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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 23, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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mari marian. storms made for a light show in the sky. this is time-elapsed video over center city. welcome to nbc10 today. i'm tracy davidson. >> also an air show this morning in atlantic city at 11:30. let's get to bill henley with his most accurate nbc10 neighborhood forecast. >> we're still looking at clouds rolling through the area. the heavy storms from last night are out of the picture. what we have are a few showers moving into the trenton area and more lining up to the west. it's cleared out at the shore but that may not be the end of the clouds or the chance of showers at the shore. a sprinkle or two this morning. a brief shower possible in south jersey and the shore. overall we'll see improving conditions in philadelphia and areas north and west will see that first. the shore may have to wait for a
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while. even though the storms are gone for now and the clouds have broken, that's not the end. up to 84 degrees in jersey. 83 in delaware. the humidity comes down this afternoon for philadelphia and a beautiful day ahead for the suburbs, too. take a look at the shore. take a look at forecast for atlantic city forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. first, jessica with your traffic. >> you can see everything that looks good in either direction past the tolls. watch out for a crash. vine street expressway, we're open between broad street and schuylkill. not worrying about that construction so you can head to the schuylkill expressway on the eastbound side. >> thank you. powerball fever is heating
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up. the drawing for the second largest prize is happening tonight. the question is, are you feeling lucky? >> people are out snagging up their tickets hoping to win that historic jackpot. pamela osborne joins us from center city. have you got your ticket? >> reporter: not yet but i may try my luck, because the only way you have a shot at winning is if you buy a ticket. who quont want a shot at $700 million, the cash value of $443 million. if you're trying to take home the entire prize your chance are 2 nthin 229 million. if if you take it out in payments, the first payment is $10.5 million. you may remember just last year the smith family won $429.6
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million, taking home more than $280 million in cash. they set up a foundation to help a foundation in the trenton area. of course, you know, more than 1 million ways to spend all of those winnings, if you're lucky enough to get -- >> all right, pam, thanks so much. there are ways to increase your odds of winning. experts say forget playing those family birthdays. let the computer pick the numbers. about 70% of fast winners have used computer picks. also, buy your tickets 234 pennsylvania. in the past, 16 powerball tickets have been in pennsylvania, the most of any state. also don't buy extra tips. it doesn't increase your odds. is there something you always do and say, i'm guaranteed to win if i play these numbers?
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join the conversation. our twitter handle is on your screen. this morning new jersey is remembering jim whelan, serving the 2nd district, state assemblyman. he told supporters he was planning to return to work after removing cancer from his liver. done garden issued this statement saying, in part, i will always appreciate jim's guidance when i first became mayor and showing me the ropes the first two months. he took me under his wings like a big brother. he dedicated his whole life to ak a atlantic city, may he rest in peace. sweeney said, jim was a true confidante and a champion for south jersey and the entire state. he gave so much of his life to public service, author of,
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nichetives to revitalize atlantic city and will be remembered for again generations to come. the massive manhunt for the fugitive wanted for a murder on the mainline has come to an end. officials took derrick rollins, accused of shooting a woman. rollins is accused of shooting john lee in july. believe the shooting was random. rollins is awaiting extradition to philadelphia county. a man was sitting on the steps of a say can't street on 16th street when he was shot. police couldn't wait for an ambulance so they took him to the hospital themselves. mrisz say they have security video showing two suspects running from the scene. police in chester county hope a $30,000 reward will help them solve the murder last year.
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a relative found denise barnlger in her home but investigators have not found her killer. a reward for any information leading to an arrest. a new study finds philadelphia soda tax is prompting those to buy alcohol astreet the border. firms have found sales of sweet drinks fell and those outside city limits have raised $35 million. that's below the city's $42 million projection. officialsdy put the findings y saying, we think they are overexaggerated the sales but we did expect it to come down, but they realize the cost of gas and
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inconvenience doesn't make it worth it. animal cruelty laws go into effect yesterday. wolf was trying to highlight the law, including tethering animals, new protections for horses and animal abuse. he says cracking down on an m e animal abuse. seven minutes after 5:00, clearing skies over philadelphia. the showers are done. now we have to get rid of the clouds. the clouds have broken over cape may. we'll start with sunshine but still tracking showers and clouds inland. can you see the light rainfall just light rainfall moving through lancaster county and just getting ready to edge into chester county. coatesville you'll see some, providence getting a little
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light rate as clouds will be sticking around for several hours. slowly clear in new jersey and sdel dell. this line of showers loosely holds together that line that extends from d.c. through lancaster county and into the trenton area. that will be pushing to the south. the chances of skiing scattered showers will, increase for south jersey and the shore. while skies are clearing north and west, the clouds over philadelphia are producing showers in new jersey and at the shore in atlantic city. that's 9:00 in the morning. to the south it's cape may and dry to delaware beaches. 1:00 in the afternoon, temperature up to 83 degrees. clouds are thinning. we'll get sunshine in philadelphia. still clouds and lingering shower to just light showers. barely coming down in delaware. then look how nicely it clears out for 6:00 this evening. the temperatures will be cooling down. 70s north and west. low 80s in philadelphia at 7:00. there's dry air moving in.
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even though it's steamy right now, the humidity is going to be coming down during the day. air show for atlantic city, temperatures climb into the upper 70s. you'll see sunshine breaking through the clouds. it's not going to clear out completely. there be scattered showers. can't rule out an isolated shower. as we go through the end of the week, conditions improve all around. we'll look at that with the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks for that. it's wednesday, hump day. >> hump day. let's check in with jessica looking at route 309. how is it looking? >> looking good so far, even with wet roads from last night. right around pa turnpike and 309 looks good in ft. washington. you can see both directions look okay. maybe a little shiny in some spots. normandy lane with a crash and 95, 13 minutes for a south bound
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drive with speeds into the 60s. moving into center city won't be a problem there. 69th street, transportation crash yesterday. we're now on a different aish dilgts different schedule. the operates will operate every 20 minutes this morning and with only local service, no express rain trains will be running. missing at sea. a sailor on a ship that crashed at sea. his family shares their heart as ache. a brand-new study is giving mixed reviews to technology that's supposed to make you safer. move-in day for college students. the road closures that will impact your driveway. every year south jersey sends
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5:13. the navy dismissed the
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commander. >> "uss john mccain" crashed with the oil tanker. one of the original ten missing in the collision has ties to south jersey. kenneth smith attended cherry hill high school. one friend tells us he always wanted to go into the navy to follow in his father's foot steps. they read in part, i want to thank all of those who have expressed concern and offered support. as we said, the crash involving the "uss john mccain" happened early monday off the coast of singapore. navy divers searched a flooded compartment and found remains of some of the ten sailors missing in the accident. among those missing is 23-year-old petty officer logan palmer. his family in illinois is praying he might survive. >> everywhere i look, i see the opportunity that i'll see my
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brother again. i'm sure that goes for my family as well. >> navy officials investigating the cause of the collision are looking at multiple possibilities including sabot e sabotage, crew exhaustion, negligence and heavy ship traffic. keep those fingers crossed for those men and women who serve our country. a check at traffic. >> jess kay has you covered. >> we're watching route 202 around route 29. from this point around 29 to the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays. a seven-minute trip. traffic is moving along nicely there. there's a crash on normandy lane. the schuylkill expressway looks good so far. we had earlier construction on the eastbound side from the blue route to gladwyne. moving into center city, no problems for you. we're still watching speed restrictions over the betsy ross bridge. no openings for now over the
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burlington. we'll check in with more cameras when i come back. >> thank you. 5:16. boy, i think it's something to be a pretty nice day after last night was -- >> i can tell you, it was scary but fantastic in the sky. i got up and took pictures. >> of course you did. >> of course i did. meteorologist bill henley, what's to come? >> it was an awesome storm but those storms are offshore. completely offshore. the moisture coming back is a little light fog that's blocking this view. still some clouds over philadelphia, the lehigh valley. it's still steamy. the humidity is high not just at the shore, you can fill it inland as well. in philadelphia, 62 at the airport. chestnut hills, 72 degrees. look what happens during the day. we're getting a warm, muggy start.
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the temperatures will peak in the 80s. that's a good 10 degrees lower than yesterday. also look what goes lower. this other line, that's the moisture line. look how it dips. that's dry air that's going to be flooding into the area today. and it goes even lower for tomorrow. but we still have some clouds. we're not completely done with the showers. these are not storms. those are light showers just moving into chester county right now. it's part of a line coming in from the southwest. can you see more between baltimore and d.c. clouds have broken between atlantic city and cape may. i think this line of clouds will move across south jersey and delaware. there's a chance of scattered showers along the coastline. can you see the clouds thinning out. there's still some clouds in central pennsylvania but no rain with those clouds. the rain threat moves out and the temperatures will be moving up. the forecast, a ten-day on 10 looks like 84 degrees, less humid, skies will clear out this afternoon. a beautiful day ahead. even nicer weather to come. 81 tomorrow.
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that's after a morning low of 64 degrees. the mornings will get cooler, dryer air. look at those afternoons coming in into the upper 70s. the dry air in the morning allows the temperatures to cool down. then we peak in the 70s on sunday and monday, a gorgeous weekend ahead. the ten day on 10 shows clouds continuing. we'll see afternoon temperatures in the middle 70s for tuesday. then a little warm-up at the ends of next week with more sunshine into the low 80s. >> bill, thank you. happening today, one of the most exciting times of the year for college students -- move-in day. >> do you remember this? >> oh, yeah. >> temple university, freshmen coming in from 60 countries and 45 states. some will be looking for cinder blocks and wood to make shelves. look how busy it is at university of pennsylvania. spruce street will be closed all week between 34th and 38th streets.
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give those kids some safety there while they move in. on saturday the closures on spruce will extend to 40th street. changing the way you shop. retail giants teaming up to launch a new voice-activated home shopping twice. why experts say safety devices could make drivers less vigilant on the roads.
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it's 5:22. technology that keeps cars from drifting into another name is living up to its promise to xroouf safety. a just released study found in cars with those safety systems, crashes with injuries were down 21%. fatalities were cut by 86%. those numbers come with a warning, though. researchers say the technology can be distracting to drivers and give them a false sense of security. kohl's is cutting floor space to increase online presence. they say they're turning more
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retail floors into backroom space because it's cheaper to maintain. officials say it's about keeping up with competition like online giants like amazon. a major trade involves two all-star guards and trending on social media. kyrie ifring has gone from cleveland to boston. the cavs are getting isaiah thomas, and two other players. walmart and google are teaming up on a way to cash in. they will offer shopping through voice shopping. this could be dangerous. tell us more about this. >> don't call me out. google is difing into voice-activated shopping. they look to compete with amazon and its echo device. the new capability will be
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available, mark your calendar, in late september. this is google's biggest partnership. like you said, could be dangerous but good for the holiday. let's talk about apple's change when it comes to self-driving cars. >> reports say the company will now focus on technology instead and working on a self-driving shuttle to ferry employees to silicon valley. a quick check of your maushgts on wall street. it could take a breather after yesterday's rally. the markets rose on investor optimism on possible u.s. tax reform following reports that the trump administration and key lawmakers have reached common ground on the issue, posing its
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best day since april. up almost 200 points. back to you. >> thank you. 5:25. train engineer in the hot seat. today investigators will interview the man behind the controls that injured thousands on a septa. thousands clash with police after a presidential rally. big storms overnight have might have had out to sea. i'm still tracking a few showers and clouds, too. right now it's dry in cape may. that's the view from the marina. 7:26 degrees. jessica with traffic. >> route 73 around route 70. you can see puddles, ponding in the middle of the road 37. keel keep our eyes on that and check in with more nng new jersey spots when i come back.
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what went wrong. today the engineer is scheduled to be interviewed as investigators try to figure out what caused a train crash. clashes and protests. violence in the streets in response to a presidential rally. and grave stones vandalized. an historic philadelphia cemetery with thousands of dollars in damages. this morning people are cleaning up after strong storms blew their our area last night. the driver of this classic car stuck in floodwaters along broad street at i-79 southbound ramp in philadelphia. the driver wasn't hurt. take a look at this video over penn's landing. good morning. welcome to nbc10 news today. >> let's get to bill henley, first alert neighborhood
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forecast. what's in store for today? >> the stoormz are ostorms are f the picture. we are tracking lingering, light showers. you can see them moving through lancaster county into chester county. a few sprinkles passing coatesville. no heavy rainfall but you might want to take an umbrella with you because there will be a few spots of showers this morning. as we go through the day, we'll see less and less shower activity, more and more sunshine. it's still steamy outside this morning in the lehigh valley, new jersey, and suburbs. temperatures are in the lower 70s. 76 in philadelphia. you can see the skies have started to break in the east. this is the area that will see the clearing first. 75 degrees at 11:00. upper 70s for lehigh valley and topping out into low 80s this afternoon. in new jersey, cloitsdz will linger and even a chance of a


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