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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  September 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> well short. >> both of them, international shots were way short of the green. way short. >> so bones, how is the -- i wonder if the heart rate has come down from chappell after the celebration at the last hole. >> there is the ball of si woo kim. >> like i said that's a black muddy mess is what it is. he is trying to hit out of there i imagine, play a bunker type shot. >> i'm sure charley was paying attention. this is 5 iron. >> just peel it off. >> right towards the flag. >> that's short. >> it's the bermuda triangle of wind. it's really playing games with these guys. >> just slapping the ball down
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short, all three of them. >> okay our last contestant here with 6 iron. it's gotten cold. it's going no where. let's see if kevin can get it there. >> a good full shot here playing for a draw in the wind. came over. needs to go. >> it's amazing. >> yeah, that exactly wasn't a graup of stellar tee shots at the last. it is 57 degrees. going to cool down to 50 tonight in new york city, new jersey area. but the action was heated up at the last hole as charley hoffmann pitched in for birdie. and then you know what broke
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loose. bash brothers back at it again. but lahiri put it on top for a birdie.
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steve strike err might want to send out the veteran phil mickelson as the captain pick see if he clinches the winner tomorrow in. >> why not. >> 47 or 46. >> here is the mess that si woo kim could be making for himself here. just on the muck there, the black muck just down by the water, bones. >> yeah. and you know, i came up for firl once in a situation like process o this. his caddie can take off the his shoes and give to the player. that's an option if you want to take it. maybe he should have taken it off. >> last wall why not. get in there with everything you got. >> yeah. >> this is not for the faint of heart. >> it will come out like a bunker shot. it's doable.
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>> hit really well. >> just missed that by a foot. good shot. >> relatively clean. he has a few -- >> there wasn't much came out. >> like i said. >> just water, no mud. >> i think he abbreviated the follow through to avoid a mess on the sweater. so we think lahiri is next to play, bones? >> we do. it sure looks like that. it's definitely going to be anirban. he is talking it over with his caddie. but it looks like he is getting ready to go.
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>> again, the only match won by the internationals this week was on thursday in the morning foursome with branden grace pan louis oosthuizen, the formidable unbeaten duo from 2015. that is it so far as lahiri and kim won their fifth today. total. >> that's a nice shot by the way that's a nice finish by him showed a lot of class that he could hit the shots. from the last hole and this shot forces the u.s. to have to hole it out. >> and again, lahiri was on the short end of a 6 and 5, robbed by chappell and hoffmann in the four-balls yesterday. so. >> lahiri birdied 16 too.
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i forgot about that one. >> here is hoffmann. >> he has to go in. >> yup. or. >> it is the second full point and the second winning match by internationals. >> so now it's up to kevin chappell to try to scratch out a half. once again, the president's cup single matches day 4 come your way tomorrow at noon eastern time. and a look at the lineup on nbc tonight. "will & grace." superstore be date line, saturday night mystery, 8, 7:00 central. season premiere of snl naem ryan gauze willing. jay-z and the internationals avoid a outright u.s. celebration on this saturday night by staving off hoffmann
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and chappell. >> come on charley, give it to him. >> i think this is an ongoing discussion between kevin and charley what they want to do. but it looks like they want to finish this out. >> there is a lead not big enough for them? >> how far is that put of lahiris only two feet. >> johnny, it's three feet, downhill, it's not an easy putt. >> i thought it was much more for sure in there.
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>> so that's the third for hoffmann. >> maybe mickelson will be the first out tomorrow. on his 23rd straight international cup competition. >> it's been a long day. he was clean shaven this morning. >> all right. so here is si woo kim with his third coming back up the slope.
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what a scene, what a setting. the background. i guess i've never seen anything like in in a golf competition. now chappell. >> not an easy read here, dan. this is moving quite a bit to the right as it loses speed. so he brought charley in for help on the read. >> yeah, you see lahiri's markup there to the left. for his par, they have the 1-up lead. so chappell has to make it. and he does.
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>> nice putt. really nice putt. >> so that is all that's left for lahiri to clinch just the second. oh. that's what we all i think wanted to see. great sportmanship by lahiri and hoffmann and chappell and indeed. just a second match the internationals won all week. so it goes into the 12 singles matches, 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. the united states a single point away from winning the president's cup. so long from liberty national right now where the u.s. has just been too tough. just a matter of time tomorrow before they make it official. and win the president's cup again.
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controversy and crisis. the president spars with the mayor of san juan, puerto rico. making the pitch. philadelphia leaders head west as they compete for amazon's second home. there's a chill in the air. we're tracking seasonal weather ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. right now at 6:00, lashing out. president trump takes to twitter to attack the leadership in puerto rico as the mayor of san juan criticizes the trump administration for what she calls inefficiency and
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bureaucracy. tonight the u.s. island territory is slowly getting the much needed supplies and services to the people. according to the government's latest figures, about 65% of the island's gas stations are back online. 60% of the supermarkets have reopened. good evening. here at home, more people are stepping up to help the hurricane victims whose lives will take months to rebuild. nbc 10's drew smith is live at a fund-raiser in north philadelphia where folks there are following this back and forth between the mayor of san juan and the president. drew? >> reporter: everybody is talking about this. the singer over there at the mike just came up with a song about the hurricane. a lot of the people here were in tears as they listened to that. they all were talking about the president's comments and they said it's doing nothing to help the people on that storm ravaged island. it started with the mayor of san juan complaining about the
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inefficiency of the federal response to hurricane maria. firing back, the president tweeted such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in pouerto rico who can't get their people to help. >> i'm not going to be distracted by small comments, by politics, by petty issues. this is one goal. it is to save lives. >> reporter: the goal in kensington today, to raise money. >> benefits going straight to puerto rico. >> a group of artists got high fives and hugs as they took in donations giving away pizza and beer for those willing to help. megan lives in puerto rico, her boyfriend used her satellite phone to tell her he was alive. she said the president's tweets made her angry. >> this is serious. to make this a partisan type of thing right now is really, really ridiculous. we just need help there.
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>> reporter: a north philly restaurant is serving as a gathering point for donations this weekend. >> we need to be together. >> reporter: the feelings here much the same that fighting does no good. >> i think everyone kind of has to find ways to give and help because the people that are supposed to be doing it, aren't. >> reporter: we reached out to local republican leaders to get their take on the president's commen comments, but we haven't heard back from them today. new jersey senator, bob menen z menendez, one of the strongest words against the president saying the president needs to grow up. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. this weekend president trump is at his golf club in new jersey. he will travel to puerto rico on tuesday with the first lady. the president says he also hopes to visit the u.s. virgin islands which were badly damaged by hurricanes erma and maria. talk about a scary situation for a pilot and passenger when their small plane overshot the
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runway in dover around 10:30 this morning. the pilot called 911 after a single engine plane made a hard landing. the pilot and passenger were hurt, but they are expected to recover. the federal aviation administration is now investigating the accident. tonight in wilmington, police there are looking for the driver of a dark colored pickup truck wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run. here's what we know. this happened just after midnight when a woman was crossing kirkwood highway. police tell us she was not in the crosswalk. investigators are not releasing her name until they can notify her family. now, to our first alert weather. this is a live look from our camera in cape may. a little cloudy out there as the sun starts to go down. a cool and breezy day down along the shore and across the region and you want that jacket handy tonight as well. >> we get october tomorrow but
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it felt like mid october this afternoon. check out these highs around the area. temperatures lower 60s in allentown. mid 60s in philadelphia. wilmington, you were 67. reading, you barely cracked 60. boardwalk in atlantic city, almost 70. average high is 72 degrees. shy of that. what you felt in addition to cold weather was gusty breeze out of the north. you'll feel that through this evening and then it will slowly relax overnight. check out these wind speeds. wilmington, wind out of the north at 17. skies are going to clear tonight. we're going to lose that blanket of cloud cover so these temperatures that you see now in the lower 60s will cool off fast. look at the temperature trend through the evening and overnight hours. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning in philadelphia, it will be 51 degrees. in many of our suburbs, we're looking at 30s and 40s. i'll walk you through that and a warmup in your ten day on ten forecast coming up.
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now to the latest on the shooting of a 6-year-old boy in north philadelphia. police are still searching for the gunman that hit the child in the shoulder. nbc 10 was on the scene last night as detectives scoured the area for clues. the boy is recovering this evening following surgery. crews were busy in delaware county. a utility pole caught fire after a truck driver slammed right into it. the impact knocked out power to several hundred businesses, neighbors nearby. the driver was not injured and the lights are back on in the area. today family, friends and co-workers are saying good-bye to a fallen philadelphia firefighter. ♪ lieutenant kenneth green sr. of engine 37 died earlier this month. nbc 10 was there as a procession carried his body.
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green became ill while on duty and rushed to the hospital. authorities have not determined what caused his death. in other news, philadelphia is ready to put up a fight. the city is competing for amazon's new headquarters. this week a team of city leaders flew from philly to amazon's current headquarters in seattle to see firsthand what the company is looking for and to make their pitch. the delegation just returned this afternoon. we're joined live from the airport to get the inside scoop. >> reporter: it's a full-court press from the city's perspective to entice amazon to build a headquarters here and this trip to seattle really helped the city improve its pitch. a little over an hour ago, the team of six returned to philadelphia after spending three days in seattle. city staffers could not speak directly to amazon's executives
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but they scheduled meetings with developers and strategists to learn more about the company, how it operates, its needs and impact on the seattle community. amazon is looking for build its second headquarters in north america. amaz amazon wants to invest $5 billion. after this visit, philadelphia leaders say it's the city's mass transit, colleges and universities and proximity to new york and d.c. will be beneficial, but the cost of living in this area may set it apart. this is what the group hopes happens next. >> we want our friends and our colleagues from amazon and seattle to come visit us. we want to set up tours. we want to show them our neighborhood. we want to connect with them in ways that maybe will help them appreciate greater philadelphia. >> reporter: that's not a sure thing just yet. with the information they gathered from this trip, the city leaders can tighten up their pitch. now, philadelphia is going up against more than a dozen other
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cities and amazon will make a final decision next year. >> all right. they've got time to tighten up that pitch. thanks. here are just a few of amazon's requirements for its second headquarters. location must be within 45 minutes of an international airport. check. have direct access to mass transit, check. and offer tax breaks. we'll keep you up to date on this. there could be service impact tomorrow. should be back to normal by monday. an earthquake hits the new jersey town for the second time this week, but experts say residents probably didn't even realize it. we'll explain. plus, he thought he was smooth but his victim knew he was up to something and the cameras capture it all. next, details on this up skirter
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for the second time in a week, an earthquake has hit the same town in north jersey. the latest happened this morning around 8:00. both towns were small. this morning's was 1.0 magnitude. monday's had a magnitude of 1.5. experts say people rarely feel quakes below a 3.0 magnitude. neighbors say she heard rumbling but did not report any damage. let's head to where police are trying to track down the man caught on surveillance taking
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pictures up a woman's skirt. you see the man approach the woman and snap a photo. when she confronted him, he took off. police tell us he had been following the victim around the store and texted a friend at one point she was concerned. if you recognize the man or know anything about this incident, police want you to call them. a day of atonement has come to an end for jews across our region and all over the world. earlier today nbc 10 stopped by for services in north philadelphia. jews forecast fast for 24 hours reflect on sins of the last year. they spend the day praying and ask for forgiveness in the year ahead. just a couple days ago we were talking about record highs. now behind me frost and freeze warnings. why summer lovers shouldn't give up hope. i'll have my exclusive ten-day forecast coming up.
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[ applause ] >> love to hear that cheering. plenty of support for these kids. a victory day event for children with cognitive or physical impairments. kids got to test their skills on the football field. members of the team, cheerleading squad and band chipped in to give the participants a full game day experience. don't forget to vote for our blitz game of the week. here is a look at where the voting stands. eastern and timber creek at this point got it. voting is not up yet. get on the phone. give us a buzz. also get online. several ways to vote. go to or go to nbc 10 app or you can call or text
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6106244111. we'll announce the winner on wednesday night so there's time. perfect day to hit the pavement as sweat with your soul conference wrapped up in philadelphia. this run along martin luther king jr. run capped off the two-day event. the mission is to encourage all women to make fitness and healthy living a priority. right now oktoberfest is winding down in south philadelphia. the day was filled with live music, food trucks and samples of more than 250 fall craft beers and sidciders. it was truly a sausage fest in this part of south philly as neighbors celebrated autumn with some seasonal fare. the festival featured a variety of fine sausage cuisine, craft beer and l


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