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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 20, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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@p@úaxpxpúpxpp the eagles are back home this morning after a primetime win that sent fans into a fren zi. receiving support. see how senior residents who lost everything in a fire are getting help today from the community. and speaking out, the first woman to accuse roy moore of sexual misconduct goes on camera. why she says she decided to come forward when she did. right now at 11:00, a happy homecoming for the eagles as they returned home riding high after a lopsided primetime victory against a bitter rival. good morning to you. it was a case of domination in dallas as they beat the dallas cowboys by 28 points.
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listen to the screams of joy from eagles fans at xfinity live in south philadelphia. the crowd went off with every eagles score. it wasn't just eagles nation here at home celebrating the beating down of the hated cowboys. hundreds of fans who traveled to dallas ex hulted in dallas territory. birds fans could hardly contain themselves after a thoroughly satisfying victory over the arch rival cowboys. we talked with fans to traveled to dallas for the matchup. >> it was fabulous, so much energy from the eagles fans. it was unbelievable. >> you guys flew in from philadelphia just for this game. >> yes. >> how was it? >> amazing. i knew i was coming for a win and i got one. >> a lot of green. it's going to be a super bowl. >> fans even told us they're ready to book their flights to minneapolis, the site of super bowl lii in february.
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the birds, yeah, they were a little rusty in the first half but they came back, finished strong to maintain the best record in the league. john clark with nbc sports philadelphia takes us to the field. >> reporter: boy, did at&t stadium empty out in the fourth quarter. there were really only eagles fans bleleft here but it is the eagles who are the stars of the nfl. they're in complete control now, up four games with six to go in the division and still have the best record in the nfl. >> we're having a blast. i'll tell you that. we're having a blast. i love winning in this league and i love doing it with these boys. >> we have what it takes. the biggest thing is just making sure that we take care of business week in and week out, and that questiwe enjoy it. only a few other times it's happened so this is a special season.
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>> the commitment that these guys have to one another and trusting the things that i'm saying and trusting what the coaches are saying and coming to work every day and not worrying about next week, just worrying about the day or the week that we're in, it's a credit to the players in that locker room. >> reporter: the cowboys have their five super bowls, but it is really feeling like this eagles team has what it takes to finally get theirs. in texas, i'm john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. >> that would be nice. here's a look at the eagles schedule for the next several weeks. the chicago bears will be at the link on sunday. then the birds hit the road for three straight games starting with a sunday night clash at seattle right here on nbc. the holiday travel rush is beginning as thanksgiving is just days away. a live look right now at philadelphia international airport where it will be a chilly, breezy but sunny day. you see the sun right there.
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glen hurricane schwartz is here with the forecast. >> it's a beautiful day and part of the reason of course, you showed the eagles winning last night and in honor of that, the bow tie of the day. >> whoo hoo, like that. >> i have it on twitter and facebook if you would like to share it with your friends. more to come. i'll be wearing this a lot. >> all the time. >> in the next several weeks and months. we have beautiful weather across much of the area right now. it's on the chilly side but there are really no travel problems across the region, except for the lake effect snows in parts of new york state like buffalo and syracuse. you can see here on the future cast, temperatures well below average as we go through the next couple of days. you don't see any really significant precipitation. so we are in really good shape here as we go through the next
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couple of days. temperature now, 44 degrees, pretty uniform across the area because it's still pretty windy. it's not as windy as yesterday, but we still have some significant gusts, 26 miles per hour in philly and coatesville, 30 miles per hour in allen town. we could see 30 miles per hour gur gusts during the afternoon. temperatures holding steady in the 40s throughout the day. it's going to be a cold night with temperatures dropping well into the 30s by tomorrow morning. we'll see how much we warm up and what's ahead for the rest of the thanksgiving weekend coming up. here's a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia which will be packed as a record number of drivers head out of town over the next three days. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boynton is monitoring the roads. >> i'm going to look at 95 in a second but first let's look at mount laurel on the southbound
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side of the turnpike on route 73 near exit 4. traffic is getting by but lane restrictions there too. we're also seeing delay moving through this area of the new jersey turnpike. cotman avenue, pretty much a smooth drive in both directions. there's a crash on lower gwennen. the roads are really quiet here too. east and westbound, no problem. 15 minutes from the blue route to the vine moving into center city. erin, back to you. double work for firefighters in montgomery continue. they had to return to a condo this morning to put out a fire that rekindled the same home on saint andrew's road in mryn mawr. no one was inside the home this
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morning. the community helped dozens of elderly people escape the cold after this fire destroyed a senior living facility in westchester and today they are extending a helping hand again today. pamela osborne is there with more on the mission ahead. >> reporter: erin, this means so much to the residents and their families who have shown up here this morning to receive some of that support. we spent a few minutes inside before people started arriving, then we were asked to leave. before that we met a woman named carol. her mother is one of the more than 100 displaced residents. she's 85 years old. she needs 24-hour care, and she's at home with her sister for the time being. carol walked into those doors saying that her mother left with nothing. she was telling us when she left she felt like she had hit the lot do lotto. she was able to get her mom a winter coat, a wheelchair, ea things they needed to help care
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for her and she says she's been blown away. >> they made a bag for each resident because she knew their sizing, so that's very nice. we need everything. brought me to tears so many times because we need everything and we don't have to go out and buy it now. the community gave it to us. it's so wonderful. shoes, socks, clothes, a coat. she doesn't have a coat. she doesn't have anything. >> reporter: we went back to the scene of the fire this morning. atf investigators were on the scene. we know at this time there are still people who are unaccounted for. we just got word that there will be an update on the investigation into that fire at 3:00. we'll of course have you covered there. in the meantime, we'll see you back here at 11:30. surveillance video captured a mob of teenagers beating, robbing and attacking people in center city.
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this video is from lazaro pizza on saturday. more than 100 teens caused chaos and workers at the shop say a few of the teens started complaining about the price of their pizza and then attacked a couple outside and even turned on a pair of delivery drivers. >> punching them in the face three times, four times. bleeding. ridiculous, man. this never happened before. >> every time they're going to get away with it, they're going to do the same thing or maybe take it further. it's not good for the business, not good for the city. >> cleaver said on instagram that the crowd attacked one of its workers as well and a septa transit worker came under attack when he tried to break up the fight. happening today, robert tracy will take his oath of office. the city appointed tracy as chief in april. however, the delaware council
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needed to certify him before he could take over. the department will also promote more than a dozen officers. she was the first woman to publicly accuse roy moore of sexual misconduct. now she is telling her story in a television interview. she says she told family and friends what happened but didn't go public until this month. hear why she says she waited. and, a piece of olympic history vanishes in a cloud of dust. we'll tell you what's replacing it. well, it's going to be another up and down week when it comes to our temperatures as we head towards thanksgiving day. which days are going to bring us the nicest weather, we'll have that coming up.
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at college inn we craft a deeper, richer broth because every detail matters. we select all-natural chicken and flavorful herbs and spices.
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college inn broth helps you make every meal delicious. college inn, delicious is in the details. the famed georgia dome is no more. it was imploded this morning with nearly 5,000 pounds of explosives. the dome was home of the atlanta falcons for 25 years. i've been there many, many times. the building opened in 1992 and it's hosted the olympics, three final fours as well as two super bowls. it was replaced by mercedes-benz stadium next door. it will become green space and parking. the first woman to accuse alabama senate candidate roy moore of sexual assault spoke out on the "today" show this morning. leigh corfman was 14 years old when she said moore approached her as a 32 year old district
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attorney. she met him and he took her to his house where she says he assaulted her. she said she told family and friends what happened but did not go public until "the washington post" approached her and asked her for her story. >> i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world and he was 32 years old. it took years for me to regain a sense of confidence in myself, and i felt, um, guilty. you know, i felt like i was the one that was to blame. >> moore denies ever knowing corfman. three of alabama's biggest newspapers plastered blistering editorials against moore across their front pages. readers saw stand for decency, reject roy moore printed at the top of their sunday papers and for the first time the editorial board also threw support behind moore's democratic challenger. nine women have accused moore, a former judge, of sexual misconduct.
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moore has refused to drop out of the race. voters are split. >> i'm going to vote for moore. >> i'm not going to be able to vote for roy moore. >> a group of republican senators pushing for moore to drop out of the race thinks that the gop can still win the alabama senate seat with a replacement conservative candidate. one of the most chilling mass murders in u.s. history is dead today. charles manson died of natural causes at the age of 83 in a california hospital last night. manson was convicted in 1971 of ordering his followers to kill seven people over two nights in the hollywood hills. the seven victims were found bound, shot, and stabbed multiple times. the words death to pigs and helter skelter were written on the walls around them in blood. manson had been sentenced to death but eventually got life in prison after the california supreme court temporarily abolished the death penalty. the strong winds that blew down trees and power lines this
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weekend caused terror in the streets of new york city. police say winds topping 50 miles per hour blew scaffolding off a building and sent it crashing onto the street below. five people were hurt here and some were trapped under the wood and steel debris. people walking by actually helped free some of the victims. everyone here is expected to be okay. holy -- >> the wind also caused big problems in new york's soho neighborhood. someone with a cell phone shot this video as the wind whipped around a piece of window washing equipment yesterday. mighty close. the wind kept blowing the metal platform right against the side of a high-rise. we've got some wind today but nothing like what we saw yesterday and neither is new york. we got a 16 mile an hour wind in philadelphia, only 44 degrees.
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it is pretty chilly out there despite all that sunshine across the entire area. this is a land breeze. the jersey shore seeing similar temperatures. 42 in avalon, 43 in stone harbor, cape may point. we have 15 to 20 mile an hour sustained winds across much of the area making it feel like it's in the 30s. 34 in pottstown, 35 in lancaster. the warm spot doesn't even feel like it's 40. we've got sunshine though. that will help us out during the daylight hours but as soon as the sun goes down it's going to really feel cold. we've got clear skies all over the place except for lake effect snow in new york state which are going to stay in new york state. through the afternoon, only in the 40s, even with that southwest wind. by tonight, temperatures going down into the 30s but the atmosphere is trying to warm up
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so it's not going to drop as much as it would in the normal case. you can see by noon tomorrow we're already in the 50s, possibly going near 60 degrees in parts of the area. that southerly wind and no precipitation, we could see something later, tuesday night and into early wednesday morning. it's obviously rain because it's too warm, but this too may be gone by the morning rush. so we're in really good shape. the one area that may be some travel issues is in florida. there's miami tonight and you can see a lot of showers and thunderstorms. there could be some flight delays in part of that state but really that is about it. take a look at the jump in temperatures. tomorrow near 60. wednesday those early showers but the suburbs and lehigh valley should miss those showers well. you can see delaware 60 degrees on tuesday and still on the mild
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side wednesday after those early morning showers. as many of us sit down this week to enjoy a big thanksgiving dinner, it is important to remember that there are those in our community who are not fortunate enough to afford a holiday meal. that's why legendary local radio host john bdebell la is bringin back his local turkey drop. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> this is the largest one-day food gathering event of its kind. tell us about the turkey drop and how long have you been doing it? >> 34 years ago. i've been doing it at mgk for the past 16. it came out of an ad that i saw in the enquirer that said for $25 you can feed five people for thanksgiving. i said i can do better than that. the following week i said i'm going to be on the corner of 19th and walnut street, drop off a turkey and i'm going to give
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it to city team philadelphia. that year we collected about 120 turkeys. the following year it was 300. the following year it was 800. we're now up to anywhere between 9,000 and 10,000 turkeys in a three-hour period. >> that is huge. >> it is huge. >> city team philadelphia, that's where the turkeys go. tell us about that. >> it's a great organization out of chester who not only works with people in that area but the food that we collect they dole out to south jersey, to philadelphia, to all of the counties surrounding, even into delaware where if the food is needed they're going to get it out there. they serve themselves about 1200 families. they serve three meals a day regularly. but if we can collect what we have been collecting, not only will we have enough for thanksgiving, we'll probably take them straight through christmas. >> this is not even just philadelphia. it literally is all over -- >> it's the valley. >> city team really has seen an
11:21 am
increase this year. talk about that. >> people need to understand that philadelphia has one of the largest amount of people living under the poverty line. one in four families in philadelphia lives under the poverty line. most of the people that city team works with are working poor. they have jobs but don't have enough money coming in to put food on the tableee times a day. that's what city team where cos big way. >> you're filling the gap. >> doing our best. >> the fact that it lasts through christmas is huge too. >> gigantic. >> this is a big time of year. why is this project so important to you? you've been doing it so long but why is it really touching your ng to get me all emotional now. >> that's good. >> i was a poor kid. i didn't know i was a poor kid. my parents did everything possible to give us everything thneeded. so i never -- look at the size of me. i did not go without a meal, you
11:22 am
know. when i realized that that's what my background was like, i knew and i was a hippy. i still believe in you got to take care of your brother, your neighbor. you got to do that stuff. so i find great joy in doing this. you're never happier than you are when you help somebody who's less fortunate than yourself. >> and 10,000 turkeys, that's going to make a big difference. >> real big. >> once again, john debell la's turkey drop tomorrow outside the kimmel center. nine other dropoff locations are spread out across our area. for a full list, go to the nbc 10 mobile app. surviving cancer may only be the first part of the battle for some patients. see how overcoming the illness may lead to another kind of problem. that's just ahead. and a local school is in mourning after one of its teachers died in a fire.
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trigger for posttraumatic stress disorder. a newly released study looked at 500 adults with cancer. about one in five had ptsd six months after their diagnosis and roughly one-third of those patients still had symptoms four years later. experts say mental health evaluations should be a part of followup care for cancer survivors. a local community is helping the victims of a fire in a senior living facility. pamela osborne is live on the scene. >> reporter: erin, all this morning long relatives of residents of that facility have been showing up here just on the other side of these doors. they're picking out much-needed items. we'll tell you all about it when i come back. plus, ever wonder where your thanksgiving turkey comes from? one of the largest turkey farms in the country is here in our
11:27 am
area. we're going to take you there and tell you about their most famous customer.
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a community is now coming together to help those who lost everything in last week's senior living facility fire. today family members of the victims are picking up the much-needed donations. pamela osborne is live at the good will fire company. this comes as investigators were back out at the scene of the fire searching for people who still remain unaccounted for. >> reporter: yeah, erin, the atf was at that senior living facility early this morning. we're expecting to learn more about what they found and to get an update on the investigation thus far later this afternoon. meanwhile, just a few minutes away at the good will fire company, volunteers helped families of residents get fully
11:31 am
stocked on everything from clothes to wheelchairs, walkers, eyeglasses and toiletrietoiletr. they did ask us to leave when people started to arrive. we spoke to the fire detective about how families affected by this tragedy are reacting to this incredible outpouring of support. >> it's apretty amazing to see everybody come together. at the same time they're struggling to get through this. it's a wonderful outpouring from the community. happy and sad at the same time. >> i feel like a won the lottery. i'm so excited. everybody did this, it's so nice. >> reporter: at one point they had to stop taking donations yesterday because they had more stuff than they could sort through. they will be here through the evening to help some of the relatives of the family members affected by this tragedy. they're going to be going through items, getting them everything they need, getting them out the door and back home,
11:32 am
and of course we know that update in the investigation, that's scheduled to take place at 3:00 and we of course will be there and we'll have it covered. reporting live in westchester, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. a rough start to the school week for students at this roxborough elementary school. they lost a teacher in a fire yesterday. sheila taylor hawkins was a third grade teacher at shawmont elementary. counsellors will be on hand for students who need help. >> we want to make sure that everyone who is processing dealing with this loss today is fully supported. >> firefighters pulled taylor hawkins from her burning home on renz street yesterday morning. she was taken to the hospital where she died. neighbors saved two other people. they heard screams and ran over to help, grabbed and ladder and pulled two people out. firefighters praised their quick thinking. with thanksgiving just a few days away, the holiday travel
11:33 am
rush is getting under way. a live look at i-76 and 676 in center city where the roads will be filled with more and more people taking road trips over the next day or so as folks try to get out of town before wednesday's busy travel day. so what kind of weather can travelers expect? for the answer, let's bring in glenn hurricane schwartz with the forecast. >> looks like we're in pretty good shape across a good bit of the country this week for traveling. you can see how clear the skies are in wilmington, delaware and also further to the south. this is cape may, and that is clear. the coast is clear so to speak, although there could be some showers there wednesday morning. now, we do expect some of these clouds to increase a little bit tomorrow, but there's some lake effect snow in new york state but look how dry most of the rest of the country is. so, if you're traveling to
11:34 am
chicago, of course it's going to be colder wednesday than tuesday but that's still not bad for this time of the year. cincinnati, again, we cool down. you don't see any precipitation. and then we go further to the east, pittsburgh cools down quite a bit. that's pretty cold on wednesday. that cold air is coming our way for thanksgiving day. washington d.c., good weather tuesday and wednesday. of course everybody's got nice weather today too as you saw. mount pocono, no snow up in that area. travel is good. we may see some showers early wednesday in new york and also in boston, but that should be moving out and not lasting very long and certainly not snow. temperatures in the 40s across our entire area and we do have wind guests of 25 to 30 miles per hour in starts of the area but it's nowhere near as windy
11:35 am
as yesterday. we'll see more about those ups and downs with temperatures through the weekend coming up. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we're looking at how the birds blasted the boys last night. the birds started off slowly but exploded in the third quarter. carson wentz led two straight touchdown drives. the eagles defense also came up big pulling off three turnovers. the birds took full control of the division with a 37-9 beatdown over their arch rival. so what got the eagles going in the second half? >> i think we knew coming into the locker room at halftime we left a lot out there. i think we knew we were much better than that and we had to execute. >> the eagles lost kicker jake elliott to a concussion but the birds still scored enough touchdowns and converted on all but one of their two-point conversions. the pride of glass borough new
11:36 am
jersey scored both the touchdown and the two-point conversion that gave the birds the lead for good. john clark of nbc sports philadelphia caught up with him after the game. >> so now you grew up a cowboys fan in glass borough, right? when did you let go of that? >> when the philadelphia eagles gave me the opportunity to showcase my abilities. >> with this catch clement helped the eagles maintain the best two-point conversion percentage in the nfl this season. here's how the nfc playoff picture is shaping up. if the regular season ended this morning, the 9-1 eagles would be the top seed. the vikings, saints and the rams are your other division leaders. the panthers and seahawks hold the wild card spot right now. the final whistle in texas meant the party was just getting
11:37 am
started in south philadelphia. there's a party there. they sang, danced, cheered into the early hours this morning. ♪ >> what a fan frenzy last night. that's eagles super fan barry the hatchet mag noni. fyi, the hatchet has a fully decked out eagles locker room in his basement. it is something to see. stay with nbc 10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles for continuing coverage of the big win, turn to the nbc 10 app for a full breakdown of the game and the post-game celebrations. lincoln financial field will play host to a different sport in 2019. that's when the flyers will battle their pennsylvania rivals, the pittsburgh penguins, outdoors. the nhl announced yesterday that philadelphia will host the 2019
11:38 am
stadium seseries. the flyers actually lost to the penguins when they hosted the h marquee game in pittsburgh in front of 67,000 fans. they say the stadium offers great views no matter where you sit. members of the philadelphia 76s have the giving spirit and joined the annual thanksgiving turkey giveaway yesterday. the guys handed out 200 turkeys and posed for pictures with fans at the francis meyers recreation center. happening today an early thanksgiving meal for 5,000 people in need. volunteers at the outly house shelter in southwest philadelphia spent the past week getting ready to feed homeless men and women tonight. this is a labor of love for this group. they had been cooking dinner here the last 15 years. >> when i can sit down to my
11:39 am
table and eat a full course meal, i at least can think, okay, i helped some people. i did something for some people. >> they expect to feed about 5,000 homeless men, women and children. for some it may be the only real meal they'll get all year. as we count down to thanksgiving, your dinner may have been farm raised right in our area. jandle farms is in the lehigh valley. it's one of the largest turkey farms in the country. as matt shows us, it also has a very special honor. >> reporter: to get from this to this, it takes a lot of know-how. >> it's quite crazy. it's all hands on deck. >> reporter: luke jandle is the manager at jandle farms in orfield p.a. but you might as
11:40 am
well call it turkey town. >> we have 13,000 acres. to put it in context, that's about 13,000 football fields. it's a lot of space but we're fully integrated so we basically control from farm to table. >> reporter: the jandle family started raising turkeys more than 80 years ago. now they push out more than 840,000 birds a year, many going to stores in your neighborhood. >> we have our own breed of turkey. we've been breeding it for about 60 years now. higher yielding turkey, more edible meat. >> reporter: perhaps their biggest customer? that would be the president of the united states. jandle has been sending turkeys to the white house since 1960. how did that honor come to be? it started when this farm won the grand champion competition five years in a row. >> when they discontinued this program in the late 50s, they suggested we present two birds
11:41 am
to the president of the united states and have done so ever since. >> reporter: from the white house to your house, happy thanksgiving. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, a breakthrough in the fight against cancer made right here in our area. >> i ask god every night, give me the strength to fight this. >> bill ludwig was dying until he was the first to try a new cancer treatment. it worked for him, and then it worked on now 9-year-old austin. now the question is who's next to beat cancer. hear about this new treatment that's offering so much hope. that is tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. you can catch a performance of a family classic this holiday season. ♪ >> one local theatre wants you to be their guest as they bring a beloved story to the stage. we're going to talk to the star of their production of "beauty and the beast."
11:42 am
we're starting off the week cold. are we going to warm up by thanksgiving? i'll show you ahead in my full first alert weather forecast.
11:43 am
11:44 am
back now with information on a recall. owners of a sleep number bed need to know about this. they're recalling near 12,000 smart beds with foot warmers. the company received six reports of the foot warmer overheating including one report of a burn injury.
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if you have one, stop using the foot warmer and disable it. you can get a free replacement from sleep number. ♪ all right, we're all moving in here. it's a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme. we're talking about "beauty and the beast." it's been an animated film, a live action film and on broadway as well and now this holiday season audiences can see "beauty and the beast" on stage in delaware county. we're joined by dan dunn who's directing the production. welcome. >> thank you. >> you're taking on a character everybody knows, belle. >> everybody knows her. >> what's it like taking on a role like that? it's huge. >> it's a dream come true. yesterday we had a matinee and i came out for the first moment where she's reading the book and you heard all the little girls go, belle!
11:46 am
it was delicious. i loved it. >> how have the previous roles of belle shaped your performance? this has been out. >> so many people have taken on this role and actually our wig designer is the designer for andrew mccartel who also played this role. she gave me insider secrets and it's an honor to be wearing her shoes. >> you are dedicating your performance to somebody special to you, right? >> yes. my sister, her favorite movie as well as yours is "beauty and the beast." she came to see the show on opening night. >> this ran on broadway for 13 years. what were the challenges in adapting it for this theatre production? >> every production is a little different of course and i think the challenges with any production you want to kind of make it your own of course but at the same time it's a story and it's a lot of characters that people know and love. i think it's just keeping the integrity of the show and the
11:47 am
people that are doing it. >> what can people expect when they go? why should they go if they've seen it in the movies? >> this is just like the movie but so much more exciting. i'm a huge fan of the movie. it's of course a live musical which has beautiful costumes, beautiful lighting, singing and dancing, great characters. it's one of the most lovely casts i've ever worked with. it's really exciting. >> you have a performance scheduled for people with young kids, correct? >> absolutely. er thaseason. they have a holiday schedule for children and for results and for young and young at heart for sure. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "beauty and the beast" is playing at the media theatre through january 14th. shows are on various days, various times. tap the nbc 10 mobile app and look for find it on 10.
11:48 am
nice looking day. look outside the close to that . 21 mile an hour sustained wind in allentown. as we go to the south where it's generally warmer, in delaware it's only 43 in wilmington. 44 in odessa. middletown further to the south, 47. bethany beach is 49. it feels like it's in the 30s, 36 in wilmington, 39 in dover. so yes, it is definitely cold out there. it is clear. we're expecting sunshine all day. lake effect snows up in new york state stay up there. there's nothing else moving in at the moment. we're in pretty good shape here. there will be some moisture developing to our south as you'll see. here we are on tuesday.
11:49 am
it's just clear. in the afternoon still clear. now we're starting to see some clouds. later tomorrow, starting to move up. we have moisture coming up from the southwest. several of the computer models are showing a band of some light rain coming in. this is late tuesday night and the first thing wednesday morning, but a lot of the models have it ending by about 6:00 a.m. then we're left with sunshine for the rest of the day wednesday and then we get nice, dry weather on thursday. traveling is going to be good. chicago down through cincinnati, colder on wednesday than it will be tomorrow. that's for sure. we've got some warm weather coming in tomorrow. washington d.c. close to 60 degrees. you can see all the dry weather. you can see mount pocono, no snow expected there. early wednesday in washington up
11:50 am
to boston those showers, the same ones that we could be getting. and tomorrow, up near 60 in fair mont. 55 in reading and allentown. in easton these temperatures are close to average or maybe a little above average. voorhees, wild wood, avalon at 60. for thanksgiving itself it's going to be pretty cold, highs about 46, similar to today except not as windy. if you want to compare thanksgiving to today, that will be the difference. we're up near 48 today, breezy. up near 60 tomorrow. there's that chance of rain early wednesday morning, thursday, thanksgiving day is cold. then we get a little bit milder friday and saturday. for the eagles game next sunday it's looking chilly again and
11:51 am
we'll be right back.
11:52 am
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trust us every day. with no deductible and lower monthly premiums, we could help you save money and get better coverage on thousands of prescriptions. so take a closer look at silverscript. we think you'll like what you see. the best of the nation's dogs competed this weekend at the national dog show. hundreds of dog lovers came to meet and pet the pups at the oaks expo center. the dogs were groomed to
11:54 am
perfection before taking to the ring to show off their best moves. more than 2100 dogs competed for best in show, a show record. but only one earned the title of top dog. we can't give away the winner just yet. find out which dog took home the top prize at noon on thanksgiving day right here on nbc 10. former eagles and fan favorite john dorf bof will be on the ellen show this afternoon. he's going to make some ellen viewers very happy today as she starts off her 12 days agiveaways show. he'll help ellen give away prizes. he underwent heart surgery back in september after being traded to the saints and he's now doing very well. check it out today at 3:00 right here on nbc 10. this afternoon at 4:00, hitting the bull's eye. the alternative sport that's testing local kids' brains while keeping them safe from concussions. an update on our top story
11:55 am
this afternoon. we'll learn more about the fire at the senior living facility last week. they're going to update the media at 3:00 today. as soon as we know the outcome we'll bring it to you on the nbc 10 app. meanwhile, just a few minutes ago at the goodwill fire company, volunteers helped families of the displaced residents get fully stocked on everything from cloethsthes to wheelchairs. glenn hurricane schwartz here with one more look at your forecast. >> it's cold. cold plus this wind this time of year can make snow. yeah, there's a little snow up there. that's just the beginning. we go into the month of december and it's going to be cold enough and a lot of nights to be able to make more snow. so the skeet people may be happy about that. if you want warmer weather, you
11:56 am
may be happy about tomorrow. near 60 with much less wind. early wednesday, very early wednesday, a few showers. that's the only precipitation during this week. thanksgiving day looks cold and dry and not too windy across the entire area. a good bit of the country having some pretty good weather for travel for thanksgiving and thanksgiving itself. you'll notice as we go into early next week it really starts getting colder. starting on sunday when the eagles are playing at home and then perhaps the coldest weather coming monday and tuesday. we're barely getting to 40. >> i saw a 2, a 20 in there. >> that's in the city at night. >> the thanksgiving day parade in new york city going to be really cold up there? >> cold but not windy. their big problem is the wind with the floats. not a problem this year. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> john: where's samantha? >> marlena: oh, she went to talk to will. >> john: so no stopping her, i'm guessing. >> marlena: yeah. >> john: hm. >> marlena: i'm worried. if she alienates him... this time she might lose him forever. >> sami: will-- oh, no. oh, no, she's taken him again. oh, god. >> susan: i'll be right there. i just-- [tense music] ♪


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