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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 5, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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underdogs no more. the philadelphia eagles are the super bowl champions. congratulations. >> they are the words eagles nation has been waiting decades to hear. the lombardy trophy is coming home to philadelphia after the eagles' historic super bowl win against the patriots. here at home fans flooded the streets at the end of game. our cameras did capture others scaling the fence of city hall. broad street was wall to wall with people reveling in the victory last night, but in the live picture on the right you can see the celebrations have died down for now. good morning, everyone. thank you so much for being with us on this very special monday morning. i'm ted greenberg. >> and i'm rosemary conners. for now, that is.
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we know the parade is coming, and we'll get those details for you. play after play, the drama kept unfolding. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we have live team coverage of the celebration here in philadelphia and minnesota from the moments you didn't see last night on tv to the action that happened while you were sleeping. nbc 10's matt delucia starts us off with that part of the story. matt? >> reporter: and rosemary and ted, folks are waking up now. those who do have it go to work, we've even seen some of them heading to the bus stop here in center city saying it was quite a night. some folks probably had a more eventful night than others. some of the business owners around here are waking up and having to do a lot of cleanup. the macy's here at city hall you can see the workers just finished putting up boards on the windows and doors here because of all the broken glass you see right there on the
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sidewalk. some folks apparently had too much of a good time and decided to start vandalizing some properties around the area. we also saw similar situations over on 17th and chestnut, people knocking over planters, smashing a window there. a store worker there told me a group of teens went into the store and stole some items and ran out. but i've been talking to some folks telling me they didn't come to the party tonight and they stayed at home. and one woman said this should not happen like this. >> it's just too much. you can have a good time without being destructive. it's really a shame. we should celebrate but not in that manner. >> reporter: yeah, and so a lot of folks did celebrate in a good way. they behaved well. s if you saw those live pictures from sky force ten last night, a lot of folks did have a good
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time. over here we wanted to point out here that there are no traffic lights anymore because some folks decided to tear them down. so, again, there is a lot of damage but there's also a lot of celebration going on this morning. for now, live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. despite police efforts to keep people off the light poles sky force ten found at least one fan climbing this pole at south broad and walnut street. but the majority of the celebrations were live and tamely. we get some first-hand perspective from the game from our friends out in moomingtoblo minnesota. >> and you guys were on the field for much of the celebration. must have been awesome. >> obviously, we're not wearing a dress or suit because it is a departure from our normal
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wardrobe but they allowed us to wear eagles green because of something special that happened last night. >> i'm telling you history was made. we were there from the beginning walking through u.s. bank stadium it felt like it was a home game because there was green just about everywhere, and the place was rocking with electric energy. >> so many people and probably outnumbered patriots fans ten to one easy. fell behind the patriots by a single point and then completed the championship come back and quarterback nick foles had a great night. about two and a half minutes left to go, and league officials had to review the catch to make sure etrz had control of the football. there he is making the catch and dives for the end zone. by the time he gets over it's a
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touch down. the ball comes loose, but it's a touch down right there as soon as he crosses the goal line. that turned out to be the winning score right there. and seconds later, the eagles defense they literally stripped away new england's best chance for a victory. brandon graham with a bull rush gets his hands on the ball trying to release it. defensive end barnett recovers the ball. >> a couple of years ago there was a time when i was thinking about hang up the cleats. and as people we deal with struggles. and that was a moment in my life, you know, where i thought about it, and prayed about it, and i'm grateful i made the decision to come back here and play. >> reporter: yeah, that's just a couple of years ago nick foles was at a cross roads where he thought he was going to retire, didn't have a chance to hook on with anyone else, but here he
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is. he's the super bowl mvp, and he's a hero to many in philadelphia. >> carson wentz tweeted just after the game, god is so good, world champion. so proud of this team. told you my boy nick foles was going to shine tonight. carson has been so supportive of nick. and check out this tweet from the manager. he hopes the birds enjoy their parade down broad street. he should know. remember that parade for the phillies? >> and now that parade, a lot of people are thinking about it this morning. nbc 10's katey zachary live with more on what we know about the plan. katey, fill us in. >> reporter: yeah, they're thinking about it. they're talking about it vai and tra tracy. we moved from there to the rocky steps right in front of the art museum in philadelphia. that's because we know the parade will end here at the
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statue that embodies the philadelphia drive and determination we saw on the philadelphia last night. we've learned the parade will start in south philadelphia. but the route it will take and when it will happen are two things we are trying to learn. i reached out to mayor's office this morning. mayor jim kenny last night said the city will have a victory parade, and more details about it will be released at a press conference today. we will carry that press conference for you live. in the meantime mayor kenny tweeted this last night, just minutes after the victory. for so many who have have called themselves eagles fans for a generation, this is the day, the game, the season and the team we've dreamed of. the eagles are super bowl champions. now back out here live, mayor jim kenny, the philadelphia school super intendant, the governor and even things like the franklin institute and the philadelphia museum of art all made bets with their boston counter parts about who would win the super bowl last night. well, since the eagles are
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victorious, we're going to be following up and finding out if those boston counter parts are making good on those wagers. katey zachary, nbc 10 news. >> yeah, we want to hold them to those bets. >> we do. >> and by the way, i've been involved with the eagles for over 25 years. been a part of that organization when i first came to philadelphia. this is such a proud night for so many of us who are alums. >> fans right behind you 100%. we would like to see how you are celebrating history. use the #we want it when you post your photos and videos. for now we send it to bill henley. he's in the nbc 10 studios if wo with your first alert forecast. what a beautiful day ahead. it's going to be a nice sunny day. this is live view of the lincoln financial field. it's going to be basking in
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sunshine today. but notice the sheen on the road and driveway this morning, the parking lot. there are some icy spots to be found. a few of them in philadelphia, and we're getting reports of school delays. you'll see them on the bottom of the screen after the seven-day forecast. about 50 of them so far. we'll see a lot of sunshine today, and those cold winds will keep our temperatures in the 30s today and colder tonight. and those clouds will seal in the cold for tomorrow morning. just above freezing in philadelphia. getting colder in delaware, too, and south jersey. but the coldest spots are in the suburbs, and this is where roads completely haven't dried out. melbourne 32, 32 degrees in west callan township and below freezing in collegeville. the right that brought that wet weather to us is now completely
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out of the picture. what we won't get today, any of those. those snow showers in central pennsylvania wont arrive. it's the cold air that's pushing them across. that wind steady this afternoon. in fact, it'll be gusting to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. that's going to make it feel cold all day long, and make the temperatures go pretty much nowhere today. feels like 25 degrees. so we're in for dry weather today. we just have it bundle up. i think most people are probably wearing several layers of green for today. okay, this is just for the mayor. wednesday is not the day for parade. this is the rain and snow chances for the week. pick any other day. monday, tuesday looking fantastic. wednesday is not the day. the rest of the days we should have a parade every day, i think. don't you? let's do it. we want it. >> hey, bill's the expert here.
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yeah, guys, good morning, everyone. and we are starting with a check of the roads on the blue route and our cameras right around the german town on-ramp. expecting a really light rush hour this morning, so we're about to see if that's going to ring true. a lot of people not going to work today and staying home to celebrate. but we are seeing a few things happening on the pa turnpike westbound i'm hearing that's clear already, but some things moving onto shoulder is reported as clear but not technically. also watching another crash right around west king street. back to you guys. where do you go after your team wins the super bowl? next, the fans who flood philadelphia's iconic street corner for a taste of home to celebrate. and in minneapolis, st. paul
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airport, can't talk really well where lots of us are feeling the cold, very tired and lots of us heading out from minneapolis and back home.
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after the cheers it was time for another philadelphia tradition. cheese steaks and cheese fries. hungry fans lined up late last night to keep the party going with a tried and true south philly staple. >> think about my grandparent, and he got to see this. and who would have thought after all these years that we finally got to see our eagles team win,
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and no better team right now. >> years. we're talking about decades. decades. her pop pop, going back to the '60s. a lot of fans probably just getting to sleep. fans in minnesota getting back to philadelphia. >> it'll be even shorter for those in minnesota. the first flights home will be leaving shortly, and nbc 10's tim furlong is live at the minneapolis-st. paul international airport where fans are getting ready to fly home, and tim you're going to be on one of those flights home, too? >> reporter: i look a hot mess, but look at this guy here. this is how we all feel. and i made it more difficult on myself because i had to get through the ts a-line, and took
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forever because when they got to me they were like what's in your pocket, and it was all confetti and spilled all over the area and i had to help pick it up. it's been a fun trudge like this guy right here. go birds. i didn't mean to interrupt your breakfast. but how worth it was it to be there? >> so worth it. it was negative 20 degrees out, horrible but well worth it. >> reporter: we all sound terrible, but we won the super bowl. and you're going home to malvern. are you going to the parade? >> of course i am. i hope they tell us when exactly it's going to be whether tomorrow or wednesday because i want some rest. >> reporter: as long as you be a break. it was cool, well worth it and now we're all getting ready to
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head home. you can see there's just tons of green hats and eagles jerseys as far as you can see. everybody's starting to head home. our flight goes through charlotte. and i know there's going to be a lot of eagles fans. did you bring me a bagel? i don't even know where he got it, but it looks pretty good, guys. so i'm going to hang out and get on this plane and go snooze. >> a little bagel with some philly cream cheese, right? i'll take whatever she offers. >> at the airport there in minneapolis. >> well deserved snooze. >> tell me about it. and jessica, you live in center city. it was all over the place, and when i got up this morning it was still happening. so people didn't let up.
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let them have their moments. we'll celebrate again when the parade comes, too. if oats the northbound side oigt here that's coming out of delaware. maybe headed to the philly international airport right now, and this crash in the left-hand lane you can see traffic easily getting by the scene right now. that's one of the most major things we have on the bigger roads that are not little side streets or back roads. there's a crash too on pottstown, too. and also watching mass transit. fox chase 807 that's canceled right now. but papco, amtrak and new jersey transit all on time. take a live look down the shore. this is beach avenue in cape may where the sun not up yet but making its way. and bill, i'm goesing a lot of fans they're going to sleep through that sunrise. >> yeah, wouldn't be surprised.
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yeah, there are a lot of people who need quite a bit of rest after last night. fortunately, in that picture the clouds have moved out. we're going to see a lot of sunshine in boathouse row. you'll need to be layer up this morning, so the more eagles gear you can pile on the better. we got it cold start right at 33 degrees in philadelphia, northeast philly and wilmington. there are some colder neighborhoods that did not completely dry out overnight. you can see it in south jersey, too. so be on the look out for icy spots this morning. if you're waiting for the bus at 8:00 this morning, look at these temperatures. 20s and 30s. a little bit warmer in atlantic city, but the rest of the area is going to be feeling cold winds, which will just start increasing during the morning hours and be with us this afternoon. so we'll hit 35 degrees this afternoon, but it's going to feel colder than that. a bit of a warming trend this afternoon, but ends with the suburbs and the lehigh valley.
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today and tomorrow that's it. 40s for new jersey and the jersey shore. on tuesday the rain showers due in on wednesday, and probably coming in the morning and staying right on through the afternoon and into the evening hours. you'll see that in delaware, too. sunshine and just a few clouds for tomorrow. we're just seeing a few scattered clouds right now in new castle. no systems coming our way for today or tomorrow. but wednesday wanted to show you the future cast because it shows first thing in the morning, that's 5:00 a.m., look at the wet weather starting to move in. snow and then rain. so we'll see a little bit of snow. there's a possibility we'll get an inch of snow before the rain takes over and then there's steady if not heavy rain at times during the day. and right on into the afternoon, that's 5:00 into the afternoon. so it's going to be pretty much a wash out on wednesday. the trend, though, that warms on wednesday. we'll be cooling down for thursday and friday. another couple of dry days and
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another warmup into the weekend. could see a few showers jersey and the in jersey shore on wednesday. show you how long that lasts. coming up our live coverage of the eagles super bowl win continues with some celebrations that included some fire in the streets. i'm going to call this one your right to free speech. it's no secret fans did take the celebrating a little too far. we'll show you where fans were on overload on top of a hotel awning. ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey
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baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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even 7,000 miles away eagles fans found their own way to celebrate. >> they did. athletes and employees at the winter olympic games in south korea didn't let a little distance stop them from watching the game. a group of eagles fans from nbc sports philadelphia gathered to
6:26 am
watch the game. the super bowl started bright and early at 8:30 a.m. on monday. >> it's funny i can't be there with my friends and family to watch this game, but, again, the fact i'm here and with these guys here who are all in the same boat, i'll take it anyway i can get it, man. and i'm born and bred philadelphian for life. this is my team forever. >> the hotels in south korea they don't normally get nbc, but the guys used their connections to get the game routed to all the lines in the village. the winter games within in just three days. nbc 10 will have more exclusive behind the scenes access. our own keith jones is live in south korea and will bring you live reports later this week. taking you now to the
6:27 am
aftermath of the celebrations last night. and this is what we've been seeing. a look at what we've seen throughout the area next. some said they couldn't do it. others said they wouldn't do it, but the eagles said, oh, no, we got this, and this morning they are waking up world champions. coming up reaction from players after one of the most exciting and dramatic games in super bowl history.
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6:31 am
kiss the lombardy trophy, a symbol of their hard fought win. this trophy will be held high in philly, a first for the city of brotherly love. thousands of fans flocked to broad street dancing in the streets and lighting up the night with a show of fireworks. and we talk about the ultimate david and goliath story right here in philadelphia. i'm rosemary conners. >> i'm ted greenberg. we've got the gear right here on the set. it is a celebration 58 years in the making and tonight the city and our region will never forget. and nbc 10 has live team coverage of all the best moments, the celebration from philadelphia to minnesota and the latest on the victory parade. >> by and large for the most part the celebrations were fairly tame. we could find a few fans burning a tom brady jersey right in the middle of the street. let's call it exercising their freedom of speech. other fans took it a bit too
6:32 am
far. in fact, some folks, too many of them climbed on top of this awning right at the ritz-carlton hotel by city hall. you can see it collapsed. nbc 10's matt delucia is if following the aftermath of celebrations in center city. >> reporter: a lot of people had a good time, rosemary, that's for sure. and if you look around center city this morning you would think that a tornado ripped through the area. but, no, it's just a lot of people having a good time. you see this giant planter big concrete plantar outside the convention center toppled over last night. we've seen several of these throughout the city. we've also seen a lot of damage at store fronts. take a look at some video. center city chestnut street between 16th and 17th street that was really the hotbed of activity that we can see. broken windows and downed light poles, traffic lights that were taken down as well, a lot of
6:33 am
trash through the streets as well. i spoke with a working at the rite aid over there who said that a group of teens came in, stole a bunch of items and breck some glass as well. but she said it really shouldn't have happened this way. >> i was actually shocked. when we closed the store and you could see through the holes i could see people taking the lights off the poles. i was like, wow, this is crazy. it didn't have to come to this. it was just crazy. >> reporter: so the cleanup continues this morning. just past city hall right by ray street you see an entire lane of traffic is now blocked because of the planters that are in the middle of the street. philly police trying to keep the peace and maintain traffic at the intersections where those traffic lights have been taking down. but a lot of folks waking up.
6:34 am
>> by and large safe and happy and fun celebrations. we hope it stays that way. >> absolutely. matt, thank you. that's pandemonium inside xfinity live as fans realize their philadelphia eagles soared to victory. you could barely tell the difference between this venue and the actual football stadium. >> yeah, let's take a look at minnesota. this is how the celebration ignited. same kind of thing. a flurry of green and white confetti raining down on the field as the eagles basked in their victory, even rolling around in that confetti. nbc 10's tracy davidson and vai sikahema with the winning moments of the action. >> i'm happy for nick foles, of course, but there's some other folks.
6:35 am
brent sellic, and john he told us something i didn't realize. his career started just after the super bowl in 2005 and ended right after this super bowl. it was rather amazing. >> reporter: and it's still not over yet. nick foles and coach doug pederson will be here answering questions at the mall of america in just about two hours. thrilling, nerve-wracking. in the end satisfying. eagles fans experienced all of those feelings watching the super bowl victory last night. >> the birds also resorted to some trickery we called it. tracy probably had the best analysis. what did you tell me? >> you're making fun of me. i saw it and i said wait, that would be a play in my backyard
6:36 am
when we were younger. they're not going to think you're going to do this and then you do this. ask i said, matt, that's not going to work. >> run to the fire hydrant and make a left. doug pederson called this a gutsy play ended up in the hands of nick foles. his catch just kept the momentum going for the eagles. they were slugging it out with the patriots. foles also threw three touch downs on his way to becoming super bowl mvp. >> we have such great guys, such a great coaching staff. we feel confident coming in, and we played this game since we were little kids. there's plenty of kids watching this right now and dreaming about this moment. and to be here with my daughter, my wife, my family, my teammates, this city, we're very blessed. >> he almost got emotional there. now, when you end your rookie
6:37 am
year on the big stage it means you have to have some big plays, right? jake elliot seemed cool as a cucumber as he made this kick that sealed the deal for the eagles. a 46-yard boot that extended the lead late in the fourth quarter. >> we saw her right when they heard that they won, that's any. those family members waiting in the tunnel with us before we went to the field. >> it was amazing. she's a graduate student at oxford university. >> yes, she just kept screaming. let's talk about the fans in the stands who would not leave last night. >> yeah, thousands of them stayed, remained for the trophy presentation. and it got to be a point where people came and tried to usher them out. and no, they just stood there. >> they were cheering. watch this. >> i'm still speechless. i just stopped crying about five
6:38 am
minutes ago. and i've been dreaming of this since i was a little kid. >> this is one of the greatest moments of our lives. >> greatest day of my life. speechless. greatest day ever. >> fly eagles fly! >> greatest day ever. >> this is generational. father, grandfather, grandson. >> we saw a lot of that. >> that's what it was like. >> and it it isn't over for the birds. we'll hear from them at a news conference as we said a couple of hours from now. but we have to talk about what's happening back in philadelphia. it's super cold here according to my nbc 10 app. >> yeah, like 5 degrees below 0. let's go back what it's like there and find out when the parade might be. >> and we want to know how you're celebrating this historic moment in philadelphia. use the hashtag we want when you post your photos and videos and turn to the nbc app for continuing coverage.
6:39 am
for now we talk to bill henley about the weather there as i'm looking at the app. yeah, it's getting colder here. the road to victory has been fantastic, lane it? other roads not so good this morning. we've seen some icy spots on theodeways. 50s so far. those delays will probably ease. we'll celebrate with sunshine today. we'll see some tomorrow, too. but wednesday that looks like the day to avoid for parade plan, let's say. 5 degrees in philadelphia right now, 33 degrees. theresome colder neighborhoods in south jersey. and jessica boyington just alerted me to some spin outs. all right in that freezing zone, so on bee on the look out. if the road looks wet, treat it as frozen. even with some of those ground temperatures, the ground gets
6:40 am
cooler. we'll get a couple of dry days before our next round of wet weather. today just a few clouds. snow showers, there in central pennsylvania. we will not get those today, but we will get the wind that's blowing. ful you're traveling or know somebody traveling from minnesota, look at the snow. if you're hitting the road, that snow is going to be actually driving along with you. in milwaukee, chicago at 5:00 this afternoon and makes it into ohio valley and eventually pennsylvania. the first round of snow it's going to fizzle as we go through the day tuesday, but you can see it wednesday. a few more clouds but warmer on tuesday and then wet weather arrives on wednesday, starting off a little bit of snow before rain. that's going to be a steady rain for much of the day. that goes for the suburbs and live again. a dry day before we get to the wet weather. new jersey and jersey shore into the 30s this afternoon, but the
6:41 am
winds will be blowing to make it feel colder. a nice warm up for tomorrow. wet weather extends to the shore and to delaware to temperatures in the 40s. take a look at that in the ten day on ten. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you with a check on the roads. and watching the schuylkill expressway starting to see a bit of delay moving around montgomery traffic. so traffic moving towards center city right now just a bit slower than on that westbound side. watching a few crashes too. right around davisville road and few problems on the pa turnpike as well. now, these may be clear by now because they seem to be spin outs we're seeing most frequently this morning. drive times not too bad. maybe a bit more on the westbound side to add into the time as well. and few accidents reported on the new jersey turnpike.
6:42 am
on 295 i'm hearing of a ton of spin outs there as well. we're seeing accidents report said on the turnpike southbound side. ted, back to you. thank you, next our live team coverage of the eagles first super bowl win continues with something that's on a lot of to-do lists today. >> the text message to my husband about an hour ago, get the inquirer and eagles gear. hey, pam. >> reporter: hey, you know what? forget about work this morning. you'll get there when you get there. take a look. people lined up trying to purchase this super bowl championship merchandise. we'll show you more when we come back.
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hey, check out this after party as the eagles get down with the fans who traveled so far to support them. you can see the lombardy trophy hoisted in the middle of the crowd of players and coaches. no matter where you watch the game, it will be a night our city and our entire region will never forget. >> for the select few who got to witness history in person, safe to say it was epic. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in bloomington, minnesota. randy, i'm sure you were stunned by the end of the night. >> yeah, and it really felt like a home game in there. it was a sea of green. eagles chants breaking out in the beer line, the bathroom. and by the end of the game when the clock hit zero, one of the loudest eagles fight songs in eagles history. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles
6:47 am
>> eagles fans, stayed in their seats and cheered. what a storybook season for nick. an underdog tale for the eagles backup quarterback who bounced around the league, considered retirement and came back when the birds needed him the most to fight odds and expectations to win it all. >> hero forever, forever. forever. we did it. there are no words. >> unbelievable. >> yeah, i'm sorry. i'm a mess, but we did it. >> reporter: those fans were just so emotional after the game. you combine that super bowl drought with a dramatic finish. it was a release of energy for so many people. and they say they're taking the
6:48 am
first flight back as soon as possible or driving back as fast as they can to get to broad street for the parade. >> speechless. >> and no reason to apologize for being a mess. >> we get it. and definitely time to get your gear. >> precipitators worked through the night making up the championship t-shirts. fans are waking up early to get their very own. overnight fans waited in long lines at dick's sporting goodies in spornorth wilmington. and modells is open early. live in philadelphia where there's quite a few folks, pamela. >> reporter: yeah, it doesn't really feel like 6:48 in the morning. if they make it, the people will buy it. take a look at all the people inside the store this morning trying to get that championship gear. and you mentioned people were lined up, and now they're trying to check out with that
6:49 am
championship merchandise. everyone trying to take home a piece of that super bowl win. they have everything from hats that you might need especially if you're head today the parade. fliers, towels, t-shirts and sweatshirts. a t-shirt will only set you back about $20 to $30. however you want to remember this super bowl victory, you can. a lot of people we talked to were stopping here wfr they were going to work. some admitted they were going to be a bit late this morning but said it's worth it. one fan. >> i had a feeling about the super bowl. >> reporter: don't worry ubmissediuabout missing out. the shelves are completely stocked and ready to go. i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news.
6:50 am
>> hey, $30 compared to the thousands to get you out to minneapolis, we'll take it. 6:49 this monday. here's a live look at broad street. the crews got to cleanup. >> cleanup that trash, and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here. a few slick spots this morning. the temperatures have been dropping overnight. we have a few clouds coming through. if it didn't dry out last night, it is icy this morning. we've had many delays reported. you'll see them coming up at the bottom of the screen. into the suburbs and lehigh valley and berks county. you'll probably need some layers of green, at least a few. wet weather that holds off until wednesday. right now just above freezing in philadelphia. that's the air temperature, so the ground can get a little bit colder. especially in south jersey, the suburbs and even into the lehigh
6:51 am
valley. the wind, that's going to be steady through the day, but look at the temperatures. 43 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon will feel like 25 thanks to the gusty winds. there you can see the clouds moving through, too. what we won't get to today are any of those snowflakes. but the wind that's blowing them, we will feel that today. it will be warmer tomorrow morning. clouds increasing on tuesday. stays dry for tuesday. so tomorrow will be a great day for a parade, not wednesday. starts with a wintery mix and changes over to rain wednesday night. for thursday it looks like good out door weather for anyone that wants to gather around a major thoroughfare. and look at that, the temperatures stay above normal in the 40s. >> bill said it, thank you, not on wednesday. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is here and a
6:52 am
few accidents from those slick spots, right jess? right, now we're starting to tee them pileup a little bit. to show you a little bit of delay here starting to move towards the schuylkill expressway. following earlier closures on the ramp, broad street and now they're back open. but getting around center city is where it's going to messy. right between schoolhouse lane and hermit lane, and also watching a crash on abbington. seeing a few things out in new jersey. so the new jersey turnpike through the 295 as well, slippery spots out there. more up when we come back. sorry. i can't make it.
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inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. the world champions. >> those words from tight end zack erts echoing through eagles nation. the eagles defense who forced a crucial turnover late in the game braced for one final play. this hail mary from tom brady. done. time ran out, final score eagles 41-pats 33. >> talk about a cinderella story nick foles started the season as the backup qb and ended the soup bowl as the mvp. that trick play called the
6:57 am
philly special. >> and to be here with my daughter, my wife, my family, my teammates, this city, we're very blessed. >> once the eagles had beaten the pats, philadelphia fans flooded the streets in celebration. some of the faithfuls even setoff fireworks on broad street near city hall. most eagles fans celebrated with grace, but not all. the awning of the ritz carlton hotel in center city collapsed under the weight of birds fans. others burned the tom brady jersey in the streets. still others damaged street poles, broke windows and scrawled graffiti on buildings. so here's what's ahead for the super bowl champion eagles. head coach doug pederson and nick foles will answer questions in minneapolis later this morning. we're also expected to lauren details when the team will return to philadelphia and plans for the city victory parade.
6:58 am
good morning, everyone. 95 we're watching around gerard avenue, majors aren't too bad for the most part in terms of v volume, but we're watching some slippery spots. watch southbound around route 422. well-celebrate with sunshine today, but you'll have to deal with those cold gusty winds. the temperatures are going to struggle to warm up at all. 31 degrees at 9:00, 32 degrees at noontime. and the entire area will see those winds this afternoon. we will see sunshine but it's going to stay chilly all day long. >> i don't think any of us got much sleep, but so worth it, right? >> yeah, we're running on pure adrenaline this morning. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can get news, weather,
6:59 am
traffic all things birds. and of course watching the dills on the parade. >> we'll leave you with the historic win. have a great day. he is going deep! for the touch down. straight into the end zone. >> going to snap it, and it's tray who caught, and foles touch down. clemons tackle, inside the 20, the ball is down and philadelphia has it. derek barnett comes away with it.
7:00 am
>> oh, there was that turnover. eagles fans everywhere, this is for you. good morning. fly, eagles fly. >> caught over the middle and into the end zone. >> the philadelphia eagles upset tom brady and the new england patriots to win their very first super bowl ever in dramatic fashion. and back home in philly, it's bedlam. >> the city of brotherly love. >> we're live in minneapolis with the latest on the game, the celebrations and we'll talk live to some of the game's big heroes. what went wrong? federal investigators on the scene of that deadly train crash in south carolina. an amtrak train slamming into a parked freight train,


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