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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  June 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. hung jury. a mistrial in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. after six days and more than 52 hours of deliberating, the jury just couldn't agree. tonight the defense is declaring victory. >> mr. cosby powers back. he's back. he's been restored. >> while the prosecution promises they're not done. >> we will take a hard look at everything involved. and then we will retry it. good evening. i'm denise nakano. jurors in the sexual assault
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trial had a rare saturday session this morning and quickly returned with their ruling. the jurors only discussed the case for about an hour today before declaring they were hopelessly deadlocked. leaving the judge to declare a mistrial. bill cosby didn't speak following the announcement, but the d.a. said he will retry the 79-year-old comedian. until that happens, cosby remains free on $1 million bail. we've had a team of nbc 10 reporters covering the trial since it started. tonight we have team coverage of today's big decision. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas spoke with members of cosby's team. drew smith has reaction from outside the courthouse. but let's go to randy gyllenhaal. >> reporter: you mentioned the jurors returning for a saturday deliberation. did not last long. they were in there for about an hour before they came back, and this case was declared a mistrial one day before father's day. and the comedian known as
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america's dad left the montgomery county courthouse celebrating. bill cosby and his team with hands to the sky, as heavy rain poured down, leaving court knowing that at least for now, this trial is over. >> justice is real. it lives here in montgomery county. i'm proud to have been able to represent mr. cosby. >> reporter: after 52 hours of waiting, today cosby held his cane to his chest, listening as the jury told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked. a hung jury with no verdict. >> we came here looking for an acquitt acquittal, but like that rolling stone song says, you don't always get what you want, you get what you need. >> reporter: cosby goes free on bail but leaves open the path for a new trial with a new jury. >> our plan is to move this case forward as soon as possible. >> reporter: and district attorney kevin steele said it's possible other cosby accusers could be witnesses, but he does
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fully expect andrea constand to be back again. >> she's entitled to a verdict in this case. the citizens of montgomery county where this crime occurred are entitled to a verdict. >> reporter: the new trial could happen as soon as october. but this jury deliberated for days, unable to reach any conclusion with at least one holdout, the jury breakdown remains a mystery. >> we have no indication of where anybody was on the case. and i don't know that we will ever really know. >> reporter: i asked the d.a. what the next jury selection could look like. he said once again to look for jurors that can be impartial without any kind of sympathy and jurors that can follow the law. this jury came from the pittsburgh area. we're unclear where the next jury pool could come from. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> randy, thank you. within the past hour or so, members of cosby's team answered questions about what's next for the comedian.
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and they're not entirely convinced the district attorney will follow through on plans for a retrial. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas is live in center city tonight. what did team cosby have to say? >> reporter: they highlighted that it's been 18 months since the charges were first filed. more than ten years since the alleged incident. they said it's going to be with each passing day harder and harder for the district attorney to prove. but team cosby does acknowledge the toll this has taken on everyone, including the 79-year-old actor and comedian. cosby treating the mistrial as a victory. they believe the jury could not reconcile the inconsistencies in constand's testimony. cosby's team doesn't believe they'll go forward with a retrial, but if they do, cosby's team said they're ready.
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>> they've had investigators. either way, we know the game plan now. we've seen the script. and when you've seen the script, you move forward and you adjust. >> reporter: now, as for cosby, they say he is home resting with his wife, camille. even at 79, despite all of the trial, they say after today, they expect cosby to go back out on the road and resume working again. reporting live in center city, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> the accuser in this case, andrea constand, did not comment publicly about the jury's decision. but her lawyer said she would absolutely come back again. she also released a statement thanking prosecutors. and it read in part, we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silen silenced.
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the reactions to the mistrial was loud and mixed outside the montgomery county courthouse. with everyone sharing their opinions on the verdict. nbc 10's drew smith is covering that part of the story tonight. drew? >> reporter: and denise, tf a contentious six days here at the courthouse as people waited to hear from the jury. but we finally heard about this mistrial. out here on the steps, there were bill cosby supporters overjoyed, but then there were his critics who went here on the steps. bill cosby fans taking the mistrial as a victory outside court. >> that prosecutor is foaming at the month. >> reporter: some convinced cosby won't have to be tried again. >> you waste taxpayers' money. you're going to lose even worse. >> reporter: the d.a. is promising to try again, a decision he could have weighed over four months. and if cosby comes back, so do these folks and their t-shirts.
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>> we'll be out here again if there's a retrial. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with this result. but they remain defiant. >> society has failed her and failed us. however, he is still on bail. he has not gotten off the hook. and he will be retried and we'll be here to see it. >> reporter: the emotions heating up on the streets. this woman teared up as she thought of the accusers. >> i feel for these woman who have come forward. and i so hope they don't feel that any of this is in vain. >> reporter: a lot of those women who had accused bill cosby of misconduct gathered around the star witness, hugging her, trying to comfort her. she didn't have much of a reaction. she was even smiling at one point. but it was clearly a different reaction to the mistrial than we saw from team crosby. drew smith, nbc 10 news. now the question remains,
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what's next in this case. you heard district attorney kevin steele say he plans to retry the case. we asked our own legal expert how hard it would be just to pick an impartial jury. >> now you have to try and go and find an impartial jury, not only that heard about the accusations, but a person that didn't follow the trial and didn't know that it ended in a deadlock and all the stuff that came out with all the coverage. it's going to be very difficult to find an impartial jury. or just a jury that's going to be able to say they're not somehow unduly influenced from the things that have been covered so far. >> ahead, his wife camille released a statement. hear her harsh words for the prosecution. plus, gloria allred represents a number of other cosby accusers. tonight she has a message for the comedian. that's coming up. turning now to our weather. a pretty muggy day across much of our region. we found families enjoying their
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saturday here at philadelphia franklin square park. of course, we saw some rain as well today, too. a live look from the kimmel center camera shows a wet broad street tonight. we turn to meteorologist erika martin. a mixed bag here. >> hairspray for today, waterproof mascara, i need that. conditions for today, really were a little soupy, soggy. we talked about that all week long, and we finally saw it all today happen. showers right now. kind of just a few showers moving through the area. we did see some heavier pockets of downpours earlier. but right now the remaining showers moving across the delaware valley. a live look outside, still seeing rain on the lens and some clouds, thick and soupy clouds out there. we're not done yet. pretty much a soupy saturday on tap. hour-by-hour forecast showing the clearing of the showers. however, we do have some more in the works. so i don't expect it to be a
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completely dry father's day. but the good news is, it will be mostly cloudy with periods of showers. so neighborhood high temperatures for tomorrow, seeing lots of 08s and some 90s. coming up in your ten-day forecast, we're going to talk about 90s for tomorrow. and of course, a complete detailed father's day forecast. denise, back to you. >> thanks, erika. a first for president trump. what he's doing this weekend for the first time since taking office. and damaged destroyer. this navy ship has returned home. but seven sailors are still missing. the search, still ahead. death toll rising. new accusations about who's to blame for this deadly apartment infern oe in london. officials release new information about just how many people were killed.
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the death toll in wednesday's high-rise fire in london has jumped to nearly 60. anger is growing over how the flames spread so fast. newspaper reports blame contractors for using cheap materials that were less flame resistant. president trump known for his love of luxury surprised some by going rustic this weekend. he'll spend the night at camp david. the president, his wife melania and son barron flew to the retreat today as president trump's first time there, and they'll be returning tomorrow. unethical, just some of the words used by camille cosby describing those involved in her husband's sexual assault trial. all about father's day, of course. how will the weather behave. it looks like this warm front finally moving northward. it will give us a little bit of a clearing but not completely dry.
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after bill cosby's trial ended in a mistrial today, gloria allred wasted no time weighing in. she warned cosby not to claim victory. >> round two may be just around the corner. and this time, justice may prevail. >> prosecutors announced they will retry cosby on charges that he drugged and molested andrea constand back in 2004. bill cosby's wife, camille, also had plenty to say about the case. she released a statement this morning blasting the prosecution and the judge. a publicist read the statement for her outside the courthouse and here's some of what it had to say. >> how do i describe the district attorney? heinously and exploitively ak bishs. how do i describe the judge?
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overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. how do i describe the counsel for the accusers? totally unethical. >> the same district attorney and the same judge will be on the case when cosby is retried. our coverage of the cosby decision continues online and the nbc 10 app. there you can read camille cosby's full statement and reaction from other cosby accusers. you can also find a timeline of the trial. all on and the free nbc 10 app. the search continues for seven american sailors who went missing after their ship crashed with another ship. now, this is video of the ship as it arrived back to port. the crash happened off the coast of japan. today president trump thanked the japanese for their help trying to find the sailors. three other crew members including the commanding officer were also hurt. the damaged uss fitzgerald is now back in port.
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a driver hit a man in north philadelphia and then took off overnight. the man in his 20s was hit near the intersection of alney and park avenue in the logan neighborhood. police did take a person into custody. but it's not clear yet if that person faces charges. the victim is recovering in the hospital. police are trying to track down the woman who stabbed another woman in the back in the fair hills section of north philadelphia early this morning. the victim went to temple hospital and is expected to survive. today a celebration in our area. the day notes the abolishment of slavery in texas back in 1865. nbc 10 outside the african-american museum in center city, where street festival highlighted african-american freedom and achievement. here now, a live look down the shore in avalon where it was a pretty nice day to be out on the beach. you might want to take dad there
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for father's day tomorrow because it will be a lot hotter in and around the city. meteorologist erika martin joins us with your most accurate forecast. not so nice in the city? >> depending what you like. i like the tropical feel. however, it is definitely going to be a steamy father's day forecast. that's all i've got for you right now. look at this. this looks kind of steamy. a live look outside the ben franklin bridge. visibility between 7 to 9 miles for the most part. not terrible. but keep in mind we will have that fog throughout the day. current temperatures are, philadelphia 82 degrees. mount holly 75 for you. vineland 83. atlantic city currently at 81 degrees. notice the winds coming out of the south. allentown certainly feels a lot warmer than that, because we have high dew points right now. current temperatures, notice that we are seeing temperatures mainly in the 70s and 80s. feels like temperatures more
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than that. we do see that southerly flow of the winds. dover, 14-mile-per-hour wind speeds, 14 for atlantic city. a little less for wilmington and philadelphia. nonetheless, we're still seeing really warm, muggy conditions all around. that's pretty much going to be the trend. current dew points 73 in philadelphia. 75 in dover. and 75 in vineland. that's telling you that the atmosphere is totally saturated. if you step outside, you will certainly feel that. look at the bottom of your screen for your local most accurate seven-day forecast. we'll tell you why this is all going on. here's your area of low pressure. we have pockets of heavy downpours. it continues to move northward, we'll definitely have the ability to get more warm air moving into our area. so that's why temperatures for tomorrow are going to climb into the 80s and 90s across the entire viewing area. locally here, we're seeing some
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pockets of downpours, and we're also seeing lightning strikes moving from the southwest toward the northeast, trenton right now getting reports of thunderstorms. some small popcorn thunderstorms. that's what we call them. hour-by-hour forecast shows you how we're seeing mostly a clearing by tomorrow morning. we pause it at 8:00 p.m., showers still moving through, one or two pockets of heavy downpours. by early tomorrow morning, we're going to see mainly clouds. that's the story for tomorrow. i just don't want to clear the fact that we're going to see showers, especially for the city. let's look at the temperatures for tomorrow. mainly seeing 90s. the only place we're seeing 70s, jersey shore. a mix of sun and clouds. i don't think you're going to see much as far as showers along the jersey shore. here is your ten-day. keeping it in the 90s for tomorrow. for the number one day. severe on monday. round of heavy downpours and strong thunderstorms. follow us on social media for updates at nbc philadelphia.
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the sixers appear to be closing in on acquiring the first overall pick in thursday's draft. we'll give you the latest on fultz who is in town to work out with the sixers tonight.
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time to check in with kristen welker for what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, denise. good evening to you. coming up tonight, full coverage of the mistrial today declared in the bill cosby trial. the latest on the collision involving a u.s. navy destroyer off japan. also, a nation divided after the attack on members of congress calls for politicians on both sides to soften their tone. the end of a three-year voyage around the world by canoe when we see you in just a few minutes for "nbc nightly news."
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>> looking forward to it. thank you, kristen. good to see you. happy saturday. there's no trade to announce just yet. so pump your brakes. there may not be one until draft night on thursday. but the pieces are moving in the right direction for the sixers to ultimately acquire the first pick. the sixers would likely take markelle fultz for the top pick. attended the sixers-nets game and said he would be a good fit here. he's set to work out in camden at 6:30. we'll hear from him tonight at 11:00. sixers wasted no time rolling out the welcome wagon. showing the custom name plate the sixers made for fultz.
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signature catch phrase, almost every sixers fan will be revealed. fultz said to be the perfect fit. a combo guard to go with ben simmons. the team worked out another top prospect, fox, who some pundits say could go as high as the top three. fox's inconsistent shooting makes him less of a fit than fultz. here's the former wildcat on how his workout went today in camden. >> i felt coming in to work out. just show that i'm able to throw the ball, hit the free throws. show my whole arsenal. i can work without the ball. i've done it in high school. i didn't do it much in kentucky, i was pretty ball dominant in kentucky. what people don't know, they might take this the wrong way, but me and ben were on a team with lebron's camp. i played with him before.
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>> that's the good, maybe this is the bad and ugly. phillies losing nine of their last ten games. this afternoon with the diamondbacks. they tried to play baseball, mother nature not very cooperative at the start of this one. game delayed 15 minutes as heavy rain sent people flying for cover right at game time. once it started, though, d'backs pitcher got to work. top three, tommy joseph has a seat. two on, two out for jake lamb. shoots this back up the middle for a base knock. the d'backs strike first. right now it is 1-0 d'backs in the fifth. finally, the hall of fame on pete rose. check out this statue. individual teams are starting to honor the king. unveiling that statue at great american ballpark. they will add him to the wall of
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fame account august 12th. erika is back with a final check of the forecast. father's day. >> mainly clouds. it will be hot. temperatures in the 80s and 90s, except at the shore. we're going to see temperatures in the 70s, and so for the most part it's going to be kind of muggy. the big story is monday morning. we'll start off with rain and thunderstorms and tracking the potential for severe weather on monday. >> thank you, erika. that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. for any news and weather updates at any time, go to
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on this saturday night, mistrial. the sexual assault case of bill cosby ends with the jury hopelessly deadlocked. the d.a. says cosby will be tried again as the entertainer's wife lashes out at the d.a. and the judge. tonight the search for missing u.s. sailors. divided nation, the shooting of a congressman brings momentary unity, but underscores political antagonism and the violent power of words. fantastic voyage, the high-tech world, the ending of a journey around the world using only the wind, the waves and the stars. "nightly news" begins now.


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