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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 30, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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this morning over president trump's tweet over joe scarborough and mika. >> there's no need for uncivil language. >> it's blatantly sexist. >> today mika responds. wildfires overshadowing fourth of july fireworks. police say tennis star venus williams was directly involved in a fatal car crash in florida. sharks swimming up to swimmers. and meet the boss who pays
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for employees weddings and kids college too. "early today" starts right now. good friday morning, i'm frances rivera. a few of the bipartisan terms used in response to president trump's twitter tirade. a personal shot aimed at morning show co-host mika brzezinski. a new poll finds an astounding 71% of the public are against the president's tweets saying they hurt the agenda. nbc's kristen walker reports. >> reporter: president trump touting his energy policy but drowning out his own message with a tweet this time lashing out at "morning joe" for criticizing him. how come low i.q. crazy mika along with joe came to mar-a-lago on new year's eve and insisted to join me.
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while the show does consistently take aim at him. >> he's covering his hands here. >> he doesn't know his own positions on a health care bill that he's passing. he seems confused. >> reporter: it was the president's very personal shot at mika brzezinski that prompted condemnation from democrats. >> it's blatantly sexist. >> reporter: and top republicans many taking to twitter themselves calling mr. trump's tweet beneath the office of the presidency. >> tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country teechbs. >> there is no need for such uncivil language. >> what we're trying to do sim prove the tone and civility of the debate. this doesn't help that. >> reporter: his tweet striking similar to this remark about nbc's megyn kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: there was that
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"access hollywood" tape. the president expressing regret that time. >> i was wrong. i apologize. >> he fights fire with fire. >> reporter: white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders disputing the comments were sexist and digging in. >> doesn't he have to meet a higher standard? >> i don't think you can expect someone to be personally attacked day after day and sit back. >> reporter: first lady melania trump leads an anti-bullying campaign and after the recent shooting of congressman steve scalise when fortunate and others called for civility. >> the president views this as a treat fight that hasn't sunk into the him that he now speaks for the entire country when he gets on twitter and degrades the office of the presidency. >> mika brzezinski is expected to address the president's comments this morning. breaking overnight german lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage. the landmark decision grants
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full adoption rights to gay couples. it comes days after chancellor angela merkel softened her stance to allow the vote to take place. she voted against the bill because she believes a marriage is between a man and a woman. now nearly two dozen wildfires continue to rage across the western part of the country endanger thousands of homeowners. arizona governor declared a state of emergency after a week long blaze burned 25,000 acres. that fire along with several others expected to burn well into the holiday weekend. >> reporter: on the front lines the west is erupting in flames. multiple states declaring an emergency. >> i have a fire getting out of control. >> reporter: in utah, 305 wildfires already this season. >> it's big. we need help. >> reporter: the bryan head fire
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torching land the size of washington, d.c. lance evacuated. the veteran carrying out his precious american flag. >> it means a lot to me. >> reporter: with more than 20 major fires burning it's not just homes on the line but lives. >> with these winds we never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: near prescott, arizona they are fighting flames in the same area where 19 firefighters were killed four years ago. >> people are complaining if their homes are loss because they recognize it's not worth losing anybody's lives. >> reporter: purng night and day the fire fight is expensive. retardant dropped from this dc-10 tanker cost $27,000. in burbank, california, flames nearly reached million dollar homes. 100 firefighters jumping into battle within minutes. this just a taste of what's to come. it's heating up across the west.
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isis so-called caliphate may have finally been stroitd. iraq's prime minister declared victory. the prime minister tweeted we are seeing the end of the fake state. he posted we'll continue to fight until every last one of them is killed or brought to justice. matt bradley is in london this morning. matt tell us about the developments leading up to this victory and the u.s. response. >> reporter: well the latest is that isis is finished and the iraqis and american partners will continue to fight isis. that's according to the prime minister. it's not as much of a contradiction. he declared the islamic terrorist groups demised yesterday after iraqy troops took the mosque in the city of mosul, the largest city in isis
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self-declared caliphate and the group's capital in iraq. this is a major symbolic step for the coalition of nations fighting isis because it was in this 850-year-old mosque that abu bakr al baghdadi, isis' leader declared isis a caliphate three years ago when the group was at the height of its power. all of this comes as anti-isis forces in nearby syria surrounded raqqah. but there's still a lot more to be done. hundreds of isis fighters are holed up in the old city and many retreated to their desert hide outs. and their ideology far beyond syria and iraq that remains a formidable threat. tennis star venus williams has been found at fault for a fatal car crash in florida earlier this month.
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police say williams drove into an intersection in palm beach gardens on july 9th and was hit by an oncoming car. the passenger in the second carrier car was injured. police found williams was at fault for violating barson's right-of-way. she's not been cited or charged. the crash is still under investigation. williams lawyer issued a statement. now high-speed car chase that started in kentucky. it went on for about 40 minutes. the driver even crossed the state line entering indiana. it took 22 law enforcement vehicles chasing after him. it came to an end when the driver ran over a spike strip.
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two police vehicles rammed into his car stopping him. the driver was taken to a hospital. police expect to take him to jail upon release. they found at least a dozen purses in his truck. rough morning for one st. louis couple. they returned from the gym to find their car like this. it was swallowed up by a sinkhole. water was gushing from a water main. cars removed the car a few hours later and tourists in another situation had a close encounter with some sharks on the florida panhandle this week. several of them spent ten minutes in the ankle deepwater. no one was hurt. bill karins is tracking severe weather. we're talking 37 million people at risk for the start of this holiday weekend. we have barbecues, fireworks. >> people hitting the roads, airports. we'll have some problems. not all those people will see
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those storms. first, this morning early, we're targeting kansas city area, st. louis i-70 and severe storms around tulsa. as we go throughout the afternoon, detroit, buffalo, pittsburgh, albany, back to oklahoma city. not everyone will get severe weather but this is where you have the potential for llegal immigration
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wmade fresh with two eggs,les. cheese and sausage. and ready in seconds. [ blinds opening ] now you can enjoy the taste of a saturday morning breakfast... ted? ...even on a wednesday. new jimmy dean simple scrambles. find it by the bacon. that was the scene in new york as president trump's travel ban took effect. a similar scene played out in lax where protesters stood against the ban outside the terminal while attorneys were on stand by providing free legal services for those in need. while protesters, lawyers and immigration advocates fight that travel order in new york
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and l.a. hawaii is legally challenging the president's ban hours after it went into effect. hawaii's attorney general has taken the trump administration to court seeking an injunction claiming the ban barred too many people. arguing that the administration's rule of who can and cannot come in to the country needs clearly defined before it can move forward. a federal judge has given the government until neil diamond respond. in washington the capital is empty this morning. members of congress adjourned for the fourth of july break leaving town without a health care bill. mitch mcconnell is staying behind to recraft his health care bill. according to sources he's even considering redrafting the bill to keep a tax on wealthy investors and adding $45 billion to help people struggling with opioid adistriction. will these concessions be enough to get the bill passed when congress returns after the break? buff head off to work today one question, how well does your boss treat you?
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>> the minions are back. despicable me 3 hits theaters today. it could add $90 million or more
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over the holiday weekend. another sin to sin city. tomorrow 21 and over can buy up to an ounce of marijuana for creational use. nevada will become fifth state to allow it after voters approved it in november. three others will start next year. 10% tax is projected to rake in $60 million over the next two years. this morning on "today" an exclusive first-ever look at more than 5,500 artifacts that were recovered from the wreckage of the "titanic". here's a simple question for you. how well does your boss treat you? we found one american company with the perks from the boss himself. you can say out of the box. >> reporter: they call him america's dream boss. jake long is the founder of box which sells bulk products online. he's sharing his profits with an unusual kind of bonus. >> i just thought what could we do for these folks and what
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could we do to tie it with the success of the company. >> reporter: he pays up to $20,000 for a wedding for if i full time employee. >> we would thereof pay for your wedding so you guys can have it. >> reporter: by the end of the year the company will have paid for 13 ceremony, including this woman who was stunned by her boss' generosity. >> you have butterflies in your stomach and you can believe. best day of my life. >> reporter: and it doesn't stop there. he also offers unlimited parental leave and pays for the college tuition of any full time employee's kids. this man's son started college four months after the new benefit was announced. >> we refer to him as uncle. >> reporter: his son is a junior and starting pitcher at bloomberg university. >> that's $100,000.
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>> reporter: he even scored a summer job there. >> why do you it? >> we're a family of four that survived on my mom's single salary minimum wage job for many years. even when i was young i would think the man is sticking it to wongs. >> reporter: he became a boss who cares about what goes into his boxes as well as the people who pack them. >> what? i wish you could see the reaction here in the studio. i love this whole "early today" gig. when it comes to those benefits, time to sub mate resume. a-rod goes egg rowlett. and the latest trump impersonation that's trending big time. comfortable you are in it.
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♪ ♪ >> we're hanging out with 14 time major league star alex rodriguez. >> you're the best. oh! [ laughter ] >> that was ridiculous. >> here we go. first one out of the box. >> i'll do it just like you. not think about it too much. oh! >> he did it hard too. >> alex to alec. alec baldwin returns to
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"saturday night live" with his impersonation of donald trump. he's taking on another president. watch this. >> hello, everyone, it's me george washington, the guy who made america great first time. people didn't know i talked like this. it's true. i cannot tell a lie. this is how i sound. you're welcome. amazing freedoms, creating this tremendous democracy, i grabbed so much freedom from those british losers. when you're the president they let you do it, okay. >> it's scary. there's something wrong with that. >> president wash. >> bad halloween costume. still ahead what it will cost you on the july 4th barbecue and a hangover cure. you're watching "early today". noo
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budget breakdown. face a midnight deadline to pass a spending plan or the kboft could shutdown. holiday weekend kickoff. wawa welcome america is in full swing. help you find fun around town. holiday weekend begins. it's 75 degrees. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with first alert forecast. running warmer than yesterday. that's a trend that's going to continue into tomorrow. right now clear skies in philadelphia. 75 degrees a few scattered clouds in the suburbs.
4:29 am
72 degrees in new jersey. lehigh valley is a little bit warmer right now at 75 and we'll be warming into the upper 80s. sunshine at 7:00 and 10:00 partly sunny skies. 81 degrees. lehigh valley is one of the areas i'll be watching for later today chance of showers which thunderstorms. sunshine will warm to near 90 degrees before showers and thunderstorming pop up. 89 in suburbs. low 90s for philadelphia and new jersey. at the shore, temperatures climb to the 80 degree mark this afternoon. feel the heat in delaware too. along with the heat come humidity as well. take you through the day hour by hour. break it down for you when i'm whack in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your friday morning traffic. to start, starting off in south brunswick township. not concerned for the philadelphia drivers.
4:30 am
headed southbound. roads are still getting by part of the interdrive. coming from the southbound side. coming from further north heading south. also watching the weapons. closed here with construction. both directions watching this from 24th street. westbound towards the schuylkill. here's eastbound towards 95. we're not seeing new problem or delays there. route 202 looks good. end with the drive time. 10 or 11 minutes at the most. speeds into the 60s. katie and vai. breaking news now the red cross is helping four families find shemter after a row home in south philadelphia partially collapsed. on the scene near fifth street. now the front of the three story house came down around three this morning. no one was hurt. licenses and inspections officials are on the scene. coming up in the next half hour, hear are a neighbor who describes in detail


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