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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a new push to protect philadelphia landmarks of its former mayor after another was vandalized todayed. >> clear the shelters, thanks to you more than 1200 pets have new hopes tonight. grab your tickets. do you have a winner?
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we have the winners just drawn for the half billion dollar powerball jackpot. >> tonight, the arrest count is up to three as two works dedicated to police commissioner frank rizzo has been vandalized. first his statute in center city eggs and spray pained. then this mural in the italian market splashed with a plant. i'm denise nakano. after continuous nights of vandalism, supporters of former mayor rizzo are banding together to fight back against these crimes and rally behind a man they call a champion of law and order. aundrea cline-thomas joins us live from the scene of the latest crime, his mural in the italian market. >> reporter: this is especially personal for folks around here in south philadelphia because this is where frank rizzo was from. that's why his supporters are planning to rally on monday. and so here's a look at how we got here.
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vandals strike again. this time overnight targeting the frank rizzo mural in the italian market with paint anti-police graffiti and a rest in peace message presumably to a killed by an officer in june. >> he was a very tough mayor. he was very conservative. a lot of people didn't like him. but i felt safe when he was the mayor. i did. >> earlier this week through social media, council woman helen gim bri's long-standing call to remove the statues from center city. today after the repeated vandalism, helen reiterated her position in a series of tweets. one said "my goal has always been for respectful public process. to move the statute to a better location." >> you can stand out here and protest it but it this desecration is unnecessary. >> reporter: it caused an outcry forcing cities across the
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country to take down its relics tied to slavery and racism. in philadelphia, the focus turned squarely on the former police commissioner and mayor who 40 years ago was known to lead with a heavy hand. >> i appreciate what he did for the city. you know, and but what i don't want is the rizzo family name to go down in history as a bunch of racists because that's not right and it's not true. >> reporter: although times change, history stays the same. question is how should the past be immortalize in the present. >> change happens. change is good. if it had to be changed out for another mural, i'd be totally fine with it. >> reporter: now monday's rally will be held in center city. organizers say a larger march is planned at a later -- will be planned for a later date. one person has been arrested but police say a group is responsible. reporting live from the italian market, aundrea cline-thomas,
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"nbc10 news." civil rights activists and comedian dick gregory has died. his family confirmed his death on twitter. gregory broke barriers as a black comedian and used his comedy to spreads messages about social justice. he was one of the first black comedians to be embraced by white america. he was 84. new at 11:00, a number of rallies tooth against white supremacy across the country. look at this video from dallas. this group gather aid short confederate war memorial. there was a call to bring down civil war monuments in the city. march spreading a message of unity and equality. a response to last week's white nationalist demonstrations in charlottesville, virginia, planned to drown out a rally not far away on boston common. organizers called that a free speech rally but city leaders
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feared it would attract hate groups. the free speech rally attracted less than 100 people plaintiff and tonight president trump responded swiftly to what was happening in boston after being ridiculed what he said or didn't say after charlottesville. he tweeted i want to applaud the many protesters in boston speaking out against bigotry and hate. our country will soon come together as one. also tweeting our great country has been divided for decades. sometimes we need protests in order to heal and we will heal and be stronger than ever before. to breaking news, police are on the scene of a shooting in philadelphia's logan neighborhood. one person was shot on mar bine street about an hour ago. we're checking on the person's condition and the circumstances surrounding the shooting and will bring you the latest on the story on "nbc10 news" today. and now to the latest on the terror in spain. a massive manhunt continues
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tonight more than 36 hours after a driver zig-zagged through the streets in barcelona killing 13 people. we're in barcelona tonight. >> reporter: it is now early morning hours here in barcelona. still hundreds of people coming to show their support. look at this vigil behind me. this despite the fact that the threat level remains at a four, five being the highest where attack is imminent. you can see heavy police presence clearly a sign of the city that is still struggling to get back to normal. in bar sell loanna, iris delgado, "nbc10 news." >> we have a team of journalists in barcelona including a digital reporter. she spoke to a witness of the aftermath of the attack on nbc10 app. well, get your tickets out. you might be a half billion bucks richer tonight powerball jackpot is $541
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million. the fifth largest jackpot in history. and here are those numbers you have been waiting for. we've got 17, 19, 39, 43, 68 and the powerball 13. good luck, everybody. and now for a check on your first alert neighborhood forecast. some storms rolled through berks county and parts of delaware tonight. erika, how are things looking tonight? >> a lot better. we're still seeing rain and one or two isolated thunderstorms moving through parts of northern delaware. all the reports we have been seeing from west to east across our viewing area. here are highlights. a wind gust recorded at 46 miles per hour in allentown. if you have any photos please send them in or any videos @nbc philadelphia. follow us on social media. wires down, so if you do see wires down, don't go into that area. satellite and radar image picking up on most of the drying out. still some storms for parts of central and northern delaware.
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i do have the rest of your weekend forecast coming up in a bit. back to you. another successful year of clear the shelters. and we could not have done it without you. so many of you showed up today eager to take home a new best friend in need of her forever home. and after crunching all the numbers here they are, more than 1200 pets were adopted today. in the past three weeks, when we starred this clear the shelters campaign, a whopping 4600 pets have found new homes. and again, we could not have done it without you. and so many volunteers. we want to see you with your new pets when you post your pictures to social picture, just use the #clear the shelters and we will share it too. coming up on "nbc10 news at 11," wreckage recovered. where a world war ii neighbor ship was recovered today after being declared lost at sea more than seven decades ago. danny? >> thank you very much. howie rosen explains the lengths the birds went to to avoid
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trading matthews to the bills. coming up later in sports. having a baby. caring for your parents.
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two pennsylvania state troopers are recovering after being shot last night. they were two of six officers shot in two states within a matter of who yours. two police officers were shot in kissimmee, florida, not far from orlando. one officer died last night. another died this afternoon. two officers were also shot in a shoot-out in jacksonville, florida. they feel are recovering. just outside of pittsburgh, two troopers were shot in a grocery store parking lot. one of the troopers is in critical condition. new tonight, a team of
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researchers discover the wreckage of a world war ii navy ship lost at sea more than 70 years ago. the "uss indianapolis was torpedoed in 1945 in the philippine sea just after it delivered part of the atomic bomb used in hiroshima. it sunk with nearly 100 sailors and marines on board. only 316 survived. hitting its final note, the accomplished church choir performing its final concert tonight. erika? >> a sunny sunday tomorrow. so coming up on the other side of the break, i have your most accurate tomorrow cast. see you then.
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philadelphia eagles. count on it. new at 11:00, this car smashed into st. pious school in delaware county. some pretty bad front end damage to the car. a board was placed in front of the window. two people were hurt. a final performance from an accomplished philadelphia choir. tonight, the joy unlimited youth mass choir sang for the last time at kingdom life church ministries in olney. made up of young singers from various denominations was formed in 1990. they have three albums and won several competitions. a full day of fun at the mann center today. the mark was transformeded into a space scene. kids learned about the space shuttle from the traveling exhibit. the day was capped off by a free screening of the movie "hidden figures."
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a nice warm night. perfect for shooting hoops. these kids were at inyard park on ridge avenue tonight. it's certainly one of the nights where neighborhood forecast came in handy because it wasn't dry everywhere you were. erika martin joins us now. >> that's right. a neighborhood forecast tonight especially to the west, lehigh valley, pa suburbs, chester county, you guys some thunderstorms and storm reports. send those in. we would love to use those, social media @nbc philadelphia. locally here in philadelphia, it's a great night to see the milky way because the moon is only illuminated 7%. a great night if you're into sky gazing. take a sneak peek up into the sky. live look outside looks gorgeous in philadelphia. satellite and radar image picking up on greens on the screen moving through parts of south jersey, central and northern delaware, as well seeing a couple of lightning strikes. otherwise everything is fizzing out. closer you can see how the showers and isolated
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thunderstorms are breaking apart. there's not much energy left there. neighborhood planner for the rest of the night into early tomorrow morning, a great night all around. 6:00 a.m., it's 70 with lots of sunshine. 77 at 10:00 a.m. 2:00 a.m. not that bad. 73 degrees. certainly a really nice summer night. and for the pa suburbs 65 at 6:00 a.m. 74 at 10:00 a.m. not much in the way of clouds because we have an area of high pressure keeping everything high and dry. here is your hour-by-hour forecast starting at 11:00 p.m. everything drying out. by tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m., we like the way it looks. lots of sunshine for your sunday. neighborhoods for tomorrow, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. shanksville 85 degrees. lehigh valley, burks county, allentown upper 80s. voorhees 88 degrees. avalon at 6. delaware mid to upper 80s. rehoboth beach 85. newark your expected high
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temperature 87 degrees. the ten-day on ten brings us a gorgeous stretch and perfect for the eclipse. 9 on monday with mostly clear skies. clouds start to develop late tuesday into wednesday with the chances of showers and thunderstorms for the second half of your tuesday and early wednesday. beyond that, we're seeing low 80s, upper 70s for the following friday. 81 for the following saturday. let's focus on tomorrow. lots of sunshine for your sunday. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. 87 degrees. that's your expected high. overnight lows very comfortable for the next several days. then of course, all eyes on monday for that solar eclipse. be sure you keep those eyes very safe and get those sunglasses. follow us @nbc philadelphia. here's danny with sports. >> this is sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. thank you, danny pommells with you against one. the eagles off saturday following the victory over the
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bills. a game you saw right here on nbc1037 the run game falters again and carson wentz unable to get into a rhythm finishing six for nine for 56 yards. five of those nine attempts went the way of wentz's new favorite target alshon jeffery, connecting twice. despite the rest of the offense sputtering, coach john defilippo says progress has been made this offseason. >> the difference is number one, i think a year in the offense has given our guys a lot of confidence on the outside. i think a year of strength. you see nelson agholor playing with a lot more confidence. obviously he's always had a ton of speed. i think you see the confidence in catching the ball outside his body. you see alshon having a big catching radius. i think when you have all those factors and that opens up the middle of the field for zack and trey burton. whenever you have weapons on the outside, it opens up the middle of the field for our backs and tight ends. >> impressive first outing on
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the defensive side of the ball. it was the man ronald darby, his first game at midnight. green broke up two passes intercepted another. a nice night for any cornerback. his secondary coach says his night should have been more impressive. >> he knows football. he knows coverages. he know what to play. it's a different verbage. would have liked to have also seen him snap the first ball. he should have made that one. you don't get very many of those opportunities. so i would have loved to have seen him make that play and go into the end zone. >> the birds front office, another interesting topic. another summer of big splashes for howie rosen, seemingly upgraded at wide receiver. john clark spoke with the defacto gm, about the trade of jordan matthews demeanor darby and what he likes best about his new cb. >> no doubt, he can run for sure. you see the competitiveness, his
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ability to make plays on the ball. he's got quick twitch. he can change direction. we're excited to add him to our corner group and for the first time in a long time have a long list of young corners we're excited to see develop. >> you had to trade away matthews. it was a tough deal to make. what was about the other receivers on this team right now that led you to be available to make that trade? >> i think to get a corner at this point in time in the year, we knew we would have to give a lot. we had this conversation if we were going to make a drad, it was going to hurt to make the trade. to talk about jordan, the production he had as a philadelphia eagle, what he represented on and off the field, we tried other ways but couldn't get this done without giving up jordan matthews. he's a heck of a player. seeing how our receivers have done throughout the offseason gave us confidence they were ready to take a step up. >> the evil empire in action tonight. the cowboys hosting the colts.
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first quarter prescott airing out to dez bryant. number 88 into the end zone for six. cowboys first team offense looking good. they knock off the colts in preseason, 24-19. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pom mels. stay with us, "nbc10 news" coming right back.
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erika is back with a final check of the forecast. everything is talking about the solar eclipse on monday. >> that's the big talk. 89 degrees is the expected high temperature with mostly clear skies. i see no issues with the exception of not staring at it directly. that's the key, of course. be safer out there. >> exactly. >> and a sunny sunday. >> all right. thanks, eriair. saturday night live" is next. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> oh, pence. pence, it's hard to believe i've been president for almost 100 days, and i've already done so much. it's hard to keep track of it all. read to me again from the list of my accomplishments. >> of course, sir. nominated neil gorsu.


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