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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 14, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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you can't do this today, you'll hit a roadblock on the pennsylvania turnpike. last night crews closed a stretch of the northeast extension. the details behind the detour that could add an hour to your trip. players cut, a college in berks county boots more football players for taking a knee during the national anthem. we are warming up. summer like temperatures will be back before it starts to feel like fall again. at this hour it's a little foggy out there. that rain is pushing out of the area. we've got you covered in the
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first alert neighborhood forecast. that wet weather slowly pushing on out of here. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today," thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. a damp morning across the region. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all in the most accurate forecast. krystal. >> yeah, rosemary, many of us are cloudy, many of us have patchy fog around the region and for a few of us there's seven sprinkles falling out there. very light rainmaking to the groupd in parts of cumberland and cape may county. see a little rain brushing up against lbi. so this is mostly on its way out, meaning that just a spot shower's possible around here throughout the day. the rest of us we're going to stay cloudy, a gray, a little dreary, but the difference will be by the afternoon some breaks of sun might allow temperatures to make their way into the 70s which i think is a welcome change for those loving the 60s the last couple days. we're in 60s right now, 59 in
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coatesville and the rest of us on the board 60 or above. allentown right at 60, 63 in philadelphia. vineland at 65 and that's the same in atlantic city. these areas later in the day making up to about mid 70s for forecast highs. so look at the high temperatures here. the average this time of year supper 60s. we've been low to mid 60s last couple days both thursday and yesterday on our friday. today we're tracking temperature forecast high of 74, but talk about a roller coaster and we're about to hit the peak tomorrow in the low 80s before a huge drop on your monday. coming up, i want to take a closer look at why we have this roller coaster effect, we'll also discuss what to expect through the rest of our neighborhoods. we have a traffic alert this morning for drivers who have plans to go to the poconos this weekend. a construction project has a 40-mile stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike's northeast extension in both directions closed right now. nbc10's katy zachry is live in lehigh county where the closure begins.
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fill us in, katy. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. some would argue this is one of the worst weekends for the closure because so many people use the northeast extension to go to and from the poconos to see all of the fall foilaliage colors. we're getting into the height of those seasonal colors. take a look behind me, this is the start of that very hefty detour. like every other driver this morning we were forced off of the northeast extension at the lehigh valley interchange, which is exit 56 if you're headed north. now, southbound drivers taking the northeast extension are being forced off at the pocono interchange. now, this detour lasts until monday morning. in total it effects about 40 miles of the northeast extension while crews repair a bridge which we're told has structural problems. now, the detour to get around this roadwork will take over an hour. that is the detour. and there are signs posted all along the route. coming up at 6:00 we spoke to some drivers and they offered
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their best advice for getting around the detour. we'll share some of their secrets coming up. reporting live in the lehigh valley, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, katy. penndot has a new plan to help cut down on congestion on two major highways. that plan would allow drivers to use the shoulder on the blue route and i-95 in delaware county during the most congested times of the day. but don't hit that turn signal and accelerator just yet, officials say the change won't happen until at least 2020. this morning, we have some more information on a shooting in philadelphia that left a 16-year-old boy in critical condition. police have charged 18-year-old muhammad good with attempted murder. it all happened here wednesday in northeast philadelphia. investigators have not revealed yet what the motive was for the shooting. now to an update on a story nbc10 was first to report. albright college in reading has kicked two more players off its football team in connection with a pregame demonstration. you may remember earlier this
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week we spoke to quarterback durant who told us he was booted off the team for kneeling during the national anthem. the college said durant was punished for going against a team decision to kneel during the coin toss but stand during the anthem. the team cut two other players not for kneeling but for standing during the coin toss. albright's president says the school is now looking at new policies that will support all students. today, a group of philadelphia police and septa officers will continue their work to rehabilitate homes for two families. they started the renovations on kensington's summer set street yesterday. one homeowner getting new floors and electrical work plus something she hasn't had in decades, a new oven. >> i'm very appreciative. i'm super appreciative. >> you get a chance to see the gratitude, the appreciation from the community members. and it's priceless. >> the nonprofit rebuilding together philadelphia sponsored the project.
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there are now new resources for battling addiction in bucks county. yesterday officials cut the ribbon to open two new buildings on the treatment center campus in bensalem. one area will offer specialized aid for first responders will get help in ending drug and alcohol addictions plus post-traumatic stress syndrome and a new center to treat opioid and gambling addictions. go to our website to learn more and watch our special generation addiction which has been recognized with several national awards. 5:36 right now on this saturday. today, this afternoon, 7-year-old cancer survivor leah still will share her story and inspire girls in delaware. she'll be speaking at the girls can do anything conference at the grace united methodist church in wilmington. leah is the daughter of nfl player and wilmington native devin still. she was diagnosed with
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neuroblastoma at the age of 4. she is now in full remission. coming up, follow the money. new details regarding former trump campaign chairman paul manafort's connections to russia. and from homecoming highlights we've got it all, all the action in the high school blitz. and that's coming up in just about ten minutes.
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all right. we're going to begin with that visibility map. again this morning we have some areas with a little patchy fog in place. mt. pocono being one and only a mile visibility. we mentioned in the last half hour, when it's a quarter mile, half a mile, that's worse off to drive. you can drive at one mile visibility using low beams to help out is the best option until the sun comes up. 5 miles is visibility in
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philadelphia, millville at 3, nowhere is terrible at this point but definitely some patchy fog in place. radar and satellite the moisture is kind of wrapping around this way. what's happening is it's just kind of clipping the jersey shore locations. elsewhere a sprinkle is possible say over cape may county or delaware beaches, but many of us it's just clouds this morning. and then through much of the day we're going to look at mostly cloudy conditions. look at philadelphia, we're at 62 right now. 67 by around 10:00 a.m. and we'll make our way into the low to mid 70s for high temperatures today. some peaks of sunshine in the afternoon are possible, but i'm still expecting to be leaning towards the cloudiness even into the afternoon today. for delaware also at 62 degrees right now and rising into the mid 70s as well. forecast high 74 degrees over our delaware neighborhoods today. our winds, those are going to shift starting tomorrow. and that's going to really change up those temperatures from 70s to in some spots 80s. we'll talk more about that coming up. fans of the popular video game "minecraft" will gather in montgomery county this weekend. an event called minefaire will
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be held at the greater philadelphia center in oaks today. players can participate in block building battles, meet their favorite "minecraft" youtubers and learn new tricks from mentors. from the philly suburbs to south jersey to delaware, we've got football action from all over the region next in the high school blitz. stick around.
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a pennsylvania woman and her family are now in canada after being rescued from captivity. her husband is revealing new information about their five years being held hostage by a group linked to the taliban. we want to warn you some of these details you may find disturbing. caitlin coleman is originally
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from york county, pennsylvania. her husband joshua boyle is canadian. after arriving in toronto last night he said the insurgent group killed their infant daughter while they were held hostage. he also said his wife was raped by a guard. coleman was pregnant when they were kidnapped in afghanistan. the couple has three other children who were born in captivity. >> obviously it will be of incredible importance to my family that we are able to build a secure sanctuary for our three surviving children to call a home, to focus on edification and to try to regain some portion of the childhood that they have lost. >> he added that one of his surviving children is in poor health and had to be treated after they were rescued by pakistani forces this week. in the russia investigation, nbc news has new and exclusive information on former trump campaign chairman paul manafort's connections to moscow. an investigation by nbc's richard engel reveals new evidence of the money trail
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linking manafort to a russian billionaire with close ties to vladimir putin. engel traced loans the billionaire made to manafort before 2012 totalling cl$60 million, tens of millions more than previously reported. also leaked e-mails reveal manafort offered a private briefing about the trump campaign. >> they were unsecured loans. >> right. >> so we don't know if they were paid. you can call it a loan. you can call it mary jane. if it's not -- if there's no intent to repay it, then it's not really a loan, it's just a payment. and money launderers frequently will disguise payments as loans. >> those transactions are now part of the investigation that led special counsel robert mueller to send agents to raid manafort's home this summer. manafort's spokesperson denies the allegations that he colluded with russia to interfere with america's 2016 election. move on over pittsburgh. experts say philadelphia is one of the top contenders for amazon's new headquarters.
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moodies ranks philadelphia number three on the list behind austin, texas, and atlanta. the company says philly might be the underdog, but it has a lot to offer in terms of affordability and location. the downside, a bad tax structure. and pennsylvania's budget crisis might limit the number of incentives it can offer. in atlantic city you can call it a luncheon fit for heroes. yesterday the police department honored two men, former officer john fidel in the white shirt. last year he was shot in the head while on duty. the other honoree, thomas mccabe, he helped officers rush the other officer to the hospital. their actions to stop an armed robbery protected others from being hurt. 5:46 on this saturday. just about 62 degrees outside the nbc10 studios and a bit of a dreary day as we start our weekend. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all in the first alert neighborhood forecast. but stick around for tomorrow, krystal, right? >> yes, rosemary, the whole weekend is not a wash.
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i think even later today is going to be nicer than our morning is starting. if you get out early and you're like it will be better off as we get later in the day and especially tomorrow. here's a look at radar and satellite. right now we have this little rotation here of moisture that's clipping against the jersey shore. so parts of ocean county here along lbi are getting some light rain falling and then we have some sprinkles trying to make their way to the ground over parts of the delaware bay, delaware beaches as well and even cape may county. i think what's going to happen for the most part those are the only spots today that will see any real shower action, but we could see a just a little isolated sprinkle fall over parts of south jersey as well say through the morning hours and then everything will start to pull out. the cloud coverage is here to stay. that's the gray area on the hour by hour model. watch the bulk of the rain pull out here. by your lunch hour still cloudy across the board and the rest of the day sprinkles out near the jersey shore. the clouds do thin over the lehigh valley, some of the suburbs, possibly even philly. that means temperatures will start to rise up warmer than they have been for the last
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couple of days. but they really start to warm up those temperatures as we go into your sunday. and here's why. we're watching the weather pattern with a cold front that's sitting out to our west. typically ahead of a cold front the warm sector as we call it or warm air comes in from the southwest. again, that's ahead of the cold front. so tomorrow is that day that the warm air will move in. so tomorrow afternoon temperatures right around low 80s, way warmer than upper 60s that would be average this time of year. then sunday night the cold front will approach us. this is overnight sunday we could see some showers pass by. then by monday that cool air moves on in and we see temperatures really take a plunge. so as we've been saying kind of a roller coaster we're on over our weekend. look at numbers, today 74, tomorrow 82, bam right back down almost 20-degree drop 63 monday. again, these showers that will be just before your monday morning early hours. the rest of the day mix of clouds and sun. in the suburbs 73 today, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, partly cloudy, more sunshine, up to 80 and then down
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to 62 on monday. in the lehigh valley today 73. you see we're down to 60 by monday. wow, big difference there. for new jersey 74 today. at the shore 71 today. and also 74 in delaware with just a few sprinkles possible out there like i mentioned. tomorrow, 80s aside from the shore in the mid 70s and then mid 60s to fall down on monday. so it really is that kind of up and down that we're seeing over the next three days. let's talk more about the rain on sunday. so early in the morning sunday still a few sprinkles possible over parts of new jersey. i don't really think we'll have much left. notice by 11:00 a.m. any fog that we see in the morning will start to thin. and look at that, finally a clear picture, sunshine breaking through. i think it will be a mix of clouds and sun for your sunday afternoon. there's sunday night. that is the cold front passing by. some showers into early monday morning. the rest of your monday looking better off. that's already by 7:00 a.m. we see the mix of clouds and sunshine. we'll talk about that ten-day on ten coming up. looking forward to it.
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another exciting week of high school football. let's kick things off with number two team in south jersey, millville, hosting hameton, right to the action. second quarter thunder bolts with the ball swing it to lawrence who rumbles down the sideline for a 16-yard score. that would put them up 30-0. millville rolls 49-14. st. augusta prep and holy spirit, prep's chris allen goes up top who takes it in for an 81-yard score. but it wasn't enough. holy spirit goes onto win 22-17. garden valley looking to stay perfect on the road. the jaguars in control from start to finish. thomas beaver going up the gut for the touchdown. they roll for shutout win 43-0. radnor hosting haverford.
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man for the sack, they shut down radnor 10-0. glenn mills taking on academy park. the qb keeper, weaves his way through the defense and in for the touchdown. this one was all academy park a shutout 34-0. and hosting bensalem, gives the ball to hebron, who does the rest. makes a man miss and in for the score. neshamminy wins. and westchester henderson, looking for more. one-yard score. east lock down win 37-14. ub upper dublin visiting, a pickoff and deflection. the cardinals take it 27-8, head coach bret stovers 100th career
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win. rolls and finds his man in the back of the end zone, nice toe tap for the schd. they beat washington 36-18. lincoln hosting kit du boy, fires but finds lincoln's sam carr. he takes the pick in for six. lincoln takes the game 26-6. army taking on samuel fells high and this one all trojans. olne yer olney's burton with the rock, shut out 38-0. overbrook visiting southern. overbrook driving when griffin steps in front of the pass and he's off the other way. southern turns that into six points. this one a shootout, southern knocks off overbrook 54-42. time to head for a birds eye view of the action. we call them skylights. final seconds of the first half, matt fires towards the end zone. it's hard to see through the trees but trust me, that's a
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touchdown. although audubon comes back to win it 26-14. deptford's robinson looking for room but all he finds is defense. but deptford didn't stay down they win 21-13. highland hosting sterling. sterling's christopher barrett, and 12-yard td caps off a nice 80-yard drive. sterling wins 29-14. for delaware a big night. named homecoming king and then the future put together seven touchdowns including this 53-yarder. smyrna rolls 46-13. that's it for the blitz. i'm marshall harris. have a great saturday. we're already thinking about the blitz for next week. here's a look at the matchups vying to be our game of the week. they are springfield at garnet valley, pope john paul ii versus pottsgrove or lasalle against
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st. joe's prep. there are several ways to vote. you can also call or text your choice to 610-624-4111. if you are still hungry for more football, don't miss a full half hour of the high school blitz tonight at 7:30. we'll have some of the best high school football action from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. and we'll introduce you to some of the area's top talent. we'll be right back. i'll have the langoustine lobster ravioli. for you, sir? the original call was for langoustine ravioli.
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today in delaware county, friends school haveford will host annual fundraiser. the race begins at 8:30, a one-mile fun run walk and a pumpkin day festival afterwards. proceeds support quaker education and the school's financial aid program. today in burlington county there is a walk for freedom fundraiser in easthampton, two-mile walk there begins at 9:00 this morning at the first baptist church of mt. holly. organizers are urging participants to dress in all black. money raised will go to human trafficking survivors around the world. it's 5:57 right now on this saturday. a construction project has a big stretch for pennsylvania's turnpike's northeast extension closed right now. nbc10's katy zachry will join us live in moments with a report. krystal klei is keeping an eye on the forecast for us, krystal.
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>> the all important weekend forecast. take a look at our first alert radar and satellite. few sprinkles in some spots but little dreary of a start things improve throughout your weekend. we'll talk about how warm those temperatures go as well. here's a live view outside. still dark, but once the sun is up might take a while to actually see a break through the clouds.
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right now on "nbc10 news today," road closed. a portion of the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension is shut down. the detour could add up to an hour to your trip. those details ahead in the live report. wildfire rescue. this new body camera video shows a deputy braving the burning conditions in california to save a woman in a wheelchair. we'll update the efforts to fight the flames out west. mad about mold, parents calling for school officials to step down, resign after mold shuts down schools in their south jersey community. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's start with that weekend weather. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a damp morning ahead in the forecast. krystal. >> hey, rosemary, yeah. so many of us aren't actually going to see rain today, but w


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