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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a birthday party performer charged with sexualing assaulting children. it's feared this is just the beginning. biting back. a man refuses to back down even when facing the barrel of a gun. beating cancer to the punch. a woman's difficult decision that may have saved her life. an important story, focused on women's health issues. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. last day of october. halloween. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> we'll see a lot of sunshine today. but it's not up yet. the temperatures are still
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falling. we've got some chilling numbers. suburbs, some neighborhoods down to 37 degrees. now in the low 40s in new jersey. 44 degrees in the lehigh valley. 50 at philadelphia international. that's the one spot in the low 50s in philadelphia. most neighborhoods in the 40s and at the airport, dropping to 46 at 8:00. look at the wind out of the west at 12 miles per hour. just a little bit stronger at 11:00. that's not as strong as yesterday. but just enough to keep temperatures in the 50s this afternoon for most locations. we will see sunshine. going to feel like it's in the low 60s for a few neighborhoods. and in delaware and in new jersey. 54 degrees the high in the lehigh valley. and 50s, upper 50s for the suburbs and philadelphia, too. i'll break these down hour by hour and give you a phenix halloween trick-or-treating forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. first, jessica boyington and first alert traffic. >> that's right. starting on 95 this morning. here's the cameras around cottman avenue. so far, so good.
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pretty empty. this is the southbound side moving toward center city. no problems there. the drive time from woodhaven moving to the vine street expressway. this is an easy trip, 12, 13 minutes now. also watching, we showed you 95. clear northbound and southbound. the schuylkill expressway is clear following earlier construction. no problems on the blue route either. we'll end here with bridges. everything looks good heading over the burlington bristol bridge, tacony palmyra not seeing an opening now. heading over the walt or ben into philadelphia, you'll be fine. back to you. we're following breaking news. two children and an adult are hurt in a house fire in philadelphia. two people were hurt. the flames were put out around 3:30 this morning. medics rushed the victims to the hospital. we're working to find out their conditions and get you more details about the fire. tap the nbc10 app and stay with us on air for updates. now the search for more victims. a delaware county man who worked as a children's birthday party
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performer is facing rape charges. investigators think this could be just the beginning. >> nbc10's pamela osborne is live for us at the district tierney's office. the -- district attorney's officers. these accusations are disturbing. >> reporter: they really are. engineers say michael crips would dress up as mickey mouse and sponge bob at child's parties through a side business he ran called m.c. parties. it helped him gain access to young children. at least five of which investigators say he sexually abused. the 43-year-old tried to cover his face as he left the courthouse in handcuffs yesterday. he swore at reporters and said "not guil "not guilti." cripps, who has been investigated for similar allegations before, was taken into custody after a 5-year-old boy's parents contacted authorities in september. the d.a. believes cripps would intimidate his young victims to keep them from speaking up. he said cripps would also befriend the mothers of young
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boys. >> he advertises that he wants to come to children's parties. when he comes to children's parties, he will dress up like mickey mouse or minnie mouse. the parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: police believe the abuse started in 2012. it's why they're asking parents who may believe that their child had contact with him to come forward. cripps is in jail without bail. reporting live in media, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. philadelphia police hope new surveillance pictures will help lead them to a driver who hit a man in port richmond this month and left him to die. investigators are looking for this chevy express passenger van. the impact busted the front right headlight. there's a pale yellow license plate on the front. police aren't sure if it's a new jersey plate or just a vanity plate. police say the van was driving down gasoline avenue on october 14th when eric magne was hit.
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neighbors found him dead in the street when they called authorities. in philadelphia, officials say they have discovered the skeletal remains of 328 people at a construction site in old city. crews began uncovering dozens of coffins last november while working on an apartment building in arch street. the bodies were buried about 300 years ago at the first baptist church cemetery. one of the first in philadelphia. the federal bribery trial of senator bob mennen desz will move on to closing arguments -- menendez will move on to closing arguments this week. the defense rested after the judge denied the latest request for mistrial. lawyers for the senator and his co-defendant claim the judge unfairly limited what evidence or witnesses that they could present. menendez is accused of accepting gifts from a wealthy donor in ex-change for political favors. to the race for governor in new jersey. the republican nominee will be campaigning on a bus tour just days before the election. lieutenant governor kim guadagno will get her tour rolling on thursday.
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she plans to visit all 21 counties in the state. polls show guadagno trailing her democratic opponent phil murphy by double digits. murphy is a financeer and former diplomat. they're both looking to succeed governor chris christie. today is the last day to turn in an absentee ballot in pennsylvania and new jersey. delaware has no statewide elections this year. election day is next tuesday, november 7th. pennsylvania governor tom wolf puts pen to paper approving a set of bills to help close the budget gap. yesterday wolf signed a gambling expansion plan which would add $200 million toward closing the $2 billion deficit. the bill expands casino-style gambling to truck stops, online portals, airports, and ten new mini casino sites. pennsylvania already makes more money from gambling than any other state except nevada. eagles' fans are wondering if the league-leading birds will make a move over two before the
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nfl trading deadline. two big needs need to be -- could be replacing linebacker jordan hicks and offensive tackle jason peters, both injured and out for the season. and head coach doug peterson has mixed feet beings any trade right now. >> from my standpoint, you don't want to disrupt the chemistry that is going on. the guys are playing to confidence and rallying around each other. it would have to have previously a special fit to make it work. >> all new, the eagles may have an added advantage thanks to a federal judge. ezekial elliott's six-game suspension is on again. it includes a sunday night clash between the cowboys and birds on november 19th. yesterday the judge overturned a legal reprieve that kept the superstar running back for the cowboys on the field. the league suspended elliott over allegations of domestic violence. nbc10 is the official station of the 7-1 eagles. join us for exclusive coverage of sunday's gape against the
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denver broncos who lost, by the way, to the chiefs last night. thank you very much, chiefs. started with the "eagles' game day kickoff" sunday at 9:30. the leader has landed. the phillies' new manager, gabe kapler, is in town. and nbc10 was the only station to greet him at the airport. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> that's john clark. that's why we call him "johnny airport." and yesterday the phillies confirmed kapler is the new skipper. the team will introduce him after the world series ends this week. the former outfielder will be a first-time manager. he said he's honored to work in a city with so much tradition. 5:30 a.m. the last day of october, halloween. we're getting a chilly start. 50 degrees now in philadelphia. the temperature is still falling under clear skies.
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a breeze at 12 miles per hour. a half hour of sunshine at 8:00. the sun is coming up at 7:28 this morning. by 10:00, temperatures start to climb. 50s this afternoon. with the wind blowing out of the west, i think that's all we'll seal are 50s this afternoon. -- that's all we'll see are 50s in the arch. dropping to the 30s in neighborhoods. warming to 51 degrees at lunchtime. and into the lower 50s this afternoon for the suburbs. a similar warmup for the lehigh valley, too. 44 degrees. chilly to start. down 41 at 8:00. up by ten by lunchtime today. nothing but sunshine for this afternoon. you'll see bright sunshine in new jersey, too, just not here yet. 42 at this hour. still at 43 at 8:00. clear skies. winds picking up out of the west at 12 miles per hour. that's going to keep temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in new jersey this afternoon. just a little bit warmer at the shore, getting a warmer start. right now, 54 degrees. we could see 40s at the shore.
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for the 8:00 hour. that doesn't last. sunshine and winds out of the west. we'll see temperatures climb into the upper 50s today. for delaware, bright, sunny skies once the sun's up. we'll see the temperatures start to climb. 56 degrees by 2:00. that's when we'll see some of the strongest winds at 15 miles per hour. that's during the day. this evening for trick-or-treating, it gets chilly. at t at 5:00, 50 degrees. low 50s in philadelphia at 7:00. 40s by the 9:00 hour. the suburbs will see the 40s starting at 7:00. you'll see that in the lehigh valley, too. clear skies, low 40s at 9:00. delaware, nothing but sunshine. the 50s quickly disappear. dropping into the 40s during the evening hours. new jersey, same. middle 40s by 9:00. at the shore, 7:00, 52 degrees. then the upper 40s by 9:00 this evening. clear today, clear tonight.
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there are some clouds and a chance of showers ahead. look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in a few minutes. >> see you then. about 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. we'll look at the boulevard. >> heading out, first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington, has you covered. >> watching the boulevard both directions now, pretty clear. the northbound and southbound side, around 17th is where we're watching specifically here. you see everything's moving along nicely. yesterday we actually saw pretty big delays on the boulevard with a few accidents. right now we're good to go. montgomeryville, watch for a crash. this is new into the system. horsham at upper state road. mass transit for the most part okay. septa seeing a few delays this morning. looking at the trenton train, 1701, 16 minutes late. patco, new jersey transit, and amtrak are all or close to schedule. back to you. >> all right. thank you. an nbc10 exclusive. a victim bites back when he's staring down the barrel of a gun. >> he was like one, and he cocked the gun and two.
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>> how he was able to fend off a violent attacker determined to rob him. being proactive. prediagnosis. one woman's difficult decision to go under the knife and what you need to know about ovarian cancer. and want to the best small city in america in you won't have to go far. the area community relishing in the win this morning.
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. 5:45 on this tuesday morning. our special series on women's health threats continues. we met a woman who's taking no chances. >> katy zachry spoke to her about the fear of getting ovarian cancer and how she took fleas drastic measures to -- she
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took drastic measures to keep it from happening. >> reporter: rachel and her mother share a lot. rachel remembers her mom struggling to survive breast cancer. years later doctors determined that her mom carries the gene for it. rachel now knows she carries that gene, too. >> it was really a no-brainer that i didn't want my family to go through what i went -- watching my mom and what she went through. >> reporter: upon learning she carries the brcca 2 jean, she decided -- gene, see that decided to undergo extensive surgery. years barrett she had a scare with -- years before she had a scare with a cyst and didn't want to take chances. >> it was not easy. >> reporter: rachel credits genetic testing with giving her this lifesaving information. >> there's a lot of fear about ovarian cancer in women, especially women who have that family history. >> reporter: dr. terry mchue is director of cancer risk
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assessments at mainline health. she says more women are being proactive and getting tested. >> t >> the ovarian cancer grows under the surface before it has sympto symptoms. >> reporter: when the cancer does appear, symptoms are often -- when the simple volumes appear, the cancer is often stage three or four. learn more. >> we'll introduce you to a doctor whose specialty is ovarian cancer. she'll explain the symptoms and prognosis for women who have it. tomorrow at 5:45, under pressure. we all struggle with stress, but it's more likely to take a physical toll on women. "nbc10 news today" gets advice from experts on how to reduce stress in your life. halloween is here. we want to see how your family is getting into the spooky spirit. viewers are sending us photos of their jack-o'-lanterns. you can see the pumpkin carvers and painters, the talent.
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very creative. scary, too. others showing support for the eagles. is there an eagles' one? we'll see it coming up. tweet us pictures of your greatest jack-o'-lanterns. our twitter handles are on the screen. >> i look forward to seeing the costumes. i have a big thing of candy -- >> i don't have candy and don't have a pumpkin. i wore orange today. that's about all you get out of me. >> good. >> we'll carve a jack-o'-lantern pattern in it later on. >> great. >> somebody get the sharpie out. >> we'll post that. head to for that. temperatures are chilly. you can feel it. >> you can. >> you can indeed. a little bit of a wind to make it feel even colder this morning. not the strong wind we had yesterday. the breeze is blowing in
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philadelphia. if that's the live view. center city, down to 50 at the airport. most neighborhoods in the 40s. 12 in coatesville. 13 miles per hour in wildwood. a chilly wait at the bus stop this morning. the sun up at 8:00, but it's down. 43 for wilmington. and low 40s for reading and trenton. the chill is with us. it's going to stay cool through the day. normally warming into the low 60s on this day of october. we will see clear skies from the start to the finish. come tonight, clouds will be moving in from the west, and clouds arrive tomorrow. less sunshine tomorrow. it's producing snow in colorado and in western kansas. for us, it will give us a chance of showers tomorrow. a long way to go, things making
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good time. tomorrow afternoon, early, we'll see showers from western pennsylvania through central pennsylvania. you'll see the steadier rain. for our area, mainly north and west of the city. most likely to stay dry tomorrow for delaware and south jersey. today, you don't have to worry about showers. 58, bright sunshine, just a few scattered clouds. mainly sunny skies. clear and getting chilly for trick-or-treating this evening, back by tomorrow morning. 39 degrees. that's in the city. temperatures peak at 56. another cool day for wednesday. a chance of a shower on thursday. not a big threat. scattered, light showers possible on thursday. by friday, they're out of here. and the temperature will be even warmer. then saturday, a slight chance of showers. 62 the high. we'll see scattered showers on sunday. light showers. no problems for outtook activities for much -- for
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outdoor activities for much on sunday. by monday, looking at bright, sunny skies, and a warmer day. near 70. a cold front comes through. showers on tuesday followed by a cooldown next wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. 5:51. we'll get you in to work starting with a look at 422. >> jessica boyington with us, what are you seeing? >> 422 at trooper road. eastbound is typically where we see the delay and volume. not yet. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, still about an eight, nine-minute trip. not seeing an increase there. we're watching the p.a. turnpike, drive times okay for most part. we can see a 21-minute trip westbound from route 1 to valley forge. speeds into the 60s. watch for a crash in montgomeryville, horsham at upper state road. >> thank you. america's first serial killer and an empty coffin at his grave site. >> were there always questions about the death. h.h. holmes.
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nbc10 has been following the investigation for months. tonight the final answer. hear about the unexpected answer by doctors after digging for the body in a delaware county cemetery. the best small city in america is right here in our area. the community given the honor by a new study. and bearing his teeth. a victim turns an attack around. new at 6:00 a.m., he spends thousands on tricks and treats. one pivotal part of this man's halloween ensemble didn't show up in the mail. see how nbc10 responds and marry harriston are saving his holiday.
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police are searching for an armed attacker who tried to steal a man's phone in north philadelphia. we're hearing from the victim who feared that he was going to be killed, so he fought back. >> he said one, cock, cock, two, i'm looking at the barrel of the gun. >> jason hines says it happened three weeks ago as he was walking near 17th and page. the gunman seen in this video hit him twice and tried to force him into a nearby alley. hines says he felt if he went down there he would never come
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back out alive. he bit the attacker. >> i fell into his face. i started biting him. i got hold of his mouth and shook it like i was a pit bull. and he let the gun go. >> and while they were triting, the gun went -- fighting, the gun went off, hitting hines in the thigh. police host e hope the surveillance video will lead to the shooter. there's a growing list of inconsistencies casting doubt on the story of the two women who say they were stranded on a sailboat in the pacific ocean for nearly five months. the coast guard says the women never activated their emergency beacon which was on board. the women responded saying they chose not to turn it on because they never felt they were in imminent danger. there are questions about a tropical storm the two say they encountered in may. the national weather service doesn't have any record of storms in the region at that time. now we'll look at the stories from across our area. >> in new castle county, the man accused of killing several co-workers in maryland faces
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charges for a shooting in wilmington. the grand jury yesterday indicted randy prince -- radee prince for first-degree attempted murder and other counts. prince shot and killed three co-workers and hurt two other people in maryland earlier this month. they say he then shot a man in the head at a used car lot in wilmington. prince will be prosecuted in delaware first and then in maryland. inster che county, we have an update on the search for a hit-and-run driver who seriously hurt a teenager. police in west pikeland township released this picture of the white truck that they're looking for. it's the one right there in the upper right hand of the screen. police say the truck hit 16-year-old annie hillegus and her mother while they were walking their dogs on art school road this month. annie is recovering from cracked ribs and broken bones. her mom had minor injuries. in burlington county, this near 100-year-old home and silo are set to be torn down. maple shade township owns the property. the house manager says the house
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doesn't have enough fork features to be put on a regi-- enough historic features to be put on the registry. it's crumbling and is a safety hazard. it will be replaced with a playground in the next two months. to gloucester county. women in the fight against breast cancer have a new option. jefferson health new jersey opened its comprehensive breast center in sewell offing everything from consultation -- offering everything from consultation to treatment and surgery. the center has three full-time surgeons and a team of oncologistin oncologists. [ applause ] the applause in delaware county was for christie taylor and her two boys. yesterday they picked up the keys to a refurbished 2011 mazda in prospect park. taylor was injured and left partially disabled while serving in the national guard. the family car was totaled, leaving them without transportation. she reached out to the recycled rides program that repairs and donates cars to people in need. princeton has a new title --
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best small city in america. the financial site wallet hub rated it number one based on affordability, education, and health, quality of life, and safety. >> i lodge cleanse towns anyways. princeton especially great. -- i love local towns anyways. princeton especially great. you want to keep your little ones out of danger when they're trick-or-treating tonight. what parents should think about before children head out. a wife's plea. a delaware county widow speaks out after her husband is beaten to death in his car. the clues police are using to find the person responsible. the possibility of more victims in the case of a suspected child predator. police say the man targeted children at parties where he dressed up as costume characters. happy halloween at 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. i would expect this is halloween weather most years. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood
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weather forecast. >> you can feel the chill especially in the suburbs. a few neighborhoods in the 30s. most in the 40s. that includes philadelphia at 49. a southwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour. low 40s in the lehigh valley. and with clear skies, we could see some 30s in the lehigh valley this morning before sunshine warms things up a little by 8:00. into the 50s at 11:00. we'll see a steady breeze during the day. in fact, it will be increasing through the morning. the wind up to 14 miles per hour by 11:00 in philadelphia. 54 degrees. and climbing. only in the 50s this afternoon. 58, gusty in new jersey. sunshine for the suburbs and philadelphia. 50s for the lehigh valley and delaware, too. at the shore, sunshine and near 60 this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and talk about trick-or-treating


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