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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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headquarters. and the process in action. the sixers make their season debut. how our rookies did and the fan who traveled the globe to see the team play. nbc 10 news starts now. >> trusting the process. that's all we have been talking about this morning. >> all in. >> all in. 6:00 a.m. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. another guy who trusts the process, but did not stay up for the whole game like i did. >> some of us need a few hours. much, much tougher than i am. we have a southwest wind. the flag blowing this direction. that means we're warming up. and, so, it's not as cold as it was at this time yesterday or the day before that. it's 41 in allentown, but 52 in philadelphia. clear skies, light wind. big temperature differences across the city. look at these temperatures this afternoon. getting up to 70 or above. we're in the low 50s now. we warm up quickly.
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not a whole lot of wind, certainly no chance of rain. as we go through the rest of the day, nothing but sunshine. zero chance of rain across any part of the area today. and that really does continue for a while. you could see near 70 at delaware and much of new jersey, even the jersey shore getting up pretty close to 70 degrees today and then warming up as we head through the weekend. we'll get into those numbers and when rain is actually going to be coming in in just a few minutes. jess. >> thanks, glenn. on 95 and around girard avenue. southbound side still moving. so, from the vine street expressway to wood haven road or north or south or either direction right there. still seeing pretty low drive times and speeds into the 60s. dropping a tad on the southbound side and traffic moving towards center city and also watching a crash on lower merion right rock creek road and watching for police activity there.
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route 10 right now is blocked in both directions due to a fire in west philly. shuttle passengers in both directions between lancaster. the multi-state manhunt for a fugitive accused of shooting his co-workers is over this morning and only nbc 10 captured the ending from above. sky force 10 was above. last night's arrest followed a ten-hour manhunt that began in edgewood, maryland, yesterday morning. that's where police say radee prince shot five co-workers killing three of them. from there, police say he drove to a used car dealership in wilmington where he shot a sixth victim. and now investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked his alleged shooting spree. >> witnesses are sharing what they saw in those violent moments. matt delucia where prince faces arraignment today. walk us through what is going to happen today.
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>> and vai and tracy, that suspect is due for an arraignment here in wilmington in the next few hours. in the meantime, he is locked up and facing charges now in two different states. delaware and maryland. but you mentioned those witnesses and the people who were there when this all happened. a pretty frightening day and experience for them. let's start by walking you through what happened early on. in that first shooting yesterday morning in edgewood, maryland. police there say a suspect radee prince went into a granite warehouse where he worked and shot five people. three of them were killed. some workers told us they were only a few feet away when prince started shooting. >> they have been great support. everybody has been really helpful. >> and you hear the manager of that warehouse there and there was a vigil last night to honor the victims of this attack. that business has now lost three workers and friends and let's go
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ahead and talk about the wilmington shooting for a momenmomen moment. the violence continued over at 28th street auto sales here in the city and police say radee prince shot jason baul in the head and his body. friends and relatives say they don't know why he would be targeted. >> we all were hysterical. we got upset. he is a fine young man. >> and that manhunt continued for prince until about 7:00 last night when the suspect was captured in newark. police say this had to do a lot with tips from the public tracking this guy down. jason baul the willmington victm stable at the hospital. a neighbor who knows prince's family said she can't believe why this would happen in the first place. a lot of people having that question this morning. why would this guy allegedly go on this rampage, killing three people and shooting a total of six. for now i'm live in wilmington,
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matt delucia. >> we have been doing some digging. they looked am to the suspect's past and found a long rap sheet with dozens of arrests. >> radee prince arrested 42 times dating back to 2003. investigators say he should have never been allowed to go free. >> if there are violent people causing carnage in the community and have violent crimes, we have to find a way to keep them behind bars so they can't go out and reoffend. >> prince also had a record in maryland, including several handgun charges in 2015 which were later dropped. count on nbc 10 to bring you continuing coverage of this story. we were the first to report his capture and you can sign up to have those alerts sent right to your phone. 6:05 on this thursday morning. breaking news in west philadelphia where we just learned a firefighter was hurt balling this row home fire. he is expected to be okay. one woman was also hurt.
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you saw crews carrying that woman into the ambulance. the fire operation near kershaw street is blocking the route 10 trolley. septa is shuttle bussing passengers. we'll keep you updated on the air and on the nbc 10 app. a shooting victim ran to a house in huntington park where he collapsed and died. they're looking for the shooter and the crime scene. the victim was shot in the chest, but they're not sure where it actually happened. officers are talking with neighbors to learn more. a carjacking suspect in new castle county remains on the loose this morning. police say the woman stole a car from a convenience store and almost took off with the victim's 6-year-old son in the car. this is surveillance image of the suspect from a wawa on philadelphia pike in clamont yesterday morning. the victim says that she went inside leaving her son in the back seat and the keys in the ignition and that's when the suspect hopped inside the car. the victim's son managed to get out before the suspect drove
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off. the car is a silver 2008 hyundai sonata. 6:07 right now. wall street is coming off another record day. the dow rose sharply to close above 23,000 for the first time. the index got a boost from ibm. and the tech giant reported better than expected quarterly results. today marks the 30th anniversary of black monday. the day many on wall street would like to forget. on that day the dow plunged 22% to just over 1700. all right, the process was on full display during the sixers season opener last night. >> phillies lost to the sixers in d.c. and they put up a good fight and shows the fans what the future is going to look liklike like. fultz made his debut. it was robert covington who drained seven three-pointers on
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a way to a team high 29 points. the sixers would go on to lose, 120-115. 94 embiid and other players spent time signing autographs for fans who drove down for three hours. during the game, you could hear the trust the process chants reverberating throughout the arena. we caught up with one fan who traveled 20 hours from australia to see ben simmons who was born in melbourne. >> just came to see ben and then we're out. if my boss sees this, i just called in sick. we're going to be in all sorts of trouble. i think it's a good excuse. >> just came to see ben like he is just around the corner. the sixers home opener is, of course, tomorrow against the celtics. >> then we talked to some drexel students who skipped their midterm to go down. >> how do you -- i guess you just tell them you were sick, right? who would miss a midterm? >> people who are very excited about this game.
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as you and glenn have been talking all morning. it was a good game. >> glenn probably never missed a midterm, even for the sixers. right, glenn? >> you're a good student. >> probably. i was one of those who was in a constant state of panic. so, i always had to do everything -- we have very light winds right now. wind that there is coming from the southwest which is going to be warming us up. 52 degrees in philadelphia. 42 in pottstown and 41 in allentown. quite a difference across the area. the heat island effect is in there strong today. so, is the effect of the ocean. 58 in lake city marina and only 54 at atlantic city international airport. else where in new jersey, it's only 42 and 44 and atco and 39 in pemberton and that instrument
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does tend to read on the low side. clear skies up and down the east coast. back to the middle of the country. these are just high, thin clouds. this is the radar and satellite. you'd be seeing radar echoes there if there was any rain. lansdale 70 and sunshine all over the place. trenton 71. atlantic city 71. wilmington, 72 degrees. over the weekend, more of the same. the only real difference is it gets a little bit warmer each day. saturday up to 75. sunday 77. and even the jersey shore. seeing temperatures getting close to 70 degrees. so, we've got some really nice weather for most folks. if you want some rain, it's coming, but you're going to have to wait a little while. saturday and sunday look dry. and monday at this point looks dry, as well. but it's going to be a closer call because there is a system coming in that will give decent rains tuesday into wednesday and that will help drop the temperatures and will be below
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normal temperature wise later next week. security boost. a popular philadelphia destination goes high tech to put an end to violence on its trails. and happening today, deadline day to get your applications in if you want amazon to relocate to your city. coming up next, what philadelphia and delaware have planned to bring the internet shopping giant here. and buck on the beach. the jersey shore town where a deer was spotted spending the day in the sand and the sun. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back. check out this new video showing a buck stuck on a beach. the male white tale deer spent the day sitting near the surf
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near the border with sea side heights. a state wildlife official said that toms river animal control did respond, but whenever they tried to approach the deer with the tranquillizer gun it ran into the surf. so, they just decided to let it be. good. >> so, it's stuck or just hanging out at the beach? >> don't know. well, it's last call for cities who want to join the bidding war to land amazon's second headquarters. >> final bids are due today. counties and towns in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware are among the dozens of places trying to win over amazon and score the 50,000 jobs it would bring. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal is live with the pitches and the looming deadline. tell us more. >> good morning, tracy and vai. have you guys ever taken inventory inside your house of the things you bought on amazon. we decided to do that with a live truck this morning. this is what we found all purchased in the last year or
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so. a keyboard case and this letter bag and a coffee mug and this is unintentional, but this purple tie i'm wearing today. all of it bought on amazon. that's why cities like philadelphia are so enthusiastic about getting the company to relocate their second headquarters here. the internet shopping giant, amazon, taking over industries left and right and it will pump a lot of money into local economies. this afternoon, delaware leaders will announce their specific locations. they've chosen to include in their bid amazon's looking for somewhere with access to international flights and educated talent pool. and, obviously, also looking for some tax incentives, too. the city of philadelphia, meanwhile, put together a video proposal highlighting its diverse workforce and affordable living in a booming downtown and close proximity to d.c. and new york. >> we're close to new york and close to washington. i spent a lot of time in d.c. on
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policy issues. just jump on the train and you're down there in less than two hours. >> i can go to new york and why i chose philadelphia is because of value. >> now, seattle-based amazon is not dpoeg going to make their f decision until some time next year. but they have listed philadelphia as a top contender for those reasons we listed before. today at 10:15 the mayor of philadelphia as well as other city leaders will meet here to have a big event after they officially submit their proposal. so, big wait for all the cities across the country. we'll see what happens for now. randy gyllenhaal. >> we're looking around for all the things we bought on amazon. >> amazon prime, click, click, click. >> i order from amazon way more than i care to admit. yeah, so, i'm for it. i like it. guys, well, we have a problem, too, talk about route 73.
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over right around remington avenue. a few vehicles involved in a crash here. this is the northbound side here. this is traffic that is approaching the bridge area. we'll start to see some delays there. you can definitely see it back here where we have a few lanes blocked. it looks like everybody is crawling by into the shoulder. all that northbound traffic is really starting to see a little bit of delay. look at the southbound side over here. looks like every once in a while we can see somebody stop eand brake lights. a little bit of that gaper delay, but you should be fine if you're heading in that direction. northbound we're worried about right now. keep our eyes on that. also watch a crash at whitpain and new into our system, too. also checking in with the schuylkill expressway. we're just getting into the beginning where we start to see a little bit of a delay. not much right now. 17 minutes on the westbound side. and average speeds there into the 40s. updates for you on this and we'll check in with route 73 when we come back. >> thank you. 6:18 right now.
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take a live look outside at cape may. it's a while before the sun comes up. it's dark. we'll find out what the forecast is going to be for cape may and your neighborhood with glenn "hurricane" schwartz making an early morning appearance with us. so happy to have you with us today. >>e i'd like to report very little traffic at 3:00 a.m. just discovered that this morning. getting in here fast. 52 degrees in philadelphia. 41 at allentown. 42 in pottstown and in millville, atlantic city international, as well. temperatures will start to climb very nicely over the next couple of hours. it's 60 degrees at cape may point. we have a southwest wind. it's an indication of the atmosphere warming up and plus the influence of that 64 degree ocean. 57 atlantic ocean and look at the difference when you go inland. may's landing. 39 degrees. that's almost a 20 degree difference in not very many
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miles. that's what happens with the wind direction like that. the low humidity. it all adds up. the east coast is dry. middle of the country is dry. so, we're going to stay dry. temperatures getting up into the low 70s this afternoon. with nothing but sunshine. a lot of people very much enjoying this weather. of course, if it's like this every day, we live in the desert. you need rain at some point and there is some in the ten-day forecast. but just about every part of the area gets up near 70 degrees today. the shore points get up close to that, too. giant area of high pressure right over the middle of the country. keeping things quiet from the rockies all the way to the east coast. temperatures above normal. all the way from the rockies to the east coast, but that is not going to continue indefinitely. it will continue through the weekend. again, sunshine friday, saturday and sunday.
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temperatures gradually going up by sunday we're into the upper 70s. some spots could touch 80 degrees and remember the average high is only 66 for this time of the year. here we are going through the 70s. again, remember, the 66. and then on monday it may be even warmer and it looks like the rain may hold off until after the eagles game monday night. tuesday and wednesday look to be the wet days. again, some of the rain that we do need and then much colder weather for the rest of next week. below normal temperatures then. >> all right, glenn, thank you. feeling tired this morning? maybe the sixers kept you up or maybe a sign of something more. next our science of sleep continues. with the signs of a condition that could be zapping all your energy. and later, wouldn't you give up your paycheck for a year if you could and what would it take? a philadelphia eagle says, yes. at 6:45. chris long explains his decision to play for free for the rest of
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the season.
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chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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6:25. if you find yourself constantly tired and always in a fog, you might be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. >> it only affects a small percent of the population. 1% of people who have sleep problems have chronic fatigue but the effects are severe. if not treated correctly, it could lead to weight gain to inability to get out of bed and muscle weakness. some people who get chronic fatigue say it comes after their body fought off an illness and more women seem to suffer from it than men. >> we think women are more diagnosed with it because they tend to come in more of to the doctor's office and when they're feeling sick or more tired, they complain about this more than men sometimes and that's why
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there is a higher prevalence. >> people who think they have chronic fatigue are diagnosed with sleep deprivation or thyroid disease, instead. they mirror a number of other problems. good morning, everyone. a check on the roads. just a few minor issues that we've been watching for a little part of the morning. some construction projects that have cleared right now, too, watching live on the boulevard. right around 17th street. so far so good, again. updates that could always change. but i will have updates when i come back. police arrest the man they say opened fire on his co-workers and led investigators on a ten-hour manhunt through delaware. after 8 years of chris christie,
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is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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manhunt over. . phone call feud. president trump responds to allegations that he made insensitive remarks to the widow of a fallen soldier. playing for free. a philadelphia eagle talks about his charitable decision and it just might make him your new favorite player. he's got my vote. >> chris long jumps right to the top of the heap. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> guess who is with us this morning. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. good morning, glenn. >> good morning, tracy. it is a beautiful morning. the start of a beautiful day and not the only one we're going to be seeing. now, we have temperatures that are in the 50s in the city, 52 degrees in philadelphia. but in surrounding areas, it's mostly in the 40s. 41 in allentown. 42 in mt. holly and you could
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see the big difference between the cities and the suburbs. light southwest wind in philadelphia. we could see the temperature going all the way up to 70 or even above. southwest wind, but not all that strong. so, it's one of those beautiful days. and sunshine across the entire area. everybody gets close to 70 for the high temperature today. even at the shore it will be pretty close. it's actually 60 degrees right at cape may point right now. and the average high is 66. look at those temperatures in the next five days. we'll let you know when rain is coming in in just a few minutes. jess. >> glenn, we're starting on route 73 right now. our cameras just around remington avenue. now, earlier, a crash involving a few vehicles on the northbound side which is right over here. you can see all clear. good to go there on this northbound side of route 73. and also watching a crash out on dekalb pike and here's the blue route. just around the germantown pike
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onramp. start to see a delay over here. northbound moving towards the mccounty toll. so, so far so good starting to see a little bit of that delay and check in with the schuylkill on 95 with some of those trouble spots coming up. it's 6:32. suspect captured. officers arrest the man accused in a workplace shooting that police in maryland call one of the most heinous acts they have ever seen. and only nbc 10 was overhead as police put the handcuffs on that suspect in the back of a patrol car. last night's arrest in newark followed a ten-hour manhunt that began in edgewood, maryland, yesterday morning. shot five co-workers killing three of them. from there prince drove to a used car dealership where he shot another one. >> meantime, the witnesses are sharing what they saw in those violent moments. matt delucia is outside the wilmington police department
6:33 am
where prince faces arraignment today. matt? >> and vai and tracy. that arraignment should happen in the next few hours. radee prince face a judge for the first time. you mention those friends and co-workers there who had witnessed this frightening ordeal yesterday and let's start with that first shooting that happened yesterday morning in edgewood, maryland. police there say the suspect radee prince went into a granite warehouse where he worked and shot five people. three of them were killed. some of those workers told us they were standing only a few feet away when prince started shooting. here's the manager of that business talking about what happened. >> they were all family. we've been working together for a long time. it's just tragic. >> and after that, an hour and a half later, the violence continued here in wilmington at that used auto shop. police say radee prince shot him in his head and body and not
6:34 am
until a little after 7:00 in the evening. as he took off running from the agents, he tried to get rid of the handgun. once police got him in handcuffs they took him right here to the wilmington police department. so this morning police in two states maryland and delaware pretty relieved that this guy has been caught and he's off the streets. we're told the wilmington victim, the guy who was shot here in this city is in stable condition. expected to survive. for now, i'm live in wilmington, matt delucia. >> as you heard matt say, a tip led to radee prince arrest in newark. >> chasing down and arresting the suspect. one woman talked about what it was like to have police and federal agents flood her neighborhood. >> i just pulled in to come home and then i look and i'm like, they're on our street. it happened here. they're right here. >> during the chase in delaware, prince tossed away a handgun which they did cover.
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we were the first to report on his capture on the nbc 10 app. you can sign up for the free app so you can have the alerts sent right to your phone and we get new information. it's 6:35. now to other top headlines. starting with star power on the campaign trail in north jersey. >> former president barack obama will speak in support of phil murphy for governor. served as u.s. ambassador to germany in obama administration. election day is three weeks from today. a lawyer for jerry sandusky plans to appeal a judge's denying the former coach a new trial. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year sentence for sexually abusing ten boys. he had argued that he didn't received a qukt representation at his trial. he also said prosecutors should have disclosed more details about changes to the victim's stories. and a liberian rebel
6:36 am
commander who lives in delaware county have been found guilty of fraud for lying on immigration documents. convicted for lying about his past as a rebel commander in liberia so that he could enter the u.s. several witnesses at the trial said that he or his soldiers killed civilians, raped women and engaged in canbleism. president trump is strongly rejecting claims that he was disrespectful to the grieving family of a fallen soldier. yesterday the white house called the allegation appalling. but a florida congresswoman is standing by her account of the phone call that she heard between the president and the widow of one of the four soldiers killed this month in niger. congresswoman frederica wilson claims that the president said sergeant la david johnson knew what he was signing up for when he joined the military. >> she was in tears and she said, he didn't even remember his name. >> didn't say what that
6:37 am
congresswoman said. didn't say it at all. she knows it. >> johnson's family backs the congresswoman's account, but the president said he has proof the story was fabricated. while dealing with that fallout, the president backed off support of a bipartisan deal to stabilize obama care markets. earlier this week, president trump praised its approach. subsidies to insurance companies to keep premiums for everybody low. the white house will not support the deal because of those payments. 6:37 right now. and, boy, it's been cooler in the mornings earlier this week. but 52 degrees right now as we give you a live look at lincoln financial field. that kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it? >> just before sunrise picture i would be taking if i was outside right now. >> let's check in with glenn "hurricane" schwartz checking in your neighborhood forecast. glenn? >> other pretty pictures out there. this is cape may just getting the sunrise right now and it's already one of the warmer spots
6:38 am
southwest wind keeping things pretty warm. 68 degrees right at cape may point. just at the wildwood airport it's 47. big difference between the atlantic city marina and atlantic city international. big differences caused by the light winds and low humidity. neighborhood in chester, bucks, montgomery counties. again, big contrast in temperatures. partly depending on elevation. the valleys get a little colder this time of year. coatesville and unionville only 40 degrees and roselyn at 43. 40 in collegeville and ft. washington and also in new hope. but it's 49 degrees in warrington. big temperature differences. and that's going to end this afternoon. the temperatures will be very uniform with the sunshine and the light winds. you could see nothing but sunshine as we go through the day today up near 70 degrees for
6:39 am
high temperatures, just about everywhere. jersey shore might be a little bit shy of that because of the sea breeze. but that's pretty close and it will feel pretty nice with the temperatures up there and the wind down and the sun out. it starts to get warmer as we head through the weekend more sunshine and more days without any kind of chance of rain and that will be changing as we go into next week. the weekend is looking fine. monday for the eagles. it looks warm. unseasonably warm for that. and then the rain comes in tuesday and wednesday. and then it gets little bit below normal with the temperatures. >> crisp and chilly fall temperatures. that's what that will be about. >> 6:39 right now. let's get a check on the roads for you for your morning commute. >> jessica has first alert traffic. jessica. >> we are watching the schuylkill and westbound stop and go. no surprise right now. but the good thing is we're not
6:40 am
seeing anything reported because of this. this is just normal. so, if you typically head this direction. you know what you're getting yourself into. off ramp clearly moving right there but the road on the westbound side just stop and go. starting to see some of that delay. no surprise there. but also watching 422. the eastbound side where we typically see some delay. showing that right now. we're adding about ten minutes to your morning drive. 17 minutes for the total trip. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill speeds dropping and into the 30s, the westbound side still looks good. watch for this crash at whitpain and there will be police activity around there and the admiral wilson boulevard. right before the ben franklin toll plaza you can see that here moving through camden, no problems so far. vai and tracy. >> thank you. still ahead, a house fire forces a local family to rebuild their lives but one of their new purchases doesn't come as advertised. they call nb xrrx c 10 response help. plus, if you need another reason to love the philadelphia eagles, coming up, chris long
6:41 am
explains why he's giving up his salary for the rest of the year and working for free.
6:42 am
when you're a double-dipping pension-padder like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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rnlsh happening today family, fans and officials from philadelphia and nhl will honor ed snider. they will unveil a statue. it comes on the 50th anniversary of the first ever flyers home game. the nfl draft is not returning to philadelphia next year. instead, it's heading to dallas. however, mr. roger goodell says philly raised the bar by holding it outside near the art museum. philadelphia broke attendance records back in april. more than 250,000 people packed the area in front of the art museum steps.
6:45 am
goodell says the moves to dallas will continue the evolution of the draft and grow it even more. the 2018 draft will be the first time the event takes place inside an nfl stadium. philadelphia officials hope new security cameras will make the schuylkill river trail safer for runners and bicyclists. one camera was installed yesterday, 20 other cameras were ins installed in the coming weengs. the site of attacks and assaults. send a live feed directly to police. now to nbc 10 responds. a family who had to rebuild their house after it caught fire and one thing on the to-do list was to buy new laptops. >> when they didn't get what they paid for they contacted harry and nbc 10 responds. >> this is damage from a june fire. no one was hurt and her pets got out unscathed. family laptops weren't so lucky. >> we needed laptops for myself and my daughter. >> a friend gave her this flier
6:46 am
and she liked the price. >> we ordered two laptops a printer and an ink cartridge. >> one computer was a 529 and a more expensive one for her daughter but there was a problem when the items arrived. >> when they arrived the one laptop was not the correct one. >> she said she called dell and was told she received the laptops she ordered. >> i told them, no, i received what they placed the order for and i sent them a copy i still had the sale flier and then i sent them a picture with all the laptop specifications. >> she tells us she was promised a call back but one never came but an e-mail with instructions on how to return the laptop and a credit to use on a new computer. so, she called the company at least two more times. now, trying to order the laptop she originally wanted and for the sale price. >> well, i was on the phone with them for about an hour and a half and i kept getting transferred around, disconnected. still no help. she says the price kept
6:47 am
changing. the original price was $529 and then 5$539 and then $699. that's when she knew she needed help. >> i called harry and contacted channel 10 and iss asked them t help me straighten this situation out. >> she could buy the laptop she wanted that advertised price. the company tells us in the e-mail the sales rep made an error and this is an opportunity to further train the sales rep. >> i'm happy. got my laptop. all good to go. do i get to give harry a hug? >> if you want to. >> i get to give harry a hug. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> harry and his hugs. good reminder to keep documentation and did a good job keeping the sales flier and her recent and those went a long way in getting this resolved. just let us know about it, the
6:48 am
best ways to reach us are right there on your screen and we will respond to you. people may have wondered why we weren't on the air yesterday we took the train to new york city and spent a little time hanging out with matt and savannah. >> that was so fun. you're so nice. >> besties. >> whose gum is this under the desk? is this yours? >> you guys should do that more often. >> we should. >> come visit us. >> that was really nice. you guys are great. >> it was fun to have you guys up here. good to see you. coming up on a thursday morning, got new developments in the war of words over president trump's phone call to a fallen soldier's widow and we're happy to say we'll be joined by former cia director john brennan for an exclusive live interview. also ahead. dangerous and hard to detect. dr. oz is here with what you need to know about a silent epidemic that is spreading among men. all those stories and a lot of star power. catching up with jimmy kimmel and michael phelps and oscar
6:49 am
winner jennifer connelly. the return of one of our most popular items ever. that's all i'm going to say about that, vai and tracy. >> steals and deals, always my favorite. >> all right. >> me, too. >> all right, guys. we'll see you in a little bit. >> you got it. now, let's show you another one of those beautiful pictures of the sky just before sunrise. and talk to glenn "hurricane" schwartz who is making a special appearance in for bill today. so good to have you today. >> another beautiful start to another beautiful day out there. get to give good news, at least, for most of the next several days and for those of you who need some rain, got good news for you there, too. ahead of sunrise. starts to get bright. about a half hour before the official sunrise, which is occurring after 7:00. in delaware, we find some pretty chilly weather. harmony hills and glasgow only 42 degrees. so, it's going to jump as soon as that sun really comes up.
6:50 am
42 in lincoln and only 40 in milton. 42 in millsboro but 53 degrees and 39 at kenton and 45 in dover. across the rest of the area, we see these big contrasts from the inland and atlantic city international to the marina. and also from philadelphia to allentown. very little wind. low humidity. clear skies. you get that kind of contrast. clear along the east coast and clear back to the west. that means it's pretty clear during the day today. we have chestnut hill at 71, doylestown 70 and easton at 71 degrees. cape may near 70. around 60 right now. and we see these temperatures tomorrow morning not nearly as chilly out down 50 while it's in the low 40s now.
6:51 am
philadelphia not quite as cool. so, temperature going up each day in the morning and then each afternoon. so, we go into the mid-70s saturday. the upper 70s on sunday and probably monday, as well. and we don't have really any kind of chance of rain. all the way through the weekend. it does get a little closer for monday because there's going to be a front coming in. fairly significant rain. but it may come in after monday night when the eagles are playing. that will help knock the temperatures down and then after that system passes, we get some chilly weather for the rest of the next week. but nothing too extreme. >> thanks, glenn. nine minutes before 7:00. if this is the time you head out the door, hold up for two seconds and we'll give you an update on the roads. >> what are you looking at? 95? >> southbound side starting to see some of those delays right around cottman avenue and
6:52 am
traffic is gridlocked moving southbound. speeds there into the 30s, too. but that's pretty typical for right now. also watching out in norristown for a crash there and checking in with septa, route 10 earlier was blocked due to a fire out in philly. shuttle buses that are canceled and 63rd and melvrn. service has resumed normally but you're being told to expect some normal delays. some delays moving northbound and this northbound traffic right in here and that's moving up towards philadelphia or head to 295 to go towards trenton and a little slow. tracy, back to you. this morning, we're hearing from philadelphia chris long about his decision to donate his entire salary to charity. >> chris says it was a no
6:53 am
brainer and we caught up with him last night. long's base salary this year is $1 million. >> everybody needs resources and, so, this means a lot. and people get behind it. so, like mentioned, i already had an nfl player pledge $50,000 the rest of the season. >> and a portion of the money will help kids in philadelphia and the rest will go to young people in boston and st. louis. two other places where he played. long also gave six checks to scholarship initiatives following the white supremacist riots. >> interesting to see how many other players will follow suit. well, long and the birds getting ready for another primetime matchup. eagles square off against the redskins on monday night football at the link. live team coverage right here, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. next, the top story that we're follow prognosis you today. >> that includes a fugitive's capture.
6:54 am
the trail of violence that stretched from maryland to delaware and ten-hour manhunt that followed.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top headlines we're following for today. radee prince is expected to be arraigned this morning after his capture last night in newark, new castle county. a ten-hour manhunt after he allegedly opened fire at his workplace in maryland killing three people and injuring two more and then shot a man at a used car dealership in delaware. a firefighter and a woman are hurt following this row home fire in west philadelphia. crews carried the woman to an ambulance. we're working to find out her condition. the firefighter is expected to be okay. and today's the deadline to
6:58 am
submit bid for amazon's second headquarters. philadelphia will officially make its submission today. leaders in wilmington will also make their pitch this afternoon. camden and the lehigh valley have also shown interest in the nationwide battle to land amazon's hq2. in new jersey, barack obama will speak for phil murphy's nomination. good morning, everyone. g starting out with a crash on i byberry road. our cameras around eighth street. here westbound starting to see some slow down there's and you look back here, traffic coming off the ben franklin bridge and
6:59 am
that's the light right at the bottom of the bridge there moving towards local vine or trying to get on the vine street expressway. we're seeing delays in the normal spots. southbound on the blurred and southbound on to center city from woodhaven road to the vine. speeds down to the 20s, too. and we've got a sunrise coming in a little more than 15 minutes and that means the temperature is going to start climbing pretty rapidly. by noon we're up to 65 degrees in philadelphia and by afternoon, we're getting close to 70 or even into the 70s across much of the area. and if you think that is kind of mild, the average high is only 66 for this time of the year. it's going to keep climbing as we head through the weekend. by sunday, temperatures into the upper 70s and it's possible some spots could touch the 80 degree mark. sunshine all those days and no strong winds. low humidity. >> and the timing is exceptional. >> gooime to get your cars
7:00 am
washed because it's not going to rain until at least monday night, maybe tuesday. >> local updates throughout the day and we get all of it done on the nbc app. >> "today" show starts right now. good morning. broken promise? the father of a fallen soldier claims president trump vowed to send him $25,000 but never did. the white house now saying the check was just sent recently. what took so long, and what really happened here? breaking overnight. the man accused of killing three -workers and wounding three others in a two-state shooting spree captured in delaware. this morning, the dramatic end to a day-long man hunt. powder keg. the white nationalist behind the torch-literally in charlottesville, set to speak at the university of florida today. police on high alert. the national guard activated. a state of emergency already declared. we're there live. those stories plus the pilot suspended for this dangerous fly by s w


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