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directly up into the hill. the greens slope so severely from player's right to left. >> it does. landing it on the green, keeping it short of the flagstick is a big tall ask. and this, too, is a very similar shot that sei young had with the ball well back below her feet. >> this week marks the 23rd major for danielle kang. even more so, her 130th career event in trying to break through.
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>> good technique there, really staid down so low. kept the angle nice. >> maintained the flex in the knees. >> yep. >> and when the ball is below your feet like that that is absolutely critical to maintaining, as you say, the spine angle to allow it to move through the sand properly. well done. >> when you've been so accurate like kang has been all week, you haven't really found a lot of these numerous bunkers here at olympia fields. in fact, that was the first sand save situation this week, all week long. hard to believe for danielle kang. and as we approach the top of the hour, coming up next on golf channel, you'll be able to be updated on the conclusion of this kpmg women's pga championship third round. tomorrow, we're got the final round coverage coming your way on nbc at 3:00 eastern time.
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so, just the final group to finish up here. at the 18th. while we have a moment, let's just check in with the leaderboard real quickly. chella choi with a 67 has the lead. kang can tie her with a short birdie putt here at 18. jiyai shin round of the day, 64. and brooke henderson lurking just 3 back. in fact, henderson was tied for fourth entering the final round last year. she was two shots back. so henderson in position. and don't forget about lexi thompson, so yeon ryu. and michelle wie, five back, not out of the question. >> no, she's been playing really well. when you're that far back you have a great chance to post a number. >> you can free-wheel it, can't you?
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you have nothing to lose, oftentimes can produce a low score. >> this would be a nice birdie for kim, after where she's been on this hole. >> you see here playing the break. and she did. most of the players we've seen cut in there, karen, were missing left. >> so sei young kim was tied with kang to begin the day at 7 under. going to put the finishing touches at plus 1 round of 72 after the 66 yesterday that put her in a tie for the top. but now to tie chella choi for the lead, danielle kang. >> not the easiest short putt either as gary mentioned. the whole green slopes from back right to front left so this is significantly downhill and again downbreeze. this is a true test of nerves right here. and if you miss a putt, there's very, very few things you can blame it on around here because these greens are immaculate.
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>> jerry, got to have a little bit of movement right to left? >> i would think so. but watching how sei young kim's ball kept running on, it might be a little plateau from doing that. but you've got to hit it so slow. gravity has a long time to take effect, even on a short putt. >> all right. so the third round is in the books with danielle kang a share of the second round lead has a share of the third round lead trying to written for the first time. tied with chella choi. we'll see you again tomorrow when our
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right now at 6:00, tracking severe storms. the heavy rain and thunderstorms are sweeping across our area in time for your holiday weekend. breaking news, the hunt for a road rage killer lands another clue. images police in chester county are putting out right now. budget battle. new jersey lawmakers still cannot cut a deal forcing campers to leave state parks during the middle of their fourth of july celebration. nbc 10 breaking news. >> take a look at this, storm clouds moving over philadelphia, this is a look with our melon camera. the rain hitting the city hard tonight. another view of the storm rolling in from or camera atop the comcast building. take a look. see the rush of rain.
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and now a look from our lowe's camera. see the dark ominous skies just as these severe storms began. to delaware now, this is heavy rain falling an route 202 in north wilmingtowilmington. making driving treacherous and the roads slick this holiday weekend. and in montgomery county, it is raining in plymouth meeting are right now, this is from longfall road near the mall. dark clouds moved in around 5:00 tonight followed by the rain a few minutes later. by 5:30, thunderstorms began and it hasn't let up since. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist eri erica martin with what's happening right now. >> we're tracking storms moving across the area from west to east, line of storms, really strong storms moving through the delaware valley across the viewing area. we have a severe thunderstorm warning that has been issued until 6:30 p.m. and a severe thunderstorm watch here in pink in effect until 9:00 p.m. of course, we'll be tracking
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that for you. we've had several reports of downed trees, downed power lines, lots of wind damage. follow us on facebook, social media, get more updates on that. we're focusing locally on what's going on in and around philadelphia. we're seeing showers, strong storms moving across the area. let's time this out. 6:11 p.m., trenton, will see thunderstorms moving across the area. 6:45 p.m., jackson for you, and 6:53 p.m. looks like you will see stronger storms moving across the area from west to east. trenton, 6:11 p.m., keep that in mind. gloucester, seeing the threat of thunderstorms moving across the area at approximately 6:20 p.m. these are fast-moving storms so keep that in mind. they're going to are rush on through. and really bring, pack a punch, quite a punch because they have a lot of energy. keep in mind, moving from west to east. 6 6:19 p.m., washington, expect one or two strong thunderstorms. 6: 50, millville. 7:29 p.m. for atlantic city. coming up in just a bit, we'll
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talk more about these storms moving across the area. i'll time it out hour by hour when they denise, back to you. >> erika, thanks. the team will be tracking severe storm damage all day long to see how it impacts your holiday weekend. count on instant alerts and notifications with the nbc 10 app. breaking news, we are getting new pictures of the car that a man drove during a road rage murder. right now, police are looking for this man after he shot and killed a teenage girl on a highway in chester county. just weeks after her high school graduation. west goshen township police tweeted out pictures tonight of the suspect's red pickup truck they've been looking for. they say it was last seen heading south on route 352 into delaware county. police have been looking for the suspect since wednesday when he shot 18-year-old bianca roberson on route 100 in west goshen township. ♪
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if you tried to keep up with the free wawa welcome events in philly today, we got you covered. there are so many free family-friendly events as part of the six-day festival leading up to the fourth. nbc 4 reporter tim forlong took us to as many spots as he could get to today. >> reporter: at second and pine, jazz, like most events around philly, this band courtesy of wawa welcome america. over at one liberty place, anyone who wanted to take the ride up to the super popular observation deck -- >> beautiful view of philadelphia. >> reporter: -- it was worth the long line to get in for free, free also the word at the african-american museum of philadelphia, hundreds and hundreds of families got in free to this museum. many regretted it took them to long to give the place a try or make the return trip. >> definitely glad i came down here because i probably haven't gotten down here as much as i need to. >> reporter: not every wawa
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welcome america event will have thousands of people at it on the parkway or independence mall. a lot of the events are focused on accessibility, reaching out to families in every single neighborhood in the city. ♪ at this park at fourth and lehigh, brazilian beats took over, there were book readings and giveaways. teammates at nbc 10 and telemundo 62 gave away lots of fun treats. it's hart nd not to get swept un the family-friendly and free fun. >> a lot of people can't afford to go to festivals or have their kids' faces painted or do crafts. i think it's wonderful they do this. >> reporter: some of the biggest wawa welcome america events are still ahead, lots of folks proud of their city, others excited to come pay it a visit. >> having the time of my life, a lot of great things in philadelphia. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 has you completely covered for all things wawa welcome america. our next marquee event is the philly pops live concert monday
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july 3rd. it started at 7 7:00. on the fourth, the parade from 10:00 to noon at independence hall. comes down to the main event, the july 4th concert headline d by mary j. blige at 7:00 p.m. and followed by the fireworks show on the ben franklin parkway at 9:30. watch all these big events right here only on nbc 10. for the first time in history, delaware failed to meet their state budget deadline. governor john carney says he's deeply disappointed that the general assembly failed to reach an agreement. early this morning, governor carney signed a short-term measure that will fund the state for just 7 2 hours and means government is still on raperati. people we spoke with want to see lawmakers come together for an agreement. >> you need to cut somewhere because the economy is not what it used to be, but if people
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would compromise and get off the party lines, i think we'd all be better off. >> the general assembly will get back to their budget debate tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. it will cost you more to ride with septa. fare increases went into effect today across all modes of transportation and for all methods of payment. the increase was approved after a series of public hearings in may. for a complete breakdown of the fare changes, visit our website or tap the nbc 10 app. next on nbc 10, caught in the crossfire. a night of celebrations turns into a nightmare after gunmen opened fire inside a nightclub. plus, more than a game. how a local program is using basketball to teach kids skills they'll use on and off the court. and the wawa welcome make events keep on rolling. here's a look at what you can do tonight. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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hitting the court for a cause. this is hoops against bullying meant to bring kids together to talk about ending bullying, how to interact with police and how to be successful in life. little league teams from across the area came out to arcadia university in glennside. philadelphia police helped organize the program. they hope it gives young athletes looking to the future. >> your college prep class here, too, in terms of just preparing them, giving them information how they can get into a beautiful university like this, or college, and also how to further themselves as far as education's concerned. >> the three-day tournament continues tomorrow with a championship game. next on nbc 10, off the rails. check this out. a train derails sending several cars on their side. why crews say it will take days to clean up this mess. and denise, i'm tracking lines of storms moving across our viewing area, already seeing plenty of damage. i have details when all of this is expected to move off shore coming up in your most accurate forecast.
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we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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a developing story right now from trenton. new jersey governor chris christie says the state legislature will meet again tomorrow to try to pass the budget but the damage has been done today as state parks were forced to be closed sending fourth of july campers home. nbc's brian thompson has the story. >> the park is closed. >> reporter: at liberty state park, not just cars being turned around, so are baby strollers, bicycle lists as well, told to ride somewhere else. >> i just learned how to ride a bike. this is my first bike ride. and to have encountered this is a little disappointing. >> reporter: outside the governor's office in trenton, protesters voicing their unhappiness. even as the governor managed to find state dollars to put up these signs outside his office and state parks blaming assembly speaker vincent prieto for the shutdown saying he won't compromise over his effort to give the state more control of insurance giant horizon blue
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cross blue shield. >> i have compromised. i have listened. but i want to be clear to all of you, i will not capitulate. >> reporter: a rare, perhaps, first time joint address to the legislature in the senate because the governor was banned from the assembly where the speakers kept the voting board open for nearly 24 hours trying to force breakaway democrats to vote for a budget to send to the governor. the speaker's allies coming up with their own blame game signs for christie. speaker prieto saying -- >> he outright said lies, alternative facts. >> reporter: strong union support for the speaker in this battle, even as most senators are siding with the governor based on his promise not to veto any of their spending plans. but at motor vehicle centers like this in south jersey, closed until further notice, anger and frustration. >> get your act together. we're going to vote soon. >> reporter: and at island beach
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state park, on what would have been its busiest weekend of the year, a similar scene of people turned away, even as the govern governor's family came down to the state-owned beachhouse here. the blame game from here -- >> first name that comes to mind is chris christie. >> and that was brian thompson reporting. well, the nightclub where more than two dozen people were hurt in an early morning shooting will be shut down. 28 people were injured during the gunfire in little rock, arkansas. they're all expected to survive. 25 people were shot, 3 were trampled as clubgoers scrambled for safety. officials say it started during a fight inside the club, and that several people fired shots. no arrests have been made. take a look at this, a train derailment in illinois has crews working to clean up an oil spill. it happened last night. oil leaked from at least two cars and floated to trenches dug for natural gas pipelines. no one was hurt. cleanup is expected to take
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several days. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. right now we're tracking lines of storms moving across our viewing area, plenty of lightning strikes moving across the philly metro area, delaware, new castle, sussex, kent county, as well. trenton also seeing lightning strikes. and one or two strong thunderstorms. i do want to show you some reports of damage that we've already seen. so far. it looks like topton, trees reported down on some railroad tracks. approximately 4:30 p.m.. thunderstorm, wind damage is what we are suspecting right now. of course, we will have more official observations online if you follow us on social media. rising sun also seeing hail right now. i'd say pea-sized hail. still definitely worth the mention. that's something we certainly forecasted for you the past couple l of days. so, a wider perspective here shows the areas of thunderstorm watches in the pinks and thunderstorm warnings in the yellows as well. so, of course, it's all about
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what to expect for the next couple of hours. as far as the severe thunderstorm warning, it is in effect until 6:30 p.m. the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9:00 p.m. let's take a look at when withdrew can you can expect thunderstorms, possibly wind damage in your neighborhood. atlantic city, approximately 7:36 p.m. 7:24 p.m. for cape may. dover, 7:29 p.m. we're expecting the storms to move at approximately 40 miles per hour. a live look outside. see thick clouds and of course lots of rain across the entire delaware valley. and our hour-by-hour forecast, starting this at 6:00 p.m., we're tracking these showers pretty much out of here by about 9:00, 10:00 p.m., but clear certainly by 11:00 p.m. i want to show you our wawa welcome america forecast because it looks like conditions will start off really nice, mix of sun and clouds, 81 degrees at 11:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m., i did have to increase cloud coverage with a chance of showers, isolated showers. temperatures in the 80s.
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and it looks like we could see showers later on that night at approximately 9:30 p.m. >> these storms tonight, they're moving very fast. >> very quickly but we're seeing lots of damage, simply because they're pretty strong as they move across the area from west to east. >> okay,er e are rika, thank y. here's danny pommell. sixers make a splash in free agency. markelle fultz is preparing for the summer league. we'll hear from him when making a transition from the pros next in sports. we've been telling you about wawa welcome america events but also have big prizes to give out. it's nbc 10's summer of fun giveaway. you have a chooance to win one these prizes. three night all-inclusive getaway from apple vacations to cancun. coffee for a year. a patio set from county line fence. a trip to watch a taping of "america's got talent" live in los angeles. and a pair of two-day passes from live nation to budweiser
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made in america. there are several ways to enter. log on to the or download our free nbc 10 app. we'll announce the winner live during the july 4th concert on the parkway, which you can watch live right here on nbc 10. this tuesday night starting at 7:00. ♪
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, hey, good to see you again, danny pommells from csn. free agency began today in the nba. confirmed the sixers agreed to a one year $23 million deal with j.j. redick, tweeted today, trust the process. how about that? he will fill two of the sixers' biggest voids, shooting and veteran leadership. he's made it an 11 year nba career out of being a reliable three-point threat. last season, averaged 15 points per, shooting 43% from
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three-point range. sixers held their final minicamp today, markelle fultz, a point guard in college, he'll also likely play off the ball at times. we talked today about the adjustments he needs to make to do just that. >> just being ready, moving with the ball, not just ball watching, being a point guard, you see stuff, when the guy has a ball, you might want to do, shoot, make that pass. staying focused and moving and knowing both positions. when i was in high school, i played multiple positions. being versatile is one of the things i worked on. being able to play one position is pretty cool. score the ball easy, get people involved even more easy. another part of the game i'm learning to becoming the best player i can possibly be. >> sixers begin play in the utah summer league on wednesday. that's sports. i'm danny poll pels. a final check of the forecast. looking ahead. >> looking ahead to july 4th. looks like conditions will be developing clouds throughout the day, could see a answer of p.m. shower. temperatures for most the part
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for sunday, monday, tuesday, upper l80s to low 90s. beyond that, seeing thunderstorms wednesday and thursday then looks like mostly cloudy skies for friday. next weekend looks pretty nice. of course, it's all about july 4th and could see a late shower in the day. >> keep crossing our fingers. >> that's right. >> erika, thank you. that's nbc 10 news for now. for erika, danny, all of us here, i'm denise nakano. see you tonight at 11:00. "nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, mass shooting. the terrifying moments at a nightclub in arkansas as gunfire erupts during a concert. more than two dozen shot. others injured during the rush to get out. on the front lines of the battle to drive out isis from its biggest stronghold in iraq. richard engel is there. sex for sale? new evidence that one of the world's largest classified ad websites solicits sex overseas. and inspiring america. why one manmade it his mission to mow lawns for free in all 50 states. it's a cutting-edge idea. "nightly news" begins now.


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