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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maryland. aaron, about two hours ago you spoke to employees who saw the shooting. >> reporter: i had the chance to talk to four different employees who were inside the building when the gunman opened fire. right now we are outside of the richland ballroom in edgewood, maryland, where families came, kind of a staging area for families who had workers inside the building. these workers, they are absolutely devastated and they tell me they are certainly lucky to get away with their lives. you almost got shot. >> almost. almost. >> reporter: a worker inside advanced granite solutions in edgewood describing the moment the gunman fired shots, killing three of his friends and injuring two others. four different workers, feet away from the shooter, telling nbc10 all they could do was run. they shared a photo of oscar hidalgo who was shot and killed this morning.
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michael sira said he was ten feet away and claimed the shooter rarely talked to them. he is lucky to walk away. did you rush over to help or run away when people got shot? >> running running. running. running. he shot him but he was like running too. >> reporter: you are saying he got shot at? >> yeah. >> reporter: so you heard the close call right there. that worker feet away from the gunman. he was actually shot at but was able to run away, but he could not run over and help some of his friends who have now lost their lives. i am told here in about half an hour some folks will gather for a vigil to say good-bye and pray for the victims. one other note i am told from the coworkers. a lot of the folks inside did not speak english. many are from other countries. live in edgewood, aaron baskerville. nbc10 news. the nbc10 investigators
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looked into the suspect's past and found he has a long rap sheet with more than 40 arrests. >> radee prince is accused of shooting his coworkers at advanced granite solutions. he has only worked there for the past four months. the company designs and installs countertops. he was scheduled to work today. police say he showed up and shot his coworkers. authorities revealed prince does have a criminal record in maryland and delaware. he has been arrested 42 times in delaware. it appears he was first arrested back in 2003. then in 2015 he was charged with having a gun in his car illegally. the fbi considers him armed and dangerous. the suspect's suv is a black 2008 gmc acadia. it has a delaware license plate with the number pc64273. police say he took that acadia from maryland to delaware where he shot the owner of an auto dealership. we are told the victim did know the shooter. >> right now he is in the hospital recovering from two gunshot wounds. tonight we spoke to the shooting
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victim's fiancée and his friends. nbc10's lauren mayk continues the coverage of the story from wilmington. >> reporter: at the police station here in wilmington. the police chief is calling these targeted shootings. he says the shooter drove from maryland straight to a man here in wilmington that he has had issues with. now, that man was shot and survived and was able to give police some valuable information about who did it. radee prince, now the subject of a man hunt after police say he shot coworkers in maryland before heading straight to this auto business in wilmington. >> my daughter called me. she was hysterical, crying, saying jason had gotten shot. >> reporter: jason ball is her daughter's fiancé, the sixth target of prince today. does he look familiar? >> no. no. i don't recognize him at all. >> reporter: police say the two men do know each other.
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>> they have a past history together. and they've had beefs. >> reporter: the victim here even able to i.d. prince after being shot two times. >> immediately he was conscious, alert, after being shot, and he gave us the name immediately. >> reporter: that made the connection for investigators to know prince had made it to wilmington. now the focus for them is on finding him. while in wilmington, the bloomer family prays for jason ball's recovery. >> i didn't see him but they said he was okay. they said he was going into surgery and that he told the cop to tell my daughter that he loved her. >> reporter: and the police chief says that he is expected to survive. we are also learning more about how police and the fbi and other law enforcement are going about this man hunt and the technology that they are using since they know what vehicle the suspect is driving. they are able to then track things like ez pass to see where
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he may have gone and home in on where he could be. live in wilmington, lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> and if you are driving up and down i-95, you will see the fbi billboards showing the suspect and the description of the car. we are keeping a close eye and making phone calls to keep you updated on the man hunt for the suspected killer. stay with us throughout this news cast and on social media tonight for the very latest on the deadly workplace murders. new details tonight in the wake of this picture posted on social media showing racist pumpkin carvings. several high school students said it was meant as a joke, but tonight the naacp and other groups say it's no laughing matter. new controversy at coatesville high school. nbc10's deanna durante is there. >> reporter: one of the students who apparently was in the picture posted on his social media account saying he thought it was a joke and that he didn't
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think it would circulate and make the rounds. >> racism is not a joke. >> reporter: some students left before the school day was over to join parents and community members who chose to march and rally outside coatesville area high school. >> there is no justification to it. it's not a prank. it's not funny. >> reporter: some students linked arms and student leaders told nbc10 they felt the constructive approach, stay inside and finish the day. >> we shouldn't be outside yelling and chanting. we should be more of quiet and calm about it showing how good we can be. >> reporter: the pair are part of a large-scale effort by students to educate others on why the past acts are wrong. >> try to allow them to understand that this is not right and this is not a joke and this is in the real world this is being taken very seriously by the students and the staff. >> reporter: all week the district says students have had access to listening sessions and courses are going to be offered in social studies to better educate why the use of symbols
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like the ones posted online are offensive. the superintendent says these issues will not define the school district but it's hoping all learn from them. >> i hope that students, and they have, as so many did today, the majority of students, will model for the community. >> reporter: now, some students tell us they are planning a larger rally here on friday morning to show that they are unified. and back to the student's facebook post. he says there were seven people that it was shared upon and that that picture of the pumpkin carving was supposed to only be within that group. some tell us it's been shared hundreds of times from their pages. deanna durante, nbc10 news. more than a dozen senators got a face-to-face meeting with the president today as he tries to sell his tax plan. senators pat toomey and bob casey of pennsylvania attended this morning's briefing. president trump said the timing is right to overhaul the tax
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system for americans. the white house estimates the reform package would raise household incomes at least $4,000 a year if the corporate tax rate is reduced. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, in my opinion. this is something that will be really unique. the timing is right. >> the president's plan calls for a large cut to the corporate tax rate, reducing it from 35% to 20%. and an end to the estate tax. the plan still lacks specific legislation for a vote and most democrats vow to vote no. the president today rejected a florida congresswoman's story to that he told the soldier's mother he knew what he signed up for. the soldier's mother said the
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congress woman's account was correct. this summer bruce davis pleaded guilty to sending child porn online. a new jersey state police task force tracked down davis last year during a sting. new at 6:00. septa is making it easier to get up and down the roosevelt boulevard. septa and the city of philadelphia announced a new bus service starting sunday. there will be ten new stations with lighting and shelters and even a place to sit. bu buses will run every ten minutes during peak times. brand-new security cameras along the schuylkill river trails. 21 cameras covering eight entrances will be installed between arch street and the south street bridge. officials say they are working with police to have a live feed from the cameras patched into the philadelphia police crime center. we found out today the nfl draft is not returning to philadelphia next year. instead, it's headed to dallas. the league's commissioner said philly raised the bar and took the draft to another level at
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the art museum. in april philly broke attendance records during the first-ever outdoor draft. the three-day event captivated the city. 250,000 packed the area and the estimated economic impact for the city was about $95 million. tonight is the final debate between the democratic and republican candidates for new jersey governor. bill murphy and kim gudana meet face to face. murphy, a former ambassador to germany during the obama administration, leads gudano in the polls. a barrage of bullets inside a maryland office. then the carnage came to delaware. the latest on the man hunt for the murder suspect. also ahead. >> there is a fine line, a balance that exists, between not giving up and recognizing that it's up to the individual. >> getting help. new at 6:00. nbc10 looks at the treatment
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process for people addicted to heroin and ready to turn their lives around. tammie. warming back up. that's exactly what we're going to do. but for how long? i'll have your weekend forecast and the ten-day on 10 coming up.
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nbc10 is continuing to follow this breaking news. an accused killer on the run. police think he is in our area. radee prince was last seen by police in wilmington at 30th and market. that was late this morning. investigators tell nbc10 prince shot and wounded a wilmington man who he knows and then took off. less than two hours before that, police believe prince went on a shooting spree in the maryland office building where he works. tarti targeting coworkers. three people there were killed and two were injured. we'll follow the hunt for prince and bring you any updates on air and online. to this now. the road to recovery from opioid addiction can be a difficult task. >> nbc10 has profiled this south jersey man who came up to our camera after he had overdosed twice in the same day. liberation way helped michael courseello get into a treatment program yesterday. we wanted to help families get the information they need to know about breaking the cycle of
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addiction. today cydney long looked at the first two weeks for people battling addiction and the keys for treatment. >> reporter: once addicted to heroin himself. >> you don't have to be uncomfortable to be in treatment. >> reporter: michael armstrong took us behind closed doors atten a addiction recovery home in flowertown where those in treatment sleep, eat and share in the struggle of detox. their goal, don't get high and don't give up. >> for the next seven to 14 days, he is going to be solely focusing on getting that poison out of his system. >> reporter: users are given methadone to wean off heroin. but the mental recovery is equally important. >> meet with psychiatrists. he will do individual as well as group sessions. he will do journaling. >> reporter: so each day users chart their progress. >> when it's on paper, it becomes real. >> reporter: he showed us the bedrooms, living space, kitchens and 12-step group therapy room. >> giving them an opportunity to
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feel good about themselves plays a major role in the process of change. >> reporter: the catalyst for change armstrong says begins with tough love. for michael it was his end. >> she said, michael, i'll let you in. but you have to detox. >> reporter: is it the right thing for the family member to give the ultimatum? >> absolutely. even more important is sticking to it. >> reporter: during phase one, no cell phones or family visits. it's largely quiet today because many are participating in group therapy. armstrong says if users suffer multiple addictions beating one is success. >> treat them for what they want to be treated for. that's kind of how you meet somebody where they're at. >> reporter: despite the odds and national stats that four out of five heroin users relapse, it's not failure. it's opportunity to try again. >> anywhere you find motivation is a good thing.
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>> if you know someone or you have an addiction problem yourself and want help, new jersey has a hotline to help you. the number is 844-732-2465. now, also on our website,, we have a map there of all the local treatment centers where you can get help. has won national awards for generation addicted, our special series on the opioid epidemic. opening day for a first-of-its-kind facility in delaware. it cut the ribbon on the new plant in newcastle, the first plant in the united states producing 100% renewable and bio-based chemicals. the ingredients will be used in everything from face cream to laundry detergent. i was watching for the green flash. didn't see it, though. look at this gorgeous sunset taking place right now.
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in cape may. sunset officially 6:17 this evening. what a beautiful day it's been. let's check the temperature. 64 degrees on south winds to six miles an hour. really, really lovely. we have been treated to a number of spectacular sunsets over the last couple of days because of our beautiful clear skies. we have very low humidity. it's at 44% right now in philadelphia, but it will drop further over the next few days. 69 in philadelphia. winds southwest, about 7 miles an hour. we made it all the way up to 72 today as an official high. that's above where we should be at 66. all right. so we're going to have perfect pumpkin weather out there. time to decorate your home or whatever you want outside for the halloween upcoming holiday. we will be sunny through the weekend. not expecting to see any rain until perhaps very late monday. and starting on tuesday. low humidity. we'll have a rise in the static electricity, so don't be shocked by that.
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it will be wonderfully warm. 70s for the next six days. enjoy this gift from mother nature. clear skies on the doppler radar. we won't see rain because we have a huge dome of high pressure out here. warm conditions across the area. the front you see trying to cross wisconsin with the clouds, it moves by to the north of us and dings us a couple degrees on friday evening. doesn't really do much other than that. so you'll wake up tomorrow morning and be looking at generally the low to mid 40s across the area. southwest winds. we'll make it into the low 70s tomorrow. a few upper 60s in areas such as the poconos. by friday, up into the low 70s again. the winds have turned to the northwest and that's the passage of a weak front to the north of us. it is a dry passage to the north of us. looking at 73 tomorrow in fair mont, loving all these sunshines
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on the board. vorhees, 72. dover, 70. generally the low 70s for the next couple of days. we make it to saturday. high, thin clouds drifting through. 75. 77 on sunday. even warmer on monday ahead of the front, but we'll see more clouds building in on monday. monday night, of course, the eagles' big football game here at home. we are hoping the cold front comes through. after the game we could see showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. temperatures start to tumble. we'll hang on to the 70s early and then back to the 60s, all the way down to 60, by the time we reach next thursday. the sixers' opener. i am keith jones, live in washington, with all the fans who travelled from d.c. because they trust the process. hear from them on their trip. also, markelle fultz, who had to turn down people for tickets.
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when you're a double-dipping pension-padder like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds
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on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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and now to the excitement for the sixers' opening game. fans have not been this pumped in quite a while. >> they are ready. tonight we'll see joel embiid and ben simmons in the starting lineup. embiid will only play limited minutes. keith jones is live from washington, d.c., where the sixers play the washington wizards. >> number one overall pick markelle fultz will come off the bench. sixers fans right there with you tonight, keith. they didn't want to miss this one. >> reporter: they did not. we made the two and a half hour drive south on i-95. fans and cars next to us, fans
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at the rest stops, all to see the season opener. this is the spot. this is where the sixers will come out in just a little bit. probably 15, 20 minutes' time. you can see the fans lining this way. we are live on tv in philadelphia right now. this little guy right here was pulled out of school early. he is waving. he is excited and ready to go. they made the drive. this guy got jahlil okafor and joel embiid's signatures. this guy is pumped up. he lives in d.c. but loving the philly love. 14,000 with expected. robert covington, sharp-shooter coming over and signing autographs. this is a great experience for people who made the trip. i want to show you the warmups before. big story lines. for one, fans drove all the way from philly. they want to know how long joel embiid will play. 20 minutes or less. embiid is very disappointed by that. that's the way i'll summarize his frank comments after signing that big $148 million contract.
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there is ben simmons who has also been dealing with injuries. he is expected to see meaningful time on the court. last but not least, markelle fultz, making his nba debut. he grew up a half-hour from here. gave out a ton of tickets! >> i think my mom. my mom, my family, my sister, and one of my teachers from high school who helped me throughout my whole school career to get through school. she taught me a lot. i am excited to have those people come out. >> reporter: keep in mind, three years ago he was playing high school ball a half hour from here. amazing the transition he has made. the game kicks off at 7:00. the fans here, they are excited. and they are ready for a sixers' win. we will be right back. it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪
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a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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we're going to continue this gorgeous streak of weather. we are going to see low 70s the next few days. mid to upper 70s this weekend and even on to monday before it comes to an abrupt halt with
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some rain the middle of next week. >> let's focus on what's in front of us, the next few days. that's our news. i am jim rosenfield. >> i am jacqueline london. see you at 11:00. tonight a multistate manhunt to catch a killer. authorities say he gunned down woe corks -- co-workers in the office, then opened fire in another state later. controversial controversy. what president trump said or didn't say to the widow of a fallen soldier. anlympic star's bombshell, revealing she, too, was haasar -- harassed by a team doctor. players should stand. a new turn in the nationwide debate. breaking his silence. the first person to confront the gunman in las vegas, the hero security guard speaks. a silent cancer epidemic striking men, triggered by a virus usually associated with women. knowing the signs could save your life.


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