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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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man appeared in her house, she's not sure how he got in, but police believe it was either through again the back door or back window and we're told that man tied her up with belts and tried to rob her. the suspect got away. we're waiting to hear if he took money with him. and a man just happened to be walking down the sidewalk when the woman came out screaming for help. >> her arms were red and she was screaming indicating that someone was in her home trying to get money from her. >> reporter: police say it was alarming for many reasons, but especially because this was in the middle of the day, about 2:00. as far as a description of the suspect, police say it was a man around 30 years old. he has thin build and he was last seen wearing dark pants. we know that is vague, but that is what they are working with. if you have any information or saw anything, you're asked to calling police. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. we condemn in the strongest
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possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. it has no place in america. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with setting the record straight. today president trump deliver the message many had been waiting for calling hate groups repug nantd. t this followed criticism from democrats and republican for failing to forcibly deny sprechls. supremacists. nbc 10 has team coverage. lauren mayk found out about a local group's plan for action to denounce hate. >> but let's begin with brandon hudson with more on the president's message. >> reporter: under relentless pressure, president trump condemned the violence. >> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in
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its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> reporter: his statement came during a brief return to washington two days after this weekend's white national rally behind the unrest in virginia. also for the first time, he mentioned heather heyer by name. heyer was killed when a car plowed in to a group of anti-racist county protesters in charlottesville saturday. a judge denied bond for the man accused of driving that car, james fields is charged with murder. today he mostly kept his head down. outside the courthouse, a white nationalist was drowned out by chants of nazi go home. officers escorted him away from the courthouse. as for the suspect james fields,
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a high school teacher said he was fascinated with nazis and idolized adolf hitler. brandon hudson, nbc 10. and the charlottesville police chief is holding a news conference, this is a live picture picture. we'll bring you comes out of it. runs gathered in center city last night to support those who stood up against hate and racism in charlottesville. larn ma lauren mayk found out what local groups are doing to denounce hate in the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: after the scene in charlottesville, plan for action 300 miles from the clashes. sglifs shocked, angered, but also resolved to do something here in philadelphia. >> reporter: co-chairs of the clergy of a local interfaith group. >> this has been a watershed
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even for some people who may have said well, it's not really that bad or this is only on happening here or there. to say okay, i got to wake up and not only just wake up, but do something. >> reporter: they are planning a march in philadelphia this week, making stops at places where reverend tyler says white supremacy is at work in less obvious ways. they will stop at the school district building. >> for example to talk about what we call education apartheid and white supremacy has impacted the budgeting in schools. >> reporter: the statue of mayor rizzo. >> the talk about police account ability. and to talk about the fact that city council needs to enact a minimum wage that will carry the wages up to $15 an hour. >> reporter: their march just one exapple example. >> when you see the tiki torches, lives what is this? >> reporter: he's with the caucus of work educate tore, planning an event next month. >> we're calling itten after
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charlottesville. >> reporter: and it's for teacher hes, community members. >> we're hoping to talk about how white supremacy is not just these shield wielding people, but it's englaned edengrained society. t >> reporter: and also to talk about what adults and kids saw. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. this afternoon rizzo jr. released a statement saying i know my dad was a good man, i protected all people no matter what the color. the ceo of merck is resigning from the white house's american manufacturing council because of the unrest in charlottesville and the president's response to it. in a statement released this morning, kenneth frazier writes as ceo of merck and as a matter of personal conscience, i feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism. frazier is one corporate america's leading african-american executives. he was the only black male ceo named to the president's
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manufacturing council in january. president trump lashed out almost immediately tweeting now that ken frazier has resigned, he will have more time to lower rip-off drug prices. attorney general jeff sessions is defending president trump's original statement on the violence in charlottesville. he was on the "today" show. >> it was a good statement glifred just a few hours after the events. the next day yesterday, they explicitly called out the nazis and kkk by name. >> the attorney general wind on to say that the justice department is doing everything it can to prosecute those responsible for any crimes in charlottesville. the nbc 10 app was the first to alert you about the president's statement today in charlottesville. so download it, you can be the first to know about this breaking news. our coverage on the air continues at 4:30. breaking news now out of
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harris, police say a car drove into a pizzeria killing a child and injuring at least five others. the driver has been arrested. this happened in a town in north central france about an hour from paris. we're working to get more information on the breaking news and as soon as we have that, we'll bring to you on air and n online. and we continue with this -- stalked while shopping. a south jersey man is accused of taking photos and videos of women as they changed in the dressing room of a target store. cydney long is live and police say they have reason the suspect followed victims while they shopped around the store. >> reporter: that's right. detectives tell me that this suspect followed the victims around the store actually taking photographs of them as they browsed merchandise. and in a bold and bizarre fashion, he follows them into a fitting room armed with his
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weapon, a cellphone ready to push record. police want you to look at the man who may have been looking at you, everyone recording you without your knowledge. he's 36-year-old francis bane. police say he secretly recorded a woman in a target dressing room where this woman has tried on clothes before. >> really scary and creepy because you think that you are shopping for your own stuff and privately in the dressing room and then you're being exploited. >> reporter: the woman victim i'ded last week confronted help and witnesses watched him running in the parking lot and i.d. his car. he was arrested at his home seizing his cellphone and other electronics. they have reason to believe that more than 50 women were unknowingly videotaped and not just in popular shopping locations. >> disgusting. >> reporter: you can see there is a space on the dressing room floor large enough to slide a
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cellphone in the next stall. >> when you're with your kids, you're focusing on the children, you're not really wear to some extent to your surroundings i a and any danger. >> reporter: he released on his own recognizance. no one answered his door. police can't tell you what did he with the video or photos of the victims exposed or partially dressed. >> between all the social media, you have no idea where the footage or the pictures where going to end up. and that is scary. >> reporter: question cwe can t police waiting approval on the search warrants to they can enter analyze all the of the data. his photos will provide gps locations so they notice exact stores or other locations and the times that this invasion of privacy hatched. as soon as we have that information, we'll pass it along to you. cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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and first alert weather tracking showers moving in to parts of our region. this is a look at first alert radar, it shows where that threat is headed next. today's rain could be just a taste of what is to come in the next several hours. >> and glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking where the rain is headed and the timing of it. >> it does look rain is mnuchining in to part of the area, but it won't be heavy in any part. wilmington is on the edge, but you can see on i-95, it's still looking dry. easton, p.a. is cloudy, looks threatening, but here is the radar. and you don't see any of the yellows and reds indicating heavier rain. that has going to berks county and chester county and upper portion of montgomery county. a little bit heavier as you see here norristown and just outside of philadelphia here. some of this is not reaching the
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ground, but it will. eventually it will stature rate 1/2 of the atmosphere and that is what is happening in redding right now.staturerate 1 atmosphere and that is what is happening in redding right now. radar was showing it for a couple hours before it actually reached the ground. you about here we go this evening just more of it across the area. so keep the rain gear with you. it's not going to be a real heavy one, but it is going to be wet overnight. temperatures are kind of moderate now, but they will really heat up this week once we get riftd raid of the rain. and trying to track down those responsible for killing a couple inside their south philadelphia home last night. police say 50-year-old gonzalez and 23-year-old kate gonzalez were found dead inside their home. police wouldn't say thoe how they died, only that it was violent scene. investigators say the home was ransacked. but there were no signs of forced entry. >> i was shocked. i don't understand because i've
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been living up this block for 35 years and nothing like this hassen hahas ever happened. >> reporter: so far there is no information about a potential suspect. now to the latest on the tensions with north korea. the top american military officer is warning north korea the u.s. military is ready. joseph dunford issued the warning this morning. he said the united states wants to peacefully resolve the standoff, but that the u.s. is ready to use its full range of its military capabilities to defend itself and allies. north korea is threatening to lob four missiles into the waters near the u.s. territory guam. the people of guam held a peaceful demonstration today. the governor says he spoke to president trump over the weekend and that the president assured him guam has the backing of the united states. >> the president as well as his chief of staff general kelly called me at my home again just to give their 1,000% support for
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the territory of all american soiled allies that we are defended and we will be protected. >> guam is a major military hub for the u.s. nearly 7,000 american service members are stationed there. president donald trump wants a trade investigation into china's alleged theft of american technology and intellectual property. this afternoon he signed an executive order asking his trade office to consider the probe. any investigation could easily last a year. passengers are crediting a septa bus driver for keeping them safe during this crash in east mt. airy today. the bus crashed into a car around 11:30 this morning. it ended up on the front lawn of a home. no one on board was seriously hurt. passengers say that the driver's quick reaction was the reason for that. >> the bus driver actually did a phenomenal job. going between the tree and pole and not hitting any hoel house
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or anything else, he did a great job. >> the driver of the car was taken to the hospital, but we're still work to find out how serious that person's injuries are. you can forget about using the driver's license center on islands avenue in southwest philadelphia for a while. it's closed for repairs until further notice after being hit by a car sunday. the center wasn't open at the time. it's not clear how long the repairs will last. right now the jury is deliberating in the case of taylor swift's sexual assault trial. closing arguments ended around 1:30 this afternoon fp there is no verdict by 5:00, the jury will be released by the day. swift says the radio deejay groped her while taking a photo together in 2013. pro wrestling icon rick slater is in the hospital with what his management team new calls top medical issues. at first his talent agency said he was in the hospital for ryan routine monitoring. and there was no need to panic. but the center asked for prayers
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and positive energy. a bucks county man who allegedly used a baby as a decoy went before the judge. he put the glasses on the baby inside the store. investigators say after he left, workers realized sefr ed severaf glasses were missing worth about $1,000. here is welcome news for students and teachers. the long standardized tests are getting shorter. that is the word from pennsylvania state leaders. tests for grades three through eight will be 20% shorter. the governor says he had been hearing a lot of complaints from parents and teaches and students and he says it helps focus on learning instead of stressing out about testing. one elementary changing school is changing its homework policy. we'll explain why they are
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banning textbooks at home to put an emphasis on other books nap is a the 4:45. john carney signed a bill today aimed at helping small businesses innovators and entrepreneurs, it's called house bill 226. it reach structures tstructures summer camp of a different kind for west philadelphia. the community college of philadelphia hopes its first stechl o s.t.e.m. camp to learn about the inner workings of the automobile. philadelphia fire department is hosting a different camp to teach girls about fire safety. it's the first annual girls fire safety summer camp. throughout the week the students will get first and i had and cpr training and also visit the museum and academy.
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>> so they can see firsthand the experience and know that you can do this, you can do whatever you want. >> the camp is named for firefighter joyce craig who died in the line of duty back in 201437. let's take a live look over a hazy philadelphia. we're tracking rain in parts of our area. not a very pretty picture. >> no, a rainy monday for sure. let's go over to glenn "hurricane" schwartz for the latest. >> yeah, but it sure was nice yesterday. cloudy now across the area. the clouds have kept the temperature down. it's cooler than average for this time of the year. the ocean though is warmer than average at 76 degrees. a little wind off of that warm ocean. still 80 in ventnor, 79 in hole gate, 77 ocean city, 77 cape may
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point. so not exactly beautiful, but of course they have a lot of rain on saturday. they got nice yesterday, too. the comfort level was nice yesterday. but it has gone up a bit over the next several day, we're not getting in to the oppressive or dangerous zones, but it is going to feel more uncomfortable over the next couple days. here is the batch of rain coming in, a lot not reaching the ground, but eventually it will. it's pretty much all on the lighter side. and when it starts getting solid on the radar here in montgomery county, it might be starting to come down. just a little bit of drizzle or spring kems kles at first. and then there is a break and then there is another area out through tennessee and kentucky. that is going to be affecting us tomorrow so we have threats of rain tomorrow as well.
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so through the night tonight, you can see these patches of rain coming through, not especially heavy. but kind of a nuisance thing to help keep the grass growing. and then tomorrow, we have more showers developing. knowledge all that well organized as you can see. heavier activity down to the south. and temperatures do get into the 80s in philadelphia, but much of the area stays in the 70s for most of the day. there we are tuesday evening, it's still occasionally wet. but the dry air comes in for wednesday and wednesday is looking pretty hot and pretty humid. but at least not raining. we may have thunderstorms just about any part of the area over the next 24 hours. allentown 81. and the clouds keeping the temperature down a bit. voorhees at 80.
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the shore with threats of rain as well. remember, we have the solar eclipse next monday. it's a week away. our long range forecast is looking pretty good around here. remember the peak of this will be in the middle of the afternoon. so we'll keep updating you on this and krystal will have more on that at the bottom of the hour. we have a tropical storm out here, not that far off the east coast. it may become hurricane gert, but it looks like it will head out to sea. getting second chances and giving second chances. a local jail is helping clear the shelters by partnering puppies with inmates. still ahead, how the dogs and their companions are getting a second leakcond leash, get itn life. and nbc 10 is counting down to a show in the sky for the history books. what you need to know before you view the so solar eclipse. and mission impossible.
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watch as tom cruise slams into the side of a building during a stunt. he manages to pull himself up, seconds later though he collapses to his knees. right there. after collecting himself, he ends up limping back to the edge of the building. not clear how seriously he was hurt. cruise though is known for performing many of his oewn stunts. 2340i t a thief blew up an atm sunday in san diego.
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bits and pieces were scattered everywhere and the cash box inside was gone. police are still looking for the money and the thief. you can believe it's time for a school? >> cal it the car pool of the future. the kids ride sharing service that is getting students to and fro class and saving parents some some time. one week from today, we'll see something in the sky. i'll tell you what you need too view it safely. and a cringe show of support. what has him in trouble tonight.
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for the latest on on the violence in charlottesville -- >> just two days after the deadly attack, president trump dae announced t denounced the heat groate group. >> we moous yust unite together condemnation. >> the president condemned the kkk, neo-nazis and white supremacists as criminals and thugs. his statement came during a brief return to washington. he came under fire for his comments saturday that, quote, many sides were to blame for that violence. meanwhile a judge denied the bond for the man accused of plowing his car into a crowd of counterprotests. one woman us a killed, 19 other people hurt. james fields is charged with murder. in the aftermath, a lot of
4:30 pm
attention is focused on far right extremist groups. >> experts say the number of people involved in these groups has not grown significantly. but as charlottesville shows, some people think it is now more publicly acceptable to display their beliefs. extremist experts say that the united states has not properly dealt with confederate monuments. >> you go to nazi germany today, you will not find any monuments to the third lireich. but we've not tackled our own past in the same way. >> nbc 10 took a closer look at the rise of hatred including how the election of donald trump may be helping with the growth of these groups. you can watch mitch's investigation right now on nbc
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10 on our nbc 10 app. nightly news will have much more on this story as well as reaction to the violence in charlottesville from around the country. that is right after nbc 10 news at 6:00. here is a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county. in mercer, a man is beinging a could you sayed accused of kills his girlfriend and an maimal crewity. police say he shot his girlfriend and a dead dog was found near the body. he's also charged with animal cruelty. a recent high school graduate is suing a bucks county school district for not doing now protect from harassment. the 18-year-old says she was harassed by her classmates at penn ridge high school during the 2014/15 school year and she reported it and officials failed to act.
4:32 pm
the school district says it doesn't comment about pending lawsuits. in delaware county, neighbors are meeting to talk about the sunoco pipeline. it's ripping up people's backyards in delaware and chester counties. neighbors are also concerned about possible dangers like water contamination and leaks. tonight they will talk about emergency preparedness and evacuation plans. that begins at 7:00 in the township building. nbc 10 is counting to a show out of this world. >> we're just one week away from the total solar eclipse. tim furlong found out where to watch all the excitement from the first state. >> reporter: most don't know this place exists, the education foundation. but on monday using their cool toys, this will be a great place to safe will he watch the
4:33 pm
eclipse. >> in 1918 was the last time there was full solar eclipse that spanned the united states. so the eclipse is the moon moving in front of the sun. and it will block out the light from the sun coming down. >> reporter: a 70 mile wide path spanning from oregon to south carolina will have the most dramatic impact. but everyone in the conity india thental u.s. will notice some level of feskt. >> this will still be pretty darn amazing. and at 2:44:40, that is the best time to look at the sky. >> the sky will become dark, it will change, it will look different. >> reporter: and all will have safety filters on them and they will hand out 500 pairs of eclipse viewing glasses. should be a cool moment for science geeks. >> a great way to get more kids
4:34 pm
looking at the sky. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. a warning from doctors though. as excitement builds for the upcoming solar eclipse, before and after totality, the outer atmosphere of the sun will produce enough light intensity to damage your vision. ophthalmologists recommend wearing special eclipse glasses that filter out the harmful rays. make sure you choose glasses with black polymer lenses. good to know there. doesn't seem fair though. why are all those small towns in america getting the best view here in philly we're getting 75%. >> krystal klei is lear to explain. >> yeah, take a look at the map so that we can understand it a bit better. so we have the earth, the sun, and we have the moon. the moon is going block out some of that light as it goes through our country. there will be the path of totality. that is the area where something called the umbra, the complete
4:35 pm
shadow will be seen. the penumbra is outside the line. we will see some, but not the total. lincoln down to nashville, columbia, they will see a title eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.pitle eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.itle eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.oitle eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.togtitle eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.alitle eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.tle eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.le eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.e eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.togtal eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.gtal eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.tal eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less.otal eclipse. and out from there, you see less and less. but still cool. in our area, 75% of the blocking out. the start time is 1:21 here in philly the max is at 2:44 and it all comes to a close at 4:01 on next monday. just a heads up, only period when someone can take the glasses off is if you are in the path of totality right during the moment of toonlgtality. hear you need the special glasses the whole time. >> good to know. thank you. and there is so much more
4:36 pm
fascinating info about the great american solar eclipse all of it on the nbc 10 app. download the app for free. to find out the five things you should know with just one week to go. and you will also find information on how far to safely photograph the events. raise your glass. a drink a day may keep doctors at day. how alcohol can help protect your heart. and puppies with a purpose. the program giving prison inmates and campaiompanions a s chance. it ripped my heart out again. >> a criminal targets a grieving husband. his plea for help.
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new research suggesting that alcohol consumption may protect your heart. the study found light to moderate drinkers had lowered risk of death from card i don't
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vascular disease. heavy drinks was found to increase the risk of death from any cause particular ply lly in. new research reveals american workers feel physically and emotionally taxed. one in four say that they end up work during their free time. here is the good news more than 50% say their swos support difference and they have very good friends at work. to thank you. to this now. banning textbooks. >> an lmelementary school is keeping kids from doing homework. the reason behind that policy change and what parents have to say about it. we have showers moving in to part of our area tonight. and more to come tomorrow. i'm tracking the timing of that rain plus the warm-up on the way.
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nbc 10 is getting your students ready to go back to school. for generations it's been the assignment school kids have hated the most. homework. but now homework is actually banned. in marion county, florida, the superintendent says her decision to scrap traditional homework for elementary school students is research showing it does not benefit young kids. it's a change causing intense debate. >> the homework soig kiis kind a window into his day. >> we had nights where he would be sitting with tears. >> many sxernlt experts say hom teaches organization, responsibility and time management and some studies sgt kids who do homework do better
4:45 pm
on tests. just in time for the school year, a new family ride share ser swris is launching a partnership with chrysler to help shuttle kids to school and beyond. chrysler's teaming up with a family ride sharing service kango, like an uber for kids. drivers lease minivans at an affordable rate. it's only available currently in san francisco bay area, but that partnership could expand to other cities. and a company that usually helps veterans get mortgages is helping some smaller people today. freedom mortgage teamed up with liberty uso for its rubbing sacks to become pawrak backpack even .students could pick out their backpacks. >> we're employing supplies for 200 military families. >> and this is the fourth year that the liberty uso has hosted
4:46 pm
it hoeping to relief financial stress for military families. and turning to weather, not exactly perfect conditions to be at the beach, but plenty of people are still making the most of it. this is a live look. still some people out there. >> but we're tracking some rain. here is glenn "hurricane" schwartz with your forecast. might want to get off that beach, right? >> yeah, as long as it's not raining, it's okay. it's not windy, not freezing cold, not 110 degrees. so that is okay beach. philadelphia of the much of the surrounding areas, we have overcast condition, it's kept the temperature down a bit. some places not even getting out of the 70s as you can see. and that's what we have in northern delaware right now. we have some of the rain in new castle county. you can he will it the tell the on the temperatures. limestone road, claymont only 75
4:47 pm
degrees right now. greenville 76. farther to the south, where the rain has not reached, it's79 in. and it's in the 70s at the beaches because of the wind coming in off the water. still not raining there and still not raining in cape may. that is in the philadelphia area and a lot of this is not reaching the ground. and when it does, it's just pretty much in the form of sprinkles. we don't see anything heavy on the radar right now and we're not really expecting nation oan over the next couple of hours. so you may get a few drops, but that is it. there is another fairly small system back to the weather, but that has some thunderstorms associated with it. so we have a chance for some thunderstorms tomorrow. most of it is just in the form of showers like this during the
4:48 pm
evening hour, kind of scattered around. so prepared for that. it won't be sunny at all tomorrow. that will help keep the temperature down and the best chance of showers and storms tomorrow afternoon is delaware and south jersey. the last place that needs any brai rain. but we'll start to clear out tuesday night and wednesday and thursday, we'll be having a good bit of sunshine. now we have tropical storm gert may be about to being hurricane gert. and it's not that far off the north carolina coast. but the conditions are extremely favorable for it to just curve and go out to sea. now as we go through the next several days, we're not affected by gert in any way. it could churn up the surf a bit. but we're hot on wednesday and even into thursday. close to 90 degrees the next
4:49 pm
threat of thunderstorms is friday and then as we go into saturday. sunday is looking dry at the moment. there is allentown, we're seeing lehigh valley and wildwood generally on the guy either squ. there are those thunderstorms friday and into saturday. and there is the eclipse forecast for monday. so far looking good. getting second chances and giving second chances. next at 4:00, how these dogs are getting a new leash on life through a unique program. and coming up at 5:00, an eagle is gendidefending his hom of charlottesville after the deadly violence there. what he's furious about. and don't forget nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we're the only place to watch the birds preseason gauge game thursday night. live coverage at 6:00 p.m. with
4:50 pm
eagles preseason kickoff and eagles v. of football operations will be live to talk about the matthews and darby trade.
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♪ we buy any car ♪ any, any, any, any at, the gimmicks stop with our ads. trading in our selling your car is hassle-free with just three easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying centre. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at this weekend is our annual clear thebigger than ever about. they got a head start with a new program aimed at second chances. >> cydney long shows us how. >> reporter: once abused, neglected or abandoned, dogs
4:54 pm
like scinnamon and lacey left te animal rescue to go to jail. it's not a pun issuiishpunishme opportunity to become friends to vets. >> barely anybody adopts these doc dogs. >> reporter: they pair five dogs for ten inmates in a first of its kound south jersey training. they are learning bhask obedience to sit, heel, stay and obey to become companion dogs. it teaches both parties -- >> structure. and it's a win for inmates. because that in-conditional love. >> reporter: and this inmate says it will be hard to let go. for some dogs like lacey and sin made monday, they become foster parents for 12 weeks.
4:55 pm
there are 1 about 180 hours of training. monday, they become f parents for 12 weeks. there are about 180 hours of training. >> reporter: juneau just graduated. >> we always need purpose and he brings about another purpose. and a lot of joy. >> the whole family is receiving a dog that you can by pass the hours ever training. >> reporter: they plan to advance companion training with further certification so he will become a service dog. >> not just him serving us, but him being happy as well with us. >> reporter: friends for vets, a trifecta, a new best friend, new leash on life for inmate, and a second chance for nekglected dogs. all feeling the love. cydney long, in nbc 10 news. and you can help nbc 10 and telemundo 62 clear the shelters this saturday. if yyou do adopt, post your
4:56 pm
pictures using #clear the shelters. homes evacuated and hazmat crews are on the scene in west philadelphia. the problem all new at 5:00. plus also new, a second round ever heart dheartbreak over a g husband. and we're track some showers. more to come for your tuesday. plus the humidity on the rise and so are the temperatures. we'll take a look.
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1k0s ask can.
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racism is evil. >> president trump condemns racism after the violence in virginia. dressing room creeper, someone may have been watching you and dozens of other women as y you trooid ied on dloet clothes. and someone breaks in to a home. how the woman got away. and breaking news all new, homes evacuated in west philadelphia. >> hazardous mats crews are working at a house that might be used to glow marijuana. jordan spencer just arrived. what is the latest information? >> reporter: you can see a significant response from emergency personnel out here in west philadelphia with basically an entire block not cordoned off here in west philly and a number of the neighbors here in the 4800 block of cedar avenue now evacuated from their homes.
5:00 pm
take a look at some video we just got within the past half hour. philadelphia police are now confirming they are investigating a marijuana growing operation with narcotics officers en route to the scene. uncertain exactly what might be inside the home, hazardous material teams have suited up and entered the property at the center of this investigation. they are trying to assess whether the situation inside is safe. take a listen to what one neighbor just told us a few minutes ago. >> just coming home and everything was blocked off. and my grandma comes in and she goes someone has marijuana plants in the basement. so as far as i know, like i said, we never seen anything like this over 20 years been on the block. >> reporter: a number of neighbors expressing that same surprise. and we can tell you that the house at the center of this investigation appears for be really at the


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