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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> turn yourself in. before this gets worse. i mean, this whole block was just affected by this. >> reporter: frightened and suddenly awake by the sounds of rapid gunfire on this normally quiet block. >> under a minute, there was a ton of cops here. >> reporter: neighbors are begging the teenage boy police consider a person of interest in the murder of two teenagers to surrender. >> that's what i keep saying, but it almost seems scarier that these kids going around with guns. >> reporter: the gunfire an apparent case of justice. neighbors indicate there was a rift between the two, police have yet to nail down a motive. but they confirm the teen who lives inside the boarded up home is the sole person of interest. he hired an attorney, the lawyer would only tell me that the family are making arrangements to speak to investigators. >> i feel like it would be really hard to be a 16-year-old kid on the run right now.
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where does one even go? >> reporter: it comes as the philadelphia arch diocease says he is a student at a school. it has parents concerned. >> i had conversations with my four boys every day about growing up in the city. no. and i give them hugs every morning. you just never know. >> reporter: now, while police detectives did go in and out of this house here this morning, we've seen no sign of brandon olivieri or his family. we'll have the latest developments as the case continues to unfold as they happen. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> we want to show you that suspect again. we will keep following this case all night long.
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stay with the nbc 10 app for any breaking news updates. we'll let you know the moment this suspect turns himself in on that app. now to your first alert weather and brace yourself for drenching rain sunday, just as tens of thousands of people are heading to the link for the eagles game. it will be let for the players on the field and tailgaters on the parking lot. >> before that timing, let's bring in first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we've been talking about this for over a week. and as beautiful as the weather was on monday night, that's how bad it's going to be this sunday. we've got a first alert sunday through sunday night. it covers the entire area. some of the heaviest rain north and west of the philadelphia area also in new jersey and the strongest winds at the jersey shore. both sunday night and monday. heavy rain and thunderstorms, some strong gusty winds and localized flooding, of course,
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the fallen leaves clogging the drains doesn't help either. we have dry conditions now. we look back to our west, and there's a nice classic line of showers and thunderstorms. if it was just that, we would just get some showers on sunday. no, that's going to combine with this mess in the caribbean sea. that may become a tropical depression or storm. there's the western moisture coming in. watch the southern moisture coming in as we go into sunday. saturday is just fine. look at the rain. just as we're getting ready for the eagles' game. more on the timing of this and all the way through halloween. coming up. take the free nbc 10 app with you no matter where you go this weekend so you'll know exactly when that rain is about to reach your location. developing now, prosecutors are refiling some of the charges in the death of a penn state fraternity brother that made national headlines. 18 students were initially charged in the death of
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19-year-old timothy piazza. last month, the judge threw out aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter charges against eight of the students. those were the most serious charges brought in the case. today prosecutors refiled all of the dropped charges. new jersey, a good samaritan killed after he tried to help a mom and her son push their broken down car out of the road. a driver slammed into them earlier this morning. ted greenburg spoke to those who knew him who say he died doing what he loved, helping people. >> he died doing what he most loved to do in his life, help others. >> reporter: he lost his life doing a good deed. kenneth was assisting strangers after they ran into car trouble in galloway township. >> he was just a caring person. >> reporter: the galloway father of two sons was killed by a
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passing car along pomona road around 4:30 this morning. the drive who struck him frantically called 911. >> i hit somebody else who was standing in the middle of the road. >> you hit a person that was standing in the middle of the road. >> yes. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: he was on his way to his construction job in north jersey when he stopped to help a mother and son whose car it broken down. they were trying to push the car off the road when both were hit. the son suffered minor injuries, kenneth died at the scene. clara is his ex wife. >> i used to fight with him for stopping all the time for people. but i guess that was his mission in life, help others always. >> i know the people involved is so appreciative of the man stopping to help. >> reporter: this stretch of road is extremely dark at night. police say the driver of the
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striking vehicle did stop. >> it doesn't appear to just be a tragic accident. >> reporter: no charges have been filed. police are still investigating the crash. his loved ones reflecting on his kindness. >> always go out of his way to help another human being. always. >> reporter: enduring good will, shown in his final moments. ted greenburg, nbc 10 news. to delaware county, two people were hit by a car. sky force 10 was over the scene at lancaster avenue in radner about an hour ago. we're working on finding out how the car did stay at the scene. philadelphia was among four so-called sanctuary cities given a deadline of today to show they are not hampering enforcement of immigration law. the justice department has threatened to cut off millions in federal grants to those
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cities. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he won't let the state's colleges be held hostage by funding fights anymore. today, the governor signed bills approving $600 million in funding for those universities, temple, lincoln, penn state and the vet school. the money had been held up because of a budget stalemate. wolf said, our flagship higher education institutions should never again be held hostage by the general assembly's budget process. this sunday marks the fifth anniversary of superstorm sandy slamming the jersey shore. 37 people were killed and $36 billion in damage left behind. today, governor chris christie said 85% of the recovery is done. but he says about 1,000 families are still not in their homes so the work continues. governor christie became a national figure in the wake of the sandy crisis.
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since then his popularity fell. on "the today show" this morning, the governor explained why he thinks that happened. >> i ran for president. and people don't like when you have a job and you're looking for another one right in front of him. i endorsed donald trump. and that was incredibly unpopular in my state as a blue state. >> the governor also said that the bridgegate scandal hurt his popularity. new from south jersey a homeless man will spend the next 25 years in state prison for sexually assaulting two young girls. he pleaded guilty in march and he was sentenced today. in april of 2016, he was drunk when he saw the two girls playing near railroad tracks in mount haolley. one of the girls tried to run away but he threatened to kill them. he will not be eligible for patrol. tonight, a dog named charlie is on the slow road to recovery after someone severely beat him and left him in a trash heap.
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the picture you're about to see may be tough to look at. a couple found charlie battered and bruised on tuesday in cobb's creek. he's at the philadelphia animal hospital recovering from several surgeries. if he heals up he'll be put up for adoption. tonight, we are learning new information on the john f kennedy assassination as more and more details are coming out from newly released documents. those documents show a british newspaper got an anonymous phone call about big news in the u.s. that happened minutes before jfk was shot. that piece of information was found in a memo from the cia to the fbi. it said the cambridge news got the call on november 22, 1963. you could soon gamble on virtual sports games at your favorite bar and tavern in pennsylvania. the governor said today the pennsylvania lottery will start
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offering games. they're based on animated fake sports events. the games are projected to bring in $75 million over the next five years. sky force 10 is live over breaking news in ocean county. crews are on the scene of the accident involving a passengers bus on route 537 in jackson township near the entrance of six flags great adventure. the bus crash into a tree, at least ten people are hurt. we have not yet heard how serious any of the injuries are. as soon as we learn anything new we'll let you know. up next, all new at 6:00, this training means the difference between life and death. we'll take you in the air and on the water with the rescue crews that could have to save you someday. halloween funhouse or holiday eyesore? the fight that's splitting one neighborhood tonight. will your kids need their coats over the costumes?
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the halloween forecast for your neighborhood, plus the latest on the sunday soaker, next. chris brown. he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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we continue to follow this breaking news. police have issued an arrest warrant for the murders of two teenagers in south philadelphia. the warrant is for the person
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you see there on your screen. he's wanted for murder and gun violations. al he had previously been called a person of interest in the killings of the two young men. both victims were 16 years old. the two were shot and killed shortly after the shooting. stay with the nbc 10 app for breaking news apps. we'll let you know as soon as the suspect turns himself in. we want to give you a check on breaking news in new jersey. at least ten people hurt in this bus crash in ocean county. we continue to make calls about this story here. this is on route 537 in jackson township near the entrance to six flags. we know the bush crash in crash tree. a number of people were hurt. we'll keep you posted on that. rescue crews training on the delaware river today are learning lessons that could be
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the difference between life and death. nbc 10 went along with delaware state police to see how they learned to save people from the most dangerous situations on the water. >> nbc 10 reporter tim furlong takes you along with rescuers all new at 6:00. >> reporter: if delaware gets hit with floods like harvey or you're out on the water, chances are they'll get there before the coast guard. >> we're a coastline state. for us to be ready, we're here. we can get out there rather quickly and get the job done. >> got it, here we go again. >> reporter: this is why they run training missions like these. the training is led by a retired coast guard rescue swimmer who works to keep troopers safe on rescue missions. >> the important thing is training training and training. when things go bad you'll revert
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to your training. >> reporter: in this practice mission on the delaware river, troopers have to hover carefully and get a medic down to a patient on a wilmington fire department boat. it requires constant communication. >> when you get to the point where you have to hoist, that's the last option. if you can figure out a safer way whether it's a boat transfer or something like that, that's what we want to do. >> reporter: pilots and medics constantly go over check lists. they have to make quick and informed decision and consider all of the many worst case responsibilities. >> there are things that can come up and snag into the helicopters. >> reporter: hopefully you'll never need a lift, but if you're in or near delaware you can be sure there's a team out there that's trained hard to get you to staft. >> it's fundamentally important we're prepared to provide this service to residents of the delaware. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. chopper teams have been practicing this week in all kinds of environments, including
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tall building rescues. >> they will hold training missions in less favorable weather. someone tried to have their elabora elaborate halloween display torn down. this family has put the display in front of their home for the past ten years. on thursday a township official told him the display should come down. >> it's for a good cause, the kids enjoy it and gets families together. and we've never had any problems here. >> nbc 10 contacted the township and was told kirkwood was never informed he had to take the display down and he will not be fined. turning to our weather now, we have issued a first alert for sunday because we are expecting downpours. that means soaking rain on game day for the eagles. we know the moment any lightning is spotted, the field and stands would be cleared out of the
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link. with that, how does the timing of the rain and lightning look for sunday? let's turn it over to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we definitely have rain that is on the way. the lightning threat may be more into new jersey or even offshore depending on the track of the storm that's going to be coming up. we have the first alert for all that rain sunday through sunday night. and the wind is going to be an issue, too. sunday night and monday. and that may cause a problem with your halloween displays. the entire area is covered with heavy rain north and west, also in new jersey. the strongest winds at the jersey shore. heavy rain and thunderstorm, strong winds and localized flooding. it's nice and dry right now, but we have a front with showers and thunderstorms coming into ohio. notice snow on the backside of this. so we have snow on one part of
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this system, and tropical moisture developing tropical depression in the caribbean on the other side. these systems are going to come together. that is quite a contrast of air masses. tropical disturbance, just about to develop. this is a moisture map. so the yellows and reds are very moist. these purples and blues are very dry. so yeah, we're very dry on saturday. it's very moist coming up to miami. now we've got this plume of moisture on sunday coming up from the bahamas meeting that front that's coming in. boy, are we going to get a good bit of rain here. we've got showers to start the day. wet leaves. the temperatures are going to be in the 60s. look at all those showers and thunderstorms. it's much of the day during the day on sunday. then the wind comes in on monday
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and clobbers us from the west. so the weekend temperatures in the 70s. nice day on saturday. the eagles get stuck with the showers and thunderstorms and wind on sunday. i'm marshall harris from nbc sports philadelphia. we'll hear from doug pederson on why he isn't overlooking the 49ers. we'll discuss okofor's lack of playing time coming up.
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steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side. it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients.
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cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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marshall harris here from
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nbc sports philadelphia. the eagles got a final practice in today ahead of sunday's visit from the 49ers. pederson told reporters that lane johnson will not move from his position at right tackle instead naming another starting left tackle. here's the head coach today on not overlooking the winless niners team. >> it's a great question, because it's, you know -- where we are and where they are, listen it's a good football team. again, you know, they've been in some close games. had a chance to win some of those games. it's a good football team coming in here. you know, and it is my job to make sure that, you know, i hold these guys accountable, keep their feet to the fire, myself included, coaching staff included and guard against any letdown.
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>> on the defensive side of the ball, ronald darby is listed as questionable. he's been out since suffering a dislocated ankle in week one. he returned to practice this week on a limited basis. basketball, the sixers announced that fults will not travel with the team to their road trip to dallas and houston. one player who will travel, o okofor. >> i'm playing amir ahead of him. that's the situation. he doesn't let people know, he comes in, his head's good, his spirit's good. and he and i talk all the time. but that is the bottom line. he is not in the rotation. >> that's it for me, i'm marshall harris, nbc 10 news coming right back. joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
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nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people,
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regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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we do have breaking news right now coming into our newsroom. we told you that police issued an arrest for the murders of two teenagers. we just received word that he turned himself in. we're following the story. we'll have information on the nbc 10 app and the very latest tonight at 11:00. >> big story of local interest after those teens were shot and killed on tuesday night. >> murder and gun violations is what he was taken in on. right now a final look at our weather. an active weekend? >> yeah, half and half weekend. saturday is the nice half, sunday is the nasty half. then on sunday night and monday it gets really windy. that could wcause problems. halloween is fine except it's chilly. then by next weekend, we've got another threat of rain for the next eagles' game. although right now it doesn't look as bad as this sunday's storm. because this is tropical moisture coming up here, tammie will have an update at 11:00.
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all right, glenn, thanks that's our news at 6. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. tonight, the jfk mystery deepens with those newly released files reveal about a possibly critical missed warning and what's in the top secret documents still locked away. a rousing call to action. >> we are pure. we are strong. we are brave. and we will fight. >> a hollywood star whose bombshell allegations opened the floodgates against harvey weinstein makes her first public appearance since the scandal brokes. an escalating crisis as spain's richest region declares it's breaking away. survivor story. two women rescued after months drifting at sea tell usow


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