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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> she is the gold standard for ladies figure skaters. she set the short program up so that all three jumping passes are in the second half, different from anybody we've seen. and the most difficult. >> get that 10% bonus. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you also notice that genia jumps with her arms over her head. the first jump with one arm, the second with two. jumping with your arms over your head makes the element so much more difficult. your center of gravity goes way up around your head versus around your chest. >> a solo jump coming up right here. nothing fazes this girl. oh, that got close on the double axel. sometimes she'll miss a double axel out of all of her elements, the easiest of them.
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it's not her strong suit. ♪ >> absolutely breath taking, yevgenia medvedeva. >> this is an olympic champion in the making, and we're at an olympic games, guys. >> it all came together in the last couple of seasons. the timing absolutely perfect
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until the fall when she fractured a bone in her foot. she missed two months of competition. came back in january to the european championships and took on her training mate, only 15, also from russia who's turned into a big rival. she was defeated there. so she came here to pyeongchang and people said, well, which one will we see? which medvedeva. and perhaps we just got an answer. >> well, at the european championships coming back after that injury, she looked a little bit rusty in certain areas, maybe with her conditioning and nerves. but she looks reborn in so many ways here in pyeongchang. every element aside from that double axel that made tara gasp was absolutely brilliant, on another level. >> here's her triple flip, arm over the head. very subtle, look at the flow in between both those jumps, both arms over the head to make it
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even more difficult. >> and this, the triple loop absolutely stunning. not an eyelash out of place. this is olympic ladies level figure skating, breath taking. >> if she's ever going to miss a jump, it's the easiest one on this double axel. look how she didn't get much height on that. but somehow she is so good, she was pulling that off. she's such a competitor, johnny. just think about it, terry, just as you said, undefeated. then her little teammate, a junior lady last year, you know, comes onto the scene this year, is on fire and beats her three weeks before the biggest moment of her life. >> it's been that way for russia the last several years. elena sodikiva comes on. an overnight sensation after the team event in russia. remember she was on every billboard, every commercial and now she's notn the scene.
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>> you may remember her as the little girl in the red dress at the sochi olympics. will put on her shoulders after the team event, she struggled in the individual event, but yevgenia medvedeva has that air about her, nothing will come between her and these moments at the olympics. >> you saw what she needed to lead and she just sailed right on by that. 81 and change and the wide smile now on the face of medvedeva. >> that is the highest score ever. >> and well deserved. amazing grade of executions on every element. >> so, the ladies short program comes to an end, and medvedeva, as expected, as hoped for so many who have followed her the last couple of years, wins it. carolina kostner terrific in second, caitlin oz monday,
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satoko miyahara ahead of bradie tennell. it's the difference between the u.s. getting seven or six points. overall, though, here you go. here's how it stands. canada, the olympic athletes from russia, the u.s., japan and italy the top five. they qualify and will move on to the free skate portion of the team event. the u.s. in a great spot to try to win a medal here teamwise. your takeaway from what you just saw? >> yevgenia medvedeva is here for an olympic gold medal. she was stunning from start to finish. >> the individuals, i'm really looking forward to with her and that rivalry with her younger teammate. it's going to be the hunger games. >> there's a lot going on today still. you've got the pairs free skate portion of the team event. earlier you had the ice dancers, the shibutanis. i know you guys were here watching. what are your thoughts on what you saw? and the u.s.' overall chance to look ahead and medal in the team
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competition. >> we were grooving up there during the dance, but the u.s. has an awesome opportunity in this team event to take silver or bronze. i think canada has set themselves in a different league than russia or the united states. but the u.s. is fighting real hard. >> the u.s. with a good chance, right? >> yeah. >> i'm not cheering for them, i'm just asking because a lot of people doubted it after nathan chen and that opening short program. bradie tennell terrific today. medvedeva just terrific. kaetlyn osmond, the canadians overall do lead it. still to come, that pairs free skate and the knierims, who are terrific in the short. >> all right, terry, tara, johnny, thank you. the medals in the team figure skating determined tomorrow. also tomorrow we'll see mikaela shiffrin for the first time here in south korea. but do not go anywhere. we have much more still ahead tonight. here's the plan. those of you who live in the mountain and pacific time zone, just hang right there. we're going to come back here in a moment with more live action,
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including more on the dance and the ladies short. we'll get back out to terry, tara and johnny. for the rest of you in the eastern and central time zones, your late local news is coming up. then we're back in 35 minutes to bring the whole back together for live skatingh the pairs figure skating. for now, good night on the primetime show. tinue fromnd pacific stay right pyeongchang.
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rin and flooding. at 11:00, tracking hours of showers and the threat of flooding across our region. jail shooting. a just-released inmate attacks a guard in the parking lot of a correctional facility. still soaring. eagles fans flying high and still can't get enough of the super bowl-winning squad. right now at 11:00, sunday soaker. the roller coaster weather weekend continues with heavy rain and possible flooding. good evening. i'm denies nakano. rain and flooding could change your sunday plans. people were bundled up and covering themselves just outside city hall. here's a live picture right now at i-95 in south philadelphia.
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you can barely see the highway or the cars in the thick fog. hr way through poor visibility and a slick highway. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist steve so joins us live. >> before we get into the rain, the first concern is dense fog. it's gotten worse the last couple of hours. i-95, south philadelphia, usually we have a clear, vivid view. and we can barely see headlights, visibility one-quarter mile, the fog is dense. in center city, a live look, you can see the streets just wet. but once you get outside of the city, visibility drops quickly. look at this wilmington three-quarters of a mile. pottstown three-quarters of a mile. allentown, one-quarter of mile. if you're out tonight, give yourself a lot of extra time. here's what forecasting here for the overnight hours, dense fog especially from the city north and west. we're looking at poor travel
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weather not only tonight but tomorrow. the reason why heavier rain bands developing. dense fog and possibly some flooding downpours. we'll be looking for that during the day tomorrow. here's a look at our doppler radar network. the first batch of the heavier rain working its way into delaware. that will continue to work north. what i'm forecasting for tonight into tomorrow is 2 to 4 inches of rain anywhere in this area shaded in green. and that would trigger some flooding. when does the heavier rain get here? as soon as midnight across areas of delaware and south jersey, then as we go through sunday morning we'll see these pulses or flare-ups of heavier rain from northern delaware, south jersey, philadelphia, and the suburbs. a steady and consistent rain through the day tomorrow. i'll breakdown the rainfall totals for your neighborhood and also a 30-degree change in temperatures from place to place. it's a wild day, all coming up. >> all right, thank you. as you get ready for your sunday, count on the free nbc 10
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app for instant updates and alerts on the rain and flooding. tonight a call for change at a philadelphia correctional facility. a guard leaving work was allegedly attacked by a just-released inmate. investigators say 45 minutes after jamal bennett was released, he confronted officer michael maritae in the parking lot and tried to steal his car. the corrections officer shot bennett. corrections officers want tighter security for guards after work. >> they shouldn't have to feel they've got to be threatened. >> i'm responsible for that. when we see that a situation presents itself and we're able to correct it and address it, we do. >> bennett is in the hospital. no word tonight on his condition. if you thought eagles fans are getting tired of all the eagles hype, think again. the celebrations are happening
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all over our region tonight. it's been nearly a week since the eagles' historic super bowl win and we're not done celebrating. neither are the players. as they continue to give that love right back. nbc 10's andrea kline thomas shows us how. >> eagles! >> reporter: hundreds of eagles fans happily stood in the rain outside carl's cars and clersibles. >> standing in line, just like the parade. >> reporter: all for a chance to meet eagles running back corey clement. >> thank you, brother. thank you for coming. >> reporter: fans bought helmets, pictures and other memorabilia for him to sign. >> it's raining, but it doesn't stop them, it could be hailing. thank you for the big support. >> reporter: there were cheers and high fives as defensive tackle beau allen arrived at his victory party at maggie's waterfront cafe. fans got to meet, take pictures, and congratulate allen on the
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historic win. >> give me just a minute, we'll get you inside. >> reporter: hours later in havertown -- >> we love corey. we got our merchandise. >> reporter: laquita williams and her family the last in line. it's difficult to determine who's more excited, the kids or their grandmother. >> i bleed green. you know, i had a friend make this for me and i was like, i love it! this is the best thing right now. >> reporter: andrea kline thomas, nbc 10 news. it is gold for team usa. our very first medal in pyeongchang came in snowboarding. within the past few hours. nbc ae's yuna kim has more. >> the teenager from silver thorne is the golden champ of colorado! >> reporter: usa got its first medal and it came in gold for red gerard, the coloradoan
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spoiling what was expected to be a canadian sweep in snowboarding. in team figure skating, michigan ice dancers maya and alex shibutani skated their hearts out at their debut performance. gusts up to 50 miles an hour in the mountains postponed men's downhill alpine skiing, a medal race. and one day after the combined korean team made headlines in its debut women's hockey game, the usa ladies will go up against team finland. it's the men's turn to go for gold in cross country s skiathalon. ahead, speed skating, luge, and women's biathlon. >> nbc 10 and the crew in south korea, keith jones live tomorrow night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. next, arson arrest. a breakthrough in the case of a man who police say tried to set their station on fire. fighting addiction. the company that makes oxycontin
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announcing a new plan that could help in the battle against opioid abuse. i'm danny palmelo. a search engine claims the patriots have a new owner and it's an eagle. joel embiid injury scare, the very latest later on in sports. ♪
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♪ show me the olympic winter games ♪ ♪ like i've never seen before. ♪ ♪ xfinity x1, yeah, i always know the scor♪. ♪ triple corks in 4k... lookin' so sick. ♪ ♪ stream live on every screen, every win, every trick. ♪ ♪ 2000 hours of coverage, get your mind blown. ♪
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50 olympic channels, yup, you're in the zone. ♪ ♪ and if there's something that you want to see, ♪ pick up that voice remote and just say "show me..." ♪ experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the olympic winter games like never before with xfinity. proud partner of team usa. police in south jersey have arrested a man who they say tried setting a police station on fire. the man in the video walks up to the lobby of the galloway township police department in december, throwing a bottle at the doors. police said the bottle shattered, splashing the accelerant all over the lobby entrance. but it never caught fire. police arrested sean sheerer, charged with attempted arson.
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a south jersey dad charged in the death of his infant son. jose rojas' 4-to-old son died in the hospital after he told 911 the boy fell off a bed. but doctors said the injuries were so significant that only a fall from at least 30 feet could have caused those injuries. doctors said the boy probably died from head trauma. rojas is charged with manslaughter, assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. in pennsylvania, the state republican party is endorsing candidates who are closely identifying with president trump. today at the republican state committee's winter meeting, the party endorsed gubernatorial candidate scott wagner and senate candidate lou biletta. the two are going up against incumbent democrat sdemocrats, tom wolf and u.s. senator bob casey. president trump on the defense. what the president is saying about two aides who resigned in the wake of domestic abuse allegations.
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. >> a stormy sunday ahead, heavy rain, thunderstorms, dense fog, and temperatures near 70 degrees. in certain neighborhoods you won't escape the 30s. i'll break it down for you coming up in your exclusive 10-day forecast. [narrator] look around.
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two police officers shot and killed after responding to a 911 hangup call at a home just outside of columbus, ohio. westerville police officers anthony morelli and eric duran were hit with gunfire when they
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speed up in response to the call. both were long-time veterans on the force. a sympathetic tone from president trump for two white house aides to resigned after allegations of domestic abuse. media reports exposed allegations of spousal abuse made by the former wives of senior aide rob porter and speechwriter david sorensen during fbi background checks. both men deny the allegations. and today president trump took sides on twitter writing, people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. there is no recovery for someone falsely accused. a company that makes prescription painkiller oxycontin announced it is going to stop marketing opioid drugs to doctors. purdue pharma is facing lawsuits blaming the company for contributing to the opioid epidemic. the company started selling the pill back in 1995. it was then called a nonaddictive time-release
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version of oxycodone used for the treatment of chronic pain. nbc 10 is committed to covering the opioid crisis with "generation addicted." read our award-winning reporting right now on the nbc 10 app. first alert weather. tracking a sunday soaker. heavy rain, storms, and potential flooding are all on tap for tomorrow. here's a live look right now from the shore. you can see the soggy conditions in ocean city. and plenty of fog out there. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist steve sosna joins us now. tomorrow's all about the rain, about the flooding, and a drastic variation in temperatures? >> yeah, it's going to be a crazy day tomorrow, denise. some areas may get close to 70 degrees in the afternoon. and other spots not getting out of the 30s. i'll breakdown which locations have that balmy weather and which locations stick with the chill. along with those crazy temperatures comes a pretty wild storm coming at us. we've issued a first alert for philadelphia, the suburbs, south
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jersey, northern delaware. we're expecting heavy rainfall midnight through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. it won't be raining this entire time, but there will be some rounds of heavier rain working through here. then there will be some pauses. when the rain moves through you'll know it, you'll hear it on the roof, producing 2 to 4 inches of rain and maybe more. this is a very juicy setup, if you will, for heavy rain and even some potential thunderstorms. the threat for flooding certainly there. but problem number one is the fog that we have out there tonight. this is the comcast center looking north and west. usually you can see the high rises there but you're not seeing that here tonight. let's see if it's any better in wilmington. the visibility here a touch better. it varies from place to place. and here's cape may, new jersey, where it's a spooky scene with the street lights blinking. a lot of widespread, dense fog. if you do have to travel during the overnight hours, low beams
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with headlights. remember high beams scatter the light too much. and give yourself room between you and the car in front of you. this fog will persist through tomorrow morning philadelphia area to the north and west. it will improve in south jersey and delaware. heavy rainfall across areas of kent and newcastle and sussex counties in delaware. we'll see this plume of heavy rain continue to work in our direction. this is why we're calling for so much rain. this will be the biggest rainstorm around here in half a year. we have this deep tropical connection and that means tomorrow is an indoor day if you can do it. we'll have these waves of heavy showers and thunderstorms. you can see the first one during the overnight hours across central and southern new jersey. then another round flares up. notice the trend. things flare up, 5:30 a.m. when you're checking in with crystal, then simmer down. the main activity will be from philadelphia, the new jersey river counties here like burlington, gloucester, cumberland, and then points to the north and west.
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i think the shore points in delaware, not a lot going on during the day tomorrow. and then by 3:00, another round of showers and storms flares up. then strong thunderstorms possible here tomorrow afternoon into evening. a wild day, so on and off rain throughout the day. how much rainfall are we expecting? it's in that i-95 corridor, around 2 to 4 inches of rain, maybe more than that. temperatures, that's the other story. it's in the 50s at the shore right now. still in the 30s in the lehigh valley in berks county. your te temperatures are not moving much. as we go through the day tomorrow, look at that, 66 predicted for 12:30 p.m. in philadelphia. 43 in doyles town. and it continues, the craziness, up to near 70 in trenton but the 30s in lehigh valley. so that rainstorm accompanied by almost tropical-like, miami air tomorrow. just a wild day of weather. >> crazy. that's the most rain we've seen in a while.
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>> that's right. crystal will be here at 5:30 a.m. i'll be in tomorrow afternoon to relieve here. we'll be here and the app has a blog we wrote all about it, get all the info. this is "sports desk" by xfinity. x1 will change the way you experience tv. it was far from a sure thing in south philly, whether or not joel embiid were play. saturday night not only is he slowly easing into playing back-to-back games but nursing ankle injury. some of the super bowl champs in the house. first quarter, trevor booker, no. embiid, yes. sixers had 69 points in the first half. third quarter off the steal. embiid flying so low and rocks the rim with the windmill. 2 of his 29 and 16 rebounds. a big scare here, embiid slips
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and goes down


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