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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 2, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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we are covering breaking news where there's still an active shooter on the las vegas scene. this is an nbc news special report. i'm dara brown and we have breaking news out of las vegas where there is an active shooting scene on the las vegas strip. according to las vegas p.d. we have reports that two people are dead, 24 injured and 12 critical. apparently there was an active shooter scene at the route 90 harvest. it happened around 10:30 p.m. las vegas time. knsd has been covering this. we'll be going to them. we're going to nbc's joe fryer.
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joe, if you would, tell us what the scene looks like there. >> reporter: yeah, dara, the four seasons is part of the mandole bay complex. we're overlooking the position i've been holding for the past couple of hours. we want to give you a look outside the strip. this is the only activity you see, are police of looking a few white lights right now. as far as retirement pedestrians. what i want to show you is kiddy corner. this is where this concert, the fe taffe val for the pass few
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dayers. that's thousands of people coming in. in the center of the screen where you're looking right now. a concert was taking place. country music concert. people thought they heard -- they thought it was fireworks. then they realized that shots were being fired. at this point we don't fully know and haven't heard where the shots were coming from. we know that dozens of people according to witnesses were shot. las vegas police said one suspect is down, what that means, and we're not being discussed on his word about. you don't know how many are in our world, we see at least one
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helicopter. keeping an eye that piece threat of these box. >> joe, if i may, i'm going to interrupt you right now. i'm going to tell you right now, we're getting word from the las vegas police, they do not believe, they're tweeting it out, there are anymore shooters. at this point they are saying they don't plies the tomorrow. one shooter is down. the police department is saying they do not believe anymore are there. right now we're going to steve patterson live. and, steve, what are you hearing down there on the strip? >> so, again, we're at the corner of prop at this khanna, las vegas boulevard. police have had a good hour stamp. we were in a calmer state.
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this was chaos. police were searching hotels and clearing it. over k&n, can you tell us what happened when you were there. >> when we were there we were hearing the performance. it was like coming from the bay. and then -- he was performing and they cut the music. everyone just dropped out and we've had running it. it was knocking over perfect rels. i can't ask -- we tried to run
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into mgm thing there. we tried to run this thing. then we hit in a bus for mountain. >> you were there for a concert, enjoying. obviously yourself. you start thinking it's fun fire. >> can you teal me what goes through your heart and your head when you're in a situation like that. you hear other people, but it's terror. what did the police witch to do at that point? did you see moving in or painted like them. as far as an irdye stuff, just dined -- they want you to get away from the crowd and hide. >> did you see any victims take any of this gunfire?
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what exactly could you see from where you were in that stage? >> reporter: we were in the back. we weren't in the pile of people. we saw people get injured, stomped on, all of that. >> from the russian crowd. >> we was just ugly part of a folly. so he could do it, it would go into a burst and then it would stop and it happened again for quite awe few sintsz and then it kept hopping. you said there was a performers on stage. what exactly happened? can you go back to that for one more time. it literally sounded like fireworks. when it happened again we just heard the music kout off and that was it.
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everywas just back garden, how are you foelg na you'll do it which wearing cancer. >> they said there's nowhere safe for us to go to. we have tried to prak you for. we really appreciate you sharing your story. that's one story of a person at that concert location. in front of us, ambulances, s.w.a.t. cars. >> steve, what an amazing account by melissa sanders. she said they are just standing around now trying to figure out where to go.
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they're telling people you can get out of here. people can stay in the hotels until the scene is over. >> talk to a lady or how chaotic this has been today ellington which there will be getting an init in the area which i want to rely to you was not too long ago basically so i can't imagine they september up anything as far as the stages. it seems like from what we saw them, it possible so they can secure the scene. we're in the area where all of this is happening.
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it's hard to get reporting out of this. they were trying to push people out of here so they can get a lock on the scene. i know you were further back on it. are the other hotels still in lockdown. see if it's actually opened up or the actual scene has expanded. >> it seems to be just this corner and then down a little bit further. obviously, as you would manage, back closer to where that concert scene is. everything from las vegas boulevard on down further. overall our direction from where i'm speaking, it appears to be open and police cars and units, s.w.a.t. moving from all
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directions. low cared mate the from this point be in time they've wran muched out in multiple directions and that work obviously continues as we move forward. again, over to my right shoulder, you key something ambulances. i would imagine steven is still trying to figure it out. the reports with one shooter down, this area remains safe. again, the work initially was done to push those pedestrians and cars out of this area so think could do the hard work that you see before me. >> do see ambulances and
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treshers yes. we know earlier the ember land. it stopped taking a loom at the hospital. >> at this point it seems like a station situation. 9 point you were talking about, maybe an hour ago. you can imagine this magnified. all of these cars were moving. the staging area you see, it's quite more. are we seeing or hearing anymore? the answer is no. during the door, we're going to keep you there. it's pop pew lated and always
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has some level of noise. new to seal of that else. it's something quite eerie and it really sits with you. again, this has seen back to the line down for. very low activity. dwee continue to see the teens with long guns. >> steve, i want to ask you. have most of the pedestrians that are in your area have they been from the concert or are there just people still milling around the strip? it's relative -- well, now, it's 10:30. as you mentioned, the las vegas strip is always very busy. what kind of mix are you getting walking past the scene?
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>> if anybody's been on the strip, 150, 14, 156r there's a tremendous amount of people out having a good time. that's what we saw when we got to the scene. those people were in a panic. the general population of the vegas strip is often teaming with people trying to enjoy theirselves. a lot of people that we saw and met with and talked to were people out here on vacation or out here injoig them 1e6s in the manage to obviously spoke. i couldn't imagine getting them disbursed. they've been with these crowds into the same pocket. but, again, mostly the people that we saw, the pe des 12r50e
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an is -- either way it herd to pak it off. she started getting run away by police. >> incredible scene there. steve patterson, reporting live. we'll go back to joe fryer who as -- bird's eye view of this. joe, if you well, tell us what the scene deeds. certainly what they've talked about. he seems calmer. we still see police faf rind.
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we'll turn off the lights. it gives you a better look at what we have been talking about from the upper level ep seeds. you can look across the street, a lot of flashing lights, not as many police car and clearly sum of them. right where you're looking at is where the concert was taking place. witnesses say jason aldean, the popular country and music star was performing. when you hear this you thought it was fireworks, then to stock fire. no, we're see us in this should doe.
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i'm pointing down the strip. you can see next to mccarron airport in and out live, it's been quite here for a while. that for a while we believe is shut down. they don't want traffic camming in for the laceburg. a lot of fun fire broke out. we heard reports from people there were squad parks. you u.n. kri near they're having reopened. door falling behind. where the concert this was tang places. i flew tourists for a three day
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weekend here and there. right now it is easterly quiet for las vegas. >> dara? >> joe, you are right. you are in lockdown at this resort. do you want to elg us tho. >> that's our understanding right now. initially when we started to reapply, something active was going on. i hadn't noticed anything. my bro dueser called down to the front desk, we're on lockdown. we haven't been able to get any sort of analysis going on. we were initially told going down we were in lock put, stay put. we've been doing that because we
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know they were ready to go. they simply don't know what they're pointing out. how many shooters and how many there are. >> joe fryer please stay with us. right now we are going to my colleague eamon mohyeldin. eamon. >> reporter: deborah, thank you very much for that. we are continuing to follow breaking news from las vegas at this hour. multiple people on scene. one suspects is down after witnesses describing a mass shooting incident. they say 23 people were in critical condition. one suspect is down. they do not believe there are
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anymore shooters at this time. witnesses have reported hearing gunfire from at test two shoot tajs. they want want to reef there are anymore shooters at this time. jason aldean was finishing his. there are reports that university medical center is at capacity and oofg again err zero police. the associated press reports that authorities have shut down part of the vegas strip and interstate 15. we have two reporters on the scene including steve patterson
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at street level. tell us what they are seeing and juxtapose that with what the president is saying. >> well, the tenor of where we are deeps to koala lum pier. obviously helicopters high above me. you can see back to the scene. they've completely blocked it. we're about as central as you can get on the las vegas strip. i can see the mgm on my right shoulder. beyond that is where the country musz sick festival was held. people there thought originally it was just a bunch of fireworks
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going on. as they continued, they realized this was gunfire. groups and masses of people ran to cover and tried to get as far away from it as possible. >> it's right there.
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from victims which you know, sounded like people heard multiple shootings in multiple locations. obviously when you have a scene
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like this there is a lot of panic so people hear a lot of different things. i don't think police are going to take any chances when you have a situation like this. >> we also have with us nbc correspondent joe fryer and we're going to get a more elevated view. joe is in a nearby hotel. part of the mandalay bay complex. joe, give us a sense, you heard stooe steve patterson talking about the tenor on the street changing since the las vegas police department confirmed they don't believe there are any more shooters. what are you seeing in terms of the activity in the air or on the ground below? >> reporter: yeah, we can tell you exactly what steve is seeing, what we're seeing from up above. we're in the four seasons hotel which is part of the mandalay bay complex. it
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it's as high as you can get in the mandalay bay. we were initially told when we heard what was going on, our team called down to the front desk, they told ustion to stay put at this time. we haven't received any new information from them. no one is answering right now which is understandable considering what's unfolding right now t. we don't know if the workers were also told to lock down and stay safe. we're not sure at this point. so getting new information about our situation, we haven't received any, but we do know there's a police presence in this hotel right now and that's part of the reason we're staying put right now because they don't know whether this facility was part of this at all or if it happens to be nearby the shooting. i'm going to turn off the light here. we want you to see what we have been looking at from here at the top of mandalay bay. it is catty corner across the street. that is where this festival, this three-day country music
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festival has been taking place filled with thousands of people with the understanding jason aldean was performing at the time this happened. we've received a message that jason aldean and his crew are safe. it's completely dark and quiet but you can see it's across the street from the mandalay bay area which is why this area has been getting so much focus. we see a lot of police cars, we see a lot of ambulances. the direction we're looking right now is where the airport is. the airport has not had any activity since really the shooting situation started. of course we're late enough now where there wouldn't be that many flights going in and out of the airport. right now the airport stopped having flights coming in and out. you can see the las vegas strip is quiet as you can ever imagine it being with the exception of all these emergency vehicles. no people are allowed on these
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streets right now. >> i want to ask you to give us a little perspective. if i were using the flickering lights as a benchmark of the various corners of the blocks and the streets that are being used, how big of an area are we talking about here? are we talking about a few city blocks or is this one block that we're looking at? >> reporter: no, we're talking about several city blocks and it's, you know, not as bright as it was when we first started seeing the situation, but for blocks and blocks i would say, i mean, at least five, six, maybe more blocks in one direction and of course all the way down the strip. mandalay bay is on one end of the strip all the way down. police cars came in, as many as you can imagine, dozens and dozens blocking the intersections trying to keep on eye on who was trying to leave this area, but this is a sprawling area. every single one of these hotel complexes is huge. several floors take up a lot of space and it goes on and on and
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on here in vegas. we're on one end, but for block after block and we've continued to see about two blocks from here on the other side of where this concert was is where we've continued to see the most lights, the most presence in that area. it's been a key staging area for police as they 'been dealing with this situation right near the concert. >> we've been hearing eyewitness accounts. you've been describing your hotel being put on lockdown. have you gotten a sense as to whether or not people were able to take shelter, take refuge in some of the outer lying buildings including hotels and nearby venues? >> reporter: it's hard for us to tell because we have been trying to stay in this room where we are. i can tell you initially when i heard about this i went out into the hallway to move into another room where we have right now and there was nothing going on. it was quiet in the hallway, but
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that's only one floor, one section of one hotel in this massive area so it's hard to get a full idea. but clearly the streets was where the chaos was and that translated to the streets here at mand laze bay. you can see there's an ambulance parked with lights flashing toward the entryway of mandalay bay and the four seasons hotel where we're at right now, but it's hard, you know, people i think -- it's las vegas so it was 10:00 at night, clearly most people are not sleeping. maybe a lot of people aren't even in their hotel rooms at that point. they're either eating, they're at the casinos, they're out with people, so at 10:00, some people were in their hotel rooms, perhaps more than during the day but still a lot of people were probably out on the streets because this is las vegas. >> and your picture is in fact telling us that exact story. we want to stay with us. if you're joining us now we are now being joined by many of our nbc stations acros we're being joined by our
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nbc stations across the country. we're going to bring everyone up to speed. if you can, stay with us one second. here's what we are -- if you're joining us this hour, to our affiliates, we have breaking news out of las vegas this hour. here's what we know so far. at around 10:30 p.m. local time in las vegas, active shooter situation was reported at a music festival. an outdoor music festival along the las vegas strip. las vegas police department within last hour has confirmed that they do not believe there are any more shooters. what we have learned is at least one shooter is down, and as of now, there are no more shooters


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