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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 1, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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atlantic city. this continues to be the pattern and look at the temperature trend for the next couple days. we'll be only up in to programs the low 20s by tomorrow. wednesday we'll be at about 28 to 30. and then we get into thursday, and of the same. so we don't break the freezing mark at least not through thursday. we'll talk about all of this and of course we'll talk about the potential of some snow headed our way when i come back in a few. pretty start off on the boulevard. we've seen reports of an accident northbound between i-76 and wissalickon avenue. this was an overturned vehicle and three lanes were blocked. and let's take a look in hamilton, you can see the camera at route i-295 at sloan avenue. not too many people out on the roadway this morning. mass transit, all is on time there.
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at the jersey shore, four family members are dead and a 16-year-old boy is in custody for the killings. police are were called to a house on wall street in monmouth county. we've learned the 16-year-old boy used an assault rifle to kill his mother, grandmother and two other family members. no word yet on what sparked the violence. mummers will be trying to stay warm as they plan to continue their annual strutting condition, they voted to continue with their new year's day parade despite the cold. matt, what exactly will be done to help keep these guys warm? >> reporter: well, there are going to be hand warmers are ha organizers are handing out to the folks. a lot of these bands prepare all year for this and today is their big day. it is new year's day and of course it is mummers day.
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of course you have the police here blocking off the start of the parade route along marcus by city hall. in fact over there just past that police car, you might be able to see some of the floats that are ready to go. parade starts at 9:00 this morning. and this parade, it is a tradition of course. but of course sometimes when it is new year's day, you're going to have cold weather. and that is what these folks will have to deal with. and the parade will wind past city hall, down broad street to washington. and this parade scheduled to go past 3:30 this afternoon. and then the performance indoors at the convention center. so i'm sure they are happy about that. it could have been postponed, but the decision over the weekend kept the parade on schedule because if it was postponed to this coming saturday, it would still be cold. so we talked with some of the
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folks about that. >> we just wanted to make sure that it will be a safe day and those watching. we were hoping to postpone for a more favorable day, but the vote went to have it on new year's day. it will be cold, but we'll deal with it. >> reporter: and they will deal with it. all these spectators who come out here and the rest of us who are here enjoying this as well. of course the parade does not begin for another few hours at 9:00. but it is cold. it can be dangerous as well. so if you are coming out here, best to have the hat and gloves, hand warmers, everything you can just to make sure that you are layered up and ready for this. and try to get inside as much as possible. and of course if you are coming out here, just enjoy it, but be careful. live here in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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and there is the big moment in new york city. despite some of the most bone chilling temperatures ever, 1 million spilled in to times square to watch the famous crystal ball. temperatures felt more like 1 below zero. very cold. in philadelphia, the biggest new year's blowout takes place right where you would expect it looking out over the ben franklin bridge. >> what a sight. with snow on the ground for a little extra effect, the fireworks show dazzled people along the waterfront.
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auld lang syne and also music from the original star trek series and also music from star wars both inside the casino say it is a sign of bigger things to come in 2018. >> new beginning. happy for what is coming. >> it's all the people coming together and stuff, and unwinding, having a great old time. and we live next year, man. and it's a beautiful thing. >> makes it so much fun to be at work because everybody is happy and tonight everybody is friends and no matter who you pass or talk to, everybody is saying happy new year! >> fireworks aren't the only tradition. pennsylvania has other ones, as well. >> three, two, one! that is the annual peep drop, a
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400 pound peep, yeah, like the candy. it drops to mark the new year. you can see it actually takes place a little earlier in the evening so as many people as possible can participate. bethlehem is the home of those little marshmallow candies known across the country. ♪ and in the mushroom capital of the world, it wouldn't be new year's without a mushroom drop. hundreds packed into downtown for the relatively new tradition. happening today in center city, the performing arts center if you are looking for family mu fun, they have free events scheduled today. the new year's day celebration begins at 10:00 when the entire community can pitch into help package food for the needdy. there are several more performances and activities scheduled through 5:00.
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and they say it's a great place to catch the mummers parade. and look at all the new year's excitement at you can find videos and pictures and a look at how people across the world rang in 2018. this morning in the lehigh valley, an ambulance responding to a domestic fight ends up crushed by an suv trying to escape the scene. this was in bethlehem just before midnight. no one was hurt, but the vehicles seriously damaged. and atlantic city will get a new mayor at noon. the democrat takes place of the republican who he defeated in november. before this, the 47-year-old was a member of city council. and a mother, father and their three sons are among 12 people killed in a plane crash in costa rica. ten americans died as well as two local crew members. the steinberg family of
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scarsdale was headed to costa rica yesterday for the last stop on their trip when their plane crashed into a mountain shortly after takeoff. the cause of the crash is not yet known. small explosions at a fire in gloucester county brought a big response from emergency crews. the fire was in an outbuilding at the summerville farm yesterday afternoon. the building had various farming supplies and equipment along with a make shift oig offiffice. the farmer suffered minor injuries. it appears the fire was accidental. eagles had an ugly loss to the cowboys 6-0 in brutal lir cold conditions. eagles already had the best record in the nfc locked up. nick foles was hoping to head into the postseason with some positive moments, but it didn't happen. he threw a bad interception in
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the first quarter and completed just 4 of 11 passes for 39 yards before sudfeld replaced him. in the fourth quarter, dak prescott threw a touchdown pass to butler, but they missed the extra point. after the game, nick foles was asked how he felt. >> i feel great. honestly, i feeling great. i know what i can do. i feel really confident. i'm excited to get ready for the playoffs. >> a couple weeks now to prepare, just enjoy this time, reflect on where we've been and refle reget ready to go. >> eagles cannot play the rams. they are the number three seeds. atlanta heads to l.a. to face the rams. if atlanta wins, they come here to face the eagles. if the rams win, eagles will face the winner of the panthers/saints game. you can see the game right here on nbc 10, eagles will play their first playoff game
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saturday january 13th at 4:35 p.m. right here on nbc 10. chilly, chilly, chilly. >> we've been dealing with this cold weather for the last week or so. and here we are in a new year with the same old mess here. please tell us there is relief in the future. >> well, there is some relief in the future, but -- i'm glowing. they are moving the cam because it was right behind me. beautiful full moon out there, so there is something nice to look at this morning. but there is some relief, not this week. we're really going to see the relief next week. here's what you really need to know. it's a first alert out there. we've had the first alert going for the last couple days and it will continue through tuesday. and that is because the dangerous cold that will be with us until then. so temperatures will be in the teens and 20s through today. and tomorrow we'll still be in
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the 20s. truly dangerous windchills will start to kind of taper off. today the feels like windchill will be between 0 and minus 10. limit your time outside. and please give special care to your pets. they are not used to this weather. just like us. watching a clothes coastal storm on wednesday and thursday, there is a storm that will storm, this could be a snow maker for us, it is too early to tell, but we'll keep a close eye on it. right now 4 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 9 in philadelphia. 9 in south jersey. jersey shore, 8. and dell warks yaware you are a. new hope, you're 6 right plow. he wi elroy, 2. fort washington 3. blue bell, 1. oxford 6, unionville at 7. and so temperatures are bitterly cold. that is not the feels like. the feels like is going to be somewhere below zero.
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most of the morning. by this afternoon, we may get up to a feels like of 10 in philadelphia. allentown 6. morris river 8. so we'll have this very, very cold dangerously cold feels like throughout the day as well. here is your neighborhood weather. we'll kick it up by about 2:00 this afternoon to near 20 in philadelphia. we'll see plenty of sunshine out there. if you are in the pennsylvania suburbs, your high today near 18. we'll see 17 in the lehigh valley. delaware, 20 you should top out. 18 is where it will be in new jersey. and jersey shore right around 20 degrees. well, monitor the cold right from your phone. download the app, you can see the forecast in your neighborhood and get weather alerts sent to your phone. and a check on traffic. pamela osborne keeping a watch on the boulevard. >> yeah, there is an accident involving an overturned vehicle in the northbound lanes between
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the schuylkill expressway and wissahickon avenue. all lanes are blocked because of this accident, so it may take a while to clear. if you are on the blue route, everything is looking good for you there. average speeds are in the 60s. and drive time in the green. and i'm also watching maz conditions for you in whitpain township, this is morris road at east butler road. no power and no water. a local neighborhood is left in the dark on a dangerously cold night. and cold concerns, we walk you through what you need to know to stay safe in the bitter cold. and felt an overwhelming need to do something. >> on a mission -- how one man is trying to spread kindness across our area.
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♪ the bells of big ben rang in the new year in london. britain hadn't heard them since august when the landmark was shut down and silenced for repair work. the repairs should take about four years, but crews plan to crank up the bells for special occasions like this one. check out the world's tallest building lit up with an epic laser light show to ring in the new year in dubai. even with no fireworks, the show
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from the burj khalifa was still spectacular. hundreds of thousands gathered to watch the show. president donald trump sounded an upbeat note as he prepared to ring in the new year yesterday. >> the president and first lady arrived with their son barron at the new year's eve gala at mar-a-lago. he offered optimistic words about 2018. >> we're going to have a tremendous year. stock market i think is going to continue to go up. companies will continue to come into the country. and they are doing it now, soon to be a record clip. so we look forward to seeing you inside. come on along. >> the president also said on 2018 was already off to a great start with the new tax bill, specifically because of the corporate tax cuts and getting rid of all of the individual health care mandates. the cold is causing a lot of problems including frozen pipes and car trouble. this morning we're showing you how to keep things running and safe even in the bitter cold.
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in frigid east falls, justin fox's subaru was having some trouble. >> didn't turnover. >> reporter: we were there as aaa came to help. it's been a busy day. something he has come to expect in weather like this. >> it's because of the age of the battery and also because. cold weather. >> reporter: cold weather taking a toll on cars and homes where pipes are vulnerable. at east hardware, products to protect them are on display near the front. >> it runs along the piping and then you just tape it up and put the insulation around that. in that keeps the pipe warm enough so it doesn't freeze up. >> reporter: and protecting your home and family, we visited liberty station in camden for cold weather safety. >> the problem with it being this cold out is obviously home eating. >> reporter: the battalion chief
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and captain warn against using ovens to stay warm as some have tried creating carbon monoxide danger. if you use a space heater, don't use an extension cord and give it plenty of room. >> how far away does everything in my hoist need to be? >> reporter: the captain suggests 6 feet. that means no toys, blankets or furniture all the way around. if you are staying home for the cold spell, remember your car outside. carlton parker says it is a good idea to drive it or at least start it and let it idle a while each day so it runs when you need it. and a new set of winter tires will also help as we deal with the snow and ice. winter tires have deeper grooves to keep more of the tire in contact with the road in bad weather. they also have rubber compounds formulated to improve grip in cold conditions. they generally cost $100 to $200 each.
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it's really the cold that we are most concerned about. >> yeah, just the dangerous cold that is out there. and it is dangerous. you can get frostbite in as little as 20 minutes if you have exposed skin. so cover it all up. the snow is secondary. those tires will come in handy maybe later this week. but let's take a look at what is going on. let's go to the poconos. they were grooming 60 second ago. there is one right there. it is cold out there, plenty of snow. i'll sure the skiers are thrilled. but the actual air temperature of minus 3 right now at mt. pocono. and feels like minus 21. so if you are heading out, you really have to make sure to cover all that skin. nobody will know what you look like out there.winds out of the west to northwest to 12 mire.
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in philadelphia, 9 degrees. minus 21 the feels like with the northwest wind at 7. and how about if we stop in wilmington, where it is 6 and feels like is minus 7 with a northwest wind to 8 degrees. lehigh valley, generally 3 degrees. suburbs generally 3. delaware 6. south jersey 9. we're looking at 8 along the jersey shore. and 9 here in philadelphia. under clear skies with that giant gorgeous full moon. it is 5 at blandon. redding at 6 right now. let's slide past allentown, 1. you are 1 degree at this hour. nazareth at 5 and bethlehem at 4. doppler radar, everything is clear right now. let's go hour by hour into the future. we will be topping out in the
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upper teens across much of the area today. clear skies. a few high thin clouds will come through. this little system wants to skirt by to the north of us, but we'll see plenty of sunshine out there. by tomorrow, we'll be looking at the low 20s, perhaps even the mid-20s, we'll make it out of the teens. going in the right direction, right? we get to wednesday, we make it into perhaps the upper 20s, but there is a little something something coming up the coast. and some storm system may bring us snow late wednesday and thursday. further off the coast, maybe only a little snow. further to the west, it looks like rain. right now, the track could bring us snow, this would be thursday morning for your commute and then out of here by thursday night, but it is worth watching because that could be a messy situation by the time that we get into wednesday night. and that is just a couple days away. so 19 today, dangerous cold out there with windchills 0 to minus 10 at times. 24 tomorrow, it will be frigid. we'll still have windchills in
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the single digits at times. 31 wednesday. 25 on thursday. that is the day we watch for possible snow. 16 by the time that we get in to early friday. look at these temperatures, still in the teens and then down toward next week when we finally pick up some 40s. that will feel absolutely glorious. 4:23. and some people may just be going home at this point. it is new year's. >> and pamela osborne starting on off with a look at 95. >> i think you're right. when i was on my way in, i saw a lot of ubers and lyfts on the roadway. this is at 95 at castor, just a few cars on the roadway. drive times in the 60s right now, average speeds. only problem spot i'm seeing is back on the boulevard, a crash northbound between the schuylkill expressway and wissahickon avenue. there was an overturned vehicle
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and all lanes were blocked. i'll keep my eye on that for you. preparing to play, the new year's tradition that will be putting a local high school band in the national spotlight. and new year's resolutions. why experts say you should make your finances the top priority for a change in 2018.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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a new year's eve mess. on a michigan highway on a snow covered stretch of interstate 94. police blame it on whiteout conditions and some drivers who were going way too fast. there were several injuries, but
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no one was seriously hurt. now to news overseas where protesters in iran continue to speak out even as the government cracks down on the social media they are using to spread the word. the protests began thursday over the country's continued economic crisis. the government shut down one messaging app and also blocked instragram. president trump has been tweeting his support for the protests saying people are, quote, finally getting wise. iran's president defended the right to protest, but said that president trump had no right to sympathize with iranians after calling them terrorists just months ago. we're under a first alert as dangerous cold continues to sweep our area. what organizers are doing to keep the mummers parade going this year despite the bone chilling temperatures. and that dangerous cold does include all of you headed out do
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a little bit of snow skiing perhaps, maybe some shopping. we'll be looking at temperatures that will start the morning in the single digits or below. i'll let you know when we might see some snow.
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left in the dark. dozens of people are without power in the brutal cold. the overnight effort to get the lights back on. tackling the temperatures, mummers are not letting the cold so that their new year's tradition. the extra measures being taken to keep them safe. and spreading kindness, how a local man is using buttons to send an important message for the new year. good morning, it is 4:30 on


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