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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> wait a minute, somebody came out. i can't see the truck. but somebody came out of the house with their hands up. >> we can see that too. we e see two men. >> you see better than i do. >> we see two men in the front lawn and both of them have their hand over their heads. one of them is walking backwards towards police. >> i see that. >> and then the other one is in front of them. >> that voice there is tracy davidson. that alert neighbor called police when she realized something was suspicious in her neighborhood. good afternoon, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm jacqueline london. four suspects from in custody for breaking into that home this morning. the suspects knocked on the door of the home on cambridge road. when no one answered, they broke in the front window. one put a gun in the homeowner's
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mouth but the homeowner was still able to escape. >> the neighbor who we heard at 11:00 a.m. walk me through. what happened inside her home. >> carol lives right here behind me. she was watching tv when she noticed that black truck pull up right across the street at her neighbor's house. she watch ed for a a minute and then it happened. four men broke into that house. fortunately, she did the right thing and called 911. >> the view from sky force 10 hit a quiet neighborhood. >> s.w.a.t. teams, helicopters and offer officers voubded the home after four men broke into the house and threatened the homeowner. >> stuck a gun in his mouth and threatened to kill him. >> i was watching from up here. >> you can see everything. >> from inside her home, her
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neighbor saw the home invasion as it was happening. >> he opened up the window and the screen and he was right here. he had his rifle. >> two of the suspects were arrested shortly after police arrived. two others barricade themselves inside the house for three hours. sky force 10 was overhead when they finally surrendered. you can see them walking back ward when their hands on their head. they took them down and put nem this handcuffs. >> we have lived here for 50 years. never, ever had a problem. >> police believe this was a random home invasion. they did mentioned all four
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suspect hs prior records and other break ins in the area. they will investigate if they are connected. as for that homeowner, we're told it's sustained some minor injuries but they are expected to be okay. >> they are not strangers to police. the nbc 10 investigators take a closer look at their criminal past that led to today's random attack. >> when e we weren't on the air, we sent you breaking news alerts throughout the day through the nbc 10 app. download it for three so you don't miz out on important updates. in just the last hour, nbc 10 obtained new video of a police-involved shooting that nearly injured a girl inside her home. >> let's go to harry hairston in that breaking news center with more on this. >> dramatic video, tense moment bfrs that shooting. that's what you're about to see.
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the new video of the shootout is from the perspective of one of the neighbors who was just feet away from the whole thing. you can see and e hear the shots go off yesterday. just moments before the shootout started, one of the gunmen's bullets just missed a 15-year-old girl watching tv inside her home. >> this is all that started before 5:00 last night on fair hill street. you can see bullet holes that mark the houses on that street. police identified jose gonzales as the gunman. he underwent surgery after officers shot him. back to you guys. now new details on a story we first told you about as breaking news on nbc 10 news
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today. a dispute between neighbors ended with murder in chester county. the 51-year-old is now charged with first-degree murder. prosecutors saychart carter shot him once and to do over his body. >> this just in within the last 30 minutes. president trump sends a clear message to north korea that the united states will take, quote, unprecedented action if north korea continues with its missile testing. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening
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beyond a normal statement. >> north korea isn't backing down. today the kocountry lashed out passage of the sanctions package, which passed unanimously over the weekend. the north koreans carried out two missile tests last month and analysts believe the country has missiles that could reach the united states. >> now we have gone directly after their hard currency. what it does go to is a a ballistic missile program. >> the united nations will be closely monitoring the situation and the reaction from kim jong-un. to our weather and take a look at this picture. picture perfect really at the jersey shore. a lot of people took advantage at the beach. >> perfect day also for a a ride on the scooter.
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nbc 10 in chinatown where they kicked this around. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us more. >> it's going to get better because you can see the clouds out there. they are going to be gone. and so we're going to have comfort and sunshine for the next couple days. this is easton. we're seeing a little billionth of blue in the sky, but still a fair amount of cloud cover. and also in delaware, similar type of. picture, similar type of clouds. you can see that on the radar and satellite. closest rain is way offshore. but these are high level clouds just raising up from the southwest. blocking the sun a little bit. fair weather cumulus clouds, it's a beautiful picture. but the drier air continues to feed into the region. 78 degrees in philadelphia, but it's 80 in wilmington and northeast philly and millville. the ocean temperature is is 73
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degrees. it's going to be a a beautiful night as we clear out. temperature nice and comfortable. you need the air conditioners tonight or tomorrow night. or the night after that. as you can see into the 50s in some of the suburbs and the lehigh valley. by morning, not a cloud in the sky. that sets us up for a couple great days. the rain is going to be making its return probably before the weekend. we'll get into the e details on that coming up. >> police in a south jersey town are on the lockout for a man who they tried to get the victim by telling her her parents sent him to pick her up. cydney long is live. police are asking parents and their children to really be extra cautious. >> reporter: that's right, they are. detectives are applauding this little girl for her actions and
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her attention to detail because she was able to provide information to a police composite sketch artist. police have been canvassing the area at a not heavily traveled street because it's a one way. >> jennifer and her daughters are frightened. >> we're nervous. i have a 10-year-old that lives hear. >> reporter: a man in this sketch attempted to lure a little girl into his car. . it happened at 2:00 sunday afternoon and right on their block the 200 block of addison avenue. >> i don't even want her to be outside right now. >> they had had just returned from the shore when it circulated on facebook that a man in his 30s or 40s followed the little girl on her bike. she was driving in a tan or gold-colored sedan. her parents sent him to pick her up. >> he went the other way.
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>> the 10-year-old got a lesson had in safety from her mom. >> my mom would never call someone just to pick me up who i would not know. >> reporter: residents still feel safe in this quiet section. >> everybody knows me. i know everything. i know everything. because i watch everybody. if i hear the dog up the street bark. >> reporter: this recent scare happens in the same community where residents are still feeling the grief about the 3-year-old's death a few years ago. so obviously, news of anyone wishing to harm children touches close to home. more on that at 5:00. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> detectives are investigating after a man was found dead in a fire. in philadelphia. the fire marshal ruled it a case of arson.
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firefighters found a 28-year-old man dead on the second flor of the home just before 11:00 last night. another man jumped from a second floor window to escape the flames. right now, a push from democratic law makers to find out just how much the government is spending on properties owned by president trump. this comes during the president's 17-day vacation at his golf courlub. they want departments to hand over information and learn about any payments made by departments to the trump organization. or any business owned by trump. the president has visit the hi own propertied 48 times since his inauguration. police are search issing for a jewel thief in south jersey. here's a look at the suspect. police say he robbed the jewelers in cherry hill yesterday. investigators say he made off with an indisclosed amount of jewels and is last seen getting
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into a gray suv. officials have dropped blans to require truck droifrs be screened for sleep apnea. instead they say testing should be left to railroads and trucking companies. the move is part of president trump's program to slash federal regulations. it's a decision safety experts say will put millions of lives a at risk. the engineer of a new jersey transit train that slammed into a station suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. one woman was killed and dozens were injured. a light house sculpture recently unveiled in disney world honors a child killed by an alligator while visiting the resort. it's aimed at spreading a awareness for a charity named after lane thomas grays. the foundation supports families whose children need an organ transplant. it was near the spot he lost his life. he was grabbed and dragged under
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wart by an alligator as he played near the lagoon. his father tried but could not e free throw him from that animal. >> new emergency today for residents living around this massive sink hole in florida. five more homes have now been condemned. drone video shows just how big it is. so far it's destroyed more than half a dozen homes and counting. frantic emergency operations are now underway. crews are dumping tons of limestone along its edges in an effort to shore up the hole. former first daughter malia seems to be living it up at lollapalooza. it e shows her a little dazed on a golf cart leaving the music festival. it was taken friday night. >> you know what this means.
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just about this time. football season, nbc 10 is the official station. it's from the start of the presan season. the birds are making their way to the midwest. >> john clark joins us live with the final word from carson wentz before they left for green bay. >> the carson wentz will start the first preseason game on thursday night. today carson was signing some autographs for young eagles fans. i was there and captured this. this is the first time i have seen this. >> hopefully he will be smiling,
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carson is smiling. he's going to start thursday night. he want s s to see everything o there. he was the third it stringer and got hurt and now he is the man. >> they are a big part of development. i think last year a z a rookie to finally get the live action and kind of nfl opportunities i think it's big. everybody to get back in the swing of things and the routine like we talked about earlier. it's a big part of it. >> i expect the eagles starters to play a series or two. if the offense does well, that may be it. if they struggle, they may play another series. alshon jeffrey may not play. doug hasn't decided yet. and keith, please save me an aisle seat. the planes are small.
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>> both of you are tall. >> i'm taller and older. i'll see you soon. nbc 10 is here all access pass. the only place you'll be able to watch thursday's preseason game live from green bay. we'll get you started with the kickoff, a full hour of analysis to get you ready for the game. that begins at 7:00. then at 8:00, the birds take on the packers followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. in just the past hour, the national weather service conf m confirmed it was a tornado that hit maryland yet. now we're getting a better look at the damage it left behind. >> take a look at this. an ef-1 tornado brought 110 mile per hour winds to the town op
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salisbury. it caused this damage to buildings and homes. you can see several cars got turned upside down. there was a funnel cloud in the area caught on camera. >> much calmer conditions today in our area as well. taking a live look at the museum of art. a much better day than yesterday when we got so much rain. it's going to get better in the next couple days as well. >>. >> no rain today except a a little bit under the shore early in the day. but no rain for the next couple. 78 in philadelphia. a little bit more sunshine than we saw earlier in the day. similar story across much of the rest of the area. it has been cloudy at the shore, but at least they are getting a chance to dry out. a little bit of a land breeze.
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the winds kind of chaotic today. the high temperatures so far 69 yesterday. 78 today. now we're going back into the mid-80s. close to average over the next couple days. but with very low humidity. once again, these are the clouds and then these are the high level clouds racing up from the southwest. not enough moisture to produce any kind of rain, but it does block out the sun. just blue sky over the next couple days. . that's the neighborhood forecast for tomorrow. 84 degrees and lots of sunshine.
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look at the low temperatures. 57 in the morning. 59 in langhorn. 54 in allentown. we got a beautiful day coming, but take a a look down way out into the atlantic. we have a tropical system out there. it's only 30 mile an hour wind. but that's something we're going to have to keep an eye ob. we have two beauties and then the moisture comes in on friday. that's the case across much of the area. temperature is close to normal for the highs. but the humidity is going to be unusually low for august. and look at the jersey shore. temperatures in the upper 70s. some really nice weather over the next couple of days.
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as we head into the weekend, we're going to be seeing greater chances of showers and thunderstorms. it's not a total wash out, but not nearly as pretty as this past weekend has been. nbc 10 is counting down into the winter olympics. >> six months to go until the games. but before the competition begins, the city is rolling out the welcome mat with a one-stop playground. nbc 10 gives you a sneak peek, ahead. a perfect storm. two jackpots and two different lottery games. both of the $300 million prizes. plus hollywood editing. chan changes to the joe paterno statue for a movie that has nittany lion fans caught. talking. all three major stock indexes are down tonight. we'll be right back.
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we're following breaking news. sky force 10 is live at broad street in south philadelphia. part of the road collapsed. take a lock there. that road collapsed buzz of a water main break. you can see what's happening here. there's an eight-foot hole. crews shut down two lanes to try to make repairs to that gate. there's a. shopping center without water. we will continue to follow this breaking news as soon as we get it. a new movie about joe paterno isn't out yet, but it seems to be altering history. >> or at least one iconic image. there's a question of why the statue of the football coach has been changed for the film. the statue on the left is the original version. it shows a smiling pa ter know with his arm raised. the one on the right is the movie version.
4:25 pm
the film is about his life after the jerry sandusky sex scandal. it could be a simple as a copyright issue. the real statue was removed from campus after the sandusky scandal broke in 2012. a few weeks to go until students head back to school. >> new health requirements could keep kids out of class. we're talking about the change to the vaccine policy you need to know about before the first day of school. . and jumping jackpot. how you can increase your odds of becoming a million tear with two big prizes this week. we're warming up and drying out over the next couple days. the rain is making its return. i'll let you now when in your most accurate weather forecast. >> helping the most vulnerable patients. how first responders are being trained to spot cases of human trafficking following the job.
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winning hundreds of millions of dollars. mega millions jackpot and the pau powerball is over $300 million. >> as west of will mimington, t regular lotly players are particularly geeked up to play for a monster mega millions jackpot. and a $307 million powerball
4:30 pm
jackpot tomorrow. >> there it is. >> i would take care of my family and then i'm gone. >> the reality kind of stinks. odds of win ining one of these pretty brutal. the odds of winning both of them are brutaler. >> i did the math on the odds of winning both. it's somewhere in the baa gazillion range. >> i'm 62. i'm tired of working. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> watch nbc 10 news tonight at 11:00 for the winning numbers. turning back to the weather, how about a game of hoops? these guys hit the courts under partly sunny skies. >> it's the new manikin
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challenge. >> and they pulled it off for us. the sun trying to peek through the build. ings there. no such luck. a warm welcome after the heavy rain that we had yesterday. for a super soaker to start the week, we're dry for the next couple days. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with your most accurate weather forecast. a pretty couple days to come. >> we're going to be seeing bluer skies than what we're seeing rite now. it's kind of a milky white. we have some high thin clouds, puffy clouds out there. it's a whole lot nigher lock than what we saw at this time yesterday. it was raining all over the area. these are jews the high, thin clouds. you can see over the last couple hours, even those are starting to move out and thin out. these clouds will die out as soon as the sun starts going down. .
4:32 pm
80 in northeast philly. and allentown so several of these places are going to be hitting the 80 degree mark before the day is over. as we go through tomorrow, you may not see a cloud in the sky. starting off on the cool side. it's going to be in the 50s in many of the suburbs. it's still going to get up to 80 degrees in the afternoon. lehigh valley up to 82 in the afternoon. and nothing but sunshine. not quite 80 degrees. we'll let you know when that beautiful weather is going to come to an end and the rain c e comes back. >> here's a look at the stories we're following county by county. a new transportation center at lehigh valley international made getting around the airport easier for fliers. officials held the ribbon cutting ceremony today. the facility is designed to shorten walks from parking lots to terminals.
4:33 pm
penndot helped pay for part of the new hub. the casino in bethlehem is on board with the newest craze in blackjack gaming. officials announced the addition of live blackjack dealer stadium gambling. it allowed 44 players at a time. it's situated on the casino floor across from steele works buffet and grill. they will remain the technology center. it will be known as the governor james j. service for public service. >> the event will be the first in dedications. who have called camden county home. >> in chester county a local hospital will get nor 10,000 to help heal sick babies by just holding them.
4:34 pm
the hospital was award the money by hug gis to begin a no baby unhugged cud ler program. >> newborns get better faster when they are hugged or rocked. they need that touch. the hospital says it will use the money to benefit babies born prematurely or addicted to drugs. do you have a fear of public spooeking? a lot of people do and now there's an app for that. >> it was developed right here in our area. >> the app allows users to practice techniques and records them and rates how clearly it was sdifred. thousands have downloaded the app. parents of children whose children use the app say it has helped breakthrough barriers. >> she's telling us that she's practicing a safe space before she used to fear going out in front of others, where now she can go in the room, practice,
4:35 pm
become more comfortable and then show it to shows. that's why we created it. >> the goal was to get 5,000 downloads overall. four months later, they have blown by that with an access of 50,000 downloads. cheerful testimony in the taylor swift sexual assault case. who broke down on the stand during opening statements of the trial. and detecting depression through social media. the clues in your friends photos that could indicate an emotional imbalance. and all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the creatures suddenly showing up at the shore. and why the experts say you should not be concerned.
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breaking news, glen camp
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bell has died. he was known for his hit song " "rhinestone cowboy." he was 81 years old. he released 70 albums over a 50-year career. switching gears, more and more young people are getting and dying from colon and rectal cancers. that's the finding of a number study from the cancer society. it shows the death rates in people under 55 has increased in the u.s. in the past decade, but researchers aren't sure why. the american caster society wants younger people to be aware of the rising cases, know the symptoms and know their family history. detecting depression, new research finds your instagram pictures may offer early clues about your mental health. a new study from the university of vermont found that depressed people tend to post photos that are bluer, dark er and grayer
4:40 pm
than b happy posters. computers used to scan photos were 70% accurate identifying depressed people. people depressed tend to post more often than others. possibly looking for more gratification. sglrchl it's a shot in the arm for parents. >> but a change in policy has school districts making a push b before the start of classes we'll explain the new requirements that will have students flooding doctors offices and rolling up their sleeves. the sun is making its return, but the beautiful weather is going to last too long. i'm tracking the return of the rain and when you can expect it in your neighborhood in the your most accurate weather forecast. today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms...
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school officials warned people about the change to the vaccine policy before your child starts school in the fall. new this year, parents have only five days to get their children immunized when school begins. after that, kids can be removed from school. now also new, students will need a fourth dose of the polio vaccine and every student entering 12th grade must have another dose of the meningitis vacci vaccine. >> if you simply say i don't believe in vaccines, that's not a reason. anybody that doesn't vaccinate their child is putting their child at risk and other children at risk. >> the new rules affect every school in the state, both public and private. >> in new jersey, students are still required to have three doses of the polio vaccine and one dose of meningitis vaccine. three doses are required and one
4:45 pm
dose of the meningitis vaccine required beginning in ninth grade. taylor swift's mother cried during opening statements today at a civil trial in denver. the case involved the singer's claim she was groped by a former dj. eight jurors were slekd edslekd selected in denver federal court. swift and the dj are in the courtroom along with about two dozen members of the public. swift's mom is expected to testify during the trial. the radio host groped her before a concert in 2013. he denies the allegations and is suing swift for $3 million. he testified he wants to vindicate himself after being fired from his dream job over the claim. swift is countersuing claiming sexual assault. hackers have posted a fresh batch of stolen hbo scripts online including ab upcoming episode of a popular series "game of thrones." they will release the entire
4:46 pm
series unless the company pays several million in ransom. hbo says it's work iing with police and cyber security experts. taking a live look at the water park in the poconos. a few people floating down the lazy river. they don't have rain so that's good. >> after the last couple days, let's go right to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a couple nice ones ahead of us. >> that puts it mildly. i would say they are going to be spectacular days. especially considering how comfortable and beautiful it's going to be. 78 degrees in philadelphia. it's pretty nice out there right now. just some high, thin clouds. and upper 70s to near 80 degrees across much of the rest of the area. so we're 8 to 10 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. even though temperatures are still way below average for this time of the year. the average high is 86.
4:47 pm
80 degrees in delaware. reading and allen dale. this area got pounded with rain yesterday. we need quite awhile to dry out. just some high thin clouds racing up from the southwest. the rain from last night is still way offshore. plenty of dry air to our west that's going to be moving in and setting us up for great weather. through the night tonight, keep in mind this is going to cool off pretty quickly. we're going to be in the 50s tomorrow morning when you wake up in a lot of the area. allentown, quakertown, reading in the 50s. and even at 8:30 in the morning, we're only in the 60s. philly is going up to 71 degrees. look at the sunny symbols all
4:48 pm
over the place. 85 in philly. 81 in reading. 84 in trenton. 78 in exton. nothing but sunshine. really sunny day thursday too. here's all the moisture from yesterday. we got to travel a long way into the central atlantic, this is a tropical disturbance and area of low pressure. 30 mile an hour winds, but we're in the peak period of hurricane season and some of the more reliable models say eventually it gets its act together and moves toward the bahamas as we move toward the end of the week. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures in the mid-80s and then some afternoon showers and thunderstorms on friday. also over the weekend, you can see nothing close to 90 degrees in that forecast. the shore barely getting to 80
4:49 pm
degrees. the athletes won't be the only ones playing at the winter olympics. next at 4:00, a sneak peek at the interactive playground for fans. a community shaken. police say one man took his neighbor's life when a feud boiled over. what we learned about the fatal fight.
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the winter olympics start six months from today. the host city of pyongyang is
4:53 pm
ahead of schedule. >> before the competition begins, the city is rolling out the welcome with a fun and interactive olympic experience. >> welcome to a one-stop interactive playground for all things winter olympics. . this unique space offers visitors a chance to learn about the host city and all the different winter sports you'll see at the upcomingen winter games. . get ready for a high-tech adventure. >> we are in the 4g experience room. so fasten your seat belts. we're in for a fun ride. >> this is the only way i ever get to try bobsledding. especially since olympic bobsledders travel an average of more than 80 miles per hour. it shows you how fast it snakes
4:54 pm
around a course. >> that was awesome and really hard. i'm not cut out for these winter sports. >> the next is a smoother ride, but you get to experience a sensation of what it's like to compete in an olympic sport. >> this is the virtual reality station. i'm going to experience what it's like to ski jump. >> the virtual reality glasses make you feel like you're on top of the mountains. >> it's really steep. i can see the landing area too. >> this is like where we were this it morning. except there was no snow. i can see the top of my skis too. here we go.
4:55 pm
from lift off to landing, the virtual reality station lets you be an olympic ski jumper even for a moment. flying off the scopes anding solid ground again. for a ching of pace, the last stop is low tech. hockey with a net and a a stick. >> the goal is to hit that bottle over there. it's not golf. no high-sticking. we'll see how good my aim is. that wasn't even close. that was terrible. try again. >> apparently hockey isn't my calling, but you can try your hand at any number of winter sports to get a feel for the winter olympics. it is your first stop for a firsthand look at competition at the highest level. >> nbc 10 is the only place to see all the action from the winter olympics. the games begin friday.
4:56 pm
four suspects break into a home hoping to burglarize it and instead come face to face with a man who live there is. >> what we learned about the suspect's past and their possible connection to other crimes in our area. the at lite and radar showing the skies are clearing, but it doesn't last that long. when rain returns to the forecast, coming up. police in south jersey need your help finding an attempted luring suspect. what police said he said to try to get the girl in his car, next.
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a 70-year-old man held at gunpoint by four would be robbers. a neighbor walks us through the terrifying send off. >> a feud between neighbors takes a deadly turn. what we learned about the dispute that it led to the fatal. attempted abduction. a man tries to lure a child into his car. the race to find the suspect before he strikes again. it is a standoff in the suburbs that you saw unfold live right here on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. police say four men were
5:00 pm
knocking on doors in plymouth township looking for an empty home to burglarize. they didn't count a neighbor across the street. >> i'm jacqueline london. police tell nbc 10 the suspect broke into a home, once inside they put a gun in the mouth of the home oowner and threatened kill him. police say the men are now suspected in several other burglaries report ed in the are. investigators cred a vigilant neighbor for calling 911 when she sensed something was wrong. >> this call was receive d by a neighbor who saw these individuals in the neighborhood. so people are being nosey, but this gentleman can thank his neighbor for call iing police. >> that neighbor was on the phone with nbc 10 as the situation unfolded. she walked us through the ordeal live on the air. >> this happened at


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