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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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arsons began about three weeks ago in mid-july. all seven of those different fires were set in hallways and other common areas between the th and 9th floor of that building. late this afternoon investigators confirmed they do have several significant leads. >> they may seem small in danger but it takes the lick of a flame going in the wrong direction and we could have a potential catastrophe. that's why we're up here today and taking this extremely seriously. >> so part of the push for additional tips now comes from atv with a $5,000 reward from the federal investigators that is being matched in full by building management. those investigators also tell us right now, assuring the residents of the sterling apartments that they have significantly increased security there and they also assure other
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high rise dwellers around center city that these are a sons are in fact limited they believe to just this one building. we're live in center city, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. we have more breaking news right now. former pharmaceutical ceo who became the most hated man in america was found grult i of fraud. prosecutors say martin shkreli blew investors money on bad stock pits and used his drug company's money to pay them back. right now another chapter in the margate dune saga. yesterday a judge ordered work to stop on that project. the construction led to huge ponds of bacteria filled water
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forming. that water also blocked access to parts of the beach. to our first alert weather and it include as cool down at the shore. this is a live look at cape may. no worries about a hot and humid weekend. if you're heading to the poconos or lehigh valley you could see rain tonight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a look at the first alert forecast. >> we won't see severe weather and majority of our area should stay dry. this is one place that is likely to see some showers later but no threat now. this is just puffy fair weather cumulus cloud. delaware is an area that has been hit hard. weather conditions look good. temperatures are in the upper i'lls. 88 in philadelphia. 86 in wilmington. 88 in trenton but the humidity
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is still pretty hot. feels like 92 in wilmington. 90 in coatesville. 91 in vineland. the ocean temperature a warm 76. well, up near 89 today, but look at these temperatures over the weekend. way below average, even though we're expecting sunshine. what about the showers? well berks county had some. they are gone. lehigh valley they are gone. few in the poconos right now and they are moving up to the north towards new york state. at the moment we're doing okay. we don't need any more rain. it's and about really wet period here. but, there is a possibility, as we to towards daybreak, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. for a shower or thunderstorm in philadelphia area. should be past the pa suburbs and what we have coming up
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tomorrow more comfortable whether. should see a shower or storm tomorrow. once we get past that the weekend looks great. i'll tell you when the rain is coming back and it will. you got to take a look at this destruction at a bucks county business. this is all caused by a driver who may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> the driver died this morning after crashing in to the pool store which sparked a fire. this happened in quakertown bucks county. andrea, i know you spoke to the pool store's owner this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right. let me show you the path of the car. that driver came across 309, crashed into the business. but i want you to look down. there are continuous skid marks that would indicate that the driver tried to step on the brakes. john's building looked far worse. >> very painful.
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it's really destroyed. >> reporter: hardly anything can be salvaged from pool pro, along a busy stretch of 309 with no problems for nearly 20 years. >> we pulled out all the files we could. everything was cinged. everything is covered in soot. just before 2:00 this morning the driver of a dodge caliber drove into the business. it didn't take long before the car exploded. >> when the fire reached the gas tank, it kind of, you know -- >> reporter: tyler moyer who lives on the property was awake. >> i went to everybody's door and knocked and told them to get out. >> reporter: everyone in the six apartments made it out. sadly too late for the driver. that reality gives pool pro owner perspective. he's not harping on what he lost. >> somebody died. and nobody else died.
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this could be rebuilt. >> reporter: of that car that was so badly burned investigators are asking for the public's help to identify the driver. the red cross is helping 13 people to lived here tonight because they can't come home. right now the trial is under way for jeffrey sandusky the son of jerry sandusky. jeffrey facing child sex charges after he was arrested back in february. prosecutors said he asked two underage kids to sent him nude pictures and perform a sex act. he's been suspended from his job in a prison in central pa. his father is serving 60 years in prison after being convicted for had a child sexual abuse counts. a football star will stay behind bars charged with murder. he made his first court
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appearance this morning. he's accused of killing a woman who was found dead at her family's blueberry farm. he and another teenager who was charged with murder shot her while they were robbing her home. this afternoon the president is officially on summer break. president trump will take his first extended vacation from the white house since taking office. he'll spend 17 days at miss private golf club in central jersey. this is not the president's first trip out of town. so far he's spent 13 of 28 weekends in office away from the white house. mostly at his golf clubs in palm beach or in jersey. this is video of president trump boarding air force one. this happened just minutes ago. he and his family are expected to leave washington any moment. while they are away the white house will be under going some
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renovations. that plane is taking off right now as you can see. we'll keep you updated on this 17 day vacation while the family is gone. everyone who works in the west wing including the commander-in-chief himself has to leave by today as he was. so workers can replace the heating and cooling system. president trump will join a long list of presidents who escape washington's notorious summer heat and humidities. coming up at 6:00, cydney long will be live in bedminster on what neighbors have to say about the president spending his vacation there. the president not the only one on vacation. lawmakers left town for their summer recess. one thing congress got done was approve a sanctions bill against russia. wall street surged following the jobs report. the dow finished the day on the positive side. how our local economy is faring with people out of work. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a philadelphia woman waiting for the bus
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finding herself in the middle of a shoot out. you can see the crime scene tape here blocking off the scene early this morning in philadelphia's olney section. two people began shooting at each other at the septa broad and olney bus stop. she was hit once to the wrist and ran to the medical center for help. police are looking for more clues to find the two suspects. in lehigh valley a former worker at the boys and girls club of easton is facing charges after admitting he had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl and sending inappropriate messages to another girl. he was immediately fired from his job. boys and girls club officials say all their employees and volunteers pass background checks before being hired. a new york city man on a diving tour drowned in a northhampton lake. the dutch springs lake in lower
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nazareth township is where you can take diving tours to search for sunken ships. overseas the raging fire at the world's tallest tour. chunks of debris were falling off as flames tore through half of the building in dubai. this is the second time the tower caught fire. we're learning more details about a foiled terror plot in australia. investigators two men were involved in the plan to bring a bomb on a plane heading out of sidney last month. one man brought the bomb to the airport in a piece of luggage and asked his brother to take it with him. the man did not tell his brother about the bomb and never made it past the check in counter and the man left the airport with the bag. take a look at this new video. it shows just how close an american airlines flight came to disaster. this was in chicago when a part of the right engine flew apart and ripped the fuel line causing the plane to be engulfed in
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flames. the data recorder showed the engine sploefding 23 seconds into takeoff. had the plane gone airborne it would have crashed. this afternoon attorney general jeff sessions is calling on the entire government to do better after saying the number of classified leaks coming out of the white house is staggering. the attorney general and the director of national intelligence say the leaks are damaging to this country's safety and the justice department is now cracking down. >> we tripled the number of active leak investigations. in response the fbi has increased resources devoted to leaked cases and created a new counter intelligence unit to manage these cases. >> sessions also says in the last six months the department of justice has seen more complaints about classified leaks than in the last three years combined. more trouble for hbo after a cyber attack last week. the upcoming episode of "game of
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thrones" has been leaked online but not related to the original hack. star india said it was the source of the leaked episode but trying to figure out how that happened. the new episode is set to air this sunday. comes just days after hackers broke into hbo's systems and stole information on "game of thrones" and other shows. time is up if you owe tolls and late fees to the pennsylvania turnpike. tonight at 7:00 is the deadline to pay without having your registration suspended. more than 10,000 drivers owe more than $17 million. philadelphia eagles safety malcolm jenkins is calling some teams in the nfl a coward. >> it's all related to colin kaepernick. kaepernick made headlines for taking a knee during the national anthem. baltimore ravens showed interest in signing him but the owner is standing in the way of the deal. jenkins like many nfl players believes kaepernick has not been
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signed this year because of his refusal to stand during the national anthem. jenkins is no stranger to controversy him several. he's also demonstrated during the national anthem last year along with other eagles players. the birds are just six days away from playing their first pre-season game. >> watch that game right here on nbc 10 the official station of the philadelphia eagles. and we have eagles training camp coverage. looking for some big plays this year. >> carson wentz has some new toys to play with to help him out in the form of some wide receivers. you can hope to expect more fireworks on offense this season. here's a look at wentz. last season he completed six balls of 40 yards or more. he's confident with a year under his belt and new weapons is running him those fireworks will
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be there in abundance. >> i love throwing. i lover taking shots on the field. but some of the things are just in game. take what the defense gives you. some are more aggressive. it's all part of the game. part of knowing your opponent. so at the end of the day to some extent you have to trust coach peterson and how he calls thing. i'm definitely looking forward to those chances. >> we'll hear more coming up at 5:45. he'll explain why he's ready to face new competition after going up against his teammates. back to you. nbc 10 is your official station for the philadelphia eagles. we are less than a week away from our first eagles pre-season kick-off special next thursday at 7:00. john clark and keith jones will be liver at the historic home of the packers, lambeau field. that's the birds and packers from green bay at 8:00. all the action is followed by
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nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> governor chris christie is headed to canton. the new jersey governor an one apologetic cowboys fan. he's going to see friend and cowboys owner jerry jones get inducted despite new jersey's allegiance to either eagles or giants christie has and about life long cowboys fan, as we mostly know. he sat with jones in the owners box at a lot of cowboys games. >> former president barack obama is celebrating his first birthday since leaving the white house. the obamas are spending his birthday in martha's vineyard. michelle obama tweet this picture with the caption another year older but the same phenomenal guy i married nearly 25 years ago. happy birthday barack obama, we mr. obama turns 56 today. happening right now the world's largest collector car auction keeps on rolling in pennsylvania.
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harrisburg. this is the fourth year that mecum brought its auction to harrisburg. watch it live on the nbc sports network. parts of south jersey are still soggy after heavy rain yesterday. today the mayor called the flooding historic. he also said the flooding looked bad but it all went according to plan because the rain that fell across the city ended up in this area where he says there's a drainage system. >> the city's drainage system. all the water that's here collects here and gets pumped to our sue wag treatment plant and that's how the system should work. >> officials are expecting more calls today about flooded basements and the amount of damage from the storm. >> we can say good-bye to 90 degree weather. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back with your most accurate weekend forecast. how is it looking?
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>> it's looking like a great weekend, and it also looks like this is the last day of the heat and humidity for at least ten days. all next week. next weekend. nowhere near as warm or humid as this. 88 degrees. a lot of sunshine in philadelphia right now. and well into the 80s with a lot of sun across a good bit of the area. so takes more than heat and humidity to create the showers and thunderstorms. 76 degrees for the ocean temperature. and nice seabreeze coming in. 80 at cape may points and stone harbor, ocean city, somers points, beautiful day at the shore. and we've got a pretty good weekend. now first thing tomorrow morning may not be ideal. but it will get better. we got that southeast wind now with the warm humid air but look what is coming our way. once the wind turns into the west, okay, starts guesting cooler, 75 in pittsburgh, 80 in
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cincinnati, 66 degrees in chicago. these areas in green are in the 60s in the middle of the afternoon. that's some cool air. not going to get that cool here but gives you and idea. here's reading. and all that rain is north of reading. well north of allentown. even starting to get north of the poconos and obviously not moving in this direction at least not now, everything is moving up to the northeast. this is the last-gasp of that front that's coming through and that's our chance of any showers early tomorrow morning. here's the future cast. we go through the rest of the afternoon into the evening. it's looking dry. go ahead, enjoy your outdoor activities without the rain gear. only the slightest chance up towards lehigh valley and poconos. that's coming later for the most part. pretty significant area of showers. in the middle of the night for
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the poconos, lehigh valley, northern western suburbs through the philadelphia area. right around perhaps 5:00, 6:00 in the morning starting off cloudy, starting off stormy. but this is gone past. a cold front. this will move. and we're going to dry out quickly. here we are with the temperatures. once again showing the showers and thunderstorms moving through towards morning, this model is showing some showers near the shore. take a look at the temperatures as we go into the afternoon. where is the 80s and 90s? it's very comfortable. some folks might even think it's too cool. so as we go through the night tonight, once again late tonight and first thing in the morning, that chance of thunderstorms
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first thing it's cloudy to start off the day, showers perhaps in new jersey and then look at the sunshine coming out, it is just a booeautiful day. that's what we got. once we get through the early showers at the shore in jersey on saturday beautiful weekend nice and comfortable. >> sounds great. next at 4:00 you never know what you'll see on a plane. >> what a passenger spotted that landed a man in hand curves. >> a human chain. the team effort to help save a fellow hiker. >> plus in our next half hour workers are wrapping up the last minute things as the music fest is ready to rock the lehigh valley. stolen cars at the airport. thieves considered armed and dangerous. the story all new at 4:30. but first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. all three major stock indexes are up.
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right now two people are facing child sex charges after a case of see something say something on an airplane. >> an airline passenger in california saw this guy texting someone about molesting children. investigators said he was texting a child care provider. the woman who saw the text on the plane is an early childhood educator. she immediately spoke up and keller was arrested when they landed. the woman he was texting was arrested a short time later. dramatic video shows this group of hikers forming that human chain to get across a flood river. >> this was in zion national park. >> kind of cool how everyone banded together and nobody needed to be say hey come help.
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>> he says they did check the forecast before the hike and nothing was mentioned about possible flash flooding. a new york city hotel is making it easier to get in touch with your representative in congress. the standard hotel set up this ring your rep phone booth, available for anyone to use. it has a line that goes directly to the u.s. capitol and from there you type in your zip code to find your rep and then leave a message. the hotel wants to encourage positive and productive activism. pretty creative. >> the standard is known for that going out of their way to be ingenius. all new at 4:possible. lagoons contaminated. >> why swimmers are warned to stay away from several of them at the jersey shorer and what's causing the problem. >> police and kids how officers are taefrpg children firsthand how to be first responders. weekend cool down. will we see rain again this weekend?
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neighborhood weather is next. x
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wentz. great friday to spend time outdoors. nbc 10 found a lot of people in cooper river park biking, walking. what's in store for your friday night. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with first look at a pretty nice forecast. >> it really is. especially when you look at the forecast for next weekend. this weekend's forecast looking really good. this is looking pretty good here. a live view of the beach at avalon. you can see the blue sky. lots of folks there.
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of course as a meteorologist what i look at is the flag. blowing that way. it's a seabreeze. beautiful seabreeze at the shore today. there has been showers up in mount pocono. you can see how dry it is across the area. some cumulus clouds in chester county and berks county. but the showers are way up there and this is even north of berks county up by hazelton. that's about it. for the future cast and we go through the night tonight. enjoy your evening outdoors. then late tonight, after midnight, this is a cold front that's going to start coming this way. and so in the middle of the night there may be showers, even
4:31 pm
some thunderstorms especially from philly northward, delaware, extreme south jersey, looks like probably not going to get anything. but that's before a lot of you get up. and even at 7:00 a.m. maybe clouds when you get up. there's the dry air. that's coming in during the day. so we could see a shower first thing. but then the rest of the weekend is nice. i'll tell you when the rain is coming back in a few minutes. >> now to dangers at the jersey shore. officials say some lagoons appear to be contaminated and urging people not to swim in the water. birds, fish and crabs have turned up dead in the water. what's killing them is still a mystery. >> ted greenberg takes us to beach head and west to long beach island. >> no one is going in the water. >> reporter: randy's grandkids and other relatives will stay out of the lagoon.
4:32 pm
>> a few floating on the opposite side. >> reporter: after more than a dozen or dying ducks were found in three adjacent lagoons in stafford township. dead fish and crabs also discovered. >> deep concern by all the residents. not knowing exactly what's happening in the lagoon. >> reporter: the township issuing a warning what appears to be some unknown form of contamination in some of the lagoons saying there's clear evidence it's highly toxic to wildlife. a non-oily sheen also spotted. >> it is very disconcerting from our standpoint not knowing how to warn the people. so what we've done is in abundance ever caution -- >> reporter: there's 90 lagoons and 4,000 homes in beach haven west. the vast majority of those houses are seasonal and this is exactsly when people are using them. >> everybody loves to fish off
4:33 pm
the dock. it's scary. i am concerned. >> reporter: neither chemicals or anything acidic turned up in samples. state environmental experts now investigating if botulism or another infectious disease linked to water quality is to blame for the ailing ducks. they are also checking to make sure there's notoxic algae in the water. >> we hope to find out what's going on and for the betterment and health of the animals as well as for the people. >> reporter: a mystery that won't yield more answers until sometime next week. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. a rental car heist. police are looking for a group of four men who assaulted a guard and throw several cars from an avis car rental at philadelphia international airport. one of the men had a gun and at least four cars were taken. anyone with information call philadelphia police. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00.
4:34 pm
in camden county breaking down barriers, a summer program aimed at showing kids firsthand what first responders do. the blue knight explorers program pairs children with police officers for about ten hours a week. >> we show them how we investigate a crime. from beginning to end. we created mock crimes. >> other officers tell us the program helps kids build their confidence and leadership skills. kids got backpacks stuffed with school essentials like notebooks and folders. the carnival had food, drinks and games. in chester county golfing for a good cause.
4:35 pm
in camden county graduation day for local high school seniors. they spent their summer to prepare a future for medicine. the four week summer program includes hands on demonstrations and interactive and clinical experiences. still ahead today at handicap dunkin' donuts looking at a name change. also ahead how yoga could help more than just your body. plus it wasn't pyrotechnics that delayed a concert. the stinging sensation that caused panic here. >> we're taking a closer look at the marijuana program.
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take a look at this massive swarm of bees delayed an outdoor concert in arizona for an how were. this happened in tucson just before a match box 20 concert at a casino. thousands much bees were swarming the area. exterminators came out. a middle schooler turned to an unexpected group when he was bullied.
4:44 pm
>> indiana 6th grader asked a bike gang for help. he told his mother he was bullied so badly didn't want to live any more. when a local biker gang caught wind of the situation they came to help. 50 members of the club escorted phil to school for his first day. phil said that was all the protection he needed. >> i got a guardian angel watching over me. >> if it wasn't for me i wouldn't know what phil would do this year. >> phil reports his first day was a success. bikers say they want to help prevents teen suicide by taking a stand against bullying. take a look at this. amazon's lexa is singing a different tune. they range from things like meditation and falling asleep to working out. you can ask it for specific
4:45 pm
genres. >> i a need for a something with a faster beat to run. >> one of the country's most popular coffee and dough nuft chains could go by a different name. dunkin' donuts could drop the doughnuts and just go by dunkin'. a decision will be made next year. will make of "will and grace" is getting a second season before the first season debuts. nbc made the decision based on an outpouring of love from fans and increased its order for this upcoming season requesting 16 episodes instead of 12. "will and grace" returns september 28th. you sign three contracts at a time to extend your stay here. >> exactly. >> that's how it works. "sesame street" has a new character moving into the neighborhood. >> meet rudy.
4:46 pm
he'll make his debut towards the end of the season. he made an appearance on the "today" show. rudy is a monster. abby is a fairy. the show wants the viewers to learn about blended families and how they work. earlier this year "sesame street" added julia. first new character in a decade. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz for more on this beautiful weekend forecast. >> we got a lot of good weekends so far this summer. this will be another one. next one i can't promise you. at this point it's not looking great. this is a beautiful picture. philadelphia with sunshine. 88 degrees. it's kind of humid. not oppressive. beautiful across much of the rest of the area. fair weather clouds in lehigh valley and much of delaware is about clear and in wilmington, treatments are down through the 80s into the 70s by 9:00.
4:47 pm
wind diminishing. it's not looking like there's really going to be any kind of a problem in delaware. and these are the temperatures. it is up to 90 in marshallton but it tends to run warm. and that southeast wind probably means a seabreeze and that's right, we're seeing some of the beaches, bethany beach is 79. rehoboth is 80. nice day at the beaches. with more to come. showers and storms, just grazing some of the poconos but well north of berks county. this is up in scranton and they can have it. this is the back end of all the moisture where the cold front is and behind that is the cooler air that's going to be with us over the weekend and into next week. no hot humid weather next week
4:48 pm
at all. hour-by-hour, showing some of the showers coming in but that's well after midnight. enjoy your outdoor activity anywhere in the area. but as the cold front pushes this east ward in the middle of the night some rumbles of thunder especially in northern and western parts of our area and by 6:00 a.m. we may have clouds around to start off the day with the clouds but it's not going to stay that way. so the early morning shower possible, jersey shore, delaware, lehigh valley, pa suburbs past. then we get a nice low, low humidity for the rest of saturday and all of sunday. clouds may start to increase late sunday and into sunday night. how about the beaches? rehoboth stays dry through the whole weekend, nice comfortable weather. can't ask for much more than
4:49 pm
that. wildwood similar story. lots of sunshine both saturday and sunday. we could start off the day with some clouds on saturday, even atlantic city could start off with a shower early in the day. but it's going to be a land breeze all day saturday and so that's going to keep it warm. so just as warm at the beaches in atlantic city as it will be in philadelphia on saturday. maybe warmer. by sunday afternoon a seabreeze and that will keep things real, real comfortable. that's a nice weekend forecast. there it is. sunday with nice weather, these temperatures well below average. 87 is the average. monday looks like a lot of rain. and thunderstorms and then we continue to see the below average temperatures and towards the end of next week and next weekend the way you're lacking, more rain and storms just in time for the phillies to come
4:50 pm
home. but it's overall this is a wet and cooler than normal pattern. so if you get any exceptions to that you're lucky and we're lucky this weekend. >> makes us appreciate the sunshine. >> yes, please do as you go out this weekend. >> because it's really changing. >> that's right. then we're going to be watching the tropics next week too because there may be something developing out in the atlantic. hurricane season. >> it's that time of year. all right. >> coming up next at 4:00 let the musical acts begin. one of the biggest concerts in the region. we're live for music fest. you probably heard about distracted driving. what about distracted walking. the new warning lights meant to grab your attention. that's next at 5:00. how would you like to earn four times gas reward points?
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dozens of bands stretched out often days, music paradise no matter what kind of music you like. >> city of bethlehem expect a million people. >> reporter: it's set to open in a few minutes at 5:00 and you see a lot of excitement and a lot has come from the city and local businesses who are looking to cash in over a big way over the next ten days. over the next ten days more than a million people are expected to pass through music fest here in bethlehem. >> we draw 950 to 1.1 million people over the course ever ten days. >> reporter: music fest is bigger than ever before. more acts and more vendors. >> artists are coming from korea. we draw internationally.
4:55 pm
we're spread over possible acres of the city. record number of performances over 600. >> reporter: for the city and businesses in town aside from the music they can hear the dollars rolling in. >> a huge deal. $60 million. >> reporter: a good portion of the 60 million will be spent at the festival bust trickle on to main streets and beyond. >> ten days brings tons of traffic. >> reporter: joe is the owner of a restaurants on main street. he says music fest always delivers for his bottom line. >> kind of wish sometimes it's music fest all the time. >> reporter: you can see why this music festival generates on average $6 million a day. not too bad at all. steven fischer, nbc 10 news. there are dozens of performers hitting the stage tomorrow including the legendary band chicago. for a complete list of the acts and times go to the nbc 10 app. we're working on several
4:56 pm
stories for nbc 10 at 5:00. >> a deadly car crash leaving the driver dead, destroying a local business. >> new at 5:00 the owner tells us how he plans to rebuild and the silver lining that kept this accidents from being even worse. then apartment arson. the effort to find whoever set fire to the center city high rise. tracking some showers moving through parts of our neighborhoods. will they stick around for the entire weekend? details coming up in your most accurate forecast. for the first time in nearly a decade america's workforce has recovered from the recession. how employment in our area stacks up at 5:00.
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go to
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. apartment arson. >> who keeps targeting this high rise building. home to 1,000 people. tracking the radar for rain moving through parts of our region. where it could pop up in your neighborhood. on his way. president donald trump headed to new jersey at this very moment. why he's spending several weeks away from the white house. a charred building and caution tape is all that's left of a pool supply store. it caught fire after a car slammed into it early this morning. the driver who investigators say may have fallen asleep behind the wheel was killed. nbc 10 live on the scene in
5:00 pm
quakertown. andrea, you spoke with the shop owner who is devastated. >> reporter: that's right. take a look. it's hard to look at that gaping hole where the car crashed into the building. the owner finds comfort knowing the community came together to keep this from being even worse. little can he salvage from pool pro. employees came by to see the damage in the daylight. the business along route 309 has been there for 20 years without a problem. >> zoeft idevastating. >> reporter: at 2:00 this morning a car crashed into the building and burst into flames. witnesses heard the explosion that ultimately killed the driver. >> i went to everybody's door, knocked and told them to get


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