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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  July 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tranger things ♪ . you can watch the announcement at 11:00 a.m. we'll be award of this is such a great show. we are following two big stories this morning. first that breaking news from overnight. human remains found in the search for four missing men in bucks county. overnight we learned police made the discovery on the family farm of a person who reveals as a mistake. >> this is a homicide. >> we have life team coverage with the breaking developments this morning. and our other big story, ahead of dangerous heat today, it's going to feel like triple digits for some of the most
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vulnerable. >> good morning. a lot of new developments to tell you about. the bucks county d.a. announced they found human remains in a 12-foot gave on a farm right where they had been digging. just after midnight authorities have told us they identified the names of four men reported missing last week. there are more victims in the same grave. the family belongs to a family who was rearrested yesterday on a new charge linked to the case. sky 4 worked late into the night to discover the dirt they have found more than 12 feet down. >> new discovery and the man being held in connection with the case. >> we're live at the scene where
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the latest. >> reporter: still a lot of work ahead for investigators. they're still trying to determine how many homicides they have here and of course identify the remains that were found in that common grave. this is a huge property. a 90 acre farm that they've been searching for the past three days. it was dogs that pointed to the location. so far authorities are only been able to identify the remains of dean finocchiaro. the fbi agent tells us it involved some old school detective work which has been starting there. but there's also some pretty sophisticated knowledge at work as well.
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>> the fbi brings a whole host of skills and technology so they'll have ground penetrating radar. they're going to use extra va torrs. if they're not going to dirt that they're digging up is evidence of the crime. >> and there are three more families waiting to hear word about their loved ones who are still missing at this point. the d.a. has said that they will work extremely hard to bring those boys home to their family. they're also working to figure out exactly what led up to these disappearances and gnaw a homicide. and the d.a. says he is pursuing homicide charges but stopped short of saying if they would be the lone person of interest in the case.
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we're continuing our team coverage at the jail where dinardo is being held. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that jail is just across the way behind us. one of the biggist trns is will he koz mo denar doe post bill? he did it on an unrelated charge and for that reason, the dea asked for such a high bail. and the judge agreed. we have learned more from his arraignment yesterday on this latest charge of trying to sell a car owned by one of the missing men, tom mayor. that consider was on our property and sold. we're getting reports that dinardo is a dangerous to ims and others. investigators have not yet how the four missing men and dinardo knew each other.
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we're told they feel the $5 million bail on him helps keep him in sight. >> it is my hope that he does not post that but that's his prerogative of course. but we're going to start looking seriously at the homicide charges and in fact, we already have pursued that option. >> a little more we've learned about dinardo, a few years ago he graduated from a prestigious high school in bucks county. they have property up in philadelphia and montgomery counties. >> we are expecting another update later this morning. students at loyala held a vigil yesterday. they wanted to carry out the wish of patrick's past moment
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for returning his safe return. >> you'll hear from jimmy patrick's friend after he got emotional and at 6:35 you'll explain the dang sounds coming from the family farm over the weekend. and you can count on complete coverage of the news conference later this morning. we'll carry it live i'm sure, on our facebook app. the dangerous heat today. it will feel like triple digits posing a serious danger to people across our area. >> bill, what are you saying? >> day three of the hot humid conditions but it's today and it's been a listening for new york, pennsylvania and delaware. today between 11:00 this morning and 8:00 this evening that's when we'll see high temperatures even above what we've seen the last couple of days and that's going to make it feel like it's
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103 dries this afternoon. could lead to a few dangers. heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a possibility if you're exerting yourself in the sunshine today. right now, not too bad. we're normally in the 60s. 69 degrees would be our normal temperature. we're ten degrees above that this morning at 79 and philadelphia. even the cool spots, lehigh valley and the suburbs, they're unusually warm too. it's 75 and by 9:0083 degrees and 88 degrees and still climbing. the humidity will be higher so it's going to feel hot and humid. now, there is a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms possible later today. they're less likely in delaware and less likely at the shore too. we're starting off dry even
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though there wr scattered showers around. the threat will come from these storms that are moving through the ohio valley and the likely to start popping up this afternoon. we'll take a look at the few dhur cast and show you when those storms are most likely to arrive. >> you can count on nbc 10 to get the updated forecast and alerts since straight to your phone. we also have a section dedicated to helping you stay safe. >> new from overnight, police this trenton are investigating a shooting in trenton. we continue to make calls to police about what exactly happened. it's not clear if anyone is in di or how the victims are doing. >> and president trump arrived in france during the best deal
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dale celebration. the leaders are expected to discuss the prices in syria and global counterterrorism efforts. a senate hearing yesterday was told that the ongoing russia investigation is not a wish hunt. that statement runs counter to what president trump called it yesterday morning. today, two lawmakers including pennsylvania congressman will call for a passage of a college anti hazing bilg. the so-called accidents would be included in a college's annual crime port. this shows the hearing for the fraternity members charged in the hazing death of timothy. >> pete:
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. prayers to take back the tree at 18th and lombard streets. they say it was a hate crime and an attack on philadelphia's values of tolerance and diversity and this video shows the man who tossed the man into the tree. they say the man on the left with the hot threw some moments with another man. investigators want to talk to both of them. >> let's get you up on this thursday morning. >> jessica is looking at route 1. we're still seeing really great drive times and no big problems or delays. the boulevard right around 17th street, but both directions looking good. we're not seeing any of those big delays. we're watching 95 too. speeds in the 60s but also watch
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construction. watch for the closure of that offramp and still watching some delays if you wanted to fire activity for something that new york lines. we're watching some construction on route 70 westbound. >> commuters are about to get new rides. still ahead, the upgrades coming to new jersey transit. >> and colleges are getting a bleak assessment. what it means for tuition rates coming up a at 6:45. the treatment that uses a pay e patient's own dna to better fight the disease.
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a quarter past 6:00 a.m.
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we're following breaking news where investigators found human remains in a grave. the district attorney announced the remains of dean finochiaro were found. police are causing di nard doe as a pers -- dinardo as a person of interest. 6:15. the extreme heat that could bring us record highs today. already 79 degrees but it will feel like triple digits. >> we're live in center cities with ways that you can stay cool and cool off. matt? >> reporter: it's a muggy 79 degrees. only 6:15 in the morning and it's already getting warm. take a look at a little bit
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earlier. just within the last hour we saw a handful of people trying to get their morning dper siexerci. and because of that heat later on today, philadelphia is warning residents to take care and some caution to stay safe. this is especially important for people who work outside with construction. drink lots of water and stay inside where it is air conditioned. one thing would be heat exhaustion and heat strokes. if you feel faint or dizzy, nauseous, heavy sweating with cold clammy skin, that's heat exhaustion. heat stroke. that is a lot more. that is the main sign of heat stroke. also an altered mental state or some behavior problems.
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flush skin and rapid breathing and heart rate. if you see these symptoms get help right away. >> some folks getting in that morning exercise. a lot of people out there this morning. some cooling centers are there as well. for now i'm live at the art museum. back to you. >> you sometimes work out outside like you and i do, i think this is the day to go inside and be on the treadmill. >> yeah, be really smart. check on your pets, make sure they have water. they cannen othe senior citizens who lives nearby. >> and i'll talk more about this heat wave. >> and today is going to be the worst of this season. you heard matt mention it's a muggy morning. the humidity even higher than the last few days and that will
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lead to dangerous head this afternoon. that's why we've issued a triple digits in most neighborhoods. and late this afternoon and especially this evening we'll start to see some showers and thunderstorms and there's some potential for strong storms rolling through the evening hours. dry this morning though muggy. 80 degrees in philadelphia. 70s for philadelphia international airport. wilmington is in the 70s. look at wildwood. 69 degrees, that's 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. look how quickly temperatures climb. 95 degrees. that's by 1:00 this ann. all in the 09s and then you see some showers. those showers due in later in the day. right now we're dry. the showers and thunderstorms that i'm watching are moving through the ohio valley. they'll start to move in late this afternoon and then a
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potential for strong storms later today. still very steamy and many neighborhoods will start to see some showers popping up. as we go into the evening hours potential for heavy downpours and this is where we could see the start of the storms. there will be some showers even in delaware and south jersey. there's going to the evening hours, more heavy weather that will bring through by 10:00 this afternoon and the showers will settle down but we'll be mostly cloudy to start with tomorrow and a chance of more scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. you may have noticed the trend with the 7-day forecast. today the heat today, 97 degrees. it's going to be warm. a typical july weekend. 90 degrees on sunday but the humidity will be coming down.
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and we'll take a look at the ten day on ten in a few minutes. about 20 minutes past 6:00 a.m. on this thursday. >> smooth sailing so far. >> we are watching construction earlier on the westbound side and that's cleared and we're waiting for the rest to clear. both directions look good so far. this is the eastbound side so that's what's moving up toward center city. the blue route to the vine, things are looking good. and for the same i'm saying no big delays. watching route 32 over in jersey, everything is good. roads are dry there too and checking in with bridges, i just checked in for any scheduled
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openings. no big problems or delays over the bridges right now. back to you. united airlines revealed its plan to cut down on overbooking flights. and t mobile trouble. a customer calls nbc 10 responds when an apparent deal turns out to be a costly dud.
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we begin county by county coverage in chester county. >> they look for two women believed to be connected to a rash of burglaries. police are looking into two burglaries at homes in westtown and another one in east gauchen. along with credit cards, two cars and other items were also
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stolen. and the governing board is expected to approve a 3.5% tuition hike. a consulting firm is recommending changes. they call for staff buyouts and better staff management but they did not call for closing or mergers. dozens of new trains and buses will soon be in service across the transit system. they'll hire rail cars to replace older equipment that frequently breaks down and nearly 200 buses are on order. and a traveling memorial dedicated to the heroes of a vietnam war. today volunteers will spend about three hours to put the monument together and it will remain on exhibit here
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throughout sunday. >> the sun is up, few scattered clouds around, but it's not going to be stormy until later today. the heat is on. spo ten usually range rous heat. what you need to know before you head out the door just ahead. and we continue to follow breaking news in bucks county. a live look over the farm where investigators have uncovered missing remains. a witness describes the sounds she heard coming from the farm over the weekend. and recognize when a bite is more than just a pesky itch.
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built for business.
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breaking news. >> we're following two big stories for you this morning. breaking overnight, human remains have been found in that search for those four missing men. the remains of one victim have been identified and there are more remains in that same grave and he made a promise to the men's families. >> i want to see this investigation to the end. we're going to bring each and every one of these lost boys to home to their families one way or another. >> and we have life team coverage on the overnight development. >> and dangerous heat, one of the hottest days of the summer is ahead. bill the tracking the extreme heat. already 79 degrees this morning. >> a bucks county family learned late last night that the remains of their missing son were found buried in a deep grave. we brought you the breaking developments live just after
6:31 am
midnight when the d.a. announced that human remains were found on that farm that's been the focus of an intense search for four missing men. some of the remains have been identified as the 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. we're live over the farm right now where authorities worked late into the night to uncover evidence. they'll be back out later this morning. live team coverage on the new discovery and the man being held in connection to this case. >> we begin the pamela osborn. bring us up to speed. >> well, investigators say there's no doubt about it this was a homicide. the one thing they're trying to figure out right now is how many homicides they have.
6:32 am
this as we're learning more about how these remains were found. >> we have cadaver dogs, but those dogs could smell these four boys, 12 and a half feet below the ground. >> reporter: for the past three days they've searched a home owned by the family. those cadaver dogs zeroing in on the exact location of where those bodies could be found. dean finocchiaro has been missing since friday and has been identified as some of the remains found in that grave. investigators say they will bring these boys home to their family, but getting to the remains has been a slow and very careful process. oat's hear more from the bucks county d.a. on that. >> we have found human remains
6:33 am
and approximately 12.5 foot deep common grave, that we have pain stakingly dug with a lot of care so as not to damage any potential evidence. >> you're taking a life look now over the scene. this is one of the areas where investigators have concentrated their efforts. we know the fbi's evidence response team is lending its resources to the recovery. we've seen tools like heavy equipment on the ground as other smaller terms. it's not to look over it. today's work identifying the remains that were found inside of that common grave and piecing together exactly what happened, what led up to these disappearances and now murder. >> nbc nbc 10 news. and now to the man the center of the investigation.
6:34 am
police arrested dinardo for the second time this weekend. this time on a charge lengthed to the disappearances. >> outside the jail where dinardo is waking up behind bars. katy? >> that's right. he's in jail on this property behind me. a big concern for prosecutors this morning is will he post bail and get out? now, they have that concern because we've seen cosmo dinardo post bail earlier this week when he was in jail on gun charges unrelated to this dais. he was out for barely a day when police rearrested him for trying to sell a car owned by one of the missing men. that car was on the family property and sold very quick. they say he's a doinger to himself and others. investigators have not revealed how the four missing men and dinardo knew each other.
6:35 am
they have also not named him in this now homicide. >> i feel that we bought ourself a little bit of time in charging mr. dinardo with the stolen car case today and getting that $5 million bail. it is my hope that he does not post that but that's his prerogative. we're going to be looking at the homicide charges and in fact, we already have. >> let's take a look at the time line. on friday, july 7th, he's reported masz missing. on sunday he tried to sell dinardo's car. and then he was earrested on a gun related charge. but now he is in custody again for trying to sell mayo's car. a little bit of background he
6:36 am
graduated from holy ghosts arcadia and he is the ayr to his family's real estate portion. restauranting live in doyles, town. >> and overnight we talked to friends of one of the missing men. >> we might have only known each other for a year, but it's enough that you feel this relationship where if he's gone, what does that mean? it's -- it's -- there's no explanation for what has happened. >> the university held a vigil for patrick yesterday. they prayed for his safe return and for his family. our coverage tonights at 6:45. a witness explains the strange
6:37 am
noise she heard over the weekend. stay with us for a news conference later this morning. you can also bring it to you live, on the air. >> let's talk about our other big story. the dangerous head that will make it feeg like triple digits. >> a first alert because it's a day to find some ac and check on your neighbors who done have it. our meteorologist is tracking the extreme heat. >> it has been hot and humid the last couple of days but today is the worst. it's why we've issued a first alert for dangerous heat. a large area will see that oppressive heat. this is one you want to limit your exposure to the extreme heat. stay in an air conditioned space if you can and stay hydrated if you can. feels like temperatures will
6:38 am
reach into the upper 90s and topping 100 degrees in many neighbors this afternoon. heat exhaustion and heat stroke is a possibility today. muggy, yes. that sunshine is going to warm temperatures quickly. in philadelphia, 79 degrees. it really never cooled down overnight. we're usually in the 60s for july in the morning. look at the warmup. 85 degrees by 9:00. 92 degrees this afternoon and the humidity will be even higher during the day in delaware. i'm expecting it to feel more like 26 hours 11:00 temperatures up to 9 odegrees. 95 inland. 92 degrees with steamy conditions at the shore. there is a chance we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms but before those
6:39 am
arrive, the feels like temperature, this is 2:00 this afternoon. look atz that. and it's not going to feel much better in philadelphia. the feels like temperatures in the upper 90s for potts toup and doyleston. i was take a look at when you expect those will be going in just a few minutes. and we have everything you need to know on our nbc 10 app. you can get updated forecast. we'll finally get some relief and it's all on the app. just to start we'll start on 95. actually no big problems or delays here. you can see a little be bit of an increase in this drive time, but should be moving pret road to the vine. 33 minute drive time so i'm not
6:40 am
seeing any of that it's refrequentir reflecting that. patco working on an emergency schedule. trains are running 15 to 20 mbts. back to you. a break through in the battle of cancer makes a great news. usually right now the better to fight your disease says, also, you should caught on camera in a le vie valley hospital.
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just about a quarter of 7:00. we continue to follow the
6:44 am
missing men story. they say it was a clear case of homicide. the remains were found on the farm that belonged to cosmo dinardo. authorities say there are more remains in that grave and recovery names will be in the gunshot yesterday morning. >> now, she lives nearby. she said she's used to hearing hunters, but she felt this was something different. >> i heard another series of very disturbing gunshot fires and then i heard, you know, some commotion. >> the neighbor says she talked to investigators about what she heard over the weekend. more coming up in about ten minutes. and here's the other stories making the headlines this morning. family, friends and neighbors remembering a stepdaughter
6:45 am
gundown irrigation. we first told you about this isabel, shocked to death, won't pick up running her history in the shooting, but they believe the bullets came from a poszing car. >> and senate majority leader will introduce the latest version of the health care bill to repeal most of president obama's affordable care act. the changes are designed to win support from republicans. this comes two weeks after another version of the bill was shelved because there weren't enough votes to approve it. emergency crews say because of the heat and humidity, 75
6:46 am
people had to be treated heat related issues. about 50,000 people packed the beach for the summer concert. and a new program to cut down on the problem of overbooked flights. united airlines is experiencing united's move comes after the video of that doctor youred as he was dragged off an overbooked united plane when he refused to give up his seat because the flight was overbooked. and the approval of a cutting edge treatment for cancer. >> that treatment was created right here in philadelphia. doctors at the university of pennsylvania developed the car
6:47 am
t-cell treatment. it involves retracting the cells and then reinserting them. 12-year-old 'emily white head was the first child in the world to receive the new gene therapy. >> i'm excited. >> she just said a few years from now, your daughter will may be trying to fight leukemia. >> the full fda is expected to approve this this fall. well, experts say it's simple to stop mosquitos from multiplying and spreading diseases. the asian mosquito bites during the day and night, it does not bite west nile and zika. they're not concerned about zika
6:48 am
that carry it can survive in our best outdoors. use bug spray and get rid of any standing water. >> completely preventable by just dumping the water in your house. sometimes it's a birdbath. you've got to get that out and get the tarps, even planters. >> another suggestion, put a fan outsi out because that keeps them away. all right. now turning to nbc 10 responds. one viewer upgraded her family's cell phones on a promise she would get a big discount. >> she reached out to our reporter. >> reporter: veronica ortiz can recognize a good offer when she
6:49 am
hears one. that's why she jumped on a best price. >> if i paid off my all my clothes and we are going to be approved for the commotion which was half price. >> she called t-mobile for the deal and swept her for the new one? >> when she later went to check our balance, it showed no discount on the new phone. >> it's a lot of money. >> reporter: ortiz says she called t mobile several times and was told this would take a few months to fix it. >> it's more than an hour, all you time you call and complain about something. >> reporter: she called nbc 10 responds. we contacted t mobile. the company wouldn't comment, but a few days later took 50%
6:50 am
off the phone's car. a total of $1,200. >> thank you. another happy kucustomer. we take look at the sun there. >> it's going to be hot, hot, hot. let's find out more with bill henley. he has the most accurate system. >> heading into the 80s and there you can see the sunshine. there are a few scattered clouds around. mostly sunny skies and the temperatures will be climbing into the 90s, but the higher humidity than the last few days will make it feel like it's in the triple digits and much of new jersey and delaware. even with that hot humid
6:51 am
condition this afternoon as the temperatures will climb into the 90s. the feels like temperature, the humidity 91 degrees in philadelphia. at lunchtime, 70 degrees. for wilmington will feel lick night up. we'll top 100 threes. at 5:00 this evening we'll see some high temperatures at 100 degrees and it feels like temperature for trenton, but then we'll start to see some showers and thunderstorms to stop dropping the temperatures. we're in store for dangerous heat. that's when you want to limit your time outside because of the dangerous heat and those feels like temperatures like we just saw ranging from 98 to 103. the storms for later today are now just starting to move into
6:52 am
western pennsylvania. they're on track for this evening and then overnight tonight we'll likely get some more showers and possibly. you see a few scattered areas. there's potential for some strong storms my really through some neighborhood this evening. that's 9:00 this evening. so a lot going on. the heat. 97 will feel like it's in the triple digits this amp. those storms later today and there's still a potential for not an all day rainfall tomorrow but enough clouds and keep things cooler to check the forecast. showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday. back into the 90s for much of next week. >> all right. let's get you to work. a check of the roads. >> mr. boyington is looking at
6:53 am
our mo traffic and everything looks good. we're not seeing a ton of big volume or delays. it's pretty quiet. but we are watching passgo. no injuries reported. the trains are running but every 15 to 20 minutes on that emergency schedule for now. also once you're in philadelphia or heeding through the area eastbound, just a very minor delay. back to you. all right. check this out. two dogs, caught on camera, strolling in to the hospital. just taking a walk. pups wandered in the halls. they scooped up the pharmacy because people were offering they're -- they sort of -- at home. >> but echen chully, you don't
6:54 am
need to take her home. you can very nice. >> we learned overnight that human remains have been found at this bucks county farm and a search for those four missing young men. we'll have the latest developments up next. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
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when i was three. ever since,
6:57 am
it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today. overnight developments of the missing men in bucks county. we're over that township right no rains in a grave. they say it was a clear case of homicide. the d.a. says once the remains has been identified as dean finocchiaro, the farm belonged
6:58 am
to the family of cosmo dinardo who police are cause l a person of keeping me awab and the d.a. needs to promise. >> we'll bring you all the new developments on air and online. then we will stream this morning's news conference live on nbc 10 news at 11:00 and when something breaks you can build a . one last week on the roads. moving through center city, everything looks good right now. westbound toward 95, no problem, but paco, watch for an merge
6:59 am
tractor equipment. the trabs are running every 15 to 20 minutes. first alert for potentially dangerous heat today for the entire area from 11:00 to. >> caller:. oppressive con dixs with dangerous heat and feels like temperatures of 98 to 103. 80 degrees in philadelphia and we're headed for the 90s today. there will be some late day showers and thunderstorms starting to pop up and even more likely this evening, but before they roll in to cool things down, the temperatures will be steaming up this afternoon. take it easy and find a shady place and take precautions for sure. continuing to update the missing men throughout the morning and also get real time traffic and news on the nbc news
7:00 am
app. >> stay tuned. city close. good morning. breaking news. a grim discovery in the search for four missing men in pennsylvania. human remains, including the body of at least one of them, found buried on a multi-million dollar estate. a person of interest now in custody. >> this is a homicide. make no mistake about it. >> we're live at the scene. bon jour. president trump lands in paris where he'll meet with the. >> translator: and talk about his son's meeting with a russian attorney at a highly anticipated news conference today. big reveal. senate republicans set to reveal their health care bill today. what's in it and


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