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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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bucks county lost their lives. today the district attorney confirmed cosmo dinardo and sean kratz are charged with the murders. four bodies were recovered on the family farm. the da says the murder weapons have also been recovered. we have team coverage of these major developments. randy gyllenhaal is live at doylestown where the suspects were arraigned. >> we begin with deanna durante who is breaking down how investigators managed to crack this case. >> prosecutors today say if they hadn't made a plea deal with cosmo dinardo, they may never have found the body of a newtown town shipman. we are also americaning more about the family member who helped him kill and cover up the crimes. it was a a mystery that the nation watching and by week's end, the fate of three had been known. >> we did find three of the young men ried deep within the ground under an oil tank converted into a cooker about 12
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feet down. >> reporter: all men had been shot. remains were identified. those of three others were burned in a barrel lit with gasoline. police say these two men, cosmo dinardo and his cousin sean kratz, weren behind the murders. the victims arriving to this family farm under the guise of buying drugs. sturgis tried to run while meo was on the ground screaming. >> that was to bring two men home to their loved ones who have done nothing wrong and deserve this unspeakable tragedy that has been set upon them. we're here to seek justice for them. >> reporter: that's not been easy since four were reported missing. police spent nearly a week searching for remains and the first killed was the last to be found. prosecutors say they may have never found the body of jimmy patrick without a plea deal to pair spare of the death penalty. >> we were able to also secure
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jimmy patrick's body and bring him home as well. >> reporter: now that plea deal does not apply to kratz here. he's charged with three murders in this case and also prosecutors say in that news conference earlier today they recovered weapons so they never be. used to kill again. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> this afternoon both suspects faced a judge by video at district court in doylestown. illinois jay leno has more. >> reporter: r both of these men facing maggie snow and both of them dbed any shot at ail. they are charged with a numb of crimes ranging from murder to abuse of a corpse and inside that courtroom shs the first steps towards a possible conviction.
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cosmo dinardo will not be allowed out of jail. in a video arraignment, he was wearing that same orange jump suit as the judge denied bail. he will remain in a bucks county jail cell. his cousin and co-conspirator also denied bail. kratz had no attorney telling the judge he worked as a tile installer and saying he was shot three months ago saying he's concern about his injury behind bars. prosecutors say both men are risks to the wider community. >> both committing multiple murders over a week-long period. bail is set at zero. >> reporter: the nature of the accusations, guns, drugs, murder cover up were part of the reason bail was denied. but dinardo structure a deal to avoid the death permanent whole it's possible kratz could still face. capital punishment. >> there's an expect thags that
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he will be following through with any deals made. . there's still discussions. >> both suspects are no longer a danger to the public. adding that the families of the four victims have suffered enough and justice is quickly coming. >> our hope is to minimize their pain going forward through a successful prosecution. >> reporter: one final note from inside the courtroom. the judge decided to house the suspects in separate jails because they don't want them interacting with each other. dinardo will stay in the jail here in bucks county. >> we're learning more about the four men in bucks county who lost their lives after their encounters with cosmo and sean. they were linked together. the 19-year-old disappeared friday. his body was the first to be
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discovered in that 12-foot grave. he graduated high school and worked in an ice cream shop. a co-worker remembers him as a funny guy who had a smile that would just hug you. 22-year-old mark sturgis left his home friday night telling his father he was going to meet up with tom meo. his car was found two days later. his stepmother says his family do great things in his honor. 21-year-old tom meo worked for a construction company. his car was found inside a garage on the delawainardo fami proper along with the insulin pump he used to manage his diabetes. a vigil will be tonight in newtown. it's scheduled to begin the at 7:30. jimmy patrick finished his first year in maryland.
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he attended holy ghost preparatory high school. he graduated a year after cosmo dinardo. we have posted these stories on our website at and also on our free nbc 10 app. we'll update you on any new information around the clock. let's take a live look at the radar. this is what our team of meteorologists is using to track severe storms that are moving across our region tonight. a live look from our nbc camera at lynn cob financial field. the skies are dark, the turbine is not moving. you said erika martin is tracking the storl oos path. let's dpet tammie souza in here who have has the latest on who is dealing with the storm. >> they are hammering south jersey. you can see the storms moving through delaware.
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but the heaviest storm is here. it's moving toward atlantic city. it's moving toward aisle city. and we have more. although sol of that is dropping southward. and these storms have extremely high top. down toward washington, d.c., a report of a storm with 65,000-foot tops. so these are intense storms. you can actually see the warning now until 5:45. let's take a closer look at each of these areas. boy one. you need to seek shelter. these are bringing 60 mile an hour winds. these are isolated accounts of that. this is it the storm overhead right now moving through your area. now let's go from cape may to wildwood to avalon and den nis and we have this tomorrow that's going to be approaching. so you have time to chic shelter 3 we're going up to atlantic
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city, egg harbor and storms already moving through and more to come. we'll keep you updated. we'll be tracking these neighborhood by neighborhood. but we're going to head out because arkansas ka march ten, you shall with our storl ranger and you have information for us. >> that's right. i'm in logan township. and we did see some rounds of rain move through fast and furiously. and several rounds of thunder and lightning. right now we are seeing some localized ponding right now. so the thing is it's not that bad. however, when that lightning and thunderstorms are rolling through, it got bad very quickly. we hopped back into storm ranger to be safe. a look up into the clouds and the sky. you can see a break in the clouds. so definite improvement. i want to go over a cup can l storm reports that we have already done. some strong gusts up to 41 miles
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per hour in atlantic county. be sure you download the nbc 10 app for more information. back to you in the studio. now to a developing story. nbc news obtained new information about a now infamous meeting between president trump's oldest son and a rougs. jacqueline london is live in our breaking news center with details. >> nbc news learned a former. counterintelligence officer was also at that meeting in question. he was in the room when dopd trump jr. there was. he promised damaging information about hillary clinton. he's expect suspected by some officials of having ongoing ties to russian intelligence. donald trump jr. has come under fire for taking the meeting, but president president has backed his son's decision to do so and says nothing came from that
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meeting. house democrats say the trump call pain may have breaken laws. >> i hear the. saying things that are so -- it groundless. he says this is just politics. this is not just politics. >> house democrats today also renewed their calls for a vote on an independent it commission to investigate russia's meddling in the election. presidential is pack on u.s. soil. ae arrived this b amp. trump will spnd this weekend at hiss dpofl curse in new jersey. it's hosting ts the u.s. open. loif in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. we'll bring you every new details in the bucks county killing spree. all new at 5:00, we're looking into the science behind what these dogs can do. plus new details in a deadly crash that kill ed a pennsylvana
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state trooper this morning. and overdosed on elephant tra tranquilizers. that's next at 5:00.
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new discoveries about the killing sprees that left four men dead in bucks county. two cousins are charged with their murders. cosmo dinardo and sean kratz both pleaded not guilty. they will be kept in separate jails after prosecutors argued they were dangerous to society. a criminal complaint alleges the two brought the victims to the farm to buy marijuana. the bodies were found buried in two separate graves. a legal analyst is join iin us now. first of all, his lawyer has already said his client has c confessed saying he did thp. >> he couldn't say guilty today even if he wanted to. this process has certain procedures that need to play out. he has to go through the preliminary hearing.
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that will be waived and september out to the common pleas. that's when he can plead guilty and get on with the sentencing phase of this case. normally the first person that makes the deal gets the better deal. in this case, they already have what they need from cosmo in this case. and you're talking about a second-degree murder, which is during the commission of a felony and premeditated murder where they were lured here under the guys selling marijuana and brutally killed. he could still be facing the death penalty and his lawyers are going to have to work hard to get that off the table. at a preliminary hearing, to
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move that and bind that over for trial. at that point it would move to bucks county court of common pleas. it will get assigned to a judge and they can plead not guilty or guilty and get on with the sentencing phase or go to trial and that's the way this case will play out. it starts at the prenar arraignment and works up to trial. >> thank you as always. now other big stories tonight, a potent type of opioid that's typically used as an elephant tranquilizer now blamed for several deaths. it's 10,000 times more potent than heroin. officials say a 43-year-old man found dead in his home yesterday had taken the drugs. a philadelphia man also died after taking the drug yesterday. a health warning for anyone who recently visited penn state. health officials want you to
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know about a measles outbreak. a state college resident was diagnosed with the measle was a visiting several stores while contagious. the patient when the university yun job building bookstore. the lions pride, target store ob beaver avenue between july 7th and july 10th. symptoms of the measles include muscle pain, fever and fatigue. back to our weather. here's a live look at radar as you see the storms moving through. then hopefully out of the area. let's get to tammie souza as we look at the ben franklin bridge. >> even though we have clouds out there and it's cooler, don't be fooled. this storm system is being driven by dynamics. that means it's more than temperature. we're watching this sag off to the south. a lot of lightning associated with these storms. we have one big cell here that's
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headed into atlantic city, and we also have another one that's moving through delaware that's going to be headed toward all of you in vineland. philadelphia, you're pretty much cleared out. i'm not saying we don't see something else. pop up, but the worst is behind us. this is a 3-d slice. we went through the middle of the big storm headed through south engineer. you can see the tops are at 50,000 feet on this storm. you can actually see a lot of intensity at the lower level. we have hail and heavy rain up to golf-ball sized hail. this goes until 5:45. this does encome posz along the jersey shore and south new jersey. let's take a. morris river is still in there. you have been cleared from this warning. we have corr bin city and dennis and this is the storm that's moving overhead. make sure to stay away from windows and be inside your
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house. cape may, avalon, almost to atlantic city, but this is going to be until 5:45. you can see the storm is still approaching. so in cape may, you're not dealing with the storm yet but it will be intense lightning, very heavy downpours and maybe damaging winds and large hail. you can see right up to ocean city, egg harbor, just on the border of that. that doesn't mean you won't get good thunderstorm activity s. let's look at this storm system. you can see that we do have more, but it's beginning to sag to the south. this is another 3-d image where you can see the highest storms at one point appear to be right there out there leading chester county and making their way into new castle county in delaware. that's where we also have the biggest damage reports as far as damaging winds. now what you see here shaded in
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red, flash flood wark until 7:15. includes a portion of philadelphia. that's because we have seen rainfall rates that were incredibly high. the dark blue is the heaviest. magenta is isolated amounts approaching 4 inches that has fall b. atlantic city, almost 2 inches of rain. philadelphia, some portions of b montgomery county and northern portions of philadelphia county, 1 b.7 inches. perhaps burkes county. you see nearly 4 inches. you see the blues is the heaviest rainfall. we have had 1-inch hail reported with some of this. even golf ball sieszed hail. now there's a threat of that just to the north of stlik city. these are damage reports. we have had the hail out here in south jersey. we had strees snapped and dalk to cars in parts of chester county and in 58 mil you had a
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58-mile-per-hour wind gust. this is the watch that goes until 9:00 to be the. hast going to continue ob and off. let's take a look at what's going to go on hour by hour. still looking at storms in jersey. maybe another one through philadelphia or allentown. then we clear out tonight. look at this. everything looks pretty nice for the weekend ahead. that is what i'll talk about when i come back. parts of a plane that washed up in the say shells are no from the missing flight 370. you might recall that plane went mising in 2014. several piece of wreckage have washed ashore ob coastlines around the b indian ocean. they usa anoubsed some of this is not from thing plaeb. several families forced to leave their neighborhood, a sib
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k holed two homes. the effort to keep emp in this area safe tonight. the race b find the. top prosecutor. who will fill the office after a corruption scandal september the former da to jail.
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a familiar face is throwing
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lynn abraham turned in her application. she served in that position for 18 years. now the position is open after former district attorney seth williams pleaded not guilty in a federal corruption case. today is the dead line to apply for interim da. the city's board of judges will vote on the candidates next week. one lucky commuter will get to ride septa for free for awhile any way. james bought a septa quick trip ticket pu what he didn't know was that ticket was the 1 million earth sold. so they surprised him with a prize package including a septa wallet loaded with $100 to help get around the city. a purple heart ceremony 72 years in the making.
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94-year-old john velono was shot down over nazi germany in 1 44 and injured and held captive at a war camp. he was too modest to seek reck for his service. his daughter helped get her dad the. proper due. >> the greatest thing in my life fsz my country and my wife. >> he said he's looking forward to the day he can be reunited with his wife who was buried in arlington national cemetery. it took awhile, but he got the honor and was too modest to ask for it. >> so well deserved. still ahead, we are staying on top of the latest developments in the bucks county killing spree. >> how da davr dogs played a huge part in this investigation. shepard creed didn't
5:27 pm
respond. >> he smells dirt. >> and coming up new at 6:00, ab exclusive. a jersey shore under the microscope. what we have uncovered about drugs in the town.
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we are following two big stories. severe storms and the latest developments in the bucks county killing spree. first, let's get to alert weather. showers and storms are moving across our region right now. take a look at your screen. you can see the activity on first alert radar. and just into our newsroom, a look at how severe the storms can get. a tree fell on to a home in south jersey. you see it right there in the middle of the home. cloudy and rainy in center city and broad street. s that live look there. make sure you seep keep the umbrella handy. >> this is the view in philadelphia international airport at this hour. you might. want to check your flight to make sure it's not delayed because of these storms in the area. and want to show you the view ben franklin bridge. we're expecting strong storms in
5:31 pm
the region. we are tracking the latest conditions. tammie souza is going to tell us where the storms are now and erika martin is in storm ranger 10 on wheels. let's begin with tammie souza. >> we're still looking at severe thunderstorm warnings in the area. mostly a line down here moving through delaware and into southern parts of new jersey. philadelphia, a lot of philadelphia cleared out. through sea isle, also a few little cells that will make their way across toward vineland coming out of middletown in delaware. you can see in boxes in yellow. these storms are very tall. they are up to 40,000 feet. so they are beginning to kind of
5:32 pm
diminish in height. you can see the darker shades of red. it has been reported with these. we have a severe thunderstorm warning continuing for the southern part of new jersey. just south of atlantic city through sea isle city to cape may. that's until 5:45 this evening. now out to erika martin. with storm ranger. and tell us what you have seen out there. >> those storms cham came in very quickly. i'm soaked pretty much from head to toe. i'm glad i have my boots on. we are able to scan the atmosphere quickly. that's all it takes. which is why we were able to accurately give you the heads up on those storms moving through. several rounds of lightning and thunder. some really strong thunderstorms across the area. and this is why erin reported
5:33 pm
the fact we are seeing some damage reports. so we'll keep you updated. if you follow us, download the free mobile. app. back to you. now to the latest in the bucks county killing tree sprooe. two men face murder charges in the death of four men reported missing last week. >> i'm satisfied at that time based on the evidence that we have, we have the two men locked up that need to be brought to justice. >> cosmo dinardo is charged with four murders. sean kratz charged with three. he was not there when jimmy patrick was killed. >> this is a story about drugs, money and murder. if you're just getting home, we're going to catch you up on everything you may have missed. >> steve fisher has been gathering the details to get you up to speed.
5:34 pm
>> the district attorney made a major announcement today. the repains of all four men are recovered and two people are carjacked with their death. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo, the initial suspect, and now his kuz b sean kratz will face homicide charges for the death of four men. police also believe they have the two weapons used to commit the murders and cosmo dinardo confessed. from the original grave site. the farm owned by cosmo dinardo's parents. this was a difficult but successful investigation saying their two goals was to brick the boys home and seek justice for their families. >> we have been following every detail of this investigation from bucks county to philadelphia and then montgomery county. that's where rosemary connors is
5:35 pm
joining us live. she spent the day looking into the background of the man arrested today. >> reporter: sean kratz led detectives to this home here on busy road. investigators say they found two guns on the property. he's nonetheless pleading not guilty to the murder charges. >> nice kid. i have no complaints at all. >> reporter: neighbors may describe 20-year-old sean kratz that way, but prosecutors are calling him a murder charged in the deaths of three of the four young men. investigators say he's the cousin of cosmo dinardo, who is charged with murdering the men and burying their bodies their family's farm. >> who has ha type of mentality to do it. >> reporter: investigators armed with metal detectors looked for evidence today at this house in
5:36 pm
montgomery county. police left with a box marked evidence. neighbors say a relative owns the house. >> is there anything you can tell us? >> a man seen coming and going throughout the day would not comment about kratz, who lives here in northeast philadelphia. detectives were at this house overnight ahead of the charges today. according to investigators dinardo and kratzed to rob victims during drug deal oefrs marijuana. the case has drawn national attention and captivated nearby residents. >> it has tis teak that that's where the killer is from. >> reporter: this afternoon, we learned some information about him. he told the judge for employment he's worked as a tile inner. we have also learned he has been charged for burglary in philadelphia and a few months ago he was shot. he told the judge it could potentially be a medical issue while he's in prison. .
5:37 pm
reporting live, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> stay with nbc 10 on air and ob line for updates on this story. we have been following every detail since the very beginning. this is one of the most viewed stories on the nbc 10 app. download it so you can get updates sent directly to your phone. investigators trying to figure out who is at fault for a crash that killed a state. trooper this morning. the 26-year-old michael stewart died in the crash. he and another. trooper slammed into a garbage truck early this morning about an hour outside pittsburgh. the truck was making a left turn. the other. trooper was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. in north jersey police arrested a neighbor in the killing of this 11-year-old girl. her body was found yesterday morning. it was just hours after she was reported missing by her mother. the girl went to throw something in a dumpster and never came back. in berks county, a high school teacher is accused of
5:38 pm
having a sexual relationship with a 1-year-old student if his class. he teaches in leesport. they met after school at parks on several occasions from march until last month. he surrendered this morning. a rescue to save several puppies. how they got trapped in a hole. two houses and a boat all swallowed by a sink hole. tonight a race against time in one neighborhood to keep everyone safe.
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5:41 pm
terrifying moments in florida. look at this. a sink hole swallowed that house and most of another one too. no one was inside, but firefighters did rescue two dogs before the house just fell into the hole. >> i was so scared. we came outside and then it was like collapsing. >> as we were walking around out there, you can feel that ground. it's soft. and you can almost feel the ground moving underneath your feet. >> people living in nine nearby homes took off. they were scared. authorities their efforts are limited until the hole stops growing. once it does, crews could be on
5:42 pm
the scene for up to a month repairing the area. check out this terrifying video of a chief of police nearly getting run over. this was in iowa. the chief stopped a car to talk to the people inside about an assault investigation. the driver then stepped on the gas. police were able to catch up with her after a short chase. a puppy rescue like no other caught on camera. not one, not two, but 11 puppies were rescued from a backyard hole. the humane society posted video of it all. officials say the mother left the puppies when severe weather hit in detroit. many fear the heavy rain would drown them. it took about a half hour to bring the puppies to safety. they were later reunited with their mother. >> in typical be yyonce fashion she created a a big buzz on social media with this photo. she revealed on her instagram page the first foe foes of sir carter and rumi. >> it was similar to the pregnancy announcement in february. they were born last month in los
5:43 pm
angeles. they also have a 5-year-old daughter named blue ivy. those are some beautiful instagrams and babies. all new at 5:00, we have a warning about a scam that could cost you hundreds of dollars. the red flags so you don't become a victim. and i'm tracking strong and severe storms with a flooding across our area. there's more to come tonight. so come on back. i'll tell you when your neighborhood will be clear.
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5:45 pm
we continue to keep you updated on our top story the. let's get you caught up on what we know now. drugs and money led to the four murders. officers aired a second man.
5:46 pm
he's charged with murder and conspiracy. not clear where he will be held. but we know it. won't be in bucks county. it comes a day after cosmo dinardo confessed to his role in the murders. the two men are described as cousins in the criminal affidavit. most of the search focused on a 90-acre farm. his family owned that farm. he told investigators the victim's bodies were buried there. we have been following every detail since the very beginning. this is one of the most viewed stories on the nbc 10 app. an nbc 10 responds warning about a phone scam that could cost you hundreds of dollars. >> these people are terrorists. they are terrorists.
5:47 pm
it scared the daylights out of me. >> reporter: she doesn't want to give her full name, but she wants you to know her story. this past monday someone called her saying they were with the federal government. >> they told me they were selected for a grant. >> reporter: she says the person explained the she would not have to pay back. the money. >> i felt i'm being scammed. >> reporter: she still hoped for the best. >> this is a blessing in disguise. think of it that way. >> she tells us the caller told her all she had to do was pay a $200 registration fee with itunes cards. she did. then it the caller said they needed another $400. e when she asked why shs the conversation got heated. >> kept calling me names and dragging it out. and hung up on me. >> reporter: she called police and nbc 10 responds.
5:48 pm
>> my name is harry hairston. >> reporter: when i asked about the grant money, i was put on hold for a short time. >> after calling back two more times in less that be one minute, it became clear no one would talk to me. nicole realizes she'll never see her money again. >>. i don't want anyone else to get scammed and fall for it the way i did. >> protect yourself. the trade commission says don't give out your bank information. a real government agency won't ask you to pay for a grant. and file a complaint if it you think you have been a victim of a government grant scam, file a complaint with the federal trade commission. >> auz ys you see, severe storm moving through the area.
5:49 pm
the radar very active. take a look at your screen right there it is. >> here's a live look over the navy yard. cloudy skies there covering the area. chief meteorologist tammie souza has your most accurate forecast. >> we do have storms making their way out of maryland and into delaware and across south jersey. philadelphia starting to clear out with a little shower activity. a lot of intense lightning with this batch of showers and storms. and heavy rainfall. we have what's left of the severe thunderstorm watch that covered all of us earlier today. this continues until 9:00 tonight. they have placed it further south across delaware and just the southern tip of the jersey shore. that's because that's where we're still watching the. that's where we have a watch. that's because we're still looking at these strong storms.
5:50 pm
>> this is very heavy rain. that's why we have a flash flood warning that's been issued for all the area in red. we have seen high rainfall rates. and this is just a quick glimpse at how much has fallen. nearly 4 inches, 1. inches. we saw 2en.2 inches as we headed into parts of south jersey. and 1.9 inches to the south of atlantic city. use caution if you're out and about. you may come across flooded roadways. we're watching some hail with these storms. if you're out here from morris river to cape may, don't go outside now.
5:51 pm
we have seen golf ball size hail reported. don't get hit by that. stay inside. stay away from windows. we have 83 strikes within this box that i have drawn here. and that's a pretty small area. dangerous lightning. the kids don't need to be out. you don't need to be out. here are all of the damage reports so far. these will be added to, but we did have car damage in chester county. we also had power lines down. we had 58 mile an hour wind gust in millville. so we're looking at damage reports as they come in. things are going to start to quiet down as this entire system continues south of us. you can see itting down southward. let's go hour by hour and get you ready. you're waiting for the weekend. the storms are going to move through. philadelphia could see more rain
5:52 pm
around 30. we could see an instability shower. it should be a more comfortable day. i call it pleasant. we're going to be in for some pleasant weather out there. so here's a lock at your ten-day on 10. we're going for 88 tomorrow. much less humid. a mix of sun and clouds. sunshine and 90 on sunday. 90 on monday with some storms. then on tuesday we're looking at more storms as well. back to you. cadaver dogs were key to finding the bodies of four missing buck. s county men. we're looking at how these dogs are trained. and coming up new at 6:00, an nbc 10 exclusive. >> a jersey shore city under scrutiny by. the fed's. >> it breaks my heart. >> reporter: why these documents i have uncovered have city leaders so concerned.
5:53 pm
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♪ back to the bucks county murder investigation, police canines get a lot of credit for make big break in this case. they picked up the scent of human remains 12 feet below the ground of the 80-acre farm. >> cydney long talked to a handler of the cadaver dog who explained how they can be crucial to investigations.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: with high pitched commands, state trooper directs his partner in solving crime. >> we train them from land, water, boat, structure fires. this 5-year-old is the only ka dovr dog and only the third in police history trained to find human remains. he was not part of the team that helped solve the mystery. >> they are unique ability to smell so much more powerful than a human. >> reporter: dog noses have 300 million receptors compared to humans with 6 million. it was to find a piece of clothing bury. he's trained as a patrol canine. but as a cadaver dog, rekol limits homicide and missing persons. >> the training never ends. >> reporter: state police keep specific training techniques
5:57 pm
close to the vest. >> we only trained for one b scent. >> we had cadaver dogs and i don't understand the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these four boys 12 feet below the ground. >> reporter: new jersey state police did not lend resources anden can't comment on the case of four missing men in bucks county. but we did ask is the discovery of find 12 feet below the impressive. >> every set of circumstances is different. they all play a major factor in the success of what a dog can and can't do. >> if a scent is present -- >> even residue of a scent, the dog will alert to it. >> that's the ultimate reward is to bring closure to a family. >> cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> fascinating. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
>> up first at 6:00, our breaking news coverage continues of the bucks county killing spree guns, drugs, murder and a cover up. two suspects are now charged. could one of them face the death penalty.
5:59 pm
that breaking news a day of discoveries in the killing spree in bucks county. two suspects are charged with
6:00 pm
murdering four men in a twisted e tale of drug, money and murder. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. this case has capped national attention all week long. but tonight we finally have the answers everyone has been waiting for. let's break down what we know. two people now face charges. first cosmo dinardo was charged withing all four men. he confessed to the crime and made a deal with prosecutors. sean kratz was charged with killing three of the men. he was arrested late last night. he calls hill his cousin. all of the victims were shot in three separate incidents. on two different days. three bodies were found on wednesday. the last body was found last night. police have been searching all week long. all of the victims were lured to that farm over drug deals and all were buried there. three of the bodies were burned. we are bringing you live team coverage of the killing spree. randy gyllenhaal is


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