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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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how many people will be driving through our area for the july 4th holiday. amtrak alert. good morning. nbc 10 today. >> i'm tracey davidson. >> amtrak service is suspended because two people were struck and killed on the tracks. let's get right to first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington for more on that. with the two people struck and killed on the tracks, there's an accident investigation underway. this incident actually occurred right before washington union station in d.c. resulting in that sdpengs between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. now additionally we're going to see residual delays and cancellations on the northeast corridor. amtrak is advising passengers or at least the passengers that typically take this route in the morning to check with or the app if they frequent the
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app as well to see any specifics about that, but i did just check in with amtrak website. not seeing any specific cancellations there, but, again, that service still is suspended between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. we're supposed to get an update or a statement from amtrak on or before sometime 7:00 this morning. have that update for you. next update in ten minutes. >> thank you, jessica. meanwhile dealing with the best day in the summer apparently. >> this may turn out to be the nicest day of the entire summer. 40s and 50s right now. 48 degrees in the suburbs. low 50s in the lehigh valley. look at that bright sunshine. sunshine we warm to 66 degrees. then at lunchtime. 74. even though the temperatures will be climbing. humidity stays low all day long. thanks to north westerly winds. won't be strong. just enough to make for a beautiful summer day. 80 degrees this afternoon for new jersey. the suburbs. 81 in philadelphia. actually feel more like springtime today.
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80 for the lehigh valley. delaware up to 82. just a couple degrees cooler. not by much. jersey shore 78 degrees. sunny skies all around. changes ahead. seven-day forecast shows heat and humidity returning to the area. weekend forecast in ten minutes. breaking right now. teenager shot. 16-year-old shot while hanging out with friends in southwest philadelphia. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live for us outside southwest detective. walk us through what happened he here. >> reporter: this morning a girl in the hospital and a shooter on the loose. 16-year-old girl shot five times while standing outside with friends. the bullets started flying. having a good time outside. this happened just after midnight on the 5900 block of springfield avenue. on the steps outside the front door of a house. that's where someone came up and started shooting. philadelphia police right now don't know if this particular girl was the target of the
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shooting, but there is no doubt that the shooter was indeed aiming at this crowd. now police do tell us the girl is expected to survive. in stable condition at the hospital right now. police officers were able to rush her to the hospital in time to get that treatment, but the real question this morning, who did this and why. detectives have been talking with some of the witnesses here at southwest detectives overnight. also hoping they will be able to get some surveillance video from that area to point them in the right direction and find the shooter and get them off the street. for now live at southwest detectives. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:03. new this morning. man is dead after two cars hit him. just after 12:30 this morning. roosevelt after at wyoming avenue. both cars stayed at the scene. police are calling this an accident. 6:03. the corruption trial of seth williams continues today after a main witness spent a second straight day on the stand
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yesterday. prosecutors say philadelphia bar owner michael wise gave the da trips so he could get help with liquor license. defense argued trips were just gifts from a friend. wise told the jury he likes helping people and gave gifts to other politicians as well. facing bribery and krums charges for accepting gifts for little favors. as we head towards the race for da in november, police have endorsed republican nominee beth grossman. the vote followed a meeting with both candidates. >> the husband of the woman killed in a crash at the hoboken terminal last fall has filed a lawsuit. the 34-year-old woman was at the terminal last september when a train traveling twice the speed limit crashed into the terminal. family filed a wrangful death lawsuit. mercer county teen teacher
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is now charged with sexually assaulting a nine-year-old student. a fourth grade teacher at franklin elementary school in trenton. neither of the trenton teacher's union is commenting on the charges. senate leaders now work on revised version of health care bill after postponing a vote until after the 4th of july recess. both moderate and conservative republicans oppose portions of the bill. met with president trump at the white house last night to talk about concerns. , opponents of the republican health care bill man the phones last night. members of power. a group made up of inner faith congregations in philadelphia called neighbors neighbors to friends to urge them to vote no on the bill. this will be the most travelled 4th of july weekend ever. more than 44 million americans hit the road. same here in the philadelphia region. nearly 600,000 people expected to take trips.
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for those who will be driving. gas prices projected to be lowest levels in 12 years this weekend. according to a gas buddy report. triple a reports pennsylvania average $2.44. $2.16. happening today off to camp in the poconos for more than 100 low income children from philadelphia. board buses this morning and head to salvation army camp. for most of these kids. first time in camp and first time for a real wilderness experience. >> nice weather for it for sure. look at the sunrise. clear skies and not just the city of the shore or the suburbs. look at camelback. kids have a great day in the poconos. clear skies and cool this morning. 40s in the mountains. warm into if 70s this afternoon. beautiful weather all around.
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seeing chilly temperatures this morning for this time of year in the lehigh valley. suburbs and delaware. south jersey and the low 50s. in philadelphia 62 in philadelphia international. park side down to 53 degrees this morning. 56 in chestnut hill. look, another 53 for somerton. warmer spots. port richmond. 64. everyone warms into the 70s. get near 80 degrees this afternoon. probably to very low 80s in philadelphia. through it all, doppler radar will stay clear. not a cloud out there. wilmington, o december is a. philadelphia, nothing, but sunshine today. see a nice warm up. stays comfortable all day long. 65 at 8:00 in philadelphia. low 80s at 4:00 this afternoon. suburbs, sunny skies. low humidity. upper 70s. happens at 4:00 this afternoon. nice breeze out of the northwest. dry air coming in allowed the temperatures to cool down to start with. 63 at 8:00. low 70s at noontime today.
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sunny skies in delaware. see the low humidity too. 78 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. 80 degrees for new jersey. nothing, but sunshine for new jersey. even at the shore, get dry air flowing in with the nice warmup this afternoon to 77 degrees, but the weekend showers ando dos the heat. the humidity saturday afternoon, 94 degrees in philadelphia. the upper 70s at the shore. look at sunday. better chance see showers and thunderstorms. steamy day and temperatures not quite as hot, but still warm for this time of year. 4th of july look a little different than that. eight minutes past 6:00. just waking up and heading to catch a train to d.c. hold up. >> listen up. >> amtrak service has been cancelled for further notice between philadelphia and washington, d.c. >> let's get you updated, jess. spoke with somebody or tweeted back and forth with
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somebody at 30th station right now where all service is completely at a stand still. that's just a heads-up. we might see that before you head out the door here. check with tell you what happened first. track closure because of an accident involving two pedestrians that ended up being fatal. two people died on the tracks approaching washington union station in d.c. that suspension now has occurred between washington, d.c. and philadelphia so trains are not moving back and forth between there. we're watching more cancellations and residual delays on the northeast corridor as well. because of that. so with that suspension in place. they're preparing us to release another statement sometime before 7:00 this morning. hopefully get some of that information for you with an update with better news there. also watching route 73 around route 70. no big problems or delays. 42 freeway looks good. checking with drive times here.
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five minutes on the northbound side. speeds still into the 60s if you're heading towards philadelphia. ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. t. whougs continues to point the finger of blame at the media. then there's this. up next, why questions are being raised about this magazine cover. currently hanging inside the president's golf resorts. hidden messages. new this morning. what someone left deep inside the sixers new training facility that pays homage to the team's rebuilding plans. what's happening with the wawa welcome america festival leading up to 4th of july and all the festivities you need to see here only on nbc 10.
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the officer was released from the hospital on monday. white house press secretary got into a heated exchange with a reporter at the press briefing. criticized the media for accomplishing stories. and alleged no sources at all are accomplished. >> we're here to ask you questions. what you just said is inflammatory to people all over the country who look and see once again the president is right and everybody else out here is fake media and everybody in this loroom is only trying t do their job. >> i disagree completely. first of all.
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i think if anything has been inflamed, it's the dishonesty that takes place by the news media. i think it's is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when i was simply trying to respond to his question. >> time magazine is asking the president to take down a fake cover. >> framed copy in phillies five take a look. cover dated march 12009. talks about tv show the apprentice show being a smash. time says that cover is a fake. there was no march 1 edition. here's more from "the washington post" reporter. >> no issue of time magazine that year that had donald trump on the cover. the design is all wrong. if you know time magazine design you can tell for a bunch of reasons. the thinness of the border. the placement of the headlines.
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not a real cover. the question for me is how did this get here. how did it get to so many places. donald trump who spent the whole campaign railing against fake news literally has fake news hanging on his wall. >> the real edition for the march cover was on the left that you saw that. not clear who created the cover. trump administration not responding to questions about it. hidden messages in the sixers new training facility. trust the process and hinky died for this. a reference to sam who told fans to believe in the team's experiment only to be fired. according to magazine, hidden in lighting fixtures and electric boxes throughout the bill building. the messages won't be visible to anyone walking around the facility of course, but it will be a little fun scavenger hunt for those who work there. other hidden references to philly sports team.
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the most famous the tiny statute that will continue to sit at the top of the highest building. moved to the top of the comcast technology center. home of new home of nbc 10. statute believed to have broken the curse of billy penn. won the year it was added to the top of the original comcast center. look at that, speaking of comcast center. that's going to go on top of technology center. this is comcast center rights now. sun comes up. beautiful day ahead. >> all around. sunny skies. no clouds to be found. sunshine in easton. temperatures climb to 70s this afternoon. penn's landing. beautiful day. breeze blowing. see the banners blowing in the wind. that's dry air coming in. the humidity that was low yesterday actually going to go a little bit lower today. and you'll feel it at the shore too. ocean city. nice and clear. no showers repeating today. the temperatures have dropped
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into the 50s and khloe 60s. 62 degrees at philadelphia international. 49. 55 degrees in warrington. a really pleasant start this morning. spring like this morning. gorgeous day ahead with plenty of sunshine. warm these temperatures from the 50s and 60s. upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. 3:00 in philadelphia. 79 at 5:00. the temperature goes up. the humidity, the moisture level goes down. off the chart this morning. really comfortable weather. clear for today. that changes later in the week. won't see any clouds today, but showers, thunderstorms they're in the midwest. they're due in just in time for the holiday weekend. and there's a good chance that some of those showers will continue into next week as well. before they get here, the heat will be building. not so much today, but tomorrow we'll see sunshine and tomorrow afternoon get close to 90 degrees. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow are still well to west, but they'll creep closer to us
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and come friday afternoon, some showers are possible in the lehigh valley and berks county and some of the suburbs too. the chance of showers and thunderstorms will increase over the weekend. so enjoy this while it's around today. gorgeous day. nice and fcomfortable with low humidity. morning low of 64. humidity start creeping up tomorrow. steamy conditions. hot, humid. 94 for friday and saturday. chance of showers and thunderstorms saturday. even more likely on sunday to bring the temperatures down a little bit then right back to 90s on monday. 4th of july chance of shower. not going to be an all day rainfall. warm day yes. steamy 88 degrees. warm weather stay with us. steadier rain. drop the temperatures. nice warm up. friday 90 degrees. specifically for 4th of july. humid conditions. 81 degrees. then in the upper 80s in the
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afternoon. chance of thunderstorms late in the day. some of those may arrive after the fireworks. we'll stay tuned for that. keep updating that as we get closer to the fourth. >> thanks for that. 20 minutes past 6. continue to follow breaking news in the commuter world. if you take amtrak between philly and washington, services suspended. >> jessica boyington has an update for us. what do you have. >> even with that suspension between philadelphia and washington, d.c., we're also seeing a lot of cancellations and residual delays on the northeast corridor. depending where you're going, not necessarily going to d.c. baltimore anywhere further south. seeing a lot of cancellations. that's the point here. two pedestrians walk on the track. struck by a train. now two people have died. those two people have died because of that accident scene. so now there's an accident investigation underway. amtrak track closure. suspension in place and we're
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supposed to be hearing an update sometime before 7:00 this morning. so we'll keep you updated there. back every ten mens inutes rela what we're hearing to you. everything looks good. right now at least both directions north and south are clear. 95 moving through delaware. has seen better days. still watching an accident scene on 95 northbound just around 295. drive times aren't too bad. 95 right now from 295 to 495 just a ten minute trip. still pretty much the same. dive times haven't budged. still watching the accident. >> before you head to car dealer, may want to do math. new this morning. buying a car around the philadelphia area could be a financial challenge for many. parties at the pagoda. ahead at 6:30. what's happening after hours add the redding landmark and what's being done to stop it. ♪
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one of the greatest summer movies ever. >> perfect weather to watch et. being held outside the arts building on christopher columbus boulevard. watch the flick at 8:00 tonight. >> came out in 1982. new this morning. new study shows most american families in larger cities don't earn enough to afford the average new car. average new car can only be considered for households in washington, d.c. philadelphia came in 11th on the list of new car affordability. new survey shows pennsylvania drivers among the rudest in the nation. according to cars for kids, pennsylvania came in 42nd in the
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country. for most courteous drivers. group ranks states based on how people answer questions like how often do you signal, would you steal someone's parking spot. new jersey ranked better at 32. delaware had the most courteous drivers in our area. state came in at 24. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with breaking news. amtrak service is currently suspended between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. due to a fatal accident on the tracks. we'll have updates for you and details for the rest of the morning and back at 6:30. thank you, jess. you'll football team from delaware county got sacked by a criminal. >> this is what is left after a damaging break in. ahead why the team is fighting to clock to get everything replaced. 6:26, marking milestones. dozens of men and women celebrating the century mark. hear their secret to a long life.
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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someone opened fire 16-year-old hung out with friend on a front porch. >> amtrak service suspended. now passengers on a train from philly are describing what they heard when the train hit two people on the track. >> and take a good look at this live picture. it may just be the nicest day of summer. bill henley will be around in a second to tell you why you need to get outside and enjoy it today. sglnchts first let's get you updated on the forecast. meteorologist bill henley and if most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. >> beautiful start. look at the sunshine.
6:31 am
and clear skies and cool temperatures. the humidity so low the temperatures are dropped into the low 50s in the suburbs and live view from here at nbc 10 studio. king of prussia sunny skies and 54 degrees now. warm to 66 degrees at king of prussia 9:00 and 74 degrees at lunchtime. 60s for philadelphia. 50s for the lehigh valley. and delaware. and with sunshine delaware will quickly warm into the 60s and the 70s. is 11:00 this morning. light northerly wind. keep the humidity low all day. temperatures kiem to 80 degrees. sunshine and lehigh valley and nnk and at the shore. up to 79 degrees this afternoon. beautiful day ahead, but there are some changes. the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen shows the return of heat humidity and showers and thunderstorms. 6:31. am track service between 30th
6:32 am
street station and a washington, d.c. suspended because of deadly accident involving a train from philadelphia. >> live team coverage to help commuters get to where they need to go this morning. get to jessica boyington. right. so the actually the fatal accident involved two people as well. so accident investigation underway right now. again, to reiterate suspension is right now between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. that incident was approaching washington union station. supposed to hear another statement from am track. it was supposed to be before the 7:00 hour or so. about another half hour we're waiting to hear some new news. what we do know is suspension is in place so a lot of delays and extra cancellations on the northeast corridor as well. spoke with somebody on twitter who actually is at 30th street station and said nobody is moving at all right now. seeing pretty big delays to get from philly to washington, d.c. not going to be able to do that right now using amtrak.
6:33 am
vine street expressway cameras around the ben franklin parkway on the westbound side. one lane of traffic getting by on the westbound side. pamela osborne live at 30st street station. what do commuters need to know. >> reporter: because of that incident, everything going to or coming from d.c. has been delayed. take a look. we've been watching this there and within the past five minutes or so. trains traveling between new york to washington changed from delayed to cancelled. amtrak trains have been unable to operate through the morning rush because of that incident and the investigation that is followed our d.c. station wrc talked to a passenger who was there at the time of the accident. take a listen.
6:34 am
i my wife thought she heard something hit the window and a train slowed to a stop. checking the app for the latest information because the closure has led to cancellations along the northeast corridor. including here in philly we're waiting on an update from amtrak about the situation. we should be getting more within the hour. we come back out here live. you can see a lot of people gathered around the board. the trains rather just changed from delayed to cancelled. see if we can talk to some of those people and keep following this for you and update you as soon as we have more information. reporting live at 30th street station. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> keep you updated on the app. 6:34. new this morning. someone opened fire on homes and cars. video just in to nbc 10 from dire street.
6:35 am
two homes and several cars sprayed with gunshot. neighborhood vigil set for this evening to remember a woman killed walking through a park in north philadelphia. vigil at 21st and lehigh. debra gulliver knocked to the ground: brutally beaten and stabbed. nothing taken. including pocket book and phone. talked to her mother. said she will be remembered for the joy she brought to her family and friends. police now think the remains may be female based on clothes still wrapped around the bones. police tell us workers called them about the discovery yesterday. found the bones when they were digging at the site of former laundromat. police are on the hunt this morning for two teen girls behind an arm eed robbery spree
6:36 am
>> targeting cab drivers as well as tourists and kriechls are getting more violent. most recently stole purses from a woman and 86-year-old mother who were visiting from; dor. the elderly victim who speaks only spanish says she was hit in the arm with a gun when she struggled to hold onto her purse. >> translator: i didn't want to let go. i grabbed my little purse with two hands. had money, my watch. some other little things. they even took my dentures that was inside. police want you to look out for the get away car. four north jersey police officers suspended for kicking a man after a fiery crash are back on the job, but the investigation into the didn't continues. you remember this video of the police chase and crash earlier this month. the jersey city officers were seen kicking the man who later turned out to be an innocent
6:37 am
bystander. federal authorities say the investigation would be hurt if disciplinary actions were forwarded. the suspensions were lifted. city spokesperson says the hearings will resume once the investigation is complete. county by county coverage begins in chester county. da says it's a heck of a family. >> the father and fiance of suspect who police say was caught on camera punching a man with cerebral palsy both face charges now. one of 5 people. police arrested his son barry baker junior last month for punching the man in westchester seen here. after this video was released. investigation say his girlfriend helped him avoid arrest for several days paying for a hotel room and prepaid phone for his to use. arrested for hindering arrest. familiar face lead catholic
6:38 am
in allentown. pope francis apotented monsignor as bishop elect. worked in the diocese. born and raised in easton. redding still counsel is following up on complaints of noise and partying after hours at the pagoda. supposed to close at dusk. one council member said he saw as many a 20 to 30 cars parked there with music blaring. council is looking at a suggestion blocking traffic to the pagoda at dusk. saying it's going to be the nicest day of the summer. >> potentially, yes. going to be gorgeous. temperatures feel like spring. temperatures dropped overnight. 50s and 60s to start up.
6:39 am
goes lower this morning. make for a really pleasant evening with clear skies this evening. sunshine, see the temperatures climb from low 60s right now to low 70s at 10:00 this morning 67 notice the winds and northerly wind coming in and dry air keep. comfortable all day long. 78 degrees at 2:00. even cooler this morning. suburbs 55 degrees right now. 60s this morning and 70s this afternoon. nothing, but sunshine for the lehigh valley. look at the bright sunshine in easton this morning. 53 degrees to start with. definitely cool. seen a few neighborhoods in the 40s this morning. that's not going to last long. near 70 at 10:00 and upper 70s this afternoon. the flies comfortable air in new jersey with bright sunshine. 75 degrees at noontime. 80 degrees later this afternoon. and the temperatures climb from the 50s at the shore. even the 50s at the shore in the the low 70s at 10:00.
6:40 am
winds will warm temperatures into the upper 70s at the shore this afternoon. delaware already enjoying bright sunshine. 56 now. might need a jacket to start with. sunglasses for the rest of the day. be able to peel the jackets off and temperatures climbing to uppu upper 70s to near 80 this afternoon. heat returns as we head to the rest of the week. storms will cool things down a little bit for sunday before we're right back in the 90s on monday. look at the ten day on ten. go beyond this when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you. about 20 minutes before 7:00. expecting in the next 15-20 minutes to get an update from amtrak on the service suspension. >> jessica boyington keeping us updated on that. said by 7:00 this morning we would hear an update. may not change anything, but at least we might know something different that might have happened or at least we can see where we're at. right now where we're at is a
6:41 am
suspension. amtrak track closures because of a pedestrian fatal, two people were walking on the tracks that were struck right before washington union station in d.c. that was resulting in two deaths on the scene. now accident investigation and suspension between washington, d.c. and philadelphia additional cancellations on the northeast corridor as well. amtrak for now advising passengers that typically take routes for morning commute check in with for more details or the app that they typically use. also just a little while ago watching the vine street expressway westbound side. just around the ben frankly parkway a crash there. that's career. see traffic is moving. residual delays. schuylkill a little bit slow there. 6:41. new information about bill cosby's plan for a speaking tour. >> up next, why the comedian says he won't be hitting the road any time soon. celebrating a century.
6:42 am
men and women from the area are 100 years old. up next, share secret to a long life.
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region lose largest health insurer taking a step to curb opioid abuse. first time opioid prescriptions will be limited to five day supply. prevents multiple prescriptions from being filled at multiple pharmacies. reduces the risk of addiction. working to kpat the opioid crisis. part of a bipartisan task force that's presenting nine billing in all to congress. bill address prevention treatment and recovery. >> quarter of seven on this wednesday morning. lawyer for bill cosby says he won't be going on a speaking
6:46 am
tour any time soon. says cosby's town hall tour is likely to happen before he is retried on sexual assault charges. two weeks ago the skroors announced they were hopelessly deadlocked and the judge declared a mistrial. cosby sent out a tweet disputing own spokesman suggestion. wrote quote the current propaganda that i'm going to conduct a sexual assault tour is falls. any further information about public plans will be given at the appropriate time. police in chest r township are looking for thieves who stole thousands of dollars of equipment from a youth football team. football live video shows the aftermath of the break in. mess on the ground. police say the thieves stole helmets s shoulder pads and trophies. coaches told nbc 10 they recovered some of the equipment, but not all of it is usable. team starts practice next month.
6:47 am
>> people just going to take our stuff. that's not cool. you're letting the team down. letting the parents that paid for their child to pay. >> it hurts us a lot because we have kids who may not be able to have the helmets and shoulder pads and jerseys at the start of the season this year. >> the organization set up a go fund me page which you can find on website. we also put it on app for you nbc 10. now after months of delays, plans to renovate a wilmington football stadium are back on track. aging baynard stadium home to several high school teams. last fall the school offered to raise a $20 million to fix it, but backed out when the city expressed concerns about other organizations have equal access to the facility. . now the city agrees a public private partnership is the best option. and they will team up with the city to make those renovations. chester county is honoring. >> the county held a birthday
6:48 am
party in westchester yesterday for people more than 100 years old. had to ask their secret to living a long and happy life. >> love god. keeps you young on the inside. >> yes, yes. >> i love god. i love people. and i love god. >> that's luda pearl biker. turns 105 in august. >> you think there would be a few. there's a whole room full. >> and they're lovely. lovely. just a few minutes before the start of today show. >> matt lauer and hoda standing by in new york. happy hump day, you two. >> happy hump day is right. >> why are you getting all giddy. just because vai said hump day. >> vai, you touched a nerve apparently. meanwhile, let me tell you what's coming up. overnight development in the health care battle. why republicans suddenly sound
6:49 am
confident despite delaying key vote. also ahead the new urgency to find and free an american taken captive in syria five years ago. this morning his parents with us exclusively. one woman's worldwide journey to unlock the secret of successful marriage she learned that might help your relationship. we have big stars in studio 1-a this morning. including steve carol, lin-manuel miranda with us today. >> that's cool. >> cannot wait. carol's hair going gray is really good look for him. >> this is the talk of everyone. people love the way he looks with silver hair. >> he looks hot. he really does. >> yes. >> don't you think. >> absolutely. >> if you're into hair and ou like that kind of hair. >> see you guys at 7:00.
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thanks. let's take a look at the art human. how beautiful is that this morning. >> beautiful day ahead for sure. according to first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> looking like you for a long time, bill. >> let me share something else beautiful with you. look at the sunshine. easton, clear sky. great start to the day. nothing, but sunshine. look at cape may. live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. springtime. the temperatures dropped to the 50s and 60s. look at the blue sky overnew jersey. this picture from just a couple of minutes ago. people out for a walk and a jog. nice breeze is that's brought our temperatures down and brought humidity very low this morning. 50s for pottstown. redding 62 degrees in philadelphia. and nothing, but 50s right now in new jersey. millville 52 degrees. 56 in wilmington.
6:51 am
and in the poconos, 47 degrees to start with. warms into the 70s thisauful we you can thank these winds. these north westerly coming in. no sign of showers today. in fact barely a cloud in the sky during the day today. temperatures climb 80 degrees in philadelphia. that's 5:00 this afternoon. this other line is the moisture line. look how that comes ry air. really comfortable all day long. won't see any activity today on the doppler radar on the satellite. looks like it's going to stay dry tomorrow. come the end of the week and the weekend, we'll get some of this. the showers and thunderstorms will be on the move. got a long way to go. best chance of seeing them will come in over the weekend. along with those showers and thunderstorms, look at the heat for saturday. 94 degrees and philadelphia. 92 in the suburbs. cool spot will be the jersey shore. then the showers and thunderstorms even more likely on sunday to bring the temperatures down. so enjoy the nice beautiful
6:52 am
weather. nice and comfortable. enjoy it while it's here. starts changing tomorrow. 64 in the morning. not as cool as this morning. sign the humidity starts to creep back in. near 90 degrees on thursday. hot and humidity. and showers and thunderstorms will develop over the weekend. again, most likely on sunday: then they take a break on monday. most of the day on the 4th of july will be dry. there's a chance we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms. will be steamy all day. rain steady on wednesday. take a break on thursday. then another chance of showers and thunderstorms next friday. >> bill, thank you. breaking news this morning. we've been following amtrak suspending service because of a fatal accident involving two people killed. just learned those two people killed are employees of csx. >> been developing overnight throughout the morning. let's get the latest. >> we were supposed to hear back from amtrak shortly. they said sometime before 7:00
6:53 am
in the morning. hear any updates here. what we do know for now is that the tracks are closed approaching washington union station d.c. that's why this accident had occurred. now there's a intention between washington, d.c. and philadelphia and additional cancellations and delays on the northeast corridor as well. checking with might help you out. finding an alternate route for now might be your best bet. spoke with people at twitter sitting at 30th street station dealing with 90 minutes delays. earlier seeing nothing moving at all. big delays there. also watching 95 moving through delaware where we have a lot of delays because of a crash on the northbound side. right around 295. few lanes blocked there. watch for construction on the northbound ramp to route 141. that is closed as well. and we'll end here on the bridges in in the process of opening over the tacomy palmyra. betsy ross clear.
6:54 am
next, more of today's top stories we're following for you including overnight violence. >> teenager shot as she stood outside with friend. update you on the search for suspects. ♪
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some of the stories we're following for you today. >> breaking news. 16-year-old shot while hanging with friends in southwest philadelphia. outside a home in springfield avenue when someone started spraying bullets at the group. hit multiple times. car was spotted speeding away. and here's a live look at philadelphia international airport. today will join with wawa welcome america to host the official inveiling of the airport's new photo exhibit. philadelphia the first world heritage city.
6:58 am
celebrates designation of world heritage site. today the philadelphia zoo will announce the name of newest baby gorilla. students from the congo narrowed the choices down to these names. bear with me. wasinga which means thank you very much. luanso meaning love and ajubu meaning miracle. another special group will select the baby boy's name. cute. good morning, everyone. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with you here with breaking news. we've been following all morning this amtrak suspension. two employees were struck and killed on the tracks approaching washington union station resulting in a suspension. between washington, d.c. and all am track trains additional cancellations and delays on the northeast corridor as well. check with for any
6:59 am
other information, but for now, we're still dealing with that suspension in between philly and d.c. sun has been up almost an hour and a half. temperatures starting to climb right now. 54 degrees. still cool for this time of year. now 61 in new jersey. lehigh valley is at 58. 60s in philadelphia and has been all morning. we'll see that climb to 76 degrees at lunchtime. the wind bringing in a dry air. really so comfortable this morning. that's not going to change during the day. the humidity stays low. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. if you're looking for 70s you'll find them at the shore. 78 degrees. beautiful weather all around. really could be the nicest day of the entire summer. the heat starts returning tomorrow and then it's steam heat with a chance of storms this weekend. >> nicest day of the entire summer. >> beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. >> love, love, love. >> we'll have local updates throughout the morning and you can always get realtime news on the nbc 10 app.
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching. today show starts now. enjoy the beautiful weather outside. good morning. breaking news. mounting problems from a massive, new cyber attack, targeting major companies in the u.s. and around the world. hospitals, banks, airlines, the food industry, all affected. the hackers demanding a ransom. how will it impact you? good progress. republican leaders express confidence about passing their health care bill after a strategy session at the white house. >> i think we have a good chance of getting there. it will just take us a little bui bit longer. >> the vote on hold until after the holiday break. held captiv u.s. and syria, adding new urgency for the efforts to free an american journalist kidnapped and held their for nearly five


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