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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  July 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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live. >> this breaking development comes as investigators work late into the night. sky force 10 showing them right now in solebury down ship at that property they've searched for three straight days. >> also tonight the man the police call a person of interest is back behind bars. we got our first glimpse of cos cosmo dinardo. >> we've uncovered new details about his past. >> reporter: we can tell there are major developments happening down here because the past few nights there has not been this kind of activity. we have the live pictures from sky force 10 which shows the area they zeroed in on. they've set up tents. they've been sifting through the dirt. they've been digging through the ground. about an hour from now we expect to hear from the district attorney with more information about what they found.
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>> person of interest cosmo dinardo is back in custody and held on $5 million bail less than a full day after his release, the new stolen car charge based on detectives saying dinardo had one of missing men's cars on his family's property and tried to sell it for $500. in court prosecutors also revealed dinardo was diagnosed ski schizophrenic. motions are running height after one relative of a missing man began to speak with a reporter. >> i really feel horrible for all the family. >>. >> reporter: the district attorney says they are going to find something. tonight trucks nrp plawere in pe on a farm owned by dinardo's parents. teams are likely using dogs, ground penetrating radar and excavators to search for instruments of a crime and human remains.
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>> they're going to be using some both sophisticated technologies and some kind of ol school detective work. they're going to be sifting through, digging with shovels to grid out the whole area. >> reporter: nbc 10 can confirm that dinardo has a new lawyer. his parents have also retained legal counsel who says they are cooperating with law enforcement as much as they can. live in solebury township. >> our team coverage continues now with nbc 10 brandon hudson. he's outside one of the dinardo's other properties in be bensalem. >> reporter: cosmo dinardo's past is a stark contrast to the 20-year-old facing stolen gun charges. he grew up in homes close to half a million dollars. he graduated from a private catholic prep school two years ago, had ambitious goals for college and was a member of his
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committee. jordan's gun clips and ammo. police did not say if there is a connection between the gun paraphernalia and dinardo's gun charges. nbc 10 dinardo learned he's the heir to a massive farm in bucks county. property records show the property is worth more than $5 million. his parents will also pass down other real estate properties in bucks and montgomery counties. growing up in bensalem he graduated from an all boys catholic school in 2015. ranked one of the top private high schools in pennsylvania. we found after graduation he went to arcadia college briefly n. an article posted on the college's website dinardo, a then biology major, talked about studying abroad. those dreams are short-lived as he's now the center of a missing men case that has gripped
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bensalem. >> it's scary. i have kids and i'm a member of this community. >> that's pretty much my media. facebook, things like that. >> we spoke to the neighbor tonight. he did confirm that dinardo was a member of bensalem member of drug and advisory board in 2015 but he quit. >> investigators are planning to announce a major development in this case at midnight. nbc 10 will bring that to you live. you can also watch it live on the nbc 10 app. despite the heat today and tonight, music lovers down the shore were enjoying a performance from pink tonight. ♪ doylestown pink performed.
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you see the massive crowds that turned out to see pifrnk play. 75 people had to be treated for heat related issues. new at 11:00, remembering a local mom and her daughter who were murdered in north philadelphia. nbc 10 on lauren street. tonight's vigil for lilliana mendoza and her stepdaughter. they were shot multiple times when they sat in a pickup truck in front of their home. police returned to the scene of that crime today to see if they can interview witnesses. neighbors took down crime scene tape and put up candles and pictures before joining in a prayer to support the families. police believe the bullets came from a passing car but have not released any details about motive or potential suspects. now to our first weather, a dangerous heat wave and tomorrow will bring the worst of it.
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>> nbc 10 weather team has issued a first alert. >> it's going to be down right dangerous tomorrow. very hot today. we made it to the 90s. tonight is going to be uncomfortably warm and hazy. we're in the 80s across much of the area which feels like between 85 and 90. tomorrow an excessive heat warning goes into effect for much of the area. the outlying areas have a heat adviser. the biggest concern is going to be heat exhaustion. the temperature will feel between 100 and 108. 76 in vineland and 83 in atlantic city. refreshing 72. here's what it feels like when you fact are in the moisture.
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82 in allentown. 82 in coatesville and 82 in mou holly. we'll talk about how hot it will get tomorrow and about how severe the weather will be. first responders had to take cover as they helped a shooting victim because someone began firing in their direction. we have surveillance video of the shooting that started it all. you see a man riding a bike on the left side of the screen there. then someone runs out from an alley and shoots him. this happened around 9:00 last night on lincoln avenue. officials say police and firefighters who arrived to help ducked for cover after they heard more gunshots. they were not hurt, but the shooting victim died. >> more than a dozen students were sent to the hospital after their school bus crashed. police say the bus collided with a car along route 38 westbound near church street during the evening rush. we're toll the students had minor injuries. >> new at 11:00, a close call
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for millions of verizon customers. the company says a security researcher found the lapse that exposed names, addresses, and pin numbers for nearly six million customers. the good news here, none of the personal information was stolen. verizon says once the researcher noticed the link, he alerted the security firm in charge. >> a consulting firm issued a bleak assessment of pennsylvania's state owned university system today. the consultants recommended a series of changes, but not dramatic steps. they could see a tuition hike of 3.5%. also recommended buyouts for some staff and changes in leadership. >> tonight neighbors got a chance to give their input on a plan to transform the area around philadelphia's 30th street station. they also got a look at what the tree-filled area would eventually look like. the station plaza would surround all sides of the train station. the idea is to reconfigure the
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roads. the first phase of a proposed five year plan. fining a in philadelphia could be an impossible task. >> it's not just cars taking up those spots. found dumpsters and port taking places meant for the disabled. we asked why garages are not following the rules and fik tx . talk about a badfit the tra. then a wall of mud has drivers digging out from their own cars. income at 11:00. we continue to follow this breaking news. the search for four missing men in bucks county. search crews are still at work right now as we wait for an up date at midnight from investigators. stay with nbc 10 for the latest
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development. ♪
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once again, in about 45 minutes authorities are expected to release what they're calling a major development in the case of four missing men in bucks county. sky force 10 is live over this property in solebury township where crews have been searching for evidence for three days. earlier today a person of interest was arrested again. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo stole a car belonging to one of the missing men and then tried to sell it. stay with nbc 10 news and the nbc 10 app for the latest developments. we will bring you the district attorney's news conference live at midnight. new tonight, parking inaccessible. near two dozen garages are under fire in federal court. >> they're using them for garbage dumps. >> now the nbc 10 investigators check in. >> do you think you're iow?
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>> and ask whether anyone is keeping watch. >> parking is tough to ceren th philadelphia. but advocates say handicap accessible parking is by far the hardest to fine. >> as reporter recovered, some garages don't seem to be following the steppi suv, he blue placard on his windshield. neurological problems left him with bad balance and impaired mobilities. >> i've had three neurosurgeries. >> fining accessible parking in philadelphia left him seething. goodrich showed us this block where the blue handicapped spots have been fenced off, turned into storage for dumpsters. on eighth we saw this lot with not a single accessible spot. down our street at this
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location, the handicap parking was otherwise occupied. all three lots lie within a one-block radius. >> i'm not surprised anymore. i'm actually surprised when they do follow the law. >>. >> reporter: goodrich has recently filed federal lawsuits against 22 inner city garages and parking lots alleging all types of violations of the americans with disabilities act. his attorneys believe in some cases it comes down to money. one handicap spot with that stripe blue accessibility aisle takes up as much space as two regular sports. for most owners more spots means more income. >> maybe one of those things that we won't do anything until someone tells us we have to. >> reporter: in most instances no one is telling them they have to. we found no agency doing routine inspections for disabled accessibility in commercial parking lots. the city's department of licenses and inspections tells us it only reviews accessibility
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when a facility is newly constructed or renovated and seeking a certificate of occupy. only if they got a complaint of the disabled meaning it's up to the disabled and their advocates. remember that arch street lot with a port a pot in the accessible spot? when we returned we found two cars parked there, one on top of the blue lines neither showing a handicap placard or plate. just up the block another lot being sued by goodrich we found a manager installing a new handicap parking sign. >> are you just installing the sign because we came around to ask? >> no. we always have the customer to ask any spot they want. >> goodrich attorney say volunte voluntary changes like that are exactly what they seek even though spots like the cherry street lot the lawsuit produced no immediate change.
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>> we hope it raises awareness. >> reporter: at some facilities the alleged violations may be less obvious like this all ballet garage owned by city council man real estate corporation. goodrich says it violates the rule that even valet facilities must have accessible spots and loading zone. the garage is managed by a professional parking management firm which is taking immediate steps to investigate the allegations. goodrich allegations seek no financial damages. instead they ask the judge to order owners and operators to correct accessibility gaps. >> i'd be happy to, if the our t tonight, see that what's going on and they remedy themselves. at >> reporter: for the investigators, george spencer, nbc 10 news. this breakthrough tonight in the battle against cancer. today an fda advisory panel unanimously recommended the
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approval of america's first gene therapy treatment created here in philadelphia. doctors at the university of pennsylvania and children's hospital of philadelphia developed the t-cell treatment. 12-year-old emily from central pennsylvania was the first child in the world to receive it. >> it's exciting because it will get treatment to a lot more kids. >> a few years from now your daughter will be the first child on earth with her immune system trained to bead leukemia. it would have seemed like a far stretch. >> the full fda is expected to approve this treatment for relapsing leukemia in children this fall. you're about to see what it looks like when hundreds of pounds of falling mud crashes into a road full of cars.
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yeah, that's what it looks like. in china, some are just swept right off the road. others slammed into each other. one driver was trapped inside his car and had to be rushed to a hospital. the rest managed to escape through the windows of their vehicles. >> now to your first alert weather. we need to be ready for dangerous heat. here with the forecast for your neighborhood. >> we have that first alert issued tomorrow. that is for this excessive heat warning. all of the area you see in red. that is portions of the pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia, some of south jersey and parts of delaware. then the orange would be the outlying areas where there is an advisory. we're expected to see temperatures between 95 and 99 degrees. it feels like from 100 to 108 tomorrow. this is going to be between about 11:00 in the morning and 8:00 at night. look at the temperatures. the records tomorrow, philadelphia at 98, redding at
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96. this is what we're expecting. we are expecting that we could tie or break that record in philadelphia. over the next six hours we're going to be dropping from 84 where we are right now, 84 degrees in the 11:00 hour to 80 at 2:00 in the morning and 78 when you wake up at 5:00 in the morning but it's going to feel like the 80s with all the moisture. 92 in phoenixville with feels like 96. allentown 92 with a feels like of 98. also see the potential of a shower or storm in the afternoon. hamilton township 94. feels like 99. look at this. harington, 97 feels like 105. it is going to be a cooker. it's going to be very oppressive and you need to take it easy. we're also going to be facing showers and storms. nothing right now, but we have this big system beating up everybody in the midwest and moving through the ohio valley with pieces of energy. will start to approach tomorrow and friday bringing the
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potential of severe weather tomorrow in the afternoon and friday on and off throughout the day. tomorrow in the afternoon we'll start up there in the poconos, then we'll see some showers and storms developing overnight into friday morning and look at this. look what happens again. this looks like a bow. we could see storms and lines coming through friday morning. we could see another batch coming through friday night. we sort of have to be on guard with the heat and then again with the severe weather. you keep up to date with our nbc 10 app, neighborhood weather. we've got our radar on there so you can watch everything right along with us. here's your 10 day on ten. 98 tomorrow with feels like 100 to 108. strong storms possible on friday. we'll see the front scour out the heat. the weekend will be a nicer weekend, dryer weekend and then we'll be looking at the rain
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returning for monday and tuesday, clearing out for more heat next wednesday. coming up next, going to the dogs. lehigh valley hospital surprised by some unusual visitors.
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two dogs walk into a hospital. check it out. a pair of pups wander the halls at st. luke's hospital. they scoped out the pharmacy and stumbled upon some friendly faces who offered them a drink during their surprise visit. the dogs were corralled and taken back outside. >> they should be therapy dogs. keep them there f the patients. >> everyone would enjoy that. what do you have coming up for shorts? we'll hear from eagle coach on carson wentz, what kind of leadership. carson speaks as well.
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i'm john clark from csn. sixers start joel embiid is upping the ante. last year he said he thought the sixers could make the playoffs. listen to him tonight. he's taking it a step further. well, many steps further. >> i want to win a championship next year, so me saying that is my teammate is going to follow my lead and i've got to put in the walk every day and keep on getting better. >> worked out with ben simmons. lebron watching summer league
11:29 pm
action. take a loot at everyone's favorite. lonzo ball with the ball. right now sixers are up at the half. carson wentz launched his foundation in north dakota. he took a trip to haiti a few months ago t. really affected him. >> i'm telling a lot of people it kind of messed me up. you see all the need that's over there and it kind of just humbles you like you said. you recognize that they have so much need but at the end of the day they were happy. they were joyful relationships, they were in a real community. it kind of spoke to me. >> carson is hosting his eagles receivers this week in fargo. he organized the work youtouts. >> i asked head coach what this shows? >> it's exciting to see carson
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take the reigns. it's a credit to the guys out there not only making them better but helping the team overall. >> we'll have the entire interview sunday night. i'm john clark. we'll be right back. [ indistinct chatter ]
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i want to update you on breaking news. in less than 30 minutes we're expecting to learn about a major development in the case of four missing young men in bucks county. this is a live look at where that news conference will take
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place. also right now sky force 10 live over that property in solebury township where crews have been searching for evidence in this case. this afternoon 20-year-old cosmo dinardo was taken into custody again. he is considered a person of interest in the case. again, the district attorney is said to hold a midnight news conference. we'll bring that to you live on air and online. and throughout the day we continue to see them search that area thinking they're going to get an update on a major development. that is what is coming shortly in just about 25 minutes. "the tonight show" is next. see you again at midnight. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy poehler, zendaya, musical guest imagine dragons,


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