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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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searching for answers. a teen fighting for his life in delaware. police trying to figure out who opened fire. carving out a controversy. the hateful message in a pumpkin that is sparking an investigation at a local high school. fallen soldier phone call. president trump facing backlash after telling a widow that her husband knew what he was signing up for. plenty to cover this morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. 4:30 on the dot. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei in this morning. she has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. cool now but warming up later. >> yeah. this is going to be a really nice day for us. we've got to get over this chilly hump first. so 39 degrees is where we're at now in allentown. wilmington at 43.
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the spots we're looking at may be a degree or two warmer currently than yesterday except for in south jersey where it's a little more chilly than yesterday at this time. take a comparison here. yesterday you might remember the temperatures were about 20 degrees colder than the previous day. now spots are warmer. spots are warmer, more chilly. starting out similar to yesterday meaning if you stepped out and went, "ah, i should have grabbed the jacket," do it today. it feels very similar outside with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. look at our radar and satellite view. totally clear picture. not a problem to mention. we don't have worries of rain or clouds as we go through today. the fall feel meter, taking it back a notch. yesterday we were saying, yeah, break out the flannel, it will be chilly all day. today it's the morning chill, not necessarily the afternoon chill, though. we're going to have a warming trend that begins today and lasts many a day. we'll look at how long coming up in a few minutes. now we'll go to traffic with jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting on 422 right now, watching construction work that's supposed to last until
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about 5:00. here's the cameras at route 23. you see the lane restrictions here. drive times still okay. keep checking with them, too. watching the schuylkill expressway, watch for construction around conshohocken and some in between south street and the vine street expressway. 13 minutes now on the eastbound side, though, from the blue route to the vine. speeds into the 60s still. we'll end here in morristown, new jersey. route 38 around nixon drive. both directions east and westbound, no problems or delays. >> thanks. a teen in delaware is in the hospital following an overnight shooting. investigators are trying to track down the person responsible. matt delucia joins us live from the new castle county police department to tell us more about the investigation. matt? >> reporter: and that teen is in critical condition at the hospital while police try to track down the shooter. it happened a little around 10:00 last night. the 200 block of highland boulevard in new castle.
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part of a town home development. no major roadways in the department are trying to figure out who fired the gun and who is trying to gather information. police have not released details about this case. they're still trying to get some leads there. and there have not been any arrests at this point. we'll keep checking in for updates. live in new castle, nbc10 news. >> see you shortly. new from overnight, chester police want to know who shot two people in the city. a teenager and man were shot just before midnight along johnson street which is not far from interstate 95. the shooter then quickly drove away. police believe the shooter was aiming for just one of the victims, not both. we are working to learn both victims' conditions this morning. let's head to chester county where administrators at coatesville high school are investigating this picture of what they're calling racist pumpkin carvings. the spoepost is making the rounn social media. shows current and former
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coatesville students posing with the pumpkins. as you see, one has "kkk" carved in. it another has a swastika. administrators are calling the pictures intolerable and reprehensible and say there is no place for hate in their district. we're learning more about the pennsylvania family held by the taliban for nearly five years. josh question boyle says his wife is in a hospital being treated for exhaustion, dehydration, and mall nourishment. she was abducted while in a hike in afghanistan. he and his wife decided to have children during captivity because they always planned to have a big family. yesterday boyle revealed that one child, a girl, was killed by their captors. >> the stupidity and evil of the haqqani network's kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife was eclipsed only by the stupidity and evil of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter. >> boyle said his other children
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are doing fine. they are adjusting to their new surroundings and actually asked if the airport was their new home when they left captivity. 4:35. to the latest on the controversy involving president trump's comments regarding fallen soldiers. a florida congresswoman says the president told the widow of one of the four soldiers killed in niger that the soldier knew what he was signing up for when he joined the military. congressman fredricka wilson was with the widow of sergeant david johnson as they rode to the airport for the arrival of his remains. that's when the president called the widow, and wilson said she heard the comment which she calls insensitive. after saying monday he wasn't sure if previous presidents called families of soldiers killed in battle, yesterday the president in a radio interview took another swipe at former president obama. >> as far as other representatives, i don't know. i mean, you could ask general kelly did he get a call from
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obama. >> the president was invoking the memory of his chief of st f staff's son killed in 2010. general kelly has made a point of not drawing attention to his son's death. meantime, yesterday former vice president joe biden had this message for president trump -- >> i spent every christmas day when i was there at walter reed. the president went over regularly every thanksgiving. i had the families come and have thanksgiving dinner at my home. look, we -- i can't explain president trump. >> biden made the comments at the university of delaware yesterday where he attended a discussion with ohio governor john kasich. the senate judiciary committee wants to know why attorney general jeff sessions decided to recuse himself from the investigation into russian interference in the u.s. elections. sessions will face that committee on capitol hill today for questioning. delaware senator jeff koonz is a member of the committee. we'll have a link to the live
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stream on and the nbc10 app. better late than never. today delaware county will announce its proposal to serve as the site of amazon's second headquarters. leaders will highlight redevelopment opportunities, incentive, and the labor force if delaware county. amazon's deadline, by the way, for bids is tomorrow. >> every neighborhood, every person, every ethnicity, every journey adds to the value that we have as a city. >> meantime, philadelphia is trying to entice amazon with a series of videos like the one you're seeing here. yesterday's video focused on the diverse work force available in philadelphia. the city will be releasing one more video today before tomorrow's deadline. we'll be watching it. several parts of our region are trying to become home to the second headquarters and its 50,000 new jobs. and also it will cost -- rather it will be about $5 billion to construct the facility. a lot of economic development happening with this. the other areas vying for the bid include delaware, mercer county, atlantic county, camden,
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and newark, new jersey. a decision is expected early next year. coming up, fighting addiction. a man shares his story about his personal battle with opioids. the steps he's taking toward recovery just days after overdosing on the streets of camden. how a local organization went the extra mile to help as the epidemic grows. operation safe stop. how law enforcement agencies are joining forces to help keep school buses safe on the roads. the law every driver needs to know about coming up. and all new at 5:00 a.m., fighting hate on line. official media giant -- a social media giant is reworking policies to keep bullies at bay. we'll explain. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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some of the conshohocken curve construction looks like it might be clearing. either way, you see lane restrictions both directions. according to drive times, still look okay even moving through the work zone here. that typically clears around 5:00. not seeing anything reported here, but you see people walking around and vehicles moving back and forth on this off ramp. this is 295 near the black horse pike. watching lane construction there on the schuylkill expressway. i'll have updates in about ten minutes. a chilly morning out there. this time the frost advisory in place is little further south. this is over parts of the south jersey locations. it looks like they've added a portion to our area under this advisory. let me add to that. cumberland county, atlantic county, southern burlington. and you don't see this highlighted. i'll adjust this in the next half hour. now parts of ocean county.
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for temperatures, the low to mid 30s. mid 30s are where we drop down to this morning over the locations. the widespread frost possible as a result. plants could be killed because they can't handle will frost. in the lehigh valley, 39 degrees. temperatures will rise more so than yesterday. 63 at noon and upper 60s in the noon. plenty of sunshine again. you'll hear us saying this day after day. this is a clear, dry pattern that we're under. in philadelphia, it is warmer. 49 degrees to start. i'll tell you, you still want a jacket as you head out the door. it was chilly this morning. 65 at your lunchtime. plenty of sunshine and 70 for the forecast high. we'll wrap up here on the jersey shore. we're at 42 now. we'll make our way to the mid to upper 60s for high temperatures. >> thanks. taking a stand off the field. the eagles' malcolm jenkins takes a key role in trying to restore unity to the nfl amid the national anthem controversy. and kept a live. a new jersey family says the dog
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they thought they had put down was still living. this was months later. how they made the discovery. we'll explain.
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a south jersey man is on the road to recovery after becoming part of our story on a series of overdoses in camden. >> michael overdosed twice in one day. both times he was revived by the drug antidote narcan. he's taking the first steps to getting clean. he's one of 14 people who o.d.'d in one day last week. he made an impassioned plea to young people about the dangers of heroin. the founder at liberation way rehabilitation center saw michael's story and then spent days trying to track him down. now he's able to go to the rehab center for free. and he says he's ready to fight his addiction. >> i just have hope in the fact that i feel so good right now.
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>> the ripple effect of him feeling better and finding recovery and giving that back is immeasurable. >> today is day two of his 14-day detox. $4 million will go to people in pennsylvania to help battle the heroin and opioid addiction in the keystone state. governor wolf made the announcement yesterday. the money will go toward creating programs at four health clinics which will increase access to treatment. this morning, you can learn how to save an overdose victim's life. health experts are offering a free training session on how to administer the opioid antidote narcan. it's at a community behavioral health center on market street from 10:00 this morning until noon. you can learn more about the opioid epidemic in our region right now on, it includes a map of local treatment centers where you can get help for your loved ones. a new jersey family says their local veterinarian forced
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them to go through the loss of their beloved dog twice. they say they took their sick, suffering dog in to be put down only to find out that someone kept the dog alive for another five months before notifying the family. here's what happened -- it took place in freehold township, new jersey. the owner took in her sick dog, caesar, right there, to be put down. that was back in may. when she later picked up his collar, the vet told her that caesar was "at peace." however, a tipster informed her that someone from the office actually took caesar home instead. after finding caesar still alive and in worse condition, the owner made another difficult decision to have caesar put to sleep for the second time. it's unclear if there will be any criminal charges in this case. 4:47. now a look at stories happening state by state and county by county that we're following. >> let's start in chester county. a dentist is accused of assaulting a woman in his office. according to police, it happened at new garden family dentistry in new garden township. a patient says the dentist made
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inappropriate contact with her during a dental exam and job interview. he's charged with indecent assault and harassment. let's head to south jersey. a grocer says a batch of its ground meat may have pieces of plastic or metal in it. now there's a recall in effect. the meat was sold on monday at the shop rite on william dalton drive. the recall affects ground beef, pork, and veal. you can return the packages for a replacement or for i had refund. >> in montgomery county, a group is taking on a school district over a park. the friends of abridge park held -- of ash bridge park held a meeting. they are fighting to keep the lower merion school district to use the space from building a new school. the school district president says the property walk used for athletic fields -- property would be used for athletic fields. if you're out for the morning or afternoon drop-off, you know it's against the law to drive past a school bus picking up or dropping off kids. >> police will be out in full
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force to make sure that drivers don't do it. be on the lookout for operation safe stop. a joint effort between pennsylvania state troopers, lawyer providence police, along with penndot to protect schoolchildren. today police will be following behind school buses in the methacton school district to make sure that drivers do their part to keep kids safe at bus stops. >> dark out, limited visibility, again, traffic is -- is a problem. people are in a rush to get to where they're going. we want to make sure that the children that are getting on and off the buses are safe. that they're not in danger. >> if you are caught by police, expect a $250 fine, five points on your license, and a possible two-month driving suspension. parents are also watching drivers and will tip off police about anybody who breaks the law around the bus stops. all week the "today" show is looking at the secrets to happiness. cynthia mcfadden with a look at what's coming up this morning. >> reporter: you can boost your
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own happiness with these seven tips according to national happy expert dan butner. how many can you check off? one, get a dog. two, have a front porch, not a back one. three, have at least three friends. four, try to have good light where you live. five, have a religious faith. six, get married, and stay married. finally, seven, volunteer. okay. talk amongst yourselves. when we see you later on "today," dan will tell us why these things are so important, and we'll tell you what the happiest cities in the u.s. are. >> a few hands went up on the desk when she mentioned having a dog. >> yeah. the dog thing definitely works. they don't even ask you questions. they don't demand anything. >> we would agree with most on the list. my question is if you have a front porch, what are you looking at? >> you're welcoming people, say hello to your neighbors. >> i'm looking at it selfishly. you get to relax on the front
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porch, look at the beautiful day. >> i like the back yard so you can relax without having to do anything like that. let's talk about the weather. today is not a front porch morning unless you like the cold. chilly out there right now. grab the jacket as you head out. 38 in the pennsylvania suburbs. we're at 39 in the lehigh valley. 49 in philadelphia. it's one of our warm spots on the map. 40 for south jersey and delaware, low 40s. check it out. we get closer to the neighborhood numbers, we may get a few 30s. 45 for talliville. marshallton, 40 for the current reading. farther south, more in the 30s. look at that. 34 for agreed to. dover, 39 -- agreed green wood. dover, 39. and 40s from lewis beach to dewey beach at 48 degrees. at the jersey shore, same deal. a little better off. atlantic city at 53, right up against the water. you go inland, check that out.
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this is why a frost advisory is in place. 36 at woodvine. it is cold, the coldest in the region over our south jersey neighborhoods as we speak and along to the jersey shore. radar and satellite view, there is the wide view to show that we're clear in the neighborhoods and surrounding us, too. beautiful conditions for all of the mid-atlantic states, new england, as a result of high pressure that's building in, that bubble i like to call it, that keeps you sunny and keeps you warms, as well, today we start the warmup. yesterday we hit a high of 61. today the forecast high, 70 degrees. i like that. we're at 72 on thursday. by friday, up to 74. all three days looking sunny. in the suburbs, up to 73 by friday. 70 in new jersey. 66 at the jersey shore. and 70 in delaware, all of which rising in the low to mid 70s by
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the time we get to friday. about ten degrees warmer than average. as for the weekend temperatures, 76 on our saturday if philadelphia. up to 77 on sunday. a few other spots making to 77 by sunday, as well, including new jersey and delaware. we will start to see clouds return over the weekend. >> looks like a beautiful day. you may be getting up and heading out in a half hour or so. >> and yeah, trouble spots out there. we're watching what's happening on the schuylkill. >> some of the overnight construction projects haven't cleared. we're watching one on the schuylkill expressway around the conshohocken curve. you see lane restrictions there. look, no traffic or volume really. that is building up behind or around this. also watching around 30th street station, in between south street and the vine street expressway on the schuylkill, watching that, too. here's another construction project here. 295 just around route 168. so the black horse pike. both directions on 295 are so far, so good. northbound and southbound looking fine. the bridges, it clears at around
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5:00 this morning. so coming up on that, as well. work on the burlington bristol bridge where we have lanes of alternating traffic in both directions. back to you. >> all right. thanks for that. you know him from the "today" show's "rossen reports." today you can ask nbc's jeff rossen your consumer questions on our nbc10 philadelphia facebook page. he's tackled just about everything from helmet to hurricane scams. he will be answering your questions during that chat that starts this morning at 10:00. why a local principal is waking up on the roof of his elementary school this morning.
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nfl players and owners came together to discuss social issues after the league was pressed into the debate over the national anthem this season. >> middle school comjeffersonins was there -- malcolm jenkins was
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there on behalf of the players. jeffrey lurie was there as well as commissioner roger goodell. he said the league did not ask for changes to the national anthem policy which states that players should stand for the national anthem, not must stand. goodell called for the meeting -- called the meeting very productive and said there's a commitment to work together on social justice issues. >> something that i think our owners looked at is saying we want to help support you. those are issues that affect us. there are issues also. we'd like to do it together. >> we talked about how the owners could come alongside us and collaboratively work together to create some change. >> goodell says the players and owners will meet again sometime in the next two weeks. today the national anthem debate is expected to come up at the owners' meeting. the sixers start their season tonight in washington. the team tweeted a video combining a little old-school fun with new-school additions to get fans excited.
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♪ clap your hands everybody ♪ 76ers ♪ stomp your feet >> the song clearly dates back to the 1970s. an oldie but goody. you can see the video mix's old-school highlights with some highlights from the 21st century. joel embiid debuted a new look last night, sporting fresh cornrows. coach brown says he would like to see joel's playing time under 20 minutes. joel wants to play more and is not thrilled. >> [ bleep ]. i wish i was playing more. i think i'm ready. i think i'm ready for more. i don't know what number they have, but i wish i was playing more. we'll see how it goes. >> we will see. the sixers tip off at 7:00 against the washington wizards. a bucks county school principal will wake up this morning on the roof of his
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middle school. >> all for a good cause. >> yeah. >> principal tim long has been there all night and will stay there until 8:00 this morning as part of a fund-raising effort for a school destroyed by hurricane harvey in houston. long promised students at newtown middle school that he would stay overnight on the roof if they raised $8,000 to help the texas school. last night, he had dinner brought up by rope and buckets so the kids, they lived up to the pledge, made $8,000 to help out kids in texas. they got their principal up on the roof. >> i know. what a great example set by the principal in bucks county. now to more of the stories we're following now on nbc10 news at 5:00 a.m. -- >> teenage shot. the rush is on to track down who pulled the trigger. life after a massacre. the hotel workers credited with saving lives during a mass shooting on the las vegas strip. they talk about what happened for the first time. sharing her story. an a-list actress says the accusations against a hollywood
5:00 am
producer inspired her to step forward and talk about her own experience with assault and harassment. at the top on this wednesday, good morning. this is "nbc10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. we'll get right to meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. cool, not as cold as yesterday, though, which people will like waking up to. >> yeah. very close in a few spots. a few more, though, are warmer, like wilmington, philadelphia, and trenton. instead of 30s, we're at 43 degrees in trenton. look at philly. instead of 42, we're at 48. in wilmington, 44, as well. the numbers may drop a couple of degrees before we hit the official low today. no matter what, snag a jacket. it's still cold farther north. upper 30s in pottstown, millville reporting at 40. i showed you a moment ago some of our jersey shore neighborhood temperatures that are in the low to mid 30s this morning. that chill


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