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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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investigators digging at a rural farm where the remains of one of four missing young men were found what we have learned about the victims, the serge for three mising and the possible link between one of the missing men and this person of interest. a severe thunderstorm warning is now in effect for our area. let's get to tammie souza with the impact of the storms. where are they? >> the first one we're looking at is coming out of montgomery county. it's move iing warminister. let's take away some of the graphics in just a minute. this storm is moving through your area. bensalem at 5:34. these storms are producing small
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hail, but damaging winds. they could take downpour lines and tree branches. that's the 60 mile an hour wind gusts with this and they are moving off to the east at 30 miles an hour. also producing some very heavy rain. so the severe thunderstorm warning into southern bucks county until 5:30 this evening. now this is going to probably extend the storm into the search area that they are looking. the breaking news that we're covering about the missing young men. so we're going to be watching this closely as it approaches that area. that's not the only one we have. we have another severe thunderstorm warning up here in burkes county. this is moving through reading at 5:33 this evening. and it's moving kind of east/southeast as well. you can see this is the warning. it's just tucked into that corner, into that western corner and that expires at 5:15 as these storms progressed east. we may see these warnings extepid into other portions of the area. the storms have popped up very
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quickly. you can see the heaviest rain is u here across burkes county in the lehigh valley into the poconos. we're watching that move more easterly. it's the same storms moving over the same area again and again. it's called training. we're going to wind up with flooding we are concerned about this heavy rain producing flooding. we also have these storms that are forming to the south. they are just kind of clipping the northern part of philadelphia. a lot of intense lightning as well. everything you see shaded in the light yellow is severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. what that means is that any of these storms could turn severe before that time. it may expire before that, but right now everything you see in the darker shades of yellow are actual severe thunderstorm warnings that we're keeping a close eye on. so as we put it in motion, you can see everything moving over the same area again and again. and you can see these storms actually increasing in size as
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they move into this moist atmosphe atmosphere. so we're going to continue to track these severe thunderstorm warnings. again, 5:30 for the severe thunderstorm warnings that is coming out of southern montgomery county. and for the one up here in the northwestern portion of burkes county, we're looking at that until 5:15. you'll be coming back and we'll keep everybody up to date. back to you. >> and. if you haven't already, download the nbc 10 app to track the weather in your neighborhood. it's the only local app to send you weather alerts ahead of the storm. the murder mystery playing out in bucks county. my co-anchor live. what's the latest out there? >> reporter: tonight 20-year-old cosmo dinardo is the person of interest in the disappearances of four missing men in bucks county. a lot of the search is centered on his family farm, which is
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about a mile off the road. this is 202. that's about a mile off the road here. 90 acres back in that general direction. want to give you a live look from sky force 10. it was up in the air for much of the day. this is a quiet farm, a quiet area off e highway 202. this is the dinardo family farm. this has been the center of around the search to find three men who remain missing tonight. investigators have been digging 12 feet deep in that area that you see underneath the tent. last night one man's remains were found in that area underneath the tent on this property. it was covered with concrete and dirt. other remains were found in that grave as well. but they have not been identified. we know the person of interest. cosmo dinardo, and one of the missing men both attended holy ghost preparatory school. investigators say all of the
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victims knew each other, but it's unclear if they knew dinardo. we have team coverage of all of the late breaking developments in this story. we want to turn it over to deanna durante, who has been out here all week long digging for information. the district attorney has been having news conferences at 11:00 and 3:00 every day except today. he cancelled that 3:00 news conference. >> reporter: he did, and a spokesperson says there's a lot going on in this case and it is unclear if that news conference will be scheduled for the rest of the day or if he will continue the 11:00 a.m. briefings. we can tell you we have learned that cosmo dinardo attended briefly a in montgomery county. he was there for the fall semester of 2015. when he tried to come back in 2016, the university told him he was not allowed on campus. >> they are combing through fast fields and buildings. they are down 12 feet in a hole
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that's getting deeper by the minute. >> the hole is is so deep and unthe district attorney says safety experts have to shore it up. so evidence workers can continue the hunt and recovery for human remai remains. >> they are tenderly pain stakingly recovering the remains of people they do not even know. >> reporter: that hole was recently dug and says the remains found so far contain those of a 19-year-old of langhorn. the families of three other missing men are waiting for word. >> they are exiting great poise. i pray i never have to be in this situation. but if i ever were, they have been a model of grace and poise. >> all four went missing between wednesday and friday of last week. cosmo dinardo was named a person
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of interest in the case. his parents own the farm where resources say forensic evidence that led them to believe a violent crime occurred has been found as early as monday. now we can tell you that investigators have yut lieszed cell phone records. they have also used mobile license plate readers to be able to try to pinpoint where those four were last seen. we were told they were all within this area of the dinardo family farm between wednesday and friday. though investigators are still not talking about a direct link between all four of these men and the person of interest in the case ch. that's the very latest, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> a quick question. do woe know anything else about the university? you have been working your sources to find out a lot about his time there. >> reporter: we did confirm with investigators that they did receive a letter about this incident. multiple incidents. there were verbal altercations
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between dinardo and members of the university community. and we were told by the university spokesperson that that caused some concern on campus so they alerted public safety. it was decided that delaware nor doe was not allowed to reenroll. they sent letters to him and his parents saying if he was on the campus, that was trespassing. >> deanna durante live tonight, thank you. >> randy gyllenhaal has been talking about what's been happening with this case. >> reporter: cosmo dinardo woke up in a jail cell just hours after investigators revealed human remains buried on his family's prosecute property. today cameras spotted his defense attorney entering and then a few hours later then leaving the bucks county courthouse. he's tasked with defending the 20-year-old person of interest.
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he's being held on $5 million cash bail. >> that tells you they don't want to let him out. >> reporter: a former prosecutor says the case is moving quickly. nbc 10 learned a grand jury was convened and dinardo's parents were asked to testify. >> it's important to while everything is is fresh in people's minds to get them on the record. >> reporter: but other legal experts say investigators still need more evidence, specifically linking the very human remains to a specific suspect. or possibly multiple suspects. >> unless somebody has exclusive access to a property, it may be others and i think the prosecution would be carefully looking to see whether or not there were any other participants. >> in doilstown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> we are learning little by little more about this case of the four missing men. still a lot we don't know. we are working our sources. we are digging as investigators continue to dig on their front
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on that acre farm behind me. back to you. >> for someone who has never been to that it north in buck county, can you describe what it's like? how are people reacting? >> reporter: this is an area out of of bullpen upper bucks county. i had never been to the area. on the surface it's a rural area, but a lot of it has trendy pockets where there are popular shopping areas. and it really is every single person that we talked to they knew why we were here before we even said anything. it really is the talk of the town and area and everybody kept saying to us, this doesn't happen here. >> erin coleman, we're going to check back with you after the break. let's go right to breaking news. we just learned of a possible tornado warning in the area. we have been talking about a severe thunderstorm warning for
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parts of where erin coleman is. let's go now to tammie souza. she's standing by. to talk about what we're expecting here. >> this tornado warning is on that storm. this is burkes county. we have a storm headed this way. we have heavy, heavy rain. we have three things going. severe thunderstorm warning and we have a flash flood warning. this storm is moving through pottstown at 6:00, reading at 5:28. if you're in the path of this in northwestern portion of berks county, you need to take shelter. 60 mile an hour winds and this has been a radar indicated torpid. you can see the box in red. i'm going to step off because i'm going to work the controls
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from the sidelines. i want to make sure you're able to e see everything going on here. you can see the storm itself. you can get a pretty good idea of what's going on with the storm. the tornado warning is until 5:30. i'm going to put this in motion so you have an idea of what's going on. this is just the last 15 minutes. so you can see the storm as it's headed in your direction. you can see headed toward reading is where we are looking at the biggest concern. there's a notch right there. you can see and i'm going to hop back up here on the screen. you can see this little bit of a notch that's right in here. we're watching this storm right here as it moves. it's going to be heading through reading. it will be heading toward all of you in pottstown. you need to seek shelter if you're in the path of this particular storm. this is what we're concerned about. if you're back in burnville, this isn't as big a deal because you're behind the storm. it's headed toward reading.
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and so this is where it's going. if you are in reading, this is headed in your direction. and right now in mullenmullenbe we're watching a little notch. this is radar-indicated rotation moving in our direction. so reading i think you're right in the middle of this entire thing. let's take a little bit of a wider shot so you can see where this is. this is where you can get a good idea of this box, which has been drawn in right here. that's where we're most concerned. let's take the wide view. we have other storms going on that we needpeople to be aware of. we did have severe thunderstorm warnings there. those have actually expired. i'm not seeing them anymore.
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this storm is what we're most concerned about. so let's put up the towns, if we can. we're going to be headed from reading towards pottstown. so this is the area that you have to be most concerned about. it will have the threat for a tornado. 5:43 in reading, pottstown at 6:14. and we are going to be looking at perhaps norristown at 6:50. this is moving now off to the east/southeast. these storms are moving at about 30 miles per hour. so let's go ahead and let's take this down so we can show people the storm itself and get rid of the track, if we can. that way we can get people know we have a a severe thunderstorm watch for entire area. that's what you see the light
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shades of yellow. any storm could pop up and you can see the bright red box here. that's a tornado warning. it's taking up a big chunk of real estate and moving to the skpooes southeast. you can see it's moving. now we also have a severe thunderstorm warning going down in chester county. >> we have a storm that's a threat with this. and that includes east whiteland. this is the storm that we were looking at that's going to be moving past bensalem. it's moving into bucks county. this is another severe thunderstorm thunderstorm warning. and this one is in effect until 5:30. you can see those storms. we want you to be aware of that. these are dangerous storms. take shelter. go inside. get away from the dose. stay on the lowest level of your
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house. if you have a basement, perhaps you might want to fwo there. they can produce hail and damaging winds that could bring down trees. we're going to go back to the storm with the biggest threat. this is moving through parts of berks county. you can see it's moving towards read iing. all of you in reading, you need to seek shelter. you're on the north edge of had this storm. but right in here, this is the area we're most concern ed with with this it storm. you can see it as it kind of curls around to the back. the damaging winds, this is a radar indicated tornado. we don't have any confirmation on the ground. we want you to be safe. and if you're home, don't go outside. you just stay where you are.
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middle of the lowest level of your house. get in the basement if you have one. wait until this gets by. then you can go outside when it's safe. tell us what you and saw. we don't want you outside right now taking pictures or video as this storm goes by. it may or may not produce a a tornado on the ground. this is something we're very concerned with. because right here, can we just turn off the radar? let's show people what's going on. i want to e show them where the box is. you can see the box is now extending. they have moved it out a little bit. if you're right on the southern edge of it, maiden creek on the northern edge of it, this is moving to the east at about 30 miles per hour. so we aren continuing to watch this move very, very quickly through the area. and this is something that we are going to be watching and
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monitoring. i'm going to go ahead and put this on a little wider view. i want you to see what's going on. this is the storm towards bensalem. this is the entire picture of the area. because what we're seeing is we're seeing this line of very strong storms moving off to the east and southeast at 30 miles per hour. these storms are generally producing heavy rain, damaging winds and small hail. hail to about a quarter size. but the biggest threat right now as we just have shown you is this. this tornado warning that we have up here in berks county. glenn schwartz is at the wall. . let's look at what's going on up there in berks county so we can get an idea of what's going on. let's swap it over and put it on
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max 2. >> we have added the lightning. sometimes the storm that has the greatest amount of lightning, the greatest concentration of lightning is the one that's the most severe. and just eyeballing it, you'd go right toward reading and see that. and that's what we're seeing right now as we see the storm continue to move in through berks county and that tornado warning is in effect. towards in in part of the country do not tend to travel a long distance. this is just precautionary to go to the edge of this. it's right near the beginning of it where they would first see the rotation on the radar that you'd be most concerned. at 5:5 at reading, 6:02 for it
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to last as long as to 6:25 to go to pottstown would be an extremely rare thing. in berks county and chester county, those are the counties have the greatest frequency of any part of our area. in an area the farther west you go. in pennsylvania the greater the historical risk of tornadoes. we have these other box. s. all of these are severe thunderstorm warnings. there's one in delaware going into central b kent county. this is going into delaware county. this one is in monthgomery goin into bucks. then we have some in north jersey. we outline the ones with tornado warnings in red to distinguish them from the severe thunderstorm warnings.
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even the severe thrl warning is capable of producing damage and sometimes the so-called weaker tornadoes that that can cause less than a strong thrl we have seen gusts of 60 to 70 miles per hour. this is in berks county. the timing takes it to 6:53 and if it maintains its intensity, if it maintains the circulation, they would continue the torpid warnings. if for some reason the circumstance. stops on the radar, then they might cancel the tornado warning or just change it into a severe thunderstorm warning.
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they are also locking for what are called ground troops. so as we get into a more p populated area, you'd expect somebody would be seeing this thing. in today's world you get people taking pictures. >> i'm running the radar and this gives people an idea of the direction and how they are actually popping up and filling in so quickly. they are not dwiminishing. they are intensifying. a lot of people on the beaches. that's going to be a big concern a little bit later on. we still have that tornado warning up to the north. it has peeled off. reading is on the edge of it. but something that we're watching pretty closely.
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so far erika martin has been monitoring for damage reports. >> this is moving at 30 miles an hour. >> this is going at 30 miles an hour. it's headed off to the east and southeast. so even though pottstown is outside of that, the storm is headed towards them. >> we have to get it past reading first. that's obviously the biggest, closest target, potential target for this thunderstorm. ed and the timing would be around 5:40. as it gets closer, if you would see some sort of circulation, you can see the clouds spinning perhaps up in the clouds. but if you have mountains or you have trees or houses blocking the bottom, you can't necessarily tell that it's ab actual tornado or a funnel
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cloud. what has happened, the national weather service has their radar and they are looking into the clouds and they are seeing a circulation in the cloud and just in case that circulation makes its way down to the ground. that's the reason for the tornado warning. it was not issued because somebody saw one ob the ground itself. so they put out the tornado warning as a precaution because you see that circulation in the cloud with the radar itself. >> this is something we're watching. i'm over here in the weather center. we're look iing aing for damage. not a lot of damage reported. some of the counties west we had some trees reported down and twhast these will do. let's go become to the radar. i want to focus ob right where we have that tornado warning. wub thing sometimes you see with the torks is sometimes you'll
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see hail. what we have there is a hail track. so we have some hail being reported. this may u be up to ab inch or lashlger in size. i'll go ahead to the left, you can see the hail as it comes toward reading. we have hail across the entire area. you want to get inside a building. make shoour you're o the lowest skplefl away from the windows. and we both know that. that's just sort of storl 101. we have the hail. i'm going to turn on the lightning. we have a lot of intense lightning with this. that's another danger. we're going to have a lot of lightning strikes and shaking houses. i would imagine if this is presenting the 60 mile an hour winds, we may get reports of trees and power lines down. this is something to be very
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concerned about. going to widen it out. we also have several other things to be concerned about. that's not the only severe thunderstorm warning that we have. we have tornado warning in berks county. the darker red is the flash flood warning. >> the deeper red color is a flash flood warning that now covers the entire kthd of berks county and going into a portion of lehigh county in closer to al lentown. those are the severe thunderstorm warnings.
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you can see on the radar, there's so much activity. the intensity of the rain is so impressive. when you have the storms going over the same spot over and over again, which is what we were showing during the 4:00 hour, that's where you can end up with the flooding. sol areas haven't seen a drop of rab and others continue to see the heavy downpours like in reading and other parts of berks county. you can also see some areas where you have less of the return. there might be some circulation. one of the problems of berks
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county specifically is that these radars there's the a basis for this warning. this is pretty far away from any individual radar. the higher up in the clouds the radar hits. so the radar is able to see the circulation, but several thousand feet above the ground. if the radar was closer to berks county, it would be more likely to be detecting whether that circulation is close to the ground or not. it's on the radar. now doppler radar is able to
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detect wind. it's not just to see where it's raining. you can see the core of this storm just to the north and oois of reading. that's the strongest returns are. and what radar is looking for is the red and the green kind of next to each other. what we call a couplet. it would be a small area of red versus green where one of the directions would be going toward the radar and one would be going away from the radar. and so that's where you would imply circulation. now sometimes the circulations are stronger that eer than oth. you can't necessarily exactly predict that, yes, this would be a weak one or an ef-3 or 2.
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you b can't determine the intensity of a tornado based on these colors. but you can get an idea of the likelihood that there is something going on b. you can also track it as you look minute by minute at this thing whether that cup louplet strengthening or weakening. so you're barelying a circulation, or are you seeing it decrease as we go through time? now sometimes in this part of the country, it's not like the midwest where you see tornadoes 20 miles away. you have hills in that area. you have houses. you have loads of trees. and the other thing you have is lots of rain. which reduces the visibility. that makes it harder to see and
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sometimes even if you're a couple mile was, you can't necessarily see that tornado, that funnel actually reaching the ground. >> we were look at the velocity. and right now we're basically trying to kind of go in a little tighter to that particular storm and see. it does look like it is diminishing, which is good news. it b doesn't look like it'sen continuing along on the same track that it was once on. i'm going to go ahead and see if we can't perhaps look a little closer at all of these storms. we'll pop back out and see if we can get a good idea of what's going on with this particular storm. you can actually get a good idea of what's going on. it's beginning to sag. this is all falling apart and
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congealing together. when that happens, you end up with a big rainmaker. we're still seeing very clearly what could be some sort of an area in here that we would be watching very closely where you might have a couplet. it's hard to tell because this is a huge mass of rain. when you have that, you're not having the classic looking storms that you actually see a hook. so you would. want to look for any place you might see some rotation that's going on in that particular area. let's take a look. i'm going to zoom this out so i can get a look at the entire area. we have flash flood watches going. we have a flash flood watch stretch trg trenton to the jersey shore. that's the burgundy red. now this has moved into upperen montgomery county. we're going to revisit the tornado warning, which is now continuing on. let's just see what time that
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this is extended to. so 6:15 p.m. on this particular storm. so this severe thunderstorm is moving through here. the tornado warning is now for southeastern berks county. it's stretching, if you want to. hop into the weather monitor you can walk people through where this is going next. we are looking at pottstown and reading at 5:43. so anybody that is in the path of this cone that i just drew, you absolutely have to seek shelter. you have to get inside a sturdy building and stay away from the windows and get on the lower floor. that's what's important.
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we have seen damage from this storm that wed upstream. we have gotten reports and the national weather service has got b reports of some wind damage this is trees down and snapped. this is in west beaver. this is the in the county north and west of berks. we have breaking news. we will be this tornado warning. follow us on our app. we'll keep it going at the bottom of the screen. keith, what's going on over there? >> the breaking news into the newsroom related to the murder mystery in bucks county. the person of interest cosmo
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dinardo has just confessed to taking part in the killing of four men. this is happening within the past ten minutes in the pouring rain out here in the courthouse. his attorney paul lang came outside and gave a brief statement to reporters gathered here. the information that his attorney gave to us. according to this attorney, cosmo dinardo confessed to being a participant in the act of killing the four missing men and also spoke to the district attorney and investigators telling them where some of the bodies be located. at this point, we don't know those locations. he made a deal they would not seek the death penalty in lieu of this confession. that's according to the defense attorney.
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we're also told that we will have an update from the district attorney tonight on this issue. just to. wrap up this major breaking news, there's a confession from cosmo dinardo telling prosecutors he did have a role in committing the killings of these four men as well as giving the location of those bodies. we do know that a plea deal some sort of agreement has been made with prosecutors. where they take the death penalty off the table. the participanents of cosmo din have spoken with vergts. we can confirm that cosmo dinardo, 20 years old, the person of interest in this case has confessed and will seek a deal with prosecutor where is they do not seek the death penalty. we'll gather more and give you a part of the interview at 6:00. for now, i'm randy gyllenhaal,
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nbc 10 news. >> we have a team of reporters and we'll czech back in with you. we're in the business of pairing and protecting you. we're going to get right back to our tornado warning taking place in berks county. let's get over to glenn schwartz and meteorologist tammie souza tracking this warning. where is it and just how severe are we talking? >> we have severe weather all over the place. multiple counties. the deeper red is a flash flood. there's also a warning for a part of bucks county. sometimes those can be life threatening.
5:38 pm
now that is the direction of the storm. so the storm started in western berks county. they saw rotation west of reading. now they extrapolate the box based on the direction and the speed that the storm is moving. now they are assuming that it will continue to move at the same speed on the same path until further notice. until they it either get some confirmation or they signal the rotation in that storm would start to weaken. now we are seeing this area continue to be under the warn g warning. this goes now into the upper portion offen montgomery county and even the farthest north
5:39 pm
portion of chester county. they tend not to last a long time. and in the book that dr. john and i ro on the history of the philadelphia area weather, we took a look and researched tornadoes throughout history. and in pennsylvania in our part of pennsylvania, a tornado would be more likely in berks county and chester county than any other part of our area. but even that is still much, much less than you'd get in the states west of the appalachians. once again, velocity mode where you have indications of wind going this way and going this way by different colors.
5:40 pm
so you want to see the red and the green next to each other in they would call a couplet. this is not a classic looking structure here from what we have seen in tornado history. but this is something that is monitored by the national weather service. there's somebody on the radar constantly. they are making calls to the emergency management in berks county to see if anybody had seen any of this with modern social media. if anybody had take an a picture of this, they would send it in or put it on the web. and people would be able to get that information. the weather service would get that information. and then relay it over to us. now you can see where the storms are.
5:41 pm
they are lining up toward trenton. the problem is that it's not really moving straight to the south. or straight to the north. >> this is a 3-d slice of the that is actually just off to the north of where the tornado warning is. you can see these are fairly tall. these storms are up there 50,000 feet in the atmosphere. and you can see the intense shades of red and those actually are the very tops of the cloud tops. and what you're looking at is your looking at an intense rain and looking at perhaps some of the hail core with some of this. this is just moving through reading right now. so the biggest threat of rotation is heading through reading. these are the tomorrows moving through there. this is the type of thing that we are watching very closely.
5:42 pm
>> the fact that it is moving in the same direction they are lined up, this is called training. now this is moving over the same area hour after hour after hour and that ends up creating several inches of rain in single spots. so you have different kinds of severe weather at the same time. you have potential tornadoes. you have potential wind damage from other storms. and you also have potential flash flooding. so you take your eye off the ball and you're looking just up into the cloud can for the circulation, you might miss the flood that it is potentially more dalgs. >> that's the tornadic storm. that's not a funnel.
5:43 pm
that just shows you this is like arching over. there's a huge up draft in this storm. you can actually see there's a lot of the darker reds where you would have the intense rain and maybe the hail. the hail core up there arching over because we saw a lot of hail with this. >> normally even in a thunderstorm, youen wouldn't necessarily see this core, this heavy core go up this far. this is an unusually intense storm. >> it is and it is staying together. they are in the path of this tornado warning. we had a lot of walnut sized hail. it's moving in a 3-d version.
5:44 pm
this would be the blue area is the indication of the hail. if you can erase that sign there, we can show you just where that report of the hail is. there's another one here. this is in western chester county. so we don't want to just look at the one particular storm. there are other storms with the similar potential that we have to keep an eye on all at the same time. so we have this cluster of storms with a lot of lightning, with golf ball sized hail at least and also indications of that in western chester county. also in montgomery county just north of philadelphia. so there's more than one. these are reports or estimates of the size of hail based on the
5:45 pm
reflection, the reflectivity of the radar. so it's sending out a signal into the storm. then getting a signal back. >> the storm that's moving out of reading and it's not moving into the area. this particular storm is the tornado warning storm. i will turn this off and this bright color here, this is the area we're concerned about.
5:46 pm
>> not one of them is less dangerous. we're focusing on this potential tornado warned storm. this storm has a tornado warning on it. potentially could produce a tornado at any time. that's something that we are. ing to focus on. this is the wider angle. we have number of warnings moving through the area. a lot of intense lightning. >> parts of the usual. dover has a a wark heading towards you. we'll get to that in a moment. this is training.
5:47 pm
and that means tlooding is going to be occurring in some areas. this is very heavy rain coming down. this is as much as 4 inches an hour in places. obviously, we have a problem when you have thunderstorms moving across the same area over and over again, over a two-hour period, you have one storm. you get your downpour and instead of that's the ind of your rain for the day, you have another giant storm. how big is that storm? how intense is that? let's take a look at the rainfall. it's close to 2 inches.
5:48 pm
so this is a totally different storm that has moved in. now this is the hail tracks. so they are it detecting the potential for hail each sweep. and you put it all together and time goes by, let's see what happens as we go in towards berks county. what we're seeing here is the more intense part. reading is down here. >> i'm going to say let's take a look at what's going on with the tornado warning. if we can pop back over to max 2. right now what you can see is
5:49 pm
you can get a good idea. you can see the storm itself is up here. it's moving just kind of past pottstown. the bright red is where we have the tornado warning. i'm going to draw this cone in just to give you an idea of who is in there. the storm is coming right through the area in like right now. you need to make sure you're indoors and in a secure place. >> it seems to be building on itself. we have this huge storm system that's providing all the energy we need.
5:50 pm
we did mention that walnut-sized hail that was associated with this. and we definitely don't want anybody dpeting hit by hail on the head. and for the most part, we have seen everywhere from golf ball sized hail to walnut-sized. you can see some of that. i'm going to put the hail tracks into motion for just the last hour and loop them. you can see them moving through the area. you're not seeing the deepest blue as you did earlier in the upper left of the screen. >> the storm itself is probably losing a little bit of the hail as it moves on. and hail with tornadoes is not unusual. so i'm not surprised to see
5:51 pm
that's where the most intense returns for hail. that's something that sort of goes hand in hand. and if you were out there in berks county, you probably saw a greenish gray sky. now we do have trees snapped and uprooted in a.m.ty gardens and that's in berks county. >> at 5:42. >> and that's what we're going to be looking at as this storm, any of these storms move through. but this particular storm was the most intense. go ahead and i'm going to put this back on a wider view here. just so that everybody will see what's going ob with the storms. anywhere from reading to trenton, you're look at potentially dangerous storms moving overhead. and again, as glenn schwartz pointed out earlier, these are moving over the same spot. they are moving virtually on an east/southeast over the same
5:52 pm
spot. so what does that mean? heavy flooding and continuing to get the wind gusts. you're going to continue to be in the pats of these very severe storms. we're also looking at gold. these are severe thunderstorm warnings. that's from central montgomery county and into central bucks county. we're looking for the tornado warning. this tornado warning is something we're keeping a very, very close eye on until 6:15. it has been extended again and again. let's go back up to the tornado warned area. let's. hop into the weather monitor there so we can kind of show
5:53 pm
people what is going on. let's clear this off here. and you can kind of go over some of what's going on. >> this is the outlying of berks county. read aring the biggest in berks county. pottstown is outside of berk. s county. we have berks and montgomery and chester counties coming together. in right this area. when they put out the tornado warning and it's going in this direction, you have to include all three counties in the official warning. even though it is a tiny piece of chester county. and a tiny piece offen montgomery county. that's in the warning. there's just no other way to communicate that at this point. now we're continuing to track this storm. one of the storms there are many of them.
5:54 pm
6:13 at pottstown. 6:2 in limerick. 6:34 in phoenixville. all of these areas have been hit by heavy thunderstorms with some strong gusty winds. very heavy rain. a good bit of lightning. but can we turn ob the lightning for this particular one? i like to look for concentrations of the loigt ning. and if we were looking a half hour ago. it was come iing across berks county. the lightning bolts are the older strikes. so that we can get an idea of how the lightning has changed. >> the tornado warning has been
5:55 pm
allowed to expire. which means that storm has probably lost some of the rotation. we have a lot of concern because any of them could produce a tornado warning, but they could be producing damaging winds. we're going to move over from the magenta boxes. we're going to focus on what's going on here from montgomery county and into bucks county. we have this warning. let's put up max 2 if we can. it's the storm that is no moving right on through headed toward trenton. you see that one right there. 8 when we had the warning in
5:56 pm
berks county, it was moving towards the southeast. you can see right here it's the storm that's over wooster and maple glen, norristown. that's already been hit twice. the last one is now crossing into new jersey. and once we have gotten let's say past the tornado warning, we still have at least a half dozen intense cells here in the same general area north of philadelphia and moving west to east. meaning that the whole system is not yet m koling down towards philadelphia or delaware or
5:57 pm
jersey shore. that's good for them. but farther to the north, these areas just keep getting hit over and over again. we'll keep following that. >> we continue to cover our breaking news. a shocking confession in the murder of four men missing in bucks county through an attorney. cosmo dinardo has not only confessed to taking part to the murders of four men, but also pointed authorities to the general location of where those bodies might be on the property. we continue to see that shot from sky force 10 of that 90-acre farm. his family's farm. crews are working diligently and delicately and quite carefully sifting through that it rubble making sure that they are very careful with that evidence if possible. plus covering severe thunderstorm warnings in our area. nbc 10 with has working hard.
5:58 pm
that's next at 6:00.
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, we are following two major breaking news stories. a thunderstorm warning in our area. first a confession in the case of four missing men in bucks county. >> the person of interest in that case cd just admitted to being part of the killing of four missing men.
6:00 pm
we learned he made a deal with prosecutors. he was already in custody on $5 million bail accused of stealing one of the missing men's cars. >> his attorney tells us he's confessed. prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. >> last night police found human remains in what they call a common grave on a farm. a hole is on the sprawling farm that's owned by cosmo dinardo's family. >> investigators have only identified one of the bodies as one of the missing men. the four men went missing last week. >> they have one of the attorneys. >> major development happening just about 40s ago. it came during a very hectic half hour. the district attorney came out of the courthouse first promising a big announcement coming up in the next few minutes. he did not have much to say but


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