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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  August 21, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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jessic is on >> easy fix right you can see spring garden. that's where the closure is by mlk. to ge around super ease i, take watchi construction not watching constructio on the vine street expressway. and we're watching the the constructio vehicle is on the eastbound side near gladwy and 202 looks and south. speeds in the 60. back t now to the couldn'tdown to
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now we're hours away for the earth, sun and moon aligning. people will try to catch a >> katy zachar joins us live now. seems like we've been saying af dictat >> rep the dafl may not be in the path of totality where but we'll see effects it. people are excited including instit the museum is getting ready for they gave us a behind-the-scenes look how to keep people safe. the museum has sun spotters they h projectors that will
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they collected materials for indire solar viewing tool. indire your body is >> it' phenomenal event. you don't always get a chance to be able to talk about eclipses first time we had an eclipse so many people are excited. >> rep back out here live instit this special memorial, this eclips how they will take this and safely report live in center city, >> we'll have complete coverage
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catch a special report with and we'll have a full list of pictur an update on a story we people in chester investigating riders workin to get you more for joe lieberman the legend charit fundraiser died yester he 91 years old. he was born in newark, new jersey rose to fame in the 1940s by the smash nightclub he directed dozens of movie. his dual role in "the nutty profes is considered to be
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he raised money for muscular dystro whiteh subs a must stop for custom >> somebody would pick subs up his favorite was the italian sub. he. ed it with hot he said it gave him energy to perfor >> a nearby street sign marks muscul dystrophy foundation is honori jerry it brought the die out of the living rooms and into the public. >> he changed the conversatio neurom die trophy disease are living lives of unlimited >> last night fans left flowers
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fame. the white house wrote jerry >> philadelphi police are the attacker walked into the cigare then the man grabbed a knife the clerk was able to pull the the clerk is in stable condit in south philadelphi police are looking for a man dressed in woman' clothing who they boy. police say the man wearing a
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car. the refused. the man took off in a black ford explor in new castle county a man how police took him into custod timoth fired several crashe a family member picked him up shoal later returned to the a neighborhoo in troope went to a trailer the road was closed for three remove the faa is investigating the hard landing of a banner plane
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pilot. the pilot was circling to land the pilot suffered cuts to his head. happening today constructio work will begin to improve a live look from our camera new going in at the intersectio of walnut crews will do the work in phases to it dope have a major impact tonight is the second it's an investment in the commun every night this week live music and worship services. organi will hand out boxes also handout prizes like bikes, bermud coming up at eight minutes
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really pleasant outside. 70 degrees. humidi has come down. it's going to make for a cool mornin look a sunshine through the mornin and through the aftern great viewing for the eclipse suburb included. some farther northern suburbs warm through 70s. bright at noon time. slight chance for an isolated shower lehigh same story. 62 degrees. sunshi this morn. slight chance of an early then especially this evening in sunshi for new jersey, skies up to 80 degrees at 10:00. going to be a quick warm up. wind are out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour, up to 84 good viewing for the eclipse
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sunshi jersey shore, 6 degrees now. 70s through most of the morning and that wind kicks in off the ocean. nice and clear for the eclipse in the 80s. clouds will build during the delawa lots of sunshine. warm things through 72s and low isolat shower is possible at 2:00. not widespread total cloud cover so you get to see the eclipse thunde cast. we'll walk it through hour-b we three cranes trying uprigh a tractor-trailer on mlk drive. >> jessica boyington has been >> i was just told they actually
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remove the truck that was on so might be a good thing. at least we're seeing debris but either way the road is still closed so that's the important they a cleaning some of that again right o fairmount you can access the here with that closure in place in the 4:00's easy to if you're heading out the door, just a couple of extra construc no between thoseyocan get to 95l expres watch for a crash on north wales
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by walnut andswartally avenue. governor chris christie roll up your sleeves. the red our area is solving a mystery at sea. the major discovery at the a live look at what's solar eclipse event in case . there' a partial list. app.
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>> he said he won't seek a job chris has seval appear >> the notice known for the sand sculpt helped a couple get engage the groom to be asked him to height heunveiled it to his girlfriend andye look at that. so pretty. the sculpture of the governor he made it after chris christie
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donati >> the american red cross is sleeve the agency needs to collect day. the red cross said it's been in july. this time of the year is more it's a challenging two weeks toward the end of people are gearing up to get o throug our area where you you go to nbc 10 to find a blood this is the day for a solar them. it's been confirmed
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issues so you got your solar keepf harm's way and is that necess expert say the simplest thing while your pet is at they a like whatever. >> i thought i had to buy >> charlie is smarter >> he doesn't look up into the sun. >> i have been rounding up all i can let them go? eyes. i have a lot of extra glasses to give out. but they are very small. looks like we'll have some good viewin
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latest information looks like it will hold off until after the eclips so there may be some clouds others cape may is in the clear this mornin nice and sunny this afternoon. the temperature right around you'll see sunshine until it the area most likely had some but i think you'll get enough eclips the eclipse goes on for a while. done start until after 1:00 in slight chance for a shower for otherw good viewing. by2:44 this is when it reaches . scatte clouds. mostly sunshine for our area. then as the sun emerges this is the eclipse is coming to an end.
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this is the future cast which nice and sunny at the shore. scatte clouds even an isolated that's at noon. fast forward to 1:30 and the scatte clouds through the mostly sunny for interior new clouds thicker in berks county scatte clouds in the lehigh about the time it's peaking this is 3:00 in the afternoon looking at some clouds in berks county you'll enough break to see some scattered clouds moving may. that chance of showers will be clouds building to the west with chance of showers in lancaster
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county dry and sunny in south jersey. evenin hours, showers and that's today. but there are more storms on tap as we get closer to the weekend hour. 20 minutes past 4:00. jessica boyington has >> we're still watching that. we had an earlier now they have the mlk around spring garden street here's
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kelly drive, schuylkill gettin there won be hard. watchi over in new jersey near the shore, egg harbor township it's dealing with lane here on route 75 around 295 at at 73 north and southbound. no big problems for delays. we're celebrate another and we couldn't ha so many people showed up at eager to take home a new best friend since it began, more than 4600 area. 1300 adoped on saturday alone. and we want to see you with your when you post your pictures to
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missing sailors a frantic a mass search for ten sailor plus going why london's historic going silent starting today.
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to the terror in spain. police are increasing their confir as the one behind the
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>> 13 people died. dozens more injured. police have road blocks all over. this 22-year-old man may have he's wanted in the terror attack that killed a woman in a seaside town. been killed ordained. yesterday barcelona's royal we have a team of journalists in barcel including our digital report after the mass she spoke to in just a few hours the the bell has sounded onto but the landmark will be quiet renova are expected to last
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four years. big ben will sound for a few eve. the prize for wednesday night' giant powerball drawing no one hit all the numbers one tick in each state is worth could find out today the exact all ice on the skies. the eclipse is hours away. people preparing. how can get in on the festiv we'll take you live to a spot in the path of the total eclipse. clear skies this morning. it's all lit up boat house row. temper holding in the 70s cooler 4:25 is the time. some clouds ahead. i'll show you which clouds and eclips
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jessic is in the this is what we're watching it's upbright. debris being clear by the aconce oval on mlk. i'll you how to ge around
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the countdown is on to the solar what you need to know to stay view. addressing the nation. presid is set to speak searching the sea. ten sailors are missing after a tanker the rescue mission under way j.
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good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm tracy davidson. >> most people are interested in let's get to bill henley. good morning. we got a clear start this mornin there will be somelo overal some pretty good eclipse viewin weather. nice weather all around. 59 degrees in the suburbs, 70 look a lehigh valley at 62 degree the lehigh vall will see some 10:00, 76 de ts.e temperature w afternclouds. there' a chance we'l see valley i think they will wait until b. 85 degrees in new jersey, 84 in
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i'll show you how quickly t dowr first jessica boyington has your first traffic. >> we're in spring garden street by mlk right here this is the flippe over. they h it up on its feet again. you see that police activity up here. you can get by the scene there. but we can get it at this is generally where the area is here. if you want to go in or out take kelly drive. schuylkill express is open get by. schuyl is skill an option. egg harbor township watch for garden state parkway. and ara


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