limps off to port. the bridge crushed on the starboard side. the culprit this container ship, 200 feet longer than the destroyer with just some damage to the front. u.s. navy officials haven't said why they collided but seven american sailors are unaccounted for and several more could be injured. >> the ship's commanding officer is in stable condition. it's not clear how the others are doing. the coast guard is serge search for for the remaining missing sailors. now to your first alert weather and the rain moving our way. >> you can see it there on the first alert radar.
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you might want to grab an umbrella for tomorrow morning. tammie souza is timing out the rain where you live. >> we got away with pretty much no rain out there today. just a few sprinkles here and there. and the temperature is not bad. we hit 82 today and 83 is where we should be. almost average out there. the highest wind gust was 14 miles an hour. now here's what is happening. winds out of the northeast that seem to be buffeting those rain showers trying to make their way into the area. look at them. they just kind of fizzle out but it's they will make it in here overnight and you may have rain to deal with as you head out tomorrow morning. let's time it out for you hour by hour. you're going to be looking at temperatures hanging in the mid-60s and even upper 60s across the area. at 2:00 in the morning, a shower or thunderstorm crossing the area. at 4:00 in the morning, across the upper suburbs and into the lehigh valley and at 7:30 we
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could have showers in the area. we'll talk about this, the weekend forecast and father's day when i come back. still no sign of two teenage swimmers who vanished in the ocean in atlantic city. earlier today the authorities suspended the search for the two. their families feeling unimaginable pain. >> can't -- losing your child, especially that young of an age. it hurts. >> reporter: she was caught in a rip current half an hour after the life guards went off duty. her friend tried to safe her and disappeared in the water. new details into the investigation of wednesday's shooting at the congressional baseball practice. the gunman was carrying a list with the names of house republicans. while james hodgkinson was firing he was carrying a list
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that included jeff duncan, mo brooks of alabama and a few others. house majority whip steve scalise was shot during the attack and he has a good possibility of recovery. he will need more surgeries and rehabilitation. he is in critical condition but his vital signs have stabilized. president trump isn't a stranger to firing anyone. that's why the top democrat on the house intelligence committee is calling on congress to unite to stop president trump if he tries to fire special counsel robert muller. he is investigating russian interference in the u.s. election. and trump has hired another personal lawyer. john dowd is joining his team of lawyers. dowd investigated pete rose and represented john mccain. president trump acknowledged he
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is under federal investigation tweeting after seven months of investigations and committee hearings about my collusion with the russians no one has been able to show any proof, sad. and two hours later lashed out at rod rosenstein saying i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director, witch hunt. a human skeleton found just outside dover. state police say they were found in the woods last night not far from where the festival is happening this weekend. the man best noboknown for of the best underdog stories is dead tonight. john g. abelton died after battling pancreatic cancer. last year he spoke about how he was hesitant to make "rocky" but
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after being urged by a friend to read the script, he fell in love. he was 81. new details about the death of carry fisher. she died of sleep apnea. she had taken multiple drugs before she died but it's not clear if they contributed to her death. she suffered a medical emergency on a flight back on december 23rd. her mother died the next day. after working for four years without a contract, the philadelphia teachers union and the school district have reached a tentative agreement. the superintendent says this means stability for the district, teachers, and students. >> very excited. because i said at the beginning the of school year and the last couple of years this was a major priority and the fact that we have reached a tentative agreement means we have met that goal. >> until the contract is confirmed we don't have many
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details other than it would last through 2020 if approved. supporters chanting "let bill go" tonight. up next we talk to a man who wants to make sure that cosby supporters make a fashion statement. protests after an offer is acquitted for killing a man. and an eagle player's opinion on the case is getting attention tonight. parts of pennsylvania under flood water tonight. dramatic video of a car caught in the mess.
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i just want to wish all of the fathers a happy father's day. >> bill cosby talking to our camera outside his sexual assault trial in norristown late tonight. >> he knows he will be back in
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court tomorrow morning as the jurors continue their deliberations into father's day weekend. >> outside the courthouse supporters are getting louder in their calls for a not guilty verdict. >> let bill go. >> chanting let bill go. but cosby's accusers are outside the courtroom as well hoping for a guilty verdict. >> brandon hudson is live at the courthouse in norristown tonight. both sides really want a verdict in this case. >> they were hoping tonight would be the night and this would not stretch into the weekend. the crowd seemed to get more energy in the evening. the supporters were vocal tonight. but we also met someone new supporting his accuser, andrea constand. >> bill cosby's staff gave a thumb's up to his supporters tonight. a show of thanks to the crowd that stood by him through this trial which will continue through weekend. a little more than an hour
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earlier some of those fans chanted outside dressed in t-shirts supporting the comedian. >> does it break your heart? >> 79, 80 years old. it's all in fwgod's hands. >> we tracked down the man who made the shirts. >> i have known bill cosby for 35 years. >> he believes this trial should have ended when the jury said they were deadlocked. >> the jury decides it's a hung jury. why does the judge keep saying i'm not satisfied. go back? and do it over again. >> new to the crowd of onlookers tonight was diane mcbryant she brought a sign listing the woman who have accused cosby in the past. >> supporting all of these accusers, particularly andrea constand, i'm hoping for a
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guilty vert. that would be just. >> we're noticing that the ko s cosby's supporters are frustrated but the constand supporters are hoping that cosby is found guilty on at least one count. live in norristown, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> our coverage continues tomorrow morning starting at 5:00. and we will bring you a decision the moment there is one on the nbc 10 app. happening now, hundreds of people marching to minnesota's state capital tonight protesting the acquittal of the officer who shot a man that made national headlines. the 32-year-old's girlfriend streamed the aftermath on facebook. the jurors found the officer not
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guilty of manslaughter. he was shot seconds after he told the officer he was carrying a gun and had a permit. the officer said he believed that castillo was reaching for that weapon. >> my son loved to -- killed this son and the murderer gets the way. >> the jurors did not have enough human empathy and conscious to just do the right thing. >> the city of st. anthony, minnesota says it will dismiss the officer even though he was acquitted in the shooting. among those weighing in, eagles wide receiver torrey smith who tweeted, don't talk to me about how offensive kap taking a knee was if you rebound afforded by the case.
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a draw matic scene in pittsburgh today. no one was in this car went it when up in flames. more rain is expected this weekend in pittsburgh. we're tracking some of the rain heading in our area right now. could be in your area in the morning. >> let's go to tammie souza. time it out for us. >> it looks like that same system that was in pittsburgh, it dies down and fires up and pieces head eastward. we'll see some that tonight and tomorrow morning. certainly not the flooding rain they have seen, though. the ben franklin bridge is all lit up. 73 with winds out of the east and northeast. that is what has been keeping the showers at bay is that very dry northeast wind. right now, 70 in allentown, 74 in wilmington. 70 in vineland. trenton at 68 and atlantic city at 69. it's a really mild night out
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there. but it is going to get steamy and stormy and that is the stretch we are looking at ahead. rain is on the way. keep the umbrella handy. through monday we're going to see a chance of rain or thunderstorms especially monday. we could see strong gusty storms and a downpour throughout the day. this is what is going to go on for temperatures. today we hit 82. we'll be near 90 on father's day with a heat index of 95 degrees. it's going to be hot and sweaty for dad. and summer arrives on wednesday. it will feel like summer for the next ten days. no more cold snaps. here's where we start with the heat. i want you to look at phoenix. it's 103 right now. it's 102 in vegas. this bubble of heat that's going to be ridising out of the southwest is headed our way. and it's around that bubble of
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heat we are watching those storms. here's the next line in the upper midwest and another line moving through ohio and we're going to continue to watch these showers marching in our direction. right now everything is quiet here but we will be watching pottstown by 3:00 in the morning. doylestown, the same for you. scattered showers in the morning and at noon we could be looking at showers and thunderstorms in philadelphia. we start out sunday morning quiet for dad. but look at this, not going to stay that way. showers and thunderstorms building in and it's 88 degrees by the time we hit 3:30 in the afternoon. 86 tomorrow. 90 on sunday. it will feel warmer than that. though, we will be looking at 88 with a chance of severe storms on monday. 84 on tuesday. and summer comes in at 84 degrees. more 90s as we head into next weekend. guys? up next, the fastest swimmer
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of all time is about to take on his fiercest competitor yet. and this time he is venturing into the animal world.
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what's better than a friday night sleepover? tonight at the boys and girls club of philadelphia a group of kids is spending the night there. the club got new donations so the kids are testing it all out. >> brand-new beds, blankets, books, tooth paste, stuffed animals and things to make them feel special so they know that so many people care about their successes. they are going to bake cookies and have a great time and hopefully fall asleep. >> hopefully. and those cool beds are for the kids to take home. >> with 39 world records and 23 olympic gold medals there's not
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big sixers news. reports say the sixers are really deep in talks with the celtics to trade for the number one overall pick in the nba draft. one report says they have agreed in principle. and it is a full-court press for this guy, the reports say the sixers would take markell fultz. he went to the sixers game and came out of their tunnel. he is considered the top talent
11:29 pm
in the draft. an athletic guard from washington. he told us then no doubt he would be the number one pick. >> i want to come out and see how they play and the atmosphere. >> you came out of the sixers tunnel could you picture that happening in the future? >> i could see it happening. i think it would be a great atmosphere. it would be cool. >> the sixers will work out deaaron fox tomorrow and worked out josh jackson in sacramento. the phillies are snake bitten. the arizona diamond backs are in town. runner on first in the first. he's going to step on second with a quick throw to first for the double play. phillies down in the fifth. rupp ties it up. solo shot. tied at 2. in the sixth, two on. this is an 0-2 pitch. nice. herrera will score easily.
11:30 pm
altherr come home as well. phillies up 4-2. looking good. but in the seventh, gregor blanco ties it up. the diamondbacks would add another run on a sac fly. the phillies lose 5-4 and have lost nine of ten. the flyers traded nick cousins and a player to the coyotes for a fifth round pick and a prospect. i'm john clark, we're right back. ♪
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talented. a jazz band kept the crowd entertained tonight. there were art stations, food trucks and special give aways. >> and some sunshine in there too. >> there was. that rain held off. but it's not going the hold off tomorrow. tonight a rumble of thunder with a scattered storm tomorrow. i think monday is the day to really watch as a washout. >> welcome back inside, jim. >> air-conditioning feels good. >> thanks for being here. have a great weekend, everybody. "the tonight show" is next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kirsten dunst, larry the cable guy, comedian nikki glaser,


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