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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 14, 2018 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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you know she believes it. that long walk gets even longer after that performance. >> here's the opening quad twist. you want to look for a very light and easy catch. you see how they kind of crashed into each other there before they speed away. here the side-by-side triple salchows. only a double place.
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there are your medalists. at the end of this long journey in her fifth olympics savchenko wins a gold medal. this time with bruno massot. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> anybody who has ever been a part of a championship of any note knows a little bit what that must be like. but only she knows what years. born just represented germany. he just in time got his german citizenship. passing that last bit of the test, the language. now they are olympic gold medalists. we take a look at the final results. savchenko and massot, the gold. sui and han from china, the silver medal. and duhamel and radford win gold medal in the team event but a bronze medal here in pairs.
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guys, you think about it. back to 2002 in salt lake city. numerous partners through the years. trying to get close. then eventually it's not a br z bronze anymore. it is a gold medal performance for savchenko with bruno massot and the germans win the gold in pairs.
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breaking tonight on nbc 10 news -- >> i hope the other kids are okay. >> a deadly high school shooting in florida. >> terrified for the participaed kids. temperatures jumping into the 60s then weekend snow and rain move in. which neighborhoods can expect the winter weather. then debris from a dump truck flies and smashes through a woman's windshield. >> i could not believe i survived. >> now state police need your help. count on nbc 10 news after the olympics. this broadcast is presented by authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form
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without the express written consent of the international olympic committee. great stuff in skating. let's wrap up the men's downhill. the results are not quite official but it's completely. looks like aksel lund svindal will win the gold. oldest alpine medal ever at age 35. and jahnsberg wins the silver. canada leads the u.s. third period of that will be on nbcsn. stay with us. we're back to figure skating and also get you the start of round two of the women's giant slalom. it's time for news. we're all back together live in 35 minutes for skiing. all of you right here on your nbc station we'll see mikaela shiffrin in the women's giant slalom. no matter where you are, we'll you shortly as the games continue.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> another deadly mass school shooting in our nation. this time in florida. >> horrific homicidal, detestable act. >> an ex-student accused of massacring his former classmates. >> it sounded like there was, like, fireworks going off. >> i saw dead bodies on the floor. >> students hid in closets. crouched under desks. and ran for their lives. >> then i heard the gunshots and i was like, oh my god, i just ran. >> a community left stunned
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tonight. >> thanks for joining us, i'm jim rosenfield. it has happened again. tonight, outrage over the latest campus killing spree. high schoolers who began a routine wednesday, suddenly pinned down by what felt like endless gunshots ringing in their hallways. here's what we know right now, at least 17 people are dead. many of those victims haven't been identified. but we know one was a school football coach. 1 oa 14 other people are hurt tonight. police say the gunman wore a gas mask and had smoke grenades. he pulled a fire alarm to draw students out of their classrooms so he could shoot them. and we just got this brand-new photo of the suspect as he was being arrested. about an hour after the massacre. he's been identified as 19-year-old nikolas cruz. cruz used to attend the school, but was expelled for disciplinary reasons. those who knew him he had threatened to bring guns to school many times. >> he's always been a really crazy kid, like, i heard him -- i heard some people say one day
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he would have done this, and unfortunately i think that was today. >> shooting happened around 2:30 this afternoon at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland 30 miles north west of ft. lauderdale. we sent nbc 10's miguel to florida as soon as the tragedy broke today. he landed minutes ago in west palm beach. he's joining us live with the latest tonight. miguel? >> reporter: yeah, jim, as you said, we just landed in palm beach international airport, we're 40 minutes away from the site of the deadly shooting. we're finding out more information about the suspect. this as disturbing images continue to emerge from inside the school. students seen on social media crouched under desks in their classrooms, near the end of the school day. the chilling sound of automatic gunfire and screams heard nearby. >> the first ones we heard, i heard, were, like, bangs then later on they got real, and my friend was like, did you hear
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that? i was like, yes, i did hear that. >> i have the gunshot victim. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams descended on marjory stoneman douglas high school, students could be seen running outside to safety, arms in the air, parents rushed toward the danger anxious to find their children. >> terrifying. terrifying for the parents. terrifying for the kids. very emotional. >> reporter: a dozen injured were sent to nearby hospitals. some were treated on the sidewalk outside the school. about an hour after the terror began, a suspect was taken into custody identified as 19-year-old nikolas cruz. authority the say he's a former student who was expelled last year for disciplinary reasons. >> he had countless magazines, b multiple magazines. and at this point we believe he had one ar-15 rifle. >> can you get a handle on your emotions yet? >> i'm glad i'm alive. it also makes me really sad that -- >> okay, baby. there are some parents whose kids are not coming home today, and i just think -- i feel so blessed, but my heart just aches for everyone.
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>> reporter: and police did take cruz into custody in a neighborhood about a mile away from the shooting but we still don't have a motive. remains a mystery. i'll send it back to you guys. >> i know, miguel, police aren't saying much about cruz but did make reference tonight to his recent social media postings. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, jim, investigators said they've been looking at what they're calling disturbing social media posts. now, apparently cruz had some kind of fixsation with guns and knives. they were displayed in a now deleted instagram profile. still the superintendent said he wasn't aware of any concerns around cruz. i'm in southern florida, nbc 10 news. >> all right, miguel, we'll repo count on more reports for you coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 news. in the meantime while the victims and families remain in the forefront of everyone's minds, we can take some solace in the emerging stories of heroism. we heard from one teacher tonight who helped save a group
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of 19 students by hiding them with her in a closet. she says enough is enough when it comes to this kind of senseless violence. >> we still have 17, you know, casualties, 17 people that aren't going to return to their families and to me, that is unacceptable. and from my personal viewpoint, it's time for congress, government, somebody, to do something and it's time to talk about what the problem is and try to fix it. >> meantime, philadelphia mayor jim kenney also reacting to the violence tonight on twitter, he said "this is not normal. schools should be safe havens, not scenes of senseless violence. for everyone in parkland, florida, or who has lost someone in this horrific tragedy, please know the people of philadelphia are heartbroken for you and your families." today's massacre is the latest in more than a dozen school shootings already this year. according to the group, every town for gun safety, this is the 18th time a gun was fired on school grounds in the u.s.
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in 2018. coming up later in this newscast, we're going to talk to a local survivor of the shooting massacre in las vegas about how today's tragedy brought back feelings of terror. and we'll keep covering this story all night long on the free nbc 10 app. check there for breaking news update and new information the minute we get it. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. surviving disaster. a large chunk of metal flew into a south jersey woman's windshield as she was driving down the highway. that metal severed her finger. tonight she spoke only to nbc 10 about the traumatizing experience. >> there was so much glass and this object and this rust and my mouth was filled with glass. >> reporter: a large metal chunk is still inside her car. she tells nbc 10 it was so hot it melted her windshield. when it came flying through on 295 north in mercer county six days ago. the south jersey woman who did not want to be identified lost
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her middle finger but drove to safety without injuring anyone else. >> i'm looking down, i think, oh, my, that's what it looks like kpen wwhen it gets severed. i said, well, vvy to save my li. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine driving with a severed finger. she kept saying to herself, i got to make it to exit 65-v. i got to make it to exit 65-b. the 76-year-old says she was driving on 295 north near hamilton township last thursday when debris came racing off of a white dump truck. she describes cars frantically moving out of the way then all of a sudden seeing another large chunk rocketing into the sky and through her window. >> i'm saying, gee, i wonder where it's going to land. boom. and it was like a bullet coming through the windshield. >> reporter: new jersey state police are looking for this truck. she's now dealing with months of
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rehab and haunting memories. nbc 10 news. new tonight, a delaware county lawmaker is accused of driving with a suspended license and getting into two crashes with a state-funded car. state representative margo davidson closed her door and said nothing when we asked her about the issue tonight. court documents show the democrat from lansdowne first crashed in early january. she was cited for driving with a suspended license and failing to call police and render aid. then earlier this month, she got into another wreck. state police cited her in that case. now to another nbc 10 exclusive. an 11-year-old girl said she was handcuffed and thrown into a jail cell for defending herself against bullies on a school bus. the girl said she was arrested yesterday after a fight on her darby borough school bus. the girl's mother says no one notified her about the arrest and her daughter was trying to protect herself. >> i was somewhere, like, i
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won't see my family anymore. >> she said at one point they had the handcuffs so tight on her arms that in the cell her arms were red. >> we reached out to darby police about the arrest. we haven't gotten the response. the girl's mother says the bus company is now offering her daughter a separate shuttle. team usa fighting to get closer to the top of the medal count at the winter olympic games. you're looking live at the olympic flame burning in pyeongchang, south korea, right now. nbc 10's keith jones is joining us live from olympic park with a recap of the biggest headlines from are the games tonight and hopefully less wind, too, keith. >> reporter: it's a way nicer day here at the olympic park, in gangwon, 30 minutes from pyeongchang. a lot of people are out right now. we get the question all the time from people back home, what is the food like, right? we took it upon ourselves to sample everything that's offered
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here at the olympic park. take a look. >> finallyhiffrin -- >> again, she's an athlete you can trust to have a very good -- >> two runs in the gs. shiffrin brought it back just a bit. into the second slot -- >> reporter: there's fried dumplings under 5 bucks. how about fish cake soup? not recommended for birthdays. grilled sausage, ketchup pack included will run $3 and change. and moon pies. oh, moon pies. >> usa. >> reporter: so american. >> i love the food here. >> reporter: tucker chase is visiting from virginia, his dad serves in the army in south korea. >> definitely warned about the kimshi, definitely spicy ones. >> reporter: a popular side dish in south korea consisting of cabbage, radishes and seasoning. steamed dumplings. if all that doesn't work,
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there's the old standby of mcdonald's. the event i called mcslalom. hello. inside, we found regular items, just in korean. the cafeteria was a different story. that's where we met eric parks on vacation from d.c. >> this is a breaded pork cutlet always served with rice. some cabbage with some sauce. pickles. this is kimchi radish. >> reporter: he says the food is awe theuthentic but not all pre >> my least favorite is a dried squid, a snack they like to eat a lot. >> reporter: dried squid. all right. so we're back live here at the olympic park. i want to show you mcdonald's. i was here earlier, this line was empty. take a look at this line now. it is quite popular. familiar american cuisine, you get it right here. i got to say, you have to go out on a limb, i'm so glad our crew at nbc 10 that we've went zone. we found that traditional korean fare is a lot lighter than what
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you'd find there in the states. jim, back to you. >> have some squid waiting few you when you come home, keith. all right. thanks so much. keith's going to join us live from the olympic village again tomorrow morning. starting at 4:00 a.m. on nbc 10 news today. count on nbc 10. your home for the winter games for olympic coverage you won't find anywhere else. we're talking 60s hegoing to take a huge u-turn or the next 48 to 72 hours. rain crossing the area. come on back. we'll let you know what's going to happen in your neighborhood for the holiday weekend. plus we continue our coverage of the deadly school shooting in florida. we'll show you how these tragedies are a trigger for survivors across the nation. including a local man whoga massacre.
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back to our top story
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tonight. another school tragedy, at least 17 people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a florida high school today. police have identified the suspect as 19-year-old nikolas cruz. a former student at marjory stoneman douglas high school. authorities say cruz was recently expelled for disciplinary reasons. he's believed to have used an ar-15 rifle in the attack. deadly mass shootings like this one don't just impact those directly involved. these tragedies are also a trigger for mass shooting survivors. nbc 10's brandon hudson spoke to a south philadelphia man tonight who was in the middle of the las vegas shooting massacre last fall. i am sure it brings back terrible memories. >> reporter: yes, it does, jim. billy says he met a lot of families in south philly today talking about the florida school shooting. while most of them couldn't imagine being in that scary situation, he lived through one just as terrifying. armed s.w.a.t. teams running into a school on lockdown, victims into ambulances. surviving students led outside
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in droves. these images drum up flashbacks for billy. >> had an absolute queasy feeling in my stomach watching this. >> reporter: he was visiting las vegas when a shooter killed more than 50 people and hurt 441 others in october, deadliest mass shooting in u.s. modern history. the south philly attorney was in the crowd when shots were fired during a country music concert. >> just a feeling of terror. you don't know if you're running in the right direction or running right into something. >> reporter: months later and hundreds of miles away, he watches as another mass shooting happens at a high school in south florida. a place where parents believe their children should be safe. >> i could only imagine the terror that the parents feel. >> reporter: but there's a silver lining to this tragedy. he told nbc 10 like vegas, he expects to see acts of good will and charity from the parkland community. most of them will likely be strangers to the victims. >> going to be a lot of things
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needed by the victims, r not only medical but being able to cope with those things. a tremendous tragedy and an event that you can't soon forget. >> reporter: these images can be troubling for children as well. mental health experts say parents must talk to their children about these mass shootings but must let the child take the lead. live in the breaking news center, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> and our coverage of the school shooting continues knew now on the free nbc 10 app. make sure you're signed up for breaking news alerts so you'll be the first to know about new developments. turning to your first alert neighborhood weather. showers are passing through as we look live at the allentown skyline. first alert radar shows rain around the area. should clear out by tomorrow morning but then comes more rain and then maybe, yes, some snow. track all of this, let's bring in nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist tammy souza. tammy? >> you thought the snow might be gone. h hey, it's still february. it's not over yet. we have the rain moving through the area now. brief heavy downpours are going to be heading to the area over
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the next couple hour. this is going to scoot on out of here. let's take a closer look, from philadelphia off into the pennsylvania suburbs, we're looking at the most steady rainfall at this point. so from westwhechester to philadelphia to chester, abington, a break for you. we see heavier showers in warrington. pottstown, you're getting a break as well. all this will head off to the east over the next couple of hours. see it breaking up already over the western part of the state. now we're going to start to focus out to the western united states. two systems are going to come together. one that's drifting out of canada with very cold air. another one with all the energy and the moisture coming out of the southwest and also out of northern mexico. they come together and they head our direction. just in time for our saturday. just what you wanted. a little bit of shoveling. going to be fast-moving storm. accumulating snow across areas, the pennsylvania suburbs at this point are going to be in that band.
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the track isn't set. we could see rain mixing in. the biggest impact, saturday night if you're out and very early if you're headed to church or have activities on sunday morning. here's where we go hour by hour. the rain's out of here by 4:00 in the morning then we deal with cloud cover tomorrow. look at these numbers. all the way up into the 60s. rain comes back tomorrow afternoon. about 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon and evening. and then tomorrow night we see the numbers on the rise again. we're quite warm all the way into friday morning. the winds turn to the west. we get a few leftover sprinkles. the front has come through. the temperatures fall. we actually get a little clearing on friday night. clouds come back on saturday. and here comes that system, very quickly, it could start as rain or a mix. saturday evening. and thenra over to snow. it looks like places in southern delaware and over on to the jersey shore are likely to see more rain and sleet or mix of rain and snow. again, 50-mile difference on this track. everybody gets a lot of snow or just a few of us get a lot of
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snow. this is worth watching. that's why we're not going to talk about totals until perhaps tomorrow. the heaviest snow looks like it will come in overnight then this should be gone by about 7:00 sunday morning. high pressure builds in. we clear out and temperatures start to rise. if you don't want to shovel, well, maybe hang on because looks like monday we're going to see rain coming through and temperatures in the 40s and 50s once again. so, right now, the temperatures, 46 in philadelphia. around the neighborhoods, we are looking, again, at the low to mid 40s. 43 in coatesville. 45 in in atlantic city. dover at 48 degrees. your neighborhood for tomorrow, 65 in philadelphia. 62 in the suburbs. 58 in the lehigh valley. 63 for the jersey shore. 63 in jersey. 56 on the jersey shore. and the 60s in delaware. you can follow it all, grab our app at here's your ten-day on 10. again, 65 tomorrow. 60 on friday with falling temperatures. rain in the morning there. 38 on saturday. temperatures fall. we'll see that accumulating snow
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at night. sunday. 46 there. 51 on presidents' day with a chance of showers. 66 by next tuesday. see, we warm right back up. up next, feeling the love on valentine's day. up next, how some montgomery county couples were hearing their own wedding bells for free today. >> nbc 10's olympic medal count is brought to you locally by xfinity.
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you may kiss the bride. >> lots of love in the air on this valentine's day in montgomery county. nearly a dozen judges in norristown stepped off the bench and onto the altar to give couples a day they'll remember forever. and get this, it was all free of charge. so congratulations to all of today's newlyweds. sports is coming up next. here's danny pommells. >> love is in the air, jim.
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>> yes, it is. >> good to see you as always. l love for baseball. pitchers and catchers reported today in clearwater. john clark has more on a manager that can outbench his own players. the sixers were beaten, bruised and bloodied in the first half. oh, how things c intermission. we got highlights from a huge comeback next in sports.
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