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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 8, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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democrat chuck schumer called it a genuine breakthrough. here's what that deal does. ends the mandatory limits called sequesters that went into effect years ago, increasing spending nearly $400 billion over the next two years. it includes money for domestic spending, military spending, more than the president asked for, disaster relief funds, treating opioids, infrastructure, health research. it extends children's health insurance for a decade and the debt limit for one year. it is a massive plan but it's a details and photos emerge. theonsy over the president's request for a military parade on a grand scale plan that may not pass. the president tweeted about it is heating up. and then the eye-popping no saying that republicans and holds barred stories told by democrats must support the troops and must support this bill. the senate's expected to pass it legendary music producer quincy jones. this you've got to hear. today, but it's not clear in the to the winter olympics where kim jong un's sister wilimparti house. not only may some democrats north influence. oppose it but also conservatives and are you hip enough for a zero gravity dance party? who say it's not paid for. philip? >> all right. "early today" starts right now. tracie potts for us on capitol good thursday morning to hill. you. tracie, thank you. elsewhere in washington the
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i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm philip mena. buzz is about the revelation that the president has requested we begin this morning with the the pentagon to stage a military scandal rocking washington. parade through the streets of after one of those closest to washington. it's certainly not unprecedented the president, white house staff but some are asking why now and is it worth spending tens of secretary rob porter, resigned a millions? day after british news outlet nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has, reported on allegations from two ex-wives the story. claiming porter physically and verbally abused them. >> reporter: it's been 27 years the white house says porter's since tanks and troops paraded decision to resign was a past pennsylvania avenue. personal one and that he would stay on temporarily to "ensure a now the pentagon's preliminarily planning another procession. smooth transition." >> why divert time, energy, but new reporting from the "new financial resources to the york times" overnight flies in planning of a parade as the the face of that statement, president's asked? claiming porter's last day is today. >> the president's respect, his the development not confirmed by nbc news comes as we hear from porter's second ex-wife, fondness for the military i think is reflected in him asking jennifer willoughby, for the first time. for these options. and here's what she told the >> reporter: the commander in chief clearly delighted by the "washington post" about her bastille day parade in paris interview with the fbi regarding last summer. porter's alleged abuse. >> and it was one of the greatest parades i've ever seen. >> reporter: but outside the >> i told them all of the white house a mixed reaction, details of my marriage, with some suggesting it's including verbal and emotional reminiscent of the former soviet abuse, and including the union or north korea. incident when he pulled me out >> anytime you are staging a of the shower. they were also made aware of the
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protective order that i signed massive military event, you can in june of 2010. come across as overmilitarized and they were also made aware of and overauthoritarianist. the time i had the police called to our home after a domestic >> reporter: washington's last military parade, in 1991, to disturbance. >> willoughby confirmed that account to nbc news. commemorate u.s. victory in the and late last night the white house chief of staff john kelly gulf, came right past the white house here. issued a statementch in but this time around it's still too early to talk about a route part, "i was shocked by the or a date, maybe veterans day, allegations released against rob or a price tag. the '91 parade cost about $12 porter. there's no place for domestic violence in our society." million then. however, that statement comes as a former white house official about $21 million in today's dollars. lls nbc news that mr. kelly >> i say that it's a fantastic was ware of the allegations of waste of money to amuse the abuse before the report broke. for more we go to nbc white president. >> i'm not sure that honoring our military's a waste of money. house correspondent kristen >> reporter: at this l outside charlotte retir ag was welker. >> reporter: shock waifwaves at white house after one of the president's most trusted advisers rob porter resigned, years, and i stood in some of those parades. amid allegations by two ex-wives of verbal and physical abuse. and it's tiring and -- but i think it would be a great thing. porter sits outside the oval >> reporter: a show of military office and controls all the documents that land on the president's desk. in a statement porter called the washington. claims "outrageous and simply kate upton is now sharing her own "me too" story, accusing false" and "a coordinated smear brand guess ofex campaign." >> the president and chief of
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staff have had full confidence and in an " uptonuring aano and trust in his abilities and his performance. >> reporter: chief of staff john kelly called porter a man of integrity even as the reports of abuse by porter first appeared in "the daily mail" including aggressively grabbed ater this picture of porter's first and g her bretsher, "i'm making ex-wife, colby holderness, who told the paper porter punched her, giving her this black eye ays marciano forcibly soon after their 2003 marriage. kied h a comeomme hostile towar holderness also alleges porter choked her and emotionally abused her. porter firing back, "i took the photos given to the media nearly calling h a fat pig, 15 years ago and the reality fingbulse, telling "time"have nd behind them is nowhere close to what is being described." porter's second ex-wife, jennifer willoughby, told the "daily mail" porter dragged her wet and naked out of the shower and was verbally abusive, an account she confirms to nbc upton inappropriately," nor news. nbc news has also obtained a mann. photographer 2010 protective order where willoughby told police during their separation porter ignored corroborating the claims telling her multiple requests to leave "time" he witnessed some of the harassment himself. her home and at one point eport abuse in the fashion f punched in the glass on the door. "i called the police, afraid that he would break in," she
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said. mounting questions about how porter was given such close access to the president and the lenced. i'm not going to let him documents that crossed his desk. intimidate me anymore. these men think they're a former white house official untouchable but times are changing." says chief of staff john kelly now to a wintry mix of was aware of the allegations of freezing rain and sleet, abuse before the story broke. creating treacherous driving conditions in oklahoma. the driver of this black pickup two sources familiar with the truck spun out of control, matter tell nbc news it is you'll see it right there, on believed porter was never given that icy interstate. full security clearance, he manages to regain control after nearly skidding off the although it's not clear why. road. but another driver not so lucky. the administration now on defense. while trying to avoid the crash >> i think that was a personal in the back of that truck, slams decision that rob made and one that he was not pressured to do right into the guardrail. but one that he made on his own. the force of the crash spins the car around and sends the bumper >> reporter: the white house is not commenting on porter's flying. security clearance. one other layer to this, porter sought situation really we're seeing in so many areas with the severe weather we're having. is reportedly dating >> yeah, i don't know if you've communications director hope hicks, who plays a role in all ever been in that situation but when you lose control of a car it is the most helpless feeling public statements from the white house including those that were you can possibly have when sent out tuesday night in you're out on the roads. bill-s there anything else to be porter's defense. looking at when it comes to frances. >> kristen welker, thank you. that? >> we're going to have more people in the midwest in the and while the white house was in crisis mode over the next couple days, hopefully not porter revelations, congress was the black ice like that situation. working to keep the government's here we go. today through saturday we're lights on. going to call it rounds of snow senators hammering out a if you will. it's going to follow the jet two-year deal just as a swarm of stream.
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today it comes down from montana. young dreamers descended onto the house. tonight it's into areas of iowa. many wearing monarch butterfly early tomorrow morning there wings, demanding that any budget will be snow on the ground in deal include protections for the areas of chicago, detroit, and daca program, which is set to then some of that heads through northern new england as we go expire in just a matter of through saturday morning. a lot of rain throughout the weeks. all while house democratic southeast as we go through leader nancy pelosi did saturday. but you see the blue there, something not done in over 100 still dealing with snow on saturday from the southern great years. speaking on the house floor for lakes through northern new england. again, highest totals, chicago over eight hours, telling the stories of those very same and detroit. someone's going to end up with dreamers seeking protections and keeping an eye on all of it for about five to nine inches of snow. that's a look at the big weather us is nbc's tracie potts. story of the day. now here's a closer look at your hey, tracie, good morning. day ahead. >> reporter: hey, philip, frances, good morning. so today we'll watch a little that eight-hour speech, it was a bit of light snow coming down, record on the house floor. but for chicago, des moines, and nancy pelosi telling the stories of the dreamers that are left areas of the southern great out of this latest compromise. lakes it's mostly going to be late tonight and through early tomorrow morning. these are the undocumented that's when the steadest snow immigrants brought to this had will remain. country as children. watch out for the black ice in she says if they aren't in this new england after yesterday's deal it will not get her vote. storm. can't stress enough those areas but interestingly, she's not that had the storm yesterday, it's cold this morning. insisting that democrats follow, everything is frozen up. and that's one of the reasons >> yeah, don't take it for why today on this deadline the granted. all right, bill, thank you very numbers are up in the air. much. even zero gravity and extreme altitudes couldn't stop the there is a compromise that was party for these electronic music ha. fans. 50 people from every continent
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attended this out of this world club circling the skies above frank furt, germany. the event was organized by world club dome ravefest and supported by the european space agency. the astronauts acan't revelers there. it made music history. high in the sky. and just the bragging rights that they had saying that's the way they were able to party it up. >> cool experience. just ahead, o o highest-profile officials will be attending the winter olympics. where's frank? iinsurance with geico!ycle goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. here'and you look amazinglylook comfortable.
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or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. already one of the most tech-savvy nations, south korea is set to unveil this. the mystifying robot fish at the 2018 pyeongchang olympics. the fish, they swim around in that aquarium at the main press center. they appear ready for the start of the olympic games. mimicking the behavior of live sea life. at first glance you're like yeah, it's the real deal. >> yeah, i wasn't sure. pretty cool. as we mentioned, the olympic games are finally here. and of course it is a big moment for south korea. but it's the north koreans who are grabbing all the headlines.
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starting with the surprise guest leading their delegation. nbc's miguel almaguer is in pyeongchang with the latest. >> reporter: with another 280 north koreans crossing the border, soon all eyes will be on one member of the delegation, kim jong un's sister, kim yo jong, will become the first member of the kim ruling family to set foot in the country. vice president mike pence is also coming to the games, warning the u.s. will roll out the toughest, most aggressive sanctions ever against north korea. >> we will not allow north korean propaganda to hijack the message and imagery of the olympic games. >> reporter: but north korea's imagery is already here. the flag flying in the athletes' village and draped on the side of this building. and after a rocky start the joint korean women's hockey team has adjusted, saying they're now getting along smoothly.
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but there are other worri here. a growing outbreak threatens these games. confirmed cases of the highly contagious norovirus grew overnight. now at least 86 sick. 1,200 security officers are quarantined at this dormitory. >> we are very wored about norovirus outbreak. >> reporter: the americans have a contingency plan should someone get sick. isolation pods and old-fashioned advice. >> they've been beating it into our heads, just wash your hands, wash your hands. >> reporter: still, there is excitement in the air. the largest american team ever at the winter olympics is ready for gold on snow and ice. >> everything is so big and so like -- i'm really excited for these games. >> reporter: the good news, no athletes have gotten sick from norovirus. the top concern is now making sure those that are ill are
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quarantined. the weather isn't helping. on opening ceremony it's expected to feel like 14 degrees. philip? >> miguel, thank you. it is the jaw-dropping interview that's got everybody talking. quincy jones reveals all about michael jackson, ivanka trump, and more. must-see tv you've got to see and hear next. from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers if you could see your cough, you'd see all the sickness you're spreading. robitussin cf max. nothing lasts longer and treats more symptoms for your cough, cold and flu. (elevator bell ringing) robitussin cf max severe.
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wednesday was like a national holiday for some teens across the country. it was national signing day.
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and for one celebrated wide receiver it was a moment he would never forget after he bypassed tennessee and alabama, choosing instead to go with the florida gators. but it was his mother who stole the show. she was decked out in an alabama sweater. look, she starts getting her bag together, gets all her things, and she storms right out. right there, right on live television. she even gave her son not a word as she stormed off. and she was mad. she eventually, though, did come back and she gave her son a big hug. i'm sure she's very proud of him. but you know, she didn't pick his team. >> she doesn't go out of the shot. she goes right in front of the camera too. in an often jaw-dropping interview music legend quincy jones is dropping bombshells about ivanka trump, the beatles, and michael jackson and alleged affairs between some of hollywood's leading men. jones tells that designer tommy hilfiger once told him ms. trump wanted to have dinner with him. he he focuses on the first daughter as appearance saying "she had
3:45 am
the most beautiful legs i ever saw in my life." he then added "wrong father, though." when it comes to some of the biggest acts in history, jones lets loose. he said his first impression of the beatles were that they were the worst musicians in the world, they were no-playing expletives. >> and jones also accusesjacksot frequent ng vellian np ineals jones claims legendary affairs with me jashard pryor and even marvin gaye. pryor's widow jennifer lee pryor later confirmed that claim to tmz saying it was the 70s, drugs were still good. she added her husband would have no shame and was very open about his bisexuality. hard to know where to begin with this. >> it makes you woshd if he unloaded everything or if he's hanging on to a couple more. >> we'll see. a lot of people are going to want to talk to him. coming soon to your
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turning the city green. in just hours the biggest celebration in eagles' history kicks off, and you already have competition for the best spot. lining the streets. we'll give a bird's eye view of the route that the super bowl-winning champions will be taking this morning. getting to the parade. from the rails to the roads, what you need to know if you plan on joining the potentially millions of happy fans. good morning, this is "nbc10
3:53 am
news today" first look at 4, i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm via sikahema. we're frigid, cold here, but we're here to give you the best view of where the parade route will start. we are the lead anchor team to start off the parade. it's going to be great. right over my shoulder sheer what veterans stadium was for three decades the home of the phillies and eagles. over rosemary's shoulder, let's give a live look of lincoln financial field. that's where the eagles will board buses later and will head toward the art museum. all these spots will be packed with fans all through the city. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley to give us a better idea of what fans will be looking at when they get here. i think everybody needs to come with blanket and coat. >> the hand warmers are helping. >> do whatever you have to do, layer up. i know you have layers on. i know it is cold outside. that's a great-looking view of the parade route, at least part of it heading up to the art
3:54 am
museum. it is going to be cold today. we will get a lot of sunshine. at this hour, we've got wind and cold. 18 degrees is what it feels like in philadelphia. teens for pottstown, trenton, 19 in wilmington, 20s even at the shore. it is a cold wind that's blowing. the temperatures are in the 20s now. 26 in the suburbs, down to 29 and still falling in philadelphia. it's going to get colder until we get sunshine. and then we'll see the temperatures warm into the very low 20s. in fact, it looks like it will be the coldest day of the next ten. i'll break it down hour by hour and show a look at what the parade weather looks like coming up. first jesca boyington andt traf. >> thanks. to start we'll have eagles parade basics. people getting up and trying to head out trying to get to center city, now would be a good time to go. remember the road closures will be in place at least by 10:00 a.m. maybe before then. that means they'll start closing by that point. everything will be done by then. that will last until 6:00 p.m.
3:55 am
from the sports complex to the art museum. all the cross streets are closed, too. from patterson near the sports complex all the way up broad to city hall, the cross streets will be
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