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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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marijuana. >> nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, a predator in the park. a 19-year-old woman was jogging when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually saltassault her. she is out of the hospital but the search for her attacker is present. >> and police were forced to close the park while they investigate. >> and we have new details on the investigation. >> reporter: park rangers were guarding the entrance and it closed at sunset. this was a surprise attack on this jogger and now police are looking to the public for help. >> in the hours before sunset, dozens of people tried to get no northtown farm park and were forced to turn back. >> all of the people are turning around. >> i heard something happened here. >> pank rangers shut the park down forn response to an attack to a teenage girl and the
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19-year-old jogger was attacked from behind by a man with a gun and sexually assaulted today. >> i'm shocked because this is so local. >> reporter: he wore a black mask and dark hoodie an got away in an unknown direction. sky force over the direction in west norton and montgomery county looked for evidence. in another section of the park, investigators set up a command post where they worked well into the evening. >> it was one strand of tape that i saw and i just saw police line in our cross. >> and this is a park where groups hold 5-k runs and where parents bring their children and walkers and bicyclists go to exercise and those nearby are shocked by the crimes that hit close to him. >> it is not a place where these sort of things happen. i've never heard of anything bad here. >> i'm sure that when people hear about what happened here, it is like oh, my gosh, you can't go anywhere by yourself any more. >> reporter: the victim was released from the hospital earlier tonight. police are asking anyone who saw
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anything suspicious around the time of the attack, just before 11:00 this morning, to come forward. live from east norton, nbc 10 news. the first alert weather and a lot of neighborhoods didn't see any rain today but scattered storms really hit parts of philadelphia and south jersey. we spotted this in the county. >> over in montgomery count, the rain couldn't stop kids from playing a volleyball game in glennside. summer storms could pop up throughout the week. >> let's talk to first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the summer heat has returned. >> and it will be with us for much of the rest of the week. the hume coming up a little bit. we have a beautiful night out there. it did get up to 91 degrees today after a big climb, remember saturday was only 79 and 83 on sunday. tomorrow we're going to be close. we're at around 90 degrees with a little bit higher humidity. now at 5:00, there was some storms up to the north.
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just this one little shower right in philadelphia. and then, boom, and then it didn't move. and that is how you ended up with that flooding in palmyra and new jersey and other parts of philadelphia. it is right now it is 79 in philly, 72 in potstown and 61 in mt. pocono and heavy storms there. the ocean a nice warm 78 degrees. now tomorrow it is going to be feeling like around 90 degrees. the only thing that will cool us off, some of the scattered afternoon thunderstorms. so get used to that. i'll let you know when the 90 degrees is going to end and when the storms are most likely coming up. right now at 11:00, catching a killer. after days of looking for this man in the red sweater, police know who he is. >> derek rawlings is the suspect in two shootks, including a murdero on the main line but thy need your help to catch him.
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we are live outside of the police department in west philadelphia. >> they are working nonstop to find the killer. >> reporter: if and when detective as rest derek rawlins, they could bring him here. we spent tonight learning more about him but we found out it is very tough to get people to open up about a man who they consider on the run and armed and dangerous. neighbors who live on the street where police found his car either didn't know him or didn't want to talk about him. >> as police in two counties continue to search for the man, the community is trying to put it behind them. >> now that we have an arrest warrant and the homicide warrant, everybody has a sense of relief, a number of families show their gratitude at the national night out with the we support our police signs. which appear to be quite popular. >> i've been here 45 years and i love the place. my son is a police man.
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>> an officer worked the night of john lee's murder. >> he was off duty and he was called in to answer that call. and i didn't hear about it until the next day. >> reporter: the event was a few miles from where le was shot and killed. haver ford township first murder since 2003 and still the talk of the town days later. this morning philadelphia police got a big lead when they found his car. this was at 51st and locust, next to a church and down the street from a day care. what we know about rawlins is that the 24-year-old faced gun and drug charges in 2014 but police want to know more. >> we want to know why came out and killed this guy. >> here detectives were just a short drive from the other shooting he is accused of where he almost killed a few other people. live in west philly, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. new developments today in do you know crisis.
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the city has closed off more than a half dozen beach entrances because of elevated levels of bacteria. that was found in ponds of standing water that formed after five inches of rain fell between friday and saturday. contractors from the u.s. army corp of engineers started pumping that water on to the ocean side of the dunes today. starting tomorrow, every margate beach from the ventner line to gladstone will be closed while the pumping continues. new at 11:00, finding the fakes. these surveillance photos show two men who used counterfeit $100 bills at a business in burkes county. police say similar crimes were reported in box, montgomery and delaware counties as well. philadelphia police are looking for a man who posted a video of himself climbing city hall. he put it up on youtube this past sunday. and investigators are working to determine when this video was actually shot. but you could see the scaffolding which was up earlier this year for renovations. a city spokesperson said he is
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extremely concerned by this video and what the person did was not only dangerous but illegal. and this comes a week after two men were arrested for climbing the ben franklin bridge. and that happened in the early morning hours last tuesday. both men are now facing a long list of charges. campaign cash and phillies tickets. former mayor of redding is accused of accepting both in exchange for political favors. but today spencer denied all charges in court. spencer is one of several local officials indicted in this pay to play scheme. the mayor and pulaski has also pleaded not guilty. bill cosby is getting a new trial in montgomery county and now maybe a new lawyer. he filed a petition to withdraw from the case but cosby will have to hira new attorney and he will appear in court. cosby is supposed to go on trial for the second time this november, the first ended with a
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mistrial. you could order just about anything off amazon. well now you could get a job on demand. amazon is holding ten job fairs around the country tomorrow. one is at the fulfillment center in mercer countries. amazon will make job offers on the spot to qualified candidates who apply in person. the job fair runs from 8:00 a.m. until noon. supporters are trying to save the nation's first historically black college, cheney university. a group called heeding cheney's call raloyed outside of governor's office in center city and the university is facing an uncertain future because of falling enrollment and lack of funding. they are working on a plan to keep cheney open. and you don't see this every day in south philadelphia. philly police landing one of the helds in the middle of swanson street as part of national night out. neighbors also got the chance to
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see it up close and personal. similar events were held all over the country. we spotted the fanatic in south philly and flag football and a obstacle course in center hill. the goal is to build relationships between police and community. and a traffic stop takes a scary turn and hear from the officer who survived this roadside crash. plus, making it legal. a local congressman pushed for new laws on marijuana. we ask you to weigh in. and what a steal. why this house in new jersey is on sale for only $10.
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i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. fans of lincoln park gathered tonight to honor the band's late lead singer. they were supposed to perform at the bb&t but it was canceled after the bennington suicide.
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a family is suing a new jersey school district because they say enough was not done to save their daughter from hear asment before she took her own life. the 12-year-old mallory grossman committed suicide in june. mallory's parents say their daughter was a victim of recentless bullying on social media and they repeatedly asked school officials to intervene, including at a meeting just hours before mallory's death. today they file aid notice of in tent to sue for negligence. >> it is about the school's responsibility to not only be responsible for teaching academics and abc and 123, but we have to look at omotional well being of the children. >> they are considering suing parents of three or four children to allow the bullying to go on for months. should marijuana be legal across the country? yes, according to new jersey senator cory booker, who
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introduced a new bill today. it is sure to spark opposition from the white house and perhaps heated conversation at the dinner table. >> three different people, with very different opinions. >> i think it is not fair that it is not legal. >> he sees no problems. >> i would hate for marijuana to be legalized. >> linda is anti-drug. she lost three family members to abuse, while tamera. >> it is awesome. it changed my life. >> she tried dozens of medications for epilepsy before turning to medical marijuana. >> last summer i was so sick and had seizures and i broke down and said i will try this. >> your tax dollars are being drained by the war on marijuana. >> reporter: cory bookers listed even more reasons in the marijuana justice act. he said the current laws unfairly target the poor and minorities and waste resources to fight violent crime. >> a lot of loss and devastated
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communities, devastated cities and devastated families. and devastated too many lives. >> the new legislation would be retroactive and ex pung records and has little chance of approval from republican and the trump white house. >> we have too much of a tolerance for drug use. we need to say, as nancy reagan said, just say no. >> here at home, only medical marijuana is legal in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware, but the first state is considering legalizing recreational pot. >> you know, if you want to smoke marijuana [ inaudible ]. it only leads to death. we're getting a lot of feedback on our nbc 10 facebook page. you could access it yourself, there is the story and share your opinion as so many people have done thus far. well senator booker's bill is welcome news to some, but the trump administration is a sought to tighten up on the federal drug policy.
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in south jersey, families enjoyed a night at the water park and raised money for people with autism. in splash world for special needs night. 95.7 hosted the event which benefits the autism cares foundation. the foundation said events like these are important because people with autism have few places to enjoy activities together. 4,000 square-feet, six bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and a house like that would cost a good chunk of money, right. so why is this one right here on sale for only $10? because of course it comes with a catch. the town of montclair new jersey bought the land around the home for a new subdivision so whoever buys the house also needs to pay for it to be moved. you want to read that fine print. >> i know. when it sound too good to be true. >> it usually is. >> it was a great night for nbc 10 and telemundo 62.
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>> with the emmy award nomination, our stations combined for 36 nominations, the most in our region. many came from our coverage of the dnc in philadelphia. the delaware prison hostage standoff and the winter snowstorm. we are proud of all of our team members who worked so hard to be nominated, winners will be announced next month. let's turn now to our first alert weather. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your most accurate forecast. >> and the place to escape the heat, yeah, the shore. a live shot of cape may, to lafayette, and cars on the roads and people walking out there. it is nice and comfortable. it is nice and comfortable for the rest of the week. different story inland. in philadelphia right now, it is still 80 degrees. graduate hospital and pen sport, 81, society hill and port richmond had nasty storms in tarsdale this afternoon at 74 degrees right now. the doppler radar back at 5:00
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to show that storm developing across, and other storms, in the lehigh valley and then the build up and they didn't move. so some places got a lot of rain, some places none at all. here is the radar estimate. here we have in philadelphia over here, there is palmyra and the bridge area. 3.1 inches of rain. and that fell in like less than two hours. now we're talking about some more showers and storms back to the west. that threat is going to be with us during the afternoons over the next couple of days. take a look at this. tomorrow morning, generally on the dry side. i little bit more humid than it was today. by noontime, just an isolated shower or two. but then we start seeing it build up. with a heat and humidity, 2:00 in the afternoon, we have some isolated big storms. not everybody is getting it again. and it looks like they are not going to get it at the jersey
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shore. or where the delaware beach is. this is an inland thing happening tomorrow. then it all dies down and then on thursday the heat and humidity causing it to build up again. but maybe even less activity on thursday than what we'll see tomorrow. but it is there. and it is also not there at the jersey shore. that is the neighborhood forecast. all right. the feels-like temperature, it was beautiful yesterday. today fairly comfortable. and it is going to go up a little bit. but it is not getting to the oppressive levels. we do have an issue with the air quality, though. code orange tomorrow for ozone unhealthy for sensitive groups. so want to limit your out door activities. over the next three days, we are close to 90 degrees. humidity higher. but not in the dangerous levels. and the place to escape the thunderstorms, well, not necessarily lehigh valley because they are going to be up there just like today.
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jersey shore, look at that, wednesday and thursday and even much of delaware going without the thunderstorms and look at the high temperatures at the jersey shore. nice and comfortable. caught on video. how an officer survived and described this scary moment of impact on the side of the road and still managed to take down the driver. ♪
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we've helped the two of you get this far. and we're proud to now join all three of you, as you continue the greatest journey you'll ever embark on. aetna. you don't join us, we join you. zram attic dash-cam video captured the moment a drunk driver slammed into a texas police officer. >> the officer is okay despite the graphic video you are about to see. here is another look. the drunk driver clips the police cruiser and then barreled into the stopped car and the officer. even though the -- even through the pain, the officer managed to get up and nab the driver who hit him. the officer described the moment of impact.
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>> next thing i knew is, i was flying through the air. and it felt like i was spinning through a washing machine. >> the officer is recovering from a hyper-extended foot and a fractured vertebrae. but talk about bravery there, getting right back up as you see and being able to get that suspect. >> after the force of that. unreal. all right. john clark, what do you have coming up in sports. >> tough decision for the fimmies. will they induct pete rose into the wall of fame and match the catch of the year in baseball tonight. we'll show you that. it is heating up at eagles camp. first full day of full tackles and we'll hear from carson wentz and who will die their beard green. that is next.
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experience tv. >> i'm john clark from csn, envelope reported carson wents asked what are you doing to improve the team. he got him some receivers. look at who is out there for the first day of full tackling, dick vermeil. this is a day the birds look forward to. the defense could finally hit and tackle the offensive players. just don't touch carson wentz. >> it was finally hot today. so we were blessed with good weather for a while there. but camp is going solid. we have a plenty of mistakes and trying to get everybody up to speed on the same page and that is why you do this and come out early in the morning, and do this every day. so i would say we're where we want to be and we have to keep building. >> sounds good. yesterday we went with cornerback jaylen mills to his barber and got mer green in his hair and convinced me to go green. he tried to recruit teammates to
11:29 pm
go green with him. today, how about malcolm jenkins. >> the beard. >> the beard. >> not going to the beard. maybe just a little bit right here. >> what do you think? >> i have a little silver going in there. a little silver and green. >> i don't think so. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it sounds like you are closer, though. >> no, i'm not. not even close. >> not happening. malcolm has to answer to his wife. no word from the phillies whether they will induct pete rose in 11 days and fans voted him in and now fans say in polls they should not have the ceremony. he is accused by a woman of having a sexual relationship before the age of 16. that was the age of consent in ohio in the 70s. pete in new court documents admitted he had a relationship but he believed she was 16. phillies brought up drew anderson from double-a redding and today they are facing anaheim angels and mike trout taking on his home town team and
11:30 pm
many hope he will be a philly one day. and a start -- a fast start. 1-0 right now in the fourth inning. and tonight this could be the catch of the year. let's go to boston. austin jackson in action. flips over the wall and holds on. now look at this angle coming up right here. look at the extension he gets, he's got some how muches. >> and he hangs on. sixers have revealed the new jersey, foltz got college number 20, and tlc agreed to give it to him so if you want to get the jersey, it is out there and official and it is number 20. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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all right. we've got some more heat. possible heat wave. by thursday, but it is just barely a heat wave. so we're not talking about dangerous heat. scattered thunderstorms each afternoon. but look at the weekend. and cooler and less humidity and sunday will be as nice as this past sunday was. >> great. >> that was nice. >> zero in on sunday. i'm jacquelyn london. >> and i'm keith joins. thank you for watching. the tonight show is next. have a great evening. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeremy renner. bridget everett. musical guest french montana


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