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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 16, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

11:00 am appointments available now. philly delivers. the new message to amazon as philadelphia puts the pressure on the ecommerce giant to bring its new headquarters to our area. deadly hit-and-run. a philadelphia man is killed while he's trying to cross the street. next, what police know about the driver. and panic in the skies. terrified passengers fear for their lives during a midair emergency overseas. right now at 11:00, philly delivers. check out this new video. each day this week, the city of philadelphia is highlighting the many reasons why amazon should choose philly for its next headquarters. good morning to you. i'm erin coleman. philadelphia is one of many local cities making a pitch to the ecommerce giant to house
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their newest headquarters. today's focus is on philadelphia's logistical strengths. the city is only 75 minutes from new york and 100 minutes from washington, d.c. by train. philadelphia also a major international gateway with 5,000 daily flights and p hxhl is the transatlantic hub for american airlines. pamela osborn is live in university city with more on the fight for the amazon headquarters. >> reporter: as you said, a huge emphasis on location. and today, the city releasing that video showing how philadelphia delivers. >> this central location is fantastic for them. >> reporter: this video features ceos talking about why the city serves as a great place for their businesses and employees. one reoccurring theme there, the ease of getting around, not just here in the city, but its close proximity to other major cities like new york and d.c., a short
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train ride away. the new headquarters is expected to bring 50,000 jobs, making that facility a $5 billion investment. should amazon pick philly, there would be plenty of economic incentives. we know the city has been look at renewing about a dozen special zones for properties here in university cities in hopes of sweetening up a potential deal for amazon. people who we talked to who call the city home say this would be a great boost for an already happening city. >> i think it would be a great opportunity. a lot of great job openings for a lot of people. >> reporter: cities across the country have until thursday to submit their proposals. when we come back, you'll hear what a third-party risk management company says about philly's chances when compared to everyone. reporting live in university city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> now, philadelphia is just one of the cities in our area that wants a piece of amone plus mercer, camden, and atlantic counties in south jersey are also making bids to lure the
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east coast headquarters and the 50,000 jobs it would bring. you can read more about the creative ways towns are trying to get amazon's attention right now on and on the nbc 10 app. a philadelphia man was killed in the middle of the street when a driver ran him down and took off. the 57-year-old victim was crossing south 67th street near pascal avenue last night. police are looking for a gray van with a broken windshield. if you have any information, call police. philadelphia police looking for a shooter who fired into an suv at 18th and erie, killing one man, wounding another. investigators say someone fired the shots around 11:30 last night. bullets hit 27-year-old brian gravely in the head and chest while he was sitting behind the wheel. he died at the scene. another man was hit in the back. he's being treated at temple university hospital. in delaware county, sky force 10 over the scene of a shooting in colwyn. police got a call to head to
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south 4th street around 9:30 this morning. no word yet about injuries or arrests. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates. and for the third time this month, a motorcyclist has died in an accident on the schuylkill expressway. police tell us the motorcycle was going west on 76th, lost control near the 28th street exit in the gray's ferry neighborhood around midnight. the driver flew into the eb eastbound lanes and was then hit by a car and killed. the other driver did stop. earlier this month, two other motorcyclists were killed in separate crashes, not too far from here. one woman is in the hospital after this house fire in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. you can see her being led out there by firefighters. this all happened on east eleanor street around 5:30 this morning. rescuers also saved a dog you can see right there. he was on the porch roof, too afraid to come down. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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the rain moving out and parts of our area could see the sun as the day goes on. not right here, though. a live look at the jersey shore from our camera in cape may. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here with the most accurate forecast. would love to see the sun today, krystal. >> yeah, seriously. and i think some of us will see at least some breaks of sunlight as we get later into the day. this would be the territory with the best chance. overnight, the rest of us will experience that colluloud clear. tomorrow is when we really have a sunny forecast. look at the rain in places. we have showers brushing up against the jersey shore, as well as some of our delaware beaches, up through about half of kent county. it's more spotty showers lingering in south jersey and the rest of delaware. at this point, not a lot of rain left over our pennsylvania neighborhoods, just those clouds in place making it look a little damp and gray to start your monday. let's look closer at the rain. mostly very light from atlantic city to cape may. the deeper green, a little bit more steady rain in and out over parts of the delaware bay at this point. that will chug on over cape may
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county. but really, this is not problem rain, it's just annoyance rain, because it's kind of coming down, if you're trying to do anything outside, you'll definitely get hit with raindrops in those areas. as for your temperatures, this is a very cooler look. it's cooler that be it was this morning when i was on air because of the cold front that passed us this morning. 54 in allentown, 56, mt. holly. philadelphia is at 59. and these numbers are not going to warm much more. we're talking upper 50s and low 60s this afternoon. and that is it. below average, as a result of that cold front, cool air that's pooling in over us. there's the temperature trend that shows very nicely what i was just describing. not much change in our numbers. just a little peek of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll talk more about that with your future model coming up in a few minutes. happening today, we're expecting to get an update on a philadelphia elementary school that is still closed because of a mold issue. mold found at john b. kelly elementary in germantown is keeping more than 600 students home for a third day.
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teachers are working at the hill friedman world economy today. you can see dumpsters outside the school. those dumpsters fill to the brim while crews clean up mold found in several classrooms. the situation is a challenge for parents. >> my daughter said thing about mold on a chair and the teacher removed the chair. >> the kids immediate to be in school. >> the district says issues with the heating and air-conditioning system caused the mold. the teachers union claims the district did not take proactive steps to prevent the mold. in gloucester county, teachers are back at work at the monroe township school district today after a mold problem there. the district shut down every school in the district last week to test air quality after finding mold at holly glenn elementary school. students will return to class tomorrow. happening today, we could get a jury verdict in the federal trial of a man accused of setting off bombs in north
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jersey and new york city. prosecutors say ahmad khan rue heene blew up a trash can alongside a charity race last year. no one was hurt. rahiddeni is also accused of planting two bombs in manhattan that injured more than two dozen people. his lawyer says the government cannot prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. happening tonight, temple university will host a night of healing following the latest death of a student. earlier this month, miami beach police shot and killed kerry ann hyatten after she drove her car into an officer. her death follows the murder earlier this year of temple student, jenna burleigh. the students are invited to gather at the student center at 5:00 tonight, to comfort one another. a stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike reopened overnight after weekend construction project. crews closed the northeast extension from the lehigh valley to the poconos exit on friday night, so workers could replace
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an old bridge in south white hall township. that stretch of interstate carries 30,000 cars a day, but again, it is reopened for traffic this morning. happening tonight in philadelphia, the national constitution center will award senator john mccain this year's liberty medal. former vice president joe biden will present the award to his former senate colleague and friend. the constitution center is honoring mccain for his lifetime of sacrifice and service. mccain comes from a family of military heros. as a naval captain, he survived torture as a prisoner of war in vietnam. over the summer, doctors diagnosed mccain with glioblasatoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer. we are following new developments in an oil rig explosion in louisiana. next, seven people hurt, one person still missing in a blast that sent a massive fireball shooting into the air. and later, they thought this was it. passengers lived to tell about a
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terrifying flight as a plane plunges during an overseas flight. and we've got scattered showers starting to move out of our area. this is all thanks to a cold front passage that's now going to pool in very cool air. we're talking a chilly night ahead, and even a frost advisory for some. we'll look more closely at that, with coming up.
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the soldier accused of desertion in afghanistan pleaded guilty today. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is
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charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he spent almost five years as a prisoner of the taliban. he was released in may of 2014 as part of a controversial exchange of prisoners being held at guantanamo bay. a senior military officer recommends no jail time. in louisiana, coast guard helicopters are searching for a man missing after an oil rig explosion in a lake near new orleans. seven people are hurt, five of them critically. you can see the oil transfer platform burning there in the distance on lake pontchartrain. officials say cleaning chemicals on the rig caught fire last night, causing that explosion. >> that gas laine has been shut off. it's from quite a distance, so it's going to burn itself out and it's doing what we want it to do at this point. so we feel confident from the firefighting aspect that we have control of this situation at the present time. >> helicopter crews are also looking for any sign of pollution on the lake, if there is any. fire crews are working around the clock to contain wildfires in northern
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california. residents in sonoma county were allowed to go back home yesterday, only to be evacuated once again when flames erupted. nbc's joe fryer reports. >> reporter: helped by calmer winds and cooling temps, 11,000 firefighters are gaining ground. but the toll on first responders has been brutal. >> help people understand, how long are the shifts you guys are working here? >> we work 24-hour shifts. >> reporter: a week after these fires started, they're still burning aggressively, still threatening homes and firefighters are working around the clock to put them out. thousands of firefighters are now sleeping in tent cities, using make sthishift bathrooms, eating when they can. >> after being up all night, i'll probably be end up sleeping in these dirt lots here at base camp. and we're grateful for any kind of sleep. we're not complaining. >> reporter: while saving others' homes, many firefighters cope with losing their own. >> this is my house. this is my home. this is my everything. now i've got to figure out where to go from here. >> reporter: most of the deceased are older than 70, like carmen barres.
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she was with her husband, arman armando, when flames engulfed their home. to escape, they held each other in the pool, armando survived, but carmen, too weak from the smoke, died in his arms. >> they did that together. that was their strength. that was the beauty behind their relationship. and everything they did. amid the devastation, some stories of hope. >> izzie! >> reporter: jack weaver and his brother-in-law had returned home to search for their burmese mountain dog, izsy. she had gone missing in the fire. when, out of the blue, a miracle. >> izzie's here! >> oh, my god! >> izzie was reunited with her owners, frightened, but unhurt. >> i dropped my phone, i was so excited. it was a great moment. >> reporter: joe fryer, nbc news. meantime, wildfires in portugal have killed 31 people, as flames continue to spread through the central and northern parts of the country. and in neighborhoods spain, thousands of firefighters are
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battling the fire that has forced hundreds of evacuations. schools and roads are closed and train service is suspended. people in ireland are bracing for former hurricane ophelia to hit today. boat owners pulled their crafts out of the water this weekend as the storm approached. ophelia weakened to a post-tropical storm overnight, but still expected to whip ireland and great britain with powerful winds. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a very rare event for ireland. let's talk about our neck of the woods. radar and satellite here showing us we've got clouds pretty much across the entire area. that's the gray overlay you see. look how they're dense over us. as we go later into the day and particularly tonight, those clouds are going to start to break down, thin out and move out. so by tomorrow, we really will have a sunny forecast. today, some peeks of sun and this general territory late day are possible. but many of us will see a good bit of clouds. how about the rain?
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it's hanging over some parts of delaware, the southern half. and just parts of cape may and atlantic county getting a little bit of rain, too. still, this is not heavy rain, necessarily, but you see this pocket of yellow here, that's steadier stuff that's about to move into cape may county. you might get a good burst and that will continue to sea isle city and move off to sea. and this rain is on its way out, it's only going to be in place for a couple more hours. temperatures today, really cool, considerably lower than the last couple of days, because of the cold front that passed us this morning. 63 degrees in the afternoon, center city. 61 in lansdale, and cookstown, only in the upper 50s. right now some spots in the lehigh valley are in the low to mid-50s. not going to warm much more at all through the afternoon. a little sun is the only help. trent trenton, 60 degrees for this afternoon and 61 in hamilton. a few lingering showers over the shore in parts of delaware, rehoboth beach only at 61 degrees and wilmington at 63. wind forecast for the rest of the day, still going to have those cool winds that are coming in from the northwest.
11:18 am
about 15 miles per hour, sustained, and gusts up to 25 are still possible, which means a breezy afternoon out there. not terribly strong, but enough to kind of be an annoyance. this cold front is just bringing some annoying weather. but if you want the cold air that makes you think of fall, you won't think this is too annoying. watch this. so hour by hour, here goes the rain, by about 2:00 p.m., it's off to sea. the clouds are still kind of hanging over a good portion of our viewing area. we go to 5:30, now the clouds are thinning, but i think they'll still hold tight over this zone. so you may see some sun, but not a ton, quite yet. overnight, things start to really clear out. when you have clear conditions overnight, the heat of the day, the heat from the ground can all release out into the afternoon, which means the temperatures at the ground, they get cool. and we are talking a cold air surge with this wind coming from the north-northwest. so by tomorrow morning, check out the temps. 36 in allentown. 39 for doylestown. and low 40s in areas like philadelphia. so it's really going to feel like fall tomorrow morning. chilly conditions out there.
11:19 am
and as a result, a frost advisory will be put in place by the national weather service, just for the northeast part of our viewing zone. let's talk about what this means. for upper bucks county into lehigh, north hampton county and farther north, as well. temperatures, low to mid-30s are possible. in allentown, it will be more like mid-30s. timing, 2:00 to 9:00 a.m. watch out for sensitive plants, pets, bringing them inside. this is ant freeze warning yet, but we are talking a frost advisory, in the first of the season. so it's starting to feel a little more fall like out there. >> we're following some breaking news out of wilmington. sky force 10 over west ninth street right now, where police are conducting a death investigation. and we have just confirmed that involves two children, two children have been found dead at this location. police tell us they are in the very early stages of the investigation. you can see them there outside on the sidewalk. they are working to get us more
11:20 am
information as we speak. nbc 10's tim furlong is on the way to this scene. we'll keep you updated. again, two children found dead in wilmington. we'll keep you updated on the nbc 10 app and ehere on nbc 10. well, it is a unique look at the decades-long conflict in the middle east. next, we're talking to the man behind the new show "wrestling jerusalem" and the message he has when it comes to restoring peace between the israelis and the palestinians.
11:21 am
when you're a double-dipping pension-padder like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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the israeli/palestinian conflict an going on for most of our lifetimes. and a new one-man show explores the humanity at the heart of this history. aaron davidman is the actor and playwright of "wrestling jerusalem" and he's here with paige price, the artistic producer of the philadelphia theater company. thank you both for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> aaron, what inspired you to
11:24 am
write this? >> i was really interested in trying to push past the headlines. you know, when we engage with this very polarized conflict, mainly, it's through the news, and we're just dealing with the headlines. i was really interested in going deeper into the human struggles and personal stories that are really inside it. >> okay, so, again, one-man show. you've played 17 different characters. >> i've got a lot of voices in my head. >> tell us about that. what is it like to do that? >> the exercise is really about containing multiplicity and complexity within ourselves. we're living in this very polarized culture right now where you have to pick one side or another side of any topic. here's an exercise where i as one person am climbing into the eyes and hearts of all these different characters to model in a certain sense that we have the capacity to hold more than just one view at a time. >> now, you've also turned this into a film, as well, correct? so talk about the benefits of going to see the live stage performance. >> well, live theater is live
11:25 am
theater. we're in the room together. it's only happening tonight. this only exists in that one moment. and it's just different. it's a different format than the film is, of course. >> paige, talk about why the philadelphia theater company teamed up with the jewish federation of greater philadelphia to collaborate on this project. >> well, as much as aaron voice perspectives, the theater wants to do the same thing. so he aligns with our mission perfectly. and part of that is talking to people in the community. and so the federation has allowed us to bring people to see this one-night-only for them moment and to talk about it. and that's what theater does best. it gives you a platform to understand in a thoughtful, uninterrupted, no-device manner. and then talk about it and see the humanity and empathize with people that are moving about the world with us. >> paige price, aaron davidman, thank you so much for being here.
11:26 am
>> thank. >> you can catch performances of "wrestling jerusalem" from october 18th through november 5th at the suzanne roberts theater on broad street in f. they're partnering with the greater foundation of philadelphia for three events that include talkbacks and community discussions, as well. you can get all of that information on our website,, and of course, on the nbc 10 app. up next, amazon or bust. the city's latest pitch to lure the ecommerce giant to philadelphia. how it's proving that philly delivers ahead of a big thursday deadline. and me, too. the new movement sweeping twitter in the wake of the harvey weinstein sexual harassment scandal as a sports announcer is now apologizing for a joke he made during sunday night football. and once again, sky force 10 live over breaking news in wilmington where two children
11:27 am
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keeping you updated now on breaking news out of wilmington. two children have been found sky in this area. force 10. we have been monitoring this picture for the last 15 minutes or so, watching investigators go baffert, beyond that crime scene tape. and as sky force 10 pulls out, you can see part of the road is shut down in that area, as well. this is where police, again, are conducting a death investigation. two children found dead. nbc 10's tim furlong has just arrived on the scene. we are going to be getting a live report from him as soon as possible. we're going to stay on top of this breaking news and keep you updated on any developments that we learn. to this now.
11:31 am
location, location, location. philadelphia wants to prove it can deliver as it tries to lure amazon into building its new headquarters he s here. and the city is launching a big campaign ahead of a proposal deadline on thursday. this morning, the focus is on logistics. the city only 75 minutes from new york and 100 minutes from washington, d.c., by train. philadelphia is also major international gateway with 500 daily flights and phl is the transatlantic hub for the world's largest carrier, american airlines. nbc 10's pamela osborn is live in university city. pam, the message here really is that location matters. >> reporter: yeah, that's absolutely right, erin. and we know that the city is looking at renewing special zoning incentives for about a dozen underutilized properties here in university city in hopes of sweetening a deal for amazon, which is on the hunt for a location for its new hqq. there are 50 cities in the
11:32 am
running, not to mention 50,000 jobs and $5 billion worth of investment at stake. today, city leaders released a video featuring ceos talking about why the city serves a as a great place for them and their businesses. one reoccurring theme there, the ease of getting around. not just here in the city, but its close proximity to new york and washington dx. moody's analytics is a financial risk management company. they rank philadelphia as the third best place for amazon to open its new headquarters behind austin, texas, and atlanta. but, and here's the but, if geography is added into the categories that they use to create those ranks, philadelphia would move to first place and pittsburgh would be second. the deadline for those proposals to be submitted to amazon is this thursday. so a lot of people rushing to get that paperwork in. we know that amazon plans to announce its pick sometime next year. reporting live in university
11:33 am
city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> philadelphia is just one of the cities in our area that wants a piece of amazon. the state of delaware plus mercer, camden, and atlantic counties in south jersey all making bids, as well. the east coast headquarters would create 50,000 jobs in the area. you can read more about the creative ways that cities are trying to get amazon's attention right now on and on the nbc 10 app. all right, still more breaking news to tell you about. the jury has reached a verdict in the federal trial of the man accused of setting off bombs in city. the jury found ahmad khan ra hii was found guilty. he was found guilty of planting two bombs in manhattan that injured more than two dozen people. prosecutors say isis and al qaida inspired rahami again, ahmad khan rahimi guilty
11:34 am
with all count counts. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you more developments on-air and the nbc 10 app. a philadelphia man died in the middle of the street when a driver ran him down and took off. the 57-year-old victim was crossing south 67th street near paschal avenue last night. police are looking for a gray van with a broken windshield. in north philly, police are looking for a shooter who fired into an suv, killing 27-year-old brian gravely and bounwounding another. investigators say the gunfire broke out around 11:30 last night at 13 and erie. a third man was in the suv but was not hurt. and for the third time this month, a motorcyclist has died in an accident on the schuylkill expressway. in the most recent incident, police tell us the motorcyclist was going west and lost control near the 28th street exit in the gray's ferry neighborhood around
11:35 am
midnight. the driver flew into the eastbound lanes and was then hit by a car and killed. the rain moving out and we can expect to see little bit later on today, as you watch the flags waving there atop the aramark build. temperatures will stay in the 60s, though. this is a live look at center city. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here with your most aurate forecast. krystal? >> hey, erin. what we're looking at right now shows us on our first alert radar and satellite that most of us have a good bit of cloud coverage. you can see the thickest clouds are cutting off near harrisburg and there's some sun to be had farther west. that's going to start to move in our way, but i think it's going to be right near the end of the day. some of us, some peeks of sunshine, some of us, mostly cloudy throughout the day. and we do still have some rain here that's just brushing up along the jersey shore and sour delaware achehowers and then still some showers that ares
11:36 am
county and cape may co out. in the next half hour or so, that will be moving off. and with we'll be left with are a few sprinkles here and there along our coastal pots. even that should be out of here in the next couple of hours. just the clouds sticking around throughout today. temperatures, the rain itself thanks to a cold front passage, and that cold front was cold. we're really not going to see much more warming into the afternoon hours. so we're at 59 in philadelphia right now. dover at 63. i think that some temperatures will get to the 60s and we'll talk more about that coming up. i'm going to bring you back now to that breaking news out of wilmington we have been following where two children have been found dead. this is a live look from sky force 10 along west 9th, where police are conducting that death investigation. i want to bring in nbc 10's tim
11:37 am
furlong, who is on the scene. tim, what can you tell us about all of this? >> reporter: -- on his way up at this point and the bodies of the two children, they're still inside the house at this point. detectives have been in and out. they're waiting -- the crime scene unit squlojust showed up they're weighing for the medical examiner to show up before they take the children out of the house. the mother of the children is with police right now in for questioning at this point and the chief of police is on his way to the scene. he was here earlier. he's going to come back here with an update on some investigation. as soon as we get that, i'll bring it to you. and i want people to know, west and ninth adams is a street that runs parallel to i-95. traffic in this area is pretty bad at this point. so you might want to stay out of this area. this is the trinity vicinity neighborhood of wilmington, they call it. and it runs on i-r95, right nea delaware avenue. this area is a little bit of a nightmare to get through right now, as police continue to investigate, two children found inside the house at ninth and
11:38 am
west adams. i'm sure you can see from sky force 10, the police presence here, the forensic team is here, detectives are in and out. and again, the mother of the children is with police officers right now, d headquarters on fourth street, being interviewed to talk about some of the circumstances of the case. as soon as we get more information here, we're going to be sure to bring it back to you. that's all for now, live from wilmington, i'm tim furlong. >> quick question. i'm watching these police officers where this crime scene tape. it's a little difficult to see, but how large is that area? i see maybe one part of the home, but how large is the area that they have blocked off here? >> reporter: it's a quarter of one block. so it's pretty much limited to the one house on the corner there. i don't know the view you're exactly seeing from sky force 10, but you're looking i think at the side of the house. and you ca sice by the ba door of the house. it appears to me there are a number of units in this house, at this point. so that's what we're trying to learn more about.
11:39 am
the front door is open and there's an officer there on the west ninth street side, but it appears they're focusing on the entrancen the adams street side along i-95. that's where most of the activity in and out has been at this point and they're bringing out the mobile unit right now. the big tractor, rv coming out. that's a mobile command center they're going to use, because clearly they're going to be here for a while investigating what happened here at this point. we can also tell you, as we put up, we smelled a smell of natural gas in the air. and everybody sort of noticed that. it was hard not to notice it. and all the windows in the house are now open, too. we're not making any conclusions at this point, but it's certain something we certainly noticed when we pulled up to the house. and that's something we'll ask chief tracy about that when he arrived here shortly. >> one more question for you, tim. we have -- it is this back door that sky force 10 is focused on. we have been watching this picture more at least 15 to 20 minutes and we keep see investigators come out. have you seen them bring
11:40 am
anything out of the building? >> reporter: not since i've been here. i think they're pretty much locking down the scene, essentially, and keeping things as is until the forensic team could get here. that should probably start pretty soon, now that the crime scene unit is here and the medical examiner, again, is on his way. so i think that's going to start moving forward here a little bit, shortly. but at this point, they haven't really been bringing much out. you know, in my experience, it seems like they hunker the scene down here and try to make sure everything is secure, so they can get a really good read as to what is actually happening in there. >> tim furlong reporting live for us in wilmington. we know you're going to stay on the scene. we'll let you do what you need to do, gather, and talk to the chief, as well. we'll check back in with you on the air and. but tim furlong on the scene of aette the investigation involving two children inside this home where sky force 10 is live. we're going to keep you updated. tim, thanks for that. moving on now, two words are sparking a movement on social media,ighligainst women.
11:41 am
it's simply #metoo. it started with this tweet by actress ass milano. if you've been sexually harassed or assaulted, write "me too" as a reply to this tweet. that's what she tweeted t. well, thousands are now writing about their own experiences. this comes after the harvey weinstein sexual harassment scandal. milano says while she's sickened by the accusations, she's glad it's opening up dialogue about how women are treated. nearly three dozen women have accused weinstein of sexual harassment or misconduct. this morning, we learned the weinstein company is in negotiations with colony capital for a potential sale. weinstein's brother says he's talked to harvey weinstein twice since the scandal broke and says, quote, harvey has no remorse whatsoever. this weekend the movie mogul was expelled from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, the group that gives out the oscars. nbc announcer al michaels quickly apologized after making
11:42 am
a joke about harvey weinstein during sunday night football. michaels said the giants were, quote, coming off a worse week than harvey weinstein. weinstein faces sexual misconduct allegations. again, michaelses apologized during the game for being flip and it was not meant in that matter. the broncos beat the giants last night, so the first win of the season. up next, philly is going global. we are highlighting a big celebration underway right now as philadelphia continues to shine the international spotlight.
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october is breast cancer awareness month and this wednesday there is a focus on a national initiative to help patients learn about their options for reconstruction after breast cancer search. dr. joseph is the chief of plastic surgery at penn medicine and he's here to talk about breast reconstruction awareness day. he's joined by barbara sutter of westchester, one of your patients. so there's been a lot of discussion and debate about breast reconstruction surgery. talk about the pros and the cons. >> so, the pros are enormous. the pros are that a patient can have a complete reconstruction of their breast and if there's an enormous amount of emotional impact of that. many, many women say they feel whole again after their best reconstruction. but there's also an important physical component. without breast reconstruction, it's very hard to find clothes that fit.
11:46 am
it's also almost impossible to find a bathing suit that will fit. so there's both an emotional and a very real physical impetus to do breast reconstruction. >> are there any cons? >> so the cons are it takes additionalsurgery. and some patients are not u to either making that decision right away or they're just not up to having the additional surgery. and that's fine. >> barbara, you've had two cases of brarns aeast cancer and had reconstruction surgery earlier this year. tell us about that decision and what women should know about the whole process. >> my surgery was march 1st. i had a left breast surgery two years before in 2014. it was a very long process, to understand the different options that you had. but once i got into the peer-to-peer program at penn, which meant that i could speak to other cancer survivors, i spoke to three or four different women ranging from 72 to probably 42, and they helped me through it a great deal.
11:47 am
the first comment that the older lady had made was, it made me feel whole again. just like dr. serleti said. and the sooner you do the reconstruction, the less traumatic it is. because you feel the same body. i feel like -- it's only been less than six months for me, or just about, but i feel like i have the same body. i can wear my clothes even better. my doctor said people pay a lot of money to get this done. and i look great in my bathing suit. so i have to say, it's a good choice. >> all right. dr. joseph serleti, barbara sutter, thank you very much for being here. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate where are time. penn's breast reconstruction awareness day celebration is happening this wednesday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the smilow center for translation research in civic center boulevard in philadelphia. check the nbc 10 app for more details. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
11:48 am
all right. let's talk weather now. we'll begin with our first alert radar and satellite. still some spotty showers that are lingering just up against the jersey shore and our delaware beaches. but what a difference even half an hour has made. now it's just a few sprinkles that are lingering and most of the rain has started to move out. a little spot shower that's still hanging over some parts of south jersey or delaware, but really now the focus is the clouds that are still overhead and the cool conditions that are in place. look at the forecast hhs for today. not very high, at all. when i say "high," these are afternoon peak ottest temperature of the day and that likely happens at 12:01 a.m. across the region. we've just been cooling ever since that front passed. 63 will be the peak in the afternoon for philly. low 60s for areas like the shore and delaware where those spot showers are starting to come to a close. many of us will remain mostly cloudy for the rest of today. take a look our hour-by-hour here. the rain are pretty much out by 2:00 p.m. still left with temperatures mostly in the upper 60s. a few low 50s, lily.
11:49 am
the cloud base will start to pull out, but for some areas, you might keep the clouds pretty much the whole day. and at night, that's when really everything clear clears. a clear overnight allows for temperatures just to plummet. so we expect that by tomorrow morning, it will be chilly. it will feel like fall. you'll want a jacket as you head out the door. 36 in allentown and reading. 35 for lancaster. low 40s for areas like philly and mt. holly. even millville in the low 40s. and some warmer temperatures right up against the shoreline. these temperatures are going to feel what you would think of when you're talking october. and as a result, there's a frost advisory put up by the national weather service. up in bucks county through the lehigh valley into the poconos, as well. just the northeast corner of our viewing zone. not a freeze watch or warning, but a frost advisory. this is the lowest level. but nonetheless, temperatures in the low to mid-30s in these areas are possible. mostly, i think, mid-30s is more likely. 2:00 to 9:00 a.m. is when we're expecting this tomorrow morning. sensitive plants can certainly be affected by this kind of
11:50 am
frost. though some patchy frost, so just a heads up for folk in those areas. it's that time of year. let's talk about the ten-day on 10. 63 degrees today. even cooler tomorrow. remember, we're starting out very chilly. we'll only get tonight a 61 in the afternoon and plenty of sun out there. we'll keep with those sunny, clear, driy conditions through the rest of the workweek and temperatures will start to pick back up, so by next week, upper 70s will in the forecast. it is an exciting time to be in the philadelphia area. global philly 2017 is a 45-day international event that is now underway. and here to tell us all about it is the executive director of the global philadelphia association. thanks for being here. >> it's my real pleasure, thank you. >> so this event happens every other year. tell us about some of the highlights. >> sure, it's an incredible event, really highlighting what's going on globally in philadelphia. and among other things, we've got the unity cup, which is a soccer tournament going throughout the expo.
11:51 am
and then we've got exciting things happening on a daily basis. today, for example, at the constitution center, senator john mccain will receive the liberty medal. but we will also be hosting a ate st involved philly event at saxby's with young people that really want to get involved in philadelphia, the world heritage city. >> wow. so we told you about philadelphia trying to lure amazon to put its next headquarters here. in your opinion, do we have an advantage over other cities being considered? i mean, what makes philadelphia so great? >> well, this global city is a big advantage. among other things, of course, amazon is a global company with a global workforce. and just by taking a look at this passport that we've put together, you can see how much is going on in philadelphia and i would say that's a huge attraction for an amazon. >> philadelphia is the first world her taitage city in the united states. so tell us some of the reasons why our city is in the international spotlight. >> sure. so originally, you've got a unesco world heritage site,
11:52 am
independence hall, since 1997, that allowed us to become a world heritage city in 2015. and we're connected to over 280 world her tanl ciitage city alle world. so i'll be in korea with a team representing philadelphia at the world heritage city meetings. and actually, we'll be talking about our education and community programs spop it, so very exciting time. >> thank you so much for being here with us. >> thank you. >> global philly 2017 happening now through november 1st. for more details, head to our website, or check out the nbc 10 app. we'll be right back.
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oxygen masks drop from the ceiling as panicked crew members announce an emergency onboard an indonesia air flight over the the plane wasn the way to the island of bali and was in the air for about an hour before it had to turn around and land in the australian city of perth. the reason for the emergency not clear at this point. investigators are looking into what went wrong with the pressure inside the cabin. all 145 passengers got off that plane safely, but there were certainly many tense moments onboard. all right. now to an update on our top story. breaking news out of wilmington where two children were found dead this morning inside a home on west ninth street. this is a story we've been
11:56 am
following for you for the past hour. nbc 10's tim furlong is in wilmington on the scene working right now to get more information. we'll have live reports starting this afternoon at 4:00. well, the chilly temperatures today are a reminder that winter is coming and that thousands of children in our area do not have a winter coat. today, the auto dealers caring for kids foundation stepped up to make sure that children are protected from the cold. this morning, the group made up of 180 auto dealers handed out more than 8,000 brand-new winter coats to children in the philadelphia school district and this is just the start. the group hopes to distribute 50,000 coats by the end of the month. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei here with a check of your forecast. >> it's a good time to talk about winter coats. >> absolutely! >> because chilly conditions, especially tonight. the first frost advisory that i've seen pop up across our region, that's over the northeast edge of the lehigh valley, upper bucks, down to 45 in flphilly.
11:57 am
warming through the workweek. >> i'm erin coleman. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times.
11:58 am
too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
11:59 am
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[phone ringing] >> brady: you better answer the damn phone, tell eric you're never coming back to him ever again. go ahead. answer the phone unless you want me to tell the new police commissioner that you murdered deimos. answer it. [ringing continues] [dramatic music] >> hope: you got me a cactus. >> rafe: it's a succulent. >> hope: i'll kill it. >> rafe: you--no, it doesn't even need water. >> hope: oh, that's good, because i barely have enough time to grab a glass as it is. there are so many cases, and we are so understaffed. >> rafe: well, your promotion and jj's suspension has left us two detectives short. >> hope: hmm, which is why i reinstated him. >> rafe: you wha>> hope: i rein. there a problem? >> rafe: why would you do that?


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