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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  February 11, 2018 8:00am-9:02am EST

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tlei' out, i alw of skiing ♪ the united states of america. >> we are spending money like it's out of control. backyard.ised in and >> we all could have done better in dealing with the situation. this is one for the record book. >> so the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. good evening, from pyeongchang, south korea, site  but there's no way to avoid. o mip on... . youha in tup there,ercttlike? . is'll help. rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes thcomplex sile. so, origination fees... of the xxiii olympic games. this takes care of it,th so, origination fees... welcome to the special edition s of "sunday today." i'm willie geist. welcome atop my personal ski by america's largest mortgage lender. i get it now. ♪ i woke up in beast mode, with my girl that's... ♪ lodge. the united states has its first gold medal in the winter olympics.
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the 17-year-old winner is here live. red gerard in the slopestyle >> about, ♪ welcome back to pyeongchang. finals to win a place on top of in years after world war ii, those thr mean, thnical the podium. the korean peninsula was divided he's one of the gold medalist in alouou and american history. at the 38th parallel with the you'll meet him in just a moment. and coming up later today, roke the world 1/2 footballtcoo soviets controlling the north and united states backing the we'll see american phenom south. on june 25th, 1950, communist forces from the north invaded mikaela shiffrin in her first south korea. setting off the korean war. ride. jamie aerndzson defending her ten days later, american troops 2013 title in the women's were on the ground fighting. among them, a future congressman slopestyle final. we're 90 miles east of seoul, and presidential candidate. the capital of south korea and championsh ranks i13 at in our sunday spotlight, tom just 50 miles north of the ee won 9 out of the 13 border of north korea. brokaw catches up with an old whose participation here in friend still living with the pyeongchang, both athletic and competitions. and was named world champion memories of what happenede that year. diplomatic has been one of the fresh off her title, sarah was kd of years ago. big stories in the game so far. >> reporter: hnow. day his we'll talk to chuck todd about soaring toward 2014 olympics that side of the olympics in a in sochi, russ. northern california.stanford maf with the. bells president trump bu the crashed during a j doubling down amid two top administration officials forced go d to resign this week over allegations of domestic abuse. and then later, a "sunday sitdown" with the american ski saf hf th s c brash republican jumping star whose olympic e
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>> it was dreams four years ago were scuttled by a bad knee. and everything kind of flashed before my es. now sarah hendrickson is happy hration wa i and healthy here in pyeongchang after att, and describing to us mortals what it's like to fly. thmpicski >> three seconds in flight you're up there and perfectly still. what does it feel like? >> it wa tritionally, m peacefulness. hated vie war. that feeling that time stops. sport. just not reay and you actually have time to have thoughts in the air. bega wantednk a "sunday sitdown" with no awomen's ski american ski jumper sarah hendrickson. jumping wasworld. plus, a story from the korean war with tom brokaw later in the going to war.ddenly, the war st show. nenas dangerous frommen'ssystem. somehow they thougnew but let's begin with team usa's first gold medal. an incredible aerial show as of us reserves who went over there 17-year-old red gerard put the asproud. united states on the medal board meterthe grod seems not to pro in the snowboarding slopestyle >> were you prepared for what yoe you hit the ground? event. we'll talk to red in just a moment. but first, my but natalie >> no, youery humble. morales is here in the lodge a medal>> t,,p to beboys with me with the overnight r of courage.hope that -- it olympic highlights. natalie, good to see you. it's a matter of not wanting >> thanks for inviting me into your lodge, willie. good morning.
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you'll remember four years ago it was sochi that the american other marines to see that you're faith catsenberg was the first incompetent scared to death. winner in slopestyle. >> he and his pals were thrown a champion, american, who isn't he juinhendrickso wasured butinn into a war that wasface-to-face old enough to vote stunning the world and winning team usa's combat against the war in a first gold medal of the games. >> he goes huge. brutal war that was ordered to >> reporter: exploding off jumps. and twisting through the air. >> there he puts it down! 21st etekiemck histo a ymd bie take a sea of hail from troops. >> reporter: 17-year-old red >> here comes this hail . gerard delivered team usa its first olympic medal of the game. and it's gold. getting off to a rough start. bumpity bump. >> oh! and i and with a >> reporter: the snowboarder bayonet on the hill and 500 stunned crowds here in pyeongchang, in the men's slopestyle event, putting on a yards, they saw me throw it over spectacular show in its final run. >> up and over. i looked down in this trench. >> reporter: the first-time olympic champion from colorado i'm looking into thekids. >>nt, you hadatic weapon on outperforming canada's max harris and marcus morris. win frequently, at's all you w >> honestly, i was psyched. all of those k trying to get you withir i didn't care if it was first, t surgery hand grenades, has it ever l second, third. did for some
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>> reporter: gerard's mother couldn't be prouder. dreams embracing her son after his abthese faces are all -- they g golden win while fans celebrate back home in the states. acl back at olympic park, team usa here i a with an a i doing w weapon. took to the ice looking to medal they're in the figure skating they couldn' dothing. competition. american ice dancer maya and g the bhe thereas som t ke ond they were scared. and the fear in stayed wit ceo-ild or be experiences so alex shibutani, the pair dazzled battles.e wasid,up. found a fout leading americans into first place on monday. >> i felt like the skate was actually really good. we've been training so hard and just word ba he.♪ to be out on olympic ice for the first time, we were really happy is tt the winhiet. with it. >> so clean. >> reporter: and illinois native ifike hat trust ishatwayuin wnd i i. we finally stdach brady t brady tonnell but it on display. yo he rurring ur ou ou >> i let the plussic take me. >> a shot! >> reporter: and as the games just heid rang on here in pyeongchang, the and then it and north koreans looked to still the spotlight with their
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important clearing section. the and two he hig0st pas eight months they danced and sang in unison as the hockey team was drubbed by the swiss. the squad trying to distract if .he best in t asal with aman an os peninsula. from the north's brutal regime, os peninsula. pyeongchanseam spir a liferned w as the world comes together to compete for olympic glory. some events had to be postponed because the weather isn't great. high winds forced the cancellation of the ladies qualifying event and postponed at men's downhill. let's take a look at the medal count, you see norway leading. it's early, willie. >> united states has plenty of time. natalie is going to stick around for the highs and lows of the week. we'll see you in a minute. we're thrilled to have red gerard with us this morning. the 17-year-old won the first olympic gold at the games. red, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> you were sharing the medal with natalie and i. right, you had theneetter i couldn't believe how heavy it himself? >> it
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is. how does it feel around your neck? >> my neck is getting a little times tired. it's heavy. >> one the hazards of being a gold medal winner. neck pain. >> for sure. be next to each other. motorcycle subaby don y geico >> now, ty're both in >> you're an young guy that eoking for go doesn't follow the olympics, ryagn, i walk a hlt go you're an x games guy. or dad said you weren't that big into the olympics. do you get how big of a deal it is to win? >> oh, yeah, after i got on the podium, i'm now realizing how big the olympics actually is. >> did you know you're the one?abayto be ymut youngest man to win a gold medal in the olympic games since 1928, a guy named billy fist. a bobsledder. >> i heard about that. >> whatin a %on in ski that hits me a lot. i'm pretty happy on that to be young and win a medal for sure. >> let's talk about your run. because your first two you he'sorld ch on nbc. couple of p weren't happy with. >> yeah. >> you came into that third run, you were in 11th or 12th place.
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and the 12th guy was out so you're basically last place. does that feel like pressure four? >> for me, i wanted to run. it would have been crappy to fly to checkut web all the way out here and not run extr two runs. my first run i had problems. it was windy. imurea her fean with anwn" witht and the wind was messing with me but then i got a nice run. >> tell me about the move everybody is talking about, backside, triple court 1540 i don't know what that is, how does that work? >> it's three flips, a couple spins in the mix. getting a little dizzy doing it. you just kind of land. next week on "sunday t." it's crazy. >> you have a contingent of i think 18 people, right? >> yeah. ist havgging >> you're the youngest of five brothers, two sisters, seven kids and everybody's here? >> yeah. he region. >> what's the party been like take a look at t htial today? >> it's been crazy -- actually i didn't wake up, i was on the bus heavy rains ang nd west noti heavier rain starts to ride to the mountain. i woke up to shotguns of beers we'll have light to steady
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because they were already up. on t ofphiladelphia. >> they were already passed out. >> yeah. >> my mom and dad were there. >> two left standing. >> i don't know if you saw it, you grew up when you were young in ohio. pyeoan jns the your hometown, rocky river, inside a bar. turdrappling with we got video to show you. they had a watch party and they went knits. all t thien >> yeah, i heard about this. i didn't know about it. it's mind blowing. >> what do you think when you see that? >> i'm just happy people showed up. if i would have known about that i would have been stressed out. >> 17 years old and the youngest gold medal winner since 1928. congratulations, my man. go have fun with your family. >> thanks. as we celebrate world class ♪[ athletes here in pyeongchang, it's been a busy week back home in the white house. ♪ president trump criticized for his apparent defense of two of his aides who resigned amid
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domestic abuse allegations. president trump expressed support for former senior aide rob porter who his ex-wives explained abuse in detail. on saturday president trump tweeted this, quote, people's lives are being shattered sand destroyed by new allegation. some are true and some are false. some are old and some are new. he went on is there no such thing any longer as due process. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderate of "meet the press". chuck, walk us through this. there are reports that chief of staff john kelly knew about the alleged abuse in the fall. that the white house counsel knew far before that. donald trump saying he learned recently and made that decision. came out and said porter says he's innocent. i have to remind you he says
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he's innocent. is there a fallout because of this? is there any chance that john kelly leaves the white house? >> let me start with the john kelly part of the question. i think he's vulnerable here the president was getting impatient with john kelly, starting to call around and getting antsy about him, before this week. i think this week could be one of the final straws for john kelly. and it could simply mean that the president is just tired of john kelly. if you look at his pattern going back to the campaign. three campaign managers. he's on his second chief of staff. basically the average tenure of being the president's right hand is about six to nine months and john kelly is on month seven. but the fact of the matter is, this does look like as if john kelly was afraid of losing somebody he thought was a competent employee. and it's go difficult to get competent people to agree to work in that west wing, that they overlooked a lot of red flags about rob porter. >> there's no question about it.
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chuck, i have to say, being here in south korea, the relationship by north korea and the united states role, it hangs over everything. the sister of kim jong-un here making an offer to the president for the meeting. you had the north koreans marching with the yaunified fla. there's a lot of skepticism here. what is president trump thinking about? >> well, i think vice president pence has been his symbolic grimaces, i think, are there to show you what the president thinks. his decision not to stand for -- as the korean team came in. so, i think you do see ways that i think vice president pence is trying to express their displeasure, i think with all of this. and not wanting to look like they're at all seeming complimentary to the north koreans. but i think one thing americans
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need to remember, south koreans have a different mind-set about wanting unification some day. i think they always want to be hopeful. but i think all of us are a little more realistic here and realizing this is probably nothing more than a pr stunt by the north koreans because the olympics are right in their back yard and the world is watching. >> and south korea saying we've seen this movie before as pop agendgan propaganda. chuck will be joined by mark short and republican senator jeff flake of arizona an outspoken critic of president trump. headlines and breaking news out of russia where a passenger plane has crashed killing all 71 people on board. it went down near moscow after taking off that city's airport. and three people were killed when a sightseeing helicopter crashed at the grand canyon saturday evening. four people on board were injured. no word from police what exactly went wrong there.
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a man is under arrest after he ran on to the runway at los angeles international airport. a southwest captain saw the man who managed to reach into a wheel well of a plane and pulled a fire extinguisher line and causing a fire alarm to get off. police say the man scaled the fence to get on the runway. he was arrested just minutes after he was spotted. >> well, dylan is here in pyeongchang, butetting over g good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. we have the heavy rain triggering some flooding across the region. look at the hour by hour model. the potential for heavy rains along the i-95 corridor and north and west particularly through about noontime. that and the heavier rain starts to die down. we'll have light to steady rain and pockets of heavy rain possible in the afternoon. on top of that, frp warmer air surges in. we're looking at 60s for highs in areas like philadelphia.
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>> all right. thank you very much. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the return of the breakout star of the rio summer olympics. the lubed up tae kwon do guy is now the lubed up cross country skier guy and still not wearing a shirt. double takes as donald trump and kim jong-un are spotted together mingling among the fans before tossed out of the joint. plus, thomas brokaw sits down with an old friend who fought in the korean war before he challenged president nixon for the race to be president. >> were you prepared for what you saw when you hit the ground? >> no. >> it's coming up on "sunday today" from pyeongchang, south korea. and as we head to break, our photo of the week the astonishing sight of a mannequin named starman behind the wheel of a tesla car, on a spacex
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so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. welcome back to pyeongchang, south korea. natalie morales has been nice enough to sick around for the highs and lows of the week. like the old days, right. >> i love it.
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>> the old crew is back. the opening ceremonies, highlights including the north and south korean delegations marching into the stadium together under a unified flag as leaders of the two countries technically still at war since 1950 applauded together from their seats then there was team usa, the largest delegation from any country in history in the olympic winter games. walking proudly together to the 2012 sci hit gangnam style. and some wore suits with fringe on them, reminds them of "dumb & dumber." >> i've giving it to team usa. sorry, jim. >> the moment of the night, atry u a triumphant and oily pita taufatofua. the ripped up athlete was talk
8:19 am
of the opening ceremony in rio when he led his nation into the stadium. guess what, he learned a new sport, pita taufatofua returned as the flag bearer for the pyeongchang pyeongchagame, he's country skier now. and he went shirtless and lubed up for the opening ceremony. pita is only the second athlete to compete for tonga. >> that was painful. i was there. it was zero degrees. >> i'm told he made his appearance, he ducked out and they put a jacket over him. >> i should say so. he was also wearing flip-flops. >> nothing else. >> he's committed to his brand. the first logos to the fact that fake president donald trump and fake leader kim jong-un were tossed from the opening ceremonies by security during their fake goodwill tour. a pair of trump and kim
8:20 am
impersonators were seen strolling the streets getting chummy. they said they were there to display peace. they made an appearance at the olympic stadium friday and as crowds gathered around the two actors, they were escorted away. trump guy, american, kim buy australian, the really sister of kim jong-un and mike pence were allowed to stay. >> did you see those two guys? >> i actually jooukim jong-un he was pretty good. the next high extended high extended to the city of philadelphia afterer bowl victory a week ago today. the philadelphia eagles up set tom brady and the patriots. the reaction of philly fans to the win tells you just how long they've been waiting since the team's last title in 1960. anch huge eagles fan heard that his
8:21 am
team had won the super bowl live on the air. >> okay, late breaking -- they won it! they won it! [ laughter ] >> oh. harold, harold, they say no cheering in the press x, but harold can cheer all he wants. just the beginning of the celebration on thursday nearly 1 million eagles fans lined the streets of philadelphia for a hero's parade. the s green eventually gathered around the rocky steps in philadelphia park. pro bowl player jason kelce dressed in i'm not sure went full professional wrestler ins . >> hungry dogs the .more. that's why we're up here today. that's why first team in eagles history to hold that
8:22 am
trophy! >> you got to lov this team. the fans were going crazy. they were eating it >> that's>> i still don't get t. >> i >>y was national signing day when bestigh school football players announced where they'll play college ball. onalt.crazy televise say pease two choices, alabama or tennessee well, her went a third route and she was not having it. m grabbed her bag and walks outroson. she did return eventually to sign her son's letter. look at her geter bag.
8:23 am
she walks right camera. it became a viral star. jacob wrote on twitter what my mama did today washilarious, if you knew her personally, that's what she does, she puts on a show. >> tough love. natalie, thanks so much. great to see you. >> great to be here. next, the "sunday sitdown" someone who learned how to fly at the age of 7 is now soaring into the winter olympics. team usa ski jumpinghampionhend feels like to take flightiness years ago. and t sry vermont father d build a ski slope in his family's backyard. his daughter won a gold medal. his grandson is here in south korea trying to do the same. you can head to facebook for a live chat wite and n j.
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>>go connors. it's a few minutes before 8:30 on this sunday. a first alert is in effect. we want to make sure you're prepared when you head we have flooding. this is a view from storm force 10 along the blue route north in delaware county. you can see wet and foggy driving conditions. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the conditions where you live. krystal, fill us in. >> unfortunately, the driving conditions won't improve much much the heaviest rain will continue to fall in pock throughout the morning hoursnd a ep up with rain in the e as hey. fog going to be an issue. it's not as several hourso. radar. the heaviest rain is arched out from bucks county to county ati against the jersey shorend still wrapping into kent county where is steady rain wit pockets of heavier areas
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la t an area where 2o 3 inches of rain has already inches more is atbove 4 the f me of the ,countynscks an toland, wereperd nbc 10 instant updates anfirst alerts oog, rain andflooding. dray will seef 
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♪ shot tonight of medals plaza here in pyeongchang, south korea,f mes. there are 232 athletes here everyone has an story how they got to the stop of their story. sness most of us don't n from a
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south korea.
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te of the olympic winter games. the olympic dream of one american downhill skier here in pyeongchang began on a hill i his family's backyard. actually it began in 1961 when this grandfather went out back and started cutting down trees to make a ski slope for his kids. it's still there today. on our "sunday closer," kristen dahlgren is there are when ryan siegel take's sport's biggest stage in south koreaing it will be with a much smaller hill on his heart. when i think mountains churning out olympians, this not what comes to mind. >> it's definitely small. k iner terrain we make up with it in our racing spirit. >> reporter: we caught up with ryan in cochrans. history. a in one of the
8:38 am
built by m ho in the 1960s had a dream. a ski hill in his backyard. >> you justwork go out and start next year, he it. >> r wo m ifit wool,he cocwe annnd her raced in t olympics. annd in 1962. s@ve have trained here. e? >> reportetermination,mickey's
8:39 am
p n's ski area is a nofi more of cochran's dreams. america. skiing was and mom and dad w prtunities for hereanlopes g 5 don't a hour? tha fast. ev mickey cochrane woun proforfat
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