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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> coming up at 4:30. first look at 4:00, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to glenn hurricane schwartz visiting the morning show. >> i have some beautiful weather to tell you about, not just for today, but for the next few days. we have clear skies in philadelphia as the sun comes up. it's going to be, well, nothing but sunshine. here in the p.a. suburbs. 52 degrees right now. and temperatures going into the 60s and even to near 70 degrees in much of the area. you can see not a whole lot of wind. 53 in philadelphia and 45 in allentown and 48 in wilmington, usual, cool spot. clear skies and light winds atnith. the average high temperature this time of year is 67 degrees and we're certainly going to be above that. not only in philadelphia, but through the rest of the area. and there's got sunshine,
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absolutely no chance of rain. and, so, good time to wash a car, that's for sure. mike can certainly use it. any volunteers? any volunteers? up near, up near 70 degrees during the day today and just delightful. we'll see how long this great weather last coming up. jess? >> well, glenn, we're watching the schuylkill expressway and our cameras just around conshohocken. difficult to see. some lanes moving this way. that's eastbound. closed at the construction project here as we were yesterday, as well. you can just see some flashing lights ahead. all the lanes off the schuylkill are getting by. that's at least the good thing there. watching 95 moving through delaware looks good so far. north and southbound into the mid-60s there, too. crash at lower merion and right
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around rock creek road. back to you. a fugitive is on the run. he was on the run and is now under arrest. sky 4 10 was over newark as police arrested the man suspected in a shooting. radee prince will likely be arraigned this morning. police in two states were on the hunt for prince for ten hours yesterday after he allegedly opened fire in his workplace in maryland killing three people and injuring two more. he shot a man at a used car dealership in delaware. matt delucia joins us live in delaware at the police department. matt, walk us through the shootings and the tense manhunt that followed. >> that suspect should face a judge in the next few hours for an arraignment. he is facing charges in two states. delaware and maryland. the more serious charges being what happened in maryland yesterday. meantime, witnesses and neighbors have been recounting that dramatic day. let's start with that first shooting that happened in
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maryland in edgewood, maryland. police say the radee prince went into a granite warehouse where he worked and shot those three people. some of the workers told us they were only a few feet away when prince started shooting. after that an hour and a half later the violence continued in wilmington at 28th street auto sales. radee prince shot baul in the he and then the manhunt continued for prince. wasn't until a little after 7:00 in the evening the suspect was captured in newark and the officer said a lot of this came down to tips. >> without the tips from civilians oout there who helped us along the way because without their effort and working with law enforcement and working together, we would not be able to make this apprehension. >> and we're told that jason baul, the wilmington victim who was shot, he is in stable
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condition at the hospital. a neighbor who knows the suspect says that she can't understand why this would have happened. why he would go on a rampage like this. a lot of questions that still have yet to be answered this morning. for now i'm live in wilmington, matt delucia. nbc news. >> a tip led to radee prince's arrest last night. officers acted on that tip chasing down and arresting the suspect. one woman talked about what it was like to have police and federal agents flood her neighborhood. >> i just pulled in to come home and then i look and i'm like, they're on our street. it happened here. they're right here. >> during the chase in delaware, police say that prince tossed y recover. sign up now so that you can have those alerts sent right to your phone. it's 4:34. a carjacking suspect in new
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castle county remains on the loose this morning. police say the woman stole the car from the convenience store, almost took off with the victim's 6-year-old son. this is surveillance. this is an image. take a look at this, it's on your screen. it's the suspect from philadelphia pike. this was yesterday morning. the victim says she went inside leaving her son in the back seat and the keys in the ignition and that's when the suspect hopped in. the victim's son managed to get out before the suspect drove off. the car is a silver 2008 hyundai sonata. a rebel commander who lives in delaware county has been found guilty of fraud for lying on immigration documents. a jury convicted him yesterday for lying about his past as a rebel commander in liberia so that he could enter the u.s. sought asylum almost 20 years ago. his trial involved testimony from several witnesses who said he or his soldiers kill
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civilians, rape women and engaged in canbleism. today cities looking to land amazon's second headquarters face a deadline to submit a bid. they're among the spots in our area looking to lure amazon. among dozens of cities and counties across the country who are battling out for the winning bid. amazon pledged to invest more than $50 billion and hire more than 50,000 people for the second headquarters. today delaware governor john carney will lay out wilmington's proposed sites for hq2. make their case by highlighting what makes delaware the right fit for amazon. and delaware county is also jumping into the competition. county leaders there say their redevelopment opportunities, tax incentives and local labor force are reason enough for the company to build its second headquarters there. in new jersey, governor chris christie says the state will back newark and not camden as the ideal location for the headquarters. the state and city plan to attract amazon with nearly $7
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billion in tax breaks. camden officials have been telling us this week, they are still pressing forward. new york city is playing on its large force and transportation options to lure amazon. their culture and diversity are reasons amazon sthould go there. randy will break down the hq2 competition and how our city fits in. the sixers drop the season opener after the philly fan base traveled in mass to see the team in d.c. during the game, you can hear trust the process chant throughout the building. another player spent time with the fans signing autographs before the game. while many people made the three-hour drive to washington, d.c., we caught up with one man who traveled 20 hours from australia from the game. >> how long was that flight? six hours from l.a. to
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washington, d.c. >> how long are you staying for? barely 24 hours. >> stop it. he gets the, he gets the fan of the decade award. >> hopefully his boss isn't watching. down under. nbc 10 keith jones talked with several students from drexel university who skipped a midterm but vowed to be back in class this morning. a midterm. that's trusting the process right there. 4:38 right now. an eagles player is putting his money where his mouth is for the first time we're hearing from chris long about what's inspiring him to donate his entire salary. why he says the decision was a no-brainer. plus, keeping the trail safe. the change that officials say will help protect runners and bicyclists. and on to at 5:00 a.m., protecting your passenger. a new crash test focuses on the safety of your precious cargo and it's revealing the biggest
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problem with the cars we drive every day.
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well, we have another nice start to another day out there. includes the lehigh valley. talking about temperatures in the 40s right now. not much wind. doesn't feel all that chilly and it will warm up fast. 54 by 10:00 a.m. and up to 70 degrees near the afternoon. 53 in philadelphia and 45 in allentown and 49 degrees in dover. we're going to see almost all of those places get up near 70 today. certainly in philadelphia, it's 53 at the airport. but it's 47 in chestnut hill. 48 in parkwood. 49 in bustleton. this is why we do neighborhood weather. even within the city on a clear night, the temperatures do vary
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quite a bit during this time of the year. and we have the clear skies, not only along the east coast. but all the way back into the middle of the country. so, nothing of significance headed this way. certainly not today or tomorrow or into at least the beginning of the weekend. center city 73 today. westchester 70. trenton 71 and atlantic city 71 and wilmington 72. everyone has sunshine. nobody has any kind of strong winds. and we're not going to see much of a change in the weather pattern as we go through the next few days and that's fortunate timing because we're talking about the weekend. friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures going up a little bit each day. so, it's going to feel kind of warm by sunday. that's about ten degrees above average for this time of the year and some computer models suggest that we could be pretty close to 80 degrees. that is pretty amazing. as we go through the day today,
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we've got that southwest wind and we can could see by afternoon temperatures up near 70 degrees. and even towards the shore. it's close to 70. ocean temperatures are still in the 60s. tomorrow down into the 50s and tomorrow morning not quite as cool as what we've seen over the last several days. >> all right, glenn, thank you. war of words. president trump challenges a congress woman's claim about a controversy with the fallen soldier's family is now saying. losing the draft. why the nfl won't bring the event back despite shattering attendance records.
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rblt . philadelphia officials hope to make the schuylkill river trail safer. 20 other cameras installed the coming weeks. the site of several attacks and sexual assaults. official os are working to send a live feed into the philadelphia police crime center.
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president trump is strongly rejecting the claims he was disrespectful to the grieving family of a fallen soldier. >> yesterday the white house called the allegation appalling, but a florida congresswoman is standing by her account of the phone call that she heard between the president and the widow of one of four soldiers killed this month in niger. frederica wilson claims that the president said to the widow of la david johnson "knew what he signed up for when joining the military." >> she was in tears and said, he didn't even remember his name. >> johnson's family backs the congresswoman's account. the president says he has proof the story was fabricated. meantime, the team is going to niger to find out what happened and defense official says there was confusion during and after the mission. and the investigative team will collect basic facts about the attack. president trump says
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lawmakers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to overhaul the tax system. he met with members of the senate finance committee yesterday, including pennsylvania senators pat toomey and bob casey. their tax plan would be a boom for the middle class, but democrats say it will benefit wealthy individuals and big corporations. nfl commissioner roger goodell says the talks over players protesting the national anthem are unprecedented. after two days of conversations, every team sees the situation the same way. they want players to stand for the anthem. however, goodell says the nfl will not force the players to do so. instead, he wants the league to listen to the athletes and discuss the issues that they're concerned about. goodell says he understands why people are upset that people aren't standing and he wants to keep the nfl out of politics and focused on football. meantime the nfl draft is not returning to philadelphia next year. instead, it's heading to dallas. however, roger goodell says philly raises the bar by holding
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it outside near the art museum. philadelphia broke attendance records during the first outdoor draft in april. more than 250,000 people packed the area in front of the art museum. >> i want to take a moment and just thank both chicago and philadelphia for really doing an extraordinary job to raise the bar. and we are confident that dallas will raise that bar even further. >> the estimated economic impact for philadelphia was about $95 million. speaking of money, this morning, we're hearing from philadelphia eagle defensive end chris long about his decision to donate a lot of money. his entire salary this year to charity. >> long says it was a no-brainer. we caught up with long last night at the academy charter school in frankfort. he says his final ten game checks will go to making education more accessible for kids. >> everybody needs resources and, so, this means a lot and
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people get behind it. so, like i mentioned, i've already had an nfl player pledge $50,000 the rest of the season. >> portion of the money will help kids in philadelphia. the rest will go to young people in boston and st. louis. long also gave six checks to scholarship initiatives in charlottesville following the white supremacist riots. long on the verge of getting ready for a monday night matchup against the redskins. live team coverage from the link here on nbc 10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. >> you just said that's real commitment. for all the players who we see demonstrating who say they want change. he's doing something. that's action in a big way. >> love it. >> that's commitment. that's commitment. and our hat's off to you. he's making a million dollars this year. low for an nfl player. but he came here because he wanted to join a caliber team. donating his salary, no player
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has done that to my knowledge. >> would be nice to hear that another player donated $50,000. >> if you wonder about some of the other cities, he played in some of those other places, too. >> he's also helping on the field. he's doing really well. >> terrific, yeah. >> great. >> yeah. okaokay. the weather's great, too. we have had a few complaints. always some complaint about the weather. this time of the year, it tends to cool down. and when we get these warm stretches, once in a while, we get calls saying, look, it's supposed to get cooler this time of year. it will. next week. you could enjoy the 70s this week. we have a little bit of a wind out there. not much. and we're not going to see a whole lot of wind during the day today. the temperature, though, is going to jump up. 53 in philadelphia now. remember, a couple days ago we were in the 40s in the city and 30s in some of the suburbs. so, it has warmed up a little bit each day. 45 in redding and allentown and 45 in mt. holly and 43 degrees
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in millville. and the ocean 64. that's still kind of mild for this time of the year. now, the temperature in chester county, bucks, montgomery counties. 45 in coatsville and 42 in un n unionvil unionville. one of the cool spots and 49 in landsdale and 41 in new hope and 45 from richburg. you can see a big contrast across the area when you have clear skies and light winds. you can see some of those big contrasts, not only from the city to the suburbs but within some of those suburbs. clear skies not only at the east, but also back into the middle of the country and that's why we're seeing sunshine all day. temperatures getting up close to 70 degrees. just about everywhere through the area. that includes the jersey shore because there's not that much wind out there. now, over the weekend, temperatures go up even more.
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the average high is 67 degrees. going up about ten degrees above average by sunday. there is virtually no chance of rain during that period of time. so, it is really an incredible weekend. those temperatures creeping up. the average 66 degrees now for this time of the year. now, as we go through the weekend, like i said, temperatures getting up through the 70s. the eagles playing monday night. now, there is a front that is going to come through and knock intemperatures down. but right now it looks like more likely to be on tuesday. and into wednesday. so we're talking about unseasonably warm weather for the eagles game and then we start cooling down to even below normal temperatures next week. >> glenn, thank you. >> thank you. i'm sorry. seven minutes before 5:00. chris long and jessica is a big eagles' fan but she hasn't seen chris long close and she was sitting next to me fanning
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herself a little bit. >> i was like, hello. good morning. yeah, so, we're going to -- i knew you were going to throw me under the bus with that. starting with the schuylkill expressway. >> i never saw him without his uniform on. i didn't know what he looked like. the westbound side on the schuylkill is shut down. police activity and a construction project that was also active yesterday. yesterday also cleared around 5:00 or so. hopefully same story here. westbound traffic still moving by, though. both lanes there. route 202 looks okay, as well. route 30 to the schuylkill. speeds in the mid-30s and accident out in lower merion. watch for this around rock creek road. a cancer patient is celebrating a big win at tuesday night's flyers game. he posted this picture on facebook after taking the $17,000 top prize in the flyers 50/50 raffle. though he rarely leaves home due to the risk of infection.
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he decided to go with the friend to that game and he says he plans to donate half of his winnings to the abe bram cancer center. what caused one woman to leave this message on a pumpkin. falls from a plane and on to a busy road. (alex trebek) seasons change. it's part of nature's cycle of life. but when those seasons are filled with moments of uncertainty, untimely change,
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surveillance video captured the moment a small plane went down on a road in florida. see the top right corner of your screen. you can see the plane crash on the street in st. petersburg yesterday. four people were hurt, including the pilot and the passenger in the plane. in new castle county, newark police want to find this thief who was recorded stealing packages. earlier this month the man swiped two packages from the doorstep on stanford drive and snatched more than $3,000 of
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items so far. the only thing that seemed to stand out, the thief was wearing a long sleeve shirt with a lawn care logo on the back. a new york city woman has a warning from a thief who stole a pumpkin from her porch. >> he replaced the stolen pumpkin with this one. this home is surveillanced. we know you stole the other pumpkin. return it and we won't have you arrested. so far the stolen pumpkin has not been returned. we'll see. so, halloween is more than a week away, week and a half. you still have a lot of time to pick out a costume. >> if you're having trouble deciding on a look. here are the popular picks so far this season. a lot of people are choosing to be penny wise the clown from the horror movie "it." the popular costume in the women section wonderwoman. one owner said she's seen a rise in day of the dead costumes. >> wonder why that is. but i get the wonder woman.
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>> the it clown, yeah. scary. >> wonderwoman has my vote. more of the store oies weie following for you. wanted man now in custody. what's nextt for the suspect accused of killing three people in a two-state shooting spree as they mourn the victims. trusting the process. 76ers came up short in the season opener. the take aways that have the team looking forward to a bright future. nbc 10 news starts rignow. >> glenn is with us. you've enjoyed it. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we all trust the process. let's get to glenn "hurricane" schwartz with our neighborhood forecast. glenn? >> i'm more excited about this and the future of the sixers
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than i have for decades. i mean, even when iverson was around, it was him, you know, it was a one-guy superstar and now several. we have several days of beautiful weather. we got light wind during the day today. the temperature going up a little bit compared to what we have seen in the last few days. got clear skies to start the day. and at the jersey shore, one of the many places going to be seeing sunshine. getting up through the 60s and close to 70 degrees. temperatures are in the 40s to low 50s. 52 in philadelphia. that southwest wind will warm us up today more than we've seen in the last couple of days. 73 degrees the average high is 66. and we're near 70 or into the 70s throughout the area today. jess? >> glenn, we're watching the schuylkill expressway still this morning and


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