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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  October 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now at 6:00, storm surge. hurricane nate is packing a strong punch, as it moves close to the gulf coast. storeowner shot. tonight neighbors describe what happened just before a corner store closed. vp in vegas. mike pence honors the victims in the las vegas massacre. right now at 6:00, she's known as mama, and she's a staple in her west philly neighborhood. tonight she's trying to survive after a robber shot her inside her store. good evening, i'm denise nakano. that happened last night. police say the owner followed the demands, but got shot anyway.
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brandon-e brandon hutson joins us. >> reporter: neighbors say it's rare to see this shop closed. they said to know why someone would rob a woman who would give to anyone in need. >> a woman who lives on the other side of the store and ran in and screamed for her. >> reporter: when she return -- >> she came out screaming she's bleeding, i yelled, who is bleeding? >> reporter: we met sammy smith. >> whipped mama -- my pour dog, i threw the dog into the house and ran into the store. >> reporter: to help save the owner's life. police say someone shot the 48-year-old woman during an attempted robbery last night. >> that's when she was moaning, and i sigh the bullet hole. there's a pool of blood covering the floor. >> reporter: detectives say the
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man in a dark hoodie demanded money, but left empty-handed. >> it looks like she's complying from what we can tell, instead of taking the money and leaving, he fires the shot, devastating the family. >> reporter: the crime happened 30 minutes before the store closed. >> we think there was someone who would think they would have an easy tight getting the money. >> reporter: the store is shut down and leaves a void in this block. >> if she didn't have it in the store, she would take it out of her pocket and give it to you. this is ugly, ignorant. this is unnecessary. >> reporter: neighbors here say this block is usually quiet. we looked at the philly police crime report website. they told us the last robbery to happen near this area was right down this block. live in manchua, brandon hudson.
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people are bracing for another hurricane to make landfall. hurricane nate's wrath is already being felt. this is new video in grand isle, louisiana. check out the waves already. tourists have left the island, but some haven't decided to ride out the storm. this is a liver look from the big easy. rain started to fall a short time ago in new orleans. today the last of the 178 floodgates across louisiana are now closed to protect populated areas from the storm surge. there are already mandatory evacuations for some folks not protected. the hurricanes is expected to hit very soon. let's go to to urine hurricane expert glenn schwartz. what's the timing of the track of this storm. >> denise, as long as it continues moving in the current path, it looks like it will skip
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new orleans and head more towards biloxi, mississippi. it's an unbalanced storm, as you can see. you can see the eye on right there on the radar but everything is pretty much on the east kei. hardly any rain on the west. the center is 120 miles from land and moving at about 25 miles an hour, so you can see it's not that far away. it has 90-mile-an-hour winds now, so it is close to being a category 2, not quite there. that fast movement has been helping, because of fewer hours off the warm gulf of mexico. so later on tonight, coming into mississippi on the direct hit, and of course everything to the east is going to get hit hard all the way to the florida panhandle. then the remnants come up across west virginia, and into pennsylvania, and as we go into monday, that's when we get our rain from this, but if the track
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is farther to the west here, we'll get less rain than if it's closer to us. more on the timing of the heaviest rain coming up. back here at home, ibew local 98 held a blood drive for victims of hurricanes. this is the third blood drive the union has held in the past week. the american red cross says it's in desire need of blood in the wake of the tragedies of the past few months. some of the blood donated today will also go to las vegas. vice president mike pence says in the depths of horror, americans have found hope in those who risked their litch. pence landed in las vegas a couple hours ago. he went right to a prayer service honoring the 58 victims killed last sunday in the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. he says their names and their stories will forever be etched into the hearts of the american people. >> we pray for those we lost and
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for those they left behind. we pray for the injured and the men and women who care for them at this very hour. we pray for the people of las vegas p. investigators are still trying to figure out what led the gunman to carry out the attack, but last night they did say they are confident he acted alone. tonight rallying around the vegas victims and praying for their families, right now a special mass is under way at the could thoot real basilica of saints peter and paul. andrea joins us from center city. >> reporter: it's really easy to feel helpful. parishioners came here to get some perspective and wrap their minds around all of this sadness. now inside the basilica of saints peter and paul, red candles were lit to honor the 59 victims lost. the archdiocese of philadelphia designated this mass to spray
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for healing, and for those injured and comfort for the grieving. the archbishop said in a statement that the terror that filled the attack serves as a stark reminder about how fragile life is. the parisian ner are turning to their faith to help them process what happened. >> it just helps you stay calm inside, i think, and think of all the other families and what they're going through, and i can't imagine what they're going through. the only way i can do it is just pray. >> reporter: now, that mass is still going on right now, and catholicing are being urged -- or encouraged still in the midst of all of this, to look for the good. reporting live in logan square, andrea klein thomo cline-thomas police say the london was just an accident when a driver injured 11 people. the car hit the crowd in a
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popular tourist area. britain has been on a severe terrorist let level since an attack in june. a broad of brought street in south philadelphia has a new name tonight. broad between federal and morton streets was named anna verna way today. this was a surprise for verna, she's a former president of a philadelphia council. she served for 12 years. coming up next at 6:00, going for gold. a local gymnast shocks the world, her triumphant feat is next. a music fan's allegation lance a rapper behind bars.
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she's grate of "will &
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grace" last night debra messing joins more than 2600 others with a star status. she clause in the nbc series" the mistries of laura." you can watch "will & grace" tonight at 8:00 on nbc 10, new episodes every thursday night at 9:00. tonight "wonder woman" herself hosts "saturday night live." this will be her first time hosting. she's turning heads on the set. >> she's so gorgeous and kind and charming. i think we were all kind of like, are we in love? >> well, gal in live. gadot musical guest sam smith as well. well, a teenager from delaware stunned the gymnastics world today taking home the top
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spot. >> service so fun to compete. i hell so happy. >> morgan won the all-around title last night. shoves her world championship debut, she lives in middletown, and trains in newark. she's known for her signature glasses. congratulations there. this weekend in winter sport athletes are competing in trials in their attempt to make the olympics in pyeonchang. there's ounce 123 days, and nbc 10 is your home for the olympics. next at 6:00, striking a pose, penn state's running back makes another statement in the heisman watch. i'm tracking the timing of hurricane nate and when it would bring rain to your neighborhood.
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into. tonight rapper nelly is in
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legal trouble. police near seattle arrested him this morning. he's supposed to perform later tonight. nelly's lawyer says the alleged victim made up the story and is confident the rapper will be cleared. smoke alarms save lives. the american red cross wants you to know they'll install them in you need them. they're sounding the alarm. together they're working to installed 500 smoke detectors in homes in philadelphia in the next year. while getting mom detector inside homes are important, it's equally important to teach about fire safety. >> for under the circumstancesi a 24/7/365 activity. we actually just started 24/7/365 capabilities to we have at least two, soon four people out on the street all the time. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 were proud to sponsor this event,
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even part of a teem that went into homes to help install smoke detectors. if you need one installed wall 311. in south jersey on folks hit the pavement to rate money for autism. all the money stays in gloucester county supporting initiatives like korbel skills traini training. nbc 10 reporter pamela osborn emceed she's my sister run and walk this morning. dozens of women and men participated in the inaugural human trafficking awareness eye vent. well, tonight an island in the middle of the delaware river will turn into a state park. it's privately opened and sits between philadelphia's fish town enabled and camden county. volunteers were cleaning up the shoreline today. they'll also be blazing a trail
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so schools and other visiting groups can visit the island. it should be ready for visitors by next week. it was a jeep invasion in westchester today. hundreds of owners spent the day for the annual tent sale. jeepers could get all the parts and upgrades they needed, plus lots of activities. people got a chance to look at our our jeep. these folks saw plench of potential buyers at a sidewalk sale. but rain is coming our way. when will the hurricane impact our weather? let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> i don't think up to worry about any rain delicately from nate tomorrow. it's mostly later tomorrow night and through monday. it has certainly been a summer-like day. 79 degrees now. we got up to 84 degrees today.
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nowhere knee a record, but way above normal. we're way above normal all across the area right now, and we've had a fair amount of sunshine today. let's see how the temperature is doing in delaware. it's now down to 79. 799 in claymonth, and greenville. farther to the south it's distill 81, 80 in harrington and dover. not quite as warm at the beaching today. rehoboth was in the 80s yesterday. well, we have an approaching front, and that is what is going to be helping to produce some showers tomorrow, along with some of this rain in north carolina. nate is just about to make landfall this evening. it's an unbalanced storm, so it's no longer strengthening rapidly. it could end up as a category 2
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when it makes landfall later this evening. you can see the computer models very much in agreement on where it goes up toward the ohio valley. now it certainly has shifted, more to the north and west of philadelphia. that means less rain than if it came straight at us. we're still going to get rain from it, we need rain. it has been a long time. 90-mile-an-hour winds right now, still going to be a category 1, causing a lot of power outages in the south. still a tropical storm tomorrow afternoon, and then you can see the latest track. that means it's going to drag rain here. the wettest part of the storm is on the right side, and we're going to be on the right side -- or wrong side, depending on how you look at it. but we need rain. there's that front from the west, kind of off and on during
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the day. then tomorrow night, a better chance of thunderstorm. monday that is the wet day. you can see some downpours possible as we go into monday, monday night, maybe even into tuesday. there's the thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow adviser -- everyone has a chance of thunderstorms. that's mostly later on. so for the eagles game, as we go through the first quarter, we do have a chance of some showers. the chance increases later in the and temperatures way above normal throughout the game tomorrow. hey, i'm john clark, who will the eagles lean on more if wendell smallwood doesn't play? college football action, and all the local teams. we have penn state, it's all next.
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time to check in with what's going on on "nightly news." good even, jose. >> did even. good seeing you. a late update from the gulf coast on preparations for hurricane nate. vice president pence joins others in prayers and tributes to the victims in las vegas, as authorities struggle to find a motive. also california scrambles to save a precious crop and three sisters, some call them angels, helping cancer patients with what could be life-saving treatment. denise, great seeing you. >> good seeing you, jose. and now to john with sports.
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philadelphia, penn states continuing to roll. heisman hopeful say kwan barkley held, but you can't hold him down for long. tommy stevens, touchdown tommy, 10-0 at the half, and sekwan gets going, and then breaking one, look at they moves. this is what makes him so good. 53 yards, he finishes with 75 yards, penn state wins 357-7. they are 6-0. next up big one against michigan in two weeks. >> i'm not going to answer any questions about the next opponent, because i know everybody is just itching to ask me. we're going to enjoy this win for a few hours. we'll spend time cleaning up
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things that have given us issue and obviously get a headstart to the next opponent. spent state should move up to there. jeff collins gets his first road win as temple coach. logan marsh iie hooking up with adonis jennings. still in the second, david hood driving into a nice neighborhood, the end zone. 106 rushing yards for him. more of marshie coming up here. he has his first 300-yard passing game, two touchdowns, temple rolls. they are 3-3. mark feronte looking to lead them to another win. scooped up by jakwan amos. this is the third 99-yard fumble return, the first whether or not 11 years. villanova with a shutout 31-0.
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penn visiting central -- not the quakers day, they lose 42-21. eagles want to establish the run tomorrow against the cardinals. they have rubbed for over 4 hundred dollars yards the last few games, but they could be without smallwood. it looks like corey klemmen could have some more action, and key fourth quarter runs. corey is ready to help legarrette blount in the runnen game. it's all about knowing your role. flyers with another tough game tonight, they face the ducks. and it looks like they'll move of -- this is a cool story from the ducks opener.
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they named katie hawley their 21st duck. she joined the team during player introductions. she has been battling cancer three different times. that is pretty cool. sixers lost to the celtics last night. ben simmons thought he played very well, but did not play as well. he turn the ball over five times. >> too many turnovers s. obviously. too many offensive fouls that's just one of the things you have to learn, who you're playing against. things like that. that's why it's preseason. i'm great to talk to you again, denise. >> thank you, and now glenn has a great night of the forecast. a great night to eat outdoors. >> plenty amazing, isn't it? >> noose and warm. tomorrow we do have some
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scattered showers coming in another very warm day. he that's some of the remnants of nate. the lehigh valley and northwestern suburbs should get the greatest amount of rain. we all need the rain. it's been 17, 18 straight days without measurable rain. we cool down toward the middle of next week and warm back up next weekend. >> it does. feels more summer-like. glenn, thank glue that's nbc 10 news for now, for glenn, john and all of us here, i'm denies naka nakano. we'll see you back at 11:00. "nightly news" is next.
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bracing for impact as another hurricane, nate bears down on the coast. officials warn people to get out of low lying airs and listen to warnings. the heightened security at one major music festival. >> deadly police shooting. newly released video of the killing of a black man in salt lake city. was it justified? the kindness of strangers. how they helped thousands with a medical lifeline. heat wave harvest. we go to california wine country where they're trying to make the best of it after a record heat. "nightly news" begins now.


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