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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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their scopes looking through and pointed at the house. >> you see police on the scene here. they are not saying much as to what happened and what they were locking for, but one person was taken away in a police car. one car was towed from the scene and this scene is secure. there's no reason they say for anyone to fear they can't come out of their house. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with summer camp concerns. nbc 10 is looking into problems at the bensalem property after students started pulling their students out of the program. they could have a new owner by the weekend after a sheriffs sale. >> they received e-mails about
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the camp and that's when we started investigating. denise nakano has been locking at this. >> you spoke with some parent who is questioned the safety of the program. >> reporter: parents are concerned about a lack of communication and a lack of supervision. they foal like the day camp has not been up front with some financial concerns. >> we wanted him to have something that was really fun for him to do. >> reporter: plans for a summer experience got turned upside down when laura said she had no other choice than to pull her son out of cherokee day camp yesterday. she and a growing group of concerned parents are calling on the camp for answers. some demanding but not expecting to get their money back. >> i think it's really sad that people are allowed to get away with this and take advantage of
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people when it comes to their kids. >> cherokee day camp sits on land up for a sheriffs sale this friday at 11:00 a.m. nbc 10 found the property located on one declaration drive in bensalem sold for $1.3 million. more than $857,000 is still owed on the property. i spoke on the phone with mark wilson, who owns the camp. he says he's confident the sheriffs sale would be postponed but gave no reason b how that might happen. with several more weeks of camp to go, parents say safety concerns, allegations that counsellors were not getting paid and a communication breakdown drove them away. >> reporter: counsellors continue to work here despite not getting paid all the times. mark wilson who are runs this
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program says if the sheriffs sale does go through, he's afraid he's going to lose the facility. denise nakano, nbc 10 news. mixed messages from washington on the escalating tensions between the u.s. and north korea. >> today he tweeted my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. it's far stronger and more powerful than ever before. hopefully i'll never have to use this power. and trump's heated rhetoric stakes to down play the words. rex tillerson said president trump is sending messages to north korean leader kim jong-un in language he would understand. he said the threats do not move the u.s. closer to a military option. i think the president want ed to be clear to the north korean regime that just unquestionable ability to defend itself and its allies.
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and i think it was important that he deliver that message to avoid any miscalculation on their part. >> tillerson thinks americans should sleep well at night. he has no concerns about the back and forth between the two countries over the last few days. we wanted to know where our local representatives stand on the issue. we spoke to representatives on the best way to handle the growing conflict with north korea. >> my hope is that president trump is relying on his national security team and amping down tweeting and amping up planning and preparation for what may be a military confrontation with north korea. >> before we start shooting at one another, fully enforce sanctions. it can't just be the u.s. the choi these have to be a part of that. >> senator carper said trump has smart military people around him
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including his new chief of staff and that he should listen to them. residents of guam are afraid of being caught in the middle of escalating tensions between u.s. and north korea. the military said it's considering a strike on the tiny island. the u.s. territory is about 2100 miles from the korean peninsula. u.s. air force planes are landing in guam. photos were posted on twitter this morning. they came from south dakota to fly missions with japan and south korea. lauren mayk spoke with a south jersey man from guam about being caught in the middle of the conflict. we'll have that part of the story at 5:00. fbi agents serve d a serve warrant at the home of the former campaign chairman. special council robert mueller is investigating manafort for his part in russian meddle iing into in the 2016 election.
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>> turning to your forecast. it was quiet for a bike ride. nbc 10 found a a bunch of folks enjoying the weather that feels more like fall than summer. people are taking advantage of a day without rain and packing the beach. look at that. this is a live look from on top of the marquee of the lafayette hotel in cape may. enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. the clouds and rain are coming become. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz joinings nous with the most accurate weather forecast. >> it does look like some rain will be returning by the weekend. but it's not going to be nearly as nice as this past weekend. but look at the sky right now. a lot of blue there that's fair weather cumulus clouds. that's outside our studio now. the lehigh valley, you don't even see the fair weather clouds. bright blue skies. you don't e see that a whole lot
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in august. but otherwise things are pretty clear. it's pretty clear back to the west as well. so we're going to have another really great day tomorrow. temperatures are close to average. 85 in philadelphia. 84 in northeast philly. and trenton, 3 degrees in a allentown. very low humidity. it just is beautiful out there. it's going to be a great night. temperatures perhaps not going down quite as much as it did last night. still several places getting down into the 50s. some suburbs and also lehigh value e lee, even more like upper 50s by morning. perfectly clear skies overnight tonight. and nothing but sunshine during the day tomorrow. but things are going to change. the moisture is going to come back. i'll have the timing on that in a few minutes. no motive or arrest in a
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shooting that injured a 64-year-old man. that shooting happened around 5:00 in the afternoon yesterday. police say someone in a car opened fire and then took off. the man is in stable condition. police recovered a gun and say the suspect fired from a crown victoria. philadelphia police need help identifying this man. detectives say he stole some clothing from a center city store at 16th and chestnut earlier this month. when security approached the man, police say he started struggling withtl threatened to stab him. new information about a suspect who drove his car in paris today. authorities now say the suspect was injured during a gunfight. that led to his arrest. officials say the driver ambushed a soldier as they were walking to their car to start a new patrol shift. a a witness describe d hearing ear piercing screams of pain and troops chasing after a speeding car. other soldiers ran as well
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shouting after him follow that car. l at least 168,000 people in philadelphia are taking opioids right now. that's according to a new survey by the department of public health. researchers found 1 in 3 adults have used prescription. opioids. 19% reported getting the drugs from friends or dealers. the majority 76% were using opioids. the white house is not ruled out clearing in an opioid crisis. >> the technical declaration of emergency is being discussed in the administration, but it's not a single thing that will turn this around. we're putting a huge amount of resources in this problem.
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they asked the president to declare a national emergency which would have allowed federal funds to go to treatment facilities. >> a new study takes a a hard lock at how many doctors september some kind of payment from manufactures of painkillers. researchers at boston medical center say one in 12 positions. the average payment amounted to $16 a year. those add up totaling between 2013 and 2015. it's brought about positive change to the crisis. >> tiger woods pleaded not guilty today to dui charges as part of a plea deal to keep him
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out of jail. he did not have to appear in court but agree. ed to the deal through his lawyer. it's probation for a year in exchange for a lesser charge. it's part of a program for dui offenders. he was found asleep in his car back in may. e he told police he took prescription pain killers and sleeping ill. s. no alcohol was found. a former disk jockey accused of groping taylor swift says he didn't touch the singer inappropriately but admits a photo does look awkward. his hand in the 2013 photo was touching swift's skirt after they got their arms crossed. he said his hand started at rib cage level ask went down after the two bumped arms while posing. swift's accusation cost him his job. he's suing for $3 million. swift is is issen countersued claiming sexual assault. the corruption trial for bob maine nenendez will start next .
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a judge ruled the trial will begin despite the request to get the charges dismissed. parts accused the senator of bribery and fraud. they say he took gifts from a campaign donor and a friend and in return he lobbied for his donor's business interests. new castle city council has chose b its next mayor. he resigned because of helts concerns. he served on the planning commission and the commission on italian heritage in culture. >> it's not the kind that affects computers. they will do that using new technology that allows them to look at a drop of water smaller than a mint.
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one wants to ban tents on the beach. council members created a a bill that would not allow large tents and cap pis from memorial day to labor day. the mayor says people are complaining tents make the beach too crowded. the council will discuss the proposal at its meeting next month. the united states postal service is counting on a new strategy to stay competitive. the postal service want s s to invest billions in new delivery trucks to get packages to homes more quickly. this comes as competition ramps up from other quick delivery services. the regulatory commission app r appears likely to grant the postal service power to ib crease the cost beyond the rate of inflation. happening now a job fair at dorney park. the park is looking to hire monster teches, ushers and interviews are until 8:00 p.m. are you ready for some
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football? we are a little more than 24 hours from the preseason kickoff between the eagles and packers at lambeau field. nbc 10 is the official station of the eagles as the only station where you'll see all of the action. the birds have landed in green bay and so has keith jones. >> there's a lot of excite meme ahead of tomorrow's big game. >> there's a little bit of a log jam. take a step out of the way. quarterback carson wentz is in town. the team usually consisting after all the cuts were made about fifth year. you're e seeing week one of the preseason. there's probably 90 guys right now. they are all getting to the hotel for the first time. we got here two hours ago. what you're seeing now is the philadelphia eagles have just got here an hour ago and made their way directly to the hotel
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in green bay. we're about 15 minutes from lambeau field. they are waiting to get on about three or four elevators. it takes a long time. there aren't many fans here yet, but there are plenty of rooms booked in advance given the number of football players here. the philadelphia eagles those rooms have been booked up solid. some more casual wear after taking a flight from tld. i want to talk to some of the impressions. i'm a jersey guy. if you take the city of trenton or camden, green bay is like giving one of those cities an nfl franchise. so for a a lot of these guys,
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this is a big change of pace er in here in green bay. you can tell behind me, this is going to take place for a long time as they wait to try to get on these elevators and go on up to their rooms. we're live in green bay, keith jones. >> carson wentz was front and center. everybody waiting to get into their rooms. >> you could tell all eyes were on him. >> reporting live from green bay, we'll see you at 5:00. nbc 10 is your all access pass to watch tomorrow's preseason game. then at 8:00, the birds take on the packers. that's all followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. and you can still watch nbc prime time coverage on cozy tv.
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e we all know they playable in football in any weather. >> there's a chance for loigt ning. krystal klei has your football forecast. >> it's the start of game time. then you see dropping to the 60s here through 11:00 p.m. this is the issue in the afternoon into the early evening hours, we could see a chns of some scattered thunderstorms across the area. we're going through the afternoon hours. there's the 8:00 freeze frame. it looks like more of the heavy stuff to the north of green bay. but right now, there's a chance of thunderstorms for the beginning of the game.
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>> for us, no chance of thunderstorms. >> thank goodness. >> we have another beautiful day around here. today, one more tomorrow and we're seeing some changes. 85 degrees in philadelphia. that's the one through all day today. you can see the blue in the sky all over the area. ocean temperature is 74 e degrees. it's still 76 in ocean city. 79 in cape may point. the humidity is low. the only thing that happens is when you get out of the water it's extra chilly. we have had temperatures getting sba into the middle 80s and we're going to continue that it into tomorrow. look at that. no clouds around. closest to hundreds of miles
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offshore. that's not coming this way. then to the west, closest clouds are west of green bay. this is how far away those clouds are. so as we go into tomorrow, once again, nothing but sunshine. low humidity, comfortable temperatures, 86 in fairmont, 86 in swanks vilville. 86 degrees in allentown. morning temperatures in the upper 50s. got down into the 50 thz morning. and at the shore, another picture perfect day out there. if you have vacation the last couple days, you are lucky to be able to get out there. and the hour by hour, as we go through tomorrow, we see hardly any cloud cover at all. but then on friday things start changing. then it comes up a little bit. then some showers in the
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afternoon scattered around mostly to the north and west. and more significant rain coming in on saturday. so that is not looking real pretty. that means we're not going to have a totally droi weekend. we're keeping our eye out in the tropics where this system has 30 miles an hour max winds right now. and it could be moving close to the bahamas over the next several days. we're following breaking news in westchester right now. sky force 10 live over the sen of a fire where we have just learned that 12 firefighters have been taken to the hospital with carbon monoxide-related injuries. this is happening looking live at the scene. we're just getting this information into our newsroom right now. we have a crew on the wi to the scene. and we bring you new information as soon as we get it. but breaking news right now in
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westchester where 12 firefighters have been taken to the hospital. we're staying on top of this. >> playing broadway like a a boss. >> new jersey's own bruce springsteen is set to hit the big stage. still ahead, why he's flying solo and when you'll be able to see him. bacteria in the baa will goon, bacteria in the ocean. >> government at its worst. that's how some lawmakers describe the dune debacle in margate. why the fed's say no construction is actually making more of a mess. and fast food fireworks. the scare on the job for one worker inside this popular chain restaurant. but first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street.
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take a look at this video. a group of people caught a lit firework inside a restaurant and it just missed an employee. this all happened last month. authorities are now releasing the video. that worker was sitting at the table when it came through the door. the blast created a huge hole in the wall. detectives trying to track down up to ten people. a family is reunited after they were carjacked with their two dids kids in the backseat. watch here as the father cons e consoling his daughter. her mother left the car running with the girl and boy in the car as she went into a store. when she came out, a 14-year-old pushed her to the ground and took her car. he abandoned the car and the kids a a few blocks away. >> i mean, this could have been real bad. this could have been real bad. we're thankful that the children were found safe. but we also want to encourage everyone when you get out of
4:26 pm
your vehicle, turn your vehicles off, take your keys with you. >> police have not caught up to the teen who took that car. if you choose, it's your chance to live like a trump. the president's home could be your next vacation destination. the going rate for a night at the new york home and the perks for making a reservation. and following new leads, the search to find the dirt bike rider who slammed into a woman on the sidewalk and ran away. and we continue to follow this breaking news in westchester. sky force 10 is live over the scene of a fire where we have learned 12 firefighters have been taken to the hospital with carbon monoxide injuries. this is happening on j street. we have a ground crew on the way to the scene and will bring you more information as soon as we get it.
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we're going to continue to follow this breaking news. sky force 10 live over the scene of a fire where we have learned that 12 firefighters have been taken to the hospital because of carbon monoxide injuries. let's go to mitch right now in the newsroom with the latest. >> as you said, 12 firefighters are hurt. let's lock at the live picture from sky force 10. we know some of the firefighters have taken to the hospital. it's from cardiac arrest and carbon monoxide poisoning. 12 firefighters hurt from the fire fight in downtown
4:31 pm
westchester. we have two crews on the way. we'll get you the latest as it becomes available to us. right now at 4:00, the battle over the dune debacle heated up in federal court. >> residents travelled to camden county where the army corps of engineers fought to keep the construction going. a judge granted a temporary ban to stop after the heavy rain made a mess in many people's backyards but injuries argue the ban is making the problems worse. cydney long sorted out both sides of the story. >> these line in the sand arguments has been unfolding here in federal court since about 10:00 this morning. some 50 or so residents made the trip, the hour-long trip from margate to listen here in court, but they are not convinced that the attorneys on either side are
4:32 pm
making any progress. put the sand back where e he moved it from. >> that's the plea, the outcry from fed up margate residents to the army corps of engineers. rain water that turned filthy didn't drain from the retention basin as planned. instead it was an invite for danger and potential drownings behind the dune, behind loif guard backs. >> bacteria in the lagoon, bacteria in the froegs dredging, it's a complete disaster. >> margate scored a temporary vikt ri when a a judge granted a temporary order stopping the construction. attorneys for the city played video showing water accumulated where the dunes were e made, but nowhere else. >> what they have done they caused margate to be stigmatized
4:33 pm
now. >> reporter: they want to continue work and continue to collect data on better draining options. >> what's the definition of insanity? keep doing the same thing and expect a different response. that's what he's doing. >> with hurricane season, the long-term goal is to protect life and property. the army corps didn't comment on cam rarks but with the work stoppage its hands are tied and it's losing $120,000 daily. >> they are stumped. they knew that margate did not need the dunes. >> reporter: they have yet to admit they know what wept wrong. did the judge give you an indication she'd make a a ruling today? >> no. >> the army corps of engineer called in an expert witness to explain why the water won't drain. they suffered rashes from contaminated ocean water. this hearing could continue into tomorrow. the temporary restraining order expires on friday.
4:34 pm
cydney long, nbc 10 news. a look at the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in cape may county, a former ocean city lifeguard won a lawsuit. a jury awarded more than $125,000. he failed a a swim test back in 2011. today we talked with the patrol and the city does not hire ocean lifeguards who cannot pass the swimming test. in delaware county, a hearing is set for tonight to discuss a proposed super wawa. residents are concerned the construction project could be problematic and cited noise issues. the meeting is set to begin at 7:30. the school of engineering e teamed up with liedeeaders from robotics community. and develop strategies for the
4:35 pm
robotics competition. in chester county, emergency services for campers a at the brandy wine. kids got an up-close look at the medical helicopter and a a chance to hold a real fire hose. first responders took part. a local bank is helping feed hungry children with a gift of 2,000 pounds of food. it was delivered to the never say never community center today. it will feed 100 people. no luck last night in the lottery. no problem. tonight you'll have a crack at winning another jackpot. the powerball is up to $307 million. it's the first time that both have been above $300 million at the same time. no one won the mega millions drawing.
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that is at $382 million. just buzz there was no jackpot winner doesn't mean there are no winners at all. check your tickets. lst night's numbers were 11, 17, 50, 52, 74 and 14. as hard it as it may be, don't hit the snooze button tomorrow morning. why now is the time to get your kids back to their sleep schedules. we're going to explain how to make the adjustment easier. all new at 5:00, turning the tables. father and son team have different plans for a pair planning to rob their stores. but police aren't exactly thrilled with what they did. the surveillance, new at 5:00. and we are closely following breaking news in westchester. sky force 10 live over the scene of a fire where we have learned 12 firefighters have been taken to the hospital with carbon monoxide related injuries. and we're told one of the firefighters has serious injuries. the two crews on the way to the scene now and we'll show you
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more of the breaking news.
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enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. the clouds and rain are going to return. just in time for the weekend. i'll have the details to plan ahead in your most accurate weather forecast. and all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. stepping up the shopping experience. the newest feature and all you need, next at 5:00. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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breaking news in westchester. sky force 10 hovering live over the scene where firefighters were treated for injuries. >> mitch is in the breaking news center with new information on all of this. four of them have been taken to
4:45 pm
the hospital and eight others being treated at the scene. >> one of them is in serious condition. we're told fire crews responded to a fire call but encountered carbon monoxide and some are suffering from poisoning. the westchester fire chief just told us in our newsroom that they were investigating underground wires as the source and they are checking whether or not that was the cause of this incident. he says as firefighters have been taken to the hospital confirming that information that we brought to you off the top. he did say he was extremely busy ands was not a able to stay on the phone. that's the latest from this breaking situation in chester county in westchester.
4:46 pm
>> you're seeing sky force 10 above that scene. let's go to the chopper in sky force 10. what can you tell us a about what you're seeing? >>. >> live in sky force 10 over that scene of breaking news in westchest westchester. firefighters are being treated for carbon month noxide-related injuries. moving on to this. bruce springsteen is headed to broadway. >> he's expected to make his debut this fall. the show loosely follows the ark
4:47 pm
of his life's work featuring him, a guitar and piano. >> if you so choose, you can spend a thiegt in the same house president trump grew up in as a child. the president's old home is now an air brbnairbnb. an anonymous person bought the home for $2 million in march. . . to the weather now, a live look at the river ridge. it is a gorgeous day out there. you can see a half dozen or so people out there enjoying this gorgeous day. >> it's sunny and you don't have the humidity. let's go over to glenn "hurricane" schwartz for the latest.
4:48 pm
85 degrees. a lot of blue in the sky across the entire area. the. temperatures a couple degrees shy of the average for this time of year despite the sunshine and the houmdty is way down for this time of the year. we are reporting 90 degrees, but the humidity is low. it doesn't feel like that. farther to the south, 85 in reading. and 70s a at the beaches. 9 in lewis. 78 at duey beach with a slight wind off the ocean. clouds from yesterday are offshore. staying there and we have a whole bunch of nothing until we get west of chicago. and that's where the showers are and so it's going to take awhile to get here. as we go into tomorrow, another day with lots of sunshine.
4:49 pm
temperatures in the mid-80s after lows in the morning at easton and allentown in the upper 50s. once again it's going to be on the cool side in the morning and near 60 degrees in new jersey. the shore gets another sea breeze and just another picture perfect day at the shore. there's thursday and there should be clouds or showers if there were. a as if the computer model would show. watch it for thursday night. clouds coming in. on friday, some showers, especially to the north and west. especially later in the day. that's just in the chance category. later friday night and into saturday morning, look a at that. that's a lot of rain. that's heavy rain. it's not necessarily a total washout on saturday, but we certainly have the threat. and that will keep temperatures down a little bit on saturday.
4:50 pm
once again. friday. most of the day is dry. and that's going to be the wettest day of all when we have some heavy rain then. his final performance, we remember the local musician who passed away shortly after taking the stage this week at music fest. and we continue to follow this breaking news from westchester. sky force 10 live over the scene over a fire. they were reportedly responding to underground wires. how would you like to earn four times gas reward points?
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peco. the future is on. imagine the challenge of inviting hundreds of thousands of people to your country, most of whom don't speak your language. >> that's what the leaders of south korea are face iing as th are preparing to host the winter olympics. >> one of the most highly anticipated tech events is a launch of 5g, the highest speed mobile is service ever offered at the olympics. it's 20 times faster than 4g and to transmit data without added fees or service connections. the network does not commercially available yet, but these winter olympics will serve as a testing ground for the high-tech service. >> the technology can be a i plied to drone, virtual reality and especially effective for the
4:55 pm
winter olympics. spectators can follow along ob their own devices to watch the games from the athlete's perspectives. some of the events will be film ed by a 360-degree virtual reality camera broadcast through the network. they are working to build stu studios so fans can be fully immersed in the games. he's excited that the winter olympics will give korea an opportunity to shine as a winter sports destination, but also as a world leader in innovation and technology. breaking news from west chester where 12 firefighters withicen to the hospital with carbon monoxide-related injuries. >> this is happening not far
4:56 pm
from the courthouse. live coverage next at 5:00. also you saw the standoff live on nbc 10. tonight where are the four suspects involved in a break in in a quiet suburb. and we have a a beautiful picture behind me over philadelphia. but the only days before we start attracting more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. the details are coming up.
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12 firefighters are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, overcome to reports of a fire. >> mitch is joining us live from the breaking news center where the unfolding situation. what have you been able to learn about this? >> it continues to unfold. the restaurant down the street, folks there tell us that they have been asked to evacuate. those are live pictures. 12 firefighters arriving to fight this fire in westchester just down the street from the courthouse responding to a call of a fire when they arrived they were inundated with carbon monoxide poisoning. that's what we are told is the main cause of these injuries to these 12 firefighters. four of them have been taken to chester county hospital. eight others are being treated
5:00 pm
at the scene. the fire chief said that they were investigating whether or not this involved underground wires, but they are not certain what the cause of the incident is. he did confirm that all of those firefighters are being treated and four of them are being taken to the hospital. we have two crews on the their way to the scene. nbc 10 news. >> there's a way to stay jup dated. sign up for breaking news alerts. it's free to download that app in the store. targeting an american t territory as tensions rise between the u.s. and north korea. a a small island filled with american troops is eyed by the north as a possible target. >> it is exploring options for attacking the island of guam, the u.s. territory that's


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