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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  February 1, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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hour and when the rain showers will move in. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. thanks. we're starting on the schuylkill expressway this morning. no surprise. we received the construction on both directions. the westbound and eastbound side of the schuylkill. an ongoing project for now. these are the cameras at south street. the westbound side starting around south street, we're losing a lane approaching center city. on the eastbound side, we are closed from the vine street expressway to this point around south street. that closure and that lane restriction will be there or be here at least this morning until about 5:00. about an another. drive times look okay on 202. 11 minutes on the southbound side from the schuylkill to route 30. speeds into the high 50s. now to breaking news from overnight. heartbreak in a forth philadelphia neighborhood after flames -- in a north philadelphia neighborhood after flames tore through a home killing siblings. katy zachry live at temple
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university hospital. >> reporter: rosemary, good morning. we're hearing from neighbors who live on the block that the victims were siblings, a brother and a sister. we're told that the brother was brought here to temple university hospital where he died a short time later. now after firefighters got the fire under control, take a look at the video of the scene. they did go inside the house and found another victim. a woman who died in the fire. now it broke out around midnight on west toronto street in north philadelphia. it's a narrow street meaning a number of the fire trucks that responded had to park on nearby broad street. so there was a little bit of a walk for firefighters. they had to pull their hoses. one neighbor says it was even difficult for him to get out of his home. >> the smoke detector that's going off, my cat hollering, screaming. there was that much smoke. lucky i knew where the door was, or i wouldn't have made it out myself. >> reporter: that man was able to get out, as you heard, but
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didn't have shoes on. he said there was someone else in his home who ran into the cold this morning not wearing a coat. they had to get shelter inside their vehicle. firefighters have an important message for anyone in the city of philadelphia. we'll share that coming up in the next hour. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc news. >> thanks. breaking news out of philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. a medic is in the hospital after a car slammed into the back of an ambulance the intersection of frankfurt and caster avenues. the medic has a minor leg injury and is expected to be okay. police have one person in custody, possibly responsible for the crash. download the free nbc10 app for updates on breaking stories, plus get news alerts sent straight to your phones. ♪ here at the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota, the anticipation is growing with just three days until super bowl
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sunday. even though it's quiet now, yesterday it was abuzz. >> yeah, we'll hear from eagles' head coach doug peterson, and then they'll head to another practice session to get ready to face the patriots on sunday. here's a look at the birds' super bowl practice yesterday at the university of minnesota, their indoor facility. the team trying to stay focused and relaxed as they brace for tom brady and bill belichick. and eagles' defensive end chris long is one of five finalists for the nfl players association's community mvp award. it's the association's highest honor, recognizing players who go above and beyond to perform community service in their team's cities and hometowns. the winner will be announced this afternoon and will receive a $100,000 donation for his foundation or favorite charity. >> one of the things he did, giving up his paycheck this season. >> $1 million to educational charities. and quarterback carson wentz here at the mall of america last night. >> we found him chatting with eagles' fans.
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yesterday wentz announced the winner of his charity sweepstakes for a pair of tickets to the super bowl. >> it winner is matthew george from philly. rumor is he's a huge, huge eagles fan. matthew, get your bags packed, get your butt down here. it's going to be a fun time. i can't wait to meet you saturday. >> go, birds. >> matthew, if you need a friend, i'm completely available and here already. wentz thanked everyone who entered the sweepstakes and said the effort raised, in his words, way more than he expected. the money will benefit a member of the eagles' extended family who recently lost his home in a fire. the bling that every super bowl player dreams of is on full display at the convention center. all 51 super bowl rings are set up for fans to see. the minneapolis-based josten company made most of the ring. none have an eagles' logo yet. hopefully that will change. >> we'll fix that. everywhere you look, we've
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been traveling all around, you find eagles nation. as we get closer to kickoff, fans are flying, driving in literally by the hour. >> for those who call vikings' territory home watching the eagles all season can be a challenge. these fans who grew up in sin cinnaminson each married minnesota girls, and that makes every sunday awkward. >> my wife and her family are huge vikings' fans. they bleed purple. >> it's never easy when you have a lot of purple around to cheer and bleed green. we do our best. >> justin's going to be too nervous to talk with joshua during the game. if the price is right, he says he may make a game-time decision and buy a ticket. we've learned that mayor kenney will not be coming to the super bowl. >> he says he wants to be in the
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city where he grew up to watch the game. and he tweeted him avoiding the pitfalls like ladders and umbrellas, even using saves to cast out evil spirits from his office. boy, anything it takes. whatever it takes. >> might as well get voodoo talks and stick pins in it. by the way, if you got a parking spot for sunday, police announced restrictions that start at 2:00 p.m. sunday and end at 3:00 a.m. monday morning. any vehicle at that time can expected to be towed. as the super bowl approaches, animals will be holding a special pep earlier. >> even the -- pep rally. >> even the animals. they're hosting the rally. sea turtles will go long. octavia the octopus will make her predictions for the game winner. the eagles' road to victory
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bus is back on the road today. you need to check this out. it's making stops around philadelphia starting at 11:00 this morning at the comcast center. later stops include the franklin institute and the blue cross river rink winter fest. nbc10 is your official eagles station. the only place that you can watch super bowl 52. we are your backstage pass to the big game. and super bowl supposed, we're expecting the -- super bowl sunday, we're expecting the biggest night in philadelphia television history. our coverage is so comprehensive, we're using two channels. good thing we have two channels. this is us on nbc10. on our digital channel cozi, we'll have wall-to-wall post-game coverage. find cozi on comcast, verizon, or over the air at 10.2. now to rosemary connors back at our studios for a look at the other top stories. rosemary? >> a balmy 34 degrees. thanks for that. see you later on in the newscast. in other news this morning, philadelphia police are searching for the shooter who
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killed a man in the parking lot of a high school while students were inside watching a basketball game. according to authorities, a group of men went to lincoln high school in mayfair yesterday looking for someone at the game. school officials escorted the men out of the building. another group of men followed. e a fight broke out, and someone opened fire in the parking lot. a 32-year-old man was shot and died at the hospital. we spoke to a referee at the game about what was happening inside the school which was put on lockdown after the shooting. >> an a.d. from the school came running in telling everybody, get down, hit the deck. >> police are looking into several motives for the fight and the shooting including one group being ridiculed in a hip-hop video. no students were involved in the incident. in california, lapd investigators say former nba player roswell butler was driving this mangled range rover when he lost control. the crash killed him and his wife. officers say the speeding suv struck a parking meter and slammed into a wall, then
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flipped. the former roman catholic high school and lasalle university star played 13 seasons in the nba. butler was 38 years old. new jersey is reporting the state's first flu death of the season. officials say it was a 4-year-old girl in central new jersey who did not receive the vaccine. flu activity in the garden state is high as new jersey reports 5,000 cases of the virus so far this season. pennsylvania has had 60 flu deaths with the philadelphia area reporting the highest flu activity. delaware is reporting just three flu deaths so far this season. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a live view of broad street from the kimmel campus. temperatures are coming down, clouds moving in. they're not coming down all that much. it's a warmer morning compared to yesterday. clouds moving in, we're on track to see light afternoon rain showers in some neighborhoods, not all.
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tonight, a different story. rain moves in, and then as it gets colder overnight, we will see some snow before it moves out tomorrow morning. moving out the door now, 34 degrees in philadelphia. a good 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. south jersey, 29. 30s for delaware. in the suburbs and the lehigh valley, temperatures have come down, but nowhere near as cold as yesterday morning. 31 at west chester. malvern, 29 degrees. phoenixville is in the -- just below freezing along with hatboro, warrington, and bedminster. a cool start but not typically cold for our area. clouds coming in. no wet weather with the clouds, but i'm watching clouds that will be moving into the area this afternoon and especially this evening. you see the snow showers north and west in northwestern and central pennsylvania. that's the system that's going to move in here, but before it arrives, we'll get a nice warmup. tonight, 31, clouds around. chillier than it is now.
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with the sun coming up, we will get breaks of sunshine before the clouds take over this afternoon. millville at noon, 46. 41 in trenton, 41 in philadelphia. the first sign of raindrops at lunchtime in berks and lancaster county. not much more than a few scattered showers during the afternoon. as we head into the evening commute, 6:00 this evening, you see the temperatures way above freezing. low 40s for pottstown and reading. here comes the rain. the rain is going to spread across the area into the evening hours. that's just rain at 11:00 when tammy suie souza will update yo. a low will swing through and move out to sea tomorrow. colder air will follow the snow. that sticks around into the weekend. the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. >> see you then. thanks for that. dry conditions this morning for drivers out there. let's check the first alert traffic with jessica boyington. jess? >> we're watching the schuylkill
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expressway as we typically do early during the morning hours because of the construction project. at the vine, eastbound traffic, normally would continue heading eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. all traffic is being diverted off. they start to shut down a little of the highway there on the eastbound side before there. directing people around center city and losing a lane westbound, as well. in between the vine street expressway and south street, watching that. also watching construction. this was here yesterday, too. and between summerdale and magnolia, route 30 to the white horse pike in both directions closed between summerdale and warwick road. that will be there until 6:00 this morning. almost two hours more of the construction project. we'll be watching that in new jersey, too. i'll end with the 42 freeway. the northbound side from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. speeds into the 60s and a four-minute trip. vai, over to you. >> thank you. we'll tell you how amazon's alexa is now taking aim at the patriots and showing love for
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the eagles. the magic words you have to say. go! go, go, go, go, go, go, go! >> kicking off the fun from field goal to hail marys. we take you inside the nfl fan experience. >> reporter: and i'm coming to you live from downtown minneapolis. we're in the middle of a winter wonderland. it is freezing here. we have windchills 20 below. i'm tracking all the details on your super bowl forecast. (alex trebek) $8,000. over $8,000. now, why is this number so important? because $8,508 is the average cost of a funeral.
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♪ amazon's alexa is throwing shade at the patriot. >> yeah. take a listen to her new response when you ask her who's going to win the game, alexa. >> the team favored to win is the -- cough -- cough -- excuse me, is the patriots. that was tough to get out. but i'm flying with the eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they've been riding off their underdog status. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> she even knows the cheer? i love that. no word on whether alexa will climb a light pole if the eagles win. come on, that's not even funny. it's not likely in philadelphia this year, not everyone, meaning some people watch the super bowl for commercials. everyone in philadelphia watching it for the game. to be clear. >> a lot of people tune in for the commercials experts say -- >> yeah --
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♪ with a 30-second spot costing $5 million, super bowl ads are a high-stakes game within the game. in years past, super bowl spots have been all about entertainment. however, recent years have made a more serious tone equally as riveting. >> we're celebrating those here who have been providing clean drinking water for over 30 years -- >> sometimes i wish i were human. >> whoa! >> look at me! >> and get this -- skittles is going against the grain and spending as little as possible on advertising. they plan to show their ad to one person, a teenager out in california, and then they'll put his reaction on their facebook page. >> all right. if you are traveling here to minnesota for the super bowl, you'll be greeted by bitter, cold temperatures. so cold that when you show up at the airport -- i did yesterday -- they hand you hand warmers. >> first alert meteorologist brittany shipp joins us to show
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how cold it really is. hi. >> reporter: hi, guys. first of all, yesterday was considered balmy compared to what we're dealing with today. yesterday, in the 20s and 30s. it was fairly comfortable. now today we have seen a cold front move through, went conditions. an arctic blast. your face feels cold. you cannot stay with your hands uncovered. you have to wear layers. and it will be like this throughout the day. winds moving out of southwest, 15 to 20 miles per hour. that means the windchill temperatures, the feels-like temperature, about 20 below 0. everyone that plans on traveling here the next couple of days should keep that in mind we have a special guest, principal nathan ziegler from hope academy. he's an youtube star who has a series called "minnesota cold," where he has fun with how cold it is in minnesota. we'll have fun today.
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we have video that we want to show, and it ae's the top hit, frozen trampoline that garnered seven million hits. tell us why you came up with the segment, "minnesota ever since i was a kid, i've lived in minnesota and enjoy try to find fun ways to do things in the cold weather. so now i just drifind new ways upload. >> reporter: this is a bouquet of flowers that you got yesterday. tell us what you did. >> i just set them outside, and then they freeze solid. >> reporter: okay. what are we going to do? >> try to smash the flowers. >> reporter: i don't think i've seen flowers here. i'm ready. look at that. that's one of the experiments that we have. the other thing coming up is a frozen t-shirt, and we have hot water that will evaporate because it's so cold.
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the minneapolis forecast coming up. thank you for the flowers. pretty cold. so cold that flowers freeze and just basically are so hard that they just shatter on the ice. we'll send it back to you guys. >> i'm disappointed that he handed you a bunch of frozen flowers that he ripped the petals off of. disappointing. hopefully you'll get a better reception from others in minnesota. it's cold in our area, but not minnesota cold. camelback cold enough that they're making snow. temperatures running 24 degrees warmer than in minneapolis this morning. the temperatures have dropped down. we're in the cool zone this morning. it is going to be a pretty warm afterno afternoon, trenton at 28. 33 in millville. you'll find colder temperatures north and west in the mountains. there it is. 24 degrees. at the bus stop, mostly cloudy,
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some sunshine breaking through. clouds will start to move in. completely dry this morning. some neighborhoods, exton, quakertown, allentown, could see rain showers moving in for the ride home. this morning, completely dry with the colder numbers. here you see the clouds moving in. nothing falling from the clouds this morning. showers for this afternoon. by the time it reaches us, it will be rain. the atmosphere is warming up. the snow that's missed portions of minnesota and wisconsin, it's moving into northern michigan right now. over the weekend, weather arriving -- wet weather for the
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weekend of the 20s and 30s. you'll need the rain gear on sunday. rain may change to snow later on sunday and into monday. a closer look at the ten day on ten in the next half hour. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now. checking on the roads. and just so you know, the schuylkill expressway is closed again this morning on the eastbound side. traffic moving up toward center city, around the vine street expressway. they'll divert you for a half hour until 5:00. they'll divert you to the vine through center city.
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heading westbound, there's lane restrictions. we don't have any closures in place. watching 95, too, southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. . a 14-minute trip. speeds into the 60s still. checking in with any of the bridges, i checked to see if there were scheduled openings. not now. the tacony palmyra, burlington bristol bridge are good. the betsy ross, walt, and ben look good. back to you. >> thanks. 4:23 on this thursday. coming up, a dangerous ride for lawmakers. a train packed with republican members of congress slams into a truck. a few of them jumped in to help. what they're saying about the chaotic moments that led up to the deadly crash. and driving up the costs. experts say a ticket to the super bowl is even more expensive than ever. why the fans may be to blame. and could it be an end of an era? all new at 5:00 a.m., tom brady addresses whispers of a possible retirement.
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4:26. home of the vikings. in three days the eagles will take on the patriots in the super bowl. we're live near the twin cities following every angle leading up to the game. now to news from the trump white house. today the president will meet with house and senate republicans at the gop retreat in west virginia. the meeting will center on policy issues and strategic planning. the retreat is focused on selling the gop tax cuts and fixing america's infrastructure which the president discussed during his state of the union address earlier this week. some republican lawmakers heading to that retreat are shaken but recovering this morning after their chartered train crashed into a truck. a federal investigation into the
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deadly incident is underway. the train slammed into the truck just outside of charlottesville yesterday morning. the crash killed one person in the truck. the accident left lawmakers rattled. several members of congress were also doctors, trying to help treat the crash victims. >> those of us who could and had a medical background, i -- we ran to these people as quickly as we could. >> obvious concern about those seriously injured and deceased. some who were pretty bruised up. >> one source on the train says one lawmaker, minnesota congressman jason lewis, went to the hospital for a concussion. 4:27 on this thursday. back to vai and tracy who are continuing our super bowl coverage live from the mall of america. guys? >> hey. experiencing the super bowl. let's talk about that. fans who make it out here to minnesota are right in the middle of the action. >> you can, too, thanks to nbc10. the full fan experience coming up.
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practice makes perfect. the eagles put in the work on the road to victory against the patriots. the super bowl is three days away. experiencing the nfl. from field get to touchdowns, we'll look at what it's like to be on the field. the hossest ticket around -- hottest ticket around will cost you more to see it in person, all thanks to an eagles' fan. and i'm sorry that if you're still trying to get a ticket we pushed up the prices. i'm proud of our fan base. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 'm


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