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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  February 17, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, tracking snow and rain. a blast of winter could make for a messy saturday night. we'll have the details ahead. >> russians charged. more than a dozen charged. what the justice department and president trump are saying about this block buster development. >> a prescription for medical marijuana. two more dispensaries opened in the area. two of their kind in the keystone state. >> nbc news starts now. good morning. thank you for being with us. >> it's 5:00 on this saturday morning. we have issued a first alert for snow happening today. let's get to our meteorologist
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who is tracking is snow. the obvious question is what exactly are we expecting? >> it's a little different depending on what neighborhood. we put the first alert in effect for accumulating snow over parts of the pennsylvania suburbs through the lehigh and burke count. i'll tell you what. the main event really hits in the overnight hours. as long as you don't have a big date night plan, you'll probably be fined. if you have plans early on saturday or later in the day on sunday, both look better. 3 to 6 inches of hive wet snow. temperatures will be marginally not quite cold, so what we're looking at is snow. it's not big, fluffy, pretty flakes. sloppy and slippery travel. some of it will melt. some of it will stick. enough is going to stick that we put it out as a warning for any
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travel conditions. radar and satellite, this is a wide view. we're empty on radar until we go all the way out to the southwest of us near wichita to st. louis, down to memphis and dallas. you see one component of the storm. cold air is slipping in. we'll stay cold, and it will set us up for snowy conditions. we'll run through two what to expect neighborhood through neighborhood on saturday and talk more about what to expect tonight with our first alert. >> across the area people will spend today trying to get ahead of the wet weather. >> we are live at shop right which may be a little bittiusie than usual. >> reporter: it's that time of year. last week felt like spring. we haven't had a significant snowfall in a few weeks, but here we are on time far busy
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holiday weekend, especially with the snow moving in later tonight. if you have any plans going out on a saturday night, you'll have a messy, wet, and maybe rainy day if you head out to dinner in the philadelphia area. tricky if you're headed north. last night nbc 10 went out and caught up with shoppers who were getting ready for upcoming snowfall. >> tomorrow is is the snowstorm. hopefully i'll be doing shoveling and cooking. >> as long as you're warm, it's the best plan. right? >> yes. >> reporte ski resorts appreciating the sudden blast of winter. president's day weekend often tends to be one of their busiest weekends of the year. blue mountain posted today reminding people that fresh powder is coming. for now, we're live in rocks bro. >> thank you for that, randy. wherever you go this weekend, whether it's the poconos,
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staying home at cooking, use our app and sign up for free alerts so you know when the snow is moving in and out of your neighborhood. the russia investigation reaches a turning point. russians accused of posing as americans to meddle with the presidential election are under indictment. robert mueller brought the 12 russian internationals on charges. prosecuters say the accused set up hundreds of fake accounts on facebook instagram, twaritter, d other social media sites. it was clear help donald trump's campaign and hurt hillary clinton's. they did not say if it impacted the outcome of the election. >> the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. the stated goal was spreading
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distrust toward the candidates and the political system. >> these are the first federal indictments for election meddling to come from robert mueller's investigation. president trump responded to the word of the indictments with a tweet saying his campaign did nothing wrong. no collusion. investigators did not say if the indictment cleared the trump campaign. the president will stay in florida after visiting with victims of the mass school shooting there. last night he and the first lady spent time with those recovering at the hospital. they thanked the doctors for their hard work. they met with police, praising their heroism in the wake of the massacre in parkland. the accused shooter in the case is willing to plead guilty if the death penalty is taken off the table. that's according to cruz's attorney and prosecuters who say he will admit he did it in exchange for a life sentence without parol. she's charged with 17 counts of
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premeditated murder, one for each victim that died. the fbi director admits the agency failed to investigate a call to an anonymous fbi tip line last month that cruz could be plotting an attack. the governor is now calling for the fbi director to resign. the broward county sheriff is revealing his agency called 20 calls about cruz over the last few years. the mass shooting has reig nani the gun control conversation. there was a vigil last night to remember the victims of the shooting. they're demanding stricter gun laws. >> it's too easy to get them. it's easier for kids who need help to get guns than help. in some schools in philadelphia, it's easier for kids to get a gun than a computer. >> near that vigil we stopped by
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and spoke to the owner of clayton's indoor range. he said he doesn't know the answer to stopping mass shootings, but he says it's not taking guns away from law-abiding people. facilities in sellersville, chester county will open later this morning. the new marijuana dispensaries can sell marijuana products to people who registered under a state program. doctors can now prescribe the drug to help a variety of conditions. the mi one made physicians available to walk in patients and starting monday the doctors will see patients by appointment only. the opioid crisis will be up for discussion today. the congressman and two state senators will host a public
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forum in elkins park at 1:00 this afternoon. addiction experts and law enforcement will join in on the conversation. eight minutes past 5:00. coming up a banner weekend. that's the headline following the debut of "the black panther". we'll run down the numbers ahead. plus revitalizing a neighborhood. a new retail and affordable housing development is coming to west philadelphia. residen what residents say it means for them.
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now your first alert weather. >> welcome back. starting with temperatures out there going to be very important over the next 24 hours. these temperatures are going to help determine who sees snow, who sees sticking snow, and who just sees the rain. you can see all this this morning around freezing. a little blowing in spots like blue bell. redding same deal and philadelphia at 31. we'll pick up above freezing by
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this afternoon. it helps us out. it means roadways will get above freezing before the system enters. look at the planner from 31 at 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. a mix of sun and clouds, 26. by 3:00, mostly cloudy. again, we're well above freezing. nearly 40 outside. in the suburbs 34 at 3:00 p.m. colder in areas like the suburbs, hehigh valley, mid 30s with increasing cloudiness. delaware 36 at 3:00 p.m. going for mostly clear conditions this morning to cloud can i conditions by 3:00. that's right ahead of when some rain enters around 4:00 p.m. we're expecting sticking snow for the blue. this is our north and west suburbs. it's where the first alert is in effect for. mixing melting zone, that's right over the i-95 corridor. wilmington, philadelphia, up to trenton. some snow will likely fall but roadways will be warmer than
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freezing. a lot of it will melt off. it's mainly rain south. a few flakes could mix in in the late overnight hours. we'll talk about the future model in a few minutes. it's going to be the way it used to look, like, 40 years ago. >> high hopes. that's what west philadelphia residents have for new retail and housing development that could transform their neighborhood. that's coming up next.
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new this morning. at least 18 people are dead after a suicide bombers attacked a crowded market in nigeria. police believe the bombers were all female. investigators believe the same attackers injured nearly two dozen other people at a market in a nearby city. no one has claimed responsibility. boko haram is known for using kidnapped women and children to carry out attacks in nigeria. video shot inside an office in mexico city shows shaking from the 7.2 earthquake. you can see the ceiling lamps swing back and forth. the epicenter was near the pacific coast. a tsunami warning was not issued. an earthquake in central mexico last september killed about 600 people. let's head to washington. john kelly is changing how
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staffers receive security clearances. kelly is under fire for his support of staff secretary rob porter. he resigned this month. porter had an interim security clearance that gave him access to classified material even though his initial background check revealed allegations of dm domestic abuse by ex-wives. yesterday the 2012 presidential nominee post third down video on twitter to announce he's running for the utah senate seat. last night romney spoke at a dinner. he is a fierce critic of president trump. romney did not mention the president by name but he did blast washington for excludeing immigrants. he also touched on the florida high school massacre and what could be done to prevent a similar tragedy in the future. now, i've looked at some federal legislation. i haven't seen any federal legislation that would have
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prevented these attacks. the best place for finding solutions for school violence is going to be at the state and local level. >> romney is a former governor from massachusetts. 5:17 on this saturday. let's check in what's moving the markets. we look at what happened this week on wall street. >> a rare inflation scare, indictments in the russia investigation, and unhappy cheese burger lovers all in the week that was. after little or no inflation, investors are worried about the boost in prices. the january consumer price index showed a half a percent rise. that caused a sudden selloff in the stock market. by the end of the day, wall street had gotten over it and the market finished higher. robert mueller indicting 13 russian nationals for interference in the 2016 presidential election. rod rosenstein announcing the interference did not change the results of the election.
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warren buffett has a bigger appetite for apple. berkshire hathaway bought more shares of apple and dumped nearly all the shares in ibm, an investment he now says was not among his best. and cheese burger lovers won't be happy with the latest version of the happy meal. they removed cheese burgers from happy meals. part of promoting healthier food alternatives for kids. get all your business news on cnbc. "black panther" is having a record breaking weekend. the latest movie earned more than $25 million in previews setting a new record for a february release. it's pacing to earn more than $170 million over the four-day
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holiday. i have tickets to see it on sunday. let's take a look at allentown right now. it's a dark picture here. i want to point out there's nothing falling on the camera. by tonight i have a feeling steve is going to be using this camera to show off the flakes falling over allentown and the surrounding area. it's why we have the first alert in effect. let's talk temperatures. it looks like feels like temperatures. they should be similar to the actual temperatures. 22 at graduate hospital. feeling like 30 at port richmond. at the airport because there's a wind, it feels colder than it is. we're closer to the freezing mark. the chilly start out there this morning. we're still in winter. you see it's also a clear picture over us. you would not think we were thinking snow later tonight, especially with the feeling mild conditions. if you pull it wide, there's two things to watch. first, cold air sitting to the northwest of us. it's going to slope our direction. you can see snow action just to
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the north of omaha. you look south with a more obvious system starting to set up. the rain/snow mix. these are going to combine about the time they're over us. it will make for a rain/snow mix over our region. here's what we're expecting. again, it looks like our system is not updating some of the graphics. i'll get back to what we're expecting in a bit. let's talk temperatures. here are the highs for today. 39 in philadelphia. 28 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 39 in south jersey. a lot of the icons have rain/snow mix. a lot of spots are going to be a little too warm to support total snow. especially snow accumulation. under some areas are under the first alert. that's where it will stick. let's look. this is the hour by hour model. watch the temperature trend. as we get into the afternoon, look at this. most of us are around 40. that means roadways will be warmer than freezing to start. that's helpful. it means the first flakes will
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not immediately stick, and any treatment on roadways will be able to assist with this as well. about 4:00 in the afternoon, temperatures are still kind of marginal. the model is giving us snow. look at the temperatures. mid upper 30s, north and west. it's likely to melt as it makes it to the ground. as we get into the evening, the rain/snow will start to mix over philadelphia. about 7 :00 p.m. most of it melting. then the temperatures start to fall overnight. at this point it's mostly rain near the i-95 corridor and rain to snow mix north and west. some accumulation. at some times it's heavy. and everything starts to exit in the overnight hours. by about 3:00 a.m. everything is out of here. we're left with sunday morning temperatures near freezing, a little bit of a messy road situation north and west. look at this into the afternoon on your sunday, right back to those 40s with dry conditions. we'll talk more about the totals we expect with snow coming up in the next half hour.
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thank you. next year a new retail and housing hub will open with a goal to bring shopping, services, and community services. it will replace a vacant lot near 60th and market streets. the lot has become a hot bed for crime. we look at what the makeover means to the community. >> reporter: back about -- i'm going to say 40 years ago, it was a bustling business dr district. >> reporter: a woman remembers a different west philadelphia. >> as things changed and people moved out of the neighborhood, the businesses declined and deteriorated. >> reporter: now stop and goes are everywhere. >> there's a deli. go across the street and there's another one. who needs two delis that close? >> reporter: this development hopes to be the spark to turn things around. nearly $50 million will
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transform this lot into a day care, retail space and hub for other community services. how badly does this community need it? >> you're sitting in the epicenter. look around. this community has been disinvested over decades. the poverty rate here is higher than the city. >> reporter: this man worries it can't change the long standing projects. >> in order for projects like this to be successful, we must address the situations that the community have going on. >> reporter: but officials say new market west is just phase one. other projects will include affordable housing and address other community needs. >> this will be a physical representation of our power and commitment to improving the area. >> reporter: and this woman has been longing for that. >> i feel that it's going to be a renaissance of the way it used to look like 40 years ago. >> reporter: nbc 10 news.
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coming up, taking the plunge. find out where swimmers will brave the cold ocean waters on this chilly saturday all for a very good cause. that's next.
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looking for something to do
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this weekend. the latest in home design is on display in montgomery county. the home and garden show kicked off yesterday in oaks. you can see the newest trends in remodelling and decorating. you'll want to check out comcast model home loaded with technology that's environmentally friendly. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. at the shore hundreds of people will run right into the atlantic ocean for the 24th ann annual polar bear plunge. there's a costume contest. >> i'll wait million may or june. >> 5:27 on this saturday. we have snow, rain, wet weather. >> our meteorologist is tracking it all. >> what we're looking at is this system moving our direction very quickly. snow for some of us tonight. we'll check out how much you'll
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see in your neighborhood and maybe a live view in center city. the winds picking up this morning. for you, we're dry.
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tracking snow and rain. we've issued a first alert for wintry weather on the way later today. timing and what you can expect to see in your neighborhood ahead in the first alert forecast. attack strategy with 13 russians now indicted for allegedly meddling in the presidential election. we're getting new details about how investigators say they did it. and the olympics. we'll take you live where we're finding out what people in olympic park know about philadelphia. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it's 5:30 on this saturday. plenty to get to including our weather. we issued a first alert.


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