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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 11, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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getting ready to go to the olympics and i support them entirely. i don't know where my parents are. and it's a horrific feeling. total devastation. the place looks like a war zone. >> and we're just beginning to learn of the devastating loss of life caused by sudden and powerful mudslides that have overtaken neighborhoods in california. as prent trump juggles the future of immigration reform and what to do about dreamers, i.c.e. agents performed predawn raids at nearly 1007-eleven stores. the indiana air conditioning plant touted by the president is expected to lay off 215 workers today. former president obama gives lessons, dance lessons and much more to david letterman. plus a wild arizona chase that has perps and police in a must-see ending. "early today" starts right now.
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good to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. search crews are racing against time to find survivors of the killer mudslides in southern california. at least 17 people are dead, dozens more injured. and 17 are still missing after a powerful winter storm unleashed mud, boulder, and flash floods into communities that were still reeling from last month's massive wildfires. more than 100 homes have been destroyed, and thousands have been forced to flee, including celebrities in the affluent neighborhood of montecito. >> tennis legend jimmy conner was evacuated by helicopter. he took to twitter tuesday to thank the u.s. coast guard for rescuing him. and talc show host ellen degeneres was visibly emotional, sharing how she and her wife have evacuated yet again, just days after finally returning home after the massive thomas fire. >> sunday night portia and i got a call that we're under mandatory evacuation again, with most of the community of montecito. so, again, we evacuated. i mean, you hear the word
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"mudslide" and you have no idea the impact that it has. but after the largest fire in california history, it's catastrophic. it is beyond recognizable. >> nbc's miguel almaguer is in montecito with the latest. >> reporter: in montecito, the heartbreak is as overwhelming as the destruction. >> i don't know where she is. >> reporter: this is where hayden gower is searching for his mother, 69-year-old josie. >> the water and mud just flew in. it took them by surprise. >> reporter: the grandmother of three was home when a wall of mud barreled through her bedroom. >> i don't know how far she could have been swept. i don't know. i don't know where she is. >> reporter: in the hills outside santa barbara, neighbors, friends, and family are searching for loved ones. at least 24 are unaccounted for. james and alice mitchell, retirees were home when the storm hit. >> i don't know where my
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parents. and it's a horrific feeling. total devastation. the place looks like a war zone. >> reporter: rescue teams plucked more than 50 survivors after the powerful winter storm. we were there when firefighters discovered 14-year-old lauren cantin, buried alive for more than six hours. friends say her mother was also rescued, but lauren's brother and father are missing, feared to have been washed away. the team that saved lauren is searching for her family, oprah winfrey posting on social media from her montecito home. >> that's my neighbor's house. devastated. and debris is everywhere. >> reporter: the first of at least 15 victims has been identified as roy roder. his wife survived the slide. the rescue effort is grow mortgage desperate. hayden gower is running out of
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time. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know. i haven't found her. i'm going to do everything i can. >> reporter: more than 100 homes have been damaged. many have up to five feet of mud inside them. remember, the storm struck in the middle of the night. for those that were able to make their way outside, this is what they face, a massive debris field that so many could simply not outrun. frances? >> miguel almaguer for us. miguel, thank you. now to another major development in the russia investigation. after president trump went from claiming that he was, quote, 100% committed to speak with special counsel robert mueller, to now saying it seems unlikely. remarking that it wasn't him but the democrats who colluded with moscow. marking yet another instance in which the commander in chief denied charges of collusion, referring to it as a hoax, despite special counsel mueller indicting several of the president's former advisers on other charges. mr. trump's russia denials comes as he turns up the pressure on
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congress to act on a new immigration deal. he is out thing the need for that much promised border wall, saying the country's safety and security come first. nbc's peter alexander has more. president trump saying he'd refuse to say whether he would agree to a personal interview with robert mueller. >> we'll see what happens. when they i have no collusion and nobody has found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview. >> reporter: that comment muddying the president's previous comment to sit down with investigators in the russia probe. >> with un100%. >> reporter: the president again attacking his former rival, now 428 days removed from the 2016 election. >> hillary, hillary clinton and hillary my opponent. >> welcome back to the studio. nice to have you. >> reporter: the reality tv star turned president giving the cabinet room a new nickname, and reaffirming his desire to resolve the legal jeopardy facing nearly 800,000 dreamers. >> we want to see something happen with daca.
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it's been spoken of for years. >> reporter: but later showing no willingness to budge on his top demand. >> we need the wall. we have to have the wall for security purposes. security is number one. so the answer is have to have the wall. >> reporter: adding to the uncertainty a federal judge's decision to temporarily block the administration's action to end the daca program. >> nobody, not even the president of the united states is above the law. >> reporter: the white house blasting the move as outrageous. even as lawmakers insist they're increasingly optimistic they'll get a deal on daca. before dawn federal agents stormed nearly 100 7-eleven stores nationwide in a search for undocumented workers. more than 20 arrests in all. as for president's insistence wednesday that an interview with special counsel robert mueller would seem unlikely, an official familiar with the negotiations tells nbc news a sit-down is still under discussion.
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phillip? >> peter alexander, thank you. more than 200 carrier employees will lose their jobs this week as an indianapolis facility. this comes a little more than a year after president trump touted he struck a deal with the manufacturer to save some one thousand jobs at the plant. 215 people will be let go starting today, leaving about 1100 workers at the plant. that's down from 1600 in early 2016 when the company announced plans to move production to mexico. this new round of layoffs comes as more than 300 jobs were cut at the factory in july. now to an extraordinary development out of missouri, where just hours after delivering his first state of the state address, missouri's republican governor eric greenton has admitted to having an extramarital affair, issuing a remarkable statement with his wife sheena. he confirmed he had been unfaithful, saying he had been unfaithful and the couple has dealt with this together honestly and privately. the statement came after a local tv station aired a segment that reported on the said affair. the ex-husband of the woman involved alleged that the
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governor took compromising photographs of her in a sexual encounter, threatening to blackmail her if he exposed them. quote, the governor has now seen the tv report. the station declined to provide the tape in advancement to running the story which contained multiple false allegations. the claim that this 3-year-old story should generate law interest is completely false. the outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these almost three-year-ago events are false. the local station which first reported on the affair did not identify the woman involved nor her ex-husband. netflix just released a first look at david letterman's talk show featuring a former commander in chief and true to life lessons in dad speak. president obama talked about his, quote, dad moves during an encounter with his daughter and prince. take a listen. >> this was probably three or four months before he died.
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and prince asked sasha to come up and dance, and she is an excellent dancer. and then sasha pulls me up, which surprises me, because she always mocks my dancing. but i have dad moves. >> yeah. >> and i think the key is -- is what we call staying in the pocket. [ laughter ] >> staying in the pocket. >> you got to stay in the pocket. because i think everybody here knows dads who get out of the pocket. and they're trying stuff that they can't really pull off. >> yeah, yeah. >> stay right there in that pocket. the full interview debuts friday on ed letterman's premier show. >> he used to be accused of wearing dad jeans. and now he has dad moves. bill karins, you don't have dad moves do you? >> i stay in my little pocket. >> you stay in your pocket. >> it gets scary. and the wife goes like this and turns her head. >> the wife? it's the kids that are
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embarrassed. >> everybody is embarrassed. >> the kids leave the room. let's get into this highs storm setup that we're going to deal with over the next several days. the cold air moving through the northern plains as winter reforms. a lot of warm air is going the ride over the top of the shallow cold air the next couple of days here. the ice storm will begin later today in missouri. tomorrow it's going to be through the ohio valley. and it looks to be significant in some areas, maybe the possibility of the power outages. we're really watching areas of western portions of tennessee all the way through areas of kentucky. and here is the forecast just through friday of the ice. memphis area possibly, paducah, just to the west of nashville, louisville, indianapolis, and areas of ohio and western p.a. then we're worried about new england interior sections by resorted to using their
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that book, every single word is lie. >> so you didn't cry on election night? >> oh, no, that is true. but they were tears of happiness. you know, like you do at your wedding or every morning in the mirror. >> now, it is true as the book claims that everybody who knows trump calls him an idiot? >> not everybody. one of the grandchildren can't even talk yet, eh! >> oh, the take on melania there. leading the news this morning, the president is giving border agents more resources in the opioid fight. he passed by an overwhelming majority in congress that gives much needed funds to border agents in their fight on drugs. but does the law make an impact? hey, tracie. >> hey there. this is money customs and border protection would get for chemical screening. the president at the signing talked about the fact that sometimes the dogs, the drug
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dogs that are used to try to track these opioids are actually overtaken by the scent. so what they want to do is provide more chemical screening devices at ports of entry at the border to try to keep these drugs from coming in to the united states. it's fulfilling the campaign promise for the president and notably in washington, especially at this time, it's something that is bipartisan almost unanimous in the house. unanimous in the senate. the approval of these millions to fight this particular drug particular. opioids and fentanyl specifically that it targets is 50 times more powerful than heroin. in a recent year, overdoses have doubled from this. and so the president says this money and congress says this money is going to help in that fight. >> all right, tracie. thank you very much for the update. just ahead, we will show you that must-see ending to a car chase and the loving couple involved. plus a police shoot-out with a massive amount of firepower unleashed in the moment. we'll be right back.
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typical police chase and a not so typical ending in arizona. phoenix police in hot pursuit. >> wow. >> of a suspected stolen suv. they're racing through the desert. it eventually crashed. a man and woman, they jump out of the vehicle, and then they took off running in opposite directions. apparently, though that. >> realize they'd couldn't outrun police. so they came back together and
3:49 am
hugged it out. >> again? this happened before. >> it happened in california. they hugged it out before they dropped to the ground. police swarm in there and arrested the pair. >> all these bonnie and collides coming together, one last hug and kiss. >> people bond in very different ways. >> before the cuffs come on. on wednesday dramatic dash cam have you had owe of a tense shoot-out last month. deputies exchanged gunfire with a driver on a interstate in the middle of evening traffic. look at this. while police didn't know it at the time, the same man was wanted in another shooting. amazingly, none of the officers was injured in the gunfire. but one innocent bystander was hit. nbc's jed boll reports. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: that was the barrage of gunfire on i-15 in springville when deputies first encountered 37-year-old arturo gallemore jimenez. >> the shooting in the last six seconds. >> reporter: the search for
3:50 am
jimenez started . they had no idea he was wearing body armor. jimenez fired three shots. five officers responded with nearly 50 rounds in less than six seconds. >> that this individual is willing to use deadly force to get away from anything. >> reporter: his deputies also used deadly force. a provo man who had run out of gas on the highway nearly one-third of a mile away was hit in the shoulder from a stray bullet from one of the officer's guns. jimenez drove north, slowly on flat tires as deputies strategized to stop him quickly turkey, keep that individual from entering the public. >> reporter: nine miles later, a deputy raced in front of jimenez and set up at the university parkway exit. when jimenez drove by, the officer unloaded 27 rounds at the car and jimenez crashed and surrendered. >> each one of those deputies has to make his own decision. what am i looking at? what have i seen? what am i justified to do
3:51 am
legally in the prevention of this individual to eescape. >> reporter: they soon discovered why he was on the run. >> did not know that he already shot and left somebody for dead in colorado. >> wow. the images and even the sound of that gunfire so chilling to hear. that was ksl's jed boll reporting. just ahead, "black panther" tickets are in such high demand that even actors can't get them. plus, the coca-cola company is shaking things up. we'll tell you why when we come back. breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot! no? uhhh... 10 seconds. a stick! a walking stick! eiffel tower, mount kilimanjaro! (ding) time! sorry, it's a tandem bicycle. what? what?! as long as sloths are slow, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. shatters the competition. hydrating skin better than prestige creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should.
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fast forwarding into thursday. president trump will host a round table on prison reform at the white house. a spokesman there says the discussion will center on ways to equip nonviolent prisoners with the skills and opportunity they need to give them a second chance and reduce repeat offenses. >> reporting exclusively, some democratic house members plan to invite victims of sexual assault to president trump's state of the union later this month to highlight the issue. and coca-cola is changing its iconic diet coke clan, adding four new flavors in a bid to bring customers back to the brand. they include ginger lime, feisty cherry, twisted mango and zest city blood orange. >> a loot of sparkling options out there. another one right there. still ahead, a man who is both a cop and a caped crusader bringing joy to some kids. it's the story of the day. trust us. you'll want the the see it. it made me smile right after. and cry, or maybe both. zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%.
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police surround a local home and now the neighborhood is on lockdown. flames and heart break. fire destroys a local diner and now the owner is left trying to pick up the pieces. >> what new jersey's incoming governor is doing to get the transit system back on track. we have a live breaking news developing plus breaking traffic news. a lot to get to. this is nbc 10 news today. >> let's get with bill henley with the most accurate forecast in town. >> and it's not all that cold this morning. clouds came in overnight. they're still overhead and they're acting like a blanket
3:59 am
keeping in some of the warm left over from yesterday. 39 in delaware. snow is melting right now. 39 degrees in philadelphia. the suburbs also above freezing and warming into the low 50s this afternoon, but skies will be cloudy for the suburbs and philadelphia and there's a chance for showers late this afternoon and late this evening in delaware. i'll show you when that wet weather will come in in a few minutes. >> we're starting out with breaking news where we have all lanes closed on route 38 just near the cherry hill mall because of an accident investigation. you can see the flashing lights. the opposite direction, that is open, so right here at the westbound side, again, where we had an earlier crash, an accident investigation right
4:00 am
now. and route 130 northbound side has one lane moving through. traffic is getting by the scene. here's the vine street expressway with our cameras right around 20th street where we do have construction crews here. so maybe they're trying to pick up these cones now so we'll watch that and also the schuylkill expressway. we're closed for that normal construction spot. the eastbound side seeing a lane closure so obviously a lot of stuff to start with early this morning. more when i come back in ten. and breaking right now, a person opens fire on police from a home and refuses to come out and now a neighborhood is on lockdown. we're joined live from the scene. randy, i know you just got an update on what's happening. tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: the police chief just came over here. they've had a very long morning d


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