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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: that's right. many of them didn't realize that president trump would be staying here in bedminster for as long as 17 days. they know it will come with some traffic hiccups. it's not all traffic jams. the influx of secret service, reporters and possibility of protests. today marks day one of the president's first extended vacation since taking office. trump will enjoy nearly three weeks on his private luxury golf course. locals like this mom knows the drill where security is concerned. >> a little frustrating on traffic when he's here if you're coming from the beach like the last time we got stuck like for two or three hours because i think he was like going. >> reporter: at bedminster pizza, he welcomes what will bring extra traffic this summer and crowds. >> it means a lot for business because his secret service guys come here every day for lunch and dinner. that helps us out. people come from all over.
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>> reporter: he's managed to make friends with some of the secret service and met trump himself before he became president. >> our meat balls are home made and plain pie. >> reporter: for obvious security reasons, a ten to possible mile radius no-fly zone restriction went into effect affecting local airports. >> comes in at 4:00 but i have plenty of time. in need to leave now. >> reporter: it sent this local pilot to lift off for the jersey shore in the nick of time. should people come to voice their disapproval local authorities louvre to it happen right here at the parking lot of the library. situated a half mile from the president's private golf course. for this 11-year-old he's hoping to beast about a bump in with the president. >> would you like to meet the president? >> yes. he doesn't seem to be that bad.
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>> reporter: we did get turned away from the security gate at trump national golf course but on our way back we caught this video, a secret service convoy that was making its way right there towards the golf club in all about 12 or 14 vehicles. we one as many as 90 secret service will be in bedminster for the duration of the president's visit. we know he was to arrive at about 5:20 this afternoon at the golf course so as we await a motorcade here it appears he may be running late. i'm cydney long. trump administration is focused on stopping leaks of classified information. today attorney general jeff sessions announced they tripled the number of criminal investigations in to illegal leaks. the fbi has now created a new unit to handle leaked cases. sessions says illegal leaking of classified intel under mines the government's ability to protect the country. >> we are taking a stand, this
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culture of leaking must stop. >> senior intelligence officials tells nbc news there are dozens of pending leaked cases. stay tuned for "nbc nightly news." they will explore the new plan to stop classified leaks. that's coming up at 6:30. breaking news, video of a chaotic arrest in kensington goes viral. tonight we learned one officer will lose his job over it. let's go live to the breaking news center. >> officers james yeager has been suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss. he turned himself in to the internal affairs your knit. he was a member of the you knit for four years. his suspension stems from this arrest last month. this cell phone footage shows him in full uniform grabbing a man after he was already hand curved and forcibly slamming him to the ground. that man was taken to the
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hospital in cryptal condition. live in breaking news center nbc 10 news. seven arsons in one month. someone is targeting a high rise apartment building in center city. nbc 10 was on the scene last night on jfk boulevard. the arsons started in mid-july. there's now a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the arsonist. a gaping hole at a bucks county business. after a car crashed into it and burst into flames killing the driver. it took more than 100 firefighters to put out the flames after that car crossed multiple lanes on route 309 and crashed into the business called the pool pro. witnesses heard an explosion, someone who lives in the apartment above the business alerted his neighbors. and there's not much that can be salvaged from the business but that's not the owner's focus at this point.
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>> what are you going to do? i grieve for that person. >> the revved cross is helping 13 people displaced by the fire. authorities are asking the public for help to try to identify the driver. sunoco can get back to drilling for a pipeline that caused uproar. a judge order sunoco can resume drilling at 15 out of 16 locations. the work was stopped temporarily last month but sunoco said underground work was incomplete at those 16 locations and holes were left unstable. work is still stopped in exton where drilling contaminated well water. once completed that pipeline would carry natural gas from ohio and pittsburgh to delaware county. new at 6:00 a serial groper attacking women in allentown. in the past three weeks the man has growned three women an ran off. two happened at parks. investigators tell us the suspect always dresses in clothing that's too warm for this weather.
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so he should stand out if you happen to see him. new from south jersey a former gloucester county teacher will spend ten years in prison after secretly videotaping his students. investigators found out about this two years ago. they say he recorded at least 24 students. turning now to your first alert weather a warm evening in center city right now. this is a live look along broad street. >> some showers could roll into parts of our area tonight. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz who is timing out this evening's forecast for us. >> it's looking pretty nice for this evening. later tonight and first thing in the morning a different story. look how blue that sky is in
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easton, pa. temperature 85 in philadelphia, 87 in allentown. ocean temperature 75 degrees which is on the warm side. radar and slight shows the showers are pretty much disappeared from our area even the poconos not in the vicinity, one tiny shower in the lehigh valley just west of allentown. but overnight we've got a cold front that's moving in and it's not going to affect us by 11:00 but in the middle of the night there could be some thunderstorms coming through. we'll see when that moves out and have the details for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. thousands of music fans in bethlehem are hoping for no storms tonight. music fest kicked off an hour ago. bands are on the stage right now. music fest runs ten days and organizers are expecting more
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than a million people to pass through. nbc 10's steven fischer is liver at music fest where the crowds are growing. >> reporter: we're live here and you can hear that music. you can see what's going on. it gives people an opportunities to check out musicians and discover some new ones on stage. we talked to a member of the band today and said they wrote a song about this city called bethlehem steel. >> i came here when i was 13. been a long time. >> i come here every year. fifth or sixth year in a row. >> reporter: bethlehem will be rocking for the next ten days. >> always looking for new music. >> i would say it's definitely gotten larger. just more entertainment options, more people come out. they hear about it. >> reporter: for the first time
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the band l.a. hustle will hit the stage. >> anybody who comes here will be overwhelmed by the great music. >> reporter: this ban member said he's always wanted to play here. >> i fantasized what it would be like to play here. >> reporter: he wrote the song "bethlehem steel" when he was 18. >> very last song is all about how this city rebaltimore itself and the passion of the people. >> reporter: and the l.a. hustle are on stage right now entertaining this crowd. the headliner, that's carlos santana scheduled for 8:30 this evening. i do know, i can tell you, hard to say it's already sold out. after nearly a decade the u.s. workforce has fully regarnd jobs lost in the recession. more than 200,000 new jobs were created in july some of the largest gains were in food
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service, health care and professional service. president trump celebrated the numbers with a tweet saying excellent jobs numbers just released and i have only just begun. many job civiling regulations continues to fall. movement back to usa. tonight a deadly mystery at the jersey shore. neighbors at beach haven west are being told to stay out of the lagoons after dozens of animals were found dead in the water. town officials are not sure what the contamination is but say it's highly toxic. after they found dozens of dead ducks, fish and crabs. >> deep concerns by all the residents. not knowing exactly what's happening in the lagoons. >> everybody loves to fish off the dock. it's scary. i am concerned. >> so far water samples haven't found anything acidic. it could be an infectious
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disease in the water but we won't find out until next week. >> a football player will stay in jail on charges he murdered a woman on a blueberry farm. he's accused of killing the woman. he and a teenager shot her while breaking into her family's farm back in june. he played football a few years ago. the search is on tonight for armed and dangerous rental car robbers. police say four men stole several cars from avis car rental at philadelphia international airport this morning. one of the men punched a guard in the face. at least one had a gun. up next all new at 6:00 consignment confusion. customers say they have been ripped off after their stuff is gone. fireworks from carson wentz. the quarterback talks about whether he'll be throwing more long touchdowns this season.
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all new at 6:00 customers of a delaware consignment shop say they were ripped off. >> the shop suddenly closed down and never let them get their items back. >> but tim furlong has the story. >> i just feel scammed.
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>> reporter: he feels scammed because he tried to sell stuff through a consignments shop. that downtown shop is now closed up and cleaned out. just a few months ago co-owner proudly showing off his new high end consignment store called fresh milk. >> milk went bad quickly. >> reporter: teen business next door didn't notice them close up shop and slip away. the landlord noticed when he didn't get his rent. >> i want my stuff. i tried to get ahold of him. obviously the guy has changed his phone number. he's hiding. >> reporter: on the popular delaware sneaker facebook community a bunch of people tell me they lost their stuff too. nobody could get any answers. even the guy who manages the store said he hasn't had any
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contact with josh. believe me in various ways i reached out to josh to give him that chance. i went to the address the partners gave the landlord. nobody answered. i left a business card and i got in touch with josh. he insist he and his partners did nothing wrong. he said he and his landlord had disputes. he promised all contracts had expired. other customers don't think this is the case. >> it's not about the stuff any more. it's a matters of principle and knowing where it went or what happened to it. so are you affected by this. he gave an e-mail address for upset customers to send complaints. find that on until's facebook page. some new tennis courts bringing new energy to a north philadelphia neighborhood. kids can come learn the sport.
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part of a city wide initiative to rebuild abandoned tennis courts. toururning to our first ale weather. people were enjoying the ice cream. talking our language. >> who needs a napkin when you eat ice cream. >> you're looking live at the beach in cape may as people enjoy this friday and start to this first weekend in august. a dry evening to hang out at penn's landing. showers could pop up in some neighborhoods overnight. >> weekend doesn't sound too bad. let's bring in first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> weekend is looking good. 85 degrees nice and sunny right now. 88 today. we won't be up to 88 degrees all of next week or even to next weekend. so save some money on your elect
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trig bills. you can see a lot of sunshine out there all across the area. and the temperatures in the city, it's 85 at the airport but it's 89 at graduate hospital. 89 in port richmond. warm day but we won't be seeing temperatures like that for a while let alone in the 90s. we saw a few showers around the poconos and berks county earlier today. not seeing much of anything now. one little shower in berks county. looks like it will track west of allentown. this is the significant system. you can see its there. a cold front with some thunderstorms. that will be moving through early tomorrow morning, giving us our one chance of precipitation over the weekend and then the cooler air comes in. so here's the timing on that. all clear, everything okay until 10:00, 11:00 tonight and then this line ever storms comes in
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and they could be priest significant wake up some of you with the thunder in the middle of the night and then it is past by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. then by 7:00 or 8:00 depending where you are the sun starts to come out. the shore will take longer. but it will clear out too. maybe a little shower early in the day with some early clouds later in the afternoon it's nice and comfortable, a beautiful day on sunday. so good shore weekend overall. nice and comfortable every where. now rehoboth, delaware beaches, i think that's too far south for those showers tomorrow morning. so things will be dry and have more sunshine. the new jersey shore beaches kind of ideal. in wildwood also looks like it's going to stay dry. nice and comfortable. land breeze tomorrow and then this evening comes in.
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we're way out into the atlantic looking at the tropics, may be something developing there over the next several days and moving in the general direction of puerto rico. the next storm would be named franklin. the eagles get one offensive weapon back on the a field while providing good news onto other. and the latest exploit comes from halfway around the world. you don't want to miss it next up on sports.
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feeling good on a friday.
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carson wentz hopes to improve in a number of areas as he enters his second season as an nfl starter. he has some new toys to help him out. you can certainly expect for fireworks on offense this upcoming season. here's a look at wentz out on the practice field. last season he completed 40 yards or more. he feels confident with a year under his belt and new weapons around him those fireworks will be there in abundance. >> i love throwing. i love taking shots on the field. but some of the things are in game. take what you can get. that's part of the game. part of knowing your opponents. so at the end of the day to some extent you have to trust the coach and how he calls things. when chances are there i'm definitely looking forward to taking those chances. >> jeffries missed a fourth
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straight day with a shoulder injury. however the injury is no longer an issue and today was a rest today. birds are off until sunday. legarrette blount back on the field. blount was signs after winning a super bowl with the patriots last year. please lay your eyes on this. wow. a couple of the big boys returning punts. catching them at least. they both caught one, peterson was in practice early. cox makes the grab everyone feeling good. before we go check in on jamaal. holding the ball over his head. he can't reach it. when he does get it he sends it
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to never, never land. children beware he'll block everyone. that's your look at sports. every year south jersey sends more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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final weather here. live look at the wind turbines at the link. we're gets ready for a pretty nice weekend. >> those turbines will be going around tomorrow as the wind comes in from the northwest. cooler air. land breeze for those at the shore. early morning shower possible. only up to about 7:00 a.m. for most of us. rest of the weekend is dry. nice and comfortable. low humidity. then it's starts going downhill. sunday night into monday, another round of some pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms and then again towards the end of the week, more wet weather. so we can't get out of this pattern but you also don't see anything close to 90 degrees. look at those temperatures.
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>> really cool for august. >> your garden should be looking good too. >> that's our news at 6:00. >> up next "nbc nightly news" national furor by raising the price of a national aides drug 5,000%. now kicked of defrauding investors, facing potentially decades in prison. trump defiant. >> are there any russians here tonight? any russians? >> the president in fight mode as nbc news learns there are multiple grand juries working the russia investigation. caught on camera, a heart stopping crash and out of control pickup truck slams into a bus stop full of people. how everyone made it out alive. towering infer notice, a skyscraper in flames in do you bye, anotherage covered in the same kind of siding as that awful london


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