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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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came from planet mars. i don't care. get him in here. let do it. i don't know enough about the situation. it's hard unless you've actually interviewed him. have you talked to him to know, is he all in on football? is he in the kind of shape he has to be? those are the rumors floated out there. >> i haven't talked to him. but the san francisco people, chip kelly never thought it was a problem. commitment and doing his job, and sass you saas you said, he good year. >> al: a time-out is taken on defense by arizona. always dangerous when you go to the fans for advice. jimmy haslem with the skid row once and said grab johnny manziel as i recall. >> cris: there's a guy i get excited about a little bit. any time you see a young man
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come back from injury, and jaylon smith was a dynamic player at notre dame. he was a great young man and how wonderful his attitude was. the last game of his college career in the bowl game, in what looked like a nothing kind of play, gets hurt for the first time. he was telling us, the first time he's been injured. sits out the entire year. thank god now that he is feeling better and that foot is now starting to -- he can lift it now. that was the issue. he couldn't lift his foot. now he can. i think he's very confident he's going to be a player for them this year. >> his brother is tearing it up, cris. >> cris: rod is getting a lot of action. he might be one of those guys that surprises some people. they feel like he can come in and block a little bit and do some protection stuff. >> al: carried 15 times tonight, 46 yards. he's caught 3 for 25 to set up a
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third down and two. this will take us down to almost the 2:00 warning. >> al: time-out arizona. >> al: time-out by arizona. here is smith working out jaylon before the game tonight. >> cris: tell me what you see, tony. >> i see a little bounce and a guy that doesn't look like he's worried about his leg. so that -- he wasn't ready for lee. that's for sure. he looks like he's not thinking about it. that's got to be a good feeling for the cowboys. >> cris: he said that they had to let it heal. whatever the nerve, it heals at one millimeter per day, right, al? isn't that what he said. one millimeter a day. the dallas cowboys team doctor that did the surgery on him and
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so the cowboys had some insights as to his recovery period. >> al: wish him the best. they're going to spot him throughout preseason and have him ready for opening night. all-out blitz and they'll be stopped short of a first down. connor hamlett, one of the dallas tight ends is forced out of bounds. it will be fourth down when we come back with the 2:00 warning.
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>> al: johnson controls hall of fame undergoing an expansion that will transform it into the ultimate football destination. the national youth football sports complex, indoor themed amusement and water park, brand new hotel and care center all in place for the centennial season in 2020. what a job they've done. we've been coming here over 30 years with george hill and malibu kelly hayes. it was a hole different scene. high school stadium. of course, they had the disaster last year when the field was unplayable. they had to cancel the game. but they cleaned everything up.
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new field turf here. done a heck of a job. >> cris: what do you think of this tony, a hard count or what? >> no. offensive duty. >> al: indeed he does. flip it back to smith. picks up the first down. a stiff arm, a hurdle and a flag at the end of the play. at the 33 yard line. impressive night for that man's brother. >> referee: illegal block in the back. offense, number 18. ten-yard penalty. the result of the play will still be a first down. >> al: right. because the penalty is ep forced from the spot. he had picked up the first down. they can run the clock out now. >> cris: the block in the back. but because it took place there, they're going to end up with a
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first down out of it. >> al: the spot from the 47 yard line. arizona can stop the clock only once. the dallas cowboys appear to be on their way to a victory and a game in which they trailed 150 0 early on. little juggle there. but he holds on. another flag. let's see. we have had 18 -- >> referee: holding. offense number 62. ten-yard penalty. replay first down. >> they really shouldn't take this penalty here. i think bruce arians is telling them that now. this gives them a chance to get the ball back. >> referee: second down. >> that's the one thing you tell your offense.
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we captain have a penalty. that's the only thing that beats us here. >> al: in 1:47. the ball is spotted at the 46 yard line. one time-out. it's now second down and ten. now what? >> referee: 12 men on the play. defense. five-yard penalty. still second down. >> al: all right. that makes it second down and five. >> cris: arians at the scrimmage, the guy makes a diving catch down the sideline. young player. two-minute drill, tick, tick, tick. all that stuff going on. doesn't have the presence to roll out of bounds. you're down. how happy do you think bruce was? >> did he go ballistic?
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>> cris: this kid will never forget he had to roll out of bounds. >> al: cowboys trying to run out the clock. smith to the outside. pretty good move there. ball taken to the 39 yard line. arizona takes a final time-out. a couple people being honored this weekend. david hill, former boss of yours, cris. >> cris: yes, indeed. sdpls launched fox sports in the '930s. when they got the nfl contract. the great david hill and ed werder. started in print in dallas and wint went on to espn. covered the national football league, win the dick mccain award.
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congratulations to those guys. >> cris: my gosh. good memories back in the days. >> al: oh, yeah. hilly was unbelievable. he wasted money putting anybody but him on camera. that was one of the more entertaining guys that television has ever known. >> cris: he's still going strong, too. his own company. stint with "american idol," right? >> al: the oscars as well. brian brown is tackled at the 40. they will not be able to run the clock out. the clock here on the next play should be down under a minute. >> cris: all right, coach. now you punt it, don't you? >> punt it. have about 50 seconds. that penalty really hurt dallas. the game was basically over. now they have to play defense one more time.
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>> al: young knight will have a chance perhaps to come back in here and pull off a miracle finish such as it would be in preseason. miracle with a lower case m. >> cris: i think your miracle has been redefined after the super bowl, hasn't it? i know al is cheering for a long snap over the head here and a safety. >> al: why not. let's play deep into the night. jeremy ross is back to accept the kick if it doesn't go into the end zone or out of bounds. sam irwin-hill has done a ton of particul kicking tonight. takes a nice back spin for him. doesn't go into the end zone. down to the 20 yard line.
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so field goal would win it. we don't have to go the entire distance. maybe about 60 or so yards. it would set up an interesting ending. >> cris: as a coach, you got to love this situation at the end of the game. game winning situations on offense and defense. >> you've got some young guys to see how they perform. if they can do it under presh u you are. >> al: if the game really counted. phil dawson, the 42-year-old has been in the league for two decades, was a part of the off-season from san francisco to shore up that kicking group, he would be the guy that you would want. meanwhile, out of the pocket and giving himself up at the 26 yard line. the clock keeps on ticking. it will be second down and four. he'll spike it here to stop the clock.
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third down and four with 28 seconds. tony, you had no idea you were going to work this hard tonight, did you? >> no. i didn't know it would be a two-minute drill here at the end. >> al: thank you for staying all the way. >> it's been great. >> al: probably want to get back to the hotel and reminisce a little more with the guys. >> i have my boys here and they want to meet ezekiel elliott. we were staying until the end of the game no matter what. >> al: beautiful. >> cris: your boys and everybody else. >> al: fires over the middle. that's caught. up at the 36 yard line. down to 17, 16. ticking down. >> cris: you almost have to go -- it's tight if you can get a completion and get up and get it stopped at this point. that wasn't the most efficient use of those chances.
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you want to get something going. but at the same time, you have to realize, you got to get the ball down to the 30 yard line. so you've got deep crossing routes. you have to do something to work it down the field and take a chance. >> no question. >> al: swing it underneath. 45. that should take us to the finish line. maybe one more spike, maybe not. and that will end the game. at least unofficially. we'll wait for boger's call. >> referee: this is the end of the game. >> al: thank you very much, jerome. >> cris: was there ever a doubt? >> al: makes it official. the dallas cowboys come from behind. win it by a score of 20-18ment tony thank you again. we'll see you in foxborough. coming up next local news, later tonight, "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon.
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for now, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, back again, saying good knight from canton, ohio. >> announcer: nbc sports, home of super bowl lii, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. ah fast play games from the pennsylvania lottery are the newest way to play and win instantly. and they're super fast. faster than this? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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waterlogged. a summer storm leaves local neighborhoods with a wet mess. under arrest. how this young man went from star football player to murder
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suspect. see something, say something. a woman spying on a passenger's phone stops a crime mid flight. "nbc10 news" starts now. right now at 11:00, it was coming down sideways in south jersey tonight. pretty soon, all this rain started piling up. >> take a look. this is what happens after three straight hours of rain. skyforce10 found flooding like this all over parts of burlington tonight. that made driving, walking and biking difficult. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz has more. keith jones is life in burlington. >> has the flooding started to go down? >> yes, it has. i'm standing on the median and route 130, the northbound side is behind me. you can still see the ponding up this road all the way up to the flashing lights will this portion of the route is shut down. emergency crews are keeping a
11:19 pm
keen eye on the delaware river. high tide set for 1:00 a.m. that could impact the flooding situation. feet of rushing water over the hoods of cars, engines flooded, dozens of cars abandoned. no way to get around. except to walk through the flood, wading in the water or wading in out. some with hoods up waiting for a lift, their cars dead. others in need of rescue. >> a friend of mine lifted my daughter out of the car because that's how intense it was. >> reporter: linda fox carpenter says the floodwaters came fast. >> i just told her stay in the car. when i got here, i had to take my shoes off. the water was up to my knees. >> reporter: tore rens of rain ended commutes like sheena jackson's. >> a few other cars stopped in back of me and i paniced. >> reporter: interrupting life for thousands of people like thomas swan. >> we were takinging in six
11:20 pm
inches of rain in our basement. we're still flooded waiting for the fire department. >> reporter: the first for him in 30 years and a difficult memory for burlington city. >> this year all this was flooded. i've never -- there was so much water, it was ridiculous of how much water was out here and i've been coming over here all my life since i was a little girl. i've never seen nothing like this. >> reporter: and back live now, emergency crews they've got their work cut out for them tonight, especially as high tides expected at 1:00 a.m., the delaware river not too far from where we are. we will make sure we check on this and follow up when the high tide comes at 1:00 a.m. keith jones, "nbc10 news." >> let's go now to first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> this storm was isolated but did a lot of damage. >> it behaved in a very unusual way. i'll show you what happened here. started about 3:30 this afternoon with this shower in northeast philly. this is the area that we're
11:21 pm
focusing on. so the storm is moving in that direction. and you would think it would just keep going. but look what happens as we go toward 5:30 and 6:00 and 6:30. that's going backwardses? what's going on here? well, it's called back building. so as the storm is trying to move this way, it keeps redeveloping farther to the west and then starts moving to the east again so it's over the same spot hour after hour after hour. and the radar estimates do show five inches of rain. this is in less than a three-hour period. so that didn't help things either. this delaware river right here where keith was, and 3 to 5 inches over a fairly small area when you take a look at the overall region, very few places got heavy rain. average accumulation in our whole region .2 inch during the
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day today. one area just got unlucky. tomorrow it's generally rain free. it's hot. it's humid. sets us up for a pretty nice weekend. details on that coming up. and when severe weather hits, our viewers see it firsthand. someone sent us this video after the flooding left her stranded at a gas station on route 130. if you can safely take pictures of video, send them to us by using the nbc10 app. new details about a woman's murder at a south jersey blueberry farm. we learned one of the suspects was a star player on his high school football team three years ago. >> tyler drawly and a 17-year-old are both charged with the murder of her. we show how this investigation has torn apart several families tonight. >> reporter: outside tyler drawly's home, a young man greeted us with sign language we can't show you on tv. on tuesday, u.s. marshals went
11:23 pm
to this home and arrested drawly in connection with deanna scord o's murder at a farm in june. they took a 17-year-old from new castle, delaware into custody. for weeks, the officers worked to get the family justice, even offering a $5,000 reward and the community flooded their phone lines with tips. >> what were they wearing? >> black hoods. >> both in black hoodies? >> reporter: her father called 911 for help moments after finding his 45-year-old daughter dead inside their farmhouse. >> slow down. you said you were sleeping and you were woken up to two gunshots? >> yeah, and my daughter's laying on the floor in the house. >> reporter: is she shot? >> yes. >> reporter: investigators say drawly and the teen shot her during a burglary. despite the arrests, the family was still too distraught to talk. drawly seen here was a standout
11:24 pm
funeral football player in high school. he went on to play linebacker at mount san antonio college in california. it's a long way from camden county where he will make his first court appearance tomorrow. brandon hudson, "nbc10 news." in washington, the special counsel investigating russian election interference is entering a new phase of inquiry. assembling a grand jury there. that's according to a "wall street journal" report. it's a signal mueller's investigation will stretch on for months if not longer. is he looking into whether president trump or top advisers colluded with moscow to advance his presidential campaign. during a visit to west virginia tonight, the president slapped the investigation as a fake story. >> it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. >> tomorrow, the president will begin his first extended vacation from washington since taking office spending 17 days
11:25 pm
at his private golf club in central new jersey. a montgomery county sheriff's deputy is recovering after he was involved in an early morning crash. this was the scene at main and hamilton streets in norris town. you can see a mangled white car and suv with heavy front end damage. the driver of the white car ran a red light. one person in the car was killed, four others injured. witnesses couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> it was like they interlocked and they spun together. they spun about four times in the intersection. >> police tell us the driver sped away from officers responding to calls about suspicious activity. detectives recovered a safe and other evidence from the white car. no charges have been filed. a philadelphia daycare at the center of a sex assault investigation is now shut down. today the department of human services closed the sprouts chern's center. the owner duncan round is charged with sexually assaulting two 5-year-old children.
11:26 pm
he posted bail this morning. >> shut it down. a do you know construction project many say is ruining beaches in margate. a judge ordered work to stop at least a week with all sides working out a remedial plan. the project created huge ponds of bacteria-filled water during last weekend's heavy rain and blocked off access to parts of the beach. >> it's the right decision in my opinion. we just can't allow this to continue. >> after thing, residents packed the city commissioner's meeting. so many people showed up some had to listen to speakers in the parking lot. another hearing what's next is set for next week. meantime, two blocks beach in north wildwood will be back open tomorrow between 3rd and 5th street were closed today while crews worked to flatten out the sand. rough surf created a clip. and berks county, more than two dozen people under arrest for their role in a massive drug
11:27 pm
operation. 26 people were arrested and warrants are out for 13 more. police say the drug operation stretched from l.a. to puerto rico. the district attorney says the suspects sold $10 million worth of drugs in the past six months alone. there's a new call tonight for allentown's recently indicted mayor to resign. comes from city council president ray o'connell. today o'connell also announced his candidacy as a write-in candidate for the mayoral election in november. current mayor ed pawlowski was indicted on federal corruption charges last month and he's pledged to win in court and win re-election in november despite calls for him to step down. an airline passenger proves that sometimes, snooping on your neighbor is a good thing. >> what she saw on another passenger's phone that led to his arrest. plus there busting myths about seat belts. new tests show what to do when you're in the back seat. >> plus, more than just music. hip-hop fans filled the beach
11:28 pm
for tonight's concert in atlantic city. find out why these kids were also in the spotlight. ♪
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♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ police in california say a nosey airline passenger helped get two the child sex suspects off the street. police arrested brian keller at the airport monday night. a southwest airlines passenger reported seeing him text about molesting children. the woman on the other end of those texts gale burn worth was a child care provider for a 5 and -year-old whom investigators believe were sexually assaulted. she was arrested in seattle. >> if it wasn't for this particular passenger taking action, taking initiative to alert the staff and alert police, this catastrophic event would have been just horrific. >> police say the woman who reported seeing the text messages is an early childhood educator. so a lot of people buckle up
11:31 pm
behind the wheel. what about in the back seat? the insurance institute for highway safety has a new report out on seat belt use in the back seat. the video shows what happens to an unbuckled back seat passenger at impact in a car going just 35 miles per hour. the institute surveyed about 1200 dulls many. many said they don't buckle in the back seat because they feel safer there even when riding in a taxi, uber or lyft. both delaware and new jersey require seat belts in the back seat but the law is enforced differently in delaware, an officer can pull over someone if anyone in the car isn't wearing a seat belt. in new jersey, police can only issue a ticket if the driver is pulled over for another offense. in pennsylvania, back seat passengers only have to wear a seat belt between the ages of 8 and 18. if you think that bugs are bad this summer, you're right. pennsylvania health officials confirm today the tick that causes lyme disease is now in every keen. pennsylvania leads the nation in
11:32 pm
the number of lyme disease cases. health experts are urging people to take precautions against ticks as well as mosquitoes. at the jersey shore, atlantic city is calling its latest summer beach concert a success. tonight's show featured fat joe, ja rule and dmx. >> drew smith has more on a special surprise for some young fans ♪ >> reporter: rapper dmx on the stage late thursday topping off a full night of entertainment by the ocean. fans filled the sand to take in the rough riders lineup. >> it's a beautiful setup. summertime, the weather nice. i hope we miss the rain. >> reporter: the rain did hold off. >> couldn't be happier with the turnout. >> reporter: some of the biggest cheers for the youngsters, members of the girls and boys club of atlantic city. tonight they got sneakers and with proceeds from the binge pink concert last month, a
11:33 pm
$30,000 donation. but that wasn't the only giveaway. a lot of these fans got in for free because they're locals. a way for the city to say thank you. >> the response was overwhelming. >> reporter: the mayor ran the numbers for us and told us two of these concerts brings in $22 million for the city. crowds like this helpings to diversify the city's economy beyond gambling. >> people have been coming all day. you stay with your family, have a great concert. >> reporter: visitors telling us they'll be back. >> enjoyed the sand and the sun and all the good stuff. the ocean, the nice breeze and all that. >> reporter: the city says this all be cleaned up and ready for beachgoers by the morning. drew smith, "nbc10 news." and there will be more live music starting tomorrow in the lehigh valley. 600 performers will entertain at this year's music fest. most of the concerts are free. the event kicks off tomorrow in
11:34 pm
bethlehem through august 13th. will the weather hold up for the fans? >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your weekend forecast. >> in the lehigh valley, that may be a problem. that's about the only chance of -- only place in our area with a really high chaps of getting any thunderstorms tomorrow. atlantic city, we told you they were going to know okay and they were. 11:30, 12 hours ago, the storms today, yeah, they started down to the south. then they developed up here. everywhere else maybe a couple of showers but nothing compared to what we saw. and now what are we left with is this not much. that's what happens when the sun goes down. we had the last of the showers move past of easton and now into north jersey. here are those two spots where we had the heavy rain and also some in the lehigh valley but not quite as heavy as those other two areas. this one right along the


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