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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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naming the victims. overnight, we learned a pennsylvania wrestling coach was in the gunman's line of fire. protecting the parkway. the las vegas massacre is highlighting the challenge of keeping people safe during outdoor events in philadelphia. a lot of ground to cover. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a beautiful fall day in the tri-state area. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei and the most accurate weather forecast for your neighborhood. >> it's going to be a very nice day, similar to yesterday. if you got outside yesterday afternoon, i know many of us were at work. if you were able to, really nice afternoon. right now, a little chilly for some of us. we're at 43 in mt. holly and vineland. upper 40s for wilmington and dover. philly one of the few spots that's holding tight to the 50s at 54 degrees. atlantic city, 46, it the reading now compared -- the reading now compared to the
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60-degree water temperature. we will see temperatures rise to a mild afternoon. the light jackets of your morning you can peel off by the afternoon hours. just enjoy the day. our radar and satellite view, a clear picture. and we're looking at clear conditions throughout the rest of today. like yesterday, the blue sky you see overhead, bright conditions. it will last over the next couple of days because of high pressure that keeps stormy activity out. temperatures moving up to about 58 degrees at noon. we'll talk about the temperatures, where they hit for highs coming up in just a bit. right now, we'll go over to traffic with jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting on 95 this morning, around cottman avenue, not doing so bad so far. we're still not seeing any big increase in the drive times right now. this is the southbound side. that's the traffic moving up toward the center city area. southbound from woodhaven to the vine, a 14-minute trip. average speeds into the high 50s. a crash, brand new, watch on north trooper road around west
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germantown pike. the schuylkill expressway, ending with the drive time. so far, so good there, too. even though we had earlier construction, this morning we didn't see any big problems or delays. 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine. speeds still up but into the high 50s, dropping just a little bit. back to you. famous landmarks went dark in honor of the victims of the las vegas massacre. the president has ordered all u.s. flags to be flown at half staff for the rest of the week in memory of those killed. this flag was lowered in center city yesterday. in las vegas, a large area of the strip surrounding the mandalay bay hotel remains closed. here's a live look now at the hotel this morning. >> overnight, fbi agents were seen inside the shooter's room on the 32nd floor, and we've learned more about the gunman's arsenal of weapons. the death toll stands at 59 with more than 520 people injured.
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isis has taken responsibility for the massacre, but federal authorities do not think there's a connection between the shooter and the terror group. investigators found nearly two dozen guns, ammo, and explosive material in the gunman's hotel room where he broke the windows and opened fire on that concert crowd. we have also learned that bill wolfe, a youth wrestling coach from shippensburg, pennsylvania, was at the concert. at a valley view bridge -- at a vigil, friends and family say he's missing. his wife who was at the concert with him was not hurt. now to las vegas and matt delucia who has been talking with people who survived. >> it seems the strip is eerily quiet this morning. >> reporter: that's right. this is a 24-hour town. normally people are out and about having a good time. not in this area. behind this gas station is where the festival ground are. that is where the shooting happened.
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just over here, you see that is the mandalay bay why the 32nd floor where the shooter was aiming at the concertgoers and firing bullets. down here you see las vegas boulevard. it is still shut down this hour. the people here are tired. they are heartbroken, and they are all puzzled, wondering why. >> there were thousands enjoying the concert. then we heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: marty from los angeles was in the crowd of 22,000 at the route 91 harvest sunday night. >> i was directly in the line of fire. >> reporter: he told me he dove behind a food cart as the bullets kept coming from above. >> it became a war zone. >> reporter: what did you do when you were hearing that? >> okay, my first thing is -- my first reaction was to get down low. >> this is a city of partying, but it doesn't seem like it today. >> reporter: tourists ventured away from the casinos and down las vegas boulevard where crime tape blocked the busiest street in town. some left notes, others left
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balloons. all trying to kprends what happened -- too spend what happened. doug nolan lives in las vegas, the residents and tourists here have come together, condemning tragedy and raising hope. >> it's really sad. unfortunate. >> reporter: an experience they will carry with them forever. >> my immediate thing was how do i survive this. am i going to live, or am i going to die? am i going to be here another second longer? >> reporter: we're going to hear more from charlene, the woman you heard there. she came here with her family to celebrate a birthday. she's from newark, new jersey. she cannot wait to get out of this city. for now, live in las vegas, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> i'm sure. thank you. we'll talk to you again at 6:30. within hours of the deadly mass shooting, the las vegas community began rallying together to remember the victims. people gathered for memorial vigils across the city last
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night. some united for a prayer service while others lit candles and comforted each other outside las vegas city hall. >> our hearts are devastated. we will never forget what happened last night. we'll also never forget what's happening today and the unity and the love that we're seeing will echo in heaven for eternity. >> the pastor added that what happened sunday will not define the true character of the people of las vegas. tonight philadelphia will hold a memorial vigil for the victims and survivors of the las vegas massacre. the governor will join anti-gun violence activists at thomas payne plaza at 6:00. a local survivor of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, tiara parker, is expected to be there. we're getting firsthand accounts from people in our area. there was a concertgoer who ran from the bullets, now happy to be back in her husband's arms. next, the man who took out his phone in the midst of the
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shooting called telling her he loved her as the gunfire surrounded will him. then the gaming executive -- gunfire surrounded him. and then the gaming executive who witnessed dozens rushing from the scene. this is what they had to say about their experiences -- >> they're hiding behind the bar, trying to hide and not get hit by bullets. you can hear them over your head. and then we ran. >> i called my mom as shots were fired. i told her i was going to run, i'd be okay. >> it was terrifying to be running backwards, abe frway fr shots behind you. >> a poor lady behind me told me, i know my boyfriend's dead. i know it. >> you start crying on the way home. >> the security guards were bringing wounded people who had come in the back door of the tropicana. they were bringing them out in office chairs, carrying them instead of stretchers. >> i never felt so lucky in my
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life to be safe and to be here. >> nbc10's live coverage continues all day. matt delucia and jacqueline london are in las vegas uncovering the local connections. and you can count on the nbc10 app for minute-by-minute updates. >> we're less than an hour from sunrise. south philadelphia. if you're walking out, it might be smart to take a sweater or light fleece. you can shed it later this afternoon. >> we'll find out how much it will warm up with meteorologist krystal klei and the most accurate weather forecast. i think this will be a pretty good day. a chilly morning. you can bring the light jacket, peel it off later in the day. sunrise, officially at 6:59. a half hour before that, we see the crack of sunlight on the horizon. maybe the next 30 minutes we'll see that. mild afternoon. we'll be back into the 70s again today. plenty of sunshine and dry days ahead. no need for the umbrella. let's go through the temperatures. 54 degrees at 8:00 a.m. in
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philadelphia. you get up to 73 at 4:00. i think official highs will be around 76. some parts of philly, sunny conditions outside. in the suburbs, 48 at 8:00 a.m. up to 71 at 4:00. nearly the same for the lehigh valley. cooler start, but right back to the 70s, as well, this afternoon. again, some low to mid 70s for official high temperatures. delaware, 51 degrees. sunny, up to 69 by your lunch hour. lunch break outside, maybe you're still wearing the jacket it you don't love the 60s. in new jersey, 68 at noon. 71 by 4:00. at the jersey shore, 8:00 a.m., 54 degrees. you see that rise up to the upper 60s by 4:00 p.m. the wind forecast for today, not a problem. winds coming in from the south and the southeast, around five to ten miles per hour. you see seven miles per hour in philly, mt. holly at six. millville the same. light winds today with low humidity means it's just going to be a fall-like condition, the dry, crisp air that will remain
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in place. just not quite as cool as you may think. yesterday, we were at 75. just a few degrees warmer than average. today, we're starting to pick that temperature up to 76 degrees. five degrees warmer than average. and look at the trend. wednesday at 80. thursday at 82. friday, 80. that's not the end of the stretch. it starts to roll over into your weekend, as well. coming up, we'll talk more about the temperatures, when they may cool on the ten day on 10 in a few. 6:10. let's get you to work on this tuesday. i see flashing lights. >> let's check in, find out more with jessica boyington. where are we seeing this, 95? >> yeah. 95 at girard avenue. a few vehicles pulled to the shoulder. not sure if it's an accident or something involved here. i heard that there were some that might have flat tires, there are -- there's debris in the road. a few things going on. the problem at hand is we have vehicles to the right-hand shoulder of the southbound side. police activity and everything on scene. we're still having that blocked
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there. traffic slow by the scene. now they're blocking the next lane over, as well. watching 95 at girard and watching for a crash at north trooper and the west germantown pike. new jersey, the admiral wilson boulevard, the ben franklin parkway. bright, all the lights there, moving up toward philadelphia from that direction. new jersey through camden, no problems or delays right now. >> thank you. our coverage of the las vegas massacre continues. next, the shooting is a reminder of the challenges of protecting people at big outdoor events which we have in philadelphia all the time. next, the recautions our police use -- precautions our police use to protect crowds. coming up at 6:30, a husband's sacrifice. a man degrees saving his wife in the las vegas massacre. one of the many stories about the victims this morning. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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the las vegas massacre is hitting home in philadelphia which hosts major open-air events every year. >> security can be a challenge. now police are hoping to learn everything they can from the tragedy in las vegas. katy zachry is live along the ben franklin parkway with more on the safety measures that are already in place. >> reporter: that's right. there are some key security measures that philadelphia police do for every large event that philadelphia hosts. some of them happen right here along the ben franklin parkway. some of them include usingablyout gates. those -- using blowout gates. those are gates that officers can open at a moment's notice to let large crowds out. they also have teams of police and firefighters who are specifically trained to rush in and deal with critically injured people at a scene. and for some of the largest events, detectives go into every build and hotel that surrounds the area to make contact with
6:16 am
the people inside. the department has done hundreds of active shooter trainings this year. in some, they say it doesn't make a difference. >> i have a son. it's like what did i bring him into? he won't be able to do a lot of things i did when i was younger. i don't want to bring him out around a group of people. you never know what could happen. >> reporter: we talked to a hotel security expert who says there can be red flags when it comes to guests. people who bring too much luggage in for a short stay or people who come with one bag or no luggage at all and stay for a while. our security experts say hotel staff should think of themselves as first responders and speak up if something doesn't look right. i've reached out to the big hotel chains to find out if they will change any security practices in the wake of this deadly shooting. i'm still waiting to hear back from security experts there.
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>> thank you. 6:15. let's get an update on the situation in 95 and girard. >> yeah. jessica has an update. jessica? >> on the northbound side of girard near 95 near girard actually is what we're watching here. a few vehicles are disabled here off into the shoulder. you can see they're losing that right-hand lane, the next lane over in the shoulder, as well. the northbound side dealing with a delay. only two lanes getting by and slowly for now. the schuylkill expressway looks okay. on the westbound side, we have a crash near gulf mills. total drive times increasing a bit. now two, three, four minutes or so increase on the drive times. not too bad. moving by the accident scene will give you a problem. another crash on 40-foot road at cover, and we'll end on the 42 freeway at the atlantic city expressway, here is the northbound side. you can definitely see more traffic there. that's moving up toward
6:18 am
philadelphia, toward the deptford area, starting to see morningtime delays. we'll have updates on these things and check in with 95 when i come back. >> see you then. thank you. 6:18. 54 degrees as we take a live look outside. this is the glenside septa station. not many people there. when they are there, they'll need an extra sweater. >> i think that would be a good analysis. i think anyone that's going out, a light jacket. i've got a light jacket i've been wearing the last few days in a row. as soon as you get to the afternoon, our need it. temperatures mild -- you don't need it. temperatures mild into the afternoon. the live view from center city. if you look at the bottom of the screen you see the flooding whipping around. this is a light breeze. when you get to the higher up buildings, it seems stronger. this is the glow ahead of sunrise that we've got. we said it would be 30 minutes before sunrise. close. a clear sky overhead. and temperatures to start are chilly but not that rough. 59 in penn's port.
6:19 am
not bad. 48 in manayunk. 46 in andora. light sweater weather. 50 bustleton, parkwood, right at the 50-degree mark. how about we jump to the lehigh valley and berks county. berks, 46 in reading. sinking sprinkles at 46. lenardsville, 43. 41 whitehall. allentown, 44. 44 in nazareth. we've got much cooler temperatures the farther north you go. no surprise there. as we go through the next few days, we're going to see a warming trend. that means all of us have even mild starts to the day. at least for this time of year. on the radar and satellite view, check out how clear of a picture this is. this is when you know there's going to be no issues the whole day. not only is it clear over us, there's not a thing for states and states and states. clear conditions and high pressure building in over us. that's what keeps it toasty. when kwyou've got the bubble, i lets temperatures rise. we're seeing that today. a degree or two warmer than yesterday. in the days to come, bright,
6:20 am
sunny conditions. clear to mostly clear sky. temperatures picking up, that's right, to the 80s in the days to come. let's talk more about today. forecast highs across the area today. like i mentioned, a degree or two warmer than yesterday. 76 in center city. 74 for chestnut hill. westchester, 72. low to mid 70s also possible in the lehigh valley. 72 in trenton. 70 for cape may. and rehoboth beach, upper 60s. wilmington up to 74 degrees. we see more warming farther north. here's the hour-by-hour model. throughout tuesday, you see no pause points necessary because there's no rain to track. same deal for your wednesday. wednesday morning, clouds along the northern half of the viewing zone. they burn off with the sunshine on your wednesday. there's a quick peek of the ten day on ten. dry all the way through into your weekend. that's when we could see scattered showers. also breezy for your weekend. reflection replaced comedy
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across the board last night. ♪ >> next, the stars' emotional tribute. and the lashing one host gave politicians on the gun debate.
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6:24. in headlines, president trump heads to puerto rico. >> his first visit since hurricane maria ravaged the island. he will meet with members of fema, the military, and first responders. today millions of outraged americans could get some answers as the former ceo of equifax answers questions on capitol hill. this after the breach is worse than initially thought. 2.5 million people were added to the list of accounts bringing
6:25 am
the total to 145 million. prosecutors say the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey was a soldier in a holy war against americans. the federal trade of ahmad rahimi began yesterday. before proceedings started, rahimi had to be escorted from the courtroom. he was angry because his wife hasn't been allowed to see him in more than a year. his attorney said they can't prove his client is guilty beyond doubt. now a project to repair delaware beaches will start next year. the army corps of engineers announced the company that will be doing the beach replenishment project. the dunes at bethany, south bethany, and fenwick islands were damaged by strong in 2015 and 2016. check out the view from cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. beautiful shot of the sunrise ahead of the official rise. we're looking at temperatures today that will be mild in the afternoon. then we start getting warmth in the days to come. we'll talk about how high the
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numbers go coming up.
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in the line of fire. stories of heroism emerge from las vegas as we learn a pennsylvania coach is one of the victims. we're live in las vegas this morning. ♪ i'm free free fallin' ♪ losing a star. tom petty has died after confusion amid his final hours. and former first lady michelle obama will be in philadelphia today, and her visit could slow your commute. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm via sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. >> it's 6:30. we'll get to meteorologist krystal klei with your most accurate weather forecast. a beautiful day yesterday, i think another one's headed our
6:30 am
way today. >> yeah. you guys are right. looking at very nice conditions today. chilly morning, but then the mild afternoon forecast. like yesterday, talking 70s into the afternoon. here's the thing, though, back to summer, kind of looking like we're looking at 80s pushing back into the forecast. starting tomorrow, we've got it lasting a handful of days. 80s versus low 70s, the average for this time of year. we're also under a dry spell. no rain for several days of our forecast. the lehigh valley has the best chance. that is at the end of the workweek. most of us won't see rain until the end of the weekend. current temperatures, some of have us warmed a smidge. we're at 48 in trenton. 50 in dover. those spots were a little cooler say an hour ago. 54 in foils. 46 -- in philadelphia. 46 at atlantic city. allentown at 45. 40s, 40s now, a clear picture overhead. plenty of sun in the forecast. look at the next 12 hours here. we get into the mid 70s again
6:31 am
this afternoon. like i mentioned, 80s soon enough. a look at how long that lasts coming up in a few minutes. now, we'll go to jessica boyington and traffic. >> we're watching 95 right now around girard avenue. in the northbound side, i'm hearing there was debris in the road. a bunch of vehicles to the shoulder would like you to volcanfocus on that. we'll head that way. either way, the northbound side of 95 where we have a few disabled vehicles to the right-hand shoulder. the next lane is being blocked there, as well. northbound, away from the center city area. two lanes getting by the scene. debris in the road, they struck the debris. now they have flat tires or however it worked out, they're disabled over into the shoulder. watching that again, the northbound side, also watching a crash. starting to see pretty big westbound delays here moving through conshohocken. westbound before gulf mills we have a crash there. also watching another crash in
6:32 am
te telemensen at 40-foot road. the scene of the las vegas massacre house is the littered ground where victims became human targets. a live look at the mandalay bay resort. overnight, fbi agents were inside the shooter's room on the 32nd floor where he had an arsenal of weapons. >> this morning, we're learning how loaded that arsenal was. here's what we know -- police say they found 23 guns in the hotel room. they also found several thousand rounds of ammo and material to make explosives. this morning, the number of dead remains at 59. more than 520 others are injured. we've also learned that a pennsylvania youth wrestling coach was at the concert. friends and family said that he is missing, and they don't know his condition. >> matt delucia joins us live from the scene in las vegas. a much different strip than we're used to seeing. >> reporter: yeah, normally you would see people walk around in this area. this part of las vegas boulevard, the southern portion is still shut down this hour
6:33 am
much like it was for the past 24 hours. las vegas, according to some we talked with yesterday, say it really does not feel like normal las vegas. right away we saw the giant billboards showing information, condolences, and hotlines for people to find their loved ones. mgm resorts which owns the majority of properties here on the strip, more than a dozen, canceled their shows last night. the mood here is definitely a little bit different. i spoke with charlene nelson from newark, new jersey. she's here celebrating with her family. they got stuck trying to get back to their hotel. her cows indiaed up sleep -- cousin ended up sleeping in a rental car. >> it was a really scary time. folks who weren't in their rooms already were in the basement on lockdown. we were down there for hours before they let us back upstairs to our rooms. >> reporter: she's talking about the room here at the luxor, next to the mandalay bay and in the
6:34 am
middle of the crime seen. throughout las vegas we've seen folks trying to heal. i worked here in las vegas for almost five years. some years ago. and you know, i got to know some of the police officers here. some of them have been posting on social media, one said that this has been a very difficult time. they were rushing through just trying to get as many survivors as possible. it will take a lot of time before the images and sounds of what happened to pass. we've seen a lot of people here in vegas doing whatever they can, going to donate blood, food, water, and money. one fundraiser has raised nearly $3 million. a lot of folks doing whatever they can in this time of need. live in las vegas, nbc10 news. new this morning, we're learning about the 59 people killed. there are stories of tragedy and heroism. 29-year-old sonny melton, a nurse, died saving his wife.
6:35 am
heather melton said when the bullets were fired, he grabbed her and ran. protecting her was his last act. he was shot in the back and killed. heather melton describes her husband as a kind-hearted, loving man. police officers were also killed, some acting as human shields. teachers, college students, parents and children are among the 59 victims. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive of the las vegas gunman as we learn more about who he is. 64-year-old stephen paddock took his life in the hotel room as s.w.a.t. teams tried to get inside. paddock had no criminal record. he had a history of running up large gambling debts. he gambled large amounts at las vegas casinos recently. his brother said the gunman was a wealthy man who liked cruises and says he has no explanation for what happened. >> we have no reason, rhyme, rationale, excuse. there's just nothing. >> we've also learned the owner
6:36 am
of a utah gun store says he visited several times this year and bought a shotgun after passing a federal background check. president trump will travel to las vegas tomorrow to meet with victims' families and first responders. [ bell tolling ] >> yesterday the president was joined by the first lady and vice president mike pence on the white house lawn as a bell was rung to remember the victims. the shooting is reigniting the victim over gun control. >> it would be premature for us to discuss policy when we don't fully know all the facts or what took place last night. >> if we don't act now, when will we? >> the nation's counting on you. >> the main sticking points over gun control include mandatory federal background checks and mental health regulations. follow nbc10's matt delucia and jacqueline london on air and
6:37 am
on line. their reports on the las vegas shooting investigation and the victims continues here nbc10 news. 6:37. now to breaking news from overnight. classic rock legend tom petty has died. ♪ i'm free free fallin' ♪ ♪ i'm free free fallin' ♪ >> petty died overnight hours after suffering cardiac arrest at his home in malibu. reports started circulating yesterday afternoon that petty had passed away, but he was still alive at the time. the 66-year-old was famous for classic rock hits like "free fallin'," "refugee," and "american girl." now to more breaking news from overnight. a man is in custody after a sexual assault in philadelphia's society hill. police were called to second and lombard streets around 4:30 this morning. a woman said the suspect forced himself on her. she's talking to detectives after being checked out at the hospital. we're 10, 15 minutes away
6:38 am
from sunrise. just starting to get light. a nice day today. cool start. >> yeah. cool start. 54 degrees now. let's find out how much it will warm up. krystal klei with the most accurate weather forecast. >> starting with the live view outside of penn's landing. looking over the ben franklin parkway here. a breeze this morning. otherwise, just a beautiful picture that we've got. not only the sunrise, but the fact that this is a clear sky ahead of us. we don't have clouds to worry about. we do not have rain to worry about. in fact, that's for several days. we'll be able to say that. 54 is the temperature now. 6:38 this morning. 64 degrees at 10:00 a.m. there's the rise, up into the mid 70s by your afternoon. those mid 70s also accompanied by light winds, low humidity, makes it have a fall feel. crisp. temperatures are warmer than average for this time of year. at the jersey shore, 46. winds are calm. we will stay right around the 60s starting at 10:00 a.m. that's pretty much through the
6:39 am
rest of the day that we're in the 60s. upper 60s for many the highs. some spots could hit 70, 71. i think that's as good as it will get. we'll have a moderating effect from the ocean water because of an onshore breeze. water temperatures about 68. high is about 68 degrees. in new jersey, 46 degrees for us right now. we're at 64, the forecast by 10:00 a.m. then mid 70s in the afternoon. a little cool in areas like philly, about 74 at 4:00 p.m. we're wrapping up with the subu pennsylvania suburbs. light winds for the most part, plenty of sunshine. 62 at 10:00 a.m. to 67 at noon. then we sneak in those low to mid 70s in the afternoon hours for highs today similar to yesterday. but as we go into the next few days, not so similar to yesterday because we'll have 80s on the board. we'll talk about those temperatures in just a few minutes. >> all right. see you then. about 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. and let's get an update for you on 95 and girard. >> jessica boyington has been
6:40 am
watching that. >> still watching the same thing. 95 at girard on the northbound side. over into the shoulder, we have a few disabled vehicles. there was debris in the road earlier. they had all actually struck. now flat tires or something going on there. either way, they're disabled. this is the northbound side. two lanes getting by now on 95. again, that was the traffic that's moving away from center city. still watching delays on the westbound side of the schuylkill, too. moving through conshohocken or trying to get there, right now huge delays. you see we're into the red because of an accident just before gulf mills on the westbound side. watch for a crash at trooper at germantown pike. 422 starting to see some of those delays. mostly eastbound. 18 minutes now from 29 to the schuylkill, speeds dropping and now into the 20s. jason aldean posted an emotional response to the shooting. next his words and fear for his children. the mass shooting may be a topic of conversation for your
6:41 am
family, but it may not be an easy conversation for your kids. we've arranged for a child psychiatrist to offer advice for parents who want to have a conversation with your kids.
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double-dipping pension padder! late-night tv last night, the hosts opened their shows by calling the las vegas mass shooting a confounding and repetitive tragedy. >> this morning we woke up to the news of another senseless shooting, this time in las vegas. in the face of tragedies and acts of terror, we need to remember that good still exists in this world. we're here to entertain you tonight, and that's what we're going to do. ♪ ♪ no freedom without love >> host jimmy kimmel fought back
6:45 am
the tears as he opened his show last night. >> here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicab inexplicable, shocking, and painful tragedy. this time in las vegas which happens to be my hometown and clio's hometown, clio sr.'s hometown. >> kimmel called out president trump, mitch mcconnell, and house speaker paul ryan for "letting the gun lobby run this country." the country star who was on stage when the shooting started put an emotional post on instagram overnight. jason aldean wrote, "this world is becoming the kind of place i'm afraid to raise my children in. at the end of the day we aren't democrats or republicans, whites or blacks, men and women. we are all humans, and we are all americans, and it's time to start acting like it and stand together as one." images like the ones that we're seeing from las vegas are tough enough for adults to process. but the scenes and the stories of tragedy can be especially
6:46 am
tough for children to see and understand. it may be hard to help your children cope. this morning we have a child psychiatrist in our studios to offer some advice on how to steer those conversations. >> dr. steven berkowitz with penn medicine joins us. thanks for being with us. the conversation is different depending on your child's age, of course. how do you start the conversation? how do you start talking to your child? >> again, i think one of the best ways is to ask them what their friends and schoolmates are talking about as a way in. listen children aren't going to -- often children aren't going to tell you what they are thinking, but they will tell you about the conversations they're having as a way to express themselves about the situation. really one of the most important things is to help them recognize that this is a unique, unusual event. it's not something to fear on a day-to-day basis. that's for both parents and
6:47 am
children. >> doctor, why, of course, a question a lot of us have as adults. but there's no clear answer. how do you begin explaining that to a child? >> i think the best way is to say that this man was truly crazy. and unfortunately, he had access to weapons. that combination is incredibly dangerous. so we may not know why because he himself is not in his right minds. >> thank you very much. we'll have more at 7:00 on my facebook page. the coverage of the tragedy continues. coming up, a special edition of the "today" show. savannah guthrie will be live from las vegas with more stories of heartbreak and heroism. and tom costello is tracing the shooter's arsenal. and today women's rights is bringing a strong voice to
6:48 am
philadelphia. former first lady michelle obama will be in center city. her visit could slow traffic and mass transit. nbc10's borpamela osborne is li outside the pennsylvania convention center with more on what computers can expect. pam? >> reporter: as you can imagine, the former first lady is drawing quite the crowd here today. if you're normally used to taking septa, allow yourself plenty of extra time to get to where you need to go. if you're taking septa, riding for the first time, septa suggests that you purchase your roundtrip tickets in advance. this passenger surge is expected to be around for both the morning and evening rush as the city hosts the pennsylvania conference for women at the convention center today. among those in attendance, as we said, former first lady michelle obama. she will be participating in what's being called a conversation with michelle. that's happening about 1:30 afternoon. the sellout crowd sits at 10,000. many of those people, again,
6:49 am
riding the regional rails this morning. keep that in mind as you get into work and go home this evening. reporting live in center city, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> looking forward to the conference. the breakout sessions, as well as the keynote speaker. should be good. we'll get to an expert on traffic and what's happening this morning. jessica boyington with a look at 95 and girard. >> yeah. we were watching disabled vehicles northbound to the shoulder. they have it cleared out of the way. we still are watching the residual delay on the northbound side. again, around girard, you see the southbound side moving into center city. that's where we typically watch for morning time delay. not so bad right now. there are cars out the door there. watching a crash at abington, huntington pike. still watching big delays on the schuylkill expressway. on the westbound side specifically, of course, seeing delays. we always do moving toward center city, there's an accident before gulf mills that you can see moving through conshohocken on the westbound side.
6:50 am
starting to see pretty big delays approaching the scene there. also watching the 42 freeway over in deptford at 41. look at the northbound side. that is backed up even past this point. heavy delays right now moving northbound toward the philadelphia area. if you have to get to the left to head to philly or to 295, delays there. 6:50. heading out the door, we've been talking it's chilly, now into fall. it's been warming nightmare. people waiting for the train at glenside station. a nice jacket on. not bad. >> we'll check in with krystal klei and the most accurate weather forecast. yeah, they've got the right idea. the light jacket that you can take off later, and you're good to go in the afternoon. a live view at easton, pennsylvania, a pretty camera view of the sunrise this morning. all of our sunrise crams have looked nice -- craams have look nice. this is late yesterday. sunny to mostly sunny throughout the entire day. not just for your morning. delaware temperatures, well,
6:51 am
right now in newark, looking at 51 degrees. still at 46 in harmony hills. talliesville at 50. we go farther south, about the same, although we are looking at some warmer temperatures up against our delaware beaches. look at that. 64 rehoboth beach and 65 dewey beach. lincoln, though, at 44. felton, 48 this morning. here's radar and satellite. nice, wide view for us. i always like to show off the wide view. it indicates that not only are we clear locally, but all of our surroundings are clear, too. it's typical that sometimes we'll say, hey, good start. look at the front coming our way. we don't have to worry about that. no rain in the forecast today. leave the umbrella at home. you do not need rain boots or anything like that. you'll really enjoy the temperatures in the afternoon because they're kind of picture perfect here. we go through the hour by hour, and you see just scattered clouds possible. overnight is clear into your wednesday morning. by morning, we could see high clouds in place. but otherwise, those are going to burn off through the
6:52 am
afternoon hours. we're left with another sunny picture wednesday. even looking at a sunny picture on thursday. morning, again, clouds. other than scattered clouds, really no problems with the forecast for the next handful of days. if you have already seeded the lawn, you need to water it because mother nature will not be helping. 76 tuesday, 80 on wednesday, 82 on thursday. gradually warming up thanks to high pressure domed over the area. like i talk about the bubble as i call it helps temperatures rise as it continues to sit in one location. suburbs, 74 today. 77 by wednesday. up to 79 by thursday in the lehigh valley. how about new jersey? 74 today for the forecast high. and notice that we are tracking temperatures up to 78 wednesday, thursday, we sneak in the low 80s, the shore even starts to warm up because we've got a southwest flow which typically is warmer air. wednesday, 74. 76 for thursday.
6:53 am
in delaware, we'll wrap up here. tuesday, 74. wednesday, 79. by thursday in delaware, low 80s, as well. we'll talk about the ten day on 10 coming up. [ cheers ] music with a message. that's the former middle school teacher-turned-hip-hop artist called d1. yesterday the rapper brought his tour to george washington high school. he's also a motivational speaker and spoke to students about the importance of planning for college. and one lucky student even went home with a $5,000 scholarship for college from sallie mae. >> sweet. >> nice. next, the top stories we're following today. >> that includes the latest on the las vegas massacre and what police found in his hotel room.
6:54 am
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6:57. the death toll from the las vegas massacre stands at 59 with more than 520 people injured. police found nearly two dozen guns, ammo, and explosives in the gunman's hotel room from where he opened fire on to the concert crowd. president trump plans to visit las vegas tomorrow. stay with nbc10 for live team coverage from las vegas. nbc10's matt delucia will update us this morning at 11:00. then tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00, and nbc10's jackie london will have reports beginning this afternoon at 4:00. ♪ breaking news, tom petty died overnight hours after suffering cardiac arrest at his home in malibu. the 66-year-old was famous for classic rock hits like "free fallin'," "refugee," and "american girl." president trump heads to puerto rico today. his first visit since hurricane maria ravaged the island.
6:58 am
he plans to meet with members of fema, the military, and first responders. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you right now. one last check on the roads. we're watching 422, our cameras around trooper road. we're watching the eastbound side here. that's where we see delays in the morning. right now, 19 minutes. that's typically a six to seven-minute trip or so. usually around the seven-minute mark with no delay. you see the addition on that for the drive times. speeds into the 20s, too, 29 to the schuylkill expressway. speaking of the schuylkill expressway, we're seeing pretty big delays especially westbound. moving through conshohocken. you'll see approaching the scene, around the curve. you see westbound right about this point before gulf mills. a crash on the westbound side. traffic approaching that scene slow at that. we'll end with the crash in abington. huntington pike around morton road. >> thanks. we'll look at the ten day on 10. 76 degrees forecast high for
6:59 am
today. going to be sunny, nice, low humidity, beautiful afternoon, very similar to what we saw yesterday. then that warming trends continues. 80 on wednesday. dry through thursday, an isolated chance of a shower friday. low 80s all the way through saturday. look at the weekend. breezy conditions saturday, sunday, could see scattered showers on sunday. may impact the eagles game. again, looking like spotty showers at best. not a big rainmaker. the better chance of rain hits on your monday and tuesday. that's when we have to watch for possibly a little more steady to heavy rain pockets moving through. that's also when we cool down back into the 70s next week. >> okay. >> looks like a good string of week there. >> uh-huh. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can always get realtime news, weather, and traffic with the nbc10 app. >> thanks for being with us. the "today" show starts right now. a special edition with savannah guthrie live in las vegas. as we leave with a live look at
7:00 am
the train station. good morning. massacre. investigators struggling to find out what drove stephen paddock to kill 59 people and injure more than 500 others, in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> we're hunting down and tracing down every, single clue we can get inis background. >> overnight, new searches inside the gunman's hotel room and his homes. his brother shedding some new light. >> nobody's ever going to say he was a normal guy. okay? >> emotional vigils in las vegas and across the country. ♪ >> as we learn more about the victims. >> i loved quentin. he was a very


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