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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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all parochial schools in the city will close as a result. upper darby schools also will be closed. the parade starts at broad and patterson street in south philadelphia and then heads towards the art museum. >> nbc10 is your official home of philadelphia eagles. watch their victory parade this thursday at 11:00 a.m. and on the free nbc10 app. >> live coverage of eagles elation from minneapolis to philadelphia. >> live at philadelphia international airport, lauren, you've been talking to passengers making their way home after that huge win and they are excited. >> erin and denise, the fans are super excited. they are still jumping up and down and still chanting. they are still crying, but, boy, do they have a story to tell. >> reporter: back in philadelphia, a champions welcome, even for the fans. >> what was it like to be at
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that game? >> it was life changing. >> reporter: they're back from minneapolis where they saw history and were part of it, too. >> it was an amazing experience. i know we made a difference. there were plays we were making so much noise i know brady couldn't hear the count and i know we made a difference. >> reporter: after all that yelling you might notice eagles fans sound a little scratchy. did you lose your voice at the game? >> as the game was going i got worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: from a game so special. >> it was local, you felt it in your bones, so many eagles fans. >> reporter: they're still feeling it today as generations of fans returned home together. >> reporter: what was it like to share that with your son? >> are big guys allowed to cry? >> reporter: keith went with his 11-year-old son, mason. >> it's the most amazing thing in my life, especially with him. >> reporter: fans making
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memories and bringing them home, along with some souvenirs and big smiles. >> reporter: what does it feel like to be back in philly? >> feels great. we can celebrate with everybody. >> thursday, baby, thursday. >> thursday is the parade which means these folks who arrived back home today, they have a little time, rest, take a nap, maybe go to work before they get all excited again for the parade. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm lauren, nbc10 news. >> eagles fans are still in awe of last night's victory. >> reporter: erin, they're looking for anything they can commemorate this with, looking for all types of things, hats and sweat shirts and told me it was all sold out inside the mall of america.
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the only thing they were selling inside was a t-shirt. i was going to show it to you. i just went into the mall of america, you're right, all sold out. >> there was plenty of eagles green roaming around the mall of america the day after super bowl lii they had to catch flights back to philly and looking for anything that said champion. >> we wanted to get hats, just t-shirts, sweat shirts are gone, everything sold out already. >> i looked in the nfl store, nothing. >> reporter: nothing except for these t-shirts that are simple in design but says it all. >> having something that says championship says it all. >> reporter: luke proctor couldn't stop smiling. >> my grandfather never got to experience this championship and everybody back home. it's unbelievable and matters so much to us. >> reporter: nick went on a shopping spree. >> i got my nephews knit caps.
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>> reporter: he was looking for something special for his mom waiting 61 years for this win. >> i will spend all the money i have on as much memorabilia as possible. >> reporter: one that stood out the rest you can't buy, custom made reading win this one for our dads. >> reporter: isn't that shirt great? you won't find that in one store. a fan said he waited 45 years for a super bowl win and said, it's fine, i'll wait a few more gears for championship gear. nbc10 news. >> the champions have come home. a caravan of buses and cars took the eagles from the airport back to the nova complex in south philadelphia where thousands of fans cheered them on. we caught up with aaron kelsey. >> we saw the pictures.
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pretty awesome to be back here. thanks, everybody, we can't wait to get back to the parade. >> reporter: the fans couldn't wait to get back to philadelphia. >> they said being called the underdog pushed them to fight harder. nick foles shared with marshall harris who has more. >> view very much, denise. nick foles on quite a journey. hard to believe just two years ago he contemplated retirement. after being released by the rams. last night, he outdualed tom brady and picked up his trophy in minneapolis before boarding a flight to walt disney world in orlando, florida where he's in a parade that he knows that parade will pale to the parade we're about to have in philadelphia come thursday. >> you know what, i couldn't even start to begin to guess
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what it will be like, to be honest with you. that's what it will publish like. something philadelphia and we waited for a long time. to bring a super bowl victory back to philadelphia, that was all our goals. we were able to accomplish that. i can't wait to see all the fans and everyone who loves the eagles on broad street. >> now, nick was obviously not with the team when they arrived back in philadelphia. we will have more on the team's arrival and celebration at 6:00. until then, i'm marshall harris, nbc 6 sports philadelphia. >> he knows it to be magical and definitely will be magical in philadelphia on thursday. >> the stuff right out of a 0 hollywood script. >> thank you so much. brother-in-law love from one fan to another, he could hardly keep it together. the sports mascot watched the big game last night and you can see him going crazy during the
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final play. and mitch shows us what we can look forward to for the parade thursday. you're looking at our camera for the eagles and they will parade down broad street thursday. and a cold start to the work week. >> nbc10 chief meteorologist, tammy sousa join us. >> yes. your commute could be edgy with ice, snow and rain and rough conditions on the roadways. not today, a bit chilly. 29 in lehigh valley. 31 in philadelphia, 30 in delaware, jersey shore at 34, the bright sunshine out there makes us feel so much better than it really is.
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we have a breeze making it feel colder. wales, 29. let's go to oxford at 29. generally, below the freezing mark across the pennsylvania suburbs. that's the case for much of the area. you have to get for the shore to get above the freezing mark. sunshine out there and lovely sunset in the 5:00 hour here. we are looking at wake-up temperatures in the 20s for philadelphia tomorrow. pennsylvania suburbs, you will see 26 tomorrow. lehigh valley in the low 20s tomorrow. delaware in the upper 20s, mid 20s for new jersey and abalone shore just a few degrees shy of the freezing mark. we will break it down so you know how to brace yourself for thursday and i have the all important forecast. it's a doozy. getting a piece of eagles
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history, what you should know before shelling out cash on eagles memorabilia. keeping order, the steps philadelphia police officers took last night to try to keep peace following the super bowl. parade fans, live in philadelphia in skyforce 10 why a city no stronganger to the bi event said it will be ready for the crowds on thursday.
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philly rapper and eagles fan meek mill couldn't attend the super bowl but the birds still showed him some love. ♪ ♪ the team blasted meek mills's song and they used the song for hype before games even playing it before they ran out onto the field last night. looks like people are taking notice, the song is number 5 on the hip-hop charts even though it came out in 2012. we're saying good-bye to minneapolis and hello to atlanta. super bowl 53 heads south next year. nfl commissioner roger goodell passed the football to atlanta's mayor this morning. the big game is february 3rd at
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mercedes-benz stadium. make sure to turn your news alerts on so you don't miss a thing. the former olympic sports doctor accused of sexually abusing hundreds of gymnasts was sentenced to sentence again today to 145 years in prison for sexually abusing gymnasts in michigan. he pleaded guilty to abusing three gymnasts. over 260 young girls and women say nassar abused them while working as a doctor at michigan state university and for gymnastics. >> i am not truly convinced you understood what you did was wrong. clearly, you're in denial, you don't get it and i do not believe there is a likelihood that you could be reformed. >> nassar was sentenced earlier this month to 40 to 175 years in
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prison in a separate michigan case and sentenced previously to 60 years for child pornography crimes. now to that deadly train crash in south carolina, the national transportation safety board is trying to find out if human error caused an amtrak train to slam into an empty amtrak 48 train. two were killed. >> i never saw anything like this. bodies everywhere, people on top of one another. i couldn't move. both seats were on my legs. >> reporter: investigators say a rails switch forced the amtrak off the main line onto a sidetrack. the ntsb said positive train control would have prevented this crash. an historic drop on wall street, the dow jones industrial average plunged 1175 points erasing its gains for the entire
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year, the worst one day point drop in the dow's entire history. at one point it was down as much as 1600 points all comes after the dow saw a record high last month. checking the first alert forecast, we're tracking a weather system that will bring rain, snow, ice to our system on wednesday. >> it's breezy and cold as we check conditions at cape may. temperatures in the 30s but tonight it feels 10 degrees colder. bundle up if you're headed out tonight. >> tamme sousa is with us now tracking the forecast for your enabled. >> it will be one of those nights but it will level off towards dawn. it will be icy and washout across the area. it could be a treacherous morning commute and at least it won't be icy or snowy for parade
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weather. it will be warmer but soggy one. we're looking at 31 here in philadelphia. it is a bit cooler than we saw yesterday. 29 in allentown, 31 in wilmington. dover, 32 and wildwood also in the low 30s. tonight, we will drop down in teens and outer areas, upper pennsylvania suburbs, 17, allen town. 25 in philadelphia. dover, you'll be at 25 degrees. it will be a cool, i will call it a seasonal winter night. over the next 12 hours, this is where we level off and start to climb. we will drop off. at 2:00 in the morning we'll get down to 25 and stay there until 4:00 or so and climb upward at 6:00 in the morning and make it to the low 40s for tomorrow a
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little bit above average for this year. doppler radar, nothing going on, beautiful sky, chilly, that's all. we have a system making its way through the midwest and brings a few flurries to the poconos through tomorrow. it's starting to back build through missouri. we need watch it closely. look at winds west and southwest. and across the poconos and maybe a few flurries in the lehigh valley and clear out in the afternoon. by wednesday morning, rain across delaware and south jersey. philadelphia, suburbs, also lehigh valley, and northern parts of delaware, below freezing. we can see this being a snow to rain event, look at that line,
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and we could have icy roads in northern pennsylvania and northern delaware as you start your morning commute on wednesday. look at the rain coming in all day wednesday and wednesday evening and parade on thursday. mother nature loves the eagles. this thing is out of here before dawn and temperatures are crisp and it's breezy and cold, we are going to be looking at what appears to be partly sunny conditions by parade time and just below freezing and climbing above freezing during the festivities. it will be breezy and feels cooler than actual air temperature. it's not raining or snowing. 19 in philadelphia, 19 in lehigh valley, 27 along the jersey shore. high thin clouds move in. tomorrow, we're looking at partly to mostly sunny skies. 42 in philadelphia, and 38 in
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lehigh valley. back to you. >> now that the eagles are champions of super bowl lii, talk about the parade starting to come together. >> it spans from the art museum in philadelphia and no problems handling this massive event. fitch is live at skyforce 10. >> reporter: this is a live look at south broad street. the city is predicting a party from here to the art museum like philadelphia has never seen. keep in mind in 2008, when the phillies won the world series we saw about 1 million people on this route. eagles plan to beat that. as you said, the city is no stranger to hosting massive public events. in 2008, we saw the phillies become and make philly a city of champions. broad street, a sea of red.
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an estimated 8 million people celebrated the championship. we saw thrilling buzzer beaters for the college team villanova, both alumnae and those not alumnae all could get behind. few inspired like eagles did, underdogs now top dogs and ready for a celebration none have ever seen. they did release the details from south philadelphia broad street to city hall to the museum of art. football season started on those art museum steps for the nfl draft and will end somewhat poetically with the trophy from that same spot. mitch blocker, nbc10 news. >> thanks for the bird's-eye view. your official home for the philadelphia eagles. watch their victory parade this thursday 11:00 in the morning and free nbc10 app. keeping the peace.
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police say three people were arrested last night during post super bowl celebrations and steps officers took to keep the city safe. celebrating carson where a wentz jersey appeared on a statute this morning, coming up next.
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nbc10 is your official home of philadelphia eagles. since the win last night you have been sharing your pictures with the celebratory hashtag wewantit. look at all these people shoulder to shoulder, broad street was packed with fans flooding out. some got rowdy, we've been telling you that, climbing gates to city hall, a no no. and some chose to spend time with family, we got a lot of pictures, family celebrating the historic win. we came to a city of dreamers, each with a dream of our own. last night's win was big. check this out. people are getting tattoos already. that is the lombardi trophy with green claws there. we won this thing. i know you've seen these billboards, from wentz we came
5:25 pm
in foles we trust #gobirds. the super bowl champions. this is the city of rocky, a big underdog and they took that underdog status and turned it into something great, folks. this last one a day shot, go birds, didn't go to any celebrations but definitely happy. i love this city so much, definitely happy it's my home. we want to see how you're celebrating this historic win in sports history, use the #wewonit and look for continuing coverage on your app. eagles fans had a chance to propose after last night's super bowl. meet bob and his wife of 30 years, teresa, they're planning to renew their vows.
5:26 pm
in order to enter the contest, participants had to buy a ring worth $50,000 and he was the lucky winner, reproposing on the 30 yard line last night. and on the square was carson wentz's jersey, how excited fans are across the state about winning the super bowl. >> can't get enough. cab you blame them? >> no. a play that brought us all to our feet. the high school celebrating the eagles big moment in the super bowl. these eagles fans got a surprise when their baby got a debut early.
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skroo the super bowl cleanup continues. take a look at this fork lyft on north broad street. just before 10:00 this morning, crews were working to upright some overturned planters damaged by eagles fans last night. thanks for staying with us. i'm erin coleman. >> i'm denise nakano. >> the police department went about protecting the city as
5:30 pm
thousands of fans celebrated on the streets. >> how lawmakers were able to keep the peace, george. >> last night was all about finding the perfect balance to allow fans to celebrate after decades of waiting and still keeping the city and revelers safe. along broad street this morning, the leftovers of a celebration a few eagles fans took too far. these planters rolled onto their side and pushed into the street, the window display glass of the center city macy's store shattered in piles on the sidewalks. for first responders precaution started early and kicked into high gear before the final play. >> brady gets hit, the ball is out! >> two minutes left in this game, eagles are up by 5 and
5:31 pm
eagles calling the ball. everybody use caution. >> reporter: once eagles clenched the game, massive crowds descended on the streets. >> a thousand people celebrating loud. >> reporter: it got noisier with repor a report of a christmas tree set on fire and this crumbled to the ground with the weight of climbers and a car pushed to its side. >> somebody flipped a car over here. if you can get another response unit i greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: before the game, they made the light pole too slippery for most revelers to climb. the most eager still found a way sometimes with dangerous results. >> i have several thousand people. i just had a man jump from the light pole and land on his head, he's unconscious. >> reporter: on the corner light post we found some street signs toppled, the army navy store,
5:32 pm
busted out window covered in plywood from the epicenter last night. >> in the eye of the storm they tore down every single streetlight on market, they're all gone. >> reporter: in the end, though, the mayor's office said the vast majority of the eagles kept their cool. there were only a handful of arrests on this night when philadelphia history was made. >> we should note the number of arrests is still likely to grow. police are still reviewing surveillance video and other evidence from last night and expecting to learn more tomorrow. erin and denise. >> sure we will learn a lot more. the official station for the philadelphia eagles, we will have complete coverage of the parade thursday morning.
5:33 pm
it goes down park and broad street and ending at the art museum. all parochial schools will close and will upper darby public schools. nbc10 your official home of philadelphia eagles. watch their victory parade right hire this thursday. the birds big win is a welcome sight for local retailers. eagles fans have been flocking to stores across the region to snap up all the super bowl championship gear. many fans opened the store bright and early so fans young and old could gear up to represent the super bowl champs. >> i think it was really awesome because that was the first time we won the super bowl. >> it was very important i get the shirt, hat and hoodie to represent philadelphia. >> i'm at a loss for words. i still can't believe it. >> reporter: retail experts say it is projected to lead to the second highest championship sales in history behind the cubs world series title last year. a check of the weather now.
5:34 pm
enjoy the dry weather while it lasts. a storm system is moving in on wednesday and it is bringing rain, snow and ice for us. right now, a cold night across the lehigh valley, temperatures in the 30s as we look. >> and center city looking live at the comcast technology center. watch out for the winds, they're really whipping tonight. tammie sousa has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> glad you said neighborhood. that's what we will do first. lehigh valley, 28. 32 in south jersey. head out to the jersey store, at 34. philadelphia, 31 degrees. how about we go out to the lehigh valley where it's been a little bit crisp all day long. mertztown, 26, nazareth, 26 and
5:35 pm
bethlehem, 28 dilut 28 degrees. we will see a few clouds drifting in after midnight and that will stop the drop of temperatures and climb towards dawn. it will not be a warm night, a crisp one. 17 in allentown, 22 in mt. holly. dover, you will be at 25 and 26 in stone harbor and 24 in atlantic city. tomorrow, we will rebound and be a little nicer than today. clouds early on and clear in the afternoon, 42 in philadelphia, 39 in the suburbs and 38 in lehigh valley. 42 along the jersey shore and 44 in delaware. after that, things really change for wednesday morning. when i come back we will talk about what could be a wintry mix that makes for a testy commute.
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today's newspapers are now collector's items and the
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headlines say it all, at last with nick foles holding the lombardi trophy. it shows saint nick, foles and pederson after the historic win. dunkin donuts brought back the eagles win you win campaign meaning eagles fans can get free coffee all day. they will need it because celebrations lasted all morning. there were even tired eyes in offices and classroom is around our region today. everyone saying the exhaustion was totally worth it. >> i got in about 9:30 and at my desk about:30 minutes and went to dick's where we stood in line about an hour and a half. >> the workers say they will make up the time but not this week. they have parade to get to. many schools have decided to close thursday so kids can go to that parade. now, to a different kind of super bowl in philadelphia, the
5:40 pm
super bowl of caring empowers students in local communities in need of food and students at the archdiocese of philadelphia are stocking shelves and last check, $1.5 million of cash and food items had already been collected. the went olympics, can you believe it? just three days away. >> nbc10 has a team joining spectators from around the world as nbc's gina kim show us the excitement building. >> reporter: with just days to go from the official start of the olympic games athletes around the world are getting a chance to test drive olympic courses including the eight member u.s. freestyle moguls team seven of whom have never been to the olympics. >> i think it's very exciting and major opportunity to be part of the best team in the world. >> reporter: the athletes
5:41 pm
getting the most intense scrutiny are korean women ice hockey players learned several weeks ago they would play as a unified team. >> that's a cliche, sports bring teams together. on our team they're just players, no north korean or south korean, all wearing the same jerseys. >> reporter: and workers are putting the finishing touch on the pipes. >> reporter: the temperatures dropped as low as 2 degrees fahrenheit. at opening ceremonies it will warm up to a toasty 37 degrees. >> reporter: they will see months of hard work finally pay off. >> we prepared about six months for this olympic. >> reporter: the commission begins before the opening ceremonies with alpine skiing, curling and ski jumping starting thursday. nbc news, pyeongchang.
5:42 pm
nbc10's keith jones is in south korea right now for the winter olympics. watch as live reports starting tomorrow night at 11:00, nbc10 is the only place you see all the from the 2018 winter olympics. celebrating a former student. scoring a touchdown in the super bowl, corey clement's former high school could not be happier, next. i have your parade weather for thursday. before that we have to get through this mess, straight ahead. coming up at 6:00, move over, tom brady, there is a new goat in town, how philadelphia literally got boston's goat after a super bowl bet and other wacky wagers on last night's game.
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a . making history, eagles cornerback, corey clement made history. >> showing you why this rookie is so special. >> reporter: it's the after party inside glass borough high school. while folks are wearing 30 proudly through the halls, it's the number 6 jersey hanging on the wall rookie eagles player corey clement wore first. >> so happy for him and very proud of him. >> reporter: not just that clement a 2013 graduate was on the field last night. >> incredible. i've been a die-hard fan of eagles was one thing. but seeing corey his rookie
5:46 pm
season and started as an undrafted free agent in the rookie season and then scoring a touchdown. >> is it a catch, not a catch, i couldn't be more proud what the kid accomplished from free agent to the super bowl and impactful game. it was great. >> reporter: people here had a lot of nail biting moments in the game. >> typical of ron. >> reporter: despite getting his football start, those who know clement said he did what he did on his own. >> he was like, we never had pep rallies like that when i was in school. we never had corey clement in the super bowl. >> reporter: nbc10 news. >> clement sent a video to the students before the game telling them to always work to achieve their goals. >> look how far he came. visit philadelphia already put up these billboards in
5:47 pm
different parts of the area. they read "this city this team this feeling, super." kind of sums it all up, doesn't it? >> it sure does. expecting a wintery mix on wednesday, get ready for rain, snow and ice. a nice night at the link, looking live at the blue cross river rink. you'll definitely need your winter coat. >> to the poconos, camelback mountain resort, a few skiers but not stopping them from hitting the slopes. meteorologist, tammie sousa is here now. >> right. that's below zero. they're very happy about it, so are the ice skaters. the rest of us just happy we're on cloud nine. it could be 2 degrees out. warm and fuzzy. we'll keep that feeling for a while. where we started the day, much warmer where it is now. look at that early early this
5:48 pm
morning, 38 in philadelphia, 37 in allentown. 38 in trenton, 40 in atlantic city, 18 in mt. pocono, to be expected. and 36 in mt. redding. the cooler air moved in and windy, too, makes it feel rather raw. philadelphia, 31, pottstown, 27, wildwood 32, dover, 32. the feels like? feels like 23 in philadelphia. we just skipped by that, didn't mean to. the winds made it feel so raw out there. for the remainder of the evening we watch these temperatures trend off and level off 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and climb again as winds move to the south with a milder air mass. that is a one day wonder. wednesday, we start with snow, freezing rain and rain across the area and could make for bad
5:49 pm
roadway, turns to all rain and washout by tomorrow often. -- tomorrow afternoon. chilly for the parade but no rain. doppler radar, clear sky, a system taking shape coming out of the midwest. the back edge is beginning to afternoon southward towards parts of missouri and that is the storm system we're watching for our wednesday morning. winds to the northwest, turn to the south. temperatures tomorrow morning in the 20s. here comes a piece of energy bringing flurries and light snow to the poconos and parts of the lehigh cal lehigh valley, it's out of here. by 7:00 wednesday morning we have a rain-snow mix from the i-4 corridor, poconos and northern parts of delaware.
5:50 pm
southern parts stay in rain and could make for icy roads early morning. pay attention to that. it will be out of here and changes to rain by wednesday night. you're panicked, what about the parade? we have to get the parade in. it's out of here by parade time thursday but it will be nippy with challengy conditions, starts at 29 and 31 by noon and 34 by the afternoon. you can follow it all day long, you can get all the weather all the time for the parade. 43 tomorrow, 43 wednesday, in the afternoon, we start cold, 34 for the parade thursday, 41 friday. a little soggy but still feeling warm, right? >> it's nicely timed for the parades. you can find them at malls and roadside vendors. >> we're talking about championship gear.
5:51 pm
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welcome back. lester holt joins. hi, lester. >> hi. congratulations to those enjoying the party. ahead for us the stock market's wild day, the sell-off down to 1100 points and what is rattling investors and what does it mean for your money. adding insult to injury worried some people are getting hit with the flu twice, why that's happening. we send it back to you in philly. >> the party is going on! to nbc10 response, super bowl gear is flying off the shelves following the eagles super bowl win. >> do you know what you're really buying? harry hairston is here to break it down before you purchase that eagles sports gear. >> you don't want to part with your money unless you know what you're getting.
5:55 pm
we hit the mall and roadside vendors. people are taking off work to find a piece of history and it comes down to whether pew want authentic nfl sanctioned gear or showing your pride. roadside vendor cashes in on the eagles super bowl victory. >> i want the top dogs. >> reporter: his merchandise isn't nfl sanctioned but it doesn't need to be. that's because nowhere on his items will you find the words "super bowl" or nfl. he says it's just stuff people want at more than half the price of nfl sanctioned gear. >> it's all for fun. gimmick shirts. >> i'm getting everything authentic. >> reporter: fans like larry is passing on the gimmicks. we caught up with him at dick's sporting goods. >> get the real stuff. the win was real. >> reporter: some don't know what to look for. >> i'm not sure. i bought what was true, super bowl, eagles and the date, that
5:56 pm
was good enough. >> reporter: getting the real stuff means looking for gear like this, notice the nfl logo and nike logo plus this hologram along with the official nfl tags. >> can i have a medium pink also? >> reporter: but for fans like this, it's all about being a part of sports history, not so much the gear. >> catch a stand, get something that says eagles and we're winners, we're not underdogs anymore. >> you said it, partner. folks at dick's sporting goods tell me if you're not sure if the gear you're about to buy is authentic, take a good look at the workmanship. if it looks shoddy it's likely to be counterfeit. >> we're talking stitching and other things that make it not look authentic. >> the stitching that might come off a little bit and the white number and green around the number on the authentic stuff it might not be on counterfeit. >> better watch out.
5:57 pm
>> absolutely. if you have a complaint go to nbc10 responds or give us a call, we'll respond to you. coming up all new at 6:00, a super bowl baby makes and early arrival. you will meet the family whose baby came four weeks early to touch down on super bowl sunday and the player he's named after. >> reporter: a parade set for thursday to celebrate the eagles victory. we'll tell you the route that could see the champions all the way to the art museum. now, we're looking ahead to a wednesday washout. it could make for a treacherous morning commute, too, i'll break down the timing in the first alert forecast, plus what to expect from the eagles championship parade.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
the champs are here. the lombardi trophy has landed in philadelphia and birds touched down to a flurry of fans waiting to congratulate their team. parade of champions from the route to the weather and everything you need to know about thursday's parade. super bowl baby, it was not part of the game plan. this baby boy called and audible during the big game. the birds are back in town with a title and some new
6:00 pm
hardware. fans are savoring the sweet super bowl win. and gearing up for one more celebration, the eagles parade of champions. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm erin coleman. the hype hasn't stopped for a minute, fans hearts still fluttering and the words super bowl champion is still sinking in in philadelphia. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> the faithful fans turned out in full force to welcome the champions as they arrived in philly and they were rewarded as they gave the crowds an up close look at the lombardi trophy. >> they said we would never make it and now we are officially here super bowl champions, we are winners. we are all we need, we're all we


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