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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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now behind bars just two blocks from here at the federal detention center awaiting sentencing in october. he's emotional as he pleaded guilty and resigned from the office. >> think this was a hard decision for a proud man. >> reporter: seth williams arrived in court an accused by free miaman. his decision to take a plea deal came at 1k this morning. >> had seth been up all night with you going back and forth? >> yes. >> describe that. >> as always we talked about -- our discussions are always about continuing on with the trial. last night he called me and discussed the possibility of a plea. >> today's conviction is a great victory h the battle against corrupt conduct by public
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officials. >> he admits he took gifts to help ali with his legal troubles. the u.s. district attorney's office described it as krubt payments. >> payments of trips, cars, and other expensive items. >> reporter: a man who identified himself as williams' spiritual adviser was in court. as his spiritual adviser has he expressed remorse to you? >> of course. of course. i mean -- yes. >> reporter: to the people of philadelphia he served? >> guess what? that's going to be done later. >> reporter: now, this trial was expected to last beyond the july 4th holiday. the jury does not get to deliberate in this case. my colleague tim furlong spoke to some jurors this afternoon. we'll hear from them this and and we'll get some idea how they would have decided case. that's live.
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outside the courthouse, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc 10 news." >> rosemary, what about seth williams' demeanor in the courtroom? >> reporter: we didn't see any tears but he was choked up when asked why he shouldn't be sentenced. he described for the court and judge he has two daughters who are under the age of 18 who live with him at home. he also described how he has less than $200 in his bank account. this was a very humbling to say the least moment for him publicly. obviously in higgs professional life and certainly personally. jim? >> and to walk out of that courtroom in handcuffs. indeed, a fall from grace. thanks for you coverage. >> first assistant district attorney has been running the
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office. >> she discussed what this means for she and her colleagues. here's what she had to say. >> the courtrooms were staffed yesterday, they'll be staffed today and they'll be staffed tomorrow. continuing the hard work what's most important. >> she added he texteder this morning but she would not disclose the coverage. nbc 10's mitch blacher with everything he took and what went wrong for him. a festival featuring six days of free family fun all over the city. nbc 10 is a proud sponsor. a lot of people are packing up and heading from ben franklin parkway to the ben franklin bridge. already they're soaking in the sun and the sand. we switch to a live picture.
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this beach will only become busier as the weekend approaches. we have team coverage f the fourth of july weekend with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we begin with tim furlong. how many hoagies did you put away, tim? >> reporter: what are you insinuating? i only had one. i made sure i didn't have it on my shirt. a lot of people said, hey, i didn't know there were free hoagies. we told you about it. i know a lot more about the concert that's going to be over there on tuesday night and all of the other wawa welcome american events. they got up super early. >> i got only two hours of sleep last night but i'm so excited because i'm with my wawa family. >> reporter: turned six tons of ingredients into meals for the
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masses. >> this is wawa hoagie day. this is our 25th, believe it or not. >> reporter: these folks here made 23,000 hoagies. >> teamwork. teamwork makes the dream work, baby. >> reporter: the rest went up and out to independence mall where people were lining up for their free sandwiches and tasty cakes. >> they've been coming for years. >> all different nationalities, all different neighborhoods, shapes, sizes, age. it don't matter. even was out here enjoying themselves. >> reporter: by tuesday this park h be packed for the big mary j. blige concert. and there's going to be a mum r mummers parade. again, it's all free. i know because i personally
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checked so much great free family-friendly stuff. a lot of "f"s in there. it's all on our website. you have the lay out a plan. >> good info. as tim said, there are free family fun events throughout the night at the mummer museum. go forth and learn what it as like to be a mummer and stick around for what it's like to be in a concert. the first stringed band for the fourth of july parade. now for the forecast. it's looking good. >> nbc 10's meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is telling us what we can expect. we're all listening, glenn. >> one thing i can tell you it's not going to be all blue skies. we're going to see a fair amount of sunshine over the next several days. 87 degrees now.
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the humidity is coming up a bit. it was very low yesterday. now it's getting closer to normal. we're dry here, now we have a few showers, little showers west of harrisburg. shouldn't be botherering us tonight. a little bit of moisture from chicago. some of that will be moving in by saturday. that's the target day for thunderstorms. friday afternoon perhaps lehigh valley and pocono's gets grazed by some showers as we get hotter in the rest of the area. on saturday, showers, thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon and into the evening hours. some of those could even be severe, and then it does look like it's going to be moving out by sunday, setting us up for nice weather. as you go in through tonight, into tomorrow, it's dry. it's fwhoingt to be very cool. the low temperature around 70,
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72 in philadelphia. and close to that in some of the rest of the area. it's going to get hotter tomorrow. tomorrow should be the hottest day. saturday, the most humid. we'll break it all down for you in just a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. whether you're staying in the city or head odd the shore, the nbc 10 app is your place for everything this fourth of july weekend. we have a complete list of things along with our up-to-the-minute forecast. new details on the murder of a marine veteran who served his country overseas only to die on a local street. his family said he was killed in the street trying to stop a robbery. >> that victim had just returned the middle east, andrea. >> reporter: that's right. he had only been home less than two months. he served in the military. his family said he had plans to go back overseas and work with
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the government. >> he'd give you this shirt off his back. >> reporter: harold white's family said he was trying to help diffuse a robbery at the green tavern last night. surveillance from inside showed the suspect being thrown out. white was not far behind trying to calm things down when outside the suspect shot and killed the 47-year-old and ran away. >> just to have him die like that is shocking. >> reporter: the suspect then broke into a house on north sixth street making it into one of the bedrooms where javier vazquez and his wife were fast asleep. and she screamed, somebody's in the house. it startled me. i woke up and ran down the stairs. >> reporter: they struggled in the kitchen. he got hit several times after being hit in the head by the suspect's gun. javier jr. has an ace bandage on
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his wrist after body slamming him. >> i got in a couple of punches and hit him with his own gun. >> reporter: blocks away another family is in mourning wondering how a man who different countries could come home and be killed. >> reporter: at last check the police have not formally charged the suspect. coming up in an hour, we're going to tell you what it took for that father and sun duo to subdue that suspect. coming up at 8:00 tonight, president trump's travel restrictions take effect today. the state department determined who will be allowed into the u.s. for the next 90 days. these are applicants from six countries. iran, sudan, syria, libya, somalia, and yemen, must prove a relationship with a really active before entering into the
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u.s. all existing visas will be honored parts of the president's travel ban could go into play as they wait to hear the case before they go into the fall. more challenges could be expected. senator much mcconnell wants an agreement by tomorrow. he wants the senate to approve it after returning mid july after a july 4th recess. some say they don't want it done saying the deal could be reached by friday if, quote, pigs could fly. president trump made no mention of his tweets at an energy summit. it seems everyone is talking about it. tweets read, i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me. don't watch anymore. then how come low iq crazy mika and joe came three nights in a
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row to mear-a-lago and wants to join me. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. this doesn't help do that. >> it's really sad though that the president of the united states -- something's wrong there. >> brzezinski hit back on twitter by posting this picture. it's picture of a cheerio's box that says made for little hands. trump famously defended the size of his hands in a debate after marco rubio said he had small hands. we'll let you hear that exchange. that's coming up all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. back here at home, an atlanta city doctor who was in a standoff with police will not be
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allowed to practice medicine for now. you'll remember police tried to serve a search warrant at his home two weeks ago. the whole thing caught on police body cameras. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> reporter: the state calls kaufman an imminent danger. this is not related to the 2012 murder of his wife april kaufman. cardinal george pell said today he's looking forward to defending himself in court. he's facing multiple charges involving multiple alleged victims. he said he as been granted leave by pope francis to clear his name. >> i'm innocent of these charges. they are false. >> these charges are new and serious blow to pope francis. the pope promised a zero policy
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on sexual abuse. they're asking the judge to change a sentence because he's dying. he was sentencing from 7 to 23 months after failure to report jerry sandusky. now he says he has incurrable lung and liver damage. he's asking the judge to be allowed to serve his incarceration on house arrest. if there's no deal by tomorrow, there will be a government shutdown. there's one thing the government can't agree on. governor christie wants to tap into its surplus. ads soon as there's any information on a vote, we'll bring it to you. pennsylvania lawmakers could be voting on a budget tonight. the biggest question, where will it get $2 million it needs to get the programs. leaders are working on a
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plan to keep an eye on anyone convicted of a gun crime. next month the public safety committee will talk about a gun offender registry. people who have gun convictions would have to check in from time to time with police, and if they don't check in, they could go back to jail. >> all right. let's go back to that all-important forecast. the weather's been great. >> and not too humid, right? >> right. >> i know they say things are going to change on the all important fourth of july day. lot's go back to glenn schwartz for that. >> you missed some spectacular weather over the last firefighter dpas. we've got a fair amount of sunshine today. 87. the i went is starting to pick up. that's starting to increase not only the temp but the humidity. we're seeing more clouds than
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we've seen recently, but still a good bit of sunshine. the ocean temperature, 65 degrees. that's important because the wind is blowing out of the ocean and the temperature has not gotten close to 80 degrees at the jersey shore today. not particularly did we get close to 80 and we're not predicting we'll get close to 80 tomorrow either because we're going to get the sea breeze. ocean city,en be. inland, it's 82 at wood bridge and in may's landing. we also have a rip current threat especially along the jersey shore. it's likely to be moderate. it was getting fairly high during the day today. you've got the watch out for this kind of thing. we'll have a blog on our website to explain it in more detail. >> the radar and satellite show
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a few showers now. more significant weather in indiana. 92 degree, a fair amount. tacony. 91 in here. just confining the thunderstorm threat to those areas, which is what we do with neighborhood weather. some places have higher risks than others and we try to separate that. also separating the sea breeze tomorrow with 79 degrees while it's 90 in newark, delaware and rehobo rehoboth. as we go through the next couple of days, we're finding the dry
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weather tonight and some of the showers hitting lehigh valley tomorrow afternoon. there's saturday. the shower, the thunderstorms, and some of those, again, could be severe, but it also looks like they're going to be moving out. we may start off sunday with cloudy skies, but it gets better later in the day. partly sunny and a high near 90. improving forecast. do you have more good news? >> i have such good news. i've been waiting for the models to sort of shift. we've been looking aet the pattern and we've been hoping things would improve. you even got to remember, this is a few days out but this what the models are depicting for your monday morning. do you see any rain? hmm-mm. clouds? hmm-mm. jim's got to be as surprised as i am.
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we've got winds coming out of the west. very warm air mass. you still don't see any rain. look what happens as we go through monday. yeah, they may get a little bit of rain near pittsburgh. nothing for us. we still get a little bit dry. let's look at monday night. everything is dry here all the way into tuesday morning. maybe a few showers. here we are into 5:00. here we are. fireworks time. no rain. i'm not going to say this is going to stick, but the forecast models are going to favor us a little bit more. we a going to call for sun with a few clouds out there. 81 degrees. that's at the wawa america parade. at the concert, 86 degrees.
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let's head right into the fireworks. we'll see the beautiful move, the crescent moon with 86 degree. things are looking up. that's right, right? >> yes, big improvement. >> you know, there's no telling what you could end up seeing on a subway. some things are completely unexpected though. a subway sighting sure to make your squirm straight ahead. plus this. >> trouble on the track. the must-see video captured by a local train enthusiast. also ahead -- >> welcome home. welcome home. >> heartwarming homecoming. what one woman was automobile to hide from her sailor husband while he was away for six months. first a look at the closing bell on wall street all the way around.
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a crash between a train and a tractor trailer was caught on camera in the lehigh valley. take a look. >> a videographer waiting for trains to pass caught that on video camera there. you can see the tractor trailer cross through the flashing train signals and it was clipped as the train went by. the police are investigating this. you've heard of the movie "snakes on a plane." take look at snakes on a train. this passenger captured it on his cell phone. the snake is climbing on a pole
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you hang onto. it belongs to the guy standing next to it. this guy created quite a stir on social media after he was spotted riding the subway. the city does not allow a license for pets that are considered wildlife. >> only in new york, right? >> i know. from snake to raccoon? no thanks. to breaking news. seth williams is out. >> he's locked up after brings his corruption trial to an abrupt end with a guilty plea. nbc 10's mitch blacher has been covering this since it began. mitch. >> reporter: next we're taking look at how long he could spend in prison and what factors when he's back for sentencing. >> now the heat's returning. how hot is it going to get?
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plus we've got thunderstorms in the forecast. are they going to affect your holiday plans? we break that down. >> we've got snakes and raccoons and then this. get out of my garage. new at 5:00, a close encounter with a black bear. you won't want to miss this one. ñ@úñ
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seth williams' run as district attorney has officially come to an end. he pleaded guilty in his federal corruption trial. he resigned his post effective immediately. williams faces a maximum of five years in prison. he will remain in jail until his sentencing coming up in october. mitch blacher has been reviewing this case for months. >> today he looks at what went
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wrong and the items he received. mitch. >> reporter: it all starts with the gifts, the suits, the trips, the home construction projects he was gifted with and it ends with what seth williams did for 2001 of the men who provided those perks. these are the last free steps seth williams will take. inside he was placed in cuffs for taking tens of thousands of particulars in bribes from a businessman. in exchange he helps the businessmen breeze through security at philadelphia international airport. >> i think he should be treated the same as anyone else. >> brian zieger with the department says this is what justice looks like. the maximum sentence williams could face is five years and a $250,000 fine but the sentence is not part of the plea deal, so the judge can order a shorter sentence if he chooses.
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>> he doesn't know what he's going to get. >> reporter: today marks the second time he admitted to wrongdoing. in february he apologized to not disclosing years of public gifts. now that he has bigger problems than the ethics board, he still owes them $62,000 in fine money. today in court he said he has less than $200 in the bank. next up on the case in the courthouse is sentencing. the judge will consider a couple of factors. the severity of his conviction and other factors that may have allowed and played into the decision to the crime he's now confessed to. live in oak city, i'm mitch blocker, "nbc 10 news." >> now we count down to fourth of july. today is the first day of wawa america. this where it will wrap up
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tuesday with a free concert and fireworks show. >> people getting a start down the shore. a live look . glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a first look at the forecast. >> that warmup, you've been promising, it's started. >> we're getting close to 90. we'll pass that mark tomorrow. the humidity is starting to come up. it's been a nice stretch, hasn't it. et's getting a little bit asiaier as the atmosphere heats up. 87 in philadelphia right now and in northeast philly and in dover, but look how much cooler it is down toward the beaches. even 79 inland at the atlantic city airport. 72 at the marina and 75 in
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poconos. places to escape the next couple of days. we have clouds moving into the west, a couple of showers, and a general increase in moisture as we head to saturday. some of this will be approaching as we go to saturday. tomorrow it's going be a nice looking day, but it's going to get hot. temperatures getting up to at least 90 degrees for the high. at 4:00, about 89. we generally reach a high after that. lehigh valley, press close to 90 as well. not at the jersey shore. we're struggling to get to 80. in many parts of the area, way won't at the jersey shore. we ee see what it's like at the energy is calling. a crew from the water didn't responded as you can see to fix that problem at a straight and
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4-inch road. >> the northamtpon county looking for a new tag line and they want your help. they narrowed it to two options. one is everybody hugs in the making and the other is the tag line independent at heart. ♪ in delaware county, she'll debut tonight at 7:30. >> joo there's not too many times you get to call your wife and say you saved somebody's life. >> no, but one major league umpire had that instinct. he's being hailed a hero. the newest expectation of 57
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57 a 76er as an impressive new video catches fire. today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms... to online banking...
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the call of his life last night but it wasn't on the field. john tumpane was walking to work when he spotted a woman climbing the bridge outside the stadium. tumpane walked over to her, spoke words of encouragement, and grabbed onto her until first responders arrived. >> this wasn't about me. this is about her and people care about her. >> the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. we never get tired of seeing threshold heart warming soldier homecomings. >> this is different from the rest all because his wife was able to hide from him.
4:39 pm
her well preserved secret straight ahead. well, summer returns. look at how high the temperatures are going to climb, plus what storms remain for your holiday weekend plans. that's next in my first alert forecast. in bed with a stranger. a woman's find leads police to a possible serial stalker. to that customability.
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you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back,
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you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. a sailor got the surprise of his life when he returned home to california. chris doherty was all smiles when his wife natasha and three children greelted him after his deployment for six months. his smile turned to shock when his wife lowered the welcome home sign she was carrying.
4:43 pm
>> is that real? >> natasha found out she was pregnant with the couple's fourth child just after chris left, but she didn't want to share the news in an e-mail, so she hid the pregnancy until his return home. how cool is that? noing it's not basketball in there. is that real in there? >> priceless. >> cool. well, wawa got under way with a sandwich celebration building this year's hogue guy day. another thousand went to veteran centers and the nbc 10 today show team was there for the wawa six-ton hoagie salute for our troops. piece by piece it was served to the visiting center and the constitutional center.
4:44 pm
starting today you can see the giant sand sculpture spectacular. it's transformed into life size sculptures. right there. you can check out the sand sculpture spectacular through july 4th at the liberty place. another wawa welcome america day. it's freedom day at the nanceal constitutional center. visitors can get in at no charge until 8:00 tonight. we have a live look. six days of free family fun under way right now. for a complete list of the events, times, and performers, log on to and there's an event happening right now. it's culture on topic. what that is a pop-up beer garden. that's at the city hall court garden and that goes on until tonight. so much good stuff. i haven't had my hoagie yet. i have to work on that. >> we had them yesterday when you were off. >> oh, great.
4:45 pm
they didn't bring them today for hoguey day? >> certainly none in the newsroom, that's for sure. we're going to be there tuesday, right sf. >> with fireworks. >> early for fireworks. earlier. glenn and tammitammie, we're lo forward to that. >> i'll be out there for the philly pops. looking great for that as well. 87 degrees. we're still headed up. we may get closer to 90. the wind is picking up into the southwest as you can see. a few clouds around, but there's no showers anywhere. we're finding temperatures are close to 90 in parts of delaware. marshallton at 89. newark is 85. talliville, 85. 86 in lewis, 87 in redden, and places along the beach, if you
4:46 pm
watched at 1 178 a.m. they were in the 80s. dropped to 78 with that sea breeze coming in. wind direction. it's all about wind direction. a few clouds around right now. a few fair weather clouds. a few showers in central pennsylvania as you can see. more showers building up in kentucky and ohio and some of that is going to be moving this way eventually. but as we go through the night tonight. it's dry but a little more humid. then in the afternoon we're getting closer to 90 degrees by 2:00. we're seeing a possibility of thunderstorms. allentown and quakertown but we're dry across much of the rest of the area.
4:47 pm
here we are getting close to 90 except for atlantic city which stays in the 70s. as we look into tomorrow, we saw some of the storms come in, poconos, perhaps. we've got a lot more clouds, a lot more humidity. saturday's going to be steamy. here comes showers and thunder storms. some of these storms could be severe as they come through the area later in the afternoon and into the evening hours. but sunday, with may start off with clouds, but it looks like the weather is going to improve. so overall we have some thunderstorms on saturday for just about the entire area. at some point during the day. the jersey shore at night. and sunday, we're now drying out. the chance of rain is not zero.
4:48 pm
maybe 10% in the morning. it's looking dryer in the afternoon. and tammie's got more good news for the holidays. >> just two days ago it was sad. now the glass is like 9/10 full. it's so much better. let's take look at the forecast as you wake up on monday. look at this. we're not waking up to anything. let's look at the timeline. let's widen it out. do you see any rain in the region? not so much. with oar going to have warm temperatures. low 90s. the humidity not too bad on monday. it's not going to be as stifling as tomorrow is. watch what happens. monday an through monday night in case you're going to go to a fireworks show. there are some out there. look what happens tuesday. maybe tuesday morning into the afternoon there's showers across the central part of the state, but nothing for us. we go into 5:00. everything is dry. your barbecue is looking good. we go right into the 9:00 hour.
4:49 pm
fireworks are starting at :30 and we look dry. the parade at 11:00. sun and clouds, a little bit humid. 81 degrees. the concert at 11:00. 786. looking good. sunny out there. mild. high haze in the sky and then 80 degrees at 9:30 at night. that's when the fireworks show kicks off. things will be very pleasant, very mild out there. we're looking at good conditions. let's take look at what's going on from the city to shore in the next five days. 92 at the shore. 7 on the shore. with ooh looking at 88 in philadelphia. both spots could see a strong possibly severe storm in the afternoon and evening. 90 on sunday. on monday, 92 in philadelphia. right now looking pretty darn nice in philadelphia and 82. i want a big old high five from you.
4:50 pm
jim, jacqueline, put it up there. bam. i felt it. u felt it right through screen. >> there you go. they say timing is everything. just in time for the fourth of july. next, the decision that could bring fire works to the area before. also a blender leaves a cook without her favorite tool. nbc 10 calls out cuisinart.
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just in time for the fourth of july, new jersey is loosening the belt a notch by lifting the all out fireworks ban in the state. they're sorting out what you can now legally get your hands on.
4:54 pm
>> sydney, have you seen any roadside pop-ups along the drive yet. >> reporter: no. but it wasn't unpopular to get their hands on these toward philadelphia at the end of june and despite the new law, that tradition might continue. planning to light up the sky in your own backyard this fourth of july? if so governor christie says you'll have to do it in a bit smaller fashion. they're practicing sparkler safety ahead of the fourth. >> i'm having a barbecue. my backyard is all done up. it's considered the oasis. >> reporter: she just learned sparklers and party pops are the only fieworks legal in new jersey. >> it was funny. in all the stores they had fireworks and alcohol and up
4:55 pm
north we don't get to have any of those things. >> still off limits, bottle rockets, exploding candles or anything that explodes in the air. >> it would make it fun for the family and kids to have a little bit of excitement during the holiday season. >> it's good. i don't think we need explosive ones in our neighborhood. you don't need them flying into the neighborhood. sparklers are fun. they're not making any noise. >> firefighters and police say it as just a matter of time before retailers and markets market them for sale? any time there's money to be made, they're going to jump right on it and try to be the first to the table. >> another reason we checked in is if the change may cause confusion and an increase in please calls to backyard barbecues and celebrations over the weekend. you'll hear they answer, advice, and warning coming up at 6:00. i'm cydney long.
4:56 pm
"nbc 10 news." >> we've got lots to come on bcb news at 5:00. >> we're continuing konk tonight. he was once philadelphia's topic prosecutor. >> today seth williams was taken away from court in handcuffs. today we hear from jurors in his case. a holiday weekend is here. they're trying to send off late night vandals. the damage to a popular family spot. and the heat is on. just how steamy will it be in your neighborhood. we'll have that forecast for you coming up right after the break. >> you've got to see this unexpected home intruder caught on camera. it is bareearly believable vide coming up at 5:00.
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off to jail. philadelphia's former topic prosecutor pleads guilty in a federal corruption case. now jurors are reacting to the abrupt announcement. twitter comment by the president about a tv host is sparking backlash across the country. and holiday weekend kickoff from upcoming events to your stormy saturday. what you need to know. an abrupt guilty plea. all new at 5:00, we're hearing from members of the jury. during a federal corruption trial this morning the man who
5:00 pm
was once the city's topic prosecutor admitted to accepting bribes. seth williams was then handcuffed and taken to jail. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors was there live when all this unfold unfold unfolded. >> reporter: as you said, the man who once put criminals away finds himself in jail. that's when he will be sentenced. his sentencing could be as much as five years in prison. we did talk to jurors in case who tell us they're disappointed they didn't get the opportunity to deliberate. >> there are things we did here. most of us we got done talking and we do believe he was guilty. >> reporter: while seth williams was pleading guilty before the judge, jury was not in the courtroom. some tell nbc 10 they were disappointed they couldn't deliberate on the now disgraced dict


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