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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  October 12, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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jessica boyington. >> starting on the schuylkill expressway around 30th street we're closed on the westbound side. you can see traffic is not getting by there. we have construction crew there and typically they clear this around 5:00. so we'll watch this for the next hour or so. hopefully they get it out of the way a little bit early. look at the other side of the schuylkill too. coming the other direction, average speeds into the 50s there. it's a little wet and that's why some of that is down. that total drive time, 13 minutes on the southbound side from wood haven to the vine and no problems on the blue route, back to you. all right. thanks for that. classes are cancelled today due to mold at another school in our area. this time in philadelphia's germantown area. 600 students at john b. kelly elementary will be out of the school. and we're expecting to be getting an update from
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administrators. >> reporter: right. they should have an update by noon today but for the meantime the school is closed so students will be staying home today. this is what caught administrator's eyes here, the problem was reported to the school district yesterday and traces of mold were found in several classrooms. the district is blaming the heating and air conditioning system and crews were brought in around 3:30 yesterday afternoon to start working on this problem. now, a district spokesman last night told us he didn't know exactly how the mold was first discovered but they didn't want to have any chances in having students keep coming back while the potential for mold was still there. this building has been here for about 70 years. workers were here well into the evening trying to get this mold out of the school. so john b. kelly closed today. beyond that, stay tuned. >> thank you. we now know the monroe township school district was aware of potential mold problems
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in its schools back in january. the district was working with county and state health departments when an employee filed a complaint at holly glen elementary. now every school is closed for inspection and cleaning. yesterday we saw crews working at other schools. 6,000 schools in the district learned monday that schools would close for the entire week and in response the library extended an open reading lego movie invite to families. they're hoping the problem to be resolved quickly. >> everybody has mold. you know that. and you know, the problem can be corrected and they're going to work on it and get it correct before the school openings. >> and remember, holly glen elementary school will be closed for at least three months while crews clean the school and replace the hvac system. on the app we go deeper on why mold is a concern and what the real definition of toxic mold
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is. just search mold in the app. 4:02 on this thursday. let's head to delaware county where the president of the board of commissioners is under arrest on child porn charges. local leaders say 66-year-old phillip has 24 hours to resign or they will force him out. he downloaded hundreds of images that may have included children, toddlers and even infants engaged in sex acts. >> i ame shocked, saddened, sickened and angered. >> he lives a block and a half from me and was talking about how fun it was to watch children in the new park. >> this sort of tears the fabric of the community. who can you trust? >> right now, he is out on bail. police tell us they increased patrols in his neighborhood while he was under investigation. however, investigators say no local children were in danger. this incident is another black eye for the board. earlier this year you may remember a jury convicted former
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commissioner william spingler for fondling a patient at a nursing home. trump told a crowd of about a thousand people that a proposed cut to business taxes would bring more work for truckers and that typical households would get a $4,000 pay raise. >> we want lower taxes, bigger paychecks and more jobs for american truckers and for american workers. >> the president's plan would cup the corporate rate from 35 to 20% and cut the number of income brackets. the specifics are being left up to congress. the plan would also boost the standard deduction. we talked to people in the crowd about the tax plan and the president. >> i just want to see the middle class tax cuts he's talking about. i'm middle class and that's exactly what this country needs. >> we need to get going and he's got us going. it's time to honor this man that the american put in.
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>> president trump faces a tax plan battle on capitol hill. democrats have criticized the plan and some conservative republicans also say they're not on board. pennsylvania senator has complaints about the president's tax reform. take a listen. >> roughly a trillion and a half dollars taken away from medicare and medicaid. guess why? so they can give a trillion and a half to the super rich, to the biggest corporations, and to anyone else in our society that has great power. >> you can watch president trump's speech in its entirety on the nbc 10 app or on our website. and in the new jersey's race for governor, more debates. that follows the first debate tuesday night. one more debate is scheduled for
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next week. the election is november 7th. a violent night in chester leaves two people dead and another person shot. this is the view from sky force 10 where the two men were shot and killed. that white tent is where officials were investigating. they tell us this is the result of a gun fight between the men. the other shooting happened on mcdough street. you can see a number of evidence markers right there on the street. the shooter fired at least 40 bullets. one person was shot in the leg. the gunman remains on the loose. in northeast philadelphia a teenager is in critical condition while somebody shot him while riding his bike. an 18-year-old suspect has been arrested but they have not said if the victim was the intended target. a lot of help being set up in our area for the people of
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puerto rico. >> from center city to south jersey, people are heeding the desperate pleas for help for the territory. they're taking a 24-foot box truck with them and they hope the community will help them fill that truck. they're looking for everything from bottled water to solar lights and generators. they're accepting donations starting at noon. and in center city the philadelphia orchestra is taking donations for puerto rico starting tonight. the group has multiple performances scheduled today through sunday. special donations will be taken before and after each performance. and delaware has a new way to help ku help hurricane victims. the governor announces a new website accepting donations. the website can also guide you
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to other ways you can volunteer to help. nbc has a link to that website. more than a million puerto ricans are still struggling to find food nearly three weeks after hurricane maria hit. the u.s. government and its partners are only able to provide about 200,000 meals a day. chef jose andre whose organization is providing meals says it's time for the u.s. government to get serious. >> at least 1.8 million americans are going hungry still every day in the richest country on the face of the planet. and that's wrong. >> world central kitchen which was founded and provides 90,000 meals a day. it's a fema contract to provide
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20,000 meals a day and that ended on tuesday. it could take several weeks for a new one to be drawn up. just call the american red cross to help. you can also find more information on the nbc 10 app. 4:09 right now. we'll have to wait until monday to find out if a judge will dismiss the charges against bob menend menendez. prosecutors rested yesterday. he's charged with accepting bribes from a florida doctor in exchange for pressuring government officials to help out the doctor's business. menendez argued that the charges should be dropped. the judge said he would consider the motion after he heard the prosecutor's case. if the judge rules the trial should go forward the defense is expected to take the rest of the month to present its case. and atlantic city will have fewer firefighters for emergencies after a judge ruled they could lay off first
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responders. the judge ruled the 15 job cuts do not have to come through retirement or attrition. the city says the layoffs won't compromise safety. the state took over the city's finances last year after the city teeterred toward default. rainy and windy. that is today's forecast. more rain in the morning than the afternoon hours. right now a pretty good pass of rain over our entire viewing area. by this afternoon it will be more spotty showers, kind of like we saw yesterday where not everyone is getting the rain. we're cool for now also. temperatures in the 60s now. they will be through the rest of today and even tomorrow so it's finally feeling like fall. but there's a weekend warmup in store meaning we'll be back to the 80s in some spots by the end of your weekend so it's kind of a short lived sweater weather pattern we're going into.
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pretty much all of us are looking at rain except for ironically the spot that got the most rain yesterday. let's get a closer look. over burks county and lehigh valley a light rain we're dealing with. a little more steady down in through philadelphia and then actually a steady room into much of south jersey. spots of yellow you see nour browns mills. these are areas that are slightly hesligh slightly heavier. in fact when i was driving in it was those tiny fine sprinkles on the windshield. today we're not going to see much change in our temperatures. right now, they're in the mid-60s. through the rest of the day they'll be in the mid-60s. there's that cool front that is going to park over us today. so 64 throughout the day. cloudy through much of the day and some showers throughout the day. in the suburbs 61 moves to, say, the low 60s. maybe a degree or two up but
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that's about it and in the lehigh valley right in the low 60s for the afternoon. for delaware, 60s for highs for the rest of the day. we'll talk about the weekend, that warmup in just a bit. we'll see you in a bit. if you're walking out the door right now to head to work or someplace else, road construction may be an obstacle. >> jessica is keeping an eye on it for us. >> we've been watching this all week long. the schuylkill expressway wegs bound side, a construction project closes it for at another 45 minutes. right now they're diverting you off right before 30th street and you can pop right back on so it's not too bad of a detour. you should be able to get by but it might take you a few extra minutes. also the vine street expressway is open. that can be an alternate for you coming out of south philadelp a
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philadelphia. if we're moving over in jersey, a five-minute drive time from 55 to the walt whitman bridge and still remember we're watching this construction out in atlantic city just near the ac convention center with a few lanes lost there. the expressway looks good as you are traveling back to shore. overdose, overload, a laced batch of heroin hits the streets sending more than a dozen people to the hospital and now one of those overdose survivors shares his desperate plea. >> i got two overdoses and two babies in the back. >> two moms, two overdoses, two abandoned babies. we'll show you the moment when officers sprang into action to rescue the infants left alone. >> and a philadelphia athlete shows his preseason skills just days after announcing plans to stay put in the city of brotherly love.
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a surge of overdoses sent 14 people to the hospital in four hours yesterday. >> our colleague spoke to michael who told us he overdosed twice yesterday. most of the cases happened on broadway and south camden. at least one person had to be revived using narcan. he showed us heroin still with him minutes after walking out of the hospital. no one there checked his pobl pockets. >> i have bald spots in my head. i got scars all over my body because of this drug. i want every kid to understand they can stay away from this.
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i have ruined three families. >> police made one arrest and say shortly after that shea saw significant dropoff in overdoses yesterday. >> i got two overdoses and two babies in the back. >> this body camera video just released by police in south florida also shows how drug overdoses with affect families. two mothers were passed out behind the wheel after overdosing on heroin last thursday. their one month old and two month old babies were in the backseat. >> people who are suffering and struggling with addiction, they have loved ones that need them. >> while paramedics gave the women narcan the police officer comforted the babies. the mothers were later charged with child neglect. family members are now caring for those infants. philadelphia and the surrounding region have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. you can watch our exclusive
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right on on nbc an alleged night of drinking, a freshman has died. eight of the ten suspects are lsu suspects. at least one charges a charge of negligent homicide. >> in our area, some faced with misdemeanor charges in the hazing death. he died after drinking vodka and beer at a series of drinking stations at the fraternity house and falling head first down a basement of stairs. all right. we're beginning with a look at our radar and satellite and there's a lot of green on the board right now because there's a lot of rain falling across our area. this is not going to induce any flooding concerns but it's enough that if you have a very early start to your day it's going to be a hassle as you
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drive out there. so it's kind of broken over parts of burks county. more steady through the suburbs. northern delaware and south jersey and also broken over parts of cape may and sussex county at this point. there's not a ton on the ba backside of this so the morning hours will have more than the afternoon hours. a lot of us are in the 60s or upper 50s this morning. 64 in delaware. in philadelphia it's 63 officially. look at the neighborhood temperatures though. down to 60. that's the same for andorra. these low to mid-60s, this is interesting. they're not going to change throughout the rest of the day. they might drop another degree or two here over the next several hours and then just pick up a few degrees throughout the afternoon hours meaning that we are going to stay right in those 60s throughout the entire day. finally a little fall sweater weather for you in the middle of
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october. 66, the temperature in center city this afternoon. 64 in allentown. these are similar to what we're currently seeing so not a lot of fluctuation with today's temperatures. we could get to those mid-60s along the jersey shore. farther south, a little warmer. 67 for the beach. also could be quite windy out there. here's the hour by hour model. this is our finest resolution model that we have. notice there's still a good bit of rain but it's starting to break some. then we go from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30. now it's more isolated spotty showers. it's going to be more spotty showers in the afternoon. how about those winds? gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. notice the winds are sweeping in from the east which does help keep those temperatures down. those could lead to minor coastal flooding during high tide this afternoon. as we go through thursday night fairly clear, but friday night some showers redevelop and those
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could spread into philly as we get into tomorrow afternoon. again, scattered showers possible on our friday. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast if there's any rain for your saturday/sunday. 4:21 on this thursday. almost to friday, but we've got to get us through a couple morning commute. >> friday eves is what we like to call thursdays around here. >> it is my friday because i'm off tomorrow so i'm super happy today. >> how do you do that? >> starting on the schuylkill where we're closed right now and that's for at least a little over half an hour here until 5:00. we have this construction project here on this westbound side. the eastbound side is currently open. the westbound side they're diverting you off right before 30th street and allowing you to get right back on before the vine. you don't really need an alternate because there's not any traffic in the area.
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95 moving through delaware. 12 on the that northbound side. speeds into the high 50s and here's 295 but over right near the black horse pike, difficult to see because of the lights right now but you can see the roads are wet so be careful out there. some slippery driving conditions. >> all right. thank you. he's back. he played his first preseason game last niegd and bead was really impressive. gets to the basket and the foul and then watch him posting up here, hits the jumper, drew another foul embiid went on to score in the first half. sixers win it in brooklyn 133-114. >> i think we need the ball offensively. we moved the ball and i don't know the last time we had 30 points or whatever that was so
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it was amazing. >> and another sports note, don't forget to vote for our high school football game of the week. camden catholic caking on shawnee and unionville taking on downingtown east. you can also call or you can text your vote in to the number on your screen. the amazon effect. communities across our area are fighting to host the online joint's next headquarters but experts say it could put stress on your hometown. expressions of love, a new spot allowing people to leave their expression of love with a personalized lock.
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philadelphia and communities in new jersey and delaware are
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pushing to win the bid for amazon's future second headquarte headquarters. it could bring 50,000 jobs here, but what are the drawbacks? the philadelphia business journal has been looking into whether the region can handle the other effects. it could put pressure on our roads and transit system and it could drive up housing costs. >> in seattle and in silicon valley, housing is so unaffordable because you have all these tech companies with a lot of workers who make a lot of money and it's displaced people who just can't afford, you know, a nice normal home. >> a final decision is expected early next year. the city of brotherly love has a new way for you to show your love or just some appreciation. >> philadelphia now has a love lock fence officially named the hope fence. it was presented to the city yesterday at penn's landing. people can memorialize a special event by attaching a
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personalized lock on it. it was donated by a cancer survivor who tells us it's his way of showing gratitude to cancer researchers. from fender bender to murder investigation. the minor crash that turned into the shooting death of a teenager. and this is a live look in center city. camera is whipping around. so is the flag because it's windy out there. it's rainy and we'll talk about how long the rain will last coming up after the break.
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tests out of class. mold forces another school in our area to close leaving parents on alert with hundreds of kids stuck at home. minor crash leads to murder.
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the fender bender that leads to the shooting of a teen. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. first look at 4:00. we've got rain again on the first alert radar this morning as you can see. let's get to our meteorologist with the most accurate forecast in town. >> good morning, everyone and it's a little more rain than what we saw yesterday at this time. yesterday it was scattered spotty showers and into the night the rain would continue. there it is and it's really hit us pretty well. we've got rain all the way down to southern delaware at this point. most of this is a light to steady rain. that's why you see this light to deeper green. not a lot of pockets of yellow or orange. that's when you see a lot of heavy rain falling across the area. this is going to continue through the morning hours and more spotty in nature as


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