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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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county, an average of 30,000 drivers go this way every day. steven fisher it spoke to drivers who will be impacted. he's live along the turnpike. steven? >> reporter: we talked to a lot of drivers about this closure. what we founds is a lot of peope didn't know about it. there are signs along the way and drivers believe it's going to catch a lot of people by surprise. hopefully you've noticed blinking signs. >> if you didn't see any of those you're going to be caught by surprise. >> reporter: starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. the northeast extension will shut down between the lehigh valley and pocono exits until monday morning. leaving drivers with lengthy details that could add more than an hour. >> i noticed on nimy gpse it ad an hour. >> reporter: a bring will be replaced in relehigh county.
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the project will be done in 55 hours. >> as long as the drivers, the people on the roads know what's going on. then they should be happy about it. instead of 18 months, right? >> reporter: ron has a place in the poconos. he says it will be still be busy there this weekend. getting home will be tricky. >> everybody is going to have to change their schedules i guess. they'll seen what's going on and maybe leave early on sunday or come back really late. >> reporter: and because this closure starts at 9:00 tonight, many believe it's going to be sunday. that's where we're going to see the highest amount of traffic. people are trying to work their way back home. of course, the road will reopen monday at 4:00 a.m. we're reporting live along the turnpike, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. find out what you need to know about getting around with all the detours on or the nbc 10 app. to some breaking news center
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city. firefighters are at the pennsylvania fine arts building. there was a report of smoke coming from the seventh floor. you can see those firefighters and fire trucks on the ground there as they move their hoses there. this is going to impact traffic along broad street so you should expect delays. we don't see any evidence of fire so it may be under control and out at this point. all right. let's move on to our first alert weather. you may see sprinkles if you're heading out of your house tonight. a live look at center city. we could see showers tomorrow for the start of your spkd. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has our friday night forecast. >> we're starting off the weekend the way we saw yesterday. cloudy skies. cool temperatures. all across the area. there we are in the lehigh valley, easton. same overcast we saw yesterday. the one difference, though, we're starting to see some
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moisture coming in from the ocean. getting some rain in the delaware beaches, cape may county. and some of that moving up the coast as we head into the night tonight and possibly first thing in the morning. it's kind of cool right now, 66 in philadelphia. 61 in pottstown. 60 in reading. 59 in lancaster. it has been chilly couple of days after the warmth we saw earlier. but the temperature going up. 72 tomorrow. 82 sunday. and then down to 63 on monday. even that is going to be temporary. so we'll talk more about the rain expected over the weekend, most of it will be dry. but when, that's coming up. see you soon, glenn. major healthcare changes are on the way. the white house says it is ending the cost sharing payments to insurance companies under the affordable care act. the president said this is to force lawmakers' hands to repeal obamacare. the billions of dollars worth of
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payments go to the medical industry to lower out of pocket costs for low income americans. tim furlong spoke to an expert about what the change means to everyone with insurance. >> we're taking a little different route than we had hoped. >> reporter: president trump doing with executive order what he couldn't convince congress to do, cutting out $7 billion in federal subsidies to insurance companies. >> we have a lot of concerns. >> reporter: nick connects small businesses and individuals with health coverage. he says while the president might feel like he's putting the insurance companies in their place, the move is a punch in the gut of lots of americans who are working hard just to make ends meet. >> we've been getting the phone calls and e-mails for the last several weeks of what am i going to do for 2018. we don't really have a lot of answers for them. >> reporter: nick says he just isn't yet sure what it will mean
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on clients who counted on subsidies. he said the president should look at who is giving the care. >> the care itself, the cost of the healthcare, the insurance as a financing mechanism for it and it's a mechanism that's broken and needs some fixes. >> reporter: its not clear if the president'ser pla plans wil up legally. he's allowing members of associates that can be a part of buying cheaper insurance. the president and can ceo of independence health group in philadelphia responded to the changes. quote, we want to assure our members their coverage remains in effect and unchanged. they are still looking at what this means for individual plans in the future. tonight, president trump is slamming iran over its nuclear deal, threatening to scrap the
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deal and promising another round of sanctions. the u.s. is required to certify that iran is living up to its end of the deal every three months. the president says the u.s. cannot and will not certify iran's compliance this time, saying it violated parts of it. mr. trump brought congress into the conversation saying his administration will work closely with lawmakers over the deal and make sure iran can't threaten the u.s. with nuclear weapons. >> our policy is based on a clear-eyed assessment of the iranian dictatorship. its sponsorship of terrorism. and its continuous aggression in the middle east and all around the world. >> iran's president says the country will continue to stick to the deal, but is now warning iran can change its mind. countries around the world are responding to the president's decision on iran. nbc "nightly news" with lester holt will have extensive coverage after this newscast. there are fewer police
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officers on the streets of chester and are on pace to have more murders this year. just this week two people were shot and killed. so far, 26 people have died this year. the same number as last year and there's still a month and a half to go. police are now looking to add officers to the department. >> we are in the works of hiring now. we have given a written test. we've given a physical test. we've done interviews. we are just waiting for a little more testing then we'll be bringing on some more people. >> two and a half months to go in this year of course. the chief says they've had a large number of officers retire recently. students in gloucester county will have another day off from school while the district deals with a mold problem there. 45 minutes ago the monroe township school district announced all schools will close again on monday. teachers still have to report on monday. on tuesday, all six schools will reopen and students will go back to class.
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in less than an hour, parents will meet on their own to talk about the mold problem in their district. this run down building in hunting park will soon turn into this. an apartment building. the former roberto clemente middle school is being rehabbed into apartments. it's one of many projects to spruce up the hunting park neighborhood. now to the fight for amazon's second headquarters. a top credit rating service says philadelphia's the third best city for amazon to choose. moody's analytics ranked cities based on five categories. moody says if the study added a sixth category about geography, philadelphia would be the number one choice for the project. proposals for amazon are due next week. amazon wants to hire 50,000 new workers for this $5 billion location. tonight, an about face from the president over help for puerto rico. just yesterday president trump issued a warning about pulling fema from the island, but today
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a different story. here's the president's message. the wonderful people of puerto rico with their unmatched spirit know how bad things were before the hurricanes. i will always be with them. and this afternoon, the president spoke about rebuilding the electric plants there. >> we have to help them get the plants rebuilt. that's a long-term project, unfortunately. we have to help them. i love the people of puerto rico and we're going to help them. >> today, fema has new figures on people without power in puerto rico. fema now saying 91% of customers have no electricity. celebrities will join together tomorrow to raise money for victims of natural disasters in puerto rico, mexico, texas and florida. jennifer lopez, alex rodriguez and marc anthony are gathering their famous friends for one voice. it's live, one voice airs tomorrow night at 10:00 here on nbc 10. and after one voice, stick around for nbc 10 news at 11:00, then don't miss an all new
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"saturday night live" with bucks county native and musical guest pink. online gamblers in new jersey could soon go all in against players in nevada and delaware. today, governor chris christie announced the new deal. right now people in delaware and nevada can play poker with each other, but gamblers in new jersey cannot participate. the three states must still work out a few details before this kicks off. new jersey launched online gam b bllbling in 2013. lost and found and now it's headed to philadelphia. this week, a rodan bust of napoleon was found inside a north jersey town hall. it's worth millions. the sculpture has stood inside the hall for 80 years. it was made back in 1908. soon it will come to the philadelphia museum of art. it will eventually be returned to the same borough hall but there will be security to protect it. well, the eagles have a
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well-deserved few days off to rest after a big win last night against the carolina panthers. the eagles play the next three games at the link. and up next for the first 5-1 first place eagles, the redskins on monday night. you're going to hear from the eagles players coming up in a few minutes. watch game day final sunday morning at 9:30. we'll have exclusive interviewwiinterviews. coming up next here at 6:00. pump the pedal. tired of that bumper to bumper traffic on 95 and the blue route? the long distance plan to ease congesti congestion, next. also, ready to roll. firefighters at the jersey shore are gearing up in case they get the call. how they prepare to battle these dangerous fires in california. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community.
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if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back. there is a plan to ease traffic along the blue route and i-95 in delaware county, but it won't happen for about five years. drivers would be able to use the shoulder on portions of the highway to ease congestion. penn dot says it's starting to develop plans soon. there's a project in the works for drivers to be able to use the shoulder on the schuylkill expressway to try to ease congestion on that route. firefighters are making progress in california.
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but high winds are expected to create more problems. firefighters in the garden state, they are ready to lend a helping hand. out west if necessary. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter 10 greenburg spoke to them as they wait for the call. >> we have probably a dozen guys who would be willing to make the trip. >> reporter: members of the new jersey forest fire service ready to join the battle against devastating wildfires in california if the call comes that their help is needed. >> we know something's going on, it's a possibility we'll be needed we'll available. >> reporter: relentless fires leaving homes and lives in ruins, the death toll rising. >> that's the saddest part, people are dying. typically the only people who die in fires are the firefighters. now you're starting to introduce the public to death, which is a real shame. >> firefighters are have their hands full. they're being taxed as far as
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energy and sleep and the work they have to perform. >> reporter: compared today the steep mountainous terrain in california, south jersey's landscape is relatively flat. firefighters here say that's an advantage when they're battling wildfires. >> fire races up hills typically we're not, you know, chasing fires up hills. we have access for the most part. >> reporter: teams from new jersey fault wildfires in montana this summer. now they stand ready to serve again far from home in the face of a new disaster. ted greenburg, nbc 10 news. to our first alert weather now, big weekend for fall festivals. the question is will you need your umbrellas, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the answer. >> the great majority of the weekend is going to be rain free. this evening and overnight tonight that's the best chance for seeing rain. the second best chance is sunday night. in between, chances are pretty
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low. 66 right now, that's as warm as we've been today. cloudy skies across pretty much the entire area. temperatures barely in the 60s. and the average high is 68. so even with a totally cloudy day, with an east wind, we still get within two degrees of average. that's a little strange. 68 degree ocean puts a limit on how much the temperatures can go up or down with that east wind. 65 in avalon and ocean city, 65 in stone harbor. and temperatures up a little bit tomorrow. a little bit more on sunday at the shore. you can see some of the rain at the shore. cape may county and back through delaware, some of the moisture coming in from the ocean and starting to come up. you can see more of it developing there. and that is going to be moving up the coast as we go through the night tonight. there is a chance of a shower during the game tomorrow, the
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temple game starts at noon. temperatures, pretty nice for football. especially for the spectators. but just on a chance side, isolated showers. most of the game, if not the entire game is rain free. as we go through the night tonight, you see the showers coming up from the south and into tomorrow morning. that's the most likely time for rain tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, more showers in south jersey, but don't necessarily move up to the north very much. by sunday, we start off with fog. then the clouds break up. the clouds break up, the wind starts coming in from the southwest, temperatures start going up. this puts an end to that. there's a cold front, so late in the day, dinnertime or so, lehigh valley, berks county could see showers. it will be sunday night for much of the rest of us. that is just brief. that front is racing through here, setting us up for colder
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weather on monday, drier weather on monday. look at that. mostly clear. as we go through the night tonight, we do have those chances of showers. temperatures not going down a whole lot. some fog in the morning. also, some shower threats. and still pretty chilly across a good bit of the area. but by afternoon, you may start to see some breaks in there and the temperatures start to go up to 70 or even a little bit higher. and later in the day, you're not seeing any of that rain. late saturday, saturday night looks dry. sunday looks dry. there's 72 on saturday in philadelphia. and on sunday, 82. remember, the average high is 68. so that's going to be a pretty exceptional day. then we start cooling down on monday and tuesday. but that's only temporary, too. it starts warming up after that. i'm marshall harris from nbc
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sports philadelphia. eagles 5-1. that doesn't stop the head coach from finding something to worry about. we'll hear from him next. join us at 11:00 for the high school blitz. if that's not enough football for you, check out a full hour of the bli the blitz tomorrow evening. we'll introduce you to the area's top talent. t comes to
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♪ ♪ ask us how specifi can help you reach your potential. when you're a double-dipping like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling.
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but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us. marshall harris here from nbc sports philadelphia. thee eagles are road tripping a
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5-1. three road wins after one all of last season. >> they're going to read and they're going to listen to the media outlets on tv and stuff and hear how people are talking about them and saying how good and how great they are. i got to keep it real, too. you know. that comes from mere. we're winning these games, but there's a lot to fix, a lot to correct as well. it's never perfect, obviously. >> ertz had two catches. he's developed quite the rapport with carson wentz. >> i think he's come long way. i think he was never a selfish player by any means, i think his mentality and his team first t attitude, he's come a long way. we're so similar in our spiritual beliefs and
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everything. we're so close. it's cool to see how far we've all come together. >> meanwhile, the eagles' defense held the panthers' running backs to a single yard on 13 carries. another strong performance by the defensive line. >> we pride ourselves man in making teams one dimensional. they made a few plays, but we try to pride ourselves on it. guys were covering the back end. >> our d-line has been playing phenomenal. this has been since week one. we congratulated the d-line every week. they played lights out every snap. >> basketball, the sixers playing their final preseason game tonight against the heat. in kansas city, you can see that game at 8:30 on nbc sports philadelphia. joel embiid is scheduled to play 15 minutes. that's all the time he needed wednesday. brett brown is not getting too excited just yet. >> preseason isn't even close to
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what the nba season is. then the nba season isn't even close to what the playoffs are. and so you can't be tricked in preseason. and i think we'll all make better judgment of how far along is he really when you really play an nba game. >> can't wait. that's sports, i'm marshall harris, we'll be right back.
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getting ready for thewalk. part of it looking good. >> it's going to be warmer. only in the 60s the last couple of days. into the 70si tomorrow, 80s on sunday. best chance of showers is tonight, tomorrow morning and sunday night. the rest of the weekend is looking okay. it cools down for a couple of days and warms right back up next week. a dry week. and next weekend, looks warm and dry. amazing. >> a lot of sun in the middle of the week. looking good. that's our news at 6:00, thank you for watching, i'm jim
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rosenfield, up next, nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you tonight at 11:00, have a good evening. tonight, unraveling obamacare. president trump cuts off critical payments, a sweeping move that could send premiums soaring for millions of families. what happens now? another major story. confronting iran. the president blasts the nuclear deal but doesn't kill it, pushing congress to act while others argue the deal is working and thats creating an international crisis. deadliest week. a tragic new turn as the winds intensify in california. families unable to escape the fires. new revelations about those first moments of terror in las vegas when a killer took aim inside the hotel then opened fire on the crowd below. up, up and away. a kaleidoscope of colors. come along for a spectacular ride. also tonight why


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