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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  February 18, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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11:00 last night. traffic slowed to a crawl to get around that mess. no one was hurt. fortunately, here's that picture we're telling you about. it took crews more than an hour and a half to completely clear the scene. >> meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the aftermath of that blast from mother nature. that taste of winter. we're still in winter, krystal. >> we are still. it's been confusing because we've had these big ups and serious downs. last night was one of those downs. look at the bottom of your scre screen. we're on that endless roller coaster. for the most part, all of the snow, rain, has moved out of here. it's way out of here. it's starting to exit new england as we speak. pulling out of boston right now. what we're going to experience is in our neck of the woods, we're going to feel the impacts this morning of the snow we saw last night. look at the totals from berks
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county, lehigh valley. up to 8 inches of snow. 7 inches -- 7 1/2 and easton just over 6 inches. the totals that we're seeing from last night's system. a bit of snow. now the roadways themselves been cleaned up overnight. you may have to do shoveling as you wake up this morning. temperatures are sustained. they're around freezing. allentown, bluebell, coatsville. philly, dover, millville, all at 35 degrees. these are zones where there wasn't much snow that felony wa -- felony -- we go from 35 to 38 at 4:00 a.m. lunchtime, 42 degrees. look at this, sunshine today. it will be a pretty nice sunday before serious warmth hits the workweek. we'll talk more about the temperatures coming up. kiz krystal, we have new
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information. dozens of people forced out of their apartments and out of a hotel in old city. we just got an update from philadelphia fire commissioner. >> randy gyllenhaal is live on the scene for us with incredible video and an update on where that fire now stands. good morning, randy. >> reporter: good morning. the fire commissioner asking anyone who hears fire alarms and lives near this structure to evacuate their building. they say they've been working for the past few hours to get people out. let me give you a look where we are. third and chestnut streets in old city philadelphia. fire officials say the flames started in a six-story building here. it's right across from the museum of the american revolution. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke from 239 chestnut street. that includes apartments, a diner, a pizza shop. we're told the fire has been spread and that's why they're asking folks to get out of neighboring buildings as well. as of 5:00 a.m., at four-plus alarms according to the
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commissioner. dod dozens of residents have been evacuated. a best western hotel next door evacuated. some of the people have been put into a septa bus and others taken to a nearby restaurant. we talked to some of the folks who smelled smoke, heard the fire alarm and got out as soon as they could. >> i looked down through the window and i could see smoke billowing out from the ground floor restaurant next door to us. of course, immediately evacuated. once we get down the street, we started counting heads from all of our neighbors. we're all friends in this building. >> reporter: i want to give you a live look from one of our live cameras here on scene. as we zoom out, you can see the extent of the smoke. we still have flames coming out of some of those windows. i see flames coming out of the roof of one of those buildings as well. we have firefighters up on ladders high above shooting water down on to this thing. it's been going for more than
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three hours at this point. four-plus alarms and firefighters are asking the public to avoid this area. in fact, a number of streets are closed here on chestnut, on second street, third street and the area of old city. it's going to be tough to get through anyways. we're expecting another update from the fire commissioner in about a half hour. we're told as of the last update, there are no injuries to report at this time. live in old city, i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10. >> sounds like they got everybody out. thanks for that, randy. now back to the weather. we're watching that this morning. folks waking up in the lehigh valley will need shovels. >> some of it may melt later on today as the weather roller coaster heads up this afternoon. pamela osborne is live in all allento allentown. what are conditions like this morning there. >> reporter: conditions are looking pretty good right now, dray. they were also good on the way up this morning. travel on 76. the northeast extension, everything was good there.
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take a look at the roads right here, right now. they're pretty clear right now. overnight, penndot lifted the speed limit restrictions placed on roads throughout region because of the snow. allentown is where the heaviest snow fell. it reduced visibility and quickly covered roadways and sidewalks. crews were out all night salting and plowing the roads. we spoke to one woman at the height of the storm who was visiting her grandmother in allentown. although she drove, she decided it would be good to leave her car and walk home. >> everybody was talking about it coming. it came fast. heavy right away. >> reporter: and as we're taking a live look in allentown, this is 7th street at hamilton street. the roads at this point are just wet. there's a little bit of snow on the edges of the outer lanes. some piled up on the curbs as well from the plows going by. that's the same for a lot of the side streets as well.
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take a look. these sidewalks, something that i noticed. it looks like they're covered with snow, but those are patches of ice. although the sidewalks are clear, if you see anything that looks like snow in allentown, there's a good chance it's ice. other than that, travel should be pretty easy this morning. reporting live in allentown, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. thank you, pam. the snow brought some people together. in driver in doylestown needed a little help after getting struck on route 313. took a little newsing to get the car moving and back on the road again. meanwhile, skaters enjoyed the winter wonderland. this time lapse video shows all of the people skating last night even as that snow fell. as we track the changes in our weather, tap the nbc 10 app to follow the warmup on the way. now to the olympics where the u.s. won medal number 10. a live look at the olympic flame
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now burning bright in pyeongchang, south korea, as we hit the halfway mark for the games. another pennsylvaniian is bringing home a medal. jon henry kruger won a medal wearing pittsburgh steelers colored skates. the highest ranked speed skaters wiped out moments before the finish line giving krueger the opening he needed to win that medal. meanwhile nick goepper went for broke in slopestyle. it catapulted him to a silver medal. he won the bronze medal in sochi four years ago. the shib sibs will be back on the ice today. how will they score? we have a one-on-one guide for you on and the nbc 10 app to help you follow along with the program. take some time to check it out. 6:07 right now on this
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sunday. celebrating the year of the dog. next, details on a special sunday ahead in philadelphia's chinatown neighborhood. later, skill on the slopes. meet local athletes hoping to board their way into the next winter olympics.
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welcome back. krystal klei with you here. starting with the day planner. 35 degrees is where we sit right now. the temperatures already a little above freezing. any of the snow that did accumulate, mostly on grassy surfaces in our philadelphia neighborhoods going to start to melt quickly this morning. then this afternoon it will all be out of here. temperatures are going to warm up. we're at 40 at 10:00 a.m. 43 degrees by noontime. i know we made it into the mid upper 40s this afternoon. sunshine going to be shining brightly out there. those winds are going to be breezy. we're talking gusts around 20, 25 miles per hour.
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you'll notice the winds, but not going to be a big nuisance. in new jersey, 34 where we currently are. winds at 12 miles per hour. a little breezy. for now, we have clouds overhead. sunshine by lunchtime. same as in philly. mid to upper 40s are expected for highs later on today. delaware, you're at 33 right now. 6:11 a.m. we're at 42 for the forecast at noontime. 45 at 2:00 p.m. plenty of sunshine. grab the sunglasses as you get out the door. even though it snowed last night. it's a sunny, melting kind of day for anyone that does have accumulation maybe sitting in the grass outside the front yard. we'll wrap up at the jersey shore. at 36 degrees already. mostly just rain that we saw overnight in the jersey shore location. we'll be at 45 degrees at noontime. that's where we stay in the mid-40s for highs today. much warmer during the workweek. we'll look closely at that coming up. today will be a big party in kmien a townment you can
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celebrate the lunar new year in philadelphia by watching a parade in chinatown. the dance of lions and dragons through the streets begins at 11:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. if you're driving around this part of center city philadelphia, there will be road closures. coming up, gun debate. what we're hearing from people at philadelphia's gun show this weekend in the wake of the school shooting in florida.
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court quarter after 6:00. we continue to follow breaking news out of the old city nachbltd we can see flames and smoke coming from the building on chestnut street between 2nd and 3rd on chestnut street across the street from the museum of the american
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revolution. and right next door to the best western independence park hotel. we know from fire commissioner we spoke to moments ago that this fire reached four alarms. you're talking about as many as a hundred firefighters on the scene here trying to extinguish the flames. you can see five different hose operations working to try to get the flames under control. you can see the crews on the grounds here. we know that residents who live above the first floor where there's a pizza shop and diner, they have been evacuated. we know hotel guests next door have been evacuated. so far no reports of any injuries. obviously, firefighters in addition to working on the flames have been going building to building to see that everybody is out. chestnut between 2nd and 3rd. more breaking news overseas. 56 people are dead in a plane crash in southern iran. the plane went down in a foggy mountainous region this morning killing all of the people on
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board. rescue choppers reached the site because of the foggy conditions. no word on what caused that flame to go down. talk about tragedy after tragedy. in mexico, a military helicopter carrying officials to assess the damage from an earthquake crashed. the impact of that crash killed 13 people and injured 15 others all on ground. interior minister and state governor were on board that chopper to survey the damage from the earthquake. they were not hurt. the 7.2 magnitude quake that hit on friday damaged dozens of homes and buildings. but the country did avoid widespread devastation. russia's former u.s. ambassador is calling the federal charges just announced in the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election. sergey kislyak made that statement. they traded barbs over friday's indictment over 13 russian nalgs
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als accused of disrupting the presidential range. fbi and congressional investigations over whether they tried to influence the election. michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his contact with kislyak. a teenager to survived the fas kerr in south florida is getting a lot of attention about a fiery speech about the need for gun control. >> we know that they're claiming that there are mental health issues and i am not a psychologist. but we need to pay attention to the fact that this isn't just a mental health issue. he wouldn't have harmed that many of students with a knife. >> emma gonzalez's speech is trending on twitter this morning. she was part of a rally at the federal courthouse in broward county, florida yesterday. organizers are calling for what they say are sensible gun safety laws, specifically they want a
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ban on assault weapons, background checks at gun shows and national gun reg -- >> i'm scared to go to school and i know so many of the victims. enough is enough. >> miles away from the protests, 17-year-old joaquin oliver was laid to rest. the high school senior is one of those murdered. there are 14 more funerals planned for the coming days, including for@let i can director chris hixon originally from the poconos who died protecting students. after parkland, will anything change? that's a big question on many people's mind. the superintendent from the shaken florida community will discuss that question with moderator chuck todd on "meet the press" this morning. a national debate over gun control and how to keep kids safe in school. this weekend, we went to the philadelphia gun show in the northeast to talk to gun owners.
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>> a lot of times when we have shootings like this, the liberals, media reaction is to ban guns. there's millions of law abiding gun owners in this country. they're not the ones who committed that crime. >> people with serious mental illness crimes, shouldn't be able to have access to firearms. >> we protect our money in the bank with guns. we're protecting prisoners with guns. but our precious children are in gun-free zones. let's start arming the teachers. the philadelphia gun show up in the northeast continues at the national guard armory. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we're starting out with a live camera view in wilmington, delaware. krystal klei here. we have a camera that shows clouds overhead right now. the clouds will start thinning out and we'll have a good bit of sunshine for our sunday.
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it's going to help melting off the snow in grassy spots or if you're in the north and west, parts of the viewing zone. check out the temperatures, 32 degrees. same deal in wilmington. farther south, we've got a good bit of temperatures, lincoln, milton, lewis beach. rehoboth beach. you may have wet roadways, but other than that, not going to run into big problems for your morning drive. then like i said, the rest of the day, things keep getting better and better. what you see on radar and satellite, clouds are thinning out along the lehigh valley, berks county and the rest of our viewing zone to come. it's going to be able to warm us up. we'll have temperatures today that -- take a look. they're going to move up into the 40s. 48 degrees in philadelphia. 45 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 46 in south jersey.
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also forecast highs of 46 at the jersey shore. sunny to mostly sunny. even though there's clouds right now overhead. that's not going to be the case the rest of the day. it's going to be pretty nice sunday for us outside. on our hour-by-hour model, we continue to show you this. at 3:00, we pause the clock. there's how things track outside. if you have that higher accumulation, if you're the lehigh valley, berks county, in the upper suburbs, this is going to start melting off the snow temperatures in the low, mid-40s out there. this is going to be helpful across the board throughout our region. then we go overnight into your monday. monday morning, it's cold. but it is dry for your commute to work. around 32 in philly. 29 in pottstown. clouds increase around lunchtime. some models pick up a few spotty showers. i think they'll come later into the afternoon. so there it is. that p.m. shower activity starting to move through. light to steady rain could have a pocket or two of heavy rain. it's not going to last terribly long. we'll be drying out by tuesday.
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tuesday, man, those wind shifts can just shoot the temperatures up. check this out. we're looking at record warmth likely in areas. philly the record is 70 on tuesday. we're forecasting a high of 72. reading into the 70s. wilmington looking to break a record as well. that's just tuesday. wednesday, same thing. it's pretty intense actually to go through the racing and, like, go through the different gates. >> hitting the slopes. do these local athletes have what it takes to go for gold one day? we get on board with them to show you what it takes. nbc 10s local medal count.
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here's a live look at the olympic caldron burning brightly in pyeongchang, south korea, where the games continue. imagine speeding down a mountain attached to a board, both your feet strapped in. it's a thrill know board rasnow love. >> matt delucia shows us what it takes to actually hit the slopes. >> it's a race against the clock for first. >> it's pretty interprepretty i through the races. i love it. >> kaley glass is brand new to snowboard racing. on the other hand, she's been racing for eight years >> i'm thinking, let's win. >> some get their start by
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surfing or skateboarding. moving their skills to the powder comes with a tumbling consequence. >> you got to prepare for a good wipeout. it's always a good few points lost there, but it's a good time. >> if you can't find a snowboarding club or team around you, sometimes it's best to just start your own. >> it's work. coach dan rodriguez from lasalle university watches from the finish. admiring the efforts of a team that just formed this year. chris bush does his best to make it look easy. >> i think that if you can make it look easy, you're pretty good at it. it's staying focused. >> reporter: with every hour of practice, the olympic dream inches closer to reality. >> i aspire to be as good as any of them one day. it's cool to watch them and watch them do the same sport that i do. >> reporter: at blue mountain, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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we're hoping matt was going to get on a board. >> have you done it before? >> oh, yeah, i love snowboarding. before i came back to philly, i lived in colorado. had to learn the sport. >> i like that. rosemary. coming up on 6:30 this morning, we're still molg that breaking news in old city. fire forcing dozens on to the streets. >> big story that we're obviously watching. randy gyllenhaal has been live in old city since the early morning hours. randy? >> reporter: good morning. we're waiting for another update from the fire commissioner as this blaze continues to burn behind me. third and chestnut street. more than four alarms for almost four hours. next the latest on the operation. take a look over the region on radar and satellite. no more snow, no more rain. just a few clouds and those are thinning out. we're looking at sunny conditions to help melt the snow, a little breeze this morning. a live view from center city.
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breaking news. firefight in the old city neighborhood. dozens of evacuations. we're live at the scene with an update. also this morning, deadly flames. another fire in philadelphia as well at the height of yesterday's storm claiming a life. weather roller coaster. a winter blast brought snow to the region. not going to stick around very long. that's because we have a warmup in the forecast. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm dray clark. >> i'm rosemary connors. at 6:30 on this sunday, you can barely see the skyline behind us. normally, this would be a clear picture. we're following breaking news out of center city across the river here. we'll get to that in a moment. let's talk about your weather first an the snow that fell late
6:31 am
yesterday into the overnight hours. >> krystal klei is tracking a warmup. looking at 70s in a couple of days. rye, krystal? >> this is an amazing turnover. the camera view, it's not fog. cloudiness, anything like that. that is smoke making it hard to see through that camera. for us, we're going from snow to 70s. big change again on that roller coaster. no longer tracking any snow on our first floor radar view. some clouds this place. but those are starting to thin out. once they thin out, the sunshine breaks through. the storm that impacted overnight, the quick mover out of boston here. pretty much all of new england was -- didn't stick terribly wrong. accumulation for the neighborhoods north and west. those zones are still around freezing. so the snow is sticking so far. been up in the lehigh valley. some areas are icy.
6:32 am
if you're driving early this morning, watch out for the slush and the ice in the north and west neighborhoods. areas like philly, northeast philly, millville, atlantic city above freezing. wet roadways. at first, water along the roadways a roadways. the patches are going to start to melt because temperatures are going up today. sun and melting on your sunday. record warmth into the forecast. we're not out of that rain pattern yet. >> krystal, we'll see you shortly. now that breaking news that we're watching out of philadelphia's old city neighborhood. the fire forces dozens out of the hotel overnight. >> it grew hour by hour in the heart of the historic district. randy gyllenhaal has been on the scene since before 5:00 this morning. he joins us live with an update on where the fire now stands.
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randy? >> reporter: dray, you're right. this is the heart of old city philadelphia. a number of bars, restaurants, hotels and apartments here. firefighters have been working for more than 3 1/2 hours. let me give you a live look here. the corner of 3rd and chestnut streets in old city. fire officials say the flames started in a six-story building. this is right across from the museum of the american revolution. we're still seeing flames 3 1/2 hours later. 239 chestnut which includes apartments, a diner and a pizza shop. the fire has spread. that's why they're asking folks in neighboring buildings to evacuate if they hear a fire alarm. as of 5:00 a.m., the fire reached four alarms and let's come back here live. we have a fire official who will be giving us a brief update on the investigation as they continue to battle these flames. the commissioner has just arrived. we'll come back here live and speak with fire commissioner adam theel. >> good morning.
6:34 am
still working this four alarm plus fire. we're starting to get a handle on it. these buildings are connected. so a lot of fire in the building of origin. we're trying to contain it to that building. we found an additional 50 to 60 folks we've now evacuated. we're going to be here for hours. we have our fire marshals on the scene. our task force is here, atf and others. simply because of the magnitude of the fire. it will be hours until we can answer a lot of your questions. again, incredible work by the firefighters an the medics. everybody is working together. thankfully, it looks like we've got a handle on this thing. >> the difficulty of fighting this type of fire, what are some of the challenges you face? >> there are a lot of challenges. the buildings have become connected over time. there's heavy fire in this building. so it's still an active firefight. we have a lot of work to do. >> commissioner, any injuries to report and has the fire spread to neighboring buildings? >> no injuries to report right now. we're going to be here for hours. we're hopeful that situation
6:35 am
continues. it looks like we've managed to contain this to the building of origin. due to the incredible work of our firefighters, best in the world, especially with this type of situation, we've managed to contain this. it's too soon to declare victory. >> it spread to the top? >> it's all the way through the building of origin. >> top to bottom. >> for folks in the area, you said before, if you hear a fire alarm, smell smoke, get out. you had to evacuate more people. >> that's folks in every area. if you hear a fire alarm, you should evacuate. in this area, pay attention. we have embers flying out. yeah, i think we're going to have this -- we'll be able to keep it contained due to the great work of our firefighters, medics and all of our team on the scene. >> started on this end. [ inaudible ] >> we found another building where people had not evacuated. so we got them out.
6:36 am
>> commissioner, adam thiel working a difficult fire scene. more than 140 firefighters from philadelphia, from all over the city are on scene right now. the good news, they're working to contain it. they just evacuated even more people. they'll be here for hours and the investigation into what caused this fire just really getting started as they still work to get this under control. live in old city. i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. the fire commissioner, again, saying the fire stands at four alarms and they'll be there for hours throughout the day. trying to make sure they get a real handle on this fire. >> also in philadelphia this morning, a woman in her 70s is dead following a house fire in the city's fox chase neighborhood. firefighters responded to the burning home last night. you can see the intensity of the flames there on your screen. it took crews about 90 minutes to get the fire under control. the victim, unfortunately, died at the scene. two firefighters were also hurt. we're told they're going to be okay. investigators will be looking for the cause of that fire.
6:37 am
let's go back to our weather that we had overnight back to that snow coating in parts of the area this morning. the lehigh valley also seeing most of the snow here in this laters winter blast. >> for now. it may be melting shortly. pam osborne is on scene checking out roads. >> reporter: crews did a really good job of clearing things off. this is hamilton street. you can see the main problem is just wet, slickness. a little slushy on the corners. take a look at this truck here. you can see about 6 inches on the back of that truck. we know that the snow fell, but they've been doing a good job of getting rid of it. let's look at video. overnight penndot lifted speed limit restrictions because of snow. they have had initially told people to drop their speeds down to 45 miles per hour. that is no longer a thing. allentown is where the heaviest snow fell. there was reduced visibility.
6:38 am
snow quickly covered the sidewalks and roadways. crews were out all night salting and plowing the roads. one woman was going to walk him instead of trying to drive in the snow. as we take a live look out right now, you can see people not having too much trouble either walking around or driving around this morning. i will say you just got to watch out. some of the sidewalks, it looks like there's snow on the ground, but this is actually ice that's on the ground. so be careful. be aware of that. just like always, allow yourself a few extra minutes to get there. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. use the nbc 10 app to keep track of our winter weather roller coaster. and use the one our meteorologists use by downloading the free nbc 10 app. give us some real education. >> coming up, demanding answers. tensions boil over during a town
6:39 am
hall meeting on the opioid crisis. what officials are looking at to combat the problem.
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6:41 am
. meteorologist krystal klei. i want to show you a live camera from the comcast tower. this will impact -- it's not a good case for the firefighters either. the winds are up, which is knocking the smoke around. this is a live camera over the delaware. you can see that hazy picture. not from fog. but, again, from the smoke. winds are at 7 miles per hour coming from the west. again, if you live in old city, the quality of the air not the best at this point because of
6:42 am
some of the smoke around the area. let's talk about the conditions throughout the neighborhoods through our sunday. sunday itself will be a really nice day, especially considering it snowed last night over much of the region. we're at 36 at 8:00 a.m. we'll get to 42 by noontime. at 4:00 in the afternoon, upper 40s in the forecast high. any snow that is stuck in the grassy patches, maybe an inch in the front yard, that's going to melt off through the day. in the tub ushsuburbs, 41 at lu. lehigh valley, about the same. sunny conditions. it's already getting sunny there as the clouds started to erode throughout the region. in delaware, 43 degrees at noontime. 46 at 4:00 p.m. at the shore, from the 30s this morning to the mid-40s this afternoon. that's about where we'll stick at the shoreline. nice dry conditions. now, as we go into your workweek, temperatures go up, up, up. also, chances of rain return too. we'll look at that coming up.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
. we continue to watch that breaking news out of philadelphia's old city neighborhood. now that the sun is up, we're getting a better view of the scene here. this is on chestnut between 2nd and 3rd street. closer to 3rd street. there's as many as 140 firefighters trying to extinguish all of the flames. make sure that the fire is out completely. we know from commissioner adam thiel who spoke a few moments ago that as many as 60 people have been evacuated from
6:46 am
apartments and condos in the area. we also know there are no injuries to report. that's the good news here. the flames have been contained mostly really completely as it appears at the moment to the building where the fire broke out. at this point, even though we've had evacuations, really seems to be in the building where it started. on the first floor, there's a diner and a pizza shop and above there are apartments. we'll continue to have updates at old city at 3rd and chestnut throughout the morning. >> it's not being -- give us some real education to the -- [ inaudible ] >> neighbors demanded answers during a town hall last night. the community gathering in elkins park. it was a packed house and it focused on the opioid crisis that's been gripping the country and our region. a local congressman along with some pennsylvania state lawmakers were part of the discussion. some of them offered possible
6:47 am
solutions. >> the supply of the prescription drugs is part of the problem. >> we're also looking at the number of days that a person can get drugs for after they leave the emergency room. >> according to the cdc, pennsylvania has the fourth highest number of drug overdose deaths per 100,000 people across the country. former vice president joe biden continues to hint at a possible run for the white house in 2020. biden brought up the idea last week during a planning meeting for his new biden center for diplomacy and engagement in washingt washington. running for president is a real option. it was too soon after his son beau died from brain cancer to run in 2016. the temperatures are slowly going up. >> now we're going to be moving towards warmer weather this week. meteorologist krystal klei tracking your neighborhood forecast this morning. good morning, krystal.
6:48 am
>> good morning, guys. we're on a wacky roller coaster. we were mild during the workweek. yesterday we went way down with temperatures and we have that snow moving through. now we're going back up. we're looking at records as we get into the workweek. this is in cape may, new jersey. it's hard to tell, but in the corner ever the screen those are wet roadways. you may see wet spots on the roadways. in the north and the west neighborhoods, there could be icy spots. the sky clearing on out. this is indicative of the whole region. we're starting to clear conditions out and warming up, too. 34 in seattle city. cape may at 36 degrees. it's chilly but not terrible to start. and these type of temperatures supporting only wet roadways. no ice concerns in our shore neighborhoods. also delaware and south jersey neighborhoods as well. how about radar and satellite. we had very active radar.
6:49 am
that is a thing of the past. the clouds are thinning out and we're going to start seeing the sunshine breaking through most of the neighborhoods here. this is what you can expect. slush or ice north and west neighborhoods early on this morning is possible. take it slow as you drive out there. for the rest of us, wet roadways. some of the roads i was talking about, this was hours ago in philadelphia. they were drying out. we don't have huge concerns. we're warming up the temperatures today. right back into the 40s. that means daytime melts for those spots with accumulating snow. grab the shades. we're looking at a lot of sunshine after getting out. going to be a good day to do so. 46 in summerton. westchester 46. high pressure building into the area. i love high pressure because it warms the temperatures up and keeps us dry. in allentown, no more snow to add to it. with a 44 for a forecast high. 46 degrees. ocean city at 49.
6:50 am
this is scattered clouds. for the most part, sunny conditions. run through the hour-by-hour model, chilly this morning to the 40s this afternoon. this model shows us, not a thing to track out there. not even clouds to worry about this afternoon. as you're driving to work, things will be fine and dry. temperatures around freezing. as we get to lunchtime, the clouds are thickening up. in the afternoons, that's when rain showers move in. just rain. we'll be too warm across the board for anything else. i think we'll be about 50s. i-95 corridor south. that is not going to allow for anything but rain. into the evening, we get to your tuesday. tuesday take a look at this. 72 degrees for the forecast high. wednesday at 78. both days looking to hit records for warmth. then wet pattern does return just in time for next weekend. this is sports desk.
6:51 am
marshall harris here. joel embiid plays in his first all-star game today last night. he competed in the skills challenge. it features dribbling, passing, layup and three-point shooting drills. embiid came from behind to win his first match against the celtics al horford but lost the second round match to chicago's lauren mark then. spencer dinwiddie from the nets won the event. >> i was actually a little nervous. i don't know why my heart was beating so fast. i have no idea why. but i thought it was fun. >> number 3, villanova at number 4 xavier. bridges, 25 points for nova. one rebound and one assist shy of a triple double. villanova avoids losing consecutive games for the first time in five years. 95-79 your final. phillies off-season
6:52 am
acquisition, carlos santana first baseman, worked out yesterday for the first time and john clark was there. >> carlos santana hit a few out of spectrum field on his first day. he has averaged 26 homers, 102 walks over the last four years. he brings pop and play discipline. >> translator: was kind of like 3-1 with -- jose ramirez, they were young, they were hungry. they wanted to win. it's kind of a similar environment. >> carlos asked the phillies to put his locker next to a player to mentor him. and it is working. they're inseparable. talking at the batting cage, in the dugout. carlos is constantly giving him a lot of tips. >> i'm committed to helping him. we're going to be in the cage hitting balls. as many balls as possible. he already told me today he wants to follow me everywhere we
6:53 am
go. if i have to go to the cage, he's going to go with me to hit some balls. he's committed and i am too. >> the other day i'm coming in, i'm glad to be close to him and work together and find -- find information together. that's what i want to do. >> mabel eventually take up carlos' off-season workout. pushing cars. >> how big were the cars? >> translator: like a mercedes-benz, you know. >> you looking forward to pushing a car like he did at all and joining for that workout? >> i mean, you know -- i just think about it. let's see what's going to happen. >> he said he was pushing mercedes. tell him to push like a small car. >> maybe i push him too. [ laughter ] >> carlos santana's biggest attribute is play discipline. that's really the number one
6:54 am
franco has to work on. hopefully it rubs off on franco. in clear water, florida, john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. thanks, john. the flyers visit the rangers today on nbc 10. that's sports. i'm marshall harris, nbc sports philadelphia.
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today gene simmons will meet and greet fans in philadelphia. the kiss front man will be at there at 11:00 this morning. he's promoting his box set of never before released songs, photos and stories from five decades of performances. it's a few minutes before 7:00. this is the breaking news we're following behind us. you can see this fire scene. this is in philadelphia's old city neighborhood. dray, the good news is that it's dark smoke meaning crews are getting a handle on the flames. >> they're making headway. randy gyllenhaal is on the scene. he's been there all morning long keeping us updated from the ground. randy? >> reporter: good news. we can report according to the fire commissioner that this blaze is now under control after almost four hours of fighting. let me show you a live look from above. sky force 10 hovering over the scene of this fire in old city. crews still working. coming up next, we'll give you the latest on the investigation and talk to the philadelphia
6:58 am
fire commissioner. and from snow to 70s. today the snow is out of here. we're going to see sunshine and start warming up. by the workweek, we're talking records for some of us. we'll look at how high the numbers go and leave you with a live camera view of one of the locations that loves that overnight snow.
6:59 am
7:00 am
that breaking news in old city philadelphia where more than 140 firefighters have been battling a four-alarm fire. just within the last few moments we learned that crews got the flames under control. that video there, you see what it looked like at the height of this fire. let's look at sky force 10 between 2nd and 3rd. the smoke is pouring from the building and as many as six different trucks with their hoses poised on this fire to extinguish it. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live on the ground for us. he's been keeping in close contact with philadelphia's fire commissioner. randy? >> reporter: good morning ro rosema rosemary. we have good ne


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