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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 5, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> a philadelphia fantasy comes true. this morning the eagles are super bowl champions. clinching the title against new england patriots in a thrilling game in the bold north. once jeffrey lorry lifted the trophy high, philadelphia fans flooded the streets in celebration. some even setoff fireworks on broad street near city hall. while most of the celebrations were tame and safe, there were a few unruly fans. sky force ten captured some people climbing this pole at
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walnut street. >> most were tame. we should stress that. good morning, everyone. and it is a good morning here. >> thank you for being with us on this incredible monday, this historic monday in philadelphia and across the region. the eagles and their fans basking in the green glow of their championship. we know everyone wants the details of that parade that's coming. we're working on getting that information. as soon as we have it, you'll get it, too. >> we have live coverage this morning to philly faithfuls rushing out to get brand new super bowl lii gear. we start in center city. some celebrations as we mentioned got a little out of hand. people piled onto an awning of the ritz-carlton, and it collapsed. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city. >> matt, show us what you're seeing out there this morning. >> reporter: hey, rosemary and
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ted. we've been moving throughout the area this morning to give you a different perspective each half-hour of what we are seeing damage-wise throughout the city. again, it's important to mention a lot of people were out having a good time and were behaving very well. and especially when you saw those pictures from sky force ten of the hothousands of peopl on broad street. there were some folks that did get a lilt out of hand. one spot we'll point out is the macy's. there's a gentleman here boarding up the windows because some folks decided to take it upon themselves to start smashing that grass. and on chestnut overnight where we saw much of the same thing, people breaking windows, turning over planters. and one store worker over at the ride aid there told me that a group of teens went in, took a bunch of items, broke the window and left. and they were spending the
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overnight hours trying to cleanup the mess leftover from the store. so that is what folks are dealing with right now. they're just trying to cleanup that mess. in fact, right now you might be able to hear the sound of the street sweepers making their way throughout the area. we'll take a live look at here at center city near city hall. and lot of light poles were damaged because of this. and right here at market and juniper, you can see there are no more traffic lights at this intersection. they were all ripped out marked by those cones there. again, this is busy night, a big night for celebrations but some folks did take it just a tad too far. >> that's a first, i can say that. well, obviously fitting philadelphia's the city of brotherly love, and look at the love. the lombardy trophy is getting. smooch after smooch after smooch. and speaking of love, take a look at this. chris long finding his dad right on the field as the confetti
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continues to fall on our city's champions. nbc 10's dray clark in live in bloomington. an emotional day ahead. >> reporter: rosemary, good morning. it is historic because the eagles have never won a super bowl. the franchise has one three championships in its history but never a super bowl since last night. it will go down as one of the most exciting plays, exciting from start to finish. but only one team could win, and this morning the eagles are waking up champions, winners of super bowl lii. after the game players were extremely emotional running around the field looking for family members to embrace. there were a lot of people who doubted the team's ability to get things done. but the team knew they had their
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doubters and their haters, but they kept their focus, they kept their cool on each other and very focused on winning. >> we kept getting bigger and all we were worried about was being in that room and we worked hard all year and it just paid off. >> how important was it to get behind foles after losing in los angeles? >> foles, he just kept his composure and worked on his craft and he got the job done in the biggest game of the year. >> reporter: yeah, and that was a key compone want, the team rallying around foles, giving him as much confidence as possible to especially step into the it big game and do so well. and of course we now know he earned mvp honors. dray clark, nbc 10 news. 5:36 right now. let's talk about how we got here. an underdog victory with an
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ending philadelphia will never forget. nbc 10's anchors vai sikahema and tracy davidson join us live from bloomington, minnesota, with some impact and there were so many of them. >> reporter: so many. and what a game. the eagles claimed their first super bowl title indramatic fashion. >> they scored 79 points in the two games, nfc game and the super bowl. they scored 41 points tonight against the best team in the super bowl. >> they were the best team. >> the play ended with nick foles acting like he was not in play and involved, and then he goes out, catches a little two-yard pass there, touch down. first quarterback in the history of the game to catch a touch down pass in the super bowl. pederson said he named the play
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the foles special. and he threw a touch down to a super bowl -- becoming a super bowl mvp. >> we have such a great group of guys, such a great coaching staff. we feel confident coming in, and we just went out there and played football. we played this game since we were a little kid. we dreamed about this moment. there's plenty of kids walking around right now dreaming of this moment, and to be here with my family, my teammates, my wife, this city, we're very blessed. >> dreams come true. carson wentz tweeted after the game god is so good, world champions. i told you my boy nick foles was going to shine tonight. well deserved, my bro. he continues to be a leader, doesn't he? ♪
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>> and as dreams become a reality, that's the overall theme as the eagles get ready for the bash on broad street. they're not backing down, and they fully expect to be in the super bowl again. they think they'll do it again and again. >> wild parties. great to see everyone pass the trophy around as you saw in that video. we were standing with some of them and they were like, hey, i got pictures to take. kiss that up. >> and the new chant will be foles, foles, foles. >> right now meteorologist bill henley. he has your forecast for this sleberatory monday. the majors are doing fine as jessica boyington has been telling us this morning, but some of the side streets especially in the suburb and lehigh valley some some icy spots. we've got about 50 school delays.
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it's a seven day forecast right now, but coming up you'll see those delays. we will indeed celebrate with sunshine today and again tomorrow. but wednesday, that's a great day to not have a parade. it is going to be a wash out and could start with some snow. right now just have to layer up. 31 degrees in the suburbs, 33 in delaware. just cold enough in chestnut hill, parkicide even in westmont area with some slippery spots. be on the safe side. we are clear. we'll see sunshine, a lot of it today. we won't get any of those snow showers. you see how quickly they're moving? that wind, we will feel that during the day today. this is what's happening right now. 34 in philadelphia. a the winds will be increasing.
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that 24 mile an hour wind making it feel like it's in the teens. and right on through the day the wind is going to do its best to keep the temperatures down. the difference is for lots of sunshine. now, the best chance for that wet weather will be on wednesday for the entire area. for the rest of the week it's looking dry until we get to the weekend. saturday starts dry and temperatures will be climbing into the 40s, but there's a chance of some late day or evening showers for a few neighborhood, lehigh valley, jersey and jersey shore. and then we'll all get rainfall, but temperatures will stay mild on sunday. up to 51 degrees in new jersey. i'll show you how long that's going to last in the ten day on ten. >> something tells me those school delays may have a double purpose, those icy spots and the weather. >> they were like, well orb it's going to be awful.
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stay home and be safe. heading out the door there there might be a few slippery spots. majors are okay. right now the boulevard and our cameras right around 17th street both look good. actually seeing a bit of delay here, which is odd. a second ago i had a vehicle off to had shoulder. it was there by itself, and now it's gone, too. but we do have a few accidents popping up. and also watching burlington township southbound side right near route 41 there's a crash near. if you're feeling nervous about it take 295. back to you guys. an important part of the eagles extended team about the importance of teamwork. and here's pamela live for us this morning. >> reporter: well, the shelves are stocked here with that new super bowl merchandise. and take a look at all the
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customers buying it up this morning. we'll introduce you to some of them when we come back.
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gearing on up. this is look at the line in wilmington, delaware, where eagles fans sprinted to nearby sport stores to grab their super bowl lii champion merchandise as soon as that team lifted the trophy. >> pamela osborn live at a modells where this brand new gear is hitting the shelves and racks. >> reporter: and in some cases like this one it's just coming out of the box here. they have glasses, the underdog tees are back. but the reel thing people are coming in for is the super bowl
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championship merchandise. and you can get one with a super bowl ring on the front as well. so a lot of people have been in here. there was a line forming before the store opened up at 5:00 this morning. everyone just trying to get pieces of a super bowl win to represent the eagles today. we actually talked to one dad who has a bar tending job. he didn't even go home last night. he came straight here as soon as they opened. take a listen to why and what he had on his mind. >> you know, because i worked, i didn't have a chance to hang out with my son and my daughter and my wife to watch the game. so i thought one way to make up for it was i could been home by 3:40, 3:45, why not wait until 5:00 and when they wake up in the morning to go to school daddy will have a super bowl shirt for them. >> reporter: and i think that
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will make up for them not being able to hang out. >> dad of the year right there. >> yeah. >> you know, i sent a text message to my husband about an hour ago and said get up and please get to modells. we need some gear because fans already started picking up last night, vai. >> yeah, that's a good call for you. get ben to the store because the stuff you have there has to be put back on your desk. >> let's talk about the eagles and their families. some would say that's the difference that it's made for them. >> yeah, they feel like they're a family, and that's probably why it's so easy to love them. everyone so personable right up to wife pederson. take a look. genie, come here and give me a
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hug. congratulations. how does it feel? >> oh, my god, it's amazing. >> were you guys sitting on pins and needles the entire way? late in the game, what were you thinking? >> yes. we got this. we got this, honey. we got it. >> genie, we love you. >> i love you. >> oh, my god. congratulations. >> pure joy. >> we got this, we got this. that's mom terry pederson, that's doug's mom. how about these guys? >> oh, my gosh, one of the night's memorable moments came after the game was won. confetti rained down onto our eagles. they relished in the moment. they were rolling in it, people were taking pictures with it. it's really kind of special when you're there, and we were in when it all came raining down on us.
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>> people saw it and they were texting me from home -- they didn't ask me to bring gear back. they were saying grab some of that confetti and bring it back with you. >> there were a bunch of us doing it, and i said this is history right here. this is really important. and my phone blew up, too. one person said can you bring some back for my kid. somebody else please, if you can just bring back a handful. this means a lot to this sity. >> so tracy disappears and next thing i see she's walking across the field with a trash bag. and then we start picking up confetti. it was awesome. i hope we don't need a shovel back home, right? let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and find out what the weather's like back there. bill? very concerned about -- >> i don't have a chair. >> what's going on over there? >> let's do it.
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>> the chair is just getting in. it was out celebrating. and why not? there's certainly lots to celebrate this morning. and not too much to worry about, but there are a few icy spots. we've got some school delays this morning, so if you're heading out the door right now, most of the area's doing just fine. it's finally easy being green. sunshine is going to be nice and bright. we're going to be layering up during the day. those icy spots this morning just a few pockets in the suburbs and lehigh valley. and that's where we're seeing the delays. up to about 50 delays so far. cold winds will be blowing all day long. so if you hit the layers of green you'll be fine today. wednesday it looks like it's going to be a soaker and may even start with a little bit of snow. temperatures starting in the 30s and slowly coming down this morning. lehigh valley and the suburbs, this is more likely where you're going to see pockets of ice. main roads have been treated, but you'll find some spots
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turning the corner. if it looks like it's damp or got that sheen on it this morning, treat it like ice to start with. temperatures are in the 20s and lower 30s, just below freezing, just enough to make you bundle up this morning. but we will see lots of sunshine. and so in addition to those layers, you'll need your sunglasses today. those snow showers will miss us. in fact, nothing coming our way until we get to wednesday. and here's wednesday morning. 4:30 in the morning. a little bit of snow moving through baltimore. it moves through our area first thing, but mainly going to be a rain event wednesday. wednesday it looks like not a great day for any parade activity. pick any other day this week and we'll be just fine. 37 degrees this afternoon, we'll hit 44, and a bit of a mix in the morning and quickly changes over to rain on wednesday. and then we're dry for thursday and friday and most of the day
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onsied will by dry. but clouds return. we could see some showers late saturday night, and sunday looks like it's going to be a rainy one. drying out with temperatures staying in the 40s next monday, tuesday and wednesday. all right, bill, thank you. just like that jessica's back on her feet. >> i just can't sit down. that's all it is, guys. who can really? no one can sleep either. just be warned. it's not too bad moving through center city on the majors. but if you're through center city on broad street there's a lot of cleanup there. a lot of extra cars, more cars than normal for how early it is, too. both cameras on the schuylkill and broad street back open following road closures last night, of course. and there are a few crashes. one right around marsh road and also watching mass transit.
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we're seeing some delays for septa 102 because of some equipment problems. but other than that pap co, amtrak and transit all on time. coming up next, the moment inside the stadium that the birds won it all and the season ticket holders who were there waiting for this very moment.
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all right, many of us if not most of us across the philly region watched the eagles big win at hole. maybe you were with family, friends or with strangers at a bar or restaurant. >> it was a good game to watch. but as we know, some got to make the trek to minneapolis to watch the game in person. and we certainly heard them in the stadium. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in bloomington, minnesota. and randy, you talked with fans about how electric it was to be in the stands as the birds made history.
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>> reporter: yeah, it was loud, almost felt like a home game. there were 67,000 people in that stadium on the edge of their seats the entire game. you talk about drama. when that last play, that ball sailing towards the end zone bouncing around and hitting the ground, that is when we heard one of it loudest eagles chants in history echoing through u.s. banks stadium. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> eagles fans stayed in their seats and cheered ston stop fno more than an hour after patriots fans. at one point police had to ask them to get out. many who had been going to eagles games for decades, never
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seeing a day quite like this. >> unbelievable, man, coming down here, my buddy bruno, we've been going to games since we were 8, together season ticket holders. >> unbelievable. broad street, baby. broad street. can't wait to get home and celebrate. >> reporter: yeah, these fans say they're going to get out of minneapolis as soon as possible, head back to philadelphia for the big parade. meantime we're outside the eagles' hotel here waiting for the team to get back from celebrating. >> they deserve it. they deserve to be out all night. i mean they were disciplined all season so we get it. >> our coverage of the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles continues right now on nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m.
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underdogs no more. the philadelphia eagles are the super bowl champions. congratulations. >> they are the words eagles nation has been waiting decades to hear. the lombardy trophy is coming home to philadelphia after the eagles' historic super bowl win against the patriots. here at home fans flooded the streets at the end of game. our cameras did capture others scaling the fence of city hall. broad street was wall to wall with people reveling in the victory last night, but in the live picture on the right you can see the celebrations have died down for now. good morning, everyone. thank you so much for being with us on this very special monday morning. i'm ted greenberg. >> and i'm rosemary conners. for now, that


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