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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that breaking news at 6:00, septa riders dealing with delays tonight making their rainy walk to the train even tougher. power issues are causing trouble for the market. frankford line. let's go to 13th and market. what are you finding out? >> reporter: what everybody needs to know is this line is still shut down the eastbound lanes from 30th to 5th street along the market-frankford line. hundreds of people jam the westbound lanes trying to get home. we have video of what this looked like. we have been out here for the last hour or so tonight trying to figure out exactly what happened. i can tell you that firefighters responded out here around 4:48 tonight. there was smoke or fire seen in the train station area near 15th and market. that led them to shut down the
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eastbound lanes. like you said right now, only westbound lanes are going. that's one track with trains running in both directions. everybody is lining up on that side trying to get home. as we all know, this market-frankford line is the busiest for septa running every four minutes. i had the chance to talk to passengers just about 20 minutes ago. they are frustrated. >> it was chaotic. it was going to be shuttle buss waiting, but it was 15 minutes for a shuttle bus. when it did come, instead of it being a long bus, it was actually a small one. so everybody had to fight to get on the bus. it was too much. >> i just saw that gates on the other side were blocked. a lot of people walking out looking a little more frustrated than normal. >> you heard right there at one point septa and trying to help out with this issue. they did bring in some buss. they were scrambling at one
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point from other routes and lines and drivers to try to help out with this issue. they have since cancelled those westbound lanes out here at the market-frankford line to get home. frustrated passengers. you can expect more delays tonight. thank this issue has been solved for now. >> tropical rain is pouring on the area. a miserable day at the boardwalk. wild waves at the seashore state park. umbrellas up and wet working conditions for crews. all over the area the rain has been on and off throughout the day. that means the ride home could be slippery. you're looking live at i-95. traffic is moving but the roads are wet. a first alert is in effect for
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the delaware beaches. you're looking live at cape may where you can see windy and rainy conditions right now. storm ranger 10 to give you the most accurate view of this storm. storm ranger a first of its kind radar on wheels to get you closer to the storm than ever before. tonight we are bringing you live team coverage this storm. we'll begin with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the timing on all this. >> the timing has been all day. it's been raining all day from philadelphia southward and that continues. we have a little bit of a band of heavy rain right over philadelphia and just south of trenton now. you can see it's starting to get oranges indicating some heavier rain there. but look up to the north. we're actually drying out in the lehigh valley, berks county, poconos, dry farther to the south that's where we have sent storm ranger 10. that may not necessarily mean a good thing. we send it to the area that's
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going to get hit the hardest. this is in lewis, delaware. the heaviest rain right now within the 30-mile range of the radar is south of dover in camden. and farther to the south, the center of the low is pretty clear right out there off the north carolina coast. that's moving to the northeast. there's no thunderstorms around it. so it's not going to become a tropical storm, but as this system moves out, that's going to move out. and eventually we're going to out through night. here's the futurecast. you can see the heaviest rain in new jersey and delaware. nothing up to the north. it's going to take a better part of the night before we get clearing skies out at the shore. we have another issue as we head toward the weekend. the remnants of harvey, that's coming u. few people are brave enough to be at the beach in ocean
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city. it does not look like a lot of fun. the wind battering them around. cydney long is live on the beachen tonight. she's got her hood on and raincoat on. it looks miserable. >> reporter: you took the words rite out of my mouth. it's messy and miserable out here on the beach this afternoon. it was deceiving a little bit earlier because there was a break in the clouds. it has all changed. the rain is falling sideways. it's gotten colder. the winds have picked up and take a look at how rough the surf is out here. thankfully at 4:00 theren isn't any erosion we can see. youen won't find any beach umbrellas in the sand today. instead they are all on the boardwalk in getting blown inside out. mother nature turned up the surf smack dab in the middle of the final week of summer vacation for many. >> it wasn't able to get
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anything that outside. >> amusements came to a standstill due to gusty winds. >> my boss called me saying i had to keep the arcade closed. i said the arcade opens at 11:00 and it's quarter after. >> i definitely didn't expect that. the whole storm. >> many can't bare to complain. >> i really feel bad for them. >> about driving wind and rain for a day considering the catastrophic flooding unfolding in houston. >> one of my daughters in law has her whole family in houston. so we worry about them. luckily they are on high ground right now. i don't e know how long that will last with the rain they are getting. >> mother nature is giving us a bad day. >> even a blustery beach day proving to be a blessing for boardwalk businesses. >> we get a lot of folks who can't be on the beach and still have this vacation week. they will shop for sunglasses figuring we'll get them now when
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it's rainy and then be prepared for the sunny days ahead. >> reporter: so as you can see, people have a good attitude, but no one wants the system to develop into a named storm. we have been check, but so far atlantic city electric isn't reporting any problems locally. as the winds pick up down here and the rain continues to pour down, they were posting summer blowout signs to get rid of summer inventory. now they want this system to blow out. they are looking forward to better crowds for the holiday weekend ahead. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 fuse. >> you're not alone. the rain has been soaking the delaware beaches all day long. a live look from storm ranger 10. despite the heavy rain and wind, we found people out there on the boardwalk. even though lots of businesses there close up early and rip currents extremely dangerous today as well.
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seems most of the people who could enjoy the beaches there found their ways to the outlet malls. stores along route 1 packed with bargain hunters. tracking harvey, crews in texas still rescuing people nonstop from the floods left from hurricane harvey. a police officer has become one of the victims now. he drown in the flood waters trying to get to work. steve perez was a veteran of the force. his officers launched a search when he didn't up for work on monday they found his car this morning. >> so we did find him it was too treacherous once we got there to look for him. >> emotional there for the houston police chief. texas seeing a brief break in the rain tonight, but harvey is far from over. it's expected to dump even more rain later to the flooded region and still tonight rescue teams
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are still out there using any vehicle or boat they can to pull people to safety. >> it's terrifying to see the waters rising and not knowing what to do and not a way to get out. >> we sent randy gyllenhaal from philadelphia to houston to bring you up close to the rescues happening there. he's live tonight. you have been rolling with rescue crews today. an active day and a lot of water behind you. >> reporter: we just rolled up with another crew who is going through this neighborhood in northwest houston. we're with jorge and his team. we have a chevy pickup truck that's completely under water. in this neighborhood, the water is definitely going into the first floor of homes. this is near the attics reservoir, which is overflowing its banks for the first time in history. without volunteers, a lot of people would be stuck in their homes.
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a desperate last-ditch effort piling sandbags in this neighborhood as flood waters rise. some here hoping they can stay put, but most know it's time to go. >> we have to leave. this is not safe anymore. >> helicopters and national guard trucks are joined by volunteer boats. this neighborhood is on the brink of total flood after a nearby reservoir overflowed. >> everybody wants out. >> what's the game plan? >> they follow along as they navigate submerged cars and waist deep water. some neighbors trying to swim out of their block but the family two young children needs a ride out. they hop into the boat with whatever belongings they can grab that the water rose dramatically and they are hoping it does not consume everything they own. >> last night we had to leave.
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>> reporter: boats like this have been going into neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs all day long. earlier today, there were a lot of people that needed to be rescued. we have been driving up and drown the streets. everybody is out. there are a few who want to stay despite the threat of that water rising even. i can tell you some good news for the first time since we have arrived in houston, we are seeing blues on the horizon. even a little of sunshine. the rain slowly ending and moving east. but this flooding especially in many neighborhoods like this in houston will last for days, weeks, the concern is it could last forç months. i i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> so much damage behind. president trump and the first lady landed in corpus christi this afternoon to see the effects of harvey. they briefed the president on recovery efforts as heavy rain continued to pound parts of that
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state. >> i will tell you this is historic, epic, what happens, but it. happened in texas. and texas can handle anything. >> the president made a stop in austin. the white house saying he. wants to make sure he doesn't disrupt recovery efforts in houston. a new plan for president trump that could mean changes for your next trip to the jersey shore. why there could be fewer people to serve you treats or sell you souvenirs next summer. i'm danny.
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you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
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all new at 6:00, worries that president trump could change your next experience at the jersey shore. foreign workers here on special visas have been part of the summer labor force, but a proposal by the president's administration could change that. how it could impact your family. >> reporter: far from home, he's working this summer as a game supervisor at wildwood. >> i think this experience is one in a lifetime. >> reporter: more than a third of his 1500 seasonal jobs are
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held by foreign workers. a force that managers fear could soon become unavailable. >> it would have a devastating impact on our business and on tourism communities around the country. >> reporter: the concerns prompted by a report this week in "the wall street journal" that trump administration is said to be considering reducing or eliminating elements of the j-1 visa exchange visitor program. >> for us to fill all of our positions, we need that supplemental labor. >> 100,000 foreigns come to the u.s., more than 5,000 in new jersey alone under the summer work travel program. it's reportedly among the problems being reviewed following president trump's buy american and hire american executive order issued in april. >> it would result in a shortening of our operating season, shortening of daily operations. >> reporter: in an e-mail, a state department official said we are aware that the support that american businesses have shown for the program and its value to their local
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communities. but otherwise referred us to the white house for potential policy changes. we didn't hear back from the white house by our dead line. more than 80% of americans who apply here end up getting hired, but there's still not enough applicants to fill all the jobs. >> we have open positions all summer this year. >> help still wanted and worries about the future of an international workforce that helps drive local tourism. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to our first alert weather, a dreary, rainy day across the region. the shoppers need ed their umbrellas here today. and heads up the phillies game is cancelled tonight as you look live at a wet citizens bank. first alert radar shows the rain that's still lingering over us tonight. let's bring in meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. how long is the rain sticking around? >> areas north and west of
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philly, it's already tapering off. it's going to take much of the night before it ends here. this is cape may. it's still really choppy out there. really wet and windy, really nasty. at philly international, it's wet. may have some more delays. check with your airline before you head out. it's still raining all across philadelphia. but look at lehigh valley. it's dry up there. it's heavier rain in delaware and south jersey than anywhere else. that's why we had the first alert down there. you can see the drying across a good bit of pennsylvania. we're the last ones to dry out in philly. not too much of the night. here's the storm ranger 10 showing the rainfall actually get little bit lighter in delaware and south jersey. the heaviest now just east and northeast of dover. keep an eye on it for the rest of the night.
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you can see the remnants of the that may have. developed into a. tropical system but hasn't. that's moving out. that's going to take this rain with it. so tomorrow is going to be drastically different day. 65 degrees now in philadelphia. our high was 65. normal high is 84. we're not going to quite get to 84 tomorrow, but a lot warmer. there's harvey, very clear. but houston is now getting out of the heavy rain. the heaviest rain is now going into beaumont, texas, out toward louisiana. and then even into florida, the florida panhandle, so it's kind of a wild system there. but part of the problem is the rems of this thing is now up to 50 miles an hour. just intensified. it's going to move to the northeast. remnants of it bringing some of that moisture up in our direction. and not good timing for that.
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tomorrow is fine. reading at 77. everybody is dry. everybody gets a fair amount of sunshine tomorrow. so it's a much nicer day. but the remnants, there's saturday. here we come. moving into the area. it's mostly saturday afternoon and into sunday morning with the rain. monday is looking nice. he was the talk of the town after his magic tricks wowed. but now john dorenbos has disappeared from the ls locker room. hear from the head coach on the surprising move. ♪
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it's been less than 24 hours since the eagles traded john dorenbos to the saints. e reaction on the departure have been mixed. e he joined the birds in 2006. played 11 seasons here in philly. making two appearances in the pro bowl in the return the eagles get a 7th round pick in the draft. doug peterson says it was a difficult decision, but that's the business of football. >> it's tough. i have known him for a long time. he's been sort of the icon, staple around the city of philadelphia for a lot of years. it's part of football. it's part of life. guys come, guys go. that's the nature of the business. coaches come, coaches go. and it's the next man up mentality. we get them ready to play. >> the world of sports and the rest of us watching the tragic
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scene unfold in texas. jj watt and the texans are doing something special for the state. e he took to twitter asking followers to donate to his flood relief fund through his website. the money will be given to those hardest hit. he set the bar at $500,000. but forget about it. as of right now, he's raised just under $4 million and that number is still climbing. pretty impressive stuff there. don't forget to vote on our high school blitz came of the week. you can go online and you can vote on the nbc 10 app and also call or text the number ob your screen. tonight's phillies game has been postponed because of inclement weather. they will play a doubleheader tomorrow at noon. back to you. >> hoping for better. weather for the game tomorrow.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a young life lost and now the calls for justice. it's been exactly three months since a 14-year-old was gunned down. tonight we're hearing his family's demands.
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last check on the rain. this is a live look at the beach. rainy and windy there. a couple guys in the surf there. you see the wind is strong. those are the turbines on top of lincoln financial field. you can barely see the skyline back there in the distance. but we're hoping this moves out of here tonight. >> it will. it's going to take a long time to move out of cape may. and then we have a much better day tomorrow. we have a doubleheader. and then thursday just a chance of a shower. friday is looking nice, but cool. and then some of the remnants from harvey come in late morning to early on sunday. monday is nice. >> you'll watch that for us.
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thank you for watching. "nbc nightly news" is next live from houston. we'll see you again tonight at 11:00. emergency in houston, as critical infrastructure begins to buckle. and massive reservoirs overflow for the first time in their history. the nation's fourth largest city blowing past a record-shattering 51 inches of rain. opening new mega shelters for thousands with nowhere to go. and tonight, a word of tragedy of the police force. an officer dies in the floods while trying to get to work to help others. >> we couldn't find him. it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. >> president trump and the first lady on the ground in texas. the storm now taking


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