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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 23, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> al: we'll say it. it's calvin engram right? >> cris: he said say his name. i still have the plate and screws many my ankle. >> al: consider it done. pass over the middle. second down. i looked up a list of the arena players, the best of all time. gruden was fourth. i read it off to him and he said no, no, no, i was third. either way, manning throwing. and caught in redskins territory and king taking the ball to the washington 39 yard line. hustling up to the line to save that time-out. 1:16 but the giants elect to take it right here. >> cris: that was a big tackle by d.j. swearinger on the tackle. it might be one of those catch and runs and tough to make that
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tackle. that is what safeties have to do in the middle of the field. that is such a tough play against wide receivers and running backs that break it up the middle but the good ones can get them on the ground. almost broke that one. >> al: 1:16. at the washington 39 yard line. passed manning in over 100 yards, throwing for 113 tonight. eli hit as he throws and that will be picked off at the 14 yard line. and that will write a finish to it and kendall fuller having a really good year will just about end it. junior galette put the pressure on manning. hit him as he threw. mcadoo could only look on as his team is on the cusp of going to 2-9 and the redskins can run the clock out. >> cris: the only reason he got
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it off is because ereck flowers was holding galette coming off the edge. that was the good news. the bad news was that maybe one of the best slot corner backs in all of football made that play. we haven't talked about him tonight. but not only is he tremendous in coverage averaging a 58 quarterback rating when you throw it kendall fuller but you see him making all kinds of physical plays in the run game. i really like him and it's just that he came up with that big game-winner. >> al: the four fuller brothers, two are still playing in the league, one retired a few years ago. all went to virginia tech. so a couple of kneel-downs and that will take us to our post game. let's go to michele. >> michele: kendall fuller is a guy that is an unsung hero on this defense. last year to this year is night and day.
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one of the strongest guys on the back end. playing on another level. he's a ball hog. just proved that. he said i give them encouragement and want to give him a plug. >> al: rand he deserves it. norman has no interceptions this season. of course, they avoid him a lot. fuller now has four. one kneel-down will take washington to a record of five wins and six losses. their next game is next thursday night here on nbc as they meet dallas. the giants next week, a week from sunday will go to oakland. >> cris: pretty impressive to bounce back after the loss at new orleans that had to take the heart out of anybody. it was a 15-point lead, 3:00 to go and come back in a short week and get it done. >> al: get it done. injuries all over the place. the feast is ahead next. volkswagen post game report
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after these messages from your nbc station.
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♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me... ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets, 6 match 6 chances, ♪ ♪ 5 cash 5s! 4 cash4lifes, ♪ ♪ 3 pick 3s, 2 mega millions. ♪ happy holidays, rita! thanks, joe! what a great gift! pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts. like the new merry millions. happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery. ♪ >> announcer: welcome to the volkswagen post game report. >> al: 20-10 washington wins it. a happy 55th birthday given by the redskins to their owner dan schneider.
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players of the game. how about kirk cousins, two touchdown passes, 242, hung in through six sacks. crowder, a huge night. seven catches, a td and 141. let's go to the feast and michele. >> michele: this has turned into a party, al. everyone is joining in. but the three guests of honor, jamison, kirk dive into your first thanksgiving morcel. pass it around. you guys can share. hey kirk, first thanksgiving game in washington. hosted here and you guys come a way with a win. you're sacked six times. how do you come away with a win? >> it was a grind. it always is but we kept
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battling. i'm proud of the resiliency our team showed. this is a fun moment. >> michele: you talk about the resiliency and in spite of all the pressure you were under, this is a banged up group and they got through it for you. >> i was proud of the way they ran the football in the second half. did a great job of running the ball. they protected well. we had a few slip ups here and there but they covered well. they kept playing and they believe in me and i believe in them. >> michele: they are having a good time with these turkey legs. jamison crowder, you have been coming up with big plays and came up with a few tonight. finally got in the end zone for the first time this season. what was the first thing that went through your mind crossing that plain? >> i was just thankful to finally get in the end zone. it was a blessing. hopefully i can continue to play well down the stretch and score a few but the season over with. >> michele: you guys play a week
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from tonight. how do you think you're going to be? >> i think i'll be fine. i got banged up like you said but i'll be fine. >> michele: you have been big for them. ryan kerrigan, two sacks tonight and you did not allow the giants offense into the end zone. what was behind this performance? >> just a lot of grit from our guys today. it's a short week. we had to set the tone and we did that. >> michele: you were coming off that devastating loss in new orleans. where do you think y'all got the energy and the focus to cdo wha you did? >> we knew we kind of let our team down against new orleans. we knew to play well tonight and get the job done. >> michele: how was the turkey? >> great. >> michele: there's certainly a lot of meat on the broken. congratulations. i don't know where jamison went. here he is. take that with you. congratulations all three of you. >> thank you. appreciate. >> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you.
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so two spokespeople. got it. k. thanks. at&t it's time for more. it's time for more. buy the amazing iphone 8 at at&t and get a second one to gift, on us. >> announcer: welcome back to the volkswagen suvw post game report. >> roethlisberger throwing end zone. antonio brown spectacular catch. touchdown! wow. >> i do believe i saw my first ever helmet catch. is this a helmet catch mike? >> it's right against it right? >> please tell me that's a helmet catch. >> that was the thursday nighter which you did with mike tirico in pittsburgh. pittsburgh, they're hitting on all cylinders right now. it's a great cliche but no other way to put it. 8-2.
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seem to have everything going the right way and get green bay sunday night. >> they had good things working already, the defense going, the running game with le'veon bell and ben roethlisberger, antonio brown, juju-schuster the passing game woke up and it is setting up. steeler steeler steelers/patriots will meet and the green bay packers -- even if aaron rodgers comes back they have to leave him something to work with. >> he conceivably could come back week 16. that would be a game on a saturday night we'll do just before christmas eve against minnesota. if they can get through this game they're looking ahead to tampa bay, cleveland. they have winnable games down the line. who knows. but a big one on sunday night. >> you have to make it easier on brett hundley. the pick in the end zone and it fell apart from there. >> all right. on to pittsburgh. steelers practice tomorrow. game is sunday night.
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off we have go. another game on nbc as washington wins tonight by a score of 20-10. our gang up here, melissa horton keeping us warm and fed on this thanksgiving night. hope you all had a great thanksgiving. our entire gang, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya saying goodbye. the redskins beat the giants. >> announcer: nbc sports home of super bowl lii thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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right now, the mad dash is on to get a jump start on black friday deals. looking live right frau, krung of prussia maul. shoppers out live tonight looking for big savings. some stood in the cold to get inside favorite stores. shoppers really took off once the doors opened. >> this is the first time we've gone black friday shopping right after thanksgiving. didn't know what to expect. >> good evening. we have coverage. tell us if the weather will cooperate for the shoppers. begin with nbc 10 drew smith live at king of prussia. mall as the black friday frenzy begins. >> reporter: this is a late night party here everywhere you look. down the hallways, people over there at the coffee shop. people are fueling up trying to
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get through this after having big thanksgiving dinner. this is going on until 1 in the morning. then close up and take a little break and be here for the actual black friday beginning at ning the morning. >> it's a packed house inside the king of prussia mall. i think you can call this exercise when you have to lug all the shopping bags from store to store. >> giving thanks for everything we've got and just relaxing. >> a little more relaxes this year because of the early start time helping to cut down on a long entry line. some kids getting early christmas gifts. >> i have a video game. >> others checking off the holiday list early. >> got to get the holiday shopping early while the sales are great. >> delaware county big line at best buy. >> been out here a long time. looks like all the people are ahead of me. >> premium outlets chilly
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tonight. best place to be was in the store sgls i thi stores. >> i think we're going to do a couple of stores here. >> it's really cold. >> one of the workers telling us thanksgiving and black friday some of the biggest days of the year for businesses here. >> most people won't get sleep at all. we have to be here at 6:00 a.m. and i have to work at 6:00 a.m. it's going to be crazy. >> those stores want to be on top of their game. the economy is good. there's high consumer confidence. online bids hammer away at brick and mortar stores. overall spend 4% more this year compared to last year. >> have to ask, what are some of the best deals that you've seen out there. >> reporter: aaron, not these cars for sure. electronic. people want to get tvs and get in line early. actually 2 retailers are
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advertising iphones this year. if you buy an iphone, you can get big gift cards to stores like target and best buy. >> nbc 10 has you covered for black friday. download the nbc 10 app for list of store hours across the area. see which ones are open right now and the ones that open or reopen in a matter of hours. >> a cold start to black friday. shoppers really needed to bundle up. a live look right now at blue cross river rink. nbc 10 a proud sponsor of winter fest. opens tomorrow. check this out. snow right there. camelback mountain resort. shaping up to be a really nice weekend. the view in center city. looking live at a picture of the comcast center. she's tracking your hour by hour forecast. >> so much stuff going on. not so cold, but a lot of people wearing coats. they did get the message.
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>> absolutely. >> it's going to be chilly for the remainder of tonight. a chilly start to tomorrow. a little bit warmer as we head through the day tomorrow. right now live look outside. beautiful outside. looks pretty. we have mainly clear skies, but it is very chilly. 28 in the lehigh valley right now. 26 in the pennsylvania suburb. 35 in philadelphia. 30 along the jersey shore. let's take a closer look. 25 in landon. allentown, 27 degrees. nazareth 31. dropping quickly in the outlying areas. how about right here in philadelphia, 35 at the airport. 32 in mount airy. 32 in parkwood. down to 27 degrees. tomorrow when you get up at 7 to head out to all the malls. 32 in philadelphia. 28 in suburbs. 29 in lehigh valley. 30 in south jersey. 33 at jersey shore.
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afternoon should be very close to 50 degrees. either side of it. with mostly sunny skies. back in a little bit for your hour by hour for your weekend ahead. >> along this thanksgiving day, many people chose to serve overs. volunteers prepared hot meals for families in need all over the region. the salvation army of greater philadelphia. annual thanksgiving to go event. more than 800 families. 2500 pounds of turkeys. 1400 pounds of stuffing. 1200 pounds of gravy. and 1,000 apple pies. in spring garden, volunteers prepared, cooked and packed meals for those in need. nonprofit delivered the dinners to more than 3200 people who have medical issues. >> these meals mean too much to people who can't get out to get a meal or cook imthemselves. gives them the ability to feed their whole family for the day.
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>> more than 500 families prepared the meals. he and his family served meals at the lunch break. murphy posted this picture on his facebook page. president trump called troops overseas to thank them for his service. he also offered this message for all american sgmeramerican. >> this year in the face of painful hardship, we have seen the incredible strength of the american spirit, neighbors helping neighbors. >> president and first lady melania trump also met with guardsmen after lake ward coast guard station. he praised their response to the hurricanes in texas, florida and puerto rico. u.s. troops in afghanistan has turkey and fixings and got in a little football. at the airfield. nearly 3,000 troops are stationed there. for the 98th year, thousands packed the streets to take in
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the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. kids bundled up and headed out early this morning. annual thanksgiving day parade. filled with floats and live performances. for many the parade kicks off their turkey day. >> we're originally from the philadelphia area. we're back here to enjoy some time with family. >> after this we're going to go home and eat and then we're going to go to grandma's house and eat then all the houses. >> hard to imagine thanksgiving without the macy's thanksgiving parade. millions turned out for the iconic event in new york city. olaf from frozen. trolls and charlie brown soared above the crowds. and, of course, santa claus made
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an appearance as well. holiday show at the comcast center ticked off today drawing a large crowd. dozens of people watching the comcast spectacular. 15 minute show plays every hour. nutcracker, jingle bells and more. parent company of nbc 10 and telemundo 62. following a developing story in north flphilly. man is in the hospital after several dogs attacked him. spoke to a neighbor who saw the man just moments before he was attacked. >> most of the reaction in the neighborhood was concentrated behind this alleyway. where officers found a man lying on the ground in someone's backyard with dogs biting him. >> people don't see a street -- saved a man from a dog attack in a back ally. investigators say four pitbulls bit a man on the leg. he was in the dog owners backyard.
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>> this is crazy. >> shaken and in disbelief, this is not how she wanted to end her thanksgiving. she said she saw the victim moments earlier. >> i just gave him a plate of food. why are you back there in the back of people's homes. >> the police want to know why the man was behind the home and if he provoked the dogs. philadelphia fire dispatch tells nbc 10. at the time investigators can't identify the victim. >> he was covered in dirt and mud so we couldn't even tell or estimate his age at the time. >> police say the victim was in and out of consciousness when paramedics took him to the hospital. an officer fired once and killed one dog. the rest were unharmed. >> i hope he's okay. >> police say it's possible the victim has medical conditions. also say the dog's owner knew is
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victim, but didn't know why he was in the backyard. too early to tell if the owner will face in charges. in north philadelphia, i'm brand dobb hudson, nbc 10 news. in the last 90 minutes police caught a man they say shot and killed a trooper in east texas. interstate 44 officers arrested brett black hours later after a standoff with police. former national security adviser michael flynn is cutting ties with president trump's legal team. nbc news is reporting that flynn's lawyer has notified the president's lawyers they can no longer share information. experts say this could be a sign that flynn is preparing to cooperate with robert mueller's special counsel investigation of the trump administration link to russia. a park is off limits tonight because the soil may be contaminated. authorities say soil from collins park currently being
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tested. no word when the montgomery town park will reopen. police in chester county need your help to track down the person responsibility for stealing a motorcycle. these are surveillance images of the suspect caught on camera stealing a dirt bike from a home in east ocean township. if you recognize this guy, call police. new at 11, police investigating two robberies. victims were threatened with knives. police say both crimes happened within the last week on eagle road. suspect stole money and a cell phone from the victims. five people were hospitalized after a two car wreck in delaware county. accident happened around 2:30 at the intersection of second and chester. police say all of the injured people were taken to chester medical center. no word on their conditions. fire ripped through a family's home in kensington this morning. fire broke out on east will lard street. working to learn what started.
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the red cross is now helping the families. you've seen the dangers about fry r your turkey. thanksgiving dinner didn't quite go as planned as this bucks county home. new video of a turkey fryer up in flames. and feeding hundreds of local community for a thanksgiving tradition. one reason why the show of support was even more special 24 year. and it's going to be a mixed weekend forecast. a little of this. a little of that. i'm going to go neighborhood by neighborhood when we come back after the break.
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thanksgiving dinner went up new flames for one county in bucks county. called to a home on linden avenue in langhorne to put out a turkey fryer that caught fire. the homeowner had minor burns, but is expected to be okay. a west philadelphia thanksgiving tradition continues. days after one of the organizers
12:02 am
was murdered. for the fourth years soulful restaurant partners with area businesses to provide hundreds and free meals and entertainment to those who showed up. this year's event was in honor of robert will. shot driving his van saturday evening. friends pay tribute to him. have a life size cutout. show him not far from their hearts. >> people ask me, who you think killed rob? i don't even know. everybody loved rob. this is hard. >> police continue to search for his murder. food pantries helped a lot of people through this thanksgiving holiday. in the lehigh valley, they helped more people than ever before. local food pantries and ministries have noticed a spike this holiday season. it has to do with the number of people who evacuated puerto rico. some of them relocated to lehigh valley to live with family.
12:03 am
>> the place we feel it the most is within our food pantries. as time goes on, the families try to make ends meat and to provide meals for their additional family members becomes more and more difficult. as that happens, more and more people come to us. >> bethany ministry in bethlehem says more than 100 people came to their annual thanksgiving dinner. nbc 10 in wilmington for one of the areas's largest private christmas light display. tonight, turned on in honor of tom smith. put on the display every year for the community to enjoy. a mixed holiday weekend forecast ahead. right now cold night out there. shoppers get a jump start on black friday discount. live look at the ben franklin bridge. heading to center city. next few days are going to be pretty busy. tens of thousands of travelers pass through here to return home after the holiday weekend.
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chief meteorologist is here tracking the latest conditions. cold, cold, cold out there. >> cold, but looking to have a cold cold warm up. along the way. >> i like that. >> now people are paying attention. you sat up in the chair. >> any black friday shopping for you. >> maybe. tomorrow morning. >> little extra time to warm the car up. go ahead and take a look at what's going on: outside right now mainly clear skies. villely chilly in some places. made it all the way to 42 today. didn't pick up any rain. highest wind gust was 19 miles an hour. look at the warm et off to the west. billings 61 degrees right now. we are in the 20s and 30s. big pool or cool air here. look at the warmth heading our way. going be here for saturday. across the area, 34 philadelphia. 32 for pittsburgh, 37 in d.c. right now.
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allentown at 28. 30 in wilmington. 29 right now in gilbert. if you're in atlantic city. same for wildwood. chilly night out there. by 2:00 in the morning. 32 in philadelphia. wake up. 33 degrees. by ten only going to be to 42. you'll have bright sunshine. 28 at 2 in the morning. 27 in the lehigh valley at 6:00. 31 in delaware. 30 in new jersey already in the 20s in many places and 33 for the jersey shore. nothing showing up on the doppler radar. we have clouds. may drift through some tomorrow in the afternoon with a front that does come through later on saturday. here's where we go. you're going wake up. quite chilly. outlying areas in the 20s and 30s. this should be below freezing in philadelphia. make it to the upper 40s and 50s tomorrow. sunshine. then on saturday, here come the clouds. here comes this front. weak front in th


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